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For Bomt tears Assistant in the Harvard Uniyersitt Library; akd 


AMD AN *< Index to the Christian Examiner." 

'* Les relations des auteurs anonymes et psendonymea sont non-sevlement 
piquantes pour les gens du monde^ mais encore importantes pour Vhistorien litU- 
raire et le hiographe; ce sont la des mysteres des littiratures que les irudites ont 
tovtjours cherchi di dScouvrir" — Qu^raro. 



13 AsTOR Place, 



Copyright by 


J. S. CusHnro & Co., Printebs, 115 HiOH Stbbbt, Boston. 

' ." 




THIS work is designed as a Dictionary of American and Eng- 
lish Initials and Pseudonyms employed from the beginning of 
the 18th century to the present time; to which have been added 
some of the more recent and important Continental ones, and a 
few false-names, which, by a strict definition of words, would be 
called soubriquets. 

A similar work by Mr. Albert R. Frey, of the Astor Library, 
New York City, was placed by the publishers at the writer's 
disposal, from which about two thousand titles were taken, and 
added to his own compilation, making an aggregate of twelve 
thousand initials and pseudonyms, and eight thousand real names 
of authors. 

Attention is called to the very complete article, by Mr. Frey, 
on '^ Junius," to be found in the first part. 

For the convenience of those using this dictionary, it may 
be well to state that the first part gives the initials and pseu- 
donyms, followed by the real names, of the authors, together with 
some representative literary performance; and the method used in 
indexing, with some exceptions, is to treat the literary disguises 
as real names, and arrange them as is customary with the latter. 
I.e., the last member of the initial or pseudonym is put first, and 
determines the alphabetical order. The second part contains the 
real names of authors, followed by the initials and pseudonyms, 
and short biographical notices. 

The writer has endeavored to make this work both compre- 
hensive and correct, and, in order to do this, has availed him- 
self of the Harvard University Library, and every other source 


of information to which the kindness of those interested in the 
undertaking has given him access, and believes he has been 
enabled to produce a volume that will be useful to librarians 
and of interest to the general reader. 

Notification of errors or omissions, or any information that would 
add to the value of the work, will be gladly received by the 

Oct. 1, 1885. 

18 Wendell Street, 
Caxbbioge, Mam. 


Part I. 


In order to avoid confusion in regard to the method of indexing the 
Initial Letters, the reader will notice that when Initials are used that 
represent the real names of authors, the last Initial is placed first in 
the Index. See page 2, where A., A. H. is used for Andrew Milliard 

When Initials are used that do not represent real names, they are 
placed in their regular order. See page 2, where A. C. I. G. is used 
for A Cornishman in Gloucestershire. 

1818. " 

****, Rev. John Lewis. A dissertation 
-on the antiquity and use of seals in 
England . . . L. 1740. 

**•*, The Late Ix>rd. Henry Hyde, 
Lord Hyde and Combury. The mistakes ; 
... a comedy. L. 1768. 

***», PrlBcUla. PrisciUa Wdkefidd, 
Leisure hours; or, entertaining dia- 
logues ... By . . . L. 1794. 

**•* ••••••. John Murray, Letter 

to ... on the Rev. W. L. Bowles's 
strictures on the life and writing^ of 
Pope. By the Right Hon. Lord Byron. 
L. 1821. 

♦****, •*•*. Mrs. Anne Penny. Po- 
•oms, with a dramatic entertainment. L. 

slty of Oxford. Charles Lucas. Free 
thoughts on a general reform . . . Bath, 

? . Charles Wolcott Balestier. A 

potent philter, contributed to " The Trib- 
une " (N.Y.), 1884. 

2^^. Joseph Addison, in his contribu- 
tions to " The Guardian." 

.s-^. J. Walker. Miscellaneous ob» 
serrations upon authors ancient and 
modem. L. 1731-32. 

O. — See ** Theta." 

A I Miss Eliza Drown Chase. 

jM F J -7^— ^v^r the border : Acadia, 

feh I — — the home of Evangeline. 

^ B. 1884. 

The above miiaical notes represent " B.B.C.,'* 
the initials of the author's name. 

A (alpha). Mr* Bowden. Lyra apos- 
tolica. Derby and L. 1836. 

The above work oonsltU of a ooIlecUon of 
poems reprinted from " The British Magaxlne," 
m which they had prevloaaly appeared over the 
following aignatnrea :— 

a (alpha). 3^r. Bowden (a« abore). 

p. A Hwrrtll Froude 

V. John Kebie, 

o. John Uenr^ Newman, 

c. liCMc Williams. 

J. Rev, Henry William WUberforee, 

A. Samuel Adams, in the "Boston 

A. William Henry Davenport Adams. 
The desert world ... L. 1869. 

A. Wilkes Allen, in "The Polyan- 
thos " (Boston), 1806-07. 

A. Mrs. Allenby. The starling of the 
spire ; or, a bird's-eye Tiew of the church 
as it was. [In verse.] ... L. 1866. 

A. Mr, Anthony, Irwell, and other 
poems ... L. 1843. 

A. Matthew Arnold, The strayed 
reveller. L. 1849. Empedocles on Etna. 
L. 1862. 

A. Benjamin Brierley. Goin' to Cy- 
prus. By A. Manchester, 1879. 

A. Rev, John Keble, one of the con- 
tributors to " TracU for the Times." L. 

A. Bishop Zachary Pearce, Miscella- 
neous observations upon authors ancient 
and modem. L. 1731-32. 

A. Alexander Pope. — See " Bavius." 

A. John Smith. His signature to 
papers in the "Microcosm," published 
at Eton College. 1786 et aeq. 

A. Joshua Smith. Scandal [in verse] ; 
by the biographer of Anacreon. Holt, 
Norfolk, 1827. 

A. Mrs. Caroline Anne Bowles Southey, 
Chapters on churchyards, in "Black- 
wood's Magazine," commenced April, 

Theae contributionB to "Blackwood" were 
publlahed separately in 1829, and 2d ed. In 1841. 

A. Ann Taylor. The wedding among 
the flowers. [In verse.] ... L. 1808. 

A., A. Adam Anderson. Jim Blake's 
tour from Clonave to London. Illus- 
trated with sketches by E. N., A. R. A. 
[Erskine NicoL] . . Preface and notes 
by A. A. DubUn, 1867. 

A., A. Mrs. Anna Atkins. The 
colonel: a story of fashionable life, 
1853. A page from the peerage, 1863. 
The perils of fashion, 1852. 

A., A. A Hon. Alvey A. Adee. Ba- 
con's Promus. By . . In the " Repub- 
lic," Washington, Feb., March, May, 

A., A. H. Andrew Hilliard Atteridge, 
Islam. L. 1878. 

A., A. S. A, 8, Atcheson, The bread 
of life . . . 1849. 

A., B. Benjamin Antrobus. Bads and 
blossoms of piety ... 2d ed. L. 1691. 

A. B. Benjamin Franklin, Proposed 
new Tersion of the Bible; one of the 
bagatelles (written about 1778). 

A. B. Matthew Hole. An antidote 
against the poison of some late pam- 
phlets. Oxf. 1717. 

A. B. A signature which has been 
attributed to Junius (q.v.). See Letter 
to the " Public Advertiser," Nor. 5, 1771, 

A. B. Joseph Skidmore, Senior, An 
essay on the Vth of Matthew, from verse 
33rd to 37th ... L. 1713. 

A. B. Jonathan Swift, See "A Per- 
son of Quality." 

A., G. B. Sir George BiddeU Airy, in 
his contributions to the "Athenseum." L. 

A. B. Phllologer. Laurence Sterne. 

" I happened to he aciniainted,*' laya Sterne, 
*' with a young man from Yorkshire, who rented 
a window in one of the paved alleya near Corn- 
hill, for the sale of statlonerv. I hired one of 
the panes of glass from my friend, and stuck up 
the following adv«rtlBement with wafers: -— 

"EpigraiDB, anagrams, paragrams, chrono- 
grams, monograms, epltapns, epithalamlums» 
prologues, epilogues, madrigals, interludes, ad- 
vertisements, letters, petitions, memorials on 
every occasion, essays on all subjects, pamphlets 
for and against ministers, with sermons upon 
any text, or for any sect, to be written here on 
reasonable terms, by „ ^ ^ phUologer. 

** The unoommonness of the titles occasioned 
numerous applications, and at night I used pri- 
vately to glide into the office to digest the notes 
or heads of the day, and receive the earnest^ 
which was directed alwavs to be left with the 
memorandums, the writing to be paid for on 
delivery, according to the subject."— Percy 

A., C. Miss Charlotte Adams, in con- 
tributions to " The Art Age." N.y. 

A., C. Charlotte Anley. Miriam ; or^ 
the power of truth, 1826. The prisoners 
of Australia, 1841. 

A., C, Ksq. Christopher Anstey. Brit- 
ain's genius : a song . . . Bath, 1797. 

A., C. B. C. C. B. C. Amicus. Hinta 
on life; and how to rise in society. 
By . . . L. 1846. 

A., C. B. Clementine Edith Aiken, 
The days we live in. B. 1876. 

A., C. P. Cecil Frances Alexander, 
Hymns for little children ... L. 1862. 

A. G. I. G. (A Comishman in Glouces- 
tershire.) John White. The humorous 
adventures of Tim Trevail, related in the 
pure, unadulterated vernacular. L. 1872. 

A. D. C, The. Francis Cowley Bur- 
nand. Being personal reminiscences of 


the vniTenlty "Amateur Dramatic Club/' 
Cambridge. L. 1870. 

A., D. J. B. de. Don Juan Bauiista 
de Arriaza, Coleccion de alganos Ter- 
goB. Paris, 1805. 

A., £. Edward Aggas, The defence 
of death ... L. 1576. 

A., £. Edwin Arnold, The light of 
Asia ; or, the great renmidatioii. . . . 
L. 1879. 

A. E. R, J. Lane, Marks and re- 
marks for the catalogue of the exhibi- 
tion of the Royal Academy. L. 1856. 

A., K. Edwin Arnold, Political po- 
ems by Victor Hugo and Garibaldi. 
" Done into English by an Oxford gradu- 
ate." 1868. 

A, K. Edward Atkinson, Senator 
Sherman's fallacies ; or, honesty the best 
policy. By . . . B. 1868. 

A, £. Edward Archer The small 
boy's mythological primer, in rhyme. 
L. 1858. 

A., £. Ezra Abbot. A translation of 
the Gospels ... By A. Norton* [Ed- 
ited by C. E. N., ijt.^ C. E. Norton, and 

A, B. A. Mn, Elizabeth AUen Anna- 
ble Needham, Incidents in the lives of 
good men. By ... B. 186-. 

A, E. C. Mrs, Elizabeth Cory Agas- 
siz. Geological sketches. Edited . . . 

A, E. C Miss Emily C, Agnew, Ger- 
aldine : a tale of conscience. L. 1837-30. 

A, E. G. E, G, Adams, Battle at 
Fort Rice, July 28, 1865. Fort Rice, 
D. T., 1865. 

A., E. M. Ernst Moritz Amdt, Wan- 
denmgen aus und um Godesberg. 
Bonn, 1844. Deutsche Lieder. Berlin, 

A, E. S. Ernest Silvanus Appleyard, 
The sure hope of reconciliation. IMl. 

A, E W. Mrs. Eliza Winshw AUder- 
dice. Heart's delight. N.Y., 1879. 

A., P. Frederick Archer, in his con- 
tributions to "The Keynote" (N.Y.]. 

A, P. Rev, Frederick Arnold, in 
«* London Society," " Leisure Hour," 1867. 

A. P. James Otis, Considerations 
on behalf of the colonists, etc. B. 1766. 

A, P. C Frances Charlotte Armstrong, 
Dick Ford and his father. L. 1875. 

A, P. E. Florence Emily Ashley, 
Lagonells. [A tale.] ... L. 1872. 

A. P. G. John Lister. Epigrams and 
jeux d'esprit. Edinb. 1870. 

A P. S. Miss Sarah A, Flint, Hope 
Douglass ... B. 1867. 

A., G. Orace Aguilar, Home scenes 
and heart studies. L. 1852. 

A., G. A. O, A, Aynge, Tecumseh ; 
or, the death of the Shawnee chief . . . 
Weymouth, 1830. 

A, G. B. George Biddell Airy, Six 
lectures on astronomy. L. 1849. 

A., G. P. George French Angas. Aus- 
tralia : a popular account ... L. 1865. 

A G. O. T. U O. C. Owen Manning, 

An inquiry into the grounds and nature 

of the several species of ratiocination 

. . . 1754. 

The aboTe lettera are the initials of " A gen- 
tleman of the UniTersity of Cambridge.'* 

A, H. Henry AttwelL A book of 
thoughts. Selected ... L. 1865. 

A , H. Henry Alford, Dean of Canter- 
bury. Gumey's {o. H.) sermons on the 
Acts of the apostles. Edited by H. A. 
L. 1862. 

A., H W. Henry Wentworth Acland. 
Prints for cottage walls . . . Oxf . & L. 

A., I. Jasper Atkinson, Catholic 
blinds for Protestant eyes ... L. 1829. 

A., I. John Atkinson. The state of 
our circtdation and currency considered 
. . L. 1826. 

A., J. John Aikin. The arts of life . . . 
L. 1802. 

A., J. John Ady. An exordium to the 
reading of the sacred writings of the Old 
and New TestamenU. L. 1807 

A., J. Jacob Abbot, The little scholar 
learning to talk ... L. 1836. 

A., J. John Albee, In memory of 
Gerald Fitz Gerald . . . n.p. 1863. 

A , J. John Ago, The ocean harp : a 
poem ... P. 1819. 

A., J. John Anstey, The pleader's 
guide . . 1808. 

A., J. John Aikin, LL.D, The wood- 
land companion. L. 1802. 

A., J., M.D. John ArbtUhnot, M.D 
Examination of Dr. Woodward's account 
of the deluge ... By . . . L. 1695. 

A, J., and C, R. C. John Adamson 
and R, C, C. Ballads from the Portu- 
guese translated and versified by . . . 
Newcastle, 1846. • 

A., J li. John Lavicount Anderdon. 
The river Dove ; with some quiet thoughts 
of the happy practice of angling . . . 
L. 1845. 

A, J. M. Rev. John Marks Ashley. 
The treatise of S. Catherine of Genoa on 
purgatory, newly translated . . . 1878. 

A., J. R., and J., M. C John Reed 
Appleton and Morris Charles Jones, Evans. 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1865. 

A., J. S. J. 8, Attwood, in his contri- 
butions to " Notes and Queries." L. 
1876 et seq. 

A., J. T. John Yonge Akerman, Tales 
of other days ... L. 1830. 

A., Ij. Lombe AtthiU. The church of 
England recommended . . Halesworth, 

A., li. Louisa Anthony, Traits of 
private life. Manchester, n.d. 

A., li. li. Mrs, G. B. or L. L. Adams, 
A ride through the Holy Land. B. 1876. 

A It. O. £. ({.«., A Lady of Eng- 
land.) Miss Charlotte Maria Tucker, in 
her numerous works for young people. 
L. 1876, etc. 

A., li. S. Louis Simon Auger. Notice 
snr la vie et les ouvrages ae Le Sage. 
Paris, 1813. 

A,M. Mrs. Maria Ahdg, Her signa- 
ture in the "New Monthly." L about 

A., M. Matthew Arnold. Christian 
life: its hopes, its fears, and its close. 
Edited by . . . L. 1846. 

A, M. Mrs. M. Allen. A history of 
Ford Abbey, Dorsetshire : late in the 
County of Deron. L. 1846. 

A., M. Thaddeus G'Mahony. Questions 
on Locke's essay concerning human un- 
derstanding. L. 1800. 

A. M., Oxon. W. S Moses. Carpen- 
terian Criticism. L. 1877. 

A. M. R. A. Marie Henri Beyle. His- 
toire de la peinture en Italic Paris, 

A.,M.E. M.E. Arnold. The painted 
window : a poem. L. 1866. 

A., N. Nathaniel Ames. Nautical rem- 
iniscences. Proridence, 1832. 

A., N. Col. Nathan Appleton. Sketch 
of the life of Albert Kintzing Post. By 
N. A. N.y. 1873. 

A, P., Minister of the Crospel. Rev 
Peter Annet. Judging for ourselyes . . . 
L. 1739. 

A., P. G. Prosper Gfabriel Audran. 
Grammaire Arabe en tableaux . . . 
Paris, 1818. 

A., R. Richard Alsop Ci) The enchant- 
ed lake of the Fairy Morgana. [Trans- 
lated;] 1806. 

A., R. Robert Allsop. Letters, conver- 
sations, and recollections of S. T. Cole- 
ridge . . . Preface by . . . L. 1858. 

A., R Rev. Rdtert Aspland. Sermons 
on yarious subjects, chiefly practical. 
L. 1847. 

A. R A James Cameron Lees, D.D. 
A rollicking tour in Ireland. By Rag, 
Tag, and Bobtail; a rollicking tour in 
the land of the Gael. Paisley, 1878. 

A., R. F. Rachel Frances Antonina 
Dctshufood Lee. Memoirs of . . . L. 

A, S. Samuel Ayscough. Topograph- 
ical description of Cudham, Kent, in 
"Gent. Mag." Sept. 1804., pp. 830-001. 

A., S. A. Samuel Austin Allibone. An 
alphabetical index to the New Testament. 

. . . X . loOo. 

A., S. D. <S'. D. Alexander. Notes on 
New Testament literature. [By Joseph 
Addison Alexander.] Edited . . . 1867. 

A., S. M. Stephen Merrill Allen. Reli- 
gion and science ... B. 1874. 

A., T., Captain lAgbt Dragoons. 
Capt. Thomas Ashe. History of the 
Azores, or Western Islands . . . L. 1813. 

A., T., Grent. Thomas Ashe. Trarels in 
America, performed in 1806 ... L. 1808. 

A, T. B. Thomas Bailey Aldrich. 
The bells : a collection of chimes. N.Y. 

A., T. K. Thomas Kerchever Arnold. 
A Latin Syntax and first reading book : 
... L. 1836. 

A. V. Arthur Ashley Sykes. A letter 
to the Rev. Dr. Sherlock ... L. 1717. 

A, W. William Allen. The duty of 
abstaining from the use of West India 
produce. A speech ... L. 1702. 

A, W. W. Alexander. Fruits of 
piety . . . York, 1824. 

A, W. William Asplin. — See "A 
presbyter of the Church of England." 

A, W. B. W. B. Anthony. Essential 
memoranda of English grammar. Com- 
piled . . . 1881. 

A, W. E. William Edmonsioune 
Aytoun. His signature in "Blackwood's 

A , W. E. A. William Edward Armi- 
iage Axon. Nixon's Cheshire prophecies 
. . With an . . . essay on popular 
prophecies ... L. 1878. 

A., W. H. D. William Henry Daven- 
port Adams. Black's guide to the history,, 
antiquities, and topography of the County 
of Surrey ... L. 1861. 

A. Z. Benjamin Gale. The present 
state of the colony of Connecticut con- 
sidered . . . New L. 1766. 

A*****, Major. Charles Barwell Coles. 
Short whist, its rise and progress, to 
which are prefixed precepts for tyros. 
By Mrs. B*****, with an essay ... by 
Prof. P. {q.v.). L. 1866. 

By Mrs. B***** it meant Mrs. Battle, whose 
opinions on whist were contributed to "The 
Monthly Magazine." L. 1821. By "Elia" 

A****d, Mr. William Arnold, Mr. 
A— d's motives for renouncing the pop- 
ish, and re-embracing the protestant reli> 
gion in which he was educated, etc. L. 


A—^e, I>«* of. John Campbell, 4th 
Duke o/Argyle, Letter to the right hon- 
orable Sir •*««* ««wft«M» [Robert Wal- 
pole] upon . . . expeditions. L. 1740. 

A*»»,P. C. Philippe Charles Aubry, 
lA Petrarqne Fran^aiB, Po^si^s diverse 
de . . . Tours, 1801. 

A . Arthur Cleveland Coxe. St. 

Jonathan; the lay of a Scald . . . N.Y. 1838. 

A. and li. A, and L, Shore. Fra 
Dolcino, and other poems. L. 1870. 

A — , the Rev. M. Rev, George Fitz- 
gerald Galaher, M.A. Auricular confes- 
sion proved to be contrary to Scripture. 
L. 1876. 

A — n, E: — 1 of. WiUoughby Bertie^ 
Earl of Abingdon. An adieu to the turf: 
a poetical epistle from ... to his grace 
the A— p [Archbishop] of Y— k [York]. 
L. 1778. 

Ab. Benjamin Brierley, Ab-o'-th'-Yate 
at the great show. [Signed "Ab."] 
Reprinted from "Ben Bnerley's Journal 
for August, 1869. Manchester, 1869. 

Ab liliisel. Benjamin Brierley, Ab- 
o'-th'-Yate and the " Wreath." By . . . 
Manchester, 1879. 

AB-o'-th'-Yate. Benjamin Brierley. 
Ab-o'-th'-Yate and the cobbler of Alder- 
bum on the great strike. By Ab. Man- 
chester, 1878. 

Abacrombl, Signor. James Aber- 
cromby, Baron Dunfermline. Thaumatur- 
gics. Coal Hole, Pleasance . . . Signer 
A. (from Exchequer Land) formerly 
Assistant-Juggler to Mr. Cunning ... [A 
satire on J. A.'s candidature for the repre- 
sentation of Edinburgh.] Edinb. 1832. 

Abaft, Lic^os. Ijajos Aigner. Mikes 
Kelemen. [A biog^phy.j Budapest, 1878. 

Abatl, Franceaco. William Winwood 
Reade. See-Saw : a novel ... L. 1865. 

Abble, Aunt. Abby Skinner. Carroll 
Ashton ; or, the rewards of truthfulness . . . 
P. 1856. 

Abbott, Alice Irving. Miss H. H. 

Abbott, Rosa. Rosa (Y.) Abbott 
Parker. Rosa Abbott Stories. 

Abdallah. Otway Curry, who con- 
tributed to the press at Cincinnati under 
this tiom de fUume. 

Abdallah . A ngusto Pereira Soromefiho. 

Abdallah, Khi&lld Eb'n. Sir Henry 
Taylor, A'.C, D.C.L. — See KhaUd Eb'n 

Abdiel. Samuel Hall. --^ See Samuel 
Hall, calling himself "Abdiel." 

Abdiel. Joshua William Brooks. Ab- 
diel's essays on the advent and kingdom 
of Christ, and the events connected there- 
irith ... L. 1834. 

Aberdeen. Hugh D, Mclntyre, 

Abolitionist, An. Thomas Fisher, 
Esq., F.S.A. The negro's memorial . . . 
By . . . L. 1826. 

Abrabanel, Solomon. William Ar- 
nail. The complaint of the children of 
Israel ... By S. A. of the House of 
David. L. 1736. 

Abraham. Abraham Norwood. The 
acts of the elders, commonly called the 
book of Abraham. B. 1845. 

Abraham, Brother. Bev. Richard 
King. An answer to the letters of Peter 
Plymley [Sydney Smith]. L. 1808. 

Abraham, Father. Benjamin Frank- 
lin. Father Abraham's speech to a gpreat 
number of people, at a vendue . . . B. 1807. 

Abricht, Johann. Jonathan Birch. 
Divine emblems embellished with etch- 
ings on copper . . . designed and written 
by J. A. L. 1838. 

Absent Brother, An. Daniel Wilson. 
Letters from . . . 1823. 

Absentee residing in Bath, An. 
Rev. Edward Mangin. Utopia found; 
being an apology for Irish absentees. 
By . . . Bath, 1813. 

Absented member. An. Sir Wil- 
liam Windham. A letter . . . upon the 
present situation of the affairs of Great 
Britain. L. 1739. 

Academicus. — See " Antiquarius." 

Academicus. Ret^ Avlay Macaulay, 
M.A. During his residence at the Univer- 
sity of Glasgow he wrote many essays, 
moral and literary, in "Ruddiman's 
Weekly Magazine," under the signature 
of "Academicus." 

Academicus. Charles Seager, M.A. 
Auricular confession . . . Oxf . 1842. 

Academicus. William Pulteney Alison. 
Correspondence between A. and Con- 
siliarius on the comparative merits of 
phrenology, and the mental philosophy 
of Reid and Stewart. Edinb. 1836. 

Ace Clubs. J. C. Loft in. Friendship : 
a poem . . . Montgomery, Ala., 1871. 

Acharius. Fredrik Vtlhelm Scholander. 
Luisella. 1867. 

Acheta. Miss L. M. Budgen. March 
winds and April showers ... By . . . 
L. 1854. 

Acheta Domestica. Miss L. M. Bud- \ 
gen. Episodes of insect life. By A. D. 
!L. 1849-51. 

Ackerlos, John. John Stores Smith. 
Selections from the poetry of H. Heine, 
trans, by J. A. L. 1854. 

Ackermann, Gottlieb. Franz Xaver 
Mayer. Volkspredigten und Homllien . . . 
Landshut, 1831. 

Acorn. James Oakes. 



Actfea. Mrs. Elizabeth Cary Agassis, 
A first lesson in natural history. B. 1850. 

Acton, lilewellin. Wmne Edwin 
Baxter. Perseverance . . . L. 1863. 

Actor, An. Pierce Egan. The life 
of . . . L. 1826. 

Actress, An. Mrs. Anna Cora ( Ogden 
Mowaii) Ritchie. Autobiography of ... ; 
or, eight years on the stage. B. 1854. 

Actual Settler, An. H. Y. Bead, 
Suggestions on . . . colonization through 
the . . . allotment system. By . . . Mon- 
treal, 1865. 

Adair, James. Sir Richard Phillips. 
Five hundred questions and exercises on 
Murray's . . . English grammar. L. 1824. 

" Adam." Arthur Hugh dough. 

In hU Botbie of Tober-na-Vuollch. Hobbet 
was Ward Hunt; Adam, CIOQffh bimaelf ; Llnd- 
•ay, F. B. Johnaon of ChrUt Cbarcb ; Hewaon, 
J. 8. Winder of Oriel ; Arthur, H. W. Fisher of 
Christ Church; Alrlle, J. Deacon of Oriel; and 
Bir Hector . . ., Mr. Farquharson. 

Adam, Onkel. Carl Anton Wetter' 
bergh. The fatal chain. From the Swed- 
ish of . . . 1864. 

Adam, Uncle. Qeorge Mogridge. 
The Chinese. By . . . L. 1846. 

Adam, Adam Fltz. Edivard Moore, 
R. 0, Cambridge, Horace Walpole, Lord 
Cfiesterjield,etc. The world. L. 1755-57. 

Adam, Christian. Carl Christian 
Thorvcddus Andersen. Strid og Fred. Et 
Digt i sex sange. Copenhagen, 1858. 

Adams, Moses. Dr. George W. Bagby. 
For Virginians only. What I did with 
my fifty millions. By . . . P. 1874. 

Adams, Stephen. M. Maybrick. A 
prominent English singer and writer of 
music. Among other song^ he was the 
author of " Nancy Lee," of which more 
than 100,000 copies were sold. 

Adams, Will. John Neat. Errata; or, 
the works of Will Adams : a novel. 1822. 

Addle. Adelaide J. Cooley. Snow- 
flake's pleasure-book ; sunshine for dull 
days. N.Y. 1879. 

Ad***gl*n, Dr. Dr. A. Addington. 
An appeal to the public ; or, a review of 
the conduct of Dr. Ad — ^ng — n to Dr. 
Pigott. 1754. 

Addison, D. C. Charles Addison 
Daniel! . The street-singer: a poem. 
Chicago, 1880. 

Addison, The American. Joseph 
Dennie. 1768-1812. 

Addison of the North, The. Henry 
Mackenzie. 1754-1831. 

Addums, Mozis. Dr. George W. Bagby. 
Letters to Billy Irvins in the " Southern 
Literary Messenger." 

Adelaide. Miss Elizabeth Bogart, who, 
under this nom de plume, published her 

first poem in the "Long island Star" 
(Brooklyn), in 1825. 

Adeler, Max. diaries Heber dark. 
Out of the hurly-burly; or, life in an 
odd comer. By . . . P. 1874. 

Adeline. Mrs. E. F. A. Sergeant. 
Emald ; or, the martyr of the Alps : and 
other poems . . . With an introduction 
by A. L. 1843. 

Adept, An. Charles Johnston. Chrysal; 
or, the adventures of a guinea ... By 
. . . L. 1760. 

Adh^mar, Mme. la €••• D*. Baron 
jStienne L€on Lamothe-Langon, Souvenirs 
sur Marie-Antoinette . . . et sur la cour 
de Versailles . . . Paris, 1836. 

Adlna. Rev. Joseph H. Ingraham, The 
prince of the house of David ; or, three 
years in the Holy City ... L. 1859. 

Adirondack. Lucius E. Chittenden. 
Capture of Ticonderoga. Rutland, Yt. 

A^Jutor. Rev. Joseph Bretland, in the 
" Theological Repository." L. 

AdmlraL Admiral Bumey. — See 
Lamb's "Elia": " The Wedding." 

Admirer of Chivalry, An. Edward 
Francis Head. Poltroonius; a tragic 
farce in one act. B. 1856. 

Admirer of the Fine Arts, An. F, 
D. AstUy. Vamishando: a serio-comic 
poem. Sfanchester, 1800. 

Admirer of a Great Genius, An. 
Stephen Weston. A short account of the 
late Mr. R. Person ... L. 1808. 

Admirer of Monarchy and Bplsco- 
pacy. An. Zachary Grey, LL.D. Eng- 
lish Presbyterian eloquence . . . By . . . 
L. 1736. 

Admirer of Walter Scott, An. John 
Roby. The lay of the poor fiddler . . . 
L. 1814. 

Adnionlsh Crime. Bev, James Cook 
Richmond. He published a pamphlet at 
Boston under the anagram of "Admon- 
ish Crime." 

Adna, Aant. Mrs. Mary S. B. Dana, 
Author of numerous tales for children, 

Adolf, Li. Adolf Lasson. Herzenstille. 
Lieder und Spruche. 1867. 

Adrian. James L. Cole. He published 
some fugitive poetry in the " New York 
Statesman " and in the " Ontario Reposi- 
tory," under that signature. 

Adrian. Anne Kent. Evelyn Stuart ; 
or. Right versus Might. By A. L. 1846. 

Adrienne. Mrs, J. P. Creswell. 

Adrienne. Miss Susan C. Hooper. 
During the war one of the most prominent 
contributors to the "Magnolia Weekly," 
Richmond, Va. 



Advena. Evan Evans, His bardic 

Advena. Diahy Pilot Starkey, who 
contributed to the "Dublin University 
Mag^aziue/' under this signature. 

Advenum. Edwara Tuckerman, — 
See " Notitia Literaria." 

Advocate General, The. Sir James 
Marriott, LL.D, Flan of a code of laws 
for the Province of Quebec; reported 
... L. 1774. 

Advocate of the Cause of the Peo- 
ple, An. John Hope. Letters on the 
impressing of seamen, in the "Public 

Advocate of the Christian Bevela^ 
tion, An. Caleb Fleming. Remarks on 
. . . [the] "TVue Gospel of Jesus Christ 
asserted"... By... L. 1738. 

.Aldltuus. John Smith. Metrical re- 
marks on modem castles and cottages 
... li. lolo. 

Aednr-nos, Seer I'Noh. John An- 
derson. The Chronicles of Reform of the 
Children of the Isles, in the days of Ar- 
thur [i,e., A. Wellesley, Duke of Welling- 
ton], the chief ruler of the land, and his 
colleagues. Translated from the Chal- 
daic manuscript by the learned pundit 
S. I. A. — "S. [A political satire in Bibli- 
cal language.] Edinb. 1882. 

^niella Julia. Emily Julia Black. 
Byron: Salathiel, or the martyrs; and 
other poems. By M. J. L. 1855. 

.^Xlneas. James Francis Edward Stu- 
art, ^neas and his two sons : a true 
portrait. L. 1746. 

.^Ischines. Francis William Blagdon. 
A few brief remarks on a pamphlet . . . 
entitled Observations ... By -^. L. 1806. 

JEsculapius. Lawrence H. Potts (fV 
Af.D. Oracular communications, ad- 
dressed to students of the medical pro- 
fession. By . . . L. 1816. 

JEiBop. Mrs. LiUie Devereux BlaJce. In 
the New York " Telegram." Author of 
"Fettered for life "... N.Y. 1874. 

.Alsopy George Washin^^n. George 
T. Lanigan, in the New York " World." 

Afflicted Husband, An. Cuthbert 
Shaw. Monody to the memory of a 
young lady who died in childbed. By 
... L. 1768. 

AfHcan Roscius, The. Ira Aldridge. 

Aftenvlt, Anthony. Benjamin Frank- 
lin, in a letter contributed to the " Penn- 
sylvania Gazette." P. July 10, 1732. 

Afton, Bide. Mrs, Frances Ellen 
Watkins Harper. Eventide : a series of 
tales and poems. B. 1854. 

Ag., A Alexander Agassiz. Obituary. 
[A biographical notice of Count L. F. de 

Pourtal^s.] From the "Amer. Jour, of 
Science." Camb., Mass. 1880. 

Agapida, Fray Antonio. Washington 
Irving. A chronicle of the conquest of 
Granada. By . . . P. 1829. 

Agate. Whitelaw lieid. After the 
war: a southern tour. 1865-66. Cin. 

Agatha. £eMt«Z<iuTenc«(?). Thanks- 
giving, and other poems. N.Y. 1880. 

Agathon, Paul. Elisabeth SchSjen. 
Kamilla; Bagnvald; and Jane Gray. 
Copenhagen, 187-. 

Aged Ijayman, An. Dr. Richard 
Poole. The grand contrast, God and 
man ... L. 1854. 

Aged Minister, An. Moses Dickin- 
son, An answer to a letter from an aged 
layman, to the clergy of the Colony of 
Connecticut . . . New Haven, probably 

Aged Native, An. Thomas Sander- 
son. An evening lay to the Vale of 
Sebergham. By ... in the " Carlisle 

Aged Parson, An. Rev. Richard 
Warner. The diary of . . . Bath, 1848. 

Agent for Barbados, The. G. W. 
Jordan, Copies of a letter containing 
queries respecting the state of the silver 
and copper coins in Barbados ... L. 

Agent of the Corporation, The. 
Caleb Eddy. Historical sketch of the 
Middlesex canal ... B. 1843. 

Ager. R. M. Field, in his account of 
the journey of the Prince of Wales 
through New England, contributed to 
"The Boston Post," etc. 

Agg, John. Frank Cahill, in his con- 
tributions to "The Saturday Press." 

Aghonne, Mme. d'. Mme, Louise 
Lacroix, Une amie de pension. P. 1870. 

Aglaus. Henry Timrod, who contrib- 
uted poetry to the "Southern Literary 
Messenger," etc., and published a vol- 
ume of poems. B. 1850. 

Ago, Felix. Samuel Stehman Holder 
man. Rhymes of the poets. P. 1868. 

Agogos. Charles William Day, Max- 
ims, experiences, and observations of 
Agogos. B. 1844. 

Agrestis. Oen. Joseph Alston (?). 
Short review of the late proceedings at 
New Orleans, on suspending the writ of 
habeas corpus. Richmond, 1807. 

Agricola. James Anderson. In 1700 
he commenced the publication of "The 
Bee" (1700-04), consisting of essays 
philosophical and miscellaneous. Dr. A. 
wrote those marked *' Senex,'* " Timothy 




Hairbrain/' " Alcibiades/' and many 
others without signature. 

Afi^cola. William Elliott. Author 
of Address before the St. Paul's Agri- 
cultural Society, Charleston, 1850; Fi- 
asco, a tragedy, N.Y. 1850; and, Caro- 
lina sports by land and water, Charleston, 

A^^cola. Rev. Percival Stockdale. 
" In the summer of 1779, he wrote sev- 
eral political letters, with the signature of 
* Agricola,' in the * Public Advertiser.' " 

A^rlcola. W, F. Whitehouse, Let- 
ters and essays on sugar farming in Ja- 
maica. L. 1845. 

A^lcola. John Young, Letters of 
Agricola on the principles of vegetation 
and tillage . . . Halifax, N.S. 1822. 

Afprlcola. Rev, Charles Whitaker, 
Letters on free trade. 1851. 

A|p4cola. James Anderson. LL.D. 
Miscellaneous observations on planting 
and training timber-trees . . . Edinb. 

A^^rllder. Joseph Edwards. Rhymes 
in the West Country dialect ... L. 

Aguaverde, Antonio. Alfred TVum- 
hle. Contribution to "Tlie Boys and 
Girls' Weekly " (N.Y.). 

A^^echeek. Charles BvUard Fair- 
banks, who contributed sketches of for- 
eign travel, and essays, to the Boston 
** Saturday Evening Gazette," under the 
signature of " Aguecheek." B. 1859. 

Ahem, Anna. Mrs. Frances West 
Atherton Pike. Here and hereafter; or, 
the two altars. By . . . B. 1858. 

Alilezer. William Broum. A tender 
and affectionate address to, and expostu- 
lation with, the people of Israel, the 
Jews. Huntingdon, 1814. 

Alkln, Berkeley. Fanny Aikin 
Kortright. The dean; or, the popular 
preacher, L. 1859; The old, old story, 
love, L. 1862. 

Alio, Thorny. John Taylor, the Water- 
poet. A full and compleat answer 
against the writer of the Tale of a tub 
in a tub, or a Tub lecture. By T. A. . . . 
L. 1642. 

AlmweU, Walter. William Simonds. 
The Aimwell stories. B. 1863. 

Aln [the Hebrew word for nobody]. 
William Stevens. A review of the Review 
of the new preface to the second edition 
of Mr. Jones's " Life of Bishop Home." 
L. 1800. 

Ainslle, Herbert, B.A. Edirard 
Maitland. The pilgrim and the shrine ; 
or, passages from the life and correspond- 
ence of . . . L. 1868. 


Airy, Mr. Robert Habersham, in the 

Harv. Univ. Collegian." Camb. 1830. 

AJaz. Mr. Ainley. Social wastes and 
waste lands ... L. 1862. 

Akestes. William Smith. A few re- 
marks on the expectant treatment of dis- 
eases . . . Bristol, 1847. 

Akroates. Josiah F. Polk, A defence 
of the Protestant Bible . . . N.Y. 1844. 

Alastor. James Orton, *' Excelsior," 
or the realms of poesle, 1852; Poems, 
1857 ; Caleb Redivivus, 1858. L. 

Alaux, Qnatave d'. Maxime Baybaud. 
L'empereur Soulouque et son empire. 
Paris. 1856. 

Alazon. Rev. Richard William Barnes. 
Let well alone ; or, removal of blemishes 
from church and state. L. 1860. 

Alba. Alexina B. White. Little-folk 
songs. N.Y. 1871, and in her contribu- 
tions to " The Riverside Magazine." 

Alban68, A. d'. Jean Alexandre Hav- 
ard. Notice sur La Eontaine . . . Paris, 

Albania Havard, d'. Jean Alexandre 
Havard. Voltaire et Mme. du Cb&telet 
. . . avec notes historiques par . . . Paris, 

Albanlcus. The Right Hon. David 
Stewart Erskine, 11th Earl of Buchan and 
6th Lord Cardross. 

*' Lord Bacban was an occaaioDal contribator 
to variouA periodical pnblicatioiu. Hia favorite 
aignature waa *AlbanlcQ8,* under which, in a 
letter to hia friend * Hortus,* he deacribea hia 
own delightful reaidence of Dryborgh Abbey 
in the fourth volume of ' The Bee.* " 

There ia also, hi the "Gent. Mag." in 1784, a 
deacription of the grave of Oaaian, with an epi- 
taph in blank vorae (vol. 64, p. 404), over tne 
aame aignature. 

Albano. Count Karl August Adler- 
sparre, who published novels and lyrics 
under this name. 

Alb6. George Gordon NoHl, 6th Lord 
Byron. The footprints of A. [i'.«. Lord 
Byron] : a poem. Written by E. Bren- 
nan. Milan, 1874. 

Alben, Re^vk. Benjamin Walker, 
Rewk Alben the friar; his opinions on 
the ministry to the poor . . . Manchester, 
Eng. 1872. 

Albert. Rev. John Armstrong. Son- 
nets from Shakespeare. By . . . L. 1791. 

Albert. Al>bate Giovanni Battista For- 
tis. Travels in Dalmatia. 1774. 

Albln, S6bastlen. Mme. Hortense 
Lacroix Comu. Ballades et chants popu- 
laires (anciens et modemes) de TAlle- 
magne. Traduction nouvelle par S. A. 
Paris, 1841. 

Albion. Four pleasant epistles writ- 
ten for the entertainment and gratifica- 




tion of four impleasant characters ; yiz., 
a very exalted subject in his majesty's 
dominions [George, prince of Wales], 
the most unpatriotic man alive [C J. 
Fox], the most artful man alive [R. B. 
Sheridan], and Second Childhood [£. 
Burke]. L. 1789. 

Alcaeus. Samuel Boyse, in the " Grent. 
Mag." 1741-43. 

Alcseus. James Montgomery, in the 
" Poetical Register," 1801. Byron notices 
him in *' English bards and Scotch re- 
viewers " : — 

** With broken lyre and cheek serenely pale, 
Lo 2 lad AlcaoB wanders down the vale." 

Alciblades. James Anderson. — See 

AlclbiadeB. Alfred Tennyson, in 
"Punch." Feb. and March, 1840. 

Alcof^ibas, le maglclen. Jean Bap- 
Htte Alfred Assolant, The fantastic his- 
tory of the celebrated Du Pierrot . . . 
L. 1876. 

Alderanl, liorenzo. Niccolb Ugo Fos- 
colo. Ultime lettere di Jacopo Ortis. 
Edited by L. A. L. 1814. 

Alderman, The. John Barber. The 
city jilt ; or, the A. tum'd beau, etc. L. 

Aldlborontiphoscophomio. James 
BaUaniyne. A nickname given him by 
Sir Walter Scott, in allusion to his pom- 
pous and dignified manner. 

Aleph. Humphry Fitzroy Woolrych. 
Aleph V. Colenso. Maidstone, 1866. 

Aleph. William Harvey. The old 
city, and its highways and byways . . . 
L. 1865. 

Alethea. Thomas H. Baird, in the 
Pittsburgh " Commercial Journal." 1861. 

Alethes, Clerophllus. John Constable 
(?). A specimen of amendments candidly 
proposed to the compiler [Charles Dodd, 
pseud., !.«., Hugh Tootell] of a work 
which he calls " The church history of 
England from the year 1600 to the year 
1688." L. 1741. 

AlethlnoB. Bev. Hardinge Furemo 
Ivers. The audiblencss of thought dem- 
onstrated, and its use explained. 1866. 

Alethltheras. L. Osbom. Travels by 
sea and land. N.Y. 1868. 

Alethphllofi. Mrs. Mary Anne Wool- 
frey. Letters of . . . Newport, Isle of 
Wight, 1839. 

Aletor, Beq. Robert E, Strahom. 

Alex. Eliza A. White, As she would 
liave it. P. 1878. 

Alexander, Mrs. Mrs. Annie F. Hec- 
tor. Her dearest foe, 1876; The wooing 
o%187S. L. 

Alexander the Coppersmith. W. 

Boles. Milk for babes, meat for strong 
men, and wine for petitioners . . . trans- 
lated from the Arabic by . . . Cork, 

Alexander the Coppersmith, Ii]j.D. 
Thomas Erskine, Baron Erskine, The 
speech of . . . spoken at the meeting of 
the friends to the abuse of the freedom 
of the press. Jan. 19, 1793. [A satire 
upon T. Erskine, Baron Erskine.] L. 

Alexander the Corrector. Alexan- 
der Cruden. The adventures of . . . L. 
1764. [He entitles himself corrector, 
from the nature of his office, which was 
to correct the press.] 

Alexander, Sir Drai^^canslr. Tobias 
George Smollett. A faithful narrative of 
the base and inhuman arts that were 
lately practised upon the brain of Hab- 
bakkuk Hilding [i.e., Henry Fielding], 
justice, dealer, and chapman, who now 
lies at his house in Covent Garden, in a 
deplorable state of lunacy, a dreadful 
monument of false friendship and delu- 
sion. By D. A., fencing-master and 
philomath. L. 1762. — See "Brit. Mus. 

Alexander, J. H., B.A. Alexander 
H. Japp. Lights on the way. Some 
talcs within a tale, by the late J. H. A., 
B. A., with an explanatory note by H. A. 
Page [also a pseud, of the author]. L. 

Alexander, John, a Joyner. John 
Taylor, the Water-poet. Love one an- 
other : a tub lecture preached at Watford 
in Hartfordshire, at a conventicle on the 
26th of December last [16421. L. 1642. 

Alexandre. Alexandre Davy Dumas. 
La cour du roi P^taud. Paris, 1829. 

Alexis or the Worthy Unfortunate. 
Rev. Humphrey Sydenham. Being a true 
narrative of the affecting case of a young- 
gentleman whose ruin was caused by the 
late rebellion. L. 1747. 

Alexis, WUllbald. Georg Wilhelm 
Heinrich Haering. Cabanis, 1832 ; Haus 
Dusterweg, 1836 ; die zwolf Nachte, 1838; 
Novellen, 1880-31 ; Neue Novellen, 1836. 

Alfired. Samuel Adams, in the " Bos- 
ton Gazette" (Oct. 2, 1760). 

Alfred. Dr. Girardin. One of the 
writers, under this signature, of the essays 
in Wirt's "Old Bachelor" (1812). 

Alfred. Sir James Bland Burges Lamb, 
Bart, D.C.L., in "The Sun Newspaper." 
A series of letters under this signature, 
"in which he took a comprehensive view 
of the several states, political objects, 
and relative interests of all European 




governments. These letters he collected 
and published in 1702." 

AlAred. OrenvilU A. Sackett, who 
under this signature wrote some of the 
best and most widely circulated poetry of 
the day in "The New York Mirror," 
"New York Times," and "Long Island 

Alfred. Rev, Samuel Kydd. China: 
its symbols, philosophy, antiquities. L. 

Alfired. Philip Withers. Nemesis; or, 
a letter to Alfred [relating to the mar^ 
riage of the Prince of Wales to Mrs. 
Fitzherbert] from ... L. 1789. 

AUtr«d. Rev. David Alfred Doudney, 
Sympathy ; or, words for the weak and 
weary. L. 1862. 

Al Fresco. Dr. Charles J. Kenworthy ( ? ) . 

Alfrled, Johan. Jean Jacques De 
Laet. — See " Bogaerts, Felix." 

Alffufto, Setlor. Nathan Ames. Childe 
Harvard : a romance of Cambridge . . . 
B. 1848. 

All Baba. Aberigh Mackay, contribu- 
tor to " Vanity Fair," of many sketches 
of India life and society. 

All Bey. Samuel Lorenzo Knapp. 
Extracts from a journal of travels in 
North America, consisting of an account 
of Boston and its vicinity. By ... B. 

All Bey, El Abassl. Domingo Badia^ 
y-Leblich. Voyages ... en Afrique et 
en Asie, pendant les anndes 1803, 1804, 
1806, 180«, et 1807. Edited by B. [i.«., 
J. B. Boniface de Roquefort]. Paris, 

Alice, Cousin. Mrs. Alice {Bradley 
Need) Haven. The Coopers ; or, getting 
xmder way : a tale of real life. N. Y. 

Alice, Cousin. Miss Eliza Tabor. 
St. Olave's : a novel. N.Y. 1870. 

Allda. Mrs. Catharine Stratton Ladd. 
One of the noms de plume under which she 
has contributed tales, sketches, essays, 
and poems to various journals. 

Allen, An. il/ojr Friedrich Mueller. 
German love : from the papers of . . . 

Allent Baptist Dissenter, An. Seth 
Brooks. A plowman's complaint against 
a clergyman : being a letter to the Bap- 
tist Association at Philadelphia. By . . . 
P. 1767. 

Allgny. Claude F^lix Theodore Caru- 
elle. A French historical painter. 

Allqua. Mrs. Eliza 0. Peirson, in the 
periodical press. 

Aliquls. Rev. Richard Marks^ who 
" communicated his religious history, in 
an anonymous form, to 'The Christian 

Guardian,' in several papers, bearing 
the signature of 'Aliquis,' which were 
afterwards published (still anonymously) 
in a volume entitled The retrospect ; or, 
review of providential mercies." L. 

Aliquls. James Henry James. Gov- 
ernment as it is : a plea for parliamentary 
reform. By A. [In verse.] L. 1858. 

Aliquls. Rev. James Barr. A letter 
to the Hev. George Harris, containing an 
examination of the arguments adduced in 
his lectures to prove the non*existence 
of the devil. Liverpool, 1820. 

Allst. Francis Barham. Alist, an 
autobiography; or, an author's life in 
the nineteenth centurv. L. 1844. 

Allster, R. Alexander Robertson. 
Extermination of the Scottish peasantiy 
... By . . . Edinb. 1863. 

All-Prtde, Iiord. John Sheffield, 
Duke of Buckinghamshire. A very heroi- 
cai epistle from my Lord All-Pride to 
Dolcommon ... L. 1679. 

Allan-Kardec. L^on Hippclyte Deni' 
sart Rivail. Le livre des esprits . . • 
Paris, 1857. 

Allde, Ekl'ward. John Taylor, the 
Water-poet. The pennyles pilgrimage, 
or the moneylesse perambulation of 
John Taylor, alias The King's Majestie's 
Water-poet. From London to Eden- 
borough on foot. By E. A. L. 1618. 

Alldred, Frederic. Henry F. Red^ 

Allen, Grahame. George Arnold. 

Allen, John. Oscar Clute. The 
blessed bees. By. . . N.Y. 1878. 

Allen, 3IrB. Joslah. Marietta HoUey. 
My opinions and Betsey Bobbet's ... By 
J. A.'s wife. Hartford, 1875. 

Allen, PauL John Neal and Tobias 
Watk'ins, M.D. History of the Ameri- 
can revolution. By P. A. P. 1821. 

Paul Allen (1775-1826) was a Jonrnallst of 
Philadelphia ana Baltimore. He had long prom- 
isod this history, and obtained a lar^re subscrip- 
tion for it; but Mr. Neal wrote the flrst volume, 
and Dr. Watklns the remainder. 

Allendale, Alfired, Esq. Theodore 
Edward Hook. The man of sorrow. By 
... L. 1800. 

Allerdyce. Robert Barclay. Agricul- 
tural tour in the United States. L. 1842. 

Allld. George T. Lanigan. National 
ballads of Canada . . . Montreal, 1805. 

Allin, Abby. Mrs. A. A. Carter (wife 
of Daniel S.). Home ballads: a book 
for New Englanders ... B. 1851. 

Allison, Joy. Mary A. Cragin. Kate 
Jameson and her friends. B. 1872. 

Allspice, Zekel. John Cooper Vail. 




Allyn, Ellen. Miss Christina Georgina 
Bo66etti. Her signature to poems pub- 
liahed in "The Gem," London, of which 
only four numbers were published; writ- 
ten almost exclusively by the Rossettis, 
Holman Hunt, and Ford Madox Brown. 

Allyne, Enylla. Mrs. Spencer, 

Almaviva. IlarrvSt, Maur, in his 
contributions to "The News-Letter'* 
(Chicago, 111.). 

Alma Viva. Clement Scott, "The 
' Smiff Papers ' did much to extend the 
circulation of 'The Figaro,' as did also 
the dramatic criticism signed 'Alma 
Viya.' Mr. Doughty was the author of 
the first-mentioned feature ; Mr. Clement 
Scott, of the second." — See "Jotxmal- 
istic London," p. 94. 

Almaviva. Clement Scott, Drawing- 
room plays and parlor pantomimes. 
Collected ... L. 1870. 

Almore, Caspar. Frederick William- 
son Beasley, D.D, Papers from Orerlook 
house. P. 1866. 

Alof, V. Nicholas V. Gogol. Home 
life in Kussia. By a Russian noble. L. 

Alonzo. John Wingfield, in Byron's 
" Childish Recollections." Newark, 1807. 

Alpha. John Abraham, in the "La- 
dies' Journal," of Llskeard, Cornwall. 

Alpha. George Walker, 31. D. Death's 
waiting-room; or, the Girondist's last 
supper. A dramatic sketch. By A. 
L. 1851. 

Alpha. Mrs, L. L. Phelps, Grace 
Tilden; or, seven years' service for 
Christ. B. 1869. 

Alpha. Stephen M. Allen, Religion 
and science; the letters of "Alpha" on 
the influence of spirit on imponderable 
actienic molecular substances, etc. By 
... B. 1874. 

AlphoUso, S. G. Alonzo G. Shears 
of New Haven (Ct.), in his contributions 
to various periodicals. 

Alpin. William Wilson, in his poems 
contributed to periodicals. 

Alq, Mme. Uoulse d'. Olga Ebhardt. 
La science du monde . . . Paris, 1876. 

Alston, Edith. Miss Mary Green 
Goodale of New Orleans, whose poems 
have appeared in the journals of that 
city under this pen-name. 

Altamont. Rev. Charles Jenner. 
Letters from ... in the capital, to his 
friends in the country. L. 1767. 

Alter. Bev. Joseph B. Owen. Chess 
studies. L. 18-. 

Alter £go. Robert E, Strahom. To 
the Rockies and beyond ; or, a summer 

on the Union Pacific Railroad and 
branches. Omaha, 1879. 

Altisonant, Lorenza 8, K, Hoshour. 
Letters to 'Squire Pedant by • . . Cin. 

Alton. A. L, Taveau. The magic 
word. B. 1855. 

Alumni of the University of Edin- 
burgh. John Lee, D.D., George Wilson, 
M,D., S, Brown, and others. Edinburgh 
academic annual for 1840, consisting of 
contributions in literature and science. 
By . . . Edinb. 1840. 

Alumnus, An. Rev. Daniel Oliver. 
Address at Dartmouth College, May 19, 

Alumnus, An. Jchn Gorham Palfrey, 
A letter to the corporation ... of Har- 
vard College ... B. 1886. 

Alumnus Cantabrigiensis. 7%oma8 
Ignatius Maria Forster. Harmonia Mn- 
sarum . . . Bruges, 1843. 

The pre&ce U signed *' T. F.** 

Alumnus Edinensls. Alexander Ps> 
terkin, A letter to the Right Honour- 
able the Lord Provost of Edinburgh . . . 
Edinb. 1836. 

Alumnus of that College, An. John 
Lowell, LL.D. Further remarks on the 
memorial of the officers of Harvard Col- 
lege ... B. 1824. 

Alun Glan. Bardic name of the Rev. 
Thomas Jones, 

Alvarez, Espriella Manuel. Robert 
Soutkey. Letters from EngUnd. By . . • 
L. 1807. 

Amateur, An. C Badham, Brief 
recollections, chiefly of Italy. By . . . 
Glasgow, 1835. 

Amateur, An. Thomas Wilson, Cat- 
alogue raisonn^ of the select collection 
of engravings of . . . L. 1828. 

Amateur, An. Captain G. Boid. A 
concise history and analysis of all the 
principal styles of architecture . . . By 
... L. lo^o. 

Amateur, An. N. B. Engleheart, A 
concise treatise on eccentric turning. By 
... L. 1852. 

Amateur, An. William Cox, Crayon 
sketches by . . . N.Y. 1833. 

Amateur, An. Charles Clark. A 
doctor's "Do'Mngs; or, the entrapped 
heiress of Witham : a satirical poem. 
Totham, 1848.— See "Queerfellow, Quin- 

Amateur, An. Col. George W. Hooper. 
Down the river; or, practical lessons 
under the code duello. N.Y. 1874. 

Amateur, An. Archibald N Car' 
michael. Genealogy of her majesty Queen 
Victoria . . . Edin. 1845. 




Amateur, An. G,R. Walker, Hone*, 
their rational treatment ... By . . . L. 

Amateur, An. Charles Win.'^tan, An 
inquiry into the difference of style observ- 
able in ancient painted glass ... By . . . 
Oxf. 1847. 

Amateur, An. James Hail. The Jot- 
ting book : a political and literary experi- 
ment. By . . . L. 1839. 

Amateur, An. James Ktrke Pauld- 
ingCi). The new mirror for travellers ; and 
guide to the Sprines. By . . . N.Y. 1828. 

Amateur, An. Bernard BarUm, Poems. 
By . . . L. 1818. 

Amateur, An. Charles Kirkpatrick 
Sharpe. Portraits by . . . Edinb. 1832. 

Amateur, An. Pierce Egan, the Elder. 
Real life in London; or, the rambles 
and adventures of Bob Tallyho, Esq., 
and his cousin the Hon. Tom Dashall 
through the metropolis ... By ... L. 1821. 

Amateur, An. Hon. E. 8. Abbot, 
afterwards Baroness Colchester, Views 
in London. [In verse.] By . . . Chis- 
wick, 1833. 

Amateur Casual, An. James Greets 
wood, in " The Pall Mall Gazette," who 
" gave it a good start by a graphic sketch 
of workhouse life, signed ' An Amateur 
Casual.' " 

Amateur Farmer, An. William Holt 
Beever. Notes on fields and cattle, from 
the diary of . . . L. 1862. 

Amateur Lambeth Casual. James 
Greenwood. The wilds of London . . . 
L. 1866; The true history of Little Rag- 
amufian, 1866. 

Amateur of Faahlon, An. James K. 
Paulding. Jokeby: a burlesque on 
Rokeby, a poem, in six cantos. L. 1813. 
fThis parody has also been attributed to 
John Roby, Thomas Tegg, and to the 
brothers James and Horace Smith.] 

Amateur Traveller, An. James 
Watson Webb. Altowan; or, incidents 
of life and adventure in the Rocky 
Mountains. By . . . Edited by J. W. 
Webb. N.Y. 1846. 

Ambassador, The. Samuel Turner, 
in Beloe's "Sexagenarian," Vol. II., 
73. 2ded. L. 1818. 

Ambrose. Rev. J. Ambrose Wight, of 
Bay City, Mich., in his contributions to 
"The Evangelist." 

Ambrose, Father. Matthew Henry 
Barker, who wrote a good deal under this 
designation and that of "The Wanderer," 
as well as that of " Old Sailor." 

Ambrose, Paul. John Pendleton 
Kennedt/. Mr. Ambrose's letters on the 
rebellion. N.Y. 1865. 

Amelia. Mrs. Amelia I Coppuek)Welbif. 
Poems. By A. N.Y. 1842. 

A men der. Benjawsin F. Bumkam, 
A voice from the pews ; or, a tabernacle 
supplement. B. 1877. 

iUnerlcan, An. Freeman Hunt, 
American anecdotes: original and se- 
lect ... B. 1830. 

American, An. Edward Hahich, The 
American Churches the bulwarks of 
American slavery By . . . Newbnry- 
port, Mass. 1842. 

American, An. William Cohbett. An- 
nals of blood ... By . . . Camb. [Eng.] 

Ameneati, An. James F. Price. 
Castle Crosier : a romance. By . . . 
Annapolis, Md. 1827. 

American, An. Noah Webster, The 
revolution in France. N.Y. 1874. 

American, An. William Barton, 
A,M. The constitutionalist: addressed 
to men of all parties in the United States 

... X • loU4. 

American, An. David Christy. Cot- 
ton is king . . . Cin. 1866. 

American, An. Hezekiah Hartley 
Wright. Desultory reminiscences of a 
tour through Germany, Switzerland, and 
France. B. 1888. 

American, An. Stephen Fiske. En- 
glish photographs ... L. 1869. 

American, An. 0. Prescott HiUer. 
English and Scottish sketches. L. 

American, An. David Everett. An 
essay on the rights and duties of nations, 
relative to fugitives from justice ... B. 

Anoierican, An. Arthur Lee. An es- 
say in vindication of the continental col- 
onies of America, from a censure of 
Adam Smith ... L. 1764. 

American, An. Rev. Mathias Bruen. 
Essays, descriptive and moral, on scenes 
in Italv, Switzerland, and France . . . 
Edinb. 1823. 

American, An. Leuns Cass. An ex- 
amination of the question now in discus- 
sion between the American and British 
governments, concerning the right of 
search. By . . . Baltimore, 1842. 

American, An. William Elliott. Fi- 
esco : a tragedy. N.Y. 1860. 

American, An. R, Davidson, Esq. 
Geograpliy epitomised ... in verse . . . 
By . . . L. 1787. 

American, An. James Fenimore 
Cooper. Gleanings in Europe : England. 
By . . . P. 1837. 

American, An. ^Theodore Sedgwick, 




Hints to my countrymen, by . . . N.T. 

American, An. Mrs, Lydia Maria 
Child, Hobomok : a tale of early times 
... B. 1824. 

American, An. Samuel FinUy Breese 
Morse, Imminent dangers to the free 
institutions of the United States through 
foreign immigration . . . N.Y. 1835. 

American, An. Sidney Edwards 
Morse. Letter on American slarery . . . 
By . . . N.Y. 1847. 

American, An. Henry M. Bracken* 
ridge. Letter on South Ajnerican affairs 
to Mr. Monroe. 1818. 

American, An. J. Pottinger. Let- 
ters of . . . mainly on Russia, etc. 1864. 

American, An. Alexander Hamilton. 
Letters to *<The Gazette of the United 
States." August 4-18, 1792. 

American, An. A. Bobinson. Life 
in California during a residence of ser- 
eral years in that territory . . . N.Y. 1846. 

American, An. Benjamin Young 
Prime, M.D. Muscipula siye Cambromy- 
omachia. The mouse-trap: or, the bat- 
tle of the Welsh and the mice, in Latin 
and English, with other poems in differ- 
ent languages. By . . . N.Y. 1840. 

American, An. Henry Wadsuforth 
Longfellow, Outre-mer ; or, a pilgrimage 
to the Old World. By . . . L. 1835. 

American, An. Samuel Low. The 
politician outwitted : a comedy . . • 
N.Y. 1789. 

American, An. James Sloan. Kam- 
bles in Italy in the years 1816-17. By 
. . . Bait. 1818. [Also attributed to 
Theodore Lyman.] 

American, An. Alexander Hill Ev- 
erett. Remarks on Gov. C. Strong's 
speech ... B. 1814. 

American, An. Richard Biddle, A 
review of Captain Basil Hall's travels in 
North America, in the years 1827 and 
1828. L. 1830. 

American, An. George Henry Cal- 
vert. Scenes and thoughts in Europe. 
N.Y. 1847. 

American, An. James E. DeKay, 
Sketches of Turkey in 1831 and 1832. 
N.Y. 1833. 

American, An. Matthew Bennett 
Wynkoop, Song leaves from the book 
of Life and Nature. By . . . N.Y. 1852. 

American, An. Benjamin Church, 
M.D. The times : a poem ... B. 1765. 

American, An. Bev, Charles Inglis. 
True interest of America impartially 
stated. P. 1776. 

American, An. Duff Green, The 
United States and England . . . L. 1842. 

American, An. Joseph Hopkinson. 
What is our situation? and wnat our 
prospects ? . . . P. 1799. 

American, An, formerly a Member 
of Congrees. Fisher Ames. The influ- 
ences of democracy on liberty, property, 
and the happiness of society, considered. 
By . . . L. 1835. 

American In England, The. Alex- 
ander SlideU Mackenzie. The American 
in England. L. 1836. 

American in liondon. An. Rev. 
Calvin Colton. The Americans. 1833. 

American in Paris, The. John 
Sanderson. The American in Paris. L. 

American in the Service of the 
Viceroy, An. George Bethune English, 
A narrative of the expedition to Dongo- 
la and Sennaar, under the command of 
His Excellence Ismael Pasha . . . L. 1822. 

American Long Resident at Con- 
stantinople, An. Commodore David 
Porter, Constantinople and its environs. 
. . . N.Y. 1835. 

American recently returned from 
Europe, An, Robert Walsh, A letter 
on the genius and dispositions of the 
French government ... P. 1810. 

American Amateur in Europe, An. 
James Jackson Jarves. Art thoughts . . . 

American Angler, An. John J. 
Brown. American Angler's Guide . . . 
By . . . N.Y. 1845. 

American Artist, An. Laughton Os- 
bom. Handbook of young artists and 
amateurs in oil painting . . . N.Y. 1845. 

American Cato, The. Samuel Adams, 
so called by a newspaper writer. 1781. 

American Citizen, An. William 
Beach Lawrence, as translator of Marbois' 
" ffistory of Louisiana." P. 1830. 

American Citizen, An. Orville J, 
Victor. The American rebellion . . . By 
... L. 1861. 

American Citizen, An. John Adams. 
Discourses on Davila ... B. 1805. 

American Citizen, An. James Barr 
Walker, D.D. The living questions of 
the age. By . . . P. 1869. 

American Citizen, An. Linus Pier- 
pont Brockett, M.D. The philanthropic 
results of the war in America . . . N.Y. 

American Consul at London, The. 
Freeman H. Morse. . . . American sea- 
men. . . . Letter from ... n. p. 1869. 

American Englishman, An. Sam- 
uel Mather, of Boston. An attempt to 
show that America roust be known to the 
Ancients ... B. 1773. 





Amerloan FaMus, The. Gtarffe 
Washington, so called in 1781. 

American Fanner, An. Hector St 
John Crevecoair. Letten. 1798. 

American Farmer, An. William 
Cobbett. Notes on American gardening 
and fruit. P. 1803. 

American Farmer, An. Frederick 
Law Olmsted. Walks and talks of . . . 
in England. N.Y. 1862. 

American Gentleman, An. Richard 
S. Coxe. 

Ajnerican Gentleman, An- WiUiam 
Clifftm, Gifford's "The Baviad" and 

Maaviad." [Also], A poetical epistle 
to the author, by an American gentle- 
man. P. 1709. 

American Gentleman, An. Benja- 
min Young Prime, M,D, The patriot 
muse ... L. 1764. 

American Gentleman, An. John 
Sanderson, Sketches of Paris: in fa- 
miliar letters to his friends. P. 1838. 

American Gentleman, An. Richard 
Alsop, as translator of The geographical, 
natural, and ciyil history of Chili. By 
Abb^ don J. Ignatius Molina. Middle- 
town, Ct. 1808. 

American Gentleman, An. Rev. 
Calvin CoUon. A voice from America to 
England. N.Y. 1837. 

American Girl Abroad, An. Miss 
Adeline Trafton. An American girl 
abroad. B. 

American Indian, An. Henry Home, 
Jr, The citizen of nature: in a series 
of letters from ... in London, to his 
friend at home. L. 1823. 

American Lady, An. Henry Wood. 
Change for the "American Notes" . . . 
L. 1843. 

American Ijady, An. Jf. Griffin. 
Impressions of Germany . . . Dresden, 

American Lady, An. Mrs. Chant, 
Memoirs . . . with sketches of manners 
and scenery in America ... L. 1810. 

American Navy Officer, An. Nor 
ihaniel Fanning, A narrative of the ad- 
ventm>es of an American navy officer, 
who served during part of the American 
revolution under Paul Jones. N.Y. 1806. 

American Novelist, Tlie. Mrs. H. 
B. 8towe. Byron painted by his com- 
peers . . . showing wherein the A. N. 
gives a truthful account, etc. L. 1869. 

American Officer In the Service of 
France. John Skey Eustace, Letters on 
the crimes of George III. . . . Paris, 1794. 

American Pastor, An. Rev, lliomas 
Bacon, Two sermons, preached to a 
congregation of black slaves . . . L. 1749. 

American Pbyslcian, An. Dr. Pat- 
rick Macaulay. How the cholera is prop- 
agated ... L. 1831. 

American Spy, The. Capt. Nathan 
Hale. The A. S. ; or, freedom's early 
sacriflce : a tale of the Revolution, 
founded on fact. Albany, 1857. [Writ- 
ten by Jeptha Root Simms.] 

American Wanderer. Arthur Lee. 
American wanderer through Europe. L. 

American Woman, An. Mrs. L. B. 
Urbino. An American woman in Eu- 
rope . . . 

American Woman, An. Helen C, 
Smith. Hints on dress . . . N.Y. 1872. 

American Woman, An. Mrs. H, 
C. Tracv Cutler, Letter from . . . to . . . 
Lord Palmerston. 1862. 

American us. Caleb Evans, A letter 
to the Rev. John Wesley ... L. 1776. 

Americus. Francis Lieber. Manual 
of political ethics. P. 

Americus. Oscar Montgomery Lieber, 
in his contributions to "The Evening 
Post." N.Y. 1872. 

Americus. Vine Wright Kingsley, 
Spain, Cuba, and the United States . . . 
N.Y. 1870. 

AmeruB. Alexander Chalmers. Char- 
acter of Dr. Johnson as drawn by him- 
self. " Gent Mag.," April, 1788, p. 300 ; 
original letter of Dr. Johnson, June, 1788, 
p. 479. 

Amea, Mrs. Nelly. Eleanor Kirk, Up 
Broadway, and its sequel. A life story. 
N.Y. 1870. 

Amey. Louis Xavier Eyma. His sig- 
nature to his translations and vaudevilles. 

Ami, Un. Rev. Thomas Hartley, Au- 
tobiographie de Swedenborg. Sous ce 
titre : reponse k une lettre qu'un un ami 
m'a ^crite. Saint-Amand, 1861. 

Amica. Miss Alice Pearce. An acros- 
tic on the Rev. R. H. Hitchins, in the 
" Cornish Magazine," 1828. 

Amicus. IVilliam A. Brewer, in his 
contributions to various old New York 

Amicus. Sir Thomas Fairbaim, in the 
London "Times." 

Amicus. David Brown, Defence of 
the British and foreign Bible society. 
Edinb. 1826. 

Amicus. James Gordon, Eight letters 
on the subject of the Earl of Selkirk's 
pamphlet on Highland emigration . . . 
Edinb. 1806. 

Amicus. Joseph Lancaster. Fruits of 
Christian love ! a letter ... on the reli- 
gious instruction of their [the Quakers'] 
youth. L. 1808. 




Amicus. John Canton. On the mag- 
netic needle, in the " G^nt Mag./' Decem- 
ber, 1761, p. 669. 

AmiciM. William Alexander, Quaker- 
ism onmasked: comprising a glance at 
J. Wilkinson's "Quakerism examined." 
By . . . York. 1839. 

Amicna. Rev. Benjamin Kent. A ser- 
mon in Marlborough, July 9, 1734. Per 
... B. 1734. 

Arnicas Curiae. One of the pseudo- 
nyms attributed to Junius {q.v.). [The 
letter thus signed is dated June 10, 1769, 
and defends the letters of Junius.] 

Amicus Curias. John Payne Collier. 
Criticisms on the bar. L. 1819. 

Amicus Secandus. WiUiam A. Thom- 
son, D.D. Brief statement of reasons for 
Bible societies in Scotland withdrawing 
their confidence in the British and foreign 
Bible seciety. Edinb. 1826. 

Amigo. Dr. Salmon Skinner, in the 
N.Y. " Herald." 

Amner. Charge Steevens. Rev. Rich- 
ard Amner (1737-1803), a dissenting min- 
ister at Hampstead, near London, and 
afterwards at Coseley, in Staffordshire; 
still later, left off preaching and retired 
to his natiye town, Hinckley. 

" WbUst a rMldent at Bamp«tead, he became 
the rabject of itiallflrnant merriment to the learned 
commentator on Sbakecpeare, who, to his ever- 
lasting shame be it spoken, fathered on this 
harmless Divine many huUerou* notes of his 

Amor PatrisD. Thomas Crowley. Dis- 
sertations on the grand dispute between 
Great Britain and America. By ... L. 

Amor Veritatis. Rev, John Mortlock 
Daniell. To F. Silver. [Letter, signed 
A. v., addressed to F. Silver, in reply to 
his pamphlet, entitled '* Immanuel."] L. 

Amyntor, Gerhard von. Dagobert 
von Gerhard. Kin priester, historic in 
sechs gcsangen. Breslau, 1881. 

Anacharsis. Jean Jacques Barth€lemy. 
Voyagpe du jeunc Anacharsis en Greece. 
Paris, 1788. 

Anacreon, The French. Pierre Lau- 
jon, 1727-1811, perpetual president of the 
Cavcau Modeme, a Paris club noted for 
its good dinners, but every member was 
obliged to be a poet. 

Ajiacreon Moore. Thomas Moore, 

Anacreon of the Guillotine. Barhre 
de Vieuzac. 1755-1841. 

Anacreon, The Sicilian. Giovanni 
Meli, 1740-1815. 

Analytical Teacher, An. John U. 

Parsons. The analytical spelling-book . . . 
Portland, Me. 

Anchor. John Watts DePeyster. Chan- 
cellorsYille and its results . . . N.Y. lb()o. 

Ancien Car6 dn diocese de Quebec, 
Un. Very Bev. Thomas Maguire. Kecueil 
de notes diverses sur le gouvemement 
d'une paroisse . . . Paris, 1830. 

Ancien enfant de chcBur, Un. £mile 
Laurent. Les abb^ galants. P. 1882. 
Also ascribed to J^mile Colombey. 

Ancient Brahmin, An. Robert Dods- 
ley. The CEconomy of human life . . . 
Written by . . . L. 1750. 

Ancient, Oliver. Robert W, Mc Alpine, 
in his contributions to " Noah's Sunday 
Times" (N.Y.). 

Andersson, Anna. Anna Andersson 
WSstberg. Styfmorsblommoma. 1867. 

Anderson, Ralph. Robert Heron. A 
letter from K. A. Esq. to Sir J. Sinclair . . . 
Edinb. 1797. 

Andolt, Srnst. Bemhard Rudolf 
Abeken. Studies on the Dirine comme- 
dia of Dante. 1826. 

Andrade. Jo&o de Andradd Corvo de 
CamOes. Un conto ao serSk), 1852. 

Andr6, W. J. William Jerdan. 

In his aatobloffraphy he says: '*I have not 
been a careful preserver of my productions, and 
have not (I now wish I had) a copy of my 
'Eclogue,* which. If I remember rightly, appeared 
as the writing of W. J. Andr^, an anagram of my 
name, which, like the sienatare of * Tentlia * (tns 
ancient name of Tweed), used by me ftt>m dM 
period of my earliest to my latest contributions 
to the press, may guide the curious (if such 
there may be) to many of the anonymous essays, 
in prose and verse, of William Jerdan." 

Andrew of Mitchell Street. John 
Andrews Jones. 

Andre^r, James, A. M. Andrew 
Mackay. Astronomical and nautical 
tables ... L. 1805. 

Andrews, Joseph. Henry Fielding, 
The history of the adventures of . . . and 
of his friend Mr. Abraham Adams. L. 

Ane of that lll£. William Edmon- 
stoune Aytoun. Our Zion ... By . . . 1840. 

Ang, Phil. John Penny man. A bright 
shining light, discovering the pretenders 
to it, to the . . . Quakers, etc. By . . . 
L. 1680. 

Ange B^nigne. Mme. la Comtesse Paul 
de Af denes, in her contributions to " La 
Vie Parisienne." 

Angelina. Mrs. Angelina Levy Goetx, 
in music to numerous songs, among others 
Sir Marmaduke; The stream of life. 
L. 1858. 

Angelina. Harriet Martineau. 

Angelina. Thomas Prescott Prest. 
Miser of Shoreditch : drama. N.Y. 1857. 




Angelonl, BattiBta. John ShMeare, 
M.D. Letters on the English nation. By 

B. A., a Jesuit ... L. 1755. 
Anglais Voyageur, Un. Martin Sher- 
lock. Lettres d' . . . Geneva, 1779. 

Angler, An. Charles Lanman. Adven- 
tures of ... in Canada, Nora Scotia, and 
the United States. L. 1848. 

Angler, An. Thomas Tod Sioddart, 
An anglei^s rambles and angling songs. 
L. 1866. 

Angler, An. John Henry Cliffs. Notes 
and recollections of . . . rambles among 
the mountains of Wales. L. 1860. 

Angler, An. Sir Humphry Davv. Sal- 
monia ; or, days of fly-fishing. lo28. 

Angler, A North Country. Thomas 
Doubleday. Coquet-dale fishing songs . . . 
Edinb. 1852. 

Angler and Blbllopollst, An Old. 
TTiomas Boose y. Piscatorial reminiscences 
and gleanings. L. 1835. 

Anglicanee Presbyter. John Wesley. 

C. Sallustii Crispi helium Catiliniarum et 
Jugurthinum . . . edidit ... L. 1749. 

Angli<^nus. R. S. Ellis. The trarel- 
ler's handbook to Copenhagen and its 
environs. Copenhagen, 1853. 

Anglican us, Li. T. Arthur Penrhyn 
Stanley, Dean of Westminster. 

Angllcanus Presbyter. Joseph Hem- 
ington Harris. Auricular confession not 
the rule of the Church of England . . . 
L. 1852. 

Anglo-American. Sir Brenton Halli- 
burton, Knt.f who contributed frequently 
to the press, the most noteworthy of his 
writings being a series of letters, in 1813, 
on the American war, which appeared 
in the Halifax "Recorder," under this 
signature. ' 

Anglo-Canadian, An. Rev, Adam 
Townley, DJ). Ten letters ... on the 
Church and Church establishments . . . 
Toronto, 1839. 

Angove, Grace. Mrs. Grace MicheU, 
The gold fields of California, and strug- 
gles to win gold there and in England . . . 

Anlcetus. William Adolphus Clark. 
The cannonade. B. 1861. 

Animal Painter, An. James Wilson. 
The rod and the gun ; and a voyapre round 
the coasts of Scotland and the Isles. 

Ann. Airs. Ann Thomas. The dove- 
cot. 1834. 

Annof S^vansea. Ann KemUe. Cesa- 
rio Rosalba ; or, the oath of vengeance : a 
romance. L. 1819. 

Ann Jane. Mrs. Ann Jane Morgan. 
John Pottle, the farmer's man. L. 

Anna 3Iatllda. Mrs, Hannah Park- 

house Cowley. She composed, besides 
other plays, two remarkably successful 
comedies called ''The Runaway," and 
"The Belle's Stratagem." She also 
wrote " The Maid of Arragon," and other 

Anna Matilda. Mrs. Hester {Lynch 
Thrale) Piozzi. In 1785, during her resi- 
dence at Elorence, she contributed under 
the signature of ** Anna Matilda " to the 
"Florence Miscellany." Florence, 1785. 

Annlbale. Miss Anna Ballard. Fif- 
teen vocalises ... B. 1870. Also in 
her contributions to "The Mail" (N.Y.). 

Annotator. John Colder. Notes to 
Nichols's edition of " The Tatler." L. 1786. 

Annual Visitor, An. Henry Huntt, 
M.D. A visit to the Red Sulphur Spring 
of Virginia during the summer of 
1837 ... By . . . B. 1839. 

Anonym, Walter, Residuary liega- 
tee of the late. Henry Jackson Sar- 
gent. Feathers from a moulting muse. 
B. 1854. 

Anonymous. Benjamin Dawson. 
Animadversions upon the conduct of 
the Rev. Dr. Rutherforth ... L. 1768. 

Anonymous, liondlnensls. Matthias 
Barbery , A.B. A letter to Dr. Calamy . . . 
L. 1718. [Also ascribed to Thomas 

Another considerable personage. 
Sir William Drummond, in Beloe's " Sex- 
agenarian." Vol. II., p. 124, 2d ed. L. 

Another Gentleman of Cambridge. 
John Duncombe. An evening contempla- 
tion in a college : being a parody on the 
Elegy in a country churchyard. By . . . 
L. 1753. 

Another Gentleman of ljincoln*a 
Inn. Thomas Edwards. A supplement 
to Mr. Warburton's edition of Shake- 
spear ... By . . . L. 1748. 

Another Layman. Wanoick Pal- 
Jray. Remarks on the recent ordination 
at Beverly . . . Salem, 1824. 

Another Member of Parliament. 
Sir William Blackstone. A letter to [Sir 
William Meredith] the author of "The 
Question Stated." L. 1769. 

Anselmus. Rev. Samuel W. Duffield, 
of Bloomfield, N.J., in his contributions 
to " The Evangelist." 

Anstey, P. F. Anstey Guthrie. Vice 
versa. L. 1882. 

Anthony, Grey. Henry Carl Schil- 
ler. Christmas at the grange. Graham, 

Antl-Abolltlonlst, An. Russell Jar- 
vis. Facts and arguments against the 
election of General Cass . . . N.Y. 1848. 




Anti-Belial. One of the pseudonTms 
attribated to Junius (q.v.). 

The letters thu« signed "are minor Philo- 
Jnniusee. to explain, defend, and support the 
repatation of Uie principal." 

Antl-Biireaiicra^ An. Adam Thorn. 
Remarks on the conrention . . . Mon- 
treal, 1835. 

Anti-Cotton. R, A, T. GtueoynB 
Cecil f Viscount Cranbome, Marquis of Sal- 
isburjf, in his contributions to '*The 
Qnarterly Review." L. 

Anti-Draco. John Disney, Five let- 
ters to Sir Samuel Romillj ... L. 1810. 

Anti-Fox. One of the pseudonyms 
attributed to Junius {q.v.). 

Under this signature he replied to Mr. Foz, In 
a letter dated Oct. 16, 1771. 

Anti-Harmonicas. Alexander Peter- 
kin. A poetical epistle to J»** T—* 
[John Tait], Esq. Edmb. 1807. 

Anti-Monopoly. William Duane. 
Obsenrations on the principles and op- 
eration of banking . . . Helmbold, 1804. • 

Anti-Quary. WiUiam H. TutkiU. 
His signature to a series of articles in 
the newspapers, consisting chiefly of in- 
cidents and anecdotes relative to early 
settlers of Cedar County, Iowa. 

Anti-Scribleru8 Hiatrionlcus. John 
SoberU. — See "A StroUng Player." 

Anti-Sejanoa. Rev. James Scott, The 
author of political essays published 
under the signatures of " Anti-Sejanus " 
and " Old Slyboots." 

Anti-S^anoa, Jr. One of the pseu- 
donyms attributed to Junius {q.v.). 

It is appended to a letter contributed to ** The 
pQblio Advertiser," dated Jane 24, 1767, and 
which is principally devoted to attacks on Lords 
Bute and Chatham. 

Anti-Socinus. Anselm Bayly, Re- 
marks on David Levi's second letter to 
Dr. Priestley ... By . . . L. 1787. 

Anti Stuart. One of the pseudonyms 
attributed to Junius {q.v.). 

This letter, contributed to "The Public Ad- 
vertiser," and dated March 24, 1768, is a reply 
to a letter signed " Anti van Teague»*' the author 
of which had defended the grant to Sir James 
Lowther. That signature seems to Indicate 
that '* Junius " was supposed to be an Irishman, 
and Mr. Burke. " Junius " siens •< Anti Stuart " 
in reference to John Stuart, SSarl of Bute, whose 
danghter Sir James Lowther had married. He 
then attacks the pybUc character of the Duke of 
Ghrafton, the Prime Minister, and says he had not 
meddled with his private character, which he left 
for the Duke to earth in, whenever he is hard 
run, ** according to the laudable example" of 
Lord North. — WADE. 

Anti-tlieatricus. Thady Fitzpatrick. 
— See"T. F." 

Anti-Tindaliau. Robert Lyon. A 
letter to the Rev. Mr. James Adams at 
Kinnaird . . . Edinb. 1734. 

Anticant, Dr. Pesaimist. Thomas 
Carlyle, in Anthony Trollope's "War- 

In the same, " Charles James (Ghvatly)" rep- 
resents Bp. Blomfleld of Xiondon; "Henry 
(Grantly),^ Bp. PhlllpotU of Exeter; and " Sam- 
uel (Grantlv)," Bp. Wilberforce of Oxford, 
then of Winchester. In Trollope's political 
novels, "Mr. Gresham" is said to mean Mr. 
Gladstone; " Mr. Baubeny,*' Lord Beaconsfleld; 
"Lord de Terrier," Lord Derby; and "Mr. 
Plantagenet Pallsser," Lord Carlingford. 

Anticipation. John Dickinson. An 
address on the past, present, and event- 
ual relations of the United States to 
France. N.Y. ISaS. 

Anti^aliican, An. JioAn Free, DJ), 
The monthly reviewers reviewed by . . . 
L. 1766. 

Antilore. Daniel Dulany. His sig- 
nature in his newspaper controversy with 
Charles Carroll, before the American 

Antipolemus. Vicesimus Knox, D.D. 
"At that time [1792] he translated and 
printed, under the title of * Antipolemus,' 
the adage of Erasmus, ' Bellum dulce 
inexpertis.' " — See "Gent. Mag.," Sept. 

Antiquarian, An. Royal R, Hinman, 
The blue laws of New Haven Colony . . . 
Compiled . . . Hartford, 1838. 

Antiquarian, An. Henry Phillips, Jr, 
Historical sketches of the paper money 
issued by Pennsylvania ... P. 1862. 

Antiquarian Doctor, An. Thomas 
Amory. An antiquarian doctor's sermon 
on an antiquated subject ... L. 1768. 

Antiquarius. Joan Loveday, D.C.L, 
For many years a contributor to the 
"Gent Mag.," under the signatures of 
" Antiquarius," " Academicus," " Vin- 
dcx," " Scrutator," and others. 

Antiquary, An. Richard Thomson. 
Chronicles of London Bridge. L. 1827, 

Antiquary, An. Alexander Maxwell 
Adams, The Crawf urd peerage. Edinb. 

Antiquary, An. Samuel Pegge, LL.D. 
Fitz-Stephen's description of the city of 
London, newly translated from the Latin 
original ... By . . . L. 1772. 

Antiquary, An. Col. Philip De la 
Motte. The principal historical and allu- 
sive arms borne by families of the United 
Kingdom of Great Britain and Lreland. 
Collected by . . . L. 1803. 

Antiquary, An. Thomas Wright. 
Wanderings of . . . L. 1861. 

" Antiquary, The." George Liuermore. 
The origin, history, and character of the 
New England Primer ; being a series of 



articles contributed to the "Cambridge 
Chronicle " by . . . Camb., Mast. 1849. 

Antlqultatla Conservator. ThomoB 
Fisher, Esq., F.Sji, The Crown Inn at 
Rochester, and its carious cellars, in the 
"Gent. Mag./' vol. 59, p. 1186. 

AntonelU, Giuseppe. Humphry Sand' 
with. The hekim bashi; or, the adyen- 
tures of ... a doctor in the Turkish ser- 
rice. L. 1864. 

Antony. Antoine Nicolas B^raud, 
Guido Reni, 1833; Le Gars, 1834; IAIia, 
1884; La Lescombat, 1841. Paris. 

Anvil, Sir John. — CrowU^. A man- 
ufacturer, the " Sir John Anyil " of Ad- 
dison's " Spectator." 

Ape. Mons. Pellegrini, in his contribu- 
tions to "Vanity Fair" (L.). 

Apex. William A. Brewer, in his con* 
tributions to "The Herald" (St. Joseph, 

Apostle of Temperance. Eev. Theo- 
bald Mathew, 

Aptommas, Mr. Mr, Thomas, the 
harpist. A history of the harp. N.Y. 1864. 

Aqulla. Samuel Alexander, Serious 
thoughts on the fall and restoration of 
man . . . By ... L. 1814. 

Aquillus. John Wilson. Horas Catul- 
liansB, in ** Blackwood's Magazine." Vol. 
61, p. 374, etc. 

Aq^-s, Vive Valeque. Rev. John 
Eagles. ^'See "Blackwood's Magazine," 
vol. 78, p. 72. Also " Vive Valeque." 

Aqvatlcvs, Mercvrlva. John Taylor, 
the Water-poet. M. A.; or, the water- 
poet's answer to all that hath, or shall be 
writ by Mercvrivs Britanicvs. L. 1643. 

ArachnophUua. Adam White. A 
contribution towards an argument for 
the plenary inspiration of Scripture . . . 
L. 1861. 

Arbitrator, An. T. H. Williams, 
Employers and employed. Manchester, 

Arc, Gaston d'. Maurice Champion, 
Les inondations en France depuis le VI* 
si^cle jusqu'a nos jours . . . Paris, 

Archaeologist, An. Frederick Wil- 
liam Fairholt, F.S.A. Rambles of . . . 
among old books and in old places . . . 
L. 1871. 

ArchSBologlst, An. Henry Noel Hum- 

Ehreys. Stories by an archseologist and 
is friends. L. 1866. 
Archaeus. Michael Aislabie Denham, 
Antiquarian discoveries at Carleburg, 
County Palatine of Durham, a.d. 1866 . . . 
Durham, 1866. 

Archaeus. John Sterling. Hymns of 
a hermit, in "Blackwood's Magazine," 

vol. 47, p. 80, etc. ["Archssus" was 
Sterling's signature in *' Blackwood."] 

Archard, Eliza. Mrs. E. A. Conner, 
in her contributions to "Truth" (N.Y.). 

Archdeacon, The. Bev. Edward Ed- 
wards, Pity upon the poor. Preached 
. . . in St. Maiy's Church, Brecon . . . 
By . . . L. 1802. 

Archdeacon of St Alban's, The. 
Samuel Horsley, D.C.L, Letters from . . . 
in reply to Dr. Priestley ... L. 1784. 

Archer. George A. Stockwell. 

Architect, An. John Carter, F.A.S. 
"In 17d8, a series of communications 
was commenced in this miscellany [the 
<Gent. Mag.'] under the title of 'Pur- 
suits of architectural innovation' (1798- 
1817), with the signature of 'An Archi- 
tect' " These were universally ascribed 
to Mr. Carter. 

Architect, An. W. BardweU, Ac- 
count of ancient and modem Westmin- 
ster. By . . . L. 1839. 

Architect, An. Arthur William Hake- 
unll. An apology for the architectural 
monstrosities of London ... By . . . 
L. 1886. 

Architect, An. Christopher Davy. 
Architectural precedents. L. 1840. 

Architect, An. Joseph Woods, Esq. 
Letters of . . . from France, Italy, and 
Greece. L. 1828. 

Architect, An. John Burley Waring. 
Poems. By . . . L. 1868. 

Arco, Giu D*. Giuseppe ToreUi, C. 
de Cavour : commemoration . . . Traduit 
del'Italien. Paris, 1861. 

ArctiiruB. Afrs, Catharine Stratton 
Ladd, one of the noms dc plume under 
which she has contributed tales, sketches, 
essays, and poems to various journals. 

Ardboe. Gen. F. F. Millen, in his con- 
tributions to various periodicals. 

Arden, Henry T. Henry Thomas 
Arnold. Princess Charming ; or, the bard, 
the baron, the beauty, the buffer, and 
the bogey. L. 1860. 

Arden, Hope. Mrs. R. A, Brennan. 
Her heart belongs to me. Ballad. B. 

Ardeaier-Macdonald, Charles. An- 
drew K. H. Boyd, who published in 
" Eraser's Magazine " a number of essays 
which appeared in 1860 under the title of 
" Recreations of a Country Parson." 

Aretophilos. Alexander Dalrymple. 
Extracts from [G. Wither's] "Juvenilia," 
etc. Edited by A. L. 1786. 

Argonaut. Edwin D. Brickwood. The 
arts of rowing and training ... By A. 
L. 1866. 

Argonaut. John Etches. An authen- 


tic statement of all the facts relattre to 
Nootka Sound ... L. 1700. 

Argus. Frederic Jatuea Prouting, in 
his contrihutions to various English peri- 
odicals. ' 

Argus. Invin WiUes, a sporting writer 
for "The Morning Post." L. He also 
signs " Argus the Exile." 

Ariel. Rev. Stephen Fiske, in his con- 
tributions to "The New York Leader." 

Ariel. Buckner H. Payne. The negro: 
what is his ethnological status . . . Cin. 

ArlostooftheNorth,Tiie. Sir Walter 

Arlstarchus, Antl-Blomfieldlaiina. 
Edmund Henry Barker, 

Arlst^ndte. Francois FHix Nogaret, 
Les compares et les bambins. Paris, 1807. 

Ariatlcle. Victor Marie Hugo, "Les Tn 
et les Vous, a political satire contributed 
to "Le Conserrateur Litt^raire "(Paris). 

Ariatidea. Frtmcie William Blagdon, 
In 1806, he suJSered an imprisonment of 
six months in the King's Bench, as the 
author of a suppressed pamphlet, with 
the signature "Aiistides," reflecting on 
the naval administration of Earl St. 

Arlstldea. Noah Webster,-— See "A 

Arlstldefl. Alexander Contee Hanson. 
Considerations on the proposed removal 
of the seat of government . . . Annapo- 
Hs, 1786. 

Arlstidea. Thomas L. McKenney, 
Essays on the spirit of Jacksonism . . . 
P. 1836. 

ArlstldeB. William P, Van Ness. An 
examination of the various charges ex- 
hibited against Aaron Burr, Esq. Wash., 
]D.C. 1804. 

Arlatldes. Thomas Wilson Dorr. Polit- 
ical frauds exposed . . . Providence, 
KJ. 1838. 

Arlatlppua. John Gilbert Cooper. 
Epistles to the great, from ... in retire- 
ment. L. 1767. 

Arlatobulus. Rev. Thomas Woolston, 
A letter to Dr. Bennet on the Quakers . . . 
By . . . L. 1720. 

ArlBtobulus. James Turner. Thoughts 
on mixt communion . . . Coventry, 
Eng. 1773. 

Arlstoclea. Samuel .Johnson, DJ), 
Ethices elementa ; or, the first principles 
of moral philosophy ... B. 1746. 

Aristocrat, Au. John Lettsom Elliot. 
A letter to the electors of Westminster. 
L. 1860. 

Arlstocratlo Tout. A name assumed 
by T. Woodf a sporting writer. 

Arlstogelton. Rev. P. Frazer. An 
address to Baptists of all denominations, 
on the tenets of their religion. By . . . 
L. 1837. 

Aristophanea. Arthur Boyrie. Pot- 
ter's field; or, the gentleman with the 
black humor. A tragedy. S. F. 1878. 

Arkwrlght, Peleg. David L. Proud- 
fit. Love among the gamins, in the 
"Daily Graphic "(N.Y.). 

Arley. Miles Peter Andrews. His 
signature to poetry in "The World." 
L. 1788. 

Arlington. Robert M. BeuOer, in the 
New York "Star." 

Armand. Friedrich Armand Strubbera. 
Ralph Norwood. Hannover, Cassel, 1860. 

Armateur, L. M. B. Louis Marie 
Prudhomme, Dictionnaire universel, ge- 
ographique . . . de la France. Paris, 

Armenian in Ireland, An. Edm. 
Sexton Pery. Letters ... to his friends 
at Trebisond ... L. 1767. 

Army Cliaplaln, An. Rev. Joseph 
Cross, Camp and field : papers of . . . 
1868. Macon, 1864. 

Army Surgeon, An. Thomas T, El- 
lis. Leaves from the diary of . . . 
1861-62. N.Y. 1868. 

Armytage, Dudley. William E. A. 
Axon. Shakespeare's house. Glasgow, 

Amett, John Andrews. John Han- 
nett. Bibliopegia; or, the art of book- 
binding. L. 1836, 1837. 

Arnold, A. Alfred Salomons. The 
Count of Talavera, from the Dutch of 
J. van Lennep. By A. A. L. 1880. 

Arnold, Birch. Mrs. J. M. D. or 
A. E. Bartlett. Until the day break. P. 

Arnold, Kric. Henrietta Matson. 
Acton; or, school and college days. 

Arouet. Joseph Brown Ladd, the most 
of whose poems were addressed, under 
this signature, to " Amanda/' a name by 
which he designated the young lady to 
whom he was attached. 

Arp, BilL Charles H. Smith. A side 
show of the Southern side of the war. 
N.Y. 1866. 

Arpinas, Ijaurea. Charles Kelsall. 

Arr, E. H. Mrs. Ellen //. Rollins. Old- 
time child-life. P. 1880. 

Arrelsee* Robert L. Cope. The life, 
confessions, and adventures of Albert 
Teufel. Doylestown, P. 1867. 

Arria. Mrs. Eliza Lofton (Phillips) 
Pugh, who published, under this nom de 
plume, short sketches, literary and politi- 




cal, in the New York " World," the New 
Orleans " Times/' and other journals. 

Arriala, Ramon de. Mariano Ja$€ de 
Larra. Un desafio : drama . . . Madrid,1834. 

Artist, An. Lester A. Roberu (?). 
Hugo Blanc, the artist : a tale of practi- 
cal and ideal life. By . . . N.Y. 1807. 

Artist, An. George William Novice* 
Lights in art: a review of ancient and 
modem pictures. By . . . Edinb. 1866. 

Artist, An. J. Beugo (?). Poetry, 
miscellaneous and dramatic. By . . . 
Edinb. 1797. 

Artist, An. Mrs. Elizabeth Murray. 
Sixteen years of an artist's life in Mo- 
rocco, Spain, etc., 1842-^. L. 1859. 

Artist, An. Paul Kane, Wander- 
ings of . . . among the Indians of North 
America ... L. 1859. 

ArtlOTe, Sir Andre^r. John Dennis. 
A free consideration and confutation of 
Sir J. Edgar. By Sir A. A. L. 1791. 

Arundell, Harris. William ArundeU 
Harris Arundell. The fall of Sebastopol : 
a poem. By ... L. 1855. 

Aslie, Tom. Jonathan Swift, D.D. 
. . . the dying speech of . . . whose 
brother, the Rev. Dillon Ashe, was nick- 
named Dilly. 1711. 

Ashton, Warren T. William Taylor 
Adams. Hatchie, the guardian t>lave; 
or, the heiress of Bellevue. A talc of the 
Mississippi and the South-west. B. 1853. 

Asiaticns. John Scott Wnrinj. Let- 
ters to the right honourable Henry Dun- 
das on his inconsistency as the minister 
of India. L. 1792. 

Asmodei, Count. Count Vittorio 
Amadeo Alfieri. '^The generous husband 
. . . containing . . . the genuine memoirs 
of Count Asmodei. 1771. 

Asmodeus. Thomas Xichols {!). As- 
modeus in New York. N.Y. 1868. 

Asmodeus. Thaddem W. Meighan (?). 
The Jenny Lind mania in Boston ; or, a 
sequel to Barnum's Parnassus . . . B. 1850. 

Asmodeus Secundus. Charles Soth- 
eran. Author of Percy Bysshe Shelley 
as a philosopher and reformer . . . 
N.Y. 1876. 

Asmus. Matthias Claudius. Asmus 
omnia sua secum portans; oder, Werke 
des Wandsbccker Boten. Wandsbeck, 

Aspirant, An. James Beresford. Bib- 
liosophia; or, book-wisdom. By . . . 
L. 1810. 

Assistant Librarian, An. Thomas 
Mason. The free libraries of Scotland. 
By . . . Glasgow, 1880. 

Assistant Secretary of State, The. 
Pennock Pusey. Statistics of Minnesota 

for 1869: being the first annual report 
of . . . St. Paul, 1870. 

Astarte. Mrs. Ann Olivia Adams. 
Poems. N.Y. 1866. 

Astell, Hon. Edward. Jane Tim- 
bury. The male coquette ; or, tHe history 
of the lion. E. A. L. 1770. 

Aston, Tony. Anthony Aston. A brief 
supplement to Col ley Cibber, Esq., his 
lives of the late famous actors and ac- 
tresses. Bv ... L. 1747. 


Astronomer Royal, The. Sir George 
Biddell Airy. Lunar motion. [By Jel- 
inger Cookson Symons.] With letters 
from ... L. 1850. 

Asyncritus. J. E. Howard. The 
inwsrd Ught. L. 1889. 

Atall, Peter. Robert Wain, Jr. The 
Hermit on America ... Ist and 2d series. 
P. 1819, 1821. 

Attaerton, Harper. Frank Fowler. 
Adrift ; or, the rock in the South Atlan- 
tic .. . L. 1861. 

Atom, Ann. Miss Jeanette JR. Hader- 
man. Against the world. B. 1873. 

Attach^. Mme. Frances Erskine (In- 
plis) CcUderon de la Barca. Attache In 
Madrid, 1853-54. N.Y. 1866. 

Attains. WiUiam Mudford. The five 
nights of St. Albans. L. 1829. 

Atticus. Richard Heber, in Dibdin's 

" Bibliomania." 

Mr. Dibdin says of bixn, "Attfcns unites all 
the activity of De Witt and Lomenie with the 
retentlveness of MagUabechi and the learning of 
Le Long . . . Yet Atticue doth aometimee sadly 
err. He has now and then an ungovernable paa- 
elon to poBaeee more copies of a book than there 
were ever partfea to a deed, or etamina to a plant, 
and therefore I cannot call him a duplicate or a 
triplicate collector . . . But he atones for this by 
being liberal in the loan of his volumes. The 
learned and curious, whether rich or poor, have 
always free access to his library." 

Atticus. William MaccaU, He con- 
tributed to the London " Critic " [about 
1845] many papers and reviews, generally 
employing the signature " Atticus." 

Atticus. Thomas Cooke. The letters 
of ... as printed in the "London Jour- 
nal," in 1729 and 1730, on various sub- 
jects ... L. 1731. 

Atticus. Richard FitzwilUam, 7th Vis- 
count Fitzwilliam. Lettres d'Atticus . . . 
L. 1811. 

Atticus. De Witt Clinton. Remarks 
on the proposed canal from Lake Erie to 
the Hudson River. N.Y. 1816. 

Atticus. One of the pseudonyms 
adopted by Junius {q-v.). 

The letters signed " Atticus** and " Brutus'* 
relate chiefly to the growing disputes with the 
American colonies.— >Wadb, ** Junius.** 

The first of these letters appeared in " The 
Public Advertiser,*' Aug. 19, 1768. 




Attlous Seoundus. Joseph BoUes 
Manning, JoniuB unmasked; or, Lord 
Oeorge Sackrille prored to be Junius . . . 
B. 1828. 

Attloiis Secundufl. John MacDiarmid, 
Letters of Junius, with preliminary dis- 
sertations and copious notes. By A. S. 
L. 1822. 

Attorney, An. Sir George Stephen, — 
See " Caveat Emptor." 

Attorney, An. Samuel Warren. Ad- 
ventures of ... in search of practice. L. 

Attorney, An. WiUiam Muir, Let- 
ter to the law practitioners of Scotland 
on the attorney tax. Edinb. 1833. 

Attorney-at-IjaT7, An. J, C, Wells. 
My Uncle Toby : his table-talks and re- 
flections. By . . . Cin. 1876. 

Aublgny, D*. Jean Marie Theodore 
Bauduin. Washington; ou, I'Orpheline 
de la Fcnnsylvanie : melodrame en trois 
actes, etc. Paris, 1816. 

Auctioneer, An. G. Robins (?). Pro- 
fessional excursions. By . . . L. 1843. 

Aud6, M. Joseph Octav% Delepierre. 
Dissertation sur les id(5es morales des 

Audi Alteram Partem. Lieut.- Gen. 
Thomas Perronet Thompson, F.R.S. 

"In 1848 he publiiihed a * Catechism oa the 
currency ' ; and In 18o7-58-59 weekly letters to 
his oonetitneniB, under the title of * And! Alte- 
ram Partem,' mainly on the treatment of the 
native army and people of India.*' 

Aoer, Adelheid von. Charlotte von 
Cosel. Im Labyrinth der Welt. 1879. 

Augspur. Henry J. M. Sampson, in 
« Fun's Prophet." 

Augur. WiUiam Blake. America : a 
prophecy, 1793; Europe: a prophecy, 

Augur. Henry Mort Feist. The 
racing prophet. L. 187-. Also in " Lon- 
don Life." 

Augur. One of the pseudonyms at- 
tributed to Junius {q.v.). 

The letter thus signed Is dated Sept. 8, 1789, 
and reprobates the abusive language of the min« 
iaterial writers. 

Auguste. Kathinka Zitz. — See " Zian- 
iteka, K. Th." 

Augaatsohn, W. Wilhdm von Kotze- 
bus. Zwei Siinderinnen. 18 — . 

Aonet, li^onie d*, Madame. Jfme. 
Auguste Francois Biard. Le voyage 
d'une femme au Spitzberg. Paris, 18^. 

Aura. WiUiam Gale, in the Lon- 
don " Morning Advertiser." 

Aura. Mary Catharine Irvine. Ash- 
bum : a tale. L. 1857. 

Aurelius. John Gardner. A brief con- 
sideration of the important services . . . 
which recommend Mr. Adams for the 
presidency ... B. 1796. 

Aurelius Prudentiusy Americanus. 
Samuel Mather, of Boston. The sacred 
minister ... B. 1773. 

Austin, tlie late Artliur. Pro/. John 
Wilson. Lights and shadows of Scottish 
life . . . Edmb. 1822. 

Austin, Miss Betty. Miss Eliza How- 
ard Austin, "better known as 'Miss 
Betsy Austin.' Amusing incidents are 
chronicled of her in the pages of Marry- 
at's ' Peter Simple/ 'Tom Cringle's log,' 
and other naval authors." 

Australie. Mrs. Emily (Manning) 
Heron. The balance of pain: and other 
poems. L. 1877. 

Austro-Borealis. Edward Josiah 
Stearns, D.D. A platform for all par- 
ties. Bait. 1860. 

Author, An. WiUiam Warburton, 
Bishop of Gloucester. A letter from . . . 
to a member of Parliament, concerning 
literary property. L. 1747. 

Author, The. Capt. — Clarke, R.M 
Angler's desideratum . . . with some new 
and valuable inventions by . . . from a 
practice of nearly half a century. Edinb. 

Author, The. Charles Edioard Stew- 
art. Extracts from the regicide: an 
heroic poem ... L. 1801. 

Author, The. WiUiam Edward Arm' 
itage Axon. The tobacco question . . . 
considered . . . Kevised by . . . 1871. 

Author of ''Modem Painters," The. 

John Ruskin. Modem painters. 

To the editor of the "Weekly Chronicle," 
Letter Bigned . . . Sept. 23, 1843; also. Two let- 
ters from ... in the "Artist and Amateur'a 
Mag.," 1843-44; alao. Danger to the National 
Gallery, in the "Times," Jan. 7, 1847; also, 
The Pre-Raphaelites. Letter to the editor of the 
"Tiroes," May 13, 1851; also, The Pre-Raphael- 
ite artists ..." Times," May 30, 1861; also, The 
National Gallery, " Times,'^ Dec SO, 1852; all 
signed as above. 

Author of " Susie Ij — 's Diary," The. 
Miss Eliza Jane Cate. She contributed 
many stories to " Peterson's Magazine," 
nnder the signature of " By the Author 
of Susie L — ^'s Diary." 

Author of "The Life of Goethe," 
The. George Henry Lewes. Carlyle's 
Frederick the Great. By . . . In "Era- 
ser's Magazine," December, 1858. 

Authors of the "Dramatic Cen- 
sor," The. Francis Gentleman. Bell's 
edition of Shakespeare's plays ... Bv. . . 
L. 1774. 



Autochthonos. Edward Augustus 
Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. 

Oliver Wendell Holmes, who, under this 
nom de plume, contributed certain humor- 
ous papers to the " New England Maga- 
zine/' in 1836, which he resumed some 
twenty years afterwards, in the *' Atlan- 
tic Monthly." 

Autograph. Charles F. Cobum, in the 
"Lowell Citizen." 

Autolycufl. John Edwards, in his con- 
tributions to the "Springfield Wheel- 
men's Gazette." 

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veU. Fashion's analysis ; or, the winter in 
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selt. Essai sur Thistoire de la poesie 
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L. 1858. 

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Axis. — See " Waverley." 

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blin. A little book about Great Britain. 
By . . . L. 1870. Also in his contribu- 
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Mall Gazette," 1870. 

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The development of English literature : 
the old English period. N.Y. 1879. 

Azel6e. Mrs. Sarah C. {Smith) Yeiser, 
whose contributions to the New Orleans 
"Crescent" were signed with this pen- 
name, and whose nom de plume of " Aunt 
Charity " is more familiar to Southern 


B. L. J. Bates, ex-president of De- 
troit Bicycle Club ; an editorial writer of 
the " Detroit Post and Tribune." 

B. Reo. Robert Bland, B.A., in the 
" Greek Anthology." 

*' Those article« in the * Greek Anthology * 
which were from hie pen ore distinguished by 
the signature B. Many of them had been pub- 
lished in a smaller previous work of his, entitled 
* Translations chiefly from the Greek Anthologv, 
with tales and miscellaneous poems.' L. 1806.^' 

B. Rev. William Copeland Borlase. — 
See " Trinity Undergraduates." 

B. Braham^ now a Christian. — See 
Lamb's " Ella " : Imperfect Sympathies. 

B. Rt. Hon. Georpe Canning, D,C.L., 
who ** at Eton contributed to that cele- 
brated display of rising talent entitled 
the 'Microcosm/ published in weekly 
numbers, from Nov. 6, 1786, to July SO, 
1787. The essays signed ' B/ and a poem 
entitled ' The Slavery of Greece,' are the 
contributions of Mr. Canning." 

B. Bryan Waller Procter, in the Lon- 
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Union, a British aristocratic plot. By 
... N.Y. 1862. 

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" B." 

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granh" (Milwaukee, Wis.), May 20, 
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Henry Stevens. 

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A., 0. B., etc. Thirty of the hymns were 
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sovereigns. By . . . L. 1825. 

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Life in Mexico ... L. 1848. 
. B., G. A. Cyrus Augustus Bartd, In- 
fluence of the Ministry at Large in the 
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help to the study of the Scriptmei. L. 

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tomac to-night, in ** Harper's Weekly " 
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and dainty little poems which have ap- 
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B., E. G. Edward George Ballard, 
Esq., who " made many communications, 
chiefly in verse, to a variety of periodi- 
cals, among which were the 'Literary 
Chronicle' and the 'Imperial Maga- 
zine.' These were signed with his ini- 
tials, 'E. G. B.'" He also wrote for the 
"Gent. Mag." under the same signa- 

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for taxes. Enlarged . . . 1864. 

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in "The Literary World," "The Knick- 

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John [Hunt's] birthday . . . Aug. 28, 
1875. A birthday ode . . . L. 1876. 

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. . . L. 1848. 

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A handy book of English spelling . . . 
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teen drawings, by . . . L. 1862. 

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ker {'i). Vigilemus et oremus... L. 

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II., of Henry Jones, New York . . . New 
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[Robert Scott MoncriefT] and his con- 
temporaries, with biographical notices, 
by . . . Edinb. 1871. 

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Thoughts and memories in verse. L. 

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The kingdom and church of Hawaii . . . 
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G. C. M. G. Handbook for travellers in 
Greece ... L. 1864. 

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to the Muses, worthy of being " a burnt 
offering." By . . . L. 1836. 

B., G. S. G. S. Bryan, Esq. Biographi- 



cal sketch of Charlea Fraser. Charles- 
ton, 1857. 

Forms a sapplement to the catalogue of hU 
pictures, by 8. Q,, <.e., Samuel Oilman, D J). 

B., G. W. George WiUiam Blunt, in 
his contributions to the " Evening Post " 


B., H. Hamilton Busbey, in his contri- 
butions to the "Turf, Field, and Farm " 

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of the statues, busts, bas-reliefs, cinerary 
urns, and other ancient marbles and 
paintings at Nice. Liverpool, 1803. 

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man's tutor for the small sword ... L. 

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man again ! . . . L. 1835. 

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chronicle. The yearly chronicle for 1761. 
L. 1762. 

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mon . . . after the death of C. M. Betts. 

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tion of the Society of Friends. By . . . 
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H. B. during an aerial voyage . . . from 
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29, 1811. L. 1811. 

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God's temple-throne: a hymn. Boma, 

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bury , Dart. Narratives of some passages 
in the great war with France from 1799 
to 1810. L. 1854. 

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tleman in Gloucestershire." 

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a cure for the ballotophobia . . . Pre- 
scribed to H. Brougham. L. 1830. 

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Edited . . . Newcastle, 1847. 

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field and Coventry . . . hath misrepre- 
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L. 1754. 

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Thomas Bewick. Edited . . . 1802. 


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L. 1862. 

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•easj for Ensrlishmen. L. 1859. 

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phlet bj J. W. C[udworth], entitled 
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.young patriot, and other poems . . . 
Manchester, 1846. 

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James Bardwood. Hearts-ease in heart- 
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Ascribed alio to John Banyan. 

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Here, in the " Journal de la Librairie." 

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giren John Gerrase Hutchinson Bourne. 

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An apology for war . . . 1854. 

B., J. I. John IlderUm Bum, Esq, "For 
several years he acted on the committee of 
the Labourers' Friend Society, and con- 
tributed many raluable papers, under the 
signature of ' J. I. B.,' to the pages of 
the monthly publication ' The Labourers' 
Friend.' " 

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Douglas. The roice of prayer . . . Ab- 
erdeen, 1878. 

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Edited . . . 1876. 

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the U. S 1861. 

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castle-upon-Tyne. Newcastle, 1818. 

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Shakespearian plea. By . . . In the 
Madison (Wis.) <'SUte Journal," July 
22, 1882. 

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Angel visitants. L. 18-. 

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His signature in the English "Stamp 
Collector's Magazine" (Bath), and "The 
Philatelist" (Brighton), and in similar 
American prints. 

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thographic applicable aux dialectes de la 
langue d'Oil ... L. 1867. 

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Poems. Wales, 1856. 

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necessity of silent waiting, in order to the 
solemn worship of God ... By . . . 
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people ... By . . . N.Y. 1872. 

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B. O. W. C. [Brethren of the White 


Cross.] James de Mille. A book for 
tK>ys. B. 1873. 

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ton, Richard.'' 

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not a dangerous book ... 2d ed. Dub- 
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the sick-room. L. 1848. — Prajers in 
the time of cholera. By . . . L. 1849. 

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Tia . . . L. 1837. 

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Valley ; or, the closing scenes of a be- 
loved sister . . . N.Y. 1850. 

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and conjectures on the voyage of the 
ahips " Resolution " and " Discovery " in 
aearch of a northerly passage from 
Kampschatka to England after the death 
of Capt. Cook ... By . . . L. 1780. 

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from the poetry of E. B. Browning. 
Edited . . . 1866. 

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texts. By . . . L. 1854. 

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prayers concerning them. (Chiefly from 
Bishop Wilson.) Great Yarmouth, 1858. 

B., S. Sylvester Baxter, when Mexican 
correspondent of the " Boston Herald." 

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the parishioners of St. B[otolph] A [Id- 
gate], recommending parochial commun- 
ion ... L. 1701. 

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modem. L. 1731-32. 

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A letter to . . . Lord Brougham . . . signed 
• . . L. loul. 

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lover; or, pride humbjed: a tale. B. 

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the existence of a Great First Cause. By 
. . . L. 1860. 

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B li 1872 

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Sketches of Protestant missionary soci- 
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Amours secretes de Napoleon Buona- 
parte . . Paris, 1817. 

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Bunburi/. The whist-player: laws and 
practice of short whist. L. 1857. 

B<^**»**», I-ord. Frederick Richard 
Chichester, Earl of Belfast Tlie farce of 
life : a novel, 1862 ; Wealth and labour : 
a novel, 1853; The county magistrate; 
Naples, political, social, and religious, 
1856 ; The fate of folly, 1859. L. 

B*******, liOrd. Henry Brougham, 
Lord Brougham. The country magis- 
trate : a novel. L. 1854. 

B , Tlie Bight Honourable the 

Earl of. Colin Lindsay, third Earl of 
Balcarres. An account of the affairs of 
Scotland relating to the revolution in 
1688. L. 1714. 

B , liord. Henry St, John, Lord 

Viscount Bolingbroke. Lord Boling- 
broke's three letters on patriotism. L. 

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chester, Earl of Belfast. Masters and 
workmen : a tale ... L. 1851. 

B , Prof. Mark H. Beecher or 

WiUiam W. Benedict. — See "P.,Z.,"or 
" Pundison, Zachariah." 

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rative of the life and travels of . . . 
Edinb. 1823. 

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B.'s answer to his own speech on the 11th 
of February, 1780. L. 17S0. 

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D.D. The honor of the University of 
Oxford defended ... L. 1781. 

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The causes of the present distractions in 
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B , J , M.D. William Temple. 

A vindication of commerce and the arts . . ^ 



-, Esq. Richard Bendey, 
A letter to R — B — , Esq., author of the 
new comedy called "The Wishes." L. 

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Beloe's "Sexagenarian/' L, 314, 2d ed. 
L. 1818. 

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of B — e ; or, Scotch politics defeated in 
America ... L. 1766. 

B— e, tbe Bight Hon. Lord. Fred- 
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" Young Gentleman of Sixteen, A." 

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enquiry into a late very extraordinary 
physical transaction at Eftoln ... L. 

B ke, li - - d. Henry 

St, John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke. 
Speech upon the convention. To the 
tune of "A cobbler there was." L. 1780. 

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«Bab"baUads. L. 1869. 

Babble, Nicholaa, Esq. Edward 
Long. The "Prater." L. 1767. 

This imitation of the " Spectator" was pub- 
liib«d under tbe direction of J. Holoombe. Sd- 
ward LoDg was a contributor. 

Babbler. Alfred Trumble, in his con- 
tributions to "The Sunday News" (N.Y.). 

Babbler, The. Hugh Kelly, in Owen's 
"Weekly Chronicle," the "Public Ledg- 
er," the "Royal Chronicle," etc. 

Baboon, Ijei^is. France, — See 
"Strutt, Lord." 

Bacb, Jenny. Jenny Fischer. 

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lan. The last days of ... an autobiog- 
raphy. L. 1863. 

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Reveries of . . . N.Y. 1869. 

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shcdl. The Oxford undergraduate of 
twenty years ago. L. 1874. 

Bachelor of Divinity, A. William 
Josiah Irons. An answer to the Right 
Rev. Dr. Wiseman's letter entitled " Con- 
version." L. 1847. 

Bachelor, The Bl^'sterloos. Dana 
Boardman Clark. 

Bachelor, The Travelling^. James 
Fenimore Cooper. The travelling bache- 
lor ; or, notions of the Americans. N.T. 

Backwoodsman, A. Hon. Thomas 
UArcy McGee. The Crown and the Con- 
federation . . . Montreal, 1864. 

Backwoodsman, A. Dr. William 
Dunlop. Statistical sketches of Upper 
Canada, for the use of emigrants. L. 

Baconian. WitUamW.Ferrier. Who 
wrote Shakespeare 1 By ... In the 
Angola (Ind.) "Herald "for March and 
Pebruary, 1881. 

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sketches at home and abroad. By . . . 
L. 1879. 

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Bailey, Junior. William Stevens Rolh 
inson, in the " Carpet Bag," 1852. 

Baker, Frank, D.O.N. Richard Fran- 
cis Burton, Stone talk (A(0o^«n?/m) : 
being some of the marvellous sayings of 
a petral portion of Fleet Street, I^ondon, 
to one Doctor Polyglott, Ph.D. By . . 
[In verse.] L. 1866. 

Baker, The Literary. Caleb Jeacocke, 
the celebrated baker, who disputed so 
much at the Robin Hood Society, where 
he presided, and was the author of A 
vindication of the moral character of the 
apostle Paul ... L. 1766. 

Baker Poet, The. Jean Reboul, au- 
thor of " Poesies." Paris, 1886. 

Baldwin, Rev. Edward. William 
Godwin. The Pantheon . . . gods of 
Greece, 1806; Fables, ancient and mod- 
em, 1821. L. 

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thea [Broume) Hemans. Modem Greece: 
a poem. L. 1817. 

Balfour, Felix. WaUs Phillips, in 
the " London Journal." 

Ballantyne, Colin, R.W. William 
Dunlop, M.D., who wrote sketches of In- 
dian life, and other papers for " Black- 
wood," over this signature; a nom de 
guerre under "which, it is said, he figured 
in India during his controversies with 

Ballinaaloe. Frederick Taylor. Con- 
fessions of a horse-coper. L. 1861. He 
also contributed to "The Field" (Lon- 
don), under this signature. 

Balloonist. Alfred Ford. 

BaU's Bluff Prisoner, A. W. C. 
Harris. Prison-life in the tobacco ware- 
house at Richmond. By ... P. 1862. 

Balscopo, Giovanni Battlsta. John 
Trotter, Jr. Travels in Phrenologasto . . . 
L. 1829. 

Baltimore Trader, A. George Stan- 
dish. Adventures of ... on the coast of 
the Pacific. P. 187-. 

Balwhldder, Rev. Micah. John Gait. 
The annals of the parish . . . Edinb. 

Bank Crash, Bsq. George Dutton. 
The present crisis ; or, the currency . . . 
Rochester, N.Y., 1867. 

Banker Poet, The. Charles Sprague. 

Bantley, Doctor R. John Arbuthnot. 




Critical remarks on Capt. Gulliver's 
travels. By . . . Camb. 1735. 

Bantry, Ign. li. — See "The Catholic 
Bishop of Bantry." 

Baptist, A. liev. Henry BurgtsSy LL.D. 
The Bible Translation Society of the Bap- 
tists shown to be uncalled for and injuri- 
ous : . . . By . . . L. 1840. 

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sur Paris, in the " Petit Moniteur," 1806. 

Baragwaneth, Robin. John Jeffery. 
The wooden horse for the rounder and 
the horse without a head . . . Penzance. 

Barag^weneth, Barzlllal. Mrs. Char- 
hit Champion ( Willyams) Pascoe. Wan 
an' acU, a Cornish drawel, as zung, zold, 
an spaukcn . . . Penzance, 1801. 

Barbadoes Planter, A. John Ash- 
ley. The sugar trade ... By . . . L. 

Barbarc, Une. Marie Sophie Schmidt 
Col ban. Lettres de . . . Paris, 18-. 

Barbarossa. John Scott. The lost 
principle ; or, sectional equilibrium . . . 
Kichmond, 1800. 

Barber, A. Joseph Moser. The meal- 
tub plot ; or, remarks on the powder tax. 
By . . . L. 1795. 

Barber, George. George Duckett Bar^ 
her Beaumont, in his legal works. 

Barber Poet, The. Jacques Jasmin, 

Barbican, Geoflfrey. Bichard Thom- 
son. Chronicles of London Bridge. L. 
1827. — See "Antiquary." 

Barclay, Sydney. Mrs. Lydia Min- 
ium Post. Grace Barclay's diary . . . 
N.Y. 1807. 

Bard. George Monch Berkeley. His 
signature in the "World," 1788. 

Bard, The. Edward Jerningham. The 
British album, containing the poems of 
Delia Crusca . . . The bard, etc. L. 1790. 

Bard of Ayrshire, The. Rof^rt 

Bard of Hope, The. Thomas Camp- 

Bard of Memory, The. Samuel 

Bardof OIney, The. William Cowper. 

Bard of Rydal Mount, The. Wil- 
liam Wordsworth. 

Bard of the Forest, The. William 
Wickenden. Prose and poetry. By . . . 
L. 1852. 

Bard, Samuel A. Dr. Ephraim George 
Squier. Waikna; or, adventures on the 
Mosquito shore. L. 1854. 

Bards of Epivorth, The. S. Wesley, 
Sen., S. Wesley, Jun., C. Wesley, and M. 
Wesley. The bards of Epworth; or, 
poetic gems from the Wesley cabinet. 
L. 1850. 

Bareacres, Hon. Botfbol. John Bur- 
letf Waring. Poems inspired by certain 
pictures at the Art Treasures Exhibition, 
Manchester, by Tennyson Longfellow 
Smith, of Cripplegate Within . . . Illus- 
trated . . . Manchester, 1857. 

Barebone, Issachar. Ralphs (?). 

The Protester ... By . . . L. 1763. 

Barebones, Caustic. Thomas Bridges. 
The first volume of a new translation of 
Homer's Iliad, adapted to the capacity of 
honest English roast beef and pudding 
eaters. By ... a broken apothecary . . . 
L. 1702. 

Barnacle. A. C, Barnes. 

Barnacle, Capt.^ Charles M, New- 
ell. Leaves from an old log. P^he Nd-e, 
the Tiger Whale of the Pacific. B. 1877. 

Barnaval, Liouls. Charles De Kay. 
Poems. [Edited (or probably written) 
by Charles De Kay.] 

Barnes. Greville Fennell. The rail 
and the rod ; or, the tourist-angler's guide 
to waters and quarters tliirty miles around 
London ... L. 1867. 

Barnlvelt, Esdras, Apoth. Alexan- 
der Pope. A key to the lock . . . By . . . 
L. 1718. 

BarnifreU. Robert Bamicell Roosevelt. 
Game fish of the northern states of 
American and British provinces. N.Y. 

Barrett, Lai^rence. Larry Branni- 
gan. A nom de theatre. 

Barrett, Mary. Mary 0. Nutting. 
The story of William the Silent and the 
Netherland war, etc. 1555-1584. By . . . 
B. 1869. 

Barrett, Walter, Clerk. Joseph A. 
Scoville. The old merchants of New 
York city, N.Y. 1861-^. 

Barring^n, F. Clinton. Julius War- 
ren Letnis. 

Barrister, A. Sir James Mackintosh, in 
Beloe's " Sexagenarian," II., 106. 2d ed. 
L. 1818. 

Barrister, A. Henry Jeremy. An 
analytical digest of the reports of cases 
decided in the courts of common law . . . 
L. 1818. 

Barrister, A. James Maitland Hog. 
Brief view of British colonial slavery 
Edinb. 1827. 

Barrister, A. Richard Power. A 
comparative state of the two rejected 
money bills in 1692 and 1769 . . . Dub- 
Im, 1770. 

Barrister, A. Frederick Lawrence. 
Culverwell r. Sidebottom ... By . . . 
L. 1857. 

Barrister, A. Sir James Fitziames 
Stephen. Essays. By . . . L. 1862. 




Banister^ A. Charles Clark, Esq. 
A few words on the subject of Canada. 
By . . . L. 1837. 

Barrister, A. Right lion. Sir John 
Samard Dtjles. Free trade and its so- 
called sophisms . . . examined by . . . 
L. 1850. 

Barrister, A. Edward Reynolds, A 
guide to the law : for general use. By . . . 
L. 1865. 

Barrister, A. John Macgregor. " Go 
out quickly" (Luke 11:21). By... 
L. 1856. 

Barrister, A. Richard Harris. Hints 
on Advocacy . . . By ... L. 1879. 

Barrister, A. James Sedgwick, Esq. 
Hints to the public and the legislature 
on the nature and effects of Evangelical 
preaching. By . . . L. 1808. 

Barrister, A. Barron Field. Hints 
to witnesses in courts of justice. By . . . 
L. 1815. 

Barrister, A. Isaac Espinasse. A 
letter from Catiline to the surviving 
members of the constitutional and other 
societies of the year 1704 ... L. 1810. 

Barrister, A. William Johnson. Let- 
ter to Joshua Spencer, Esq., occasioned 
by his thoughts on an union [between 
Great Britain and Ireland]. By . . . 
Dublin, 1798. 

Barrister, A. Henry H. Joy, Letter 
to . . . Lord Lyndhurst on the appoint- 
ment of sheriffs in Ireland . . . By . . . 
L. 1838. 

Barrister, A. Sir John Taylor Cole- 
ridge, Notes on the Reform Bill . . . L. 1831. 

Barrister, A. Sir John Joseph Dil- 
lon. The question as to the admission 
of Catholics to Parliament, considered . . . 
L. 1801. 

Barrister, A. Richard Fenton, A 
tour in quest of genealogy ... L. 1811. 

Barrister, A. Forbes. A trip to 

Mexico ; or, recollections of a ten-months' 
ramble in 1849-50 ... L. 1851. 

Barrister, Another. Reader Wain- 
Wright, Letters to a Protestant divine in 
defence of Unitarianism. By . . . etc. 
L. 1824. 

Barrister at ljB.vr, A. Sir John Eard- 
le^l Eardley Wilmot, An abridgment of 
Blacks tone's commentaries on the laws 
of England ... L. 1822. 

Barrister at Laifr, A. Sir Benjamin 
Hobhoase. A treatise on heresy ... By 
... L. 1793. 

Barrister^at-Ijaw of tlie Inner- 
Temple, A. Edmund Bott. A collec- 
tion of decisions of the Court of Eling's 
Bench upon the poor laws ... By . . . 
L. 1771. 

Barrister of Uncoln's Inn, A. E. 

Boodle. The Gospels collated ... L. 1848. 

Barrister of the Inner Temple, A. 
Leonard Mac-Nolly, Acts passed in Par- 
liament. L. 1786. 

Barrister of the Inner Temple, A. 
George Sjience, Esq., Q.C. The Code 
Napoleon; or, the French civil code, 
literally translated, by . . . L. 1827. 

Barrister of the Inner Temple, A. 
Thomas Edlyne Tomlins. A familiar, 
plain, and easy explanation of the Law of 
Wills ... L. 1785. 

Barrister, A Retired. C. Ambler. 
A review of the proceedings and argu- 
ments in a cause in Chancery between 
James Fox, Esq., and R. Mackrcth, Esq. 
. . . L. 1792. 

BarroifT, Rev. S. Sir Richard Phil- 
lips. The poor child's library. Ques- 
tions on the New Testament. Sermons 
for schools. L. 1812. 

BarroTT-Knight, A. Rev, Stuteville 
Isaacson, Barrow-digging by a Barrow- 
knight, in six fyttes. L. 1844-45. 

BarroTTcIi^e, A. J. Albert Julius 
Mott, Amberhill. L. 1850. 

Barteville, Alexis. Edmond de 
Manne, Chansons. Paris, 1835. 

BartholomeTT-lJane Man, A. Alex- 
ander Chalmers. Strictures on improve- 
ments proposed near the Bank, "Gent. 
Mag.," December, 1802. p. 1110. 

Barton, Fanny M. Mrs. M. F. Butts, 
Three girls. B, 18-. 

Barton, J. A. G. Shoshee Chunder 
Dutt. Historical Studies. L. 1879. 

Bashful Irishman, A. William Fred- 
erick Deacon. The exile of Erin ; or, the 
sorrows of . . . L. 1835. 

Bashlbazouk. William Harding, in 
his contributions to the ** Clipper *' (N.Y.). 

Bashi-Bazouk, Our own. William 
Makepeace Thackeray. Letters from the 
East by . . . "Punch," 1854. 

Basil. Richard Walker. Tlie legend 
of Cosmo . . . By ... L. 1860. 

Basillcus. Edmund Lent/ial Swift, 
The ecclesiastical supremacy of the 
Crown proved to be the common law of 
England ... L. 1814. 

Basillcus. Rev, Lewis Way. Thoughts 
on the scriptural expectations of the 
Christian Church ... L. 181-. 

Bast^. Pierre Eughne Grange. Les 
enfants d'Adam et d'Eve. Paris. 1840. 

Bates, President. L, J. Bates, ex- 
president of Detroit Bicycle Club, an 
editorial writer of the "Detroit Post and 

Bathoniensis. Jonas Dennis, B.C.L, 
A challenec to the Pope . . . Bath, 1830. 




Batkins, Jefl^rson Scattering^. Jo- 

Beph Stevens Jones. Plays, N.Y. 1857; 

Life of Jefferson S. Batkins, member 

from Cranberry Centre, B. 1871. 

Bavius. Ltr. John Martyn. Memoirs 

of the Society of Grub-Street. L. 1737. 

Tbe«e memoirs commenced on Thnreday, Jan. 
8, 1730, were continued once a week, and attained 
their ISStb (and laat) number on Aug. 24, 1732. 
To this publication we owe the ** Oentleman's 
Magazine " ; for Cave projected an Improvement 
on It to be published once a month. Tbe signa- 
ture of ** Bavius " belongs to Dr. John Martyn, 
and that of •* MsBvius" to Dr. Richard Ruaeell ; 
and those papers signed " A '* are by Alexander 
Pope. But iu Carruthers* •< Life of Pope " (1857) 
it la conjectured that Pope had free admission to 
the journal under any gnise, and that some 
aigned *' M " and " B " are by him, and also that 
there were other contributors. — Ualkett and 

Bayard. Franklin J, Ottarsen, New 
York editor. 

Bayard of India, The. Sir Charles 

Bayard, The Polish. Prince Joseph 

Bayle, Mr. Rev. Henry Penneck, M.A, 
Apostolical Succession, everything else 
and a few things beside . . . Penzance, 

Bayley, Alphabet. Frederic W, N. 
Bayle If. The new talc of a tub : an ad- 
venture in verse. N.Y. 1869. 

Beadle. John Hanson Beadle. Wes- 
tern wilds, and the men who redeem 
them. Cin. 1877. 

Beakltorlus. Benjamin Disraeli, Earl 
of Beaconsfield. — See ** Gladiolus." 

Beardless Yankee, The. Dana 
Boardman Clark. 

Beaseley. Samuel Beazley. The rou^, 
L. 1828 ; The Oxonians : a glance at so- 
ciety, L. 1830. 

Beatrice. Anne Manning. An En- 
glish girl's account of a Moravian settle- 
ment in the Black Forest. L. 1858. 

Beauchamp, Philip. Jeremy Ben- 
tham. Analysis of the influence of natu- 
ral religion on the temporal happiness of 
mankind ... L. 1822. 

Beauchamp, Shelsley. T. Waldron 
Bradley. Grantley Grange: benedicts 
and bachelors. L. 1874. 

Beaufort, John, LIi.D. John Thel- 
wall. The daughter of adoption : a tale 
of modern times. L. 1801. 

Beai^olals. Hans Busk. Maiden-hours 
and maiden-wilcB. Designed by ... L. 1809. 

Beaumont, Averil. Mrs. Margaret 
Hunt. Magdalen Wynyard ; or, the provo- 
cations of a Pre-Raphaelite . . . L. 1872. 

Beaumont, George. George Duckett 
Barber Beaumont, in his legal works. 

Beaumont, Sir Harry. Bev. Joseph 

Spence. Moralities . , . L. 1753, previ- 
ously printed in the "Museum"; and 
Crito; or, a dialogue on beauty, L. 
1752. — Under this pseudonym he also 
published a letter from F. Attiret, a 
French missionary, containing "A par- 
ticular account of the Emperor of China's 
gardens." L. 1752. 

Beantifhil and Unfortunate Youngs 
Lady, A. Rev. Thomas Sedgwick Whal- 
ley. The fatal kiss : a poem ... L. 

Beauty, A. Mrs. Edwin James. Wan- 
derings of . . . N.Y. 1873. 

Beaver, Barrington, Esq. William 
H. O. Kingston. Adventures of Dick 
Onslow among the Redskins . . . L. 1803. 

Beccarla Angllcus. Rev. Richard 
Wright, Letters on capital punishments 
... Lt. loUi. 

Bede, Adam. Robert Evans. 

" Adam Bode himself was tbo authoress* own 
father, Mr. Robert Evans . . . His brother Sam- 
uel [was] the Beth of tbe novel . . . Elizabeth 
TonilinaoD [^■'J I>inAh Morris. A poor girl, 
Mary Voce, was tletty." " The [London] Sun- 
day Magazine.'* 

Bede, Cuthbert,B.A. Bev. Edward 
Bradley. The adventures of Mr. Ver- 
dant Green, an Oxford freshman. L. 

Bede, Seth. Samuel Evans. Beth 
Bede "the Methody" : his life and labours ; 
chiefly written by himself. L. 1859. 

Bedott, Widow Priscllla P. Mrs. 
Frances Miriam (Berry) Whitcher. Widow 
Bedott papers. N.Y. 1867. 

Bee, Hookanlt, Esq. S. B. Wigram, 
Flotsam and jetsam : a cargo of Christ- 
mas rhyme. L. 1853. 

Bee, Jon. John Badcock. The dra^ 
roatic works of Samuel Foote. With re- 
marks on each play, and an essay on the 
life, genius, and writings of the author 
by . . . L. 1830. 

Bee Hunter, Tbe. Col. Thomas Bangs 
Thorpe. Mysteries of the backwoods . . . 
P. 1846. 

Bee-master, "The Times." John 
Cumming, D.D. Bee-keeping. L. 1864. 

Beef Eater, A. George Vasey. Illus- 
trations of eating ... L. 1847. 

Beefeater, Domestic Chaplain to 
Pill Potts. Rev. John Allan. The Len- 
tiad ; or, Peter the Pope, and his pioneers 
the Puscymen pummelled and pounded 
with a Hudibrastic cudgel ... L. 1853. 

Beelzebub. H. Newton Goodrich. 
"I too". .. L. 1856. 

Beggar Boy, A. James Dawson Bum 
The autobiography of . . . L. 1855. 

Belani, H. E. R. Karl Ludwig Hob- 
erlin. Der Hcimathlose. 1835. 



BelariOB of Cymbellne. Estwick 
Evans. The first of a series of a work 
in six numbers, in favor of the consti- 
tutionality of a national bank. W. 

BelklDe, Ivan. Alexandre Sergei€- 
vUch Pouchkine [French spelling of his 
name]. Boris Godounow: a dramatic 
poem. St. Petersburg, 1831. 

Bell, Acton. Anne Bronti, The ten- 
ant of Wildfell Hall. L. 1848. 

Bell, Currer. Mrs. Charlotte {Bronti) 
Nicholls. Jane Eyre : an autobiography. 
L. 1847. 

When tbe BrontS dsten published their vol* 
nine of poetry In 1846, under their respective 
peeadonyms, numerous parties made the mistake 
of thinking tliat they were three brothers. 
Among others was Miss Martinean, who ad- 
dressed a letter to Charlotte BrontS,—" Currer 
Bell, Esq." 

** Averse to pnbllcitv, we veiled our own 
names under those of Currer, Ellis, and Acton 
Bell; the ambiguous choice being dictated by a 
sort of conscientious scruple of assuming Chris- 
tian names positively masculine, while we did 
not declare ourselves women, because — without 
at the time suspecting that our mode of writing 
and thinking was not what is called ' feminine,' 
— we had a vague impression that authoresses 
are liable to be looked on with prejudice." — 
Oaskzll, Life qfBrond (1858), p. 240. 

Bell, ElUs. Emily Jane Bronti, Po- 
ems. L. 1846. 

Bell, Mrs. Martin. Mrs. Bell Martin. 
Julia Howard. N.Y. 1850. 

Bell, Solomon. William Joseph Snel- 
ling. Tales of travel in the north of Eu- 
rope ; Tales of travel west of the Missis- 
sippi. B. 1830-31. 

Belles of Mauchline, The. 

« In Mauebline there dwells six proper young 


• ••••* 

Miss Miller is fine, Miss Markland's divine. 
Miss Smith she lias wit, and Miss Bettv is braw : 
There's beauty and fortune to get wi' Miss Mor- 
But Armour's the Jewel for me o' them a'.'* 


Belphegor. William Coombe. The 
Diabo-ladj ; or, a match in hell : a poem 
... L. 1777. 

Belzebub. Rev. Samuel Bourn. A 
sure guide to hell . . . 1787. 

B<UA, Uncle. Wcdter Cavendish Crof- 
ton. Brief sketch of the life of Charles 
Baron Metcalfe . . . Kingston, 1846. 

Ben, Uncle. Mrs. Rhoda E. Water- 
man White. Portraits of my married 
friends; or, peeps into Hjmen's king- 
dom. By . . . N.Y. 1858. 

Benauly. A pseudonym adopted by 
the three brothers, Austin, Benjamin 
Vaughan, and Lyman Abbott, in two nov- 

els, "Conecut Comers" and "Matthew 

The pseudonym is composed of the first syl- 
lable of the names of the three brothers. 

Ben David. John Jones, LL.D. Three 
letters, addressed to the editor of the 
"Quarterly Review" ... L. 1825. 

Ben-Ezra, Juan Josafat. Emanuel 
Lacunza, The coming of Messiah in 
glory and majesty ... L. 1827. 

Ben-Saddl, Nathan. Robert Dodsley. 
The chronicle of the kings of England, 
from William the Conqueror to 1795 . . . 
Worcester, Mass. 1795. 

Ben Uz&ir, Salem. Richard Hengist 
Home. Sithron, the Star-Stricken. Trans- 
lated (Ala bereket Allah) from an 
ancient Arabic manuscript, by . . . L. 

Ben Yamen. Benjamin Peirce. Ben 
Tamen's song of geometry . . . Clover- 
den, 1854. 

Bendbow, Hesper. George W. Archer. 
More than she could bear : story of the 
Gachupin war in Texas. P. 1871. 

Benedict. Edward Walter Dawson. 
Benedict's wanderings in Ireland, Scot- 
land, Italy, and Sicily . . . New Haven, 
Ct. 1873. 

Benedict. Joseph Reed. Letters [in 
defence of Mr. Garrick] printed origi- 
nally in the "Morning Chronicle," and 
afterwards added to Kenrick's " Love in 
the Suds." 5th ed. L. 177-. 

Benedict, Mrs. Hester. Mrs. T. P. 
Dickinson. Vesta. P. 1872. 

Beneficed Ciergjrnian of tbe Estab- 
lisbed Gburcby A. Rev. Harris Ham- 
ilton. The doctrines of the Church of 
England neither Calvinistic nor Armin- 
ian ... L. 1810. 

Benengeli, Old Hamet. JThomas 
Babington Macaulay. Fragments of an 
ancient romance. Leicester, 1826; L. 

Benevolns. William Buncombe. — 
See "Philopropos." 

Benevolus, Hilaiis & Go. John 
Britton. The pleasures of human life; 
in a dozen dissertations on male, female, 
and neuter pleasures ... L. 1807. 

Bengal CiviUan, A. WiUiam Ed- 
wards. Reminiscences of . . . L. 1866. 

Bengalensis. Major John Scott Waring. 

Benjamin, Saint. Richard Grant 
White. The new gospel of peace. N.Y. 

Benjamin tbe Florentine. Benja- 
min Peirce. Ben Yamen's song of ge- 
ometry . . . Cloverden, 1854. 

Bei^amlns, Mr. Charles B» Hart. 
Lothaw. 18-, 




Bennet, H., M.A. John PMerton, 
Esq. The treaaury of wit . . . L. 1787. 

Bennet, tillvfa. Oiivia Lecison, 

Bennlng, Howe. Mrs, Mary H, 
Henry. Essie's journey and what she 
found in it. N.Y. 1871. 

BenonI, Iiorenzo. Giovanni Domen- 
ico Ruffini. Lorenzo Benoni; or, pas- 
sages in the life of an Italian. Edinb. 

Benson, Carl. Charles Astor Bristed. 
A letter to Dr. Henry Ualford Jones 
[Josiah Gilbert Holland] (editor of 
the " Wintertown Democrat" ["Spring- 
field Republican "]) concerning his habit 
of giving advice to everybody, and his 
qualifications for the task, by . . . N.Y. 

Benson, Edn^ifrorth. John Scott. 
Visit to Paris. Articles in the " London 
Magazine," of which he was editor, 1815. 

Bentley, Walter. (A nom de thea- 
tre.) Bega, fourth son of the fie v. Dr. 
Begg, of Edinborough. 

Bentzon, Tli^rdse. Marie Th€rlse 
Blanc. Georgette. Paris, 1880 ; also as 
a regular contributor to "fievue des 
Deux Mondes." 

Bereaved Husband, A. John Mock- 
ett Cramp. A portraiture from life . . . 
Halifax, 1862. 

B^renger, Paul. Jacques Albin Simon 
Collin de Ptancy. Voyage de . . . dans 
Paris, apr^s quarante-cinq ans d'absence 
. . . Paris, 1818. 

Berg, O. F. Ottokar Franz Ehersherg. 
Eine resolute Person. Berlin. 185-. 

Berg, WUhelm. Una ( Wdler) Schnei- 
der. Geschichte der niederlandischen 
Literatur. 1870-72. 

Berger, Elizabeth. Elizabeth S. 
Sheppard. Charles Auchester. L. 187-. 

" Elizabeth Sheppard (E. Berger) wrote three 
novels, viz., 'Charles Ancbeater,* 'Counter- 
parts,' and * Rumor.' Beetboven figures in ' Ru- 
mor' under the name of Rodomant, Porphyro 
represents Napoleon Iir., and Diamond Albany 
is intended for Disraeli. In 'Charles Auches- 
ter * Mendelssohn's sister Fanny is Cecilia. The 
other chief characters in the book were given 
correctly in ' Tmnscrlpt ' of April 28, 1884, the 
mistake being in not designating which belonged 
to ' Charles Auchester ' and which to * Rumor.* 
In the ' Atlantic Monthlv,' June, 1862, will be 
found an article of some length upon Miss Shep- 
pard and ber works." 

Berger, Ike li. Thomas W» Eichd- 

Berintho. Bobert Roberthin, in his po- 
ems contributed to H. Albert's " Arion." 

Berkeley, Kverard. Tryon Ed- 
wards, S. T.D. The world's laconics. 1852. 

Berkeley Men. Edwin Williams and 
Charles Edwards Lester. Napoleon dy- 
nasty. N.Y. 1852. 

Berkley, Mrs. Helen. Mrs. Anna 
Cora {Ogden Mowatt) Ritchie. The for- 
tune hunter : a novel. P. 1854. 

Berkshire Farmer, A. John Oslorne 
Sargent. Chapters for the times. By . . . 
Lee, Berkshire Co., Mass. 1884. 

Berliner. Rev. Br. Joseph Parrish 
Thompson, from the time of his residence 
in Berlin, 1878. 

BernadlUe. Fi'an^is Victor Fournel, 
in "he Fran9ais." 

Bernard, Charles de. Charles Ber- 
nard Du Grail de la Villette. A fatal 
passion ; or, Gerfaut. N.Y. 1874. 

Bernard, H. H., Ph.D. Rev. George 
Skinner. Cambridge free thoughts and 
letters on bibliolatry. L. 1862. 

Bernadlno. Thomas B. Chrystal, in 
his contributions to the ^'Hackensack 

Bernardo. Joseph Haslewood, in Dib- 
din's *' Bibliomania." 

Bemd von Guseck. Karl Gustav von 
Berneck. Der schlimmste Feind. 1870. 

Bernhard, KarL Karl Saint-Aubin. 
(Euvres complbtes. Leipsic, 1840-47. 

Bertall. Charles Albert d'Amotix. La 
vigne : voyage autour des vins de France. 
Paris, 1878. 

Bertaudlere. Louis Alexis Chame^ 
rovzow. Chronicles of the Bastile. L. 

Berthold, Krnst. Mrs. Therese 
Albertina Louise {von Jakob) Robinson, 
who, in 1822, translated Scott's " Old Mor- 
tality " and " Black Dwarf " into German 
under this nom de plume. 

Berton, P. M. Edgar Pemberton. 
Charles Lysaght. L. 18-. 

Bertram. Walter Colton, who, soon 
after graduating at Yale College, wrote 
a number of articles in prose and verse 
with this signature in various journals. 

Berivlck. James Redpath, correspond- 
ent and one of the editors of the " Trib- 
une" (N.Y.) . 

Beirwlck, E. li. A., "Esq. James Rey- 
nolds. The dwarf ; or, mind and matter : 
a novel. L. 1855. 

Berwick, Miss Mary. 3Iis8 Adelaide 
AnneProcter. Legends and Lyrics. L. 1858. 

Beschter, Rev. John. Rev. Anthony 
Kohlman, S. J. The blessed reformation 
... P. 1818. 

Besieged Resident. Henry Du Pr^ 
Labouchere. Diary of the besieged resi- 
dent in Paris. L. 1872. 

Besson, Charles. Achille ^tienne 
FiUias, his signature in the " Science," 
etc., of Paris. 

Beta. Edward Barnard Bassett. The 
model town . . . Camb. 1860. 




Beta, H. Ueinnch Bettziech, Die 
BewirUchaftung des Wassen und die 
Emten daraus . . . Leipsic, 1868. 

Betterton, Mr. Thomas. William 
Oldf/8. The history of the English stage. 
L. 1741. 

BetUna. Elisabeth {Brentano) von 
Arnim. Correspondence of Goethe with 
a child. Berlin, 1835. 

Betty. Elizabeth (/NeiL Opposition 
mornings, with Betty's remarks ... L. 

Beulah. Miss Fanny D. Bales, My 
Sister Kitty. B. 1881. 

Beverley. Mrs. S, B. Hughes Cox, 
who contributed to the papers of Vicks- 
bnrg and Shreveport, Miss., among other 
articles, several appeals to the Southern 
people upon subjects pertaining to the 
Civil War, under this nom de plume, 

Baverly, Elise. Miss Eliza Spencer, 
Mary Ashburton: a tale of Maryland 
life ... in " The Land we Love," 1807- 

Blascloll. Nicola Giuseppe Biagioli. 
Trattato della poesia Italiana. Paris, 

Bible Student, A. Thomas Foster 
Barham, Colonel Gardiner : a Christian 
drama ... L. 1823. 

Bible Student, A. Rev, John Hyde, 
Our Eternal Homes ... L. 1864. 

BIbllcus. Alexander Tilloch, LL.D, 
Dissertations on the Sealed Book . . . 
Arbroath, 1819. These letters originally 
appeared in the *'Star" (L.) under the 
above signature. 

Biblicus. E€v, William Thorn. The 
history of tithes. Patriarchal, Leviti- 
cal, Catholic, and Protestant ... L. 

Blbllomantac, A. Almon W, Gris- 
wold. The library of .. . N.Y. 1880. 

Bibliophile. Samuel Austin Allibone, 
in his contributions to "Norton's Lit- 
erary Gazette" (N.Y.). 

Bibliophile, Un. Pierre Deschamps, 
Dictionnaire de geographic, ancienne et 
moderne . . . Paris, 1870. 

Bibliophile Jacob, lie. Paul La- 
croiXf in his " Bibliographic Moli^r- 
esque" (2d ed., Paris, 1876), and 
many other works. The dedication 
of the above is signed "P. L. Jacob, 

Mods. Lacrolz took his pMudonym from Ja- 
cob do SAiat-Oharlet, a Jesuitical savani of the 
reigD of LoaiB XIII. and Louia XIV. This 
writer was called *' Le P^re Jacob,*' and was the 
author of '* Traltd des plus belles biblioth^aes " 

BlckerstafT, Isaac, Esq., Astrolo- 
ger. Sir Richard Steele, as editor of the 

"Tatler,** 1709-11. See "John Bright- 

BlckerstafT, Isaac, Esq , Student in 
Astrology, Commentator on the Oc- 
cult Sciences, and one of the eighth 
order of poets of the cities of liondon 
and Westminster. Jonathan Swifi, 
BickerstafTs almanac ... L. 1710. 

" Dr. Swift, when he had written these Predic- 
tions, being at a loss what name to prefix to 
them, observed a sign over a house where a lock- 
smith dwelt, and found the name of BickersUiff 
written under It. which being a name somewhat 
uncommon, he cnose to call himself Isaac Bick- 
erstaff. The name was afterward adopted by 
Mr. Steele, as author of the * Taller.' This 
humourous tract was serious] v burnt by the Inqui- 
sition in Portugal, as the author was assured by 
Sir Paul Methuen, then ambassador at that 
court"— John Nichols. 

Bideford Rural Postman, The. Ed- 
ward Capem, Poems, L. 1866; Ballads 
and songs, L. 1868. 

Blenvenu, Liouls. Louis Francois 
Foucqueron, L'ami de la famille : com^- 
die en trois actes. Rennes, 1864. 

Bifrons. One of the pseudonyms 
adopted by Junius {q,v.). The letter 
thus signed is dated April 23, 1768, and 
"charges the ministry with duplicity as 
tlieir general characteristic." 

Big-endians and Small-endians. 
Catholics and Protestants. — See ** Flim- 
nap the Lilliputian premier." 

Blgez. Francois Marie Arouit de Vol- 
taire. Trois lettres & I'abb^ Foucher. 
Paris, 1769. 

Biglow, Hosea. James Russell Lato- 
ell. MeliboBus-Hipponax. The Biglow 
papers . . . Camb. 1848 ; L. 1865. 

Blgly, Gantell A. George W, Peck, 
Aurifodina; or, adyentures in the gold 
region. N.Y. 1849. 

Blgod, Ralph. ,Tohn Ralph Fenwick, 
— See Lamb's " Elia." The Two Races 
of Men. 

BUlaber, She P. Benjamin P. Shilla- 
ber. His signature to lines in the " Bos- 
ton Journal," December 22, 1880, ad- 
dressed to Bismarck. 

Billings, Josh. Henry W, Shaw. His 
book of sayings. 1866. 

Blnet, Satan^. Francisque Sarcey, 

BInney, Mrs. J. G. Juliette Patterson 
Binney, Twenty years in Burmah. P. 

Biographer of Anacreon, The. 
Joshua Smith. — See " A." 

Bion. Robert Southey, Poems by 
Bion and Moschus [i.c., Robert Lovell]. 
Bristol, 1794. 

Birch, Harry. Charles Albert White. 
Old Grimes's horse. Comic song. B. 




Bird at Bromsgrove, A. John Crane. 
An address to bachelors, and the apron 
farmer. Birmingham, 1802. 

Blrkenbiihl, Karl, llans Graabergtr, 
Singen und Sagcn [poetry]. 1869. 

Blnningham Clergyman, A. John 
Cede Miller, D.D. The bicentarj contro- 
versy ... L. 1802. 

Blrm Ingham Liberal, A. J. Arthur 
Partridge. Citizenship vereus Secularists 
and Sacerdotalists in the matter of 
national teaching. L. 1873. 

Blahop, The. John Barrett Kerfoot^ 
D.D. The bisliop's address and charge to 
the . . . Diocese of Pittsburgh . . . June 
14th, 1870. Pittsburgh, 1870. 

Bishop, The. Daniel WiUony Bishop 
of Calcutta. Final report of St. Paul's 
cathedral, Calcutta . . . 1847. 

Bishop of Capetoi^n, The. Rev. 
Bobert Gray. A statement relating to 
facts wliich have been misunderstood . . . 
in connexion with the consecration, trial, 
and excomrobnication of the Sight fiev. 
Dr. Colenso. L. 1867. 

Blahop of Cloyne, The. Dr. George 
Berkeley. A miscellany containing sev- 
eral tracts on various subjects. By . . . 
L. 1752. 

Blahop of London, The. Archibald 
Campbell Tait. The dangers and safe- 
guards of modem theology. L. 1861. 

Blahop of Montreal, The. George 
Jehoshaphat Mountain. Journal of . . . 
during a visit to the Church Missionary 
Society's North-west American Mission 
[Red River] ... L. 1846. 

Bishop of Natal, The. Rt. Rev. Wil- 
liam Colenso, D.D. The New TesUment 
translated into Zulu-Kafifir. By . . . 
Ekukanycna. 18-. 

Blahop of Oxford, The. William 
Jackson. Rise, progress, and present 
state of the dispute between the people of 
America and the Administration. L. 1776. 

Blahop of the Church of En^fland, 
A. JoAn Free, D.D, Matrimony made 
easy ... L. 1764. 

Bitter, Arthur. Samuel Uaberstich. 
Erzahlungen, Novellen, und Gedichte. 

Bizarre. John Russell Young, in his 
contributions to the " Chronicle '* (Wash., 

Blahop, Thomaa. Mr. Hayes. Ko- 

ranzzo's feast ; or, the unfair marriage : 

a tragedy. L. 1811. 

" This luosl extraordinary prodaction (doubt- 
leM the work of a roadman) vroA written oy one 
Hayee, a footman to Lord Belgravc. ISO copies 
were printed, of which more than 130 were burnt 
at Bmecton'B fire. The 16 plates are quite ns 
unique as the text."— 3ft. Xote by Oeoroe 
Daniel, in his copy. 

Black I>warf, The. Thomas Jona- 
than IfWer. A political lecture on heads. 
L. 1820. 

Black, Ivory. Thomas A. Janvier. 
An effect in yellow, in the ** Century " for 
August, 1884. 

Blackburne, K. Owena. Elizabeth 
Casey. Illustrious Irishwomen ... L. 

Blackmantle, Bernard. Charles 
Molloy Wesimacott. The English spy . . . 
comprising scenes and sketches in every 
rank of society . . . drawn from the life . . . 
L. 1826. 

*' In the pages of this extraordinary work fig- 
nre all the notabilities of the day, either openly 
or under slight disguise; and Tom Best, White- 
headed Bob, ' Pea-green ' Ilayne, Colonel Berke- 
ley, Beau BrammeTl, Pierce Egan, the * Golden ' 
Ball, Dr. Ketl (known as 'Horse Kelt,' from his 
eqaine length of visage), Charles Mathews, 
Jemmy Cordon, and a host of others of equal 
notoriety, mingle, cheek by lowl, fn the \ivld and 
moving panorama." See *' The MacUse Portrait- 
Gal 'ery,'' p. MO. 

In Fitzalleyne "'Bamnel Pous' Is Samuel 
Foots: * Maria Pous,' his lovely daughter; * Fitz- 
alleyne of Berkeley' is the lady-klUing colonel, 
' William the Conqueror,' as ho was termed by 
the buxom damsels of Cheltenham ; ' Lord A — y * 
is the Regent's friend, Alvanley : ' Mi^or II— r ' is 
George Hanger, not so well known as Lord 
Colenine; 'Mr. Optlrous'ts Tom Best, under 
whose fatal pistol poor Lord Camelford fell; 
' Mary Carbon ' is Mary Cole, the butcher's 
daughter of Gloucester, afterwards Countess of 
Berkeley ; and the ' Pea-green Count ' Is the nin- 
compoop, Haj-ne.*' See **TheMacUae PortiaiU 
Gallery," p. 299. 

Blacksmith, A. John Witherspoon, 
DM. A letter from ... to the ministers 
and elders of the Church of Scotland . . . 
L. 1750. 

Blacksmith, The liearned. Elihu 
Burritt. Walks in the Black Country 
and its green borderland. L. 1868. 

Black-ifrell, James. Jonathan Swift, 
D.D. A friendly apology . . . by . . . 
Operator for the feet. 

Blair, Rev. David. Sir Richard 
Phillips. A million of facts . . . L. 1885. 

Blake, Mary. Mrs. Mary N. Blakes- 
lee, in her contributions to the "Cen- 
tury ** on household matters. 

Blanche. Mrs. E. B. Field, in her 
contributions to "Saturday Night" 

Blank Etcetera, Sen. Robert Charles 
Winthrop, a member of the "Polyglot 
Club." See the "Harvard Register," 
December, 1827. 

Blaze, Henri. Anqe Henri Blaze de 
Burif. iltudos de Beethoven, Paris, 
1833, in the "Revue des Deux Mondes" ; 
Musique des drames de Shakspeare, 
Paris, 1835, in the same. 

Blenklnsop, Vicesimua, IiIi.D., 




F.R.S., A.S.S., &c. T7teodore Edward 
Hook. Tentamen ; or, an essay towards 
the history of Whittington, sometime 
Lord Mayor of London. L. 1820. 

Blind Preacher, The. William 
ffenrtf Milbarn. Ten years of a preach- 
er's life. N.Y. 1859. 

Blind Traveller. James Emilius 
William Evelyn Gascot/ne Cecil, Viscount 
Craubourne. He wrote many papers in 
"St. James's Medley," signed **The 
Blind Traveller." 

Blind Traveller, The. James Hoi- 
man. IVavels in Madeira, Sierra Leone, 
Tcnerifife ... L. 1840. 

Bloc. Clarence F. Cobb. The Vision 
of Judgment revived. Wash., D.C. 1870. 

Blockade-Runner, A. John Wilkin- 
son. Narrative of . . . N.Y. 1877. 

Blockaded British Subject, A. 
Miss Catherine C. Uopley or Miss Sarah 
L. Jones. Life in the South from the com- 
mencement of the war, by . . . L. 1863. 

Blodgett, Levi. Theodore Parker. 
The previous question between Andrews 
Norton and his alumni ... B. 1840. 

Blondel. W. F. Williams, in his con- 
tributions to the " New York Mail." 

Bloodgood, Harry. Carlo Moran. 

Bloomer, Ben. Oscar C. Whltileset/. 

Bloomfleld, Robert. Elizabeth E. 
Flagg (1) Little people whom the Lord 
loved. N.Y. 1871. 

Blotter, Samuel. Charles Henry Doe, 
in the Boston " Galaxy." 

Blount, Margaret. Mrs. Mary 
CFrancis. Clifford and the actress . . . 
r. 187-. 

Blue, A. Robert Huish. Fitz-Alhin 
. . . L. 1832. 

Bluebell, Kingcups, Mlgnlonette, 
and Thistle. Bcspectively, Ladt/ Hes- 
ter G. Browne, the Misses Knatchbull, Miss 
Hume Middlemass, and R. Hume Middle- 
mass, Senior, in " The bouquet culled from 
Marylebone Gardens by Bluebell, King- 
cups, and Mignionette, and arranged by 
Thistle." L. 1861-66. 

Bluebell. Lady Hester G. Browne. 
Tlie bouquet culled from Marylebone 
Gardens by Bluebell, etc., and arranged 
by Thistle. 1861-65. 

Blue Bonnet. Rev, Thomtis Fenwick, 
a Canadian clergyman who has contrib- 
uted to the newspaper press, prose and 
verse, on subjects connected with tem- 
perance and religion, over this signature 
and " Hydrophilus." 

Blue Jacket. John Adolphus Bernard 
Dahlgren. Essays on naval matters in 
the " National Gazette " of Philadelphia, 

Bluenose, A. George E. Fenety, The 
lady and the dressmaker ; or, a peep at 
fashionable folly ... St. John, 1842. 

Blue-Skin. Joseph Blake. Blue-Skin's 
ballad. 1724-26. By Jonathan Swift, 

Bluir, Bachelor. Oliver Bell Bunce. 
Romance of the Revolution: stories of 
the days of 76. P. 1870. 

Blufl^ Harry. Matthew Fontaine 
Maury. Scraps from the lucky bag, 
by ... in the " Southern Literary Mes- 
senger," 1830-40. 

Blumtal, J. James Blumtal Bellak, 
Buds from the opera. B. 1864. 

Blunt, Alexander. Ellas Bockett. 
Geneva: a poem, addressed to the Right 
Hon. R— W— [Sir Robert Walpole]. 
By . . . Distiller. (In Miltonic verse.) 
L. 1720. 

Bluster. James Otis. — See "Trow- 
ell, Adjutant." 

Bob of liyn. Sir Robert Walpole. 
The compleat history of Bob of Lyn. L. 

Bobbin, Tim. John Collier. The 
Lancashire dialect . . . Manchester, 1860. 

Bobbin, Tim, the Second. Robert 
Walker. Plebeian politics . . . Man- 
chester, 1706. 

Bodin, Camllle. Mm'e. Jenny (Du- 
fourquet) Bastide. £1 Allanico, 1833; 
Un remords, 1834. Paris. 

Bogaerts, Felix. Jean Jacques De 
Laet, a Belgian journalist. 

Boggs, Robert. H. A. Clark, After 
many days. N.Y. 1880. 

Boggy, Tom. William King, LL.D. 
Two letters from honest ... to Thomas 
Goddard, M.A., Canon of Windsor . . . 
L. 1710. 

Bogor, Maria. Annie Gelger. Sou- 
venirs de femme, 1876 ; Kousouma, 1877 ; 
also as a contributor to "Illustration" 
(Florence, Italy). 

Bohemia, The Queen of. Miss Ada 
Clare, pseud, for Mrs. Jane McElhinney. 

Bohemians, The King of 'the. 
Henry Clapp, Jr. 

Boissy, M. de. Baroness Elisabeth 
Gurnard de M€r€, Trois moines. Paris, 

Bolanden, Konrad von. Joseph Ed- 
uard Konrad Bischoff, Die Bartholo- 
mausnacht. 1870. 

Boleyn, Mrs. R. S. (A nom de 
theatre.) Fanny Whiteside Brough. 

Bolton Roi¥. Hon. Spencer Cecil 
Brabazon Ponsonby (?). Peril. L. 18-, 
He was assisted by " Saville Row " {q.v.). 

Bolton "Rovre. Clement Scott. 

Bolton Rowe. B. C. Steplienson, in 




numerous contributioas to periodicaU, 

Bombet, Tj. Alexandre C^sar. Marie 
Henri Beyle, LiveB of Haydn and 
Mozart ... L. 1818. 

Bon Gaul tier. Theodore Martin and 
William Edmonstoune Aytoun. The book 
of ballads. Edited ... L. 1840. [Re- 
printed from " Blackwood's Magazine."^ 

Bon Vleux Temps, Le. The politi- 
cal letters over this signature contributed 
to the "Montreal Herald" (about 1815), 
hare been ascribed both to a Mr. Viger 
and a Mr. Quesnel. 

Boncoeur, li. Leuina Buoncuore Ur- 
hino. L'instmcteur de Tenfance. B. 

Bones, Brudder. John F. Scott, 
Brudder Bones's book of stump speeches 
and burlesque orations . . . N.Y. 1808. 

Bonin, Blaise. Mme. Amandine LvciU 
Aurore (Dupin) Dudevant employed this 
signature occasionally in political pam- 
phlets, etc. 

Bonner, Sherwood. Mrs. Kate Sher- 
wood {Bonner) McVowall, Dialect tales. 
N.Y. 1883. 

Bookseller, A. Charles Marsh. The 
library : an epistle from ... to a gentle- 
man, his customer, desiring him to dis- 
charge his bill. L. 1700. 

Bookseller, A. John Dunton. Re- 
ligio Bibliopolse; or, the religion of . . . 
L. 1728. 

Bookworm. Tltomas F, Donnelly y in 
his contributions to various periodicals. 

Booth, Albert J. Cecil Burleigh, in 
contributions to various New York peri- 

Booty, Bob. Sir Bohert Walpole, 
Bob Booty's lost deal ... L. 1742. 

Bore, Dr. Helle. Charles H. Smith, 
— See " Bill Arp." 

Born natural, A. Henry Ellison. Mad 
moments ; or, first verse attempts . . . 
L. 1830. 

Borys, Gontran. Eugene Berthoud. 
Lcs paresscux de Paris. Paris, 187-. 

Bos. George W. M, Reynolds, Pick- 
wick abroad. L. 1840. 

Boscawen. Nathaniel Greene , succes- 
sively editor of • the " Concord Gazette," 
the " New Hampshire Gazette," at Ports- 
mouth, the "Haverhill (Mass.) Gazette," 
the "Essex Patriot," and the "Boston 

Bossut, M. I'Abb^, Professor of 
liangnages. Sir Richard Phillips, The 
first French Grammar. L. 

Boston Amateur Poet, A. John 
Patch, The poet's offering. B. 1842. 

Boston Bard, The. Robert S, Coffin, 

The life of the Boston bard. Written by 
himself. Mount Pleasant, N.Y., 1825. 

Boston Boy, A. Andrew Eliot Bel- 
knap, in the Boston newspapers. 

Boston Merchant, A. Silas Pinckney 
Holhrook, Letters from, in the "Boston 
Courier," 183-. 

Boston Rebel, The. John Lowell 
The author of many pamphlets and 
numerous papers in periodicals on poli- 
tics, theology, agriculture, etc., under the 
signatures of "The Roxbury Farmer," 
"The Yankee Farmer," "The New Eng- 
land Farmer," " The Boston Rebel," etc 

Boston Supernumerary, A. Tom 
Ford. Peep behind the curtain. By . . . 
B. 1860. 

Bostonlan, A. Samuel Adams, in the 
« Boston Gazette," April 24, 1709. 

Bostonlan, A. John Lowell, LL.D. 
The diplomatic policy of Mr. Madison 
unveiled ... L. 1810. 

Bostonlan, A. William Haliburton, 
Effects of the stage on the manners of a 
people, and the propriety of encouraging 
and establishing a virtuous theatre. B. 

Bostonlan, A. William Boott, A 
fagot from the Coliseum. B. 1809. 

Bostonlan, A. Edgar Allan Poe, 
Tamerlane ; and other poems. 1827. 

Bostonlan, A. Benjamin Bu*sey 
Thatcher. Traits of the Tea Party : me- 
moir of G. R. T. Hewes. N.Y. 1836. 

Boswell. W. B. Johnson. 

Boswell Redlvlvus. William Haz- 
litt, in the "New Monthly Magazine," 

Bouquet, Johnny. George Alfred 
Toicnsend, in his contributions to the 
"Tribune "(N.Y.). 

Bourne, Margaret. Mrs, Jennie A, 
{Abbott) Johnson. 

Bouverle, Bartholomew. William 
Ewart Gladstom, The Eton miscellany. 
By . . . 1827. 

Bouverle, Lionel. Rev. John Hum- 
phry St. Aubyn, The elopement, or deadly 
struggle. By . . . L. 18^8. 

Bowline, BtUy. Henry S. Raymond, 

Boy, A. Charles Nordhojf, Man-of- 
war life : a boy's experience in the 
United States navy. N.Y. 1855. 

Boy, A. Samuel Smiles, Jr, Round 
the world. By . . . L. 1872. 

Boy, Tenpin. Francis Shubael Smith. 

Boy Preacher, The. Rev, Charles 
Haddon Spurgeon, 

Boyd, Belle. Mrs. J, S. Hammond. 

Boyd, BeUe. Mrs. Belle Boyd Bar- 
dinge. Belle Boyd in camp and prison. 
L. 1805. 




Boyd, Walter, Esq., M.P. William 
Coombe. A letter to the Right Hon. Wil- 
liam Pitt ... L. 1811. 

Boythorn. William Stevens Hobinson, 
his signature in the " Worcester (Mass.) 
Transcript " in 1867-60. 

Boz. Charles Dickens, The boarding 
house. No. 11. In the "Monthly Maga^ 
zine, or British Register of Politics, Lit- 
erature, Art, Science, and Belles Lettres,*' 
London, for August, 1834. 

This was the first paper to Trblcb the aatbor 
appended the signature of " Boz.*' 

Bozzy and Plozzl. James Boswell 
and Mrs. Hester Lynch Piozzi, 

** Dr. Wolcot published a poem, in which he 
satirized Mr. Boswell and this literary lady 

tMrs. Piozzi] under the titles of 'Bozzy and 

Bracquemond. Theodore Faullain de 
BanciUe. Odes funambulesques. 1873. 

Braddon, Paul. J. Howard Van 

Bradley, John. J. A, Laicson. A 
narrative of travel and sport in Burmah, 
Slam, and the Malay Peninsula. L. 1870. 

Bradstaaw, Sei^eant. Sir James 
Bland Burges Lamb, Bart. Heroic epis- 
tles from ... in the Shades, to John Dun- 
ning, Esq. L. 1778. 

Bradshaw^, Wesley. Charles Alex- 
ander, Gertrude Morgan's adventures 
among the Indians of the far West. P. 

Bra^, Sir Jack. Oen. John Burgoyne. 

Braganza. H.A.Bragg. Tekel; or, 
Cora Glencoe. P. 1870. 

Bramble, Benjamin. George Win- 
ter. The farmer convinced; or, the re- 
viewers of the " Monthly Review " anat- 
omized ... By ... an old, experienced 
farmer. L. 1788. 

Bramble, Matthew. Andrew Mac- 
Donald. Vclina: a poetical fragment. 
Glasgow, 1782. 

Brancassine, R. F. Hughes R. P, 
Eraser Halle, LL.D. Critical letters on 
scribbleomania. L. 1842. 

Brandy ivlne. Alexander McGrew, in 
the " Memphis Appeal." 

Bras de Fer. Comyns Cole, in his 
contributions to "The World" (L.). 

Breachan. Rev. Robert Stephen 
Hawker, M.A. Sir Beville: a poem; 
signed B. . . . 1861. 

Brechin Poet, The. Alexander La- 
ing, author of " Wayside flowers," "Ar- 
chie Allan/' etc. 

Breltmann, Hans. Charles Godfrey 
Leland. Hans Breitmann*s ballads. P. 

Brenda. Mrs, Castle Smith. Little 

cousins; Especially those; Froggy's lit- 
tle brother; A Saturday's bairn. L. 

Brennglas, Adolf. Adolf Glasshren- 
ner. Berlin, wie es ist und — trinkt. 

Brent, Linda. Mrs. Harriet Jacobs. 
Incidents in the life of a slave girl. B. 

Brentford, Burke. Nathan D. Ur- 
ner, in his contributions to the "New 
York Weekly." 

Brevlor, Thomas. Thomas Shorter. 
Poetry for school and home. Edited . . . 
L. 1861. 

Brick, Jefferson. Alexander Black, 
in the "Brooklyn Times." 

Brick, Titus. Augustus Seaman. 

Brick, Titus A. C. E. File, in the 
New York " Star." 

Brick, Titus A. John Camden Hot- 
ten. Awful crammers. L. 187-. 

Bricktop. George G. Small. Trip 
of the "Porgie"; or, tacking up the 
Hudson ... N. Y. 1874. 

Bride of Fort Edward, The. Miss 
Jane McCrie. The bride of Fort Ed- 
ward; founded on an incident of the 
Revolution. N.Y. 1839. By Miss Delia 
Bacon (?). 

Briefless Barrister, A. William Pitt 
Scargill. Tales of . . . L. 1829. 

Briggs, Jimuel. Phillips Thompson. 

Bright Eyes. Inshiatheamba. 

Brlghte, John. J. Duncan. Witty 
sayings. L. 18-. 

Brlghtland, John. Sir Richard 
Steele. A grammar of the English 
tongue ... L. 1726. 

The " Approbation '* is signed " Isaac Bicker- 
staff, Censor." 

Brindamour. Jacques Aibin Simon 
Collin de Plancy, in his contributions to 
various French periodicals. 

Brine, Barnaby, Esq., R.N. William 
H. G. Kingston. The cruise of the 
"Frolic"; or, yachting experiences of 
... L. 1860. 

Brisk, Richard. J. Duncan. Rail- 
way book. L. 18-. 

Bristol Bill. Henry Hyde Parker. 

Bristol Junius, The. John Matthew 
Gutch, Esq. 

Britannlcus. Thomas Gordon. — See 
"An Englishman." 

Britannlcus. Adam Thom, a Cana- 
dian journalist, one of his signatures in 
the " Montreal Herald," 1837-38. 

Britannlcus. Allan Ramsay, Jr. 
Letters on the present disturbances in 
Great Britain and her American prov- 
inces. Rome, 1777. 




Britannlcus. Niel Douglas. A mon- 
itory address to Great Britain . . . 1792. 

Britannlcus. Rev. George Clement 
Boase, My native home : a song. ** Cor- 
nish Magazine/' 1828. 

Britannlcus. Henry Boose. An ode 
for the 25th October, 1809, on the cele- 
bration of George the Third's Jubilee. 
« Poetical Mag.," 1809. 

Britannlcus. John Stockdale Hardtf, 
Esq., F.S.A. A series of letters, ad- 
dressed to a friend, upon the Roman 
Catholic question. By . . . 1820. 

Britannlcus. Rt. Rev. Edward Co- 
pleston, DM. Two letters on Welsh bish- 
ops, signed . . . October, 1840. 

Britannlcus, Mela. Charles KelsaU. 
Remarks touching geography, especially 
that of the British Isles. L. 1825. 

Britannlcus, Probus. Samuel John- 
son, LL.D. Marmor Norfolciense ; or, 
an essay on an ancient prophetical in- 
scription in Monkish rhyme, lately dis- 
covered near Lynn, in Norfolk. By . . . 
Reprinted, L. 1820. 

British American, A. Thomson Ma- 
son. In 1774 he published a series of 
masterly papers on the duty of open 
resistance to the mother-country, of 
which the first was signed "A British 

British American, A. — Weiherhy. 
Dawn of a new empire . . . Halifax, 

British Bostonian, A. Rev. John 
Allen. An oration upon the beauties of 
liberty ; or, the essential rights of the 
Americans . . . New London, Conn., 
1773. Also ascribed to Isaac Skillman. 

British Canadian. Edward Ermat- 
inger, in his letters to **The Spectator" 
(Hamilton, Can., about 1850). 

British Commoner, A. Edward Ru- 
pert Humphreys, LL.D. Letters by . . . 
No. II., "The dangers of England and 
duties of Englishmen." L. 1855. 

British Freeholder, A. George Ma- 
son, Esq. A. B. F.*B answer to Thomas 
Paine. L. 179-. 

British Merchant, A. Malachy Pos- 
tleihwayt. The African trade the g^eat 
pillar and support of the British planta- 
tion trade in America. L. 1745. 

British Merchant, A. J. U. Renny. 
Hints on wages, the corn-laws, high and 
low prices, paper money, and banking . . . 
L. 1832. 

British Merchant, A. Simon Cock. 
Observations on the report . . . relative 
to the timber trade ... L. 1821. 

British Officer, A. Colonel Leith 
Hay. Memoirs of the late Lieutenant- 

General Sir James Leith, G.C.B. ... L. 

British Officer in the Service of 
the Czar, A. Daniel Defoe. An impar- 
tial history of the life and actions of 
Peter Alexovit* ... L. 1723. 

BritUh Officer of Hussars, A. 
— Owen. The civil war in Portugal, and 
the siege of Oporto ... L. 1830. 

British Phidias, The. Sir Francis 
Chantrey, R.A. 

British Resident, A. John Scarth. 
Twelve years in China. The people, the 
rebels, and the mandarins. Edinb. 1860. 

British Resident of Twenty Years 
in the East, A. James Henry Skene. 
The frontier lands of the Christian and 
the Turk ... L. 1853. 

British Settler, A. John Fleming. 
The political annals of Lower Canada . . . 
Montreal, 1828. 

British Soldier, A. Michael Consta- 
ble. National lyrics, for the army and 
navy . . . Dublin, 1848. 

BritUh Spy, The. William WiH. 
Letters . . . Richmond, 1803. Origi- 
nally contributed to the ''Argus" (Bich- 
mond, Va.). 

British Subject, A. Walter Millar 
Thorbum, B.A. The great game : a plea 
for a British imperial policy . . . L. 1875. 

British Subject, A. Sir Francis Bond 
Head. Three letters to Lord Brougham 
on the execution in Upper Canada of the 
traitors Lount and Matthews ... L. 

British Subject, A. Mr. Beaufoy. 
Tour through parts of the United States 
and Canada. L. 1828. 

British Tlmon. The. Charles Gos- 
ling.-See "Gent. Mag.," HV., 814. 

Briton, A. John Cleland, who was 
the author of long letters given in the 
public press, from time to time, signed 
"A Briton," "Modestus," etc. 

Briton, A. W. P, Russell. Animat- 
ing hints for British statesmen ... L. 

Briton, A. Morris Robinson, 3d Lord 
Rokeby of Armagh, etc. An essay on 
bank-tokens, bullion, etc. Stockton, 1811. 

Brittan, Belle. Hiram Fuller. 
Transformation scenes in the United 
States. N.Y. 187-. 

Brittle, Gath. Robert W. McAlpine, 
in his contributions to periodical litera- 

Britto-Batavus. John Toland. The 
description of Epsom. L. 1711. 

Broadaxe. Martin Knapp, in his 
contributions to the " Rockland County 
Press" (N.Y.). 




Broad Church. Thomas Atcheson, 
Louisville (Ky.), correspondent of "The 
Spirit of the 'Hraes" (N.Y.). 

Broad Churchman, A. E, A. War- 
rlner. Victor La Tourette. B. 1875. 

Broadbent, Charles. Charles G. 
Ilaipine, as associate editor w|th B. P. 
Shillaber ("Mrs. Partington") of the 
" Carpet-bag." B. 1862. 

Broadbrtm. J, H, Warwick, Was 
Shakespeare a mjth? In the Angola 
(Ind.) "Republican/' Maj and June, 

Broadluck, Cephas. Aden TT. Gaz- 
lay. Ra<>e8 of mankind ; with travels in 
Grubiand. Gin. 1866. 

Broadway Lounger, A. George Al- 
fred Toumsendf in his " Broadway Note- 
book," contributed to "The Tribune" 

Brock, Sallle A. Mrs. Sarah A. 
(Brock) Putnam. Kenneth mj king. N.Y. 

Broken-doTim Critic, A. Charles 
Astor Bristed. Pieces of . . . picked up 
by himself. Baden-Baden, 1868-60. 

Bromley, Henry. Anthony Wilson, 
A catalogue of engraved English por- 
traits. L. 1703. 

Bronner, Benno. Wilhelm Molitor. 
Die Biume von Sizilien. 1880. 

Bronson, Doctor. W, A. Peters. 

Brook, A. Johanne Antonie Broekd. 
Licht und Schatten. 1880. 

Brook, Babble. John H, McNaugh- 
ton, of Caledonia (N.T.), author of " Belle 
Mahone," and other popular lyrics. 

Brook, Nelsie. Mrs. Ellen Boss. 
Little Mother Mattie. L. 18-. 

Brook, Sarah. Miss Caroline Emilia 
Stephen, French history for English 

Brooke, Arthur. John Chalk Claris, 
Durovemum; with other poems. L. 

Brooke, Wesley. George Lunt. East- 
ford ; or, household sketches, by ... a 
novel. B. 1866. 

Brooklyn. Thomas Kinsella, in the 
"Eagle" (Brooklyn). 

Brooks, Chatty. Miss Bosella Bice, 
in her contributioos to " Arthur's Maga- 

Broonistraw. Alfred Duke, in his 
contributions to the " State " (Richmond, 

Brother, A WiUiam Biglow, Com- 
mencement: a poem; or rather com- 
mencement of a poem. Recited before 
the Phi Beta Kappa Society ... in Cam- 
bridge, Aug. 20, 1811. Salem, 1811. 

Brother, A. Rev, George Clement 

Boase. To husbands, fathers, and broth- 
ers ... a word in season ... L. 1848. 

Brother Fish Dealer from the Far 
North, A. Mr, Anderson. A letter to 
the Duke of Richmond ... L. .1844. 
The letter is signed, " The Originator of 
the Shetland Fishery Company." 

Brother Methodist, A. liev. Benja- 
min Gough, A few earnest words to 
British Methodists, from . . . Leeds, 

Brother of the Apollo Lodge, 711, 
Oxford, A. Bishop Walter Mant, ALA. 
A Freemason's pocket companion . . . 
L. 1831. 

Brother of the Birch, A. William 
Cobbett, A twig of birch for the butting 
calf... N.y. 1796. 

Bro'wn, Mr. WiUiam Makepeace 
Thackeray. Mr. Brown's letters to a 
young man about town, in "Punch," 

Brown, Isaac. William Motherwell, 
Renfrewshire characters and scenery. 
L. 1881. 

Broivu, James. Joseph Robertson. 
The new " Deeslde Guide "... Aberdeen, 

Brow^n, John. James Edward Neild, 
M.D. His signature to a letter to the 
editor of the "Melbourne (Victoria) Ar- 
gus "in 1867, on "The Hamlet Contro- 

Brown, John, Esqre. Thomas Jeffer- 
son Hogg. Memoirs of Prince Alexy 
Haimatoff. Translated from the origi- 
nal Latin Mss. under the immediate 
inspection of the Prince. By . . . L. 

Brown, The Late J. Alexander 
Wheelock Thayer. Signor Masoni, and 
other papers of the . . . Edited by . . . 
Berlin, 1862. 

This is a collection of Mr. Thayer's contribu- 
tions to American periodicals. 

Brown, Plsistratus. William Black. 

Brown, Polemophilns, Curate of 
P — n. Alexander Geddes, LL.D. A 
new year's gift to the good people of 
England . . . 1798. 

Brown, Theomophilus. Rev. Alex- 
ander Geddes. A sermon preached on 
the day of the general fast, Feb. 27, 
1799, by... L. 1799. 

Brown, Thomas, redivlvus. Caro- 
line Frances Cornwallis. An exposition 
of the vulgar and common errors adapted 
to the year of grace MDCCCXLV. 
Edited . . . B. 1846. 

Brow^n, Thomas, the Younger. 
Thomas Moore. Intercepted letters; or, 
the twopenny post bag. L. 1813. 





Broinm, Vandyke. Frederic J, 
Prouting, editor of the "Berkshire Bell 
and Counties' Reyiew" (Rending). 

Brown, Vandyke. William Perm 
Brannan. Harp of a thousand strings. 18-. 

Browne, Dunn. Rev, Samuel Fislr. 
Letters from Kurope, in the " Springfield 
Republican." 18-. 

Browne, Junius Henri. Albert 
Deane Richardson. Four years in Seces- 
sia: adventures within and beyond the 
Union lines. N.Y. 1805. 

Browne, Matthew. William Brighty 
Rands. The chain of lilies; and other 
poems. L. 1857. 

Browning^, Franc U. Francis Broum- 
ing Owen. Poems . . . Detroit, 1874. 

Brownjohn, Bellamy. Robert Carr 
Dunham. No thoroughfare. B. 1868. 

Browi^ohn, John. Charles Reming- 
ton Talbot. Miltiades Feterkin Paul: 
his adventures. B. 1877. 

Brownlow, Parson. William Gan- 
natray Brownlow. 

Brownrig, Henry. Douglas Wil- 
liam Jerrold. Black eyed l^usan, L. 
1826 ; The rent-day, L. 1830. 

Brulart de Slllery, Stephanie 
F61icit6. Mme. Stephanie F€Ucit€ Du- 
crest de Saint- Aubin. La botanique his- 
torique et litt<^raire. »Pari8, 1811. 

Brummel, Beau. George Bryan 

Brumore. N. Guyton de Morveau. 
Traitd curieux des charmcs de Tamour 
conjugal dans cc monde et dans Tautre. 
Ouvrage [of Swedenborg] traduit du 
Latin . . . par . . . Brussels, 1881. 

Bruno, G. Alfred Jules JSmile Fouil- 
lie. Tour de la France par deux enfants. 
Paris, 187-. 

Brunold, Frledrlch. August Fried- 
rich Mei;er. Die Askanierburg Werbel- 
lin. Zurich, 1880. 

Brunswick. Hfiss Jeanette L\ Gilder, 
as correspondent in New York, for many 
years, of the "Boston Saturday Evening 

Brutus. Fisher Ames, in contribu- 
tions to the newspapers of Boston 

Brutus. Henry Mackenzie, Esq, 

** In political literature be wbb the author of a 
* Review of the Proceedings of the Parliament,' 
which met first In the year 1784, and of a scries 
of letters under the signature of * Brutus.' " 

Brutus. David Owen. 

Brutus. Stephen Simpson, who, under 
this signature, contributed to the Phila- 
delphia "Aurora." 

Brutus. Robert James Tumbull. The 
crisis; or, essays on the usurpations of 

the Federal Govemmcnt. Charleston 
(S.C), 1827. 

Brutus. Samuel Finley Breese Morse. 
Foreign conspiracy against the liberties 
of the United States . . . N.Y. 1836. 

Brutus. Robert Coram. Political in- 
quiries . . . Wilmington (Del.), 1701. 

Brutus. One of the signatures 
adopted by Junius (9't*.). He addressed 
a letter to Lord North under this name, 
dated Feb. 21, 1771. — See "Atticus." 

Brutus, liucius Junius. William 
Cranch. Examination of the President's 
reply to the N. Haven remonstrance. 
N.Y. 1801. 

Bubb, Belle Z. Samuel W. E. Bech- 
ner, editor of the " Comer Stone *' (N.Y.).- 

Buck, Ruth. Mrs. Joseph Lamb. 
How Charley helped his mother ... L. 

Buddie, Jasper. Albert Smith, who 
while a member of the London College 
of Surgeons, in 18.38 et seq., attracted at- 
tention by a series of papers in the 
"Medical Times," entitled " Jasper Bud- 
die ; or, Confessions of a Dissecting-room 

Budlong, Pharaoh. Frederic Beecher 
Perkins. President Greeley, President 
Hoffman, and the resurrection of the 
Ring : a history . . . Budlington, 1872. 

Budock, George. Sydney Hodges. 
A tale of the Western Counties. 

BUrger, Hugo. Hugo Lubliner, Auf 
der Brautfahrt. 1880. 

Biirger, W. Theophile Utienne Jo- 
seph Thor^. Histoire des pcintrcs de 
toutes les dcoles . . . Paris, 1803. 

Buffalo Bill. Hon. William F. Cody. 

BuU, John. Great Britain and Ire- 
land. — See " Strutt, Lord." 

Bull, Thomas. Wdliam Jones. A 
letter to John Bull, Esq. ... L. 1703. 

Bull, W. Ann Jebb. Two penny- 
worth of truth for a penny ... L. 1793. 

Bullcalf, Peter. Joseph Storrs Fry. 
The history of John Bull and his three 
sons . . . By ... L. 1810. 

BuUer of Brasenose. John Hughes, 
Esq., celebrated in "Christopher in the 
Tent," was a contributor to " Blackwood's 
Magazine," Edinb. 1810, etc. 

Bullion, Thomas. Joseph Langton (? ). 
Internal management of a country bank. 
L. 1850. 

Bull-US, Hector. James Kirke Pauld- 
ing. The diverting liistory of John Bull 
and Brother Jonathan. N.Y. 1812. 

Bumpas, Azarias. John Quincy 
Adams Griffin. Reports of cases argued 
and decided in the Old Fogy Court, dur- 
ing Hilary and Michaelmas terms, before 



the Ht. Hon. Bepee Dicqnes, Baron Ca- 
cumbre, CJ,, Hon. Dauelle Needhame, 
B., and Hon. B. RouBsiele, J., in the 
" Carpet-Bag," Boston, 1862. 

Boncle, John, Esq. Thomas Amory, 
The life and opinions of John Buncie, 
Esq. L. 1756-66. 

Bnndelcund. Edmund Burke, in the 
" Washington Union," 1846. 

Bunker HUl. Rev. Benjamin Fi^ank- 
lin De Costa, in his letters to the " Adver- 
tiser" (Boston), during 1861-62. 

Banker Hill Boy, A. John Quincy 
Adams Griffin. Some fresh suggestions 
on the project of annexing Chariestown 
to Boston. By . . . Chariestown, 1866. 

Banker, General. C Lorain Rug- 
ales. The great American scout and spy. 
N.Y. 1870. 

Bunker, Timothy, Esq. William 
Clift. The Tim Bunker papers; or, 
Yankee farming. N.Y. 1868. 

Bunsby, Jack. Theodore H. Vanden- 

Buntllne, Ned. Edward Z. C. Jud- 
son. The king of the sea, N.Y. 1848; 
The ghouls of New York, N.Y. 1860. 

Bunyan, John. Rev. James Bard- 
ufood. Heart's ease in heart-trouhle . . . 
By . . . L. 1762. 

Bunyan, John, Junior. Rev. Wil- 
liam Amot. The drunkard's progress . . . 
Edinb. 1853. 

Burghley, Feltham. C. A. Ward. 
England subsists by miracle. L. 1860. 

Buritonensls, Johannes. John Jo- 
sias Arthur Boase. Spicelegia, " Cornish 
Mag.," 1828. 

Burleigh. William Henry Burleigh. 

Burleigh. Rev. Matthew Hale Smith. 
Sunshine and shadow fh New York, 
Hartford, 187- ; also in his contributions 
to the " Boston Journal," etc. 

Burlington. Robert Sanders. — See 
"Spencer, Nath." 

Burlington, Charles, and others. 
Robert Sanders, LL.D.t and others. The 
modern uniyersal British traveller. L. 

Burlington Hawkeye-man. Rob- 
ert J. Burdette. 

Bnrt> Caleb. Cecil Burleigh. 

Burton, Junior. Charles Lamb, in 
his essay. On the melancholy of tailors, 
contributed to the " Reflector." 

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Tlie adventures of Johnny Newcome in 
the navy: a poem ... L. 1818. 

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en's babies : by their latest victim. B. 

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Admirable curiosities, rarities, and won- 
ders in Great Britain and Ireland. 10th 
ed. L. 1737. 

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Coutts Keppel, Viscount Bury. Exodus 
of the western nations. By . . . L. 1866. 

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Cronunelin Verplanck. " Prolegomena, 
notes, and other scholastic trimmings" 
to The epistles of Brevet Major Pindar 
Puff. N.Y. 1819. 

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zens. Sayings of . . . and other learned 
men. N.Y. 1867. 

Buskin, Captain Sock. W. J. Sor- 
rel (?). How to "get up " theatricals in 
a country house ... L. 1866. 

Bust, Urastlx. Charles H. Fox. Sa- 
ble songster. Selected and arranged 
by . . . P. 1869. 

Busybody, The. Benjamin Franklin. 

Bei\}amin Franklin " wrote a series of snuurt 
articles in his old, favourite style of the ' Bpec- 
Utor * which he cftUed *The Bosybody,' and 
which be published in Bradshaw's despised jmu 
per, throwing ridicule on Kelmer and nls < Ga- 
zette.*" fPhlla. 1728-).— AuDRSWS's History 

Busy Woman, A. Mrs. Mary Bay- 
ard (Devereux) Clarke. Mosses from a 
rolling stone ; or, the idle moments of a 
busy woman. Winchester, Va. 186-, 

Butcher, The. William Fowler. 

Butler, Diana. Mrs. Henrietta E. 
Tindal. The heirs of Blackridge Manor : 
a tale of the past and the present . . . 
L. 1866. 

Butt, Boswell. Charles H. Ross. 
Hush Money : a life dranm. L. 187-. 

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dreams by . . . Kingston, Can. 1854. 

Buttons. T. Z. C. Cowles. 

Byfleld, T., M.D. John Woodward, 
M.D. Tlie two Sosias ... [A satire on 
Dr. Mead.] L. 1710. 

Byflelde, J. John Freind, MJ). A 
letter to the learned Dr. Woodward. L. 

Bylea. Edmund Quincy, in the "New 
York Tribune." 

Byr, Robert. Robert von Bayer, Eine 
geheime Dcpeschc. 1880. 

Byrne, Janet. Jane Besemeres. Pat- 
sy's first glimpse of heaven. L. 1873. 

Byro. John Roby Ci). Compendium 
of county history. By ... in " Gent. 
Mag.," LXXXVI., Pt. 2, p. 313 et seq. 

Byron, G. G. N., Baron. Dr. Louis 
Eustache Polidori. The Vampyre : a tale 
by the Right Honourable Lord B. L. 


Byron, Xiord. Jarqwt AJhin Simon 
Collin de Planry. La mort de Napoleon, 
dithryambe traduit de I'Anglais de Lord 
Byron: pn^c<^dde d'une notice sur la 
▼ie et la mort de Napol^n Bona- 
parte, par Th. Moore (idem). Paris, 

Bystander, A. Patrick Frager, LLJ>. 
Domestic economy, gymnastics, and 
music: an omitted clause in the educa- 
tion bill . . . Edinb. 1865. 

Bystander, A. Corbyn Morris, A 
letter from ... to a member of Parlia- 
ment ... L. 174L 



Q/* Charles Clarke, Twelve maxims 
on swimming. L. 1833. 

C. The signature adopted by Junius 
7.1;.) in his private letters to Mr. Wood- 
all. Several letters to the "Public Ad- 
vertiser" (e.g., March 24, 1768, etc.) are 
also signed thus. 

C. Mrs. JF^ancesca Anna {Pascalis) Can- 
fiddy who made translations from the 
French and Italian, wrote original hynms 
in Italian, and was a frequent contributor, 
under various signatures, to literary jour- 

C. John Cogan, in the " Times " (Brook- 
lyn, N.Y.). 

C. Samuel Taylor Coleridge^ in Lamb's 
" Ella,*' passim, 

C. Rt. Hon, John Wilson Croker, in 
"Notes and Queries." L. 1859. 

C Hev. Edward B<mverie Pusey, one 
of the contributors to "Tracts for the 
Times," L. 1840-48. 

C Robert Smith, His signature to 
papers in the " Microcosm," published at 
Eton College, 1787 et seq. 

C. Mrs. Caroline Anne (Bowles ) Southey. 
For more than twenty years her writings 
were published without her name, and 
many of them in "Blackwood's Maga^ 
zine " under the signature of " C." 

C. Hon. Charles Yorke, in his contri- 
butions to the " Athenian Letters "... 
L. 1741-43. 

C. Mathew Carey. Advices and sug- 
gestions to increase the comforts of per- 
sons in humble circumstances. P. 1832. 

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tian ballads. N.Y. 1840. 

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psalms, " Gent. Mag.," August, 1704, p. 
600 ; Biograpliical anecdotes of the late Mr. 
Boswell, " Gent. Mag.," June, 1705, p. 400. 

C. Francis Kingston. Essay on friend- 
ship, " Cornish Magazine," 1828. 

C. Edward Capper. Miscellaneous 
observations upon authors, ancient and 
modem. L. 1731-32. 

C, or Coadjutor. Rev. Henry Meen, 
B,D, Translator of "Coluthus Lyco- 

polites," in Dr. Anderson's edition of 
"Translations," in which "C" stood for 
" Coadjutor," who was Mr. Meen. 

C, Dr. Samuel Cooper, D.D., in Be- 
loe's " Sexagenarian," t, 30, 2d ed. L. 

C, Lord. Lord Camel/ord. — See 
Lamb's "Elia." Distant correspond- 

C, Sirs. Mrs. Maria Sttsanna Cooper, 
in Bcloe's "Sexagenarian," I., 40, 333, 
2d cd. L. 1818. 

C, A. Antoine Caillot, Abregd des 
voyages modcmes . . . Paris, 18^. 

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to the Bev. John Smith, D.D. ... on his 
Life of St. Columba. 1708. 

C, A. Alexander Chalmers. Memoir 
of John Nichols, Esq., F.S.A. ... L. 

C, A., KsQ. Anthony Collins. A dis- 
sertation on liberty and necessity . . . L. 

C, Sir A. Sir Astley Coojter. — See 
Lamb's "Elia," Ellistoniana. 

C, A. C Rev. Arthur Cleveland Coxe, 
Saul : a mystery . . . N.Y. 1845. 

C, A. N. Archibald N, Carmichael, 
Genealogy of her Majesty, Queen Vic- 
toria . . . Edinb. 1845. 

C, B. Benjamin Chandler. The Apos- 
tles' Creed better than the Assembly's 
Catechism ... L. 1720. 

C, B. Bracy Clark. A new exposi- 
tion of the horse's hoof. L. 1820. 

C, B., Vestryman of Marylebone. 
Bracy Clark. An exposure of the cor- 
ruption of the Saxon name Arm's Housen 
into Almshouses ... L. 

C, C. Charles Coghlan. Love and 
hate ; or, the court of Charles I. A his- 
torical drama ... L. 1867. 

C, C. Charles Clark. Tiptree races : 
a comic punning poem, a la Hood's cele- 
brated " Epping Hunt." L. 1834. 

C, C. Charles Chorley. Translations, 
1800; Verse, 1807; Honitian metres at- 
tempted in English, 1807; The episode 
of Hector and Andromache . . . 1867; 




from the Italian of Tasso's sonnets, 
1887 ; Truro. 

C. C, alias Chilly Charley. Charles 
Clark, Bills, ills, and chills ; or, rhjme 
and fun about sixty-one. IbUl. 

C, Charles. Charles Cousin. 

C. C. C. William Ralston Balch, in his 
contributions to various periodicals. 

C, C. C. Rev, C, C. Colton. Remarks, 
critical and moral, on the talents of Lord 
Bjron and the tendencies of Don Juan 

... Xi. lolcf. 

C, C. D. Charles Dexter Cleveland, 
First lessons in Greek ... By . . . B. 

C, C. M. Charlotte Moon Clark. How 
she came into her kingdom : a romance. 
Chicago, 1878. 

C, C. P. Charles Purton Coofyer. The 
case of Arnold r. Arnold ... L. 1847. 

C, C. S. Charles Stuart Calverley. 
Fly-leaves. N.Y. 1876. 

C, D. DtUton Cooky in his contribu- 
tions to the " World." L. 

C. D. 8. De Morgan. From matter 
to spirit . . . Ten years experience in 
spirit manifestations. With a preface 
by A. B. [i.e., Augustus (? ) De Morgan]. 
L. 1863. 

C, K. Elizalteth CumminqSj in her 
contributions to various penodicals on 
musical subjects. 

C. E. Mrs. Charlotte Elizabeth (Phe- 
Ian) Tonna. Maternal martyrdom, a 
fact illustrative of the improved spirit 
of popery in the 19th century. L. 1830. 

C., E. Edward Capell. Notes and 
various readings to Shakespeare ... L. 

C, E. Ehenezer Cornwall. The un- 
veiling of the everlasting Gospel ... L. 

C, E., Gent. Ebenezer Cook. Sot- 
weed redivivus ; or, the planter's looking- 
glass. In burlesque verse. Calculated 
for the meridian of Maryland. By . . . 
Annapolis, 1730. 

C, Mrs. E. Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, in 
Beloe's " Sexagenarian," I., 330. 2d ed. 
L. 1818. 

C, E. B. Miss Essie B. G heesborough, 
who, under these initials, wrote much lor 
Southern periodicals. 

C, E. B. Eliza B. Chase. Over the 
border. Acadia, the home of " Evange- 
line." By . . .^ B. 1884. 

C, E. I. Edward John Carlos. His 
signature in the " Gent. Mag." 

C, E. J. Edward John Carlos. Niche 
in St. Bartholomew's Church, London. 
L. 1841. 

Cy E. B. Eustace B. Conder, An 

order for the solemnization of matri- 
mony. L. 18«54. 

C, E. V. E. V. Childe.^See "A 

C, P. E. Frederick E. Cushman. His- 
tory of the 28th regiment Massachusetts 
vols Wash., D.C. 1865. 

C, F. M. Frances Mary Gusack. An 
illustrated history of Ireland . . . L. 1868. 

C, P. S. Francis 8ewell Cole. — See 

C, G., Esq. George Cartmrightj Esq. 
Labrador : a poetical epistle . . . Don- 
caster, 1785. 

C, G. B. George Richard Comer , Esq. 
Grammar school of St. Olave's, South- 
wark, in " Gent. Mag.," 1836. Pt. I., pp. 
15, 137. 

C, H. Howard Carroll, in the New 
York "Times." 

C, H. Hugh GUghorn, M,D. Hortus 
Madraspatensis. Catalogue of plants . . . 
in the Agri-horticultural Society's gar- 
dens, Madras. Madras, 1853. 

C, H. Henry Chamberlain. A new 
and complete history and survey of the 
cities of London and Westminster . . . 
L. 1770. 

C, H. A. Henry Acheson Crozier, 
M.R.G.S. Parc-au-Chapel, Cape Corn- 
wall. Exon. 1856. 

C, H. P. Henry F. Ghorley. Old 
love and new fortune : a play . . . L. 1850. 

C, H. G., Esq. H. G. Gurran. Con- 
fessions of a Whitefoot ... L. 1884. 

C, H. O. Henry Octavius Coxe, Forms 
of bidding prayer . . . Oxf. 1840. 

C, H. S. H. S. Cunningham. Chroni- 
cles of Dustypore : a tale of modem An- 
glo-Indian society ... L. 1875. 

C, I. Sir Hay Campbell. Hints upon 
the question of jury trial ... L. 1809. 

C, I., M.D. Rev. Jamej Clark. Christ's 
impressions strong, sweet, and sensible on 
the hearts of believers . . . 1700. 

C, I. E. B. Irvine E. B. Cox. The 
angler's diary ... L. 1866-67. 

C, J. Rev. John Gourtarey. — See "A 

C, J. John Campbell. The case of the 
publicans, both in town and country, laid 
open ... L. 1752. 

C, J. John Corey. A cure for jeal- 
ousie : a comedy ... L. 1701. 

C, J. Sir James Caldwell. Debates 
relative to the affairs of Ireland ... L. 

C, J. J. Clay. The laws of short 
whist, edited by John Loraine Baldwin . . . 
and a treatise on the game by . . . L. 

C, J. J. Carrick (1). Life of Sir Wil- 




liam Wallace. 3(1 ed. L. and Glasgow, 

C, J. J. Clark, Kewcastle remem- 
brancer, and freeman's pocket companion 
. . . Newcastle, 1817. 

C, J. TUv, James Craig, Spiritual 
life: poems on several divine subjects 
. . . Edinb. 1727. 

C, J. Joel Cook. Summer rambles. 
P. n.d. 

C, J. John Canton. On the thermom- 
eter and barometer, " Gent. Mag.," Octo- 
ber and December, 1748, pp. 452 and 

C, J., Esq., a Volunteer. John Calef. 
The siege of the Penobscot by the rebels 
. . . L. 1781. 

C, J., M.D. Dr. J. Castro. A disser- 
tation on the method of inoculating the 
small-pox ... L. 1721. 

C, J-, Med. D. Rev, John Colhatch, 
Memoirs of Denmark ... L. 1700. 

Alao ascribed to Jodocus Crull. 

C, J., M.D. John Cooke, M.D. The 
new theory of generation ... L. 1762. 

C, J., M.D., Fellow of the Royal 
Society. Jodocus Crull. The antiqui- 
ties of St. Peters ... L. 1711. 

C, J., one of the Ministers of the 
Gospel at Glasgow. Rev, James Clark, 
Just and sober remarks on some parts 
and passages of the overtures concerning 
kirk-sessions . . . 1720. 

C, J. D. John David Chambers. A 
companion to Confession and Holy Com- 
munion . . . L. 1863. — See " A Layman.'' 

C, J. P. J. F. Coates, in his contribu- 
tions to the "Mail and Express" (N.Y.). 

C, J. P. & Jj. James Freeman, and 
Lilian, Clarke. Exotics. B. 1875. 

C, J. H. James H, Connolly, in his 
contributions to the "World" (N.Y.). 

C, J. M. and C. John Mill, a.nd Char- 
lotte, Chanter. Jack Frost, and other 
tales. L. 1858. 

C, J. P. John Payne Collier. A light 
Bondell of llvly discourses called Church- 
yardes Charge, etc. Edited ... L. 

C, J. R. Dr. John Rose Cormack. 
Notice of the late Dr. Abercrombie. 

C, L. Rev. Lifinan Coleman. Guide- 
book of the Lehigh Valley Railroad . . . 
P. 1872. 

C. li. I. O. Joseph Addison, In the 
" Tatler " his papers have no signature ; 
in the "Spectator" they are either 
"C," "L.," "L," or "0."; in the 
*' Guardian " they are marked by a hand. 

C, L. M. Miss L. M. Cole. Science 
of food. L. 1883. 

C. li. M. Alexander Chalmers, Trib- 
ute to the memory of Dr. Andrew 
Kippis, " Gent. Mag.," October, 1796, p. 
803, etc. 

C, M. Michael Constable. — See " A 
British Soldier." 

C, M. Mathew Carey, To Messrs. 
N. Goddard . . . the committee of the 
Boston merchants. P. 1828. 

C, M. A. Miss Mary Anne Cruse. 
Cameron Hall ... P. 1867. 

C, C. M. Charlotte Moon Clark. How 
she came into her kingdom : a romance. 
Chic. 1878. 

C, M. D. Moticure D. Contcay. Shake- 
speare at home. Letter from . . . from 
Stratford-on-Avon, April 21, 1883. In 
the "Commercial Gazette," Cin., May 
26, 1883. 

C, M. J. Mrs. M. J. Carrington. Ab- 
sa-ra-ka. Home of the crows ... P. 1868. 

C, M. J., Minister of the Gospel at 
Dlrletown. Rev. James Clark, A dis- 
course of the duties of people to their 
pastors . . . Edinb. 1701. 

C, M. J., Minister of the Gospel in 
Glasgow. James Clark, Gospel cor- 
dials . . . Glasgow, 1722. 

C, N. Nicholas Carlisle. — See " D., J.," 
James DaUaway. 

C, P. P. Rev, Philip Pearsall Car- 
penter. On chanting. !^m the " Chris- 
tian Reformer" for December, 1848. 
Warrington, Eng. 1848. 

C, P. W. Pelea Whitman Chandler, 
The authenticity of the Gospels . . .. from 
the " New Jerusalem Magazine," for 
June, 1866. B. n.d. 

C, R. Rev. Rowland Connor, in his 
contributions to the " International Re- 

C, R. Rev. Robert Cdvill, The Cal- 
edonian heroine . . . Edinb. 1771. 

*C., R. Richard Cattermole. Gems of 
sacred literature. Edited ... L. 1841. 

C, R. Robert Clark, Golf: a royal 
and ancient game. Edinb. 1876. 

C, R. Robert Carruthers, The history 
of Huntingdon. 1824. 

C, R. Robert Colder, The lawfull- 
ness and necessitie of observing the anni- 
versary fasts . . . 1710. 

C, R. C. Richard Charles Coxe, The 
mercy at Marsden Rocks . . . Newcastle, 

C, R. C. Richard Colama Close. Was 
Bacon Shakespeare? In the " Victorian 
Review,** Melbourne, Australia, for No- 
vember, 1880. 

C, R. E. Mrs. R. E. Cresswell. Mem- 
ories of her mothor [Mrs. Fry], in a let- 
ter to her sisters . . . Lynn, 1845. 


C, R. H. Robert Henru Clive, Docu- 
ments connected with the history of Lud- 
low and the Lords Marchers. Bj . . . 
L. 1841. 

C.| R. L. JSev. BuBseU Lant Carpenter. 
Free blacks and slares. From the " Chris- 
tian Reformer" for August, 1853. n.p., 

C, S. S, Cfourtauld. Ferns of the 
British Isles described and photographed. 
L. 1877. 

C, S. Mrs. Crq/t, A Gospel har- 
mony of the events of Grood Friday . . . 
L. 1878. 

C, S. Samuel CoUiher. An impartial 
enquiry into the existence and nature of 
God ... L. 1718. 

C, S. Samuel Carter, The law of 
executions. L. 1706. 

C, S. Stephen Crisp. Short history 
of a long travel from Babylon to 
Bethel ... L. 1718. 

C, S., Barrister at Latt. Samuel 
Carter. Lex customaria; or, a treatise 
of copy-hold estates ... L. 1701. 

Cf S. S. Samuel StiUman Conant (?). 
The Circassian boy. Translated . . . 
B. 1876. 

C, S. T. Samuel Tat/lor Coleridge, in 
Lamb's " Elia ** : The two races of men. 

C.» T. Thomas CarlyU. His signature 
to some of the articles he contributed to 

Brewster's Edinburgh Encvclopsedia/' 
in Vol. XIV., XV., and XVL; also in 

Macmillan's Magazine," July, 1862. 

C, T. Thomas Chatterton, in the 

Freeholder's Magazine." 

C, T. Thomas Crowley. Account of 
a plan for civilizing the North American 
Indians. L. about 1766. 

C, T. Thomas Corbett. An account 
•of the expedition of the British fleet to 
Sicily, in the years 1718, 1719, and 1720 . . . 
L. 1739. 

C, T. Thomas Church. Entertaining 
passages relating to Philip's war. B. 

C, T. Thomas Craw/urd. Notes and 
observations on Mr. George Buchanan's 
*' History of Scotland." Edinb. 1708. 

C, T. A. Thomas Adolphus Cragoe. 
The river Fal and Falmouth harbour, 
illustrated . . . Truro, 1876. 

C, Th. Theodore Child, in his con- 
tributions to the "Sun" (N.Y.). 

C. T. G. r. G, Carroll. Clavis Phar- 
macopceia CoUegii Dublinensis . . . Dub- 
lin, 1825. 

€., T. G. Thomas Greaves Cary, Des- 
tiny; Progress. 1848. 

C. T. H. Chauncy Hare Townshend. 
•Journal of a tour through part of the 




Western Highlands of Scotland in the 
summer of 1839, by . . . Newcastle, 

C. T. O. Henry Headley, who contrib- 
uted to the " Gent. Mag.," under the sig- 
nature of "C. T. O," "Poems, and other 
pieces," which were brought out in a 
separate volume, L. 1786. 

C V. S. Sir Richard Davis Hanson. 
Letters to and from Rome ... L. 1873. 

C, W. WiUiam Cheyne.—See "A 
true Son of the Church of Scotland." 

C, W. William Cowley. Don Juan 
reclaimed . . . Sheffield, 1840. 

C, W. William Chambers. Poems for 
young people. Edinb. 1851. 

C, W., M.D., CM., L.C. WiUiam 
Coward. The grand essay; or, a vindi- 
cation of reason and religion ... L. 

C, The Rev. W. Rev. William Cole. 
A key to the Psalms . . . Camb. 1788. 

C, W. and R. William and Rcitert 
Chambers. Shipwrecks, and tales of the 
sea. Edited ... L. 1860. 

C, W. A. William Andrew Chatto. 
Views of ports and harbours . . . En- 
graved by W. and E. Finden. With a 
descriptive letter-press by . . . L. 1838. 

C, W. A. William A. Croffut, in his 
contributions to various periodicals. 

C, W. B. Wdliam Butler Crittenden, 
in several papers relative to reminiscen- 
ces of American tragedians, contributed 
to the "Rochester (N.Y.) Union and 
A.dvertiser " 

C, W. B. William Bell Crafton. A 
short sketch of the evidence for the ^ 
abolition of the slave trade, delivered 
before a committee of the House of 
Commons ... L. 1792. 

C, W. C. William Charles Cotton. 
Buzz a buzz ; or, the bees [by Wilhelm 
Busch, a German artist]. Done freely 
into English by . . . L. 1872. 

C, W. C. William C. Coward. Vic- 
torianism; or, a re-organization of the 
people. L. 1843. 

C, W. E., and T., S. C. WiUiam Fi- 
ler // Channinoj D.D., and Rev. Samuel 
Cooper Thacher, A.M. Elements of re- 
ligion and morality, in the form of a cat- 
echism. B. 1813. 

C, W. W. William Warland Clapp. 
Joseph Dennie: editor of "The Port- 
folio," and author of " The Lay Preach 
er." Camb. Mass. 

C***, Charles. Charles Cousin 
Voyage dans un grenier. Paris, 1878. 

C*», F. Felix Carteaux. Histoire 
des di^sastres de Saint Dominique . . . 
Bordeaux, 1802. 




C«**, Hugh. Hugh Carew. The Ufe 
of SirR. Carew. L. 1811. 

C*****, M. Charles Yves Cousin d'Av 
aion. Gasconiana . . . Paiik, 1801. 

C«*****, R«»*«». Sichard Chalhner, 
DJ>, The Catholick instructed in the 
sacraments, sacrifice, ceremonies, and 
obseryances of the Church. L. 1837. 

CttMMHM^ F » »» » > »« *. Frederick Cor- 
field. The M(^lange, containing the Luna- 
rian : a tale . . . Taunton, 1819. 

C«*»*«*, BDle. V. de. Victarine 
Chastenay de Lanty. Du g^nie des peuples 
anciens . . . Paris, 1808. 

C , A ,Esq. Anthony Collins. A 

letter from the late A — C — , Esq., to the 
Reverend Dr. C — M — [Conyers Middle- 
ton] on his examination ... L. 1750. 

C , I>e La B , Mme. Alme. 

Frances Erskine (Inglis) Calderon de la 
Barca. Life in Mexico ... B. 1843. 

O— , B . Eliza Coltman. Plain 

tales; or, the advantages of industry: 
adorned with copper plates . . . L. about 

C — s D — 8, Bellamy Brownjolm, 
andDombey. Rohert Oirr Dunham. No 
thoroughfare. B. 1868. 

Caballero, Feman. Cecilia{Bdhl de Fct- 
ber) Arrom. La familia di Alvareda. 1860. 

Cabinet, Old. Richard Watson Gil- 
der, successor of Dr. J. G. Holland as 
editor of the " Century." 

Cadenus. Jonathan Swifi. Cadenus 
and Vanessa [Miss Esther Vanhomrigh] : 
a poem. 1726. 

Cadvan. Hugh Williams. His bardic 
name. He was editor of the "Cymro'' 
(Bangor), and one of the translators of 
Mrs. Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin" into 

Cadwallader. William G. Hudson, 
in his contributions to the " Daily Eagle," 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Cffimeterius. Richard Littlehales (? ), 
his signature to a letter in the " Micro- 
cosm," published at Eton College. 1787. 

Csesar. Julius Bleijer, of the " Even- 
ing Wisconsin" (Milwaukee), in letters 
to various newspapers. 

CsBsariensis. James WaddeU Alex- 
ander, in the "Newark Daily Adver- 
tiser" and the "Literary World." 

Cagflioatro, Alessamdro, Conte dL 
Giuseppe Balsamo. Vie de . . . connu 
sous le nom de . . . Paris, 1791. 

Caigh, Bssay. S. A. Kenner, corre- 
spondent of the " Salt Lake City Herald " 

Calus. Dr. James Currier in his con- 
tributions to the "Public Advertiser," 
L. 1780. 

Galas. Maihew Carey. Address to the 
President of the United States. P. 1705. 

Calder, Alma. Mrs. Alma Colder 
Johnston. Miriam's heritage: a tale of 
the Delaware. N.Y. 1878. 

Caledfkyn OwUym. Rev. WUliam 
Williams, author of the " Gawn Awen " 
(the Treasure of the Muse) and other vol- 
umes of poetry, and for forty years 
(1820-60) "one of the leaders of the 
poetical choir." 

Caledonian Comet, The. Sir Walter 
Scott. The Caledonian comet, by J. 
Taylor. L. 1810. 

Caledonian Fisher, A. J. Rose. 
An essay upon the British fisheries . . . 
By . . . Edinb. 1705. 

Osledonius, Cincinnatos. John Gor- 
don Barbour. Lights and shadows of 
Scottish character and scenery . . . 
Edinb. 1824. 

Caledonnicus. Whitelaw Ainslie, M.D. 
Fitz-Raymond ; or, the rambler on the 
Rhine : a metrico-political sketch . . . 
Edinb. & L. 1831. 

Caliban. Robert Buchanan, in some 
poetical contributions to the *' Spectator." 
L. 1867. 

Caliban. Hector A. Stuart. Ben 
Nebo : a pilgrimage in the South Seas. 
San Fran. 1871. 

Caliban. Jules Amaud Arsine Clare- 
tie^ in his contributions to "rillustrar 
tion." Paris, 1865. 

Caliban. Louis Jean Emmanuel Gon- 
zales. La servante du diable; and Les 
trois fiancees. Paris, 1877. 

California Joe. T. Head. 

Calisthenes. Josiah Quincy, Jr., in 
the "Boston Gazette," Feb. 10, 177-. 

Call-Boy, The. Charles J. Smith, in 
Noah's " Sunday Times." 

Callender, Tom, Bsq., Citizen of 
the World. James Thomson Callender. 
Letters to Alexander Hamilton, King of 
the Feds . . . Being intended as a reply 
to a scandalous pamphlet lately pub- 
lished . . . under the signature of " Junius 
Philffiuus." N.Y. 1802. 

Caller Herrin'. Caroline Symington. 
Poems. L. 18-. 

Calm Observer, A. George Joy. 
American question : a letter from ... to 
a Noble Lord ... L. 1812. 

Calm Observer, A. Sir David Brew- 
ster. An examination of the letter ad- 
dressed to Principal Hill, on the case of 
Mr. Leslie . . . Edinb. 1808. 

Calm Observer, A. Vicesimus Knox, 
LL.D., or Benjamin Vaughan. Letters on 
the subject of the Concert of Piinces,, 




and the dismemberment of Poland and 
France ... L. 1703. 

Calpe, Adadus. Antonio D. de Pas- 
cual. The two fathers . . . N.Y. 1862. 

Calvinianus Presbyter. Rev. Archi- 
bald Bruce. Annus secularis . . . Edinb. 

Calvinus. James Grakamc. Another 
letter ... to the Rev. Dr. Thomas M'Crie, 
and the Kev. Mr. Andrew Thomson, 
on the parody of Scripture, lately 
published in "Blackwood's Edinburgh 
Magazine." Edinb. 1817. 

Calvinus 3Iinor, Scoto Hritannas. 
Jiev. Archibald Bruce. Free thoughts on 
the toleration of Popery. 1780, 

Cam. Samuel Badcock, The farmer 
and his ass, in the "Gent. Mag./' Sep- 
tember, 1786, p. 790. 

Cam. Walter Lewis, MJ), Whist: 
what to lead. L. 1866. 

Cambridge Cventleman, A Mr. 
Rawson, A letter to the Reverend Dr. 
Henry Sacheverell ... L. 1710. 

Cambrldg^e Graduate, A. Cornelius 
Neale Lkdton. Poems, original tfnd trans- 
lated. L. 1868. 

Cambridge M.A., A Rev. Robert 
Rowe Knott. The new aid to memory 
... L. 1839. 

Cambridge Man, A. Henry Arthur 
Bright. Free blacks and slaves. L. 1863. 

Camden of the Eighteenth Cen- 
tury, The. Richard Gough. 

Cameron, Ijella. Mrs. Catherine A. 
(Richards) Du Bose. The pastor's house- 
hold. N.Y. 1858. 

Cameroy. James Woods Lane, S.TJD,, 
in the "New York Observer," about 1851. 

Camlllus. Fisher Ames, in contribu- 
tions to the newspapers of Boston. 

Camlllus. Rufiis King, who advo- 
cated Jay's treaty in several eloquent 
speeches, 1795. 

Camlllus. Adam Thorn. Anti-Gallic 
letters . . . Montreal, 1836. 

Candllus. Alexander Hamilton. A 
defence of the treaty of amity . . . be- 
tween the United States and Great Brit- 
ain .. . N.Y. 1795. 

Camlllus. J. Henry. An enquiry 
into the evils of general suffrage and 
frequent elections in Lower Canada . . . 
Montreal, 1810. 

Camlllus. William Duane. The 
Mississippi question ... F. 1803. 

Camlan, Grorovna. Rev. Rowland 
Williams. Lays from the Clmbric lyre 
... L. 1846. 

Campbell, I>onald. Stephen Cullen 
Carpenter. A journey over land to 
India ... L. 1796. 

Campbell, Kate. Mrs. Jane Eliza- 
beth {Larcombe) Lincoln. 

Under the name of " Kate Campbell," sbe 
was a large contributor to the periodicals pub- 
lished by Godey, Peterson, Sartain, Neal, etc., 
and to the annuals ; afterwards she wrote for the 
Baptist religious publications. 

CampbeU, Mary. — See "M. E. B." 

Canadian, A. J. Bell Forsyth. A 
few months in the East ; or, a glimpse of 
the Red, the Dead, and the Black seas 
. . . Quebec, 1861. 

Canadian, A. Pierre de SaUes La 
Terrihre, M.D. A political account of 
Lower Canada ... L. 1830. 

Canadian, A. James Lynne Alexan- 
der. Wonders of the West . . . Toronto, 

Candid Eln^pilrer. James Anderson, 
LL.D. The antiquity of the woollen 
manufacture, in the "Gent. Mag.," 
August, 1778, p. 348. 

Candidate, An Illused. «7. C Cahy. 
Indignant rhymes ... L. 1859. 

Candidate for Orders in the 
Church, A. Joseph Scdkeld. Birds, 
blossoms, and fruit of the Church . . . 
N.Y. 1843. 

Candlde. Jules Amaud Arshie da- 
retie, who, in 1868, published articles in 
the ** Figaro " under this signature, which 
were marked by a bold denunciation of 
the double execution of Martin Bidaurd, 
which took place in Var in 1851. 

Candidas. Thady Fitxpatrick. — See 
"F., T." 

Candidas. Samuel Adams. Address 
to the people of Pennsylvania, Feb. 3, 
1775. He also contributed frequently, 
under this pseudonym, to the "Boston 
Gazette*' and "Boston Evening Post," 
during the years 1768-1774. 

Candidas. Charles Inglis. Plain 
truth. P. 1776. 

Candor. Noah Webster. Articles in 
"Conn. Couraut," July 29, 1793, On 
the French revolution, Trade with St. 
Domingo; Aug. 12, 1793, True republi- 

Canne, John. Samuel Butler, the poet. 
The acts and monuments of our late 
Parliament. L. 1744. 

Cannibal Jack. Charles Beach. The 
way to win. L. 1869. 

Canon. Henry William Pullen. Mod- 
em Cliristianity, a civilized heathenism. 
Salisbury, 1872. 

Canonicas. Rev. William Shedd. 
Letters to W. E. Channing on the exist- 
ence and agency of fallen spirits. B. 

Canonicas. Charles Chauncy, D.D. 
A second letter to the Rev. Mr. George 




Whitefleld, urging upon him the duty of 
repentance, and returning into the bosom 
of that church of which he professes 
himself a member. Designed as a sup- 
plement to the first letter. B. 1743. 

Cantabar. Jonah Harris. A bio- 
graphical notice of Thomas Stark, Uie 
Mevagissey Quaker. Bath. 

Cantabrln^ensia. Richard Parson, 
M.A. Letters on the Three Heavenly 
Witnesses, in the "Gent. Mag.," 1788, pp. 
876, 1063; 1789, pp. 101,297,386,612, 
690; 1790, p. 128. 

Cantabii^ensla. Dr, Taylor. Mis- 
cellaneous obsenrations upon authors 
ancient and modem. L. 1731-32. 

Cantabrigtua. Richard Owen Cam- 

Lord Chatterfleld said of him : " Cantabri. 
gius drinkB nothing but water, imd rideB more 
miles in a year than the keeneat sporUman." 

Cantlanus. Rev* Edmund Marshall^ 
author, under this signature, of a series 
of articles in the " Kentish Gazette." 

Canute, Judith. Mrs. Juliet H, 
(Lewis) Campbell. Eros and Anteros, 
the old love and the new. 18-. 

Cap. Paul Antoine Oratacap. Re- 
cherches sur les lactates. Paris, 1838. 

Cape Cod Bard, The. Henry S. 
Ellenwood.— See "Pindar, Peter, Jr." 

Cape Colonist, A May Byrne, Ing- 
ham Place ... L. 1874. 

Cape Correspondent, A. G, W. 
Boyce. The Zulu war. [In verse.] Wells, 

Capelsay, John. John Saunders Holt. 
Life and opinions of Abraham Page. 

Capo de FeuJllide. Jean Gabriel 
Cappot. L'llistoire du peuple de Paris. 
Paris, 1844. 

Capsadell, liOulse. Mrs. Hammond. 
Her waiting heart. K.Y. 1875. 

Capsicum. Rev. George Charles Smith. 
Tarbuckct; or, the humble petition of 
the Bethel Union Society in the year 
1820 . . . L. 1820. 

Captain, The. Rev. Edmund George 
Harvey, B.A. Our cruise in the Undine. 
Journal of an English pair-oar expedi- 
tion through France, Prussia . . . With 
etchings by one of ourselres. L. 1854. 

Captain in the Navy, A. Frederick 
Chamier. The life of a sailor ... L. 

Captain of the " Cumberland," The. 
Alfred Henry Alston. Ready, O ready! 
or, these forty years ... L. 1873. 

Captive 3iissionarie8, The. Henry 
A, Stem, A. Rosenthal, and others. Le^ 
ters from ... in Abyssinia. L. 1866. 

Caqoetenr. CharUs Hull Webb, in 
his contributions to the " Boys and Girls' 
Weekly" (N.Y.). 

Caractacns. E. Sendall, in the "Lire 
Stock Journal" (L.). 

Carboy, John. John A. HarringUm., 
Between the crusts. X.Y. 1875. 

Cardiganshire Iiandlord, A. CW. 
Thomas Johnes. A C. L.'s advice to his 
tenants. 180-. 

Carey, Mather Jr. Augustus B. 
Cazauran (?). The Democratic s{>eaker'e 
hand-book . . . Gin. 1868. 

Carl. C. S. Newhall. Joe and the 
Howards ; or, armed with eyes. B. 187-. 

Carl, and Canty Carl. Frederick 
William Sawyer. Hits at American 
whims, and hints for home use. B. 1860. 
Originally published under the aboTe 
signatures in the Boston " Evening Tnin- 
script," to which, from 1847, Mr. Sawyer 
was a regular contributor. 

Carle, \lctorien Sardou. Les femmes 
fortes. Paris, 1860. 

Carleton. Walter Churlton, M.D. 

Carleton. Charles Carleton Coffin. 
Caleb Krinkle. B. 187-. 

Carleton, Carrie. Mrs. Mary (Booth) 
Wright. Inglenook: a story for chil- 
dren. N.Y. 18G8. 

Carleton, Capt. George. Daniel De- 
foe. The memoirs of an English officer . . . 
L. 1728. Also attributed to Jonathan 

Carleton, Couain May. Mrs. M. A. 
(Early) Fleming. Since the age of seven- 
teen she has been on the stafC of the 
New York "Mercury," writing imder 
this pen-name. 

CarllMed. Charles F. Wingate. Views 
and interviews on journalism. N.Y. 

Carlin, Michel. J. H. Bonnye. Bald- 
ness : its cause and cure. Manchester, 

Carlo Khan. Charles James Fox. 
" At the time when Fox was introducing 
his famous ' India Bill,' he got the title 
of ' Carlo Khan,' as supreme dictator of 
the East." — Sec " Northelia." 

Carlone. ("bar les Brown, the friend 
of Keats. Les Charmettes and Rous- 
seau, contributed to "The Liberal." 
Conf. "Notes and Queries," 6th Series, 
viii., p. 302. 

Carlopago. Karl Ziegler, Vom 
Kothum der Lyrik . . . 1869. 

Carlos, Don. Henry T. Cheever, in 
his contributions to the "Sunday Mer- 
cury" (P.). 

Carlton. Joseph Caldwell, S.TM. 
Letters of . . . 1825. 




Carlton, Admiral George. King 
George IV, of England. The voyage 
of ... in search of lojalty : a poetic 
epistle. L. 1820. 

Carlton, Jay. Jay Carlton Gcid- 

Carlton, Robert, Esq. Baynard 
Rust Hall, S.T.D, The new purchase. 
N.Y. 1843. 

Carlucclo. Charles Brotcn, the friend 
of Keats. La Bella Tabaccaia, contrib- 
uted to the "Examiner," 1823. Conf. 
•' Notes and Queries," 6th Series, viii., p. 

Carlyle, Jupiter. Alexander Carlyle, 
whose friends remarked that his noble 
countenance bore a striking resemblance 
to the Jupiter Tonans of the Capitol. 

Carmen Sylva. Queen Elizabeth of 
Roumania, who, under this pen-name, 
has just published four stories in Terse. 
Sturme Bonn, 1882. 

Carmlchael. — Vernon. Grace Dar- 
ling, the Maid of the Isles . . . Newcastle- 
upon-Tyne, 1889. 

Carnes, Capt. M, J, Cummings. Un- 
cle Anthony. B. 1873. 

Carnliaana^^e. Thomas Price. He 
contributed chiefly under the signature 
of " Camhuanawe " [Man of the Sunny 
Mound], to fifteen Welsh periodicals. 

Caro. Mrs. Caroline Atherton (Briggs) 
Mason. Her earlier poems were pub- 
lished in the Salem (Mass.) "Register," 
under the signature of " Caro." 

Carolinian, A. Edward J. Pringle. 
Notes on Spain and the Spaniards. 
1869 . . . Charleston, 1861. 

Carolinian, A. William Henry Dray- 
ton. To their excellencies Richard Vis- 
count Howe, Admiral; and William 
Howe, Esq., General . . . Charleston, 
B.C., 1776. 

Caroll, Martlia. Martha Brooks, 
How Marjory helped. B. 1874. 

Carp. Frank Carpenter, Washington 
correspondent of the "Leader" (Cleve- 
land, 0.). 

Carpus. Samuel Cox. Expository 
essays and discourses. L. 1877. 

Carr, Gabrielle. Mrs. Anne Steele. 
Ephemera. L. 1865. 

Poema written by Mrs. Steele, and illostrated 
by Lady Wood. 

Carr, Helen. Lady William Page 
Wood. Ephemera. L. 1865. 

The poems were written by Mrs. Steele, and 
illnstrated by Lady Wood. 

Carra, Bmma. Mrs. Avis S. Spen- 

Carra, Emma. Mrs, Agnes Jane 
Stibbes, who, during the Civil War, con- . 

tributed novelettes and sketches to the 
" Field and Fireside " under this pen- 

Carrie. Miss Mary Caroline Griswold, 
Zaidee : a tale of the early Christians ; 
and other novelettes and poems, in the 
"Southern Field and Fireside." Charles- 
ton, S.C, 1864. 

Carrie, Aunt. Miss Caroline Tomlin- 

Carrie, Aunt. Caroline L. Smith (?). 
Popular pastimes ... or, amusements 
for old and young . . . Springfield, Mass., 

Carrier Boy, and Carrier Mercury. 
Rev. Charles Timothy Brooks. Signatures 
to " addresses " which he wrote for the 
"carriers " of Newport (R.I.) papers. 

Carroll, Iienvis. Rev. Charles Lut- 
tvidge Dodgson. Alice's adventures in 
Wonderland. L. 1869. 

Carry, Aunt. Mrs. Caroline Eliza- 
beth Sarah {Sheridan-Norton) Maxwell. 
Aunt Carry's ballads for children. L. 

Carson, Kit. Christopher Carson, Life 
and adventures of Kit Carson. N.Y. 

Cartaphilufl. David Hoffman. Chron- 
icles selected from the originals of Car- 
taphilus, the Wandering Jew. L. 1868. 

Carteromaco, Nicold. Nicolb Forte- 
guerri. Kicciardetto di . , . Milan, 1813. 

Cartliusian, A. W. J. D. Ryder. 
Chronicles of Charter-House. L. 1847. 

Carton, R. C. Richard Claude Critch- 
ett. A nom de theatre. 

Carver, Jolin, Bsquire, Justice of 
the Peace and Quorum. Nathaniel 
Shatstrell Dodge. Sketches of New Eng- 
land ; or, memories of the country . . . 
N.Y. 1842. 

Caryl, Arthur. Laughton Osbom, 
Arthur Caryl : a novel, 18-. 

Casca. John Thompson. He published 
articles signed " Casca " and " Gracchus," 
before 171)0, against the Federal admin- 
istration in the Petersburg (Va.) "Ga- 

Caspar. Mrs. Virginia Durant Cov- 
ington. — See " Fabian." 

Caspipina, Tamoc. Jacob Duch^y in 
" Caspipina's Letters "... Bath, 1777. 

The word Caspipina is formed from the initial 
letters of *< Curate at St. Peters, in Philadelphia 
in North America." 

Cassander, J. John Bruckner. Criti- 
cisms on the diversions of Purlcy . . . 
L. 1790. 

Cassio. EduHird S. Oou^d^ his signa- 
ture in Mr. Charles King's "American." 

Cassius. jEdanus Burke, Address 




to the freemen of South Carolina. 
Charleston, 1783. 

Castel Cliulao, Gloriglone di. Peter 
Bailey. Sketches from St. George's 
Fields. L. 1820-21. 

Ascribed by Lowndes to Sir John C. Hob- 
house, Lord Brougbton. 

Castil-Blaze. Francois Henri Joseph 
Blaze. De I'opera en France. Paris, 

Castlemon, Harry. Charles A. Fos- 
dick. Frank and Archie series. P. 1866. 

Catchpole, Margaret. Rev. Richard 
Cobbold. Adventures of . . . L. 1852. 

Catbollc, A. Rev, John Lingard. A 
new version of the four Gospels ... L. 

Cattiollc and Burklst, A. Theobald 
MacKenna, An argument against ex- 
termination . . . Dublin, 1800. 

Catholic Bishop of Bantry, The. 
T. Dicker, of Lewes. An appeal for the 
erection of Catholic churches in the rural 
districts of England ... L. 1852. On 
p. 22 he signs " Ign. L. Bantry " (t.e., Ig- 
natius Loyola, Bishop of Bantry). 

Catholic Clergyman, A. Most Rev. 
John Carroll. An address to the Roman 
Catholics of the United States of Amer- 
ica .. . Annapolis, 1784. 

Catholic Clergyman of Baltimore, 
A. J. B. David. True piety; or, the 
day well spent . . . Baltimore, 1800. 

Catholic, Irish. James Warren Doyle. 
An essay on education and the state of 
Ireland . . . Dublin, 1880. 

Catholic Layman, A. MaJthew Cureu. 
Letters on religious persecution. 4th edf., 
P. 1827. 

Catholic, A Protesting. Alexander 
Oeddes. An answer to [Gibson] the 
Bishop of Comana*s pastoral letter. L. 

Cathollck, A. William Nokes. Mod- 
est reflections on [Charles Trimnel] the 
Right Reverend the Bishop of Norwich, 
his late charge ... 1710. 

Catholicus. Cardinal John Henry 
Netcman, in the London "Times." 

Catholicus. Rev. Joseph Mendham. 
The Episcopal oath of allegiance to the 
Pope, in the Church of Rome . . . Bir- 
mingham, 1822. 

C'atholicus. William Matthews. A 
new and seasonable address to the disci- 
plinarians of the people called Quakers, 
relative to tithes and taxes . . . Bath, 

Cathollcus. Henry Cotton^ D.C.L. 
Notes on the Preface to the Rhemish 
Testament (printed in Dublin, 1813) . . . 
Dublin, 1817. 

Cathollcus, a peaceable member of 
the Society of Quakers. Henry Ports- 
mouth. An essay on the simplicity of 
truth ... L. 1779. 

Catholicus» Johannes. John Rutty, 
M.D. An essay towards a contrast be- 
tween Quakerism and Methodism . . . 
Bristol, 1771. 

Cathollcus, Presbyter. Rev. Wil- 
liam Harness. Visiting societies and lay 
readers. L. 1844. 

Cathollcus verus. Andrew Carmi- 
vhaeL A letter to the Roman Catholic 
clergy of Ireland ... L. 1824. 

Catlyne, Mr., Q. C. Martin Francis 
Mahony. The adventures of . . . In 
" Eraser's Mag." 

Cato. Walter Ruding, Esq., of West- 
cotes, near Leicester. '* His papers signed 
*Cato,' 'Anglo-Saxon,' 'Millions,' etc., 
which appeared in the ' Leicester Chron- 
icle,' manifested a praiseworthy regard 
for the constitutional rights of English- 

Cato. George Burges, Esq, Cato to 
Lord B3rron on the immorality of his 
writings. L. 1824. 

Cato. John Trenchard. Cato's letters, 
in the "London Journal," 1720, and 
"British Journal," 1722. 

These letters were published in book form in 
1724, and several times afterwards. 

Cato. Ezekiel Webster. Defence of 
the national administration . . . Concord, 
N.H., 1828. 

Cato. Thomas Gordon, A discourse 
of standing armies . . . By ... L. 

Cato. Alexander Hamilton. Exami- 
nation of the treaty of amity, commerce, 
and navigation, between the United 
States and Great Britain . . . N.Y. 1706. 

Cato. Stephen Higginson. Examina- 
tion of the treaty of amity, commerce, 
and navigation, between the United 
States and Great Britain . . . N.Y. 

Cato. Robert R. Livingston. Obser- 
vations on Mr. Jay's treaty, Nos. 1, 2, in 
the " American Remembrancer," 1796. 

Cato, 3Iarcus. Earl of Bath. — See 
"Floras, Julius." 

Cato Parvus. Richard Heber. Bib- 
liophobia . . . With notes by . . . L. 
18;32. By Mercurius Rusticus, i.e., Thomas 
Frognall Dibdin.— See " Atticus." 

Caudle, Mrs. Marg^aret. Douglas 
William Jerrold, Mrs. Caudle's curtain 
lectures. L. 1846. 

Causeur. William Alfred Hovey. 
Causerie, in the " Evening Transcript." 
B. 1880. 




Caustick, Christopher, M.D., A.S.S^ 
Fellow of the Royal College of Phy- 
elclans, Aberdeen. Thomas Oreen Fe»- 
senden. The modern philosopher; or, 
terrible tractoration ... P. 1806. 

Caustic, Cosmo, Gent. Christopher 
Reid. EillTillain : a catechetical ode, by 
the late Tyro Trimstave, M.D. With 
a preface and notes, by . . . Edinb. 

Cauty Carl. Frederick William Bow- 
^cr. — See "Carl." 

Cavalry Officer, A CapU Maurice 
Hart land Mahon {!). The handy horse 
book . . . Edinb. and L. 1866. 

The preface 1b signed ** Megents," s lobri- 
quet of the author. 

Caveat Bmptor, Gent. Sir Creorge 
Stephen, The adyenmres of a gentleman 
in search of a horse. L. 1836. 

Cavendish. Henry Jones, Card es- 
says, Clay's decisions, and card-table 
talk. L. 1879. 

Cavendish. Capt. W» Johnson Neale. 
Cavendish. L. 1841. 

Cavendlsb. Samuel Bevan, To all 
who smoke: a few words in defence of 
tobacco; or, a plea for the pipe ... L. 

Caxton. William Henry Rhodes, Dis- 
covery of the Pacific Ocean: a sketch 
... in the " Hesperian," 1869. 

Caxton, liaura. Lizzie B, Comins. 
Marion Berkley : a story for girls. B. 

Caxtou, Plsistaratiis. Edward Oeorae 
Earle Li/tton-Bulwer, Baron Lyttcn. My 
novel. L. 1863. 

Caxton, Tim. John Close, — See 
"Dowell, S." 

Cayron, C. A J. C A. Jvles Noriac, 
Ouvrages. Paris, 1863-70. 

Cecil. Charles James ApperUy. 

CeciL Mrs, S, t/l BaUey, 

Cecil. William Hone. Cecil's sixty 
curious, interesting, and authentic narra- 
tives. L. 1824. 

Cecil. Charles Edward Fisher, Kan- 
sas and the Constitution. B. 1866. 

Cecil. Cornelius Tongue. Records of 
the chase, and memoirs of celebrated 
sportsmen ... L. 1864. 

Cecil, Arthur. Arthur Cecil Blunt. 
A nam de thi&tre, 

Cecil, Davenant. Rev. Derwent Cole- 
ridge, Under this nom de plume he 
became a contributor to " Knight's Quar- 
terly Magazine." 

Cecil, I>r. Dalmey Carr, one of the 
writers, under this signature, of the es- 
says in Wirt's (\V.) "Old Bachelor," 1812. 

Celatus. Robert Owen, The modem 

theme; or, education the people's right 
and nation's glory ... L. 1847. 

Celebrated Author of that Coun- 
try, A Mrs, Eliza Haywood. Memoirs 
of a certain island adjacent to the king- 
dom of Utopia ... L. 1726. 

Celebrated Commoner, A Rt. Hon, 
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, The 
celebrated speech of . . . L. 1766. 

His apeech In favor of the repeal of the Amer- 
ican Stamp Act. 

Celebrated Idterary and Political 
Character, A Richard Glover, Me- 
moirs of . . . from 1742 to 1767 ... L. 

Celia. Mrs. Celia M, (Kellum Burr) 
Burleigh, who, under tms pen-name, 
wrote prose and verse for the leading 
Western papers. 

Cellarius. Rev. Thomas Welbanh 
Fowle. A new analogy between revealed 
religion and the course and constitution 
of nature. L. 1881. 

Celler, Liudovic. Louis Leclerc. Les 
decors, les costumes, et la mise en sc^ne 
au XVII« sifede, 1616-1680. Paris, 1869. 

Celnart, Elisabeth F^cie. Mme. 
rjUsabeth F€Ueie Canard BayU-MouUlard. 
Bethsali; ou, la dispersion des Juifs. 
Paris, 1826. 

Celt, The. Thomas Davis, in his con- 
tributions of lyrics and ballads to the 
"Dublin National," 1842 et seq, 

Celtophile, A Rev. Francis Craw- 
ford, LL.D, Ereuna; or, an investiga- 
tion of the etymons of words and names, 
classical and Scriptural, through the 
medium of the Celtic ... L. 1876. 

Censor. Oliver Bell Bunce. Don't: a 
manual of mistakes and improprieties 
more or less prevalent in conduct and 
speedh. N.Y. 1883. 

Censor of the Age, The. Thomas 

Centaur. Charles Sass, in his contri- 
butions to the "Mail and Express" (N.Y.). 

Centz, P. C, barrister. Bernard J. 
Sage. Davis and Lee, L. 1866 ; The re- 
public of letters, L. 1881. 

Cerberus, The. Nathan Haskell Dole, 
as art, dramatic, and literary editor to the 
"Philadelpliia Press." 

Cerimon. Dr. William Thomson. The 
political purpose of the Benascence 
drama . . . Melbourne, 1878. 

Certain Free Bnquirer, A Peter 
Annet. A collection of the tracts of . . . 
L. 1766. 

Certain Northern Vicar, A. Rev. 
John Ellison, The will of . . . carefully 
copied . . . upon T — . [In verse.] 1766. 

AlflO ascribed to Rev. W. Cooper. 




Certain TraT«Uer, A. George Am- 
ory Bethune, M,D, The uncertainties of 
trarel. A plain itatement by . . . B. 

Certeln Unknown Vicar, A. Bev, 
W. Cooper, WiU of . . . L. 1766. 

Cey, Arsdne de. Francois Arshte 
Chaise de Cahange. La fllle dn cui4. 
Paris, 1832. 

Cezlnskl, Marie. Miu H, A. Stein- 
hauer. Helen Egerton. P. 1873. 

Chabreul, Mme. de. Mme, Du Par- 
qttet. Jeuz et exercices des jeunes fllles 
par . . . Paris, 1867. 

Chair, Gumbo. Elias Howe, Jr. Ac- 
cordion songster. B. 1860. 

dialrman of the Committee on 
the State of the Church, The. Rich' 
ard Sharp Mason, D.D. A letter to the 
Bishop of North Carolina on ... his late 
pastoral on the Salisbury convention . . . 
N.Y. 18o0. 

Chalidre, Iioula. L, C. Norbert, In- 
genio. Paris, 186-. 

Chalk, Old. Henry Chadwick, in the 
Brooklyn "Union." 

Cham. Amedei de No9, the French 
caricaturist, who, from 1842, contributed 
numerous caricatures to albums and 
almanacs, and especially to the ** Chari- 
Tari," most of which were collected in 
albums, 1843-^7. 

Chamler, Capt. William James. Na- 
val history of Great Britain; with ad< 
ditional notes and continuation. L. 

Champ. James Wells Champney. 
All around a palette. By Lizzie W. 
Champney. Illustrated by . . . B. 

Champfleury. Jules Francois F^lix 
Husson-Fleury. Etude sur Balzac. Paris, 

Champion Wing Shot of America, 
The. A. H. Bogardus. Field, cover, and 
trap shooting. By . . . N.Y. 187-. 

Champlin. George C Mason, the 
Newport (U.I.) correspondent of the New 
York " Evening Post.** 

Chancellor of the Exchequer, The. 
William Evcart Gladstone. Speech of . . . 
on the finance of the year and the treaty 
of commerce with France. Delivered in 
the House of Commons . . . February 
10th, 1860. L. 1860. 

Chandeneux, Claire de. Mme. Emma 
B^renger Bailly. Secondes noces . . . 
Paris, 1881. 

Chapel Minister, A. Rev. John 
M'Gill The Biblical criticism of the 
Glasgow presbytery criticised. Glasgow, 

Chaperon, A. Mrs. Arabella Sullivan. 
Recollections of . . . edited by Lady Dar 
ere. L. 1838. 

Chaplain, A. Henry Norman Hud- 
son. Campaign with Gen. Butler. N.Y. 

Chaplain, A. Rev. John Lutkey. 
Prison sketches . . . N.T. 1849. 

Chaplain, The. Bradford Kinney 
Peirce. Stories from life which the 
chaplain told. B. 1866. 

Chaplain In H. M. Indian Service, 
A. Rev. James Mackay. From London 
to Lucknow ... L. 1860. 

Chaplain of said Society, The. 
Charles H. Wharton, DJ). A letter to 
the Roman Catholics of the city of Wor- 
cester [England], from . . . stating the 
motives which induced him to relinquish 
their communion and become a member 
of the Protestant Church. P. 1784. 

Chaplain of the U. S. Army, A. 
Rev. Stephen A. Hodgman. The nation'* 
sin and punishment ; or, the hand of God 
visible in the overthrow of slavery . . . 
N.Y. 1864. 

Chaplain to the MayoraUly, The. 
Rev. Robert Crawford Dillon. The Lord 
Mayor's visit to Oxford ... L. 1826. 

Charfy, Gulnlad, Ksq. James Saund' 
ers or George Smeeton. The fishwoman ; 
or, the art of angling made easy ... L. 

Charleasa. Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, 
who contributed two papers to Dr. John- 
son's « Rambler," No. 44, and No. 100,. 
the latter on "Modish pleasures," and 
signed " Chariessa." 

Charity, Aunt. Mrs. Sarah C. Yei- 
ser. Her contributions to the New Or- 
leans " Crescent " were signed " AzeMe *' ; 
but her nom de plume of " Aunt Charity " 
was more familiar to Southern readers. 

Charity-Organlzatlonlst, A. J. 
Hornsbfi Wright. Thoughts and experi- 
ences of . . . L. 1878. 

Charles, Lord Hawkesbury. Charles 
Jenkinson, let Earl of Liverpool. A dis- 
course on the conduct of the government 
of Great Britain, in respect to neutral 
nations, during the present war ... L. 

Charlet, Henri. Pierre Giffard. Pro- 
ems de Racine. Paris, 1877. 

Charley, Snarly. Charles Clark. Tlie 
fashionable folly . . . 1860. 

Charlie, Champal^ne. Charles 

Charlotte, Aunt. Mary Charlotte 
Yonge. Aunt C.'s evenings at home with 
the poets ... L. 1881. 

Charlotte Elizabeth. Mrs. Charlotte 




Elizabeth {Browne Phdan) Tonna. Floral 
biography, 1860 ; Jiidah*s lion, 1868. L. 

Ch — ^rt — ^8, Fr — nc — ^8, Colonel. Col, 
Francis Charteris. Scotch gallantry dis- 
play'd ; or, the life and adventures of . . . 
L. 1730. 

Chartlat Parson. Cfharles Kingsley, 
who took part in the ragged school 
movement and in the variouB efforts to 
ameliorate the condition of the working 
classes, to such an extent as to earn this 
name, which was sigpied to magazine 

Chasuble, Archdeacon, D.D. Thom- 
as William Marshall. The comedy of 
conTocation in the English Church . . . 
N.Y. 1868. 

Chatfield, the late Paul, M.D. Hor- 
ace Smith. The tin trumpet; or, heads 
and tales for the wise and waggish . . . 
Edited by Jefferson Saunders, Esq. L. 

Chatterbox, Charles, Bsq. William 
Biglow, writer of the "Omnium Gath- 
erum," in the "Federal Orrery." B. 
1794 et seq. 

Chatterer, A. Samuel Adams, in the 
"Boston Gazette," Aug. 20, 1770. 

Chavette, Eugene. Eugene Vachette. 
Nous marions Virginie . . . 1870. 

Chazel, Prosper. Addphe Le Re- 
boullet. Le chalet des sapins. Paris, 

Cheakill, Sir Joseph, K.F., K.S. 
Watson Tat/lor. The Cross-Bath guide 
... L. 1816. 

Cheekt, Tomo, the Creek Indian in 
Philadelphia. Philip Freneau, in his 
" Time-Piece," with this preliminary no- 
tice: — 

"A number of eccentric writings under thii 
tide are in the bands of the editor of the " Time- 
piece," said to be translated from one of the 
Indian languages of this country. They were 
transmitted to bim more than two years ago, and 
a few numbers published in a gazette edited by 
him in a neigbooring State, but dlsoonttnned 
with tliat paper." 

Cheem, Aliph. Walter S. Yeldham. 
Lays of Ind. Calcutta, 1879. 

Cheeryble Brothers. William Grant 
and Brothers, a well-known firm of Man- 
chester, supposed to have been depicted 
by Mr. Dickens under this title. 

Chelsea. Charles Alexander Nelson, 
as Boston correspondent of the " Book- 
seller and Stationer," Chic. 188^-84. 

Cherith. Miss Fannie Surtees. Home- 
spun stories, and Bric-^brac stories. L. 

Cheshire Weaver, The. J. D. La- 
Umche. Anglia Restaurata ... L. 1727. 

Chesney, Esther. Miss Clara V. 

Dargan. Under this signature, in 1860, 
she wrote several stories for the " South- 
em Guardian," published in Columbia^ 
S.C., and in 1861 contributed to the 
" Southern Field and Fireside," Charles- 

Chester. William Broome. "Towards 
the close of his life he . . . amused him- 
self with translating odes of Anacreon, 
which he published in the ' Gentleman's 
Magazine,' under the name of 'Ches- 
ter.' "— Chalmbm, Vol. VII. 

Chester, BlizabethS. Elizabeth A. 

Chester, John. Rev. John Mitchell. 
Derwent ; or, recollections of young life 
in the country . . . N.Y. 1872. 

Chevalier. M. C. Hart, in his contri- 
butions to the "Sunday Mercury" (P.). 

Chicagoan, A. James L. Batchelder. 
Societyism and its evils . . . Chic. 1871. 

Chickasa^w, the Scout. L. H. Na- 
ron. Life and adventures of . . . Chic. 

Chief Engineer of the Board of 
Sewerage Commissioners, The. F. S. 
Chesbrough. Chicago Sewerage Report 
. . . Chic. 1850. 

Chief Incendiary of the House. 
Samuel Adams. So termed by Hutchin- 
son in a letter to Richard Jackson, 1772. 

Chierico, Dedimo. Niccol<f Ugo Fos- 
colo. Sterne's Sentimental Journey, 
translated . . . 1818. 

Child of Candour, A. Mrs. Mary 
Knowles (Mdhf Knowles). Her signature 
to an interesting dialogue between Dr. 
Samuel Johnson and Mrs. Knowles, in 
the "Gent. Mag.," LXI., Pt. I., 600. 

Cliincapin. W. R. Barber, in his 
contributions to "Punchinello" (N.Y.). 

Chinese Philosopher, A. Oliver 
Goldsmith. The citizen of the world ; or, 
letters from ... in London to his friend 
in thQ East. L. 1762. 

Cliip of the Young Bloclc, A. Maria 
Stewart Stewart. Historical, political, 
and spiritual view of the history of Alex- 
ander Stewart ... L. 1861. 

Chiquita. Eppie Bowdre Castlen. 
Autumn dreams . . . N.Y. 1870. 

Chirurgus. John Dix. "The great 
fact" examined and disproved; or, ho- 
moeopathy unmasked ... L. 1857. 

Chislon. — Nichols. Memorial of 
A. B. Soule. Salem, 1866. 

Chloroform. William S. W. Ruschen- 
berger, U.S.N. Assimilated rank of the 
civil branch of the navy. P. 1848. 

Chollet. Louise E. Fumiss, in her 
contributions to "Harper's Magazine** 




Chor-EplBCopos. Rev, John Waugh, 
Episcopacy examined . . . Utica, N. z ., 

Clirlatabel. Mius Mahoney, of Eeo- 
mare. Poems on rariouB occasionfl. 

Christen, Ada. Friderik Christine. 
Au8 dem Leben, 1870; Aus der Tiefe, 
1878, etc. 

Glirlstbuiy A. Oerard Legh. A 
case of conscience resolTed ... L. 

Christian, A. Andrew Hendermm. 
The case of the Jews considered, with 
regard to trade, commerce, manufac- 
tures, and religion ... L. 1763. 

Christian, A. William HevoeUon. A 
letter to the Clergy of England, in the 
County of Northumberland . . . 1732. 

Christian, A. Oilbert DalrympU. A 
letter to . . . Mr. Stebbing ; being remarks 
upon his late book relating to sincerity 
... L. 1718. 

Christian Believer, A. Alexander 
Dalrymple. A letter to a friend on the 
Test Act. n.p. 1790. 

Christian Poet. A. John Holland. 
The bazaar; or, money and the church : 
a rejected ojffering, in blank verse . . . 
Sheffield, 1801. 

Christian Whig, A. Richard Wat- 
son, D.D. A letter to the members of 
the House of Commons, respecting the 
petition for relief in the matter of sub- 
scription ... L. 1790. 

Christian, Theophllos, Esq. John 
Owen, M.A. The fashionable world dis- 
played ... L. 1804. 

Chrlstlanus. Joeeph Cockfield^ of 
Upton, near Plaistow and West-Mam, 

Christianas Phileleuthems. Rev. 
TTiomas Broughton, Christianity distinct 
from the Religion of Nature . . . L. 1732. 

Christicola. John Bevans, Jr, Some 
tracts relating to the controrersy between 
Hannah Barnard and the Society of 
Friends ... L. 1802. 

Christileb, TheophUe. Kathinka 
Zits ; one of her pseudonyms. 

Chrlstodor. Comeliue Peter Bode, 

Christophe, M., vigneron. Jacques 
Boucher de Crkve coeur de Perthes. Opin- 
ions . . . 8ur les prohibitions de la lib- 
erty du commerce. Paris, 1831—34. 

Christrup, Jens. Jens Christian Hos- 
irup. Den Tredie; Den gamle Elsker. 

Christy, Geoi^e. George N. Har- 

Chroniqaense. Mrs. Olive Logan 
Sikes. Photographs of Paris life . . . 
L. 1861. 

ChrononhotonthologOB. David Ca- 
rey. Ins and outs ; or, the state of par- 
ties ... L. 1807. 

Chrysal. Sir William Scott, Lord 
Stowell. Letters on the high price of 
bullion ... L. 1813. 

Chrysanthea; Chrysantheos. Mrs. 
Lilly C, and Thomas Lake^ Harris. 
Hymns of the Two-in-one: for bridal 
worship of the New Life. Salem-on- 
Erie, 1876. 

Chubb, Mr. Thomas Johnson, An 
essay on moral obligation ... L. 1731. 

Church of England Divine, A. Rev. 
Edward Synge. Free-thinking in mat- 
ters of Religion stated and recommended. 
L. 1727. 

Church of England Man, A. Jona- 
than Swift, D.D. The sentiments of . . . 

Ch—ch — ^11, Mr. C . Charles 

Churchill, The Anti-Times. Addressed 
to . . . L. 1764. 

Churchill, Frank. George Henry 
Lewes (1) Taking by storm. L. 18dO. 

Churchman, A. Rev. Arthur Philip 
Perceval, B.C.L. An address to the 
members of the Church of England . . . 
L. 1835. 

Churchman, A. R. B. N, Sauma- 
rex. The Bible: Strictures on the im- 

Sarfections of the present version . . . 
ath, 1848. 

Churchman, A. John Jay. Caste 
and slavery in the United States. N.Y. 

Churchman, A. Alexander Chalmers. 
Christening of ships, " Gent Mag.," Janu- 
ary, 1803, p. 40. 

Churchman, A. Rev. John Gordon 
Loritner. Church establishments de- 
fended ... 2d ed. Glasgow, 1833. 

Churchman, A. JB. Bickersteth. A 
help to the study of the Scriptures . . . 
Norwich, 1815. 

Churchman, A. B. A. Humphrey. 
Lessons on the liturgy of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church in America. B. 1861. 

Churchman, A. John Bowden, D.D. 
Letter from ... to his friend in New 
Haven . . . New Haven, 1808. 

Churchman, A. William Jay. A let- 
ter to .. . Bishop Hobart . . . N.Y. 1823. 

Churchman, A. Rev. William Fran- 
cis Wilkinson. The Rector in search of 
a Curate ... L. 1843. 

Churchman, A. Brahazon Ellis. Re- 
joinder to "A Dissenter's reply on the 
subject of Church rates, etc." . . . Burs- 
lem, 1840. 

Churchman, A. Rev. Edward Smed- 
ley. Keligio Clerici. L. 1821. 




Chnrehinaii, A. Edvoard Berens, 
M.A, RemarkB on Lord Henley and 
Dr. Bnrton on Church reform. L. 1838. 

Churchman, A. Samuel Roffey ModU 
land, £>J). The Tolimtary system . . . 
Gloucester, Eng., 1834-86. 

Churchmaa, A Broad. Edward A. 
Warriner, Victor La Tourette. B. 1876. 

Churchman, An Bngllsh. Rev. Rich- 
ard Saidceiff M.A. An English Church- 
man's reason for his hope. L. 1861. 

Churchman, A Free. Rev. Andrew 
€hay. Dr. Struthers on the Free Church. 
Perth, 1846. 

Churchman of the Dioceae of New 
York, A. William Jay. A letter to the 
Right Rev. Bishop Hobart; occasioned 
by the strictures on Bible Societies, con- 
tained in his late charge to the Conven- 
tion of New York. N.Y. 1828. — See 

Churllow, R— t H— e K— d, D-^. 
Edward Thurlow, Baron Thurlow. An 
English green box ; or, the green box of 
• • . given by Mrs. Harvey to R. OTickle 
... L. 1779. 

Chume, WUllam, of Staflbrdshlre. 
Rev. Francis Edward Paget. The hope 
of the Katzekopfs: a fairy tale . . . 
Rugeley, 1844. 

Churton, Henry. Albion Winegar 
Tcfurj€e. Toinette : a tale of transition. 
N.Y. 1875. 

Cibber, Colley. Jamet Rees. The 
life of Edwin Forrest P. 1874. Mr. 
Rees has also, under this signature, pub- 
lished articles on " Shakespeare and Lord 
Bacon/' June and July, 1874, in the <' Sun- 
day Mercury" (P.). 

Cicely, Cousin. L. Lermont. Lewie ; 
or, the bended twig. Auburn, N.Y., 1853. 

Cicero. Joseph Galloivay. Letter from 
... to Catiline the Second [Charles 
James Fox] ... L. 1781. 

Cicerone. Rev. J. H. Bloom, Vicar of 
Castleacre. Handbook to the ancient 
remains of Castleacre, Norfolk. 

Cicestarensis, Presbyter. Henry La- 
tham. Anthologia Davidica . . . L. 1846. 

Cigarette. WiUis H. Bocock, in his 
contributions to the "Despatch" (Rich- 
mond, Va.). 

ClnoinnatuB. William Piumer. For 
thirty years preceding his death, he con- 
tributed largely to the papers, under this 

Cinclnnataa. Joseph Cawthome, The 
false alarm ... L. 1782. 

Cincinnatna Caledonins. John Gor- 
don Barbour, Lights and shadows of 
Scottish character and scenery. Edinb. 

Cinna. Robert Baldwin Sullivan, who 
** was wont, in his younger days, to con- 
tribute papers of a humourous and play- 
ful character to the literary periodicals 
of the day. In Sibbald's 'Canadian 
Magazine,' published at York (Toronto) 
in 1833, are to be seen communications 
of his under the nom de plume of 
' Cinna,' " 

Cinna. William Benjamin Wells, who 
wrote for Wilkes' " Spirit of the Times " 
(N.Y.) with this signature. Author of 
" Canadiana" ... L. 1887. 

Cinzano, M . M . C. George Borlase 
Childs. Barbadazulo Vanagloroso, the 
demon of the Castle Heights ... L. 

Citizen, A. James Hack, Jun. An 
address to the inhabitants of Chichester, 
on the subject of the distribution of the 
Scriptures. Chichester, 1812. 

Citizen, A. Charles Christian, A 
brief treatise on the police of the city of 
New York . . . N.Y. 1812. 

Citizen, A Bon. Timothy Fuller. The 
election of President of the United States 
considered ... B. 1823. 

Citizen, A. Hugo Amot. A letter to 
the heritors, farmers, and inhabitants of 
the county of Edinburgh . . . Edinb. 

Citizen, A. James CUland. Letter 
to the Honourable the Lord Provost, 
respecting the proposed Statute Labour 
Bill for Glasgow. Glasgow, 1819. 

Citizen, A. James B. Congdon. Let- 
ter to the Representatives in the General 
Court, from the town of New Bedford . . . 
New Bedford, 1847. 

Citizen, A. Francis Hare, Bishop of 
Chichester. A letter to Sir. R. Brocas, 
Lord Mayor of London. L. 1730. 

Citizen, A. Hon. Henry Sherwood. 
Letter ... on the Usury Laws . . . To- 
ronto, 1847. 

Citizen, A. Philip Livingston. The 
other side of the question ; or, a defence 
of the liberties of North America . . . 
N.Y. 1774. 

Aho aaeribed to Myles Oooper. 

Citizen, A. James Dunwoody Brown- 
son De Bow. The political annals of 
South Carolina . . . Charleston, 1845. 

The author also dgnB himself " J. D.*' 

Citizen, A. Edmund Kimball. Re- 
flections upon the Law of Libel ... B. 

Citizen, A. William FindUy. A 
review of the revenue system adopted 
by the first Congress under the Federal 
Constitution ... P. 1794. 




dtizen, A. Cyprian Rcndeau Bunce. 
A translatioii of the several charters, 
etc., granted ... to the citizens of Can- 
terbury . . . 1791. 

Citizen of Aberdeen, A William 
Gordon, A letter to Mr. Francis Mel- 
vii . . . L. 1718. 

Citizen of Albany. CuyUr StaaU. 
Tribute to the memory of DeWiU Clin- 
ton . . . Albany, 1828. 

Citizen of America, A. Jonaa Clap- 
per. — See "Thwackus, Herman." 

Citizen of Baltimore, A. John S. 
Tyson. Life of Eliflha Tyson, the phil- 
anthropist . . . Bait. 1825. 

Citizen of Baltimore, A. Bichard 
n. Townaend. Original poems. 

Citizen of Boston, A. George Bich- 
ards. The Declaration of Inde- 
pendence : a poem accompanied by 
odes, songs, etc., adapted to the day 

. . . B. 1 /(n>. 

Citizen of Boston, A. Alden Brad- 
ford. A particular account of the battle 
of Bunker or Breed's Hill, on the 17th 
June, 1775. B. 1825. 

Citizen of Boston, A Elias Basket 
Derby. Reality vs. Fiction ... B. 
1860. S€e"D., E. H." 

Citizen of Boston, A — Ward, 
Kemarks upon an oration delivered 
[July 4, 1845] by Charles Sumner be- 
fore the authorities of the city of Bos- 
ton .. . B. 1845. 

Citizen of Burlington, A. Henry 
C. Caret/. Beauties of the monopoly sys- 
tem in New Jersey ... P. 1848. 

Citizen of Cambridgeport, A. Dan- 
iel Nason. A journal of a tour from 
Boston to Savannah, thence to Ha- 
vana . . . Camb., Mass., 1849. 

Citizen of Connecticut, A. Henry 
Trumbull. History of the discovery of 
America . . . Norwich, Conn., 1810. 

Really by James Steward, D.D., and pub- 
lished as hit own by H. T. 

Citizen of liondon, A. Francis 
Hawling. The impertinent lovers . . . 
A comedy ... L. 1723. 

Citizen of Maine, A. Edward Pay- 
son. The Maine Law in the balance . . . 
Portland, Me., 1855. 

Citizen of Maryland, A. Rev, John 
Allen. An essay on the policy of appro- 
priations being made by the government 
of the United States, for purchasing, etc. 
the slaves thereof . . . Bait. 1826. 

Citizen of Maryland, A. Virgil 
Maxcy. The Maryland Resolutions, and 
the objections to them considered . . . 
Bait. 1822. 

Citizen of Maryland, A H, Man- 

kin, Thoughts on labor, capital, cur- 
rency . . . Bait. 1864. 

Citizen of Massachusetts, A Her- 
mann Mann. The Female Review . . . 
Dedham, Mass., 1707. 

Citizen of Massachusetts, A. S^H-' 
nmrHale, History of the U. S. of Amer- 
ica .. . Keene, 1832 

Citizen of Massachusetts, A John 
Lowell f LLJ), The impartial inquirer . . . 
B. 1811. 

Citizen of Massachusetts, A George 
Ticknor Curtis. The merits of Thomas 
W. Dorr and George Bancroft, as they 
are politically connected ... B. 1844. 

Citizen of Massachusetts, A. Alfred 
E. Giles. The Mormon problem ... B. 

AIM ascribed to James H. Hart. 

Citizen of Massachusetts, A. Jatnes 
Bowdoin. Opinions respecting the com- 
mercial intercourse between the United 
States of America and the Dominions of 
Great BriUin ... B. 1797. 

Citizen of Massachusetts, A. James 
Sullivan. The path to riches. An in- 
quiry into the origin and use of money . . . 
B. 1792. 

Citizen of Massachusetts, A James 
Trecothick Austin. Remarks on Dr. Chan- 
ning's " Slavery "... B. 1835. 

Citizen of Massachusetts, A Oliver 
Holden. Sacred dirges, hymns, and an- 
thems, commeihorative of the death of 
General George Washington . . . B. 1800. 

Citizen of Sew IBngland, A. Isaac 
Hill. Brief sketch of the life, character, 
and services of Major-General Andrew 
Jackson . . . Concord, N.H., 1828. 

Citizen of Neiv England, A Josiah 
Hooke (?). The practical expositor and 
sententious reader . . . Gardiner, Me., 

Citizen of Sew England, A. Rev. 
Cyril Pearl. Remarks on African Colo- 
nization and the abolition of slavery. 
Windsor, Vt., 1833. 

Citizen of New York, A. John H. 
Lathrop. An address ... on the . . . Anti- 
Masonic excitement . . . Albany, 1830. 

Citizen of Sew York, A. John Jay. 
An address to the people of the State of 
New York . . . N.Y. 1787. 

Citizen of New York, A. Myron 
Holley. An address to the people of the 
United States on the subject of the 
Anti-Masonic excitement, or new party 
. . . Albany, 1830. 

Citizen of New York, A. Russell 
Jnrvis. A biographical notice of Com. 
Jesse D. Elliott ... P. 1835. 

Citizen of New York, A. Nicholas 




f •> 




F, Beck, Considerations in favour of 
the construction of a great state road 
from Lake Erie to the Hudson lUyer. 
Albany, 1827. 

Cittzen of 'Sew York, A. Edmond 
Charles Genet. Letter to. the Electors of 
President and Vice-President of the 
United States. N.Y. 1808. 

Citizen of Sew York, A. Freeman 
Hunt. Letters about the Hudson River 
and its vicinity. Written in 1835 and 
1836 . . . N.Y. 1836. 

Citizen of New York, A. James 
Cheetham. A narrative of the suppres- 
sion by Col. Burr of the history of the 
Administration of John Adams . . . 
N.Y. 1812. 

Citizen of Sew York, A. James 
Hawkes. A retrospect of the Boston 
Tea Party . . . N.Y. 1834. 

Citizen of New York, A. Rev, R. 
Fisher. Seventeen Numbers, the signa- 
ture of Neckar, upon the Causes of the 
present distress of the Country. N.Y. 

Citizen of New York, A. Clement 
Clarl-e Moore, LL.D. A sketch of our 
political condition . . . N.Y. 1813. 

Citizen of North Carolina, A. H, 
K. Berguin. Considerations relative to a 
Southern Confederacy. Raleigh, 1860. 

Citizen of Pennsylvania, A. Albert 
QciUatin. An examination of the con- 
duct of the Executive of the United 
States towards the French Republic . • . 
P. 1797. 

Citizen of Pennsylvania, A Charles 
Ingersoll. A letter to a friend in a Slave 
State ... P. 1862. 

Citizen of Pennsylvania, A Fred- 
erick Adolphus Packard f LL.D. Thoughts 
on the condition and prospects of popu- 
lar education in the United States . . . 
P. 1836. 

Citizen of Pennsylvania, A. Wil- 
Ham Bradford Reed. Thoughts on Inter- 
vention, by . . . P. 1852. 

Citizen of Philadelpkia, A. Mathew 
Carey. Common sense addresses to the 
citizens of the Southern States ... P. 

Citizen of Philadelphia, A. Benja- 
min Rush. Letters on the Rebellion, to a 
citizen of Washington from ... P. 1862. 

Citizen of Philadelphia, A. Paul 
Beck, Jr. A proposal for altering the 
eastern front of the city of Philadelphia 
... P. 1820. 

Citizen of the United States, A. 
George Anmroyd, A connected view of 
the whole internal navigation of the 
United States ... P. 1830. 

Citizen of the United States, A. 

PeUuiah Webster. Essay on money as a 
medium of commerce ... P. 1786. 

Citizen of the United States, A. 
Alexander HiU Everett. Europe; or, a 
general survey of the principal Powers 
... L. 1822. 

Citizen of the United States, A. 
Joel R. Poinsett. Notes on Mexico . . . 
P. 1824. 

Citizen of the United States, A. 
William Vans Murray. Political sketches 
... L. 1787. 

Citizen of the United States, A. 
James McBride. Symmes's theory of 
Concentric Spheres . . . Cin. 1826. 

Citizen of the United States, A. 
Silas Wood. Thoughts on the state of 
the American Indians . . . N.Y. 1794. 

Citizen of the United States, A. 
Rev. John Cosens Ogden. Tour through 
Upper and Lower Canada . . . Litch- 
field, 1799. 

Citizen of the United States, A. 
Charles Phelps. Vermonters unmasked 
. . . N.Y. 1782. 

Citizen of the United States, A. 
Benjamin Lundy. The war in Texas . . . 
P. 1837. 

Citizen of Virii^la, A. John Taylor. 
Arator: being a series of agricultural 
essays, practical and political, in sixty- 
one numbers . . . Georgetown, D.C., 1813. 

Citizen of Virginia, A. Rev, George 
Bourne. The condensed anti-slaveiy 
Bible argument N.Y. 1846. 

Citizen of Virginia, A. George 
'Tucker, Essays on various subjects of 
taste, morals, and national policy. 
Georgetown, D.C., 1822. 

Citizen of the West, A. Robert Dale 
Owen. Pocahontas : a historical drama . . . 
N.Y. 1837. 

Citizen of the World, A. James 
Broadhead or James Boardman. America 
and the American ... L. 1833. 

Citizen of the World, A. Mathew 
Carey. Fragment. Addressed to the 
sons and daughters of Humanity. P. 

Citizen of the World, A. J. Easby. 
Manchester and the Manchester peo- 
ple . . . Manchester, 1843. 

Citizen of the World, The. Oliver 
Goldsmith. — See ''A Chinese Philoso- 

Citizen who continued all the 
'while in London, A. Daniel Defoe. 
A journal of the plague year ... L. 
1722. Signed " H. F." 

Citizen, The First. Charles Carroll, 
of CarroUton, in 1770-71. 




Citoyen AmMcaliii Un. William 
Lee. Les Euts-Unis et I'Angleterre ; oa, 
■ouyenirs ct xi5flexioD8 d' . . . Bordeaux, 

Gitoyen des Etats-Unls, Un. /. E. 
Bonnet, lUponse aux priucipales ques- 
tions, qui peuTent etre faites sur les "ktsit^ 
Unifl de rAm^riqne . . . Lausanne, 1795. 

Cltoyen des Etata-UnlB, Un. George 
M, GibU. Traits du 4 Juillet, 1831, 
entre la France et les Etats-Unis . . . 
Paris, 1835. 

Citroulllarfl, Joseph. Joseph Jacques 
Commerson. Les Binettes contempo- 
raines . . . Paris, 1854-59. 

City Waiter, The. John T. Bedford, 
in his contributions to " Punch" (L.). 

Ciudadano de los Bstados Unldos, 
Un. Alexander Hill Everett. America ; 
6, eicamen general de la situacion polit- 
ica . . . Northampton, Mass., 1828. 

ClvUlan. Matthew James Higgins. 

avillan, A. William W, &ephens, 
A review of the eridence before the sec- 
ond court-marshal on Lieutenant Peny, 
of the 46th regiment ... L. 1855. 

Civilian, an Officer in the Bengal 
Establisiunent, A. Sir Charles D'Oyhj, 
Bart. Tom Raw, the Griffin: a bur- 
lesque poem ... L. 1828. 

Civis. John Coles, The Corporation 
Commission and the Municipal Compa- 
nies of London ... L. 1884. 

Civis. Bev, Alexander Dunlop. Em- 
erson's orations to the modem Athe- 
nians ; or, Pantheism. Edinb. 1848. 

Civis. Alexander Peterkin. A letter 
to the Rt. Hon. E. Erskine . . . Edinb. 
1806, 1807. 

Civis. Sir Henry Russell, Letters of 
"Civis" on India affairs, 1842-49; re- 
printed from the "1 imcs " (L.). 

Civis. Rev, CJiurles Valentine Le 
Grice. Letters on Church subjects in 
the West of Cornwall . . . Truro, 1844. 

Civis. WiUiam WelJUt, Minutes, col- 
lected from the ancient records and ac- 
counts in the Chamber of Canterbury, of 
transactions in that city from a.d. 1234, 
etc. Canterbury, 1801. 

Civis. Sir William Scott, Lord Stow- 
ell. Some observations ... L. 1811. 

Civis. George Thomson, Statement 
and review of a recent decision of the 
Judge of Police in Edinburgh . . . Edinb. 

Cladpole, Tim. Richard Lower, T. 
C.'s journey to Lunnun . . . and written 
in pure Sussex dop:gerel by his uncle 
Tim. Brighton, 1831, '49, '50; J. C.'s 
trip to 'Merricup . . . written ... by his 
father Tim . . . Hailsham, 1844. 

Clatrvllle. Louis Francois Nicolaie» 
Les trois gamins. Paris, 1854. 

Clara. Mrs. Clara Coles. Clara's 
poems. P. 1861. 

Clara. Miss Carrie Bell Sinclair. 
Heart whispers; or, echoes of song. 
Her first appearance in print was in the 
** Gfeorgia Gazette " (Augusta, Ga.), un- 
der this nom de plume, 

Clara, Cousin. Reu. Daniel Wise. 
The Idndendale stories. N.T. 18-. 

dara Auipista. Mrs. S. Trask, of 
Framingham, Mass. 

dara BeUe. The letters in the " En- 
quirer" (Cin., 0.) thus signed, are writ- 
ten by Olive Logan, Mr. and Mrs, Junius 
Henri Browne, and others. 

Clare, Ida. Mrs. Lelia J. (Robinson) 
Chutey as correspondent of the " St. Louis 
Post-Dispatch," " Memphis (Tenn.) Av- 
alanche," and other newspapers. 

Clare, Mary Frances. Mary Fran-- 
ces Cusack. Her religious name. 

Clare, Miss Ada. Mrs. Jane McEU 
hinney. Only a woman's heart. N.Y. 
1866. See " Bohemia, Queen of." 

Clarence, Charles. Barnard Rust 

Clarence, Fltzroy. WiUiam Make- 
peace Thackeray, Love songs made 
easy. " What makes my heart to thrill 
and growl" Song. "Punch," March 
6, 1847. 

Claribel. Mrs, Caroline Barnard, 
Fireside thoughts, ballads ... L. 1865. 

Clarid^e, John, Shepherd. Dr. John 
Campbell, known as "The Shepherd of 
Banbury," author of a Weather guide. 

Clarinda. Mrs. Agnes Craig Macle^ 
hose, the " Clarinda " of Bums, the poet, 
who addressed her as a lover in a series 
of letters which have been often sought 
for publication, but in vain. 

Clark, The Bev. T. John Gait, The 
Wandering Jew ; or, the travels and ob- 
servations of Hareach the Prolonged. 
L. 1820. 

The initials of the oonduding four sentenoes 
In the above work make the name of the author, 
tbaa:— a(reatneM), A(U), LClterally), T(o). 

Clarke, Rev. C. C. Sir Richard Phil- 
lips. The hundred wonders of the world 
... L. 1818. 

Clarke, John. ITumas Hartwelf 
Home, D.D. Bibliotheca legum. L. 1810. 

Clarke, N. H. Belden, Esq. N, H, 
Belden. O'Neal the Great. N.Y. 1857. 

Clarke, B. S. — See "May, S." 

daudero, the Son of Nimrod. 
James Wilson. Poems on sundry occa- 
sions . . . Edinb. 1758. 




Claudia. Miss Clara V,Dargan, Un- 
der this nom de plume she published her 
first poem, "Forever Thine," in the 
« Courant," Charleston, S.C, 1859. 

Oaadla. Mary P. Hack. Conse- 
crated women. By ... L. 1880. 

Claudius. Charles Buelle. La sci- 
ence populaire de Claudius. Paris, 1837. 

Claudius, Martin. Rosa Petzel. The 
cottage by the lake . . . Trans. ... F. 

Clauren, H. Karl GoCtlob Samuel 
Heun. Scherz und Ernst. Dresden, 

Oavers, Mrs. Mary. Mrs, Caroline 
Matilda (Stansbury) Kirkland. Garland 
of poetry for the young. 1872. 

day, Charles M. Mrs. Charlotte 
Moon Clark. Baby Rue. L. 1881. 

Clayton, John. John Alfred Clayton 
Ccdikrop. A TMm de th€&tre. 

Clayton, May. Mrs. Maude Wilson. 

Oelshbotham, Jededlah, School- 
master and Parish clerk of Gander- 
dough. Sir Walter Scott. Tales of 
My Landlord. Edinb. 1816. 

Cleishbotham is supposed to be the editor, 
and his assistant, a certain Peter Pattieson, is 
credited with the authorship of the " Tales.'* 

Clemens, AngUcanus. Thomas Tur- 
ton. Remarks upon Mr. Eranson's pref- 
ace to his translation of Knitters new 
criticisms on 1 John, y. 7. Camb., Eng., 

Clement. Alonzo G. Shears, in his 
contributions to various periodicals. 

Oeon. Edward Long, in Byron's 
*' Childish Recollections." Newark, 1807. 

Clergyman, A. Richard Valpyy D.D. 
Address from ... to his parishioners. 
L. 1810. 

Clergyman, A. Jonathan Swifi. Ad- 
rice to a son at the University designed 
for Holy Orders. L. 1726. 

Clerg3^man, A. WiUiam Goods. An 
answer to a letter addressed to the Lord 
Chancellor on the case of the Dissenters 
... L. 1834. 

Clergyman, A. Samuel HorsUy. An 
apology for the liturgy and clergy of 
the Church of England ... L. 1790. 

Clergjntnan, A. Rev. John Morrison. 
Australia as it is. L. 1867. 

Clergyman, A. Thomas Lewis. 
Churches no charnel-houses ... L. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. William SeweU. 
A clergyman's recreations; or, sacred 
thoughts in verse. L. 1881. 

Clergyman, A. Richard Tyrwhitt, 
Concerning doubt. A letter to " A Lay- 
man." Oxf. and L. 1861. 

Clerg3rman, A. Rev. John Jackman, 
The . . . conduct of Mr. Peirce examined. 
Oxf. 1717. 

Clergyman, A. George Home, Bishop 
of Norwich. Considerations on the pro- 
jected reformation of the Church of 
England ... L. 1772. 

Clergyman, A. ^v. Manton Robert 
Taylor. Convocation. The new lay 
representation briefly considered ... L. 

Clergsrman, A. Philip Morant. The 
cruelties and persecutions of the Romish 
Church display'd ... L. 1728. 

ClergjnDian, A. Rev. Hugh Stowell. 
The day of rest and other poems ; by . . . 
L. 183-. 

Clergjrman, A. Henry Stebbing, D.D. 
The doctrine of Justification by faith in 
Jesus Christ ... L. 1757. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. John Balguy. 
The foundation of moral goodness . . . 
L. 1728. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Benjamin Rich- 
ings. A general volume of epitaphs . . . 
L. 1840. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. James Lupton, 
MA.. Gulliver's travels. New edition, 
carefully edited ... L. 1867. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. James Murray. 
A history of the churches in England 
and Scotland . . . Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Beauchamp W. 
Stannus. The inquiring parishioner. . . L. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. WiUiam Robert- 
son. Journal of . . . during a visit to the 
Peninsula. L. 1841. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Mr. Parfect. A 
letter . . . giving his reasons for refusing 
to administer baptism In private, by the 
public form ... L. 1763. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. John Courtarey. 
A letter ... to his parishioners ... on 
their breach of the Sabbath and neglect 
of all religion. About 1810. Signe:! 
"J. C." 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Skeffington Arm- 
strong. A letter to . . . Lord Duffehn 
and Clandeboye, on the subject of the 
Irish branch of the United Church . . . 
L. 1868. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Peter , Leopold 
Dyke Acland. A letter to a physician 
on the domestic management of invalids 
in a mild winter climate . . . Oxf. 1860. 

Clergyman, A. Nathaniel Patersoji, 
D.D. The Manse garden . . . Glas- 
gow, 1836. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. John Jackson. 
Memoirs of the life and writings of Dr. 
Waterland ... L. 1736. 




Clergyman, A. Rev. James Franks, 
A.M. Memoirs of pretended Prophets, 
who have appeared in different ages of 
the world, and especially in modem 
times ... L. 1705. 

Clergymaii, A. Hev. Charles Lgne, 
M.A. Modem Methodism not in accord- 
ance with the principles and plans of the 
ReT. John Wesley during any period of 
his life. A dialogue between . . . and 
one of his Methodist parishioners ... L. 

Clergymaii, A. Rev. Edward Spooner, 
Parson and people; or, incidents in the 
erery-day life of . . . L. 1863. 

Clergymaii, A. Rev. Henry John 
Dixon, MA,, The sad experience of 
... of the Established Church. L. 

Clergyman, A. Rev. Arthur Ashley 
Sykes. The safety of the Church . . . 
considered ... L. 1715. 

Clergyman, The. Francis Bare, 
D.D. The C.'s thanks to Phileleutherus 
for his remarks on the late discourse of 
free-thinking : in a letter to Dr. Bentley. 
L. 1713. 

Clergyman, A Catholic. Bishop 
John Carroll. An address to Roman 
Catholics of the United States of Amei^ 
lea. Annapolis, 1784. 

Clergyman In the Country, A. 
Matthew Horbery. Animadyersions upon 
a late pamphlet (by John Jackson) en- 
tituled " Christian liberty asserted "... 
L. 1736. 

Clergyman In the Country, A. Rev. 
Isaac Madox. The case of Dr. Rundle's 
promotion to the See of Glocester im- 
partially considered ... L. 1734. 

Clergyman in the Country, A. Rev. 
John Jackson. A discourse shewing that 
the expositions which the Ante-Nicene 
Fathers have given of the texts alleged 
against the Reverend Dr. Clarke . . . 
are more agreeable, etc. L. 1714. 
Also ascribed to the Rev. Daniel 

Clergyman in the Country, A. Rev. 
Samuel Bolde. The duty of Christians 
... L. 1717. 

Clergyman in the Country, A. Rev. 
Arthur Ashley Sykes. A modest plea for 
the baptismal and scripture-notion of the 
Trinity... L. 1720. 

Clergyman in the Country, A. iSam" 
uel Clarke^ D.D., the son. Reply to Dr. 
Waterland's defence of his oueries . . . 
L. 1722. 

Clergyman in the West, A. Rev. 
Samuel Nicholson Kingdon, B.D. Schism 
And its results ... L. 1850. 

Clergynuui living in the Neighbor- 
hood of that fkmooa Monument of 
Antiquity, A. Rev. Stamford Wallis. 
A dissertation in vindication of the an- 
tiquity of Stone Henge . . . Sarum, 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. Moses Maraoliouth. Tlie 
Anglo-Hebrews ... L. 1850. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. Arthur Ashley Sykes. An 
answer to the nonjurors' charge of schism 
upon the Church of England ... L. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. J. Bradley Rhys. An 
answer to some passages in a letter from 
the Bishop of Rochester to the Clergy 
upon the lawfulness of War ... L. 

Clergynuui of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. John Plumptre, D.D. A con- 
cise view of the history of religious 
knowledge . . . Kidderminster, 1795. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. Legh Richmond. The 
dairyman's daughter. L. 1822. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A Rev. Robert ShitUer. The do- 
mestic commentary on the whole Word 
of God. L. 1854. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. Benjamin Dawson, LL.D. 
An examination of Dr. Rutherford's 
argument respecting the right of Protes- 
tant Churches to require the Clergy to 
subscribe to an established Confession of 
Faith and Doctrines ... L. 1706. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. John Clowes. The golden 
wedding ring. Manchester, 1818. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. Henry Walter. A his- 
tory of England ... on Christian princi- 
ples. L. 1828-39. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Dr. Zachary Pearce. A letter 
to the Clergy of the Church of England 
. . . L. 1722. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. John Firehrace. A letter 
to the Rev. James Ibbetson ... L. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. John Frederick Denison 
Maurice, M.A. Letters to a member of 
the Society of Friends, by . . ., L. 1837- 
38 ; The kingdom of Christ, L. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. William Pace. Lydia; 
or, conversion : a sacred drama ... L. 




Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. Thomas Stackhouse. The 
miseries and great hardships of the info- 
riour Clergy ... L. 1722. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. Henrtf Comun, A parish 
lecture on Regeneration. L. 1860. 

CIerg3rman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev, Christian Lenny, Shak- 
speare for schools ... L. 1847. 

Clergyman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A Mathew Carey, Vindiciae 
Hibemicae ... P. 1818. 

Clergyman of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Rev. William Peebles, The 
crisis ... a poem. Edinb. 1803. 

Clergyman of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. David Thorbum, The Diyine 
origin and perpetual and universal obli- 
gation of tithes. Edinb. 1841. 

Clergyman of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Charles John Brown, DJ). 
Irish education . . . Glasgow, 1832. 

Clergynaan of the Diocese of Dur- 
ham, A. Rev, Henry Phillpotts, A letter 
to the author of " Remarks on a charge 
deliyered by Shute [Harrington] "... 
Newcastle-mpon-Tyne, 1807. 

Clergyman of the IMoceae of Dur- 
ham, A. Thomas Le Mesurier. A let- 
ter to the Right Honourable Earl Grey 
. . . Durham, 1819. 

Clergyman of the Established 
-Church, A. Rev. John Clowes, of Man- 
chester. An affectionate address to the 
Clergy ... on the theological writings of 
the Hon. Emanuel Swedenborg. Man- 
chester, n.d. 

Clergyman of the Established 
Church, A. Rev. J, A. Wood, A Bib- 
lical link ; or, a connection of the Holy 
Scriptures ... L. 1840. 

Clergyman of the Old School, A. 
John Aiton, D.D, Clerical economics . . . 
Edinb. 1842. 

Clergyman of the Protestant Epis- 
•copal Church, A. Rev, G. W. Hyer. 
How I became a Unitarian : explained . . . 
B. 1852. 

Clergyman thirteen years resident 
In the Interior of New South Wales, 
A. John Aforison. Australia as it is . . . 
L. 1867. 

Clergyman, A Moderate, of the 
Synod of Aberdeen. Rev. G. Skene 
Keith, Address to the ministers of the 
Church of Scotland. 1797. 

Clergyman's Daughter, A. Sdina 
Gaye, Aunt Agnes; or, the why and 
the wherefore of life. An autobiogra- 
phy ... L. 1816. 

Clergyman's Daughter, A. Miss 

Eliza Smith, The battles of the Bibles. 
Edinb. 1862. 

Clergyman's Daughter, A. Miss 
Maria Charlesworth. The female visitor 
to the poor ... L. 1846. 

Clergyman's Daughter, A. Frances 
Lydia Bingham, Hubert; or, the or- 
phans of St. Madelaine ... L. 1846. 

Clergyman's Daughter, A. Miss E. 
F, Lloyd. Readings for the Sundays . . . 
L. 1862. 

Clergyman's Daughter, A. Mrs. 
Helen Clacy. Wonderful works ; or, the 
miracles of Christ. L. 1864. 

Clergyman's Wife, A. Mrs. Fran- 
ces Elizabeth Georgina iBaynes) Carey- 
Brock. Almost persuaded. L. about 

Clergyman's Wife, A. Mrs. Fanny 

i Wheeler) Hart. Charade: armhole. 
[anchester, n.d. 

Clergyman's Wife, A. Mrs. S. £. 
MapUton, A letter to my class . . . 
Leeds, 1862. 

Clergynuui's Wife, A. Mrs, Fanny 
Al/ord. Reminiscences by . . . Edited 
by the Dean of Canterbury [Henry Al- 
ford]. L. 1860. 

Clerical Friend, A. Rev, George 
Huntington. The autobiography of John 
Brown, the cord-wainer . . . Edited . . . 
Oxf. 1867. 

Clerical Member of the Convoca- 
tion, A. Rev. Henry William Wilber- 
force. The foundation of the Faith as- 
sailed in Oxford ... L. 1836. 

Clerical Member of the Society for 
promoting Christian Kno^vrledge, A. 
Rev, Samuel Charles Wilks, Strictures 
on the work entitled ** Death-bed Scenes, 
etc.," in refutation of its doctrinal errors. 
L. 1833. 

Clerical Recluse, A. Rev. Francis 
Jacox. Cues from all quarters; or, lit- 
erary musings of . . . L. 1871. 

Clericus. Rev. David Murray, of Dy 
sart. The Biblical student's assistant . . . 
Edinb. 1844. 

Clericus. Rev. W. Cartwright. Facts 
and fancies of salmon fishing ... L. 
Paris, and N.Y. 1874. 

Clericus. George Smith. Facts de- 
signed to exhibit the real character and 
tendency of the American Colonization 
Society. Liyerpool, 1833. 

Clericus. Rev. Augustus Clisscld. A 
letter to the Rev. the Vice-Chancellor of 
the University of Oxford on the present 
state of theology . . . Oxf. 1866. 

Clericus. Rev, William Cartwright. 
Rambles and recollections of a fly-flsher. 
L. 1864. 




Cleiicus. Rev. J, H. Pettingell, The 
theological trilemma . . . N.Y. 1878. 

Clerlcua DorceBtiiensls. Rev. J. L. 
Jackson, M.A. Christ's Coming to Judg- 
ment ... L. 1834. 

Cleiicus Lieicestiiensls. Rev. Atday 
Macaulay. Tour through South Holland 
and a part of the Austrian Netherlands, 
1793. " Gent. Mag.," NoTember, 1793, 
and the following volumes. 

Cleiicus Sunriensls. Bev. Gilbert 
Buchanan^ LLM., in the "Gent. Mag." 

Cleiimont. Mrs. Elizabeth Roioe. 
Friendship in death ... 4th ed. L. 1737. 

Clerk of the "California," The. 
Swaine. Drake. Account of a voyage for 
tiie discovery of a north-west passage by 
Hudson Streights to the western and 
southern ocean of America ... L. 1748. 

Clerke of Oxenforde, The. John Pen- 
dleton Kennedy, Blackwater chronicle: 
a narrative of an expedition ... in Ran- 
dolph county, Virginia. N.Y. 1853. 

Cleveland, Kate. Mrs. Rebecca S. 
(Reed) Nichols, who contributed a series 
of sprightly papers to the "Cincinnati 
Herald " under this nam de plume. 

Cliffe, Leigh. George Jones. The 
pilgrim of Avon. By . . . L. 1836. 

Clifford, Charles. Samuel William 
Henry Ireland. The angler: a didac- 
tic poem. L. 1804. 

Clifton, Tom. Alfred Farthing Bob- 
bins. In doubt. 1878. 

Clifton, Zena. Mrs. Lilian T. (Ro- 
zell) Messenger, whose first writings ap- 
peared in the " Memphis Avalanche " 
under this noin de plume. 

Climax, Christopher, Elsq. Josiah 
Thomas. Riot [at Cambridge] : a mock 
heroic poem in three cantos, by . . . 

Clinton, Walter. William Henry 
Dacenport Adams. Sword and pen ; or, 
English worthies in the reign of Eliza- 
betli. Edinb. 1869. 

CLIO. Joseph Addison. The letters 
in the " Spectator " composing the name 
of the Muse of History were written by 
Addison, and signed with each letter 
consecutively. It is also related that he 
only employed these letters to distinguish 
whether they had been written at Chel- 
sea, London, Islington, or the office. — 
See also " C. L. I. O." 

Clio. Richard Gough. Signature to 
his reply to "Euterpe," in the "St. 
James's Chronicle," 1787. 

Clio. Thomas Harwood, the author 
of several letters in the " Gent. Mag.," 
under this nom de plume. 

Clio. Edwin J. Reilly. 

Clionas. Sir Nieholas Harris Nicolas. 
He was a frequent contributor to the 
" Gent. Mag." His signature, if not his 
own initials, was frequently "Clionas," 
an anagram of his surname. 

Clothier, A. John Blanch, The beaux 
merchant : a comedy ... L. 1714. 

Clover, Sam. Nugent Robinson, in his 
contributions to the "Boys and Girls' 
Weekly" (N.Y.). 

Clutterbuck, Capt. Cuthbert. Sir 
Walter Scott, The fortunes of Nigel. 
Edinb. 1822. 

Clutterback, Cuthbert, of Kenna- 
quhair, F.S.A., etc. Alexander Hamil- 
ton, W,S. Edith of Glammis ... L. 

Clyde, Alton. Mrs. AmM Jeffreys. 
Tried and true, 187- ; Underfoot, 187-. 

Cobbler of Alsatia, The. John Nich- 
ols, Esq., F.S. A. "During his minority 
he produced some prose essays on the 
manners of the age . . . These were 
published in a pericKlical paper, written 
chiefly by Kelly, entitled the ' Babbler,' 
and in the 'Westminster Journal/ a 
newspaper, with the signature of 'The 
Cobbler of Alsatia.' " 

Cobweb. Joseph Tinker Buckingham. 
Letters from Washington in the " Boston 
Courier," 1830 et seq 

Cockloft, Pindar. William Irving, in 
" Salmagundi." 

Cockney, A. Mrs. S. Green. Scotch 
novel reading; or, modem quackery . . . 
L. 1824. 

Cocoa-tree, The. Philip Francis, 
Letter from ... to the Country-gentle- 
man. L. 1702. 

Codex, Dr. E. Gibson, Bishop of Lon- 
don. A letter to ... on the subject of 
his modest instruction to the Crown . . . 
L. 1734. By Gilbert Burnett, Bishop of 

Coelebs, M.A. Major Thomas Tristem 
Spry Carlyon. The laws and practice of 
whist ... L. 1851. Also ascribed to 
Edward Augustus Carlyon. 

Coeur, Pierre. Mme. Anne (Caroline 
Josephine (Husson) de Voisons d'Ambre. 
L'ame de Beethoven : a novel. P. 1876. 

Coffin, Peter. Theophilus Parsons. 
I^esult of the convention of delegates 
hoi den at Ipswich . . . Newbury port, 

Cogitans, John. Charles Morey. The 
spiritual mustard pot. Troy, N.Y., 1824. 

Colt, Davlda. vida D. Scudder, How 
the rain-spirits were freed. 188-. 

Colbert. Mathew Carey. Political 
economy. Examination of the treasurer's 
report. P. 1826. 




Coloraft^ Henry Bowe. Henry Rotee 
Schoolcraft. Alhalla; or, the Lord of 
Talladega : a tale of the Creek war . . . 
N.Y. 1843. 

Colcroft, Jamee. John Webb Cole (?), 
translator of M. Jules Simon's " Natural 
Religion." L. 1867. 

Coles, Mtiiam. Mrs. Sydney S, Har- 
ris. Frank Warrington. N.Y. 1871. 

Colet, Madame. Louise Revoil. Les 
fleurs du midl. Paris, 1886. 

Collector, A. Mr, Humphrey, Con- 
chology ; or, natural history of shells . . . 
About 1780. 

CoUeasiaii. A. William Gilmore 
Simms (i). Poems, by . . . Charlottes- 
rille, Va., 1838. 

Collet, Stephen. Thomas Byerley. 
Belies of literature. L. 1823. 

Collier, the late Joel, licentiate in 
music. J, L, BickneU. Musical trav- 
els through England ... L. 1786. 

Aicribed alao to Thomas Day and George 

Colmolyn. Charles Sotheran, Percy 
Bysshe Shelley as a philosopher and re- 
former . . . N.Y. 1871. 

Colombey, Emile. £miU Laurent. 
BucUcs, salons, et cabarets ... P. 1868. 

Colon & Spondee. Royall Tyler, 
who, under this pseudonym, furnished 
humorous articles to the "Farmer's 
Weekly Museum," Walpole, N.H., 1796- 
1800. Judge Tyler had previously writ- 
ten for the "Eagle," Hanover, N.H., 
under the same pseudonym, and later to 
the •* Federal Orrery," Boston. 

Colonist. Mr. SetoeU, in his contribu- 
tions to the "Montreal Herald" attack- 
ing the policy of Sir George Prevost. 

Colonist, A. Thomas Chandler Halt' 
burton, M.A. A reply to the report of 
the Earl of Durham . . . Halifax, 1839. 

Colored Man, A. Paul Jennings, A 
C. M.'s reminiscences of James Madison. 
Brooklyn, N.Y., 1866. 

Columbanus. Charles C Conor, DJ). 
Columbanus ad Hibemos ; or, seven let- 
ters . . . Buckingham, 1810-16. 

Columella. Clement Clarke Moore, 
LL.D. An inquiry into the effects of 
our foreign carrying trade upon the agri- 
culture, population, and morals of the 
country . . . N.Y. 1806. 

Columella. Q. W, Pinney. The new 
education . . . San Fran. 1874. 

ColvU, Bd^rard. Mrs. Mary Lowell 
Putnam. Fifteen days. An extract from 
Edward Colvil's journal. B. 1866. 

Coivln, Cecil. Francis Cowley Bur- 
nand. My time, and what I have done 
with it . . . L. 1874. 

Colwan, Robert Vrlngham. Jamrs 

Hogg. The private memoirs of a Justi- 
fied sinner. L. 1824. — See "A Justified 

Comet. Mr, Walker, in his contribu- 
tions to the "Herald" (B., Mass.). 

Comet liiterary and Patriotic 
Club, The. Thomas Browne, Parson's 
horn-book. By . . . DubUn, 1831. 

Comment, Cuthbert, Gent. Abra- 
ham Tucker. .Man in quest of himself . . . 
L. 1763. 

Committee, A. G. W, Crawford and 
J. Applewhite. Statistical address to the 
people of Austin and Washington coun- 
ties, on the subject of railroads. Wash. 
D.C. 1862. 

Committee appointed by the Pas- 
een^rs of the " Oceanns," A. James 
Clark French and Edward Carey. The 
trip of the " Oceanus " to Fort Sumter 
and Charleston, S.C. . . . Brooklyn, 1866. 

Committee Man, A J, Nightingale. 
The Scriptural Deacon . . . N.Y. 1846. 

Common Sense. Sir Richard Phil- 
lips, in the "Monthly Magazine," Lon- 
don, of which he was editor and proprie- 
tor for about thirty years. 

Commoner, A. Rev, William Chuld. 
A letter to the commoners in Rocking- 
ham Forest . . . Stamford, 1744. 

CommunipaTT. Pliny Miles. His 
letters from abroad, under this and less 
well-known pseudonyms, convey a 
graphic idea of foreign sight-seeing. 

Companion Traveller, A. Miss E. 

F. S. Harris. From Oxford to Borne, 

and how it fared with some who lately 

made the journey. L. 1847. 

The authoress sabseqaently became a Catho- 
lic, and pabllcly expressed her deep regret for 
many of the unauthorized statements, or false 
impressions concerning the Church of Rome, In 
the above work. — O. Uamst. 

Compiler of "Anecdotes of distln- 
gulshed Persons," The. William Se- 
ward, Esq, Biographiana. L. 1709. 

Comprehensionlst, A. Frederick J. 
Wilson. My rights ! Your rights ! I Our 
rights! 1! My right to my tenancy as 
my freehold ... L. 1876. 

Comus. Robert Michael Ballantyne, 
The robber kitten. L. 1868. 

Comyn, Alexandre de. Charles 
Thomas Browne. Irene. L. 1844. 

Concivis. G. H. Belden (1). Letters 
to the people of the United States. N.Y. 

Confederate Lady, The. Mrs. Maud 
J. (Fuller) Young, who, during the late 
ciril war, wrote songs, etc., for the Con- 

Congregational Minister, A. Rev, 




William B. Orvis. The coming of Christ 
in his kingdom . . . N.Y. 1869. 

Connecticut Farmer's Boy, A. Fitz- 
Oreene JHaUeck, whose first appearance 
in print was in " Holt's Colombian/' New 
York, 1813, in a short poem bearing this 

Connecticut Paator, A. Rev. Enoch 
Fitch Burr, £cce C<Biiim; or, parish 
astronomy. B. 1867. 

Connecticat Pastor, A. Rev. Joseph 
Darling HuU, A.M. Plea for religious 
newspapers: a sermon preached to his 
own people on the Lord's Day, Decem- 
ber 29, 1844, by . . . Hartford, 1845. 

Conover, fUizabeth. Miss — Dur- 

Conrad. Alfred Bunn. The stage, 
both before and behind the curtain . . . 
L. 1840. 

Conrad, Georg. Prince George, of 
Prussia. Dramatische Werke. 1870. 

Conservative, A. John Lettsom Elliot. 
A letter to the Electors of Westminster. 
L. 1847. 

Conservative, A. James Dennistoun. 
A letter to the Lord Advocate [Francis 
Jeffrey] on the Scottish Reform BiU. 
Edinb. 1832. 

Consistent Loyalist, A. John Parr, 
Remarks on a late pamphlet entitled " A 
vindication of GoTernor Parr and his 
council". . . L. 1784. 

Consistent Protestant, A. Adam 
Calami^, a writer in the "Grent. Hag." 
under this pseudonym, 1740 et seq. 

Consistent Protestant, A. Oicen 
Manning. Considerations on . . . arti- 
cles and liturgy of the Church of Eng- 
land ... L. 1774. 

Consistent Protestant, A. Richard 
Watson, D.D. Considerations on the 
expediency of revising the liturgy . . . 
L. 1790. 

Consistent Whig, A. BU Rev. Dr. 
Thomas Lewis O'Beime. Considerations 
on the late disturbances, by . . . 1781. 

Constance. Mrs. Bessie W. (John- 
son) Williams, who, under this nom de 
plume^ has published articles in " Scott's 
Magazine" and the "Mobile Sunday 

Constantia. Mrs. Judith {Satgent) 
Murray. The repository and gleaner. 
B. 1798. Mrs. Murray was also a con- 
tributor to the "Massachusetts Maga- 
zine" and the "Boston Weekly Maga- 

Constantin, L. A. Leopold Auguste 
Constantin Hesse. Bibliothekonomie . . . 
Leipsic, 1840. 

Constitution. John Carticright. A 

letter to Edmund Burke, Esq., contro- 
verting the principles of the American 
government, laid down in his lately pub- 
lished speech on American taxation . . . 
in the House of Commons, on the 19th 
of April, 1774. L. 1776. 

Constitutional Reformer, A. John 
Butter. History of the Shaftesbury Elec- 
tion, 18;» ... L. 1830. 

Consul Abroad, A. Luigi Monti. 
Adventures of . . . By Samuel Sample- 
ton. B. 1878. 

Consul's Daughter and Wife, A. 
Mrs. J<An Elijah Blunt. Twenty years' 
residence among the people of Turkey 
. . . N.Y. 1878. 

Consumptive, A. Robert S. Coffin. 
The eleventh hour ... B. 1827. 

Contributor at Paris, The. William 
Makepeace Thackeray. The ballad of 
Bomllabaisse. ** Punch," Feb. 17, 1849. 

Contributor to "Bentley," A. Wil- 
liam HoUis, Miscellaneous Latin poems, 
original and translations ... L. 1851. 

Contributor to " Blackwood's Mag- 
azine," A. William Pitt ScargilL The 
usurer's daughter ... L. 1832. 

Contributors to Tracts for the 
Times. By A. [John Keble"], B. [Isaac 
Williams], C. [Dr. Pusey'], D. [J. H. 
NewmanA, E. [Thomas KebW], F. [Sir 
George Prevost, Bart.], G. [Rev. R. F. 
Wilson, of Oriel]. Plain sermons. L. 

Convert, A. Rt. Rev. Richard 
Challoner. The grounds of the old re- 
ligion ... P. 1814. 

Convert, A. Rev, B. W. Whitcher. 
The story of ... as told to his former 
parishioners after he became a Catholic. 
N.Y. 1876. 

Convert firom Anglicism, A. George 
John Lloyd Crawley. England, Greece, or 
Home ? A letter to a friend. York, 1853. 

Conway, H. B. H. B. Coulson. A 
nom de theatre. 

Conway, H. Derwent. Henry David 
Inglis. Solitary walks through many 
lands. 3d ed. L. 1843. 

Con^ray, Hugh. Frederick John 
Fargus. Called back. Bristol, 1883. 

The work appeared originally In "Arrow, 
smith's Almanac,'* Bristol; was soon publlsbed 
in a separate form, and more tlian 80,(K)0 copies 
were sold. 

Conway, Mark. Frank Cahill, in 
his contributions to the " Saturday 
Press" (P.) 

Conynghame, Kate. Rev. Joseph 
Holt Ingraham. The sunny South; or, 
the Southerner at home ... P. 1860. 

Coodles. — See " Coody, Abimelech." 




Coody, Abimelech. Gtdian Cromme- 
fin Verplanck. An* account of Abimelech 
Coodv and other celebrated writers of 
New York . . . N.Y. 1816. 

"In the year 1814, a writer appeared In a 
New York paper, aMuming the name of Abime- 
lech Coody, a mechanic of that place. He was a 
F^eraliat, and addreeaed himielf principally to 
the party to which he belonged . . . The writer 
was aeon ascertained to be Mr. Gallan C. Ver- 
planclc. Abimelech Coody was replied to by a 
writer over the signature of * A Traveller * . . . 
who was said to be DeWItt Clinton, who said 
that he [Coody tUUu Verplanck] has become 
the head of a sect called the ' Coodiee * " . . . See 
"The Croaken," N.Y. IMO; note, p. 152. 

Cook, Hannah. Mrs. Thomas Brad- 

CooUdge, Susan. Miss Sarah Chaun- 
cey WooUey. Mischief's Thanksgiving; 
and other stories. B. 1874. 

Coombe, Count. William Coambe, 

Ck>ontiie Attorney, A. Charles San^ 
dys. Vindication of . . . L. 1847. 

Cooper, Frank. William Gilmore 
Simms, Poems; Life of Capt. John 
Smith ; Life of Chevalier Bayard. N.Y. 

Cooper, Rev. Wm. U., B.A. James 
G. Bertram. Flagellation and the Flagel- 
lants ... L. 1870. 

Cope. W. C. Copeland, in the " Brook- 
lyn Eagle." 

Copper^Farthlng I>ean, The. Jona- 
than Swift. The most wonderful wonder 
that ever appeared to the wonder of the 
British nation ... L. 1726. 

Copsrwell, James. William Woty. 
Shrubs of Pamassus, containing a variety 
of poetical essays, moral and comic . . . 
L. 1760. 

Coqulna. G. 0. Shields, in several 
sporting works. 

Cordelia. Mme. Virginia Treves, in 
"Kell' Azzurro." 

Cordial Well-wisher to the cause 
of Universal Truth and Righteous- 
ness, A. Miss Priscilla Hannah Gumey, 
A comprehensive view of the nature of 
faith ... L. 1816. 

Cordler, Jules. EU<more Tenaille de 

Cordala. Countess Irene de la Bocca. 

Corlat, Junior. Samuel Paterson. 
Another traveller; or, cursory remarks 
and critical observations made upon a 
journey through part of the Netherlands 
in the latter part of the year 1766. L. 

Corlnna. ^frs. Elizabeth Thomas, 
Pylades and Corinna ; or, memoirs of the 
lives, amours, and writings of Richard 
Gwinnett, Esq., and Mrs. Elizabeth 
Thomas, Junr. L. 1731. — See " A Lady." 

Corlolanus. Col, W. Smith. Re- 
marks on the late infraction of the 
treaty at New Orleans. N.Y. 1803. 

Corlsande. Mrs, Adolphe [Jerrold) 
Smith, author of Sketches of society and 
scenery in the "London Graphic," the 
" Liverpool Courier," and a novel called 
« A Woman of Mind." 

Corn-Iiaw Rhsrmer, The. Ebenezer 
Elliott, More verse and prose ... L. 

Cornelius. .Tohn Robison. Extracts 
from Prof. Robison's " Proofs of a con- 
spiracy." B. 1799. 

Cornelius, Dr. William Howitt, The 
student life of Germany ... L. 1842. 

Cornet In the Hon. Cast India 
Company's Service, A. Thomas L. 
Pettigrew. Lucien Greville. L. 1833. 

Cornish Chough, The. Albert Charles 
WUdman, in the " Western Daily Mer- 
cury" (English). 

Cornish Curate, A. Rev, Francis 
Edward Baston Cole, The Mcthodistic 
tenet of conversion . . . Oxf . and L. 

Cornish Lady, A. Mrs. Emilie Earle 
(Steele) Hicks, First lessons in useful 
things. Truro, 1868. 

Cornish Vicar, A. Rev. Robert Ste- 
phen Hawker, M.A. A letter to a friend 
. . . L. 1867. 

Comlshwoman, A. Miss Ellen J. 
Pearce. Peace or war? An appeal to 
the women of Great Britain and Ireland. 
Truro, 1870. 

Cornublan, A. Henry John Daniel. 
The Anti-Newtonian Institute : a satire 
in two cantos, n.p., n.d. 

Cornublan, A. John Trenhaiie. Rec- 
reations in rhyme, by . . . L. 1834. 

Corn^v^all. C. H. Batsfttrd, in his 
letters entitled "Always Everywhere," 
contributed to the "Inter-Ocean" (Chic, 

Com'wall, Barry. Bryan Waller 
Procter. Memoir of Charles Lamb. L. 

Com^wall, C. M. Miss Mary Abigail 
Roe. Free, yet forging their own chains. 

Coroner's Clerk, A. Rev, Erskine 
Neale. The note-book of . . . reprinted 
from " Bentley's Miscellany." 

Corporal. jSenas T. Haines. Letters 
from the 44th reg. M. V. M., 1802-63 . . . 
B. 1863. 

Corporal of Riflemen, A. Henry 
Beanfoy, Esq. Scloppetaria ; or, consid- 
erations on the nature and use of rifled 
barrel guns ... L. 1808. 

Corrector. Bishop John Henry Ho- 




bart. A reply to a letter addressed to 
the Right Her. Bishop Hobart, by Wil- 
liam Jay, in a letter to that gentleman. 
N.Y. 1823. 

Corregyi^o. One of the pseudonyms 
attributed to Junius {(j.v.). The letter 
thus signed bears the date Sept. 16, 1707, 
and caricatures the ministry. 

Correspondant du Canadlen, Le. 
J. ]rV. O^BHen. Excursion aux prov- 
inces maritimes. Impressions de voyage 
. . . Quebec, 1864. 

Correspondlnfi^ Member of the So- 
ciety for propaj^ating Christian 
Knowledge, A. Elitha Smith The law 
of laws ... L. 1719. 

Corsair. Jameh Wood Davidson, in 
his contributions to various Southern 

Corsincon. Hugh Zkdziel. British 
dogs : their varieties, history, character- 
istics, breeding, management, and exhi- 
bition. L. 1880. 

Corvinus. Tracers Twiss, D.C.H. 
Hungary : its constitution and its catas- 
trophe ... L. 1850. 

Corvinus, Jakob. Wilhelm Raabe, 
Chronik der Sperlingsgasse. 1867. 

Cosmo. John Mathew GhUch, Esq. 
Letters of Cosmo. Bristol, £ng. 

Cosmo. John Hall-Stevenson, Maka- 
rony fables . . . By . . . Mythogelastic 
Professor, and F.M.S. L. 1767. 

Cosmopolitan, A. Charles Henry 
Pulten. Miss Columbia's public school ; 
or, will it blow over? ... L. 1871. 

Cosmopolitan, A. John Dix, after- 
wards Ross. Pen and ink sketches of 
eminent English literary personages. L. 

Cosmopolite. Lorenzo Dow. A cry 
from the wilderness . . . U.S. 1830. 

Cosmopolite. Alfred Tobias John 
Martin. The Penzance library. A sat- 
ire [in verse]. Penzance, 1842. 

Cosmopolite. James Lawson, Tales 
and sketches. By . . . 1830. 

Cosmopolite, A. John Dix, afterwards 
Ross. Sportsman in Ireland, with his 
summer route through the Highlands of 
Scotland ... L. 1840. 

Cotton, Robert Turner. Mortimer 
Collins. Mr. Carington. A tale . . . 
L. 1873. 

Cotton Manufacturer, A. Edward 
Atkinson. Cheap cotton and free labor . . . 
B. 1861. 

Cloulthurst), H. W., D.D., &c. Rev. 
Alexander Geddes. A sermon preached 
before the university of Cambridge, 
by . . . [in doggerel rhymes]. L. 1796. 

Count, Noah. Edwin H. Trafton, 

editor of the "Art Review" (N.Y. and 
Chic), 1870-71. 

Countreyman, A. Rev. John Ander- 
son, M.A. A letter from ... to a curat. 
Glasgow, 1711. 

Country Bookseller, A. George Mil- 
ler. Latter struggles in the journey of 
life . . . Edinb. 1833. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Thomas 
Sihes. M.A. An address to Lord Teign- 
mouth ... L. 1805. 

Country Clergyman, A. John Kins- 
man Tucker. The catechism of the 
Church of England explained and illus- 
trated. Ipswich, 1849 

Country Clergsrraan, A. Rev. Plump- 
ton Wilson. The connection between doc- 
trine and duties ... in a sermon by . . . 
L. 1826. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. W. 
Fletcher. A C. C.'s humble and earnest 
appeal to the hearts and understandings 
of the Lords and Commons in Parlia- 
ment assembled. L. 1833. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Elisha 
Smith. The cure of Deism ; or, the me- 
diatorial scheme by Jesus Christ the only 
true religion ... L. 1737. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Charles 
Dunsier, of Petworth, Sussex. Discur- 
sory considerations on St. Luke's pre- 
face ... L. 1806. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Rob- 
ert Ingram. An explanation of the 
Prophecy of the Seven Vials ... L. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. John 
Butler. The extent and limits of the 
subjection due to princes ... L. 1747. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Wil- 
liam DodweU. Letter to the author of 
" Some considerations on the act to pre- 
vent clandestine marriages'' ... L. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. John 
Balguy. Letter to a Deist, concerning 
the beauty ... of moral virtue ... L. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. John 
William Cunningham. Morning thoughts 
. . . L. lo^D. 

Country Clergj^man, A. Rev. Wil- 
liam Wake. A letter ... to his brother 
in the neighbourhood touching some re- 
proaches cast upon the bishops. L. 1702. 

Country Clergyman, A. Samuel 
Wilberforce.y D.D. Note-book of . . . L, 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Ed- 
ward Berens. Pastoral advice to mar- 
ried persons. By . . . Oxf. 1821. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. C. G. 




Perceval. Plain sermons preached in a 
Tillage church ... L. 1851. 

Country Clergyman, A. Rev. Charles 
Dunster, M.A. Psalms and hymns, se- 
lected ... L. 1812. 

Country Clergyman, A. Bev. Ed- 
ward Berens. Tracts on the relative 
duties of married persons . . . Oxf. 

Country Curate, A. Bev. 2!achary 
Grey. A free and familiar letter to that 
great refiner of Pope and Shakespear, 
the Bev. Mr. William Warburton . . . 
With remarks upon the epistle of firiend 
A. £. In which his unhandsome treat- 
ment of this celebrated writer is ezpos'd 
in the manner it deserves. L. 1760. 

The "EpUtle of friend A. E." is Gray's 
**Word or two of advice, etc." The letters 
** A. £." are the vowels in Zacbary Grey. 

Country Curate, A. Bev. Erskine 
Neale. The living and the dead ... L. 

Country Curate, A. Rev. Charles 
Benjamin TayUr, Af.A, May you like 
it . . . L. 1828. 

Country Curate, A. Bev, James White, 
Village poor-house. By . . . L. 1832. 

Coantiy Curate, The. Bev. Alexan- 
der Robert Charles Dallas, The C. C.'s 
offering to his parishioners ... L. 

Country-IMvine, A. Rev, William 
Binckes, An expedient proposed ... L. 

Country Divine, A. Bev. Samttel 
Wesley. A letter . . . concerning the 
education of the Dissenters ... L. 1703. 

Country Editor, A. Johnson J. 
Hooper. — See " Suggs, Simon." 

Country Gentleman, A. Sir Thomas 
Turton. An address to the good sense 
and candour of the people of England, 
in behalf of the dealers in com ... L. 

Country-Gentleman, A. ff. Halker- 
stoun, of Rathillet, Fifeshire. Considera- 
tions on man, in his natural as well as 
moral state . . . Edinb. 1764. 

Country Gentleman, A. Sir Charles 
Bingham. An essay on the use and ne- 
cessity of establishing a militia in Ire- 
land . . . Dub. 1767. 

Conntiy Gentleman, A Zachary 
Orey, Examination of a late edition of 
Shakespeare ... L. 1762. 

Country Gentleman, A. Bx. Hon, 
Edward Weston, Family discourses . . . 
L. 1768. 

Country Gentleman, A. Rev. Rich- 
ard Polwhele. The family picture; or, 
domestic education: a poetic epistle 

from ... to his college friend the Bishop 
ofMHkMHw. L. 1808. 

Country Gentleman, A. William 
Coombe, Esq. A letter from ... to a 
Member of Parliament. L. 1700. 

Country Gentleman, A. Sir Fran- 
cis Granty Lord Cullen. A letter ... to 
his friend in the city . . . n.p., n.d. 

Country Gentleman, A. William 
Kinosman, of Petworth. A letter to the 
Right Honble. Sir John Sinclair, Bart. 
. . . L. 1811. 

Country Gentleman, A. William 
Fletcher. Lights, shadows, and reflections 
of Whigs and Tories ... L. 1841. 

Country Gentleman, A. Bt, Rev. 
Dr. Thomas Lewis 0*Beime. Series of 
essays in a daily newspaper under the 
signature of . . . 1780. 

Country Gentleman, The. Rt. Hon. 
Edward Weston. Tlie 0. G.'s advice to 
his neighbors. L. 1755. 

Country Gentleman, The. Abraham 
Tucker. The 0. G.'s advice to his son on 
the subject of party clubs. L. 1755. 

Country Gentleman, formerly of 
the University of Cambridge, A. 
Thomas James Mathias. A letter to 
[John Mainwaring] the author of a 
pamphlet entitled *' Remarks on the pur* 
suits of literature "... L. 1798. 

Country Magistrate, A. Dr, Glasse* 
The magistrate's assistant . . . Glocester, 

Country Minister, A. Caleb Wroe. 
Four letters to a friend ... L. 1725. 

Also ascribed to Dr. Thomas Morgan. 

Country Minister, A. Rev, Alexan* 
der Dunlop. The law of the Sabbath, of 
perpetual obligation . . . Edinb. 1847. 

Country Parson, A. Andrew Ken- 
nedy Hutchison Boyd, D.D. Autumn 
holidays. L. 1864. 

Country Parson, A. Bev. Mr, Ed 
wards, of Aldwinkle, Northamptonshire. 
A Christmas carol ... L. 1715. 

Country Parson, A. Rev, W. Salis- 
bury. An epistle ... to a residentiary of 
St. PauPs. Chelmsford, n.d. 

Country Parson, A. Rev. Henry 
Moule. My kitchen garden ... L. 1860. 

Country Parson, A. Rev, Francis 
Carles Uingeston-Randolphf M.A. Rec- 
ords of a rocky shore ; or, annals of our 
village ... L. 1876. 

Country Parson, A Retired. Rev. 
Richard Warner, Diary of . . . [in 
verse]. L. 1848. 

Country Parson's Daughter, A. 
Mrs, Elizabeth (Emra) Holmes, Lawrence 
the martyr : scenes in our parish. 2d se- 
ries. Bristol, 18-. 




Country Pastor, A. Bev, Richard 
Whattly. A letter to his parishioners on 
the disturbances which have lately oc- 
curred ... L. 1880. 

Country Rector, A. Rev, Spencer 
Cobbold. The duty of acknowledging 
Jesus Christ in all we do : a sermon . . . 
Ipswich, 1835. 

Country School Master, A. William 
Leagett. Tales and sketches . . . N.Y. 

Country Vicar, A. Rev, F. Mere- 
weather. A defence of moderation in re- 
ligious doctrine, practice, and opinion 
... L. 1812. 

Countryman, A. Rev, Isaac Backui, 
A letter . . . concerning taxes to support 
religious worship ... L. 1771. 

<3ountryman of Martin Luther, A. 
Rev. Anthony Kohlmanf S.J. Centennial 
jubilee, to be celebrated . . . throughout 
the United States ... in commemoration 
of the Reformation . . . 1517 . . . Bait. 

County Court Judge, A. F, BayUy. 
The origin and object of Roman Catho- 
lic doctrines. L. 1875. 

Cour, T. E. W. G. T. Barter. Two 
essays : life, law, and literature. L. 1803. 

Coartenay, Peregrine. William 
Jdackworth Praed, in " Knight's Quar* 
terly Magazine," 1823-24. 

Courtenay, Sir William Percy 
Honeywood, K.M. — See " Tom, J. N." 

Couthouy, Marlon. Marion C. Smith, 
in the " Philadelphia Bulletin." 

Coventry. Reo. Jonathan Evans, in the 
"Gospel Magazine," 1777-78, and the 
« Christian Magazine," 1790-93. 

Conrkeeper, The. Samuel Wilber- 
force, in the "John Bull," about 1827. 

Coxe, Henry, Esq. J<^n Millard, 
The gentleman's guide in his tour 
through France. L. 1817. 

Crabtree, Culpepper, Esq. Rei\ 
Robert Jackson Mac George, who edited 
the " Sederunts " in the " Anglo-Ameri- 
can Magazine," Toronto. — See "Solo- 
mon of Streetsville." 

Crackenthorpe, Mrs. The supposed 
editor of the " Female Tatler." L. 1709. 

Craddock, Charles Egbert. Miss 
Mary N. Murfree. In the Tennessee 
mountains. B. 1884. 

Craft, Zachary. Charles Kelsall, The 
first sitting of the committee on the 
proposed monument to Shakspeare, 
taken in shorthand . . . Cheltenham, 

Craig, J. H., of Douglas, Esquire. 
James Hogg. The hunting of Badlewe : 
a dramatic tale ... L. 1814. 

Crambo, Cornelius. William Barnes 
Rhodes, Esq, Eccentric tales, in yerse . . . 
L. 1808. 

Cramer, Julian. Joseph Lemuel Clts- 
ter. He was a frequent contributor to 
the press, under various pseudonyms, of 
which the best known is "Julian Cra- 

Crassus, Lucius. Alexander Hamil- 
ton. Examination of the President'a 
message . . . N.Y. 1802. 

Craven. Capt, John William Carle- 
ton, Hyde Marston; or, a sportsman's 
Ufe . . . L. 1844. 

Crawley, Junior. Rt, Hon. John Wil- 
ton Croker, in Lady Morgan's " Florence 

Crawley, Capt. George Frederick 
Pardon. Guide to London and its sub- 
urbs. L. 

Crawley, Captain Bawdon. George 
Frederick Pardon. Backgammon . . • 
L. 1868. 

Crayne, Ruth. Mrs, Louisa Amelia 
(Pratt) M*Gaffey, whose poems hare 
been published in the " Ohio Cultirator,"" 
the " Odd Fellows* Casket and Review " 
(Cin.), and the " Ohio Farmer." 

Crayon, Christopher. James Ewing 
Ritchie, in his contributions to the 
" Christian Worid," 1884. 

Crayon, Geoffrey, Gent. Washing^ 
ton Irving. The sketch book. N.T. 1820. 

Crayon, Porte. David Hunter Strother,. 
Virginia illustrated . . , N.Y. 1857. Also 
in his contributions to " Harper's Maga- 




Crayon, Porte. Bernard Isaac Dur- 
ward. Wild flowers of Wisconsin. 1872. 

Credens. Caleb Fleming. An antidote 
for the rising age against scepticism and 
infidelity. . . from . . .'to "Scepticus. 
L. 1766. 

Crediton Poet, The. C. Jones, 

Creole. Mrs, A, M. C. Massena^ 
Marie's mistake. B. 1809. 

Creole de la Uouislane, Un. Ev^ 
aene Musson. Lettre k NapoMon lU. sur 
resclavage aux Etats du Sud. Faris^ 

Cresinus. Jedediah Hunt. The cot> 
tage maid : a tale in rhyme. Cin. 1847. 
Also in his contributions to various peri- 

Cress. Mrs. Robert P, Porter, in her 
contributions to the "Enquirer" (Cin.). 

Creyton, Paul. John Townsend Trow- 
bridge, Father Brighthopes; or, an old 
clergyman's vacation . . . N.Y. 1863. 

Crib, Tom. Thomas Moore, Tom 
Crib's memorial to Congress ... By 
one of the Fancy. [In verse.] L. 1819. 




Crick, Susan. Horace May hew (?). 
Letters about missuses, by a maid of all- 
work ... L. 1854. 

Crimean Chaplain, A. Henry Press 
Wright, Recollections of . . . and the 
story of Prince Daniel and Montenegro. 
L. 1867. 

Crine, George, M.D. Sir John Hill. 
The management of the gout . . . n.p. 

Cringle, Tom. Michael Scott, The 
cruise of the " Midge." Edinb. 1896. 

Crinkle, Nym. Andrew C, Wheeler, 
The chronicles of Milwaukee . . . Mil- 
waukee, 1801. Also art critic of the N.Y. 
" World." 

Crino. Samuel J, Tilden. 

Crippled Fayette. Thomas Fayette 
Jeffries, "Crippled Fayette," of Rock- 
ingham . . . Mountain Valley, Va., 1857. 

Crispin. Dr, Wiiliam Wagstaffe, 
Crispin the cobler's confutation of Ben 
H— dly... L. 1711. 

Crtspinus. John Westland Marston, 
The patrician's daughter. L. 1841. He 
was one of the editors of the " National 
Magazine," and contributed to the " Athe- 
neum " some stirring lyrics, of which the 
best known is his " Death ride at Bala- 

Crtspus. Major C, C. Wheeler, in the 
Brooklyn "Eagle." 

Cristal, Maurice. Maurice Gkrma, 
Delasscments du travail. Paris, 18-. 

Crithannah, Job. Jonathan Birch, 
Fifty-one original fables, with morals 
and ethical index, written by . . . L. 

Criticus. Rev. William Orme, Mc< 
moir of the controversy respecting the 
Three Heavenly Witnesses, I. John, v. 7 
. . L. 1830. 

Critique. Dennis B. Sheahan. 

Critique mari^, Le. Jules Gabriel 
Janin. Le manage du critique, in the 
" Joivmal des IMbats." Paris, 1841. 

Crito. Two letters bearing this sig- 
nature have been attributed to Junius 
(q.v.). They appeared in the "Public 
Advertiser " for April 20 and 27, 1769, 
and are addressed to the Hon. Edward 

Crito. Samuel Brown, in the London 
" Insurance Magazine." 

Crito. Rev. John Duncombe, who, 
under this pseudonym and others, con- 
tributed to the " Gent. Mag." for twenty 
years, 1705-1785. 

Crito. Thomas Sanderson. "As an 
author, Mr. Sanderson first became fa- 
miliar to the public by various prose and 
poetical pieces, published under the sig- 

nature of ' Crito ' ... in the ' Cumber- 
land Pacquet.' " 

Crito. Charles Lamb, On the danger 
of confounding moral with personal de- 
formity, contributed to the " Reflector." 

Crito. John Millar, Letters ... on 
the causes, objects, and consequences of 
the present war. 2d ed. Edinb. 1796. 

Crito. Elijah Waring. A poem on 
the death of that faithful and laborious 
minister of the Gospel, Benjamin Eidd. 
L. 1762. 

Crito Cantabrigiensis. Thomas Tur- 
Um, D,D, A vindication of the literary 
character of the late Professor Person 
... L. 1827. 

Croaker. Joseph Rodman Drake. 

The flnt four of the once famooB " Croaker 
Pieces" were written by him for the "New 
York Evening Poet," in which they appeared 
between the lOtb and 20th of March, 1819. Then 
Drake made Fitz-Greene Halleck a partner, and 
the remainder of the pieces were signed ** Croak- 
er and Co." The last one written by Drake was 
** The American Flag," and the lost of the series, 
"Curtain Conversations/' was contributed by 

Croalcer and Co. Joseph Rodman 
Drake and Fitz-Greene Halleck, in the 
"New York Evening Post/' 1819. 

Crocus. Charles C. Leonard. His- 
tory of Pithole . . . Pithole City, Pa., 

Croesus, Chippenham. A. W. Caws- 
ton, Fortunate youth ; or . . containing 
the commencement, action, and denoue- 
ment of the Newmarket Hoax. 1818. 

Croftangry, Chrystal. Sir Walter 
Scott, Chronicles of the Canongate. 
Edinb. 1826-28. 

Croix, Blanche. Charles Edtcard 
Long, Esq. The crest of Howard, " Gent. 
Mag.," February, 1849. 

Cromwell of New England, The. 
Samuel Adams, so termed in a London 

Croquelardon, Ije R. P. Jean Gllles 
lioup Boniface. Jacques Albin Simon 
Collin de Plancy. Les trois animaux 
philosophes ; ou, les voyages de Tours de 
Saint-Corbinian . . . Paris, 1818. 

Croquis, Alfred. Daniel Maclise, 
R.A. Portraits in "Fraser's Magazine.** 

Crosse, Launcelot. M. Frank Carr. 
Characteristics of I^igh Hunt. L. 1878. 

C(ros8nian), C. O. William Maginn, 
in the "London Literary Gazette" in 

Crossman, P. P. William Maginn, in 
the "London Literary Gazette " in 182-. 

Qrow, Jaines. George Stevenson Pine, 

Crowfield, Christopher. Mrs. Har- 
riet Beecher Siowe, Home and home 
papers. B. 187-. 




CrowqulU, Alfired. Alfred Henry Far- 
rester. The pictorial ^ammar. L. 187-. 

CrowquUl, Alfred. Charles Robert 
Forrester, as well as Alfred Henry, who 
used this pseudonym conjointly from 
1820 to 1844. 

Crucelll, F. James A. Sidey. Mis- 
tura curiosa : being a higgledy piggledy 
of Scotch English Irish Nigger golfing 
curling comic serious and sentimental 
odds . . . and fables . . . Edinb. 1800. 

Cruiser, Benedict, M.M. (married 
man). George Augustus Sola. How I 
tamed Mrs. Cruiser . . . Edited ... L. 

Crusoe, Robinsop. Daniel Defoe. 
The life and surprising adventures of 
... of York. Mariner. Written by him- 
self. L. 1819. 

Crust, Christie. Eliza Freeman Deni- 
son. Autumn leares . . . Portland, Me., 

CryptonymuB. Joseph Owmey Bevan, 
A brief reply to Catholicus's season- 
able address to Disciplinarians ... L. 

Cryptonymos. Kenneth Bobert ff, 
Mackenzie. The royal Masonic cyclo- 
paedia of history, rites, symbolism, and 
biography. L. 1877. 

Cub, The. Charles James Fox. The 
cub: a satire [on his dismissal from 
office]. L. 1774. 

Cultivateur, Un Am^ricalii. Hector 
St. John Crevecomr. Lettres . . . Sorites 
& Wm. S., Esq., 1770-1780. Paris, 1787. 

Cultivateur de New Jersey, Un. 
William Livingston. Examen du gouveme- 
ment d'Angleterre ... L. 1789. 

Cumberland Landowner, A. Sir 
James Robert George Graham. Free trade 
in corn the real interest of the landlord 

. . . Ld. lOiwO. 

Cumberland Poet, The. William 

Cumbermere, Liord Claudius Hast- 
ings. Jean Baptisie Alfred Assolant. 
Les aventures de El. Brunner . . . Paris, 

Cuore, Iiavinia Buon. Mme. Lamnia 
Buoncuore Urhino. Sunshine in the palace 
or cottage. B. 1854. 

Curate of liondon, A. Bev. Arthur 
Ashley Sykes. A letter to . . . the Earl 
of Nottingham ... L. 1721. 

Curate of Wilts, A. Bev. William 
Fleetwood. A Letter to the Reverend 
Dr. Snape, wherein the authority of the 
Christian Priesthood is maintained . . . 
L. 1718. The letter is signed " S. T." 

Curator of the Antiquities, The. 
Rrv. Charles WellbcJoved. A descriptive 

account of the antiquities in the grounds 
and in the museum of the Yorkshire 
Philosophical Society . . . York, 1852. 

Curdle, Cream, Irving Brown. The 
character of the nurse's deceased hus- 
band in "Romeo and Juliet.'' By . . . 
Edited by W. Ord Hunter, n.p., n.d. 

Curieux Septua^naire, Un. Baron 
F€lix Se'bastien Feuiliet de Conches. Sou- 
venirs de jcunesse d' . . . Paris, 1877. 

Curiosibhoy, Adersey. Joseph S. 
Moore. The " Parsee " letters, addressed 
to Horace Greeley, Sahib. N.Y., 18(19. 

Curloso, II Parlante. Don Ramon 
de Masonero y Bomanos. Panorama ma- 
tritense. Madrid, 1835. 

Curiosus. Charge Oliver^ D.D. 

In 1828, In conluoeUon wtlh the Ilcv. J. P. 
Jones of North Bovey, Dr. Oliver published 
the *' Eccleaiastical Antiquities of Devon and 
Cornwall," a aeries of papers first contributed to 
the "Exeter and Plymouth Gazette," under the 
signatures of **Cartosus" and " Devoniensis.'* 
He also " contributed for many years a valuable 
series of letters, under tbe signature ' Curiosus,' 
to the columns of the < Exeter Flying Post.' " 

Curiosus. John James Gibson Fuller. 
Brasses formerly in Crowan Church. 
West Breton, 1808. 

Curl-Pated. John Hamilton Beyndds, 
in the " London Magazine." 

Curtiss, Percy. Mrs. William N. 
Cox. Richard Peters ; or, could he for- 
give him . . , B. 1872. 

Curtius. Dr. William JacJcsonj author 
of letters in the "Public Ledger under 
this pseudonym. 

Curtius. Noah Webster. His signature 
to a series of papers, in 1796, sustaining 
Jay's treaty. 

Curtius. John Taylor {'i). A defence 
of the measures of the Administration of 
Thomas Jefferson . . . Wash., D.C., 

Curtius. William J. Orayson. Let- 
ters of Curtius. Charleston, o.C, 1851. 

Curtius. John T/iompson. Letters of 
Curtius. Richmond, 1804. 

Cushman, Lilla N. Anna M. S. Bos- 

Custos. Thomas Bevan. Lindley 
Murray Hoag and the Society of Friends. 
L. 1853. 

Cutting, Pierce. Charles Hull Webb, 
in his contributions to the "Bovs and 
Gh-ls' Weekly " (N.Y.). 

Cycla. Mrs. Helen Clacy. Aunt 
Dorothy's will : a novel. L. 1800. 

Cyclos. George E. Blackham, M.D. 
An American bicvcler. 

Cyclos, a Member of the Glasgour 
Skating Club. George Anderson. The 
art of skating . . . Glasgow, 1852. 

Cymon. Frederick lltonuis Somerby. 




Hit8 aad daahes ; or, a medlej of sketches 
and scraps ... B. 1851. 

Cypher, A. H, Nutting, A few plain 
remarks on decimal currencj . . . Lu- 
ton, Beds., 1856. 

Cypress, J,, Jr. William Pott Hawes, 
Sporting scenes and sundry sketches 
• • ■ .N.x . lo4^. 

CyrUla. Baroness Tautphceus, formerly 
Miss Jemima Montgomery. Cyrilla: a 
tale. L. 1853. 

Cyrllle. Baron Adolphe d'Avril. De 
Paris & risle des Serpents k trayers la 
Roumane la Hongrie, et les benches du 
Danube. Paris, 1876. 


A. David Macbeth Moir. Biographi- 
cal memoir of the late Mrs. Hemans. 
L. 1836. 

A. Francis Barham, A loyal address 
to the Queen's Most Gracious Majesty . . . 
L. 1840. 

A. Benjamin Disraeli, Venetia. L. 

S. John Henry Newman, — See ''a" 
(under alpha). 

D. Duke ofSucdeugh, To the D. of 
B. ; animadverting upon his political 
conduct. Edinb. (1) 1770. 

D. Rev, Benjamin Franklin De Costa, 
in his letters to the ''Advertiser" (B.) 
during 1861-62. 

D. Reu. Charles Dystm, "Four po- 
ems, contributed under the signature 
'D,' to the volume entitled 'Days and 
seasons/ pcfblished in 1845, show . . . the 
power and beauty with which he could 

D. J(An Frere, His signature to 
papers in the " Microcosm," published at 
Eton College, 1787 et seq. 

D. Rev. John Henry Newman, one of 
the contributors to "Tracts for the 
Times." L. 1840-48. 

D. Rev. David Malcdme, An essay 
on the antiquities of Great Britain and 
Ireland [in letters signed "D."]. Edinb. 

D. Orville Dewey, D.D. A letter on 
devotion at church. From the "Chris- 
tian Examin-r." Vol. IV., No. IV. B. 

D. John Dickinson. Letters from a 
farmer in Pennsylvania to the inhabi- 
tants of the British Colonies. [The sev- 
eral letters signed " A Farmer," and the 
whole subscribed " D."l L. 1768. 

D., Dr. Dr. NichoLaus Delius, 
Shakespeare. Edited ... L. 1854. 

D., A. Anne Dutton. A discourse 
upon walking with God ... L. 1735. 

D., A. A. Darbv. An exhortation in 
Christian love to all who frequent horse- 
racing, cock-fighting . . . plays ... or any 

other vain diversions ... By . . • 
Shrewsbury, 1765. 

D., A. Mr. A. Dawson, A gmde to 
the musical tuition of very young chil- 
dren. By an old lady ... L. 1868. 

D., A. Mrs. A. Deane. A tour through 
the upper provinces of Hindostan . . . 
between the years 1804 and 1814 ... L. 

D. A. Y. David Elisha Davy. His 
signature in the "Gent. Mag." 

D., B. Benjamin Dorr. The history 
of a pocket prayer-book ... P. 1839. 

D. B. Charles M. Fleury, DM. Me- 
moir. L. 1854. 

D., B. F. Benjamin Franklin De Costa, 
Ticonderoga once more. N.Y. 1870. 

D., C. Mrs. Charles Dyson. Memori- 
als of a departed friend. L. 1833. 

D., C. Charles Deane. New England's 
prospect ... By W. Wood. [With a 
" Preface to the present edition, signed 
"C.l>."] B. 1866. 

D., C. Charles Dent. Socialist excur 
sion to Rosherville Gardens . . . [Verses.] 
L. 1844. 

D., C. A. Mrs. C. A. De Wint. Mel- 
zinga. N.Y. 1845. 

D., G. B. Rev. Charles Broume Dal- 
ton, M.A. New Zealand. Letters from 
the Bishop to the Society for the propa- 
gation of the Gospel. Edited ... L. 

D., C. C. Charles Carroll Dawson. 
Occasional thoughts and fancies. Des 
Moines, Iowa, 1860. 

D., C. F. Charles Force Deems, author 
of " Triumph of peace and other poems," 
185-, etc., editor of the " Southern Meth- 
odist Pulpit," and contributor to the 
London " Gent. Mag.," " Southern Metli- 
odist Quarterly," and other journals. 

D. C. li. Alexander James Beresford- 
Hope. Letters on church matters. By 
. .. From the "Morning Chronicle." 
L. 1851. 

D. D., Cantab. Richard Wilson. The 
praises of T. Carlyle, the historian . . . 




(Praises of T. Wright, a learned histo- 
rian . . . Let the praises of other Chel- 
sea worthies be added . . .) L. 1873. 

D., £. Edward Denham, in his contri- 
butions to the " State " ( Richmond, Va.), 

D., E. Edmond Douay, Comme on 
devient un homme d'apr^s les id^es de 
B. Franklin. Edited . . . Paris, 1865. 

D., £. Eliphaiet Dyer. Remarks on 
Dr. Gale's letter to J. W., Esq. n.p. 

D., £. Edward Dennant. The suffer- 
ings of Christ, the glory of saints. By 
. . Ipswich, 1700. 

!>., E. Rev, Edward Davison, Tenta- 
men theologicmn; or, an attempt to 
assist the yonng clergyman ... in the 
choice of a subject for his sermon . . . 
Durham, 1850. 

D., E. Emerson Dowaon. The youth's 
spelling, pronoimcing, and explanatory 
theological dictionary ... L. 1818. — 
See " N. & Q.," 4th sen, xi., 402, 431. 

D., E. A. Mrs, E. A. Davenport. 
Philip; or, content: a story. L. 1855. 

D., E. P. E. F. Dagley. Fsdry favours 
and other tales ... L. 1825. 

D., E. H. EUas Basket Derby. Reality 
versus fiction : a review ... B. 1860. — 
See " A Citizen of Boston." 

D. F. Daniel Dtfoe, An enquiry into 
the occasional conformity of Dissenters 
, . . L. 1701. 

D., F. I. Mrs. Florence I. Duncan. 
Ye last sweet thing in comers ... P. 

D., G. George Dyer, in Lamb's " Elia." 
Oxford in the Vacation. 

D., — G. George Daniel. All's well 
that ends well . . . with remarks ... L., 
about 1828. 

D., G. George Dodd. Chambers' 
handy guide to the Kent and Sussex 
coast in six routes or districts. By . . . 
L. 1863. 

D., G. G. DouglUy. Church-cate- 
chism ... L. 1703. 

D., G. George Daniel. Democritus 
in London, with the mad pranks and 
comical conceits of Robin Goodfellow. 
By . . . L. 1852. 

D.,G. G.Dani. England... L.1878. 

D., G. George Dunbar. Herodotus, 
Gnece ct Latine . . . Edited . . . Edinb. 

D., G. George Darley. The life of 
VirgiL Signed . . . L. 1826. 

D., G. George Duer. The poetical 
works of J. Hammond and Lord Hervey, 
with biographical sketches of the auth- 
ors. By . . . L. 1818. 

D., G., and B., E. George Daniel and 
Edwin Bentley. Stanaas on Lord Nel- 
son's death and victory. By . . . L. 

D., G. H. Rev. George Henry Dash- 
wood. Sigilla antiqua. Engravings from 
ancient seals attached to deeds and char- 
ters [at] Stowe-Bardolph . . . Stowe- 
Bardolph, 1847-62. 

D., G. W. George W. Driggs. Open- 
ing of the Mississippi; or, two years' 
campaigning in the South- West . . . 
Madison, Wis., 1864. 

D. H. Richard Groughj his usual signa- 
ture in the " Gent. Mag." His first com- 
munication to that periodical was an 
account of the village of Aldfriston in 
Sussex (Vol. XXXVII., p. 443) under 
this signature. "Antiquities at Aldfriston 
in Sussex." 

D., H. Henry Drummond. A defence 
of the students of prophecy . . . L. 1828. 

D., H. Harriet Dallaway. Etchings 
of views in the vicarage of Letherhead, 
Surrey, by . . . L. 1821. 

D., H. Hannah Doyle. A few words 
on the third query ... L. 1860. 

D., H. Henry Davies. Hours in the 
picture gallery of Thirlestonc House, 
Cheltenham . . . Cheltenham, 1846. 

D.,H. Mrs. Harriet (Miller) David- 
son. Lines for little lips . . . Edinb. 1856. 

D., H. Henry Dircks. The Polytech- 
nic College ... L. 1867. ' 

D., H., Esq. Hugh Doherty, The dis- 
covery ; or, the mysterious separation of 
• . . and Ann his wife. By ... L. 1807. 

D., H., Bipensls. Heneage Dering. 
Reliqus Eboracenses. Per . . . Eboraci, 

D., H. A. Miss Henriette Duff^ in 
" Temple Bar," " St. James's Magazine," 
the " Graphic," and the " Spectator." 

D., H. B. Henry Barton Dawson. The 
colors of the United States first raised 
over the capitol of the Confederate 
States, April 3, 1865. Morrisania, 1866. 

D., H. F. Mrs. H. F. Del/. "Safe 
in the arms of Jesus " ; or, memorials of 
L. A. Delf. By her mother ... L. 

D'l., I. Isaac DTsraeli, Esq, Re- 
marks on the biographical accounts of 
the late Samuel Johnson, LL.D. ... in 
the "Gent. Mag.," December, 1786, p. 

D., J. James Dunwoody Brownson D" 
Bow, editor of the " Southern Quarterly 
Review," 1843-45, founder and editor of 
"De Bow's Monthly Review" at Kew 
Orleans, 184d-57 et seq., author of " In- 
dustrial Resources and Statistics of the 



Southern and Western States/' 1853. — 
See "A Citizen." 

D., J. John Distumell, The Eastern 
toarist . . . N.Y. 1848. 

D., J. James Daffbme. Fairholt's 
** Houses, haunts, and works of Kubens " 
. . . Edited ... L. 1871. 

D., J. J(^ Davidson, The fall of 
the Pope, and the fate of the French 
President. L. 1852. 

D., J. John Dix, afterwards Hoss, 
Pen pictures of popular English preach- 
ers ... L. 1851. 

D., J. Jane Dewhurst. Poenas . . . 
Kingston, 1858. 

D., J. John Davidson, Remarks on 
aome of the editions of the Acts of the 
Parliaments of Scotland. Edinb. 1702. 

D., J. J(^n Davy. Sir H. Davy's 
consolations in travel ; or, the last days 
•of a philosopher. Edited ... L. 1851. 

D., J. James Dallaway, Some ac- 
•connt of the Cistcrtian Priory of Ripa 
Mola ... In a letter . . . by . . . Edited 
by N. C, xje., Nicholas Carlisle. L. 1887. 

D., J., CblmrgUB. John Dix, — See 
" Chirurgus." 

D., J. F. J. F, Davis. A vocabulary 
containing Chinese words and phrases 
peculiar to Canton and Macao . . . 
Macao, 1824. 

D., J. H. Rec, J. H, Davie*. Tlie 
lady of the valley: an Essex legend. 
-Colchester, 1875. 

D., J. H. J. Hamilton Dundas (?). 
Scraps of a scribbler : being a few short 
poems ... on various subjects. By . . . 
Edinb. 1834. 

D., J. It. J. L, Dowling. Te historic 
■of Leadenhall [Market]. By . . . L, 

D., J. M. John Marriott Davenport, 
Memorandum as to oaths . . . 1873. 

D., J. N. John Nelson Darby, Notes 
•on Scripture. Glasgow, 1866. 

D., J. N. Rev. John Neale DaUon, Jr, 
^rmons to naval cadets. By . . . L. 

D., J. R. John DiXf afterwards Ross, 
A hand-book of Newport and Rhode 
Island . . . Newport, 1852. 

D., J. R. James Reid Dill. A sermon 
from the Grave. L. 1862. 

D., J. W. Rev. John William Donald- 
son, A brief exposure of the Rev. J. S. 
Perowne. L. 1855. 

D.,J.W. John William Dawson, LL,D. 
Catalogue of Canadian plants in the 
Holmes Herbarium . . . Montreal, 1850. 

D., J. W. J. W, Duffy. Julia In- 
.grand . . . From the Spanish. By . . . 
L. 1877. 

D., Li. Leonard Digges. Gerard, the 
unfortunate Spaniard. L. 1653. 

D., M. Matthew Dawes. A letter to 
Lord Chatham, concerning the present 
war of Great Britain against America, 
etc. By a gentleman of the Inner Tem* 
pie. L. 1776. 

!>., M. A. Michael Aidahie Denham. 
Folk lore; or, manners and customs of 
the North of England. By . . . Civ. 
Dunelm, 1850-52. 

D., M. A. Mrs. Mary Andrews Deni- 
son. John Dane ... B. 1874. 

D., M. F, P. Mary F. P, Dunbar. 
The Shakespeare birthday book. [Mot- 
toes selected by M. F. P. D/] L. 1875. 

D., M. J. HI. Margaret Juliana Maria 
Dunbar. Art and nature under an Italian 
sky. By . . . L. 1852. 

D., M. M. Mrs. Mary Mapes Dodge, 
editor of " Saint Nicholas " (N.Y.). 

D., N. B. N. B. Dennys, A short 
vocabulary of the Mongolian language, 
in the dialect chiefly used on the north- 
em border of China ... By the editor 
. . . Hong Kong, 1867. 

D., N. H. Nathan HaskeU Dole, as 
literary editor, and contributor, to the 
" Philadelphia Press," 

D., P. Fhilip Dodd. No change for 
the worse, a mistaken notion. By . . . 
L. 1803. 

D. P. lije,f Desiderius Pastor). Rev. 
Gerard MouUree, M.A.f who contributed 
thirty-flve hymns to the "People's 
Hymnal" (1867), some of which are 
signed "D. P.," others "M," and one 
" The Primer." 

D., R. Richard Duppa. Elements of 
the science of botany ... L. 1800. 

D.,R. Richard De Courcy. Jehu's 
looking glass . . . Edinb. 1772. 

D., R. H., Jr. Richard Henry Dana, 
Jr. Two years before the mast . . . 
N.Y. 1844. 

D., S. — See " Dowell, Samuel." 

D., S. Selina Ditcher. Life lost or 
saved ... L. 1866. 

D., S. A. Samuel A. Drake (?). Cat- 
alogue of the private library of S. G. 
Drake . . . (His life-work and his li- 
brary, by S. A. D.) 1876. 

D., S. G. Samuel G. Dralce. Notice 
of W. T. Harris . . . [With a preface 
by S. G. D.] B. 1855. 

D., S. M. Mrs. Sarah Matilda Davis. 
Life and times of Sir Philip Sidney. B. 

D., S. R. Rev. Spencer Rodney Drum- 
mond, M.A. [A sermon preached after 
the funeral of C. Drummond. With a 
memoir by . . .] L. 1858. 




D., T. Thomas Delaune, The image 
of the bea£t ... L. 1712. 

D., T. Bev. Thomas Dale, The widow 
... of Nain; and other poems. Bj . . . 

D., T. F. Thomas Frognall Dibdin. 
Bibliography: a poem ... L. 1812. 

D., W. William Drysdaltf correspon- 
dent of the "New York Times." 

D., W. W, Duncan, Britain's glorj ; 
or, the downfall of the French Repnb- 
Uc . . . L. 1794. 

D., W. W, Day. A collection of 
psalms and hymns for public worship. 
Compiled . . . Evesham, 1796. 

D., W. Rev, William Dalton (?). A 
course of sermons on the creed of Pope 
Pius IV. . . . Wolverhampton, 1841. 

D., W. William Douglass, A disser- 
tation concerning inoculation of the 
small poz. B. 1736. 

D., W. W. Davidson. Letter to the 
Rev. John Gumming, D.D. ... L. 1861. 

D., W. William Duane. Remarks 
upon a si>eech delivered by Mrs. £. Cady 
Stanton I daring the summer of 1870. 
P. 1870. 

D., W. Wedderbum Dundas. St. 
Andrews. lanes by . . . 1888-89. 

D., W., MA. William Derham. The 
artificial clockmaker ... L. 1700. 

D., W. A. William Augustus Davis, 
Biographical notice of Charles Steams 
Wheeler, A.M., who died at Leipzig, 
June 18, 184.3, aged twenty-six years. 
By . . . B. 1843. 

D., W. A. Bishop William Abemethy 
Drummond, The lawf ullness of breaking 
faith with heretics . . . Edinb. 1778. 

D., W. G. William Giles Dix, The 
deck of the " Crescent City " : a picture 
of American life. N.Y. 1853. 

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close of twenty-«ight years of associa- 
tion with J. N. D[arby] ... L. 1866. 

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D., W. J. W. J. Duncan. Notes on 
the rate of discount in London . . . 
Edinb. 1877. 

D., W. li. W. L. Dickinson. The li^ 
tie book of family prayer . . . With an 
introduction by . . . L. 1870. 

D. Y. Edmund Quincy, in the *' Anti- 
Slavery Standard." 

!>•••*. Henri Gabriel Duchesne. No- 
tice historique sur la vie et les ouvrages 
de J. B. Porta. Paris, 1801. 

I>****, lie duo de. £tienne L^on, 
baron de Lamothe-Langon. M^moires 

de Louis XVIII Paris, 1832. 

*f J. A. Jacques Antoine Dulaure, 

Pogonologia; or, a philosophical and 
historical essay on beards [the dedica- 
tion signed "J. A. !)«•"]. Translated 
from the French [by E. Drewe 1]. 
Exeter, 1786. 

I>»**, J**». James Delacour. Abe- 
lard to Eloisa : in -answer to Mr. Pope's . . . 
Eloisa to Abelard. By . . . Dublin^ 

S******. Susanna Dowson„ 

Poems, domestic and miscellaneous . . . 
Norwich, 1844. 

I>»***ii. — Dawson. Observations 
on the conduct of Messrs. W*»»«»cks 
and . . . towards Mr. B»**d B**r [Brewer], 
their cashier. Dublin, 1756. 

U—n, B*»b. Bubb Dodington. A 
dialogue between G[ile]s E[arl]e and . . . 

D»***n, J**n, D.D. John Duncan, 
D.D. The plea for a private indulgence 
of grief. Addressed to the Hon. F**l*p 
B«*v«»ie [PhiUp Bouverie]. L. 1804. 

D . Erasmus Darwin. The botanic 

garden : a poem ... L. 1791. 

D— , Duke of. WiUiam Cavendish, 
1st Duke of Devonshire. The charms 
of liberty : a poem by the late ... L. 

D , D of. Duke of Dorset. Tlie 

. . . letters to the L[or]d C[hance]ll[o]r 
of Ireland. L. 1753. 

D , His R. H., the. Duke of Cum- 
berland. An attempt towards an apology 
for ... [A satire by R. Bentley.l L. 

D— , Benjamin. Benjamin Disraeli. 
Benjamin D , his little dinner. Illus- 
trated by " Whew." L. 1876. 

A iqQib in proM and verse on the policy of 
B. Di«raell, Earl of Beaconfifield. 

D , G. George Daniel. Cumber- 
land's British theatre ... L. 1829-43. 

D , J. R. Rev. James Beid Dill, 

A sermon from the grave. Memoir of 
N. Sproule ... L. 1862. 

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good thing in a family. Signed . . . 
Plymouth, 18-. 

D — k, S — n. Stephen Duck, The year 
of wonders : being a literal and poetical 
translation of an old Latin prophecy 
found near Merlin's Cave, by . . . L. 
1738 (?). 

D — n, Mr. J^oAn Dry den. A descrip- 
tion of . . . funeral : a poem. L. 1700. 
By T.Brown (?). 

D — n, Erasmus. Erasmus Darwin. 
The Golden Age : a poetical epistle from 
... to Thomas Beddoes, M.D. L. 1794. 

D — n, J. John Dean, A genuine ac- 
count of the ship S[usse]z ... L. 174U 




D — 8, O— e, Bellamy Browqjolui, 
and Dombey. Bobert Carr Dunham. 
No thoroughfare. B. 1868. 

D — 8t D — r, The. Conyers Middle- 
ton, D.D. The Deist Doctor detected ; 
or, free remarks on Dr. M/s examina- 
tion. By PhilotheoB. L. 1750 

D-la-y, Rev. Dr. Patrick Delany, A 
letter of advice to the . . . humblj pro- 
posed to the consideration of a certain 
great Lord. [In verse.] Dublin, 1726. 

D-11-8, Revd. M-rin-d-ke. Rev. Mar- 
maduke Dallas. A short and true state 
of the affair betwixt the Revd. J***m***t 
[Jemmet], Lord Bishop of C-rk [Cork] 
an^ R-ss [Ross], and . . . Dublin, 1749. 

D — mm — d, Mrs. Mrs, Drum- 
mond. The female speaker; or, the 
priests in the wrong : a poem ... L. 

lyA., Anna. Anna D* Almeida, A 
ladj's visit to Manilla and Japan . . . L. 

Dacre, Charlotte, better known by 
the name of " Rosa Matilda." Mrs. Char- 
lotte Dacre Byrne. Hours of solitude. A 
collection of original poems . . . L. 1806. 

Dadd, B. John If, Williams, 

Daddoiv, Daniel. Charles Bennett. 
Cornish comicalities in prose and verse. 
Truro, 1876. 

Dagobert, ChrysostCme. Jean Bap- 
tiste Alphonse Led*huy, A bon chat bon 
rat. tit for tat . . . L.-1866. 

Dagonet. George Robert Sims, in his 
contributions to the " Referee." L. 1877 
et seg. 

"Daily News" special correspon- 
dent> The. J, F, Maurice. The Ashan- 
tee war [with England in 1873-74]. A 
popular narrative. By . . . L. 1874. 

Daisy, Winter. Miss — Whiteway. 
Ettie Knott; or, silver-lined clouds. 
By . . . L. 1877. 

Dakotab, Hal A. General Henry Hast- 
ings Sibley, in his contributions to " Por- 
ter's Spirit of the Times," etc. 

Dale, Ellis. G, A. McKenzie, in his 
contributions to the " Canadian Monthly 
Magazine" (Toronto). 

Dale, Salvia. Mrs. Alice Dalsheimer. 
" Her contributions to the * New Orleans 
Times/ principally poetical, under this 
pen-name elicited encomiums and en- 
couraging predictions of future success." 

D^getty, Dugald. Major-General 
Sir Alexander Murray Tulloch, K.CB., 
who, under this signature, wrote in the 
Indian journals, cidling attention to cer- 
tain abuses practised on their soldiers by 
the Honorable East India Company. 

Dalln. M. Linda White VUlari. 

Courtship and campaign: a Milanese 
tale of m. 1873. 

Dalmocand. George Macdonaid. 
Poems and essays; or, a book for the 
times. By . . . L. 1861. 

Dalriada. D. B, Knox, of Armoy, 
Ireland, in his contributions to "Texas 
Siftings" (N.Y.). 

Dalrymple, Gilbert, T>.'D. Gerard 
Legh. A letter from Edinburgh to 
Dr. Sherlock ... L. 1718. 

Daly, Frederic. I^wis Austin. Henry 
Irving in England and America, 1838-84. 
L. 1884. — See "Lewis, Augustin." 

Daly, John. John Besemeres. Old 
Salt: a serio-comic drama in two acts. 
L. 1868. 

Damon. Elias Brockett. The yea 
and nay stock-jobbers ; or, the 'Change- 
Alley Quakers anatomized. In a bur- 
lesque epistle to a friend at sea. L. 

Danburian. Charles E, A, Mac- 

Danbury Newsman. James Mont- 
gomery Bailey, Life in Danbury. B. 

Danforth, Harry. C. J. Peterson. 
A native and resident of Philadelphia ; 
proprietor and co-editor of "Peterson's 
Ladies' National Magazine." 

Dangerfleld, John. Osuxild John 
Frederick Crawfurd. Grace Tolmar: a 
novel . . L. 1872. Also in his contri- 
butions to the "New Quarterly Maga- 
zine" (L.). 

Daniel. Euarda Garcia. Lucia No- 
vela . . . Buenos Aires, 1800. 

Daniel, Bp. of Calcutta. Daniel 
Wilson. Expository lectures on St. 
Paul's epistle to the Colossians . . . 1846. 

Daniel, the Prophet. Daniel Defoe. 
D. the prophet no conjurer; or, his 
Scandal-Club's scandalous ballad, called 
the Tackers answered paragraph by par- 
agraph. L. 1705. 

DanmoniensiB. William Burt, Des- 
ultory reflections on banks in general . . . 
L. 1810. 

D'Anvers, Caleb. Nicholas Amhurst, 
the name he assumed as editor of the 
"Craftsman" (L. 1726) in connection 
with Pulteney and Bolingbroke. He also 
wrote for the " Evening Post " under the 
name of " Philalethes." 

D'Anvers, Caleb. William Pulteney, 
An argument against excises ... L. 1733. 

D'Anvers, Caleb, Esq. Henry St, 
John, Viscount Bolingbroke. The crafts- 
man extraordinary ... L. 1729. 

D'Anvers, N. N. R. E. Bell. Ele- 
mentary history of art. L. 1874. 




Daplfenu, Jacobus, Corcagleiuia. 

Jeremiah Daniel Murphy. "Adrentus in 
EUberniam Regis vera atque perfecta 
historia," in " Blackwood's Mag.," Octo- 
ber, 1821. He was also the author of 
" The Rising in the North/' in " Black- 
wood/' August, 1822. 

Darby, Jolm. James Edmund Gar- 
retson, M.D. Hours with ... P. 1877. 

Dare, Daniel. Maria Sidonia {Ser- 
rur) lietjnier. Revanche posthume. Paris, 

Darcey, Daniel. Maria Sidonia {Ser- 
rur) Regnier, in contributions to the 
"Libert^," Paris, 1870, and other Pari- 
sian periodicals. 

Dare, Shirley. Mrs Susan C {Uun- 
ning) Power. Beharing . , . N.Y. 1877. 

Dare, Sydney. Mrs. Martha J. Coch- 
ran , in her contributions to "Harper's 
Young People" (N.Y. ). 

DarppiL George Lippard. Legends 
of the Revolution. 1847. 

Daryl, Sidney. Douglas Straight. 
Harrow recollections ... L. 1867. 

Dash, la comtease. Gabrielle Anne 
Cisteme de Courtiras, llcomtesse de Saint- 
Mars. Les aventures d'une jeune maric^e. 
Paris, 1870. 

Dashaivay, Kate. Mabella Ann Ward. 

Daahwood, Sylvanua. George Still- 
man Ilillard, a member of the " Polyglot 
Club." — See the "Harvard Register," 
Camb., December, 1827. 

Daubeny, Mr. Benjamin Disraeli, 
Lord Beaconsfield, in TroUope's novels. 

Daug6, Henri. Mrs. E. H. Hammond. 
A fair philosopher. N.Y. 1882. 

Daughter of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Mary Astell. The Christian 
religion as professed by . . . L. 1705. 

Daughter of the Late Author of 
the " Cambrian Plutarch," A. Mrs, 
A. E. {Parry) Nightingale. Gleanings 
from the South, East, and West. L. 

Daughter of the Late Serjeant 
[Greorge] Wilson, A. Miss Anne Wil- 
son. Lady Geraldine Beaufort, by . . . 
L. 1802. 

David, C. G. David Goodman Qroly. 
A Positivist primer. By . . . N.Y. 1871. 

Davus. Rev. John Cecil Tattersallj 
B.A., in Byron's "Childish Recollec- 
tions." Newark, 1807. 

Davy. The first two pieces of Alex- 
andre DumaSy viz., "La chasse et 
I'amour" (1825) and "La noce et Ten- 
terrement" were represented under this 

Dawdle, Dolly. Mrs, Mary C. 
{Painter) Lukens. 

Danvea, J. N. Richard Parson, A,M, 
His signature to a letter on some Greek 
constructions in the "Monthly Maga- 
zine," December, 1802. 

Dawplucker, Jonathan, Ksq. John 
Barclay, M,D. Remarks on Mr. John 
Bell's anatomy of the heart and arteries. 
L. 1799. 

DayneU, V. Wiltshire Stamton Aus- 
tin, Jr., and another. Lives of the Poets- 
Laureate ... L. 1853. 

Dayton, Captain WilL Cecil Bur- 
leigh. On the staff of the "New York 
Witness" in 1880 et seg,, and has pub- 
lished poetry with this signature. , 

Deacon. Hiram Calkins, Albany cor- 
respondent of the " Spt»ctator " (N.Y.). 

Dead Beat. Joseph Howard, Jr., in 
the " Brooklyn Eagle." 

Dean. Jonathan Swift, D.D. Advice 
to a ce)*tain Dean. 17-. 

Dean, The. Jonathan Svnft, D.D, 
The Dean's provocation for writing The 
lady's dressing room. 1734. 

Dean, The Copper-Farthing. Jona- 
than Swift, D.D. The most wonderful 
wonder that ever appeared to the wonder 
of the British nation . . . Written . . . 
L. 1726. 

Dean of Canterbury, The. Henry 
Alford. The Riviera: pen and pencil 
sketches from Cannes to Genoa. L. 

Deane, Margery. Mrs. Marie J, 
{Davis) Pitman, European breezes. B. 

Deans, Jennie. Mrs, Jane Gray C, 
Swissheim, in her contributions to the 
"Saturday Gazette" (P.) et al. 

De Bieville. Edmond Desnoyers, Les 
d<^vorants. Paris, 1843. 

De Bury. Ange Henri Blaze, Le 
Faust de Gcethe. Paris, 1840. 

De Camille. Pauline Ghiyot Lebrun. 
Une amiti^ de femme. Paris, 1843. 

Decanus. Very Rev. Edward Newen- 
ham Hoare. English settlers' guide 
through Irish difficulties. L. 1860. 

Decanver, H. C. C. H, Cavender. 
Catalogue of works ... in refutation of 
Methodism ... P. 1846. 

Decayed Macaroni, A. Christopher 
Anstey, Liberality; or, memoirs of . . . 
Bath, 1788. 

Decimua. Thomas Chatterton, in the 
" Middlesex Journal." 

Decius. Samuel Jackson Gardner, for 
some time editor of the Newark (NrfT.) 
" Daily Advertiser " ; wrote many essays 
for periodicals, under the signatures of 
" Decius," etc. 

Decius. John Nicholas, D.'s letters on 




the oppoddon tothe Federal Constitutioii 
in Yirginia. Richmond, 1789. 
Alio owribed to Dr. Montgomery. 

DeciuA. Thomas Peregrine Courtenay, 
Observations on the American treaty; 
in eleven letters ... L. 1808. 

Dedan. WiUiam Fhelan, DD. 

** A pamphlet i^hieh he pabUahed under the 
slgnatare of 'Dedan' (after an ancient worthy 
of the Iriab church, woo fSoorUbed before the 
dominion of the Pope was recognized in the 
'holy Isle') placed lis author at the head of 
modem oontroverslalists.* 

De Cordova. B. J. De Cordova. Mrs. 
Fizzlebury's new girl. N.Y. 1878. 

De Conrcy, Kate. Miss Katherine 
Armstrong, in her contributions to rarions 

Deen, BtheL Mrs. Augusta De MiUg, 
vrhOf during the civil war, contributed to 
the literary journals of " Dixie " — princi- 
pally the '' Southern Field and Fireside " 
(Augusta), and " Magnolia Weekly " 
(Richmond) — under the signatures "E. 
D." and*' Ethel Deen." 

Deene, Kenner. Mrs. Charlotte (T\ir- 
Iter) SmiUu Christmas at the Cross Keys. 
L. 1868. 

Defonz, Milo. Milo Defonz Codding. 
Defonz' phrenological chart . . . N.Y. 

De Gleva, Mary. Mary Roberts. An 
account of Anne Jackson; with some 
particulars concerning the great plague 
and fire in London, written by herself. 
Edited by . . . L. 1832. 

De Grasse, WUl. William Fur- 
miss. Swallows on the wing . . . N.T. 

De Kay, Se. Charles D. Kirhe. Woo- 
ing and warring in the wilderness. N.Y. 

Also in his contributions to the "Ooniler- 
Journal,'* Louisville, Ky. 

Delafleld. Mrs. Maria L. (Little) 
Child, in her contributions to " Arthur's 
Man^ne." , 

Delamothe, Emlle. JSmile de Girar- 
din. His original name. 

De Iiaunay, Lte Vicomte de. Mme. 
Delphine (Gay) Girardin. Lettres pari- 
fiiennes. Paris, 1856. 

Delaware Wa^^oner, A. David Nel- 
son, Investigation of that . . . misrepre- 
sentation of truth set forth by Thomas 
Paine in his . . . "The Age of Reason" 
. . . Wilmington, Bel., about 1800. 

Delinquent Banker, A. Sir John 
Dean Paul, Bart. Rouge et noir, in six 
cantos. L. 1821. 

I Delia Cnuca. Bobert Merry. Direr- 
sity : a poem ... L. 1788. 

Delia Rosa, SlfifDor. Bichard Coker. 

Delmar, Ide. Miss Essie B. Chees- 
borough, who, under this nom de plume, 
contributed to the "Southern Literary 
Gazette," etc. 

Delorme, Charles, Esq. Charles 
RumbalL The marvellous and incredible 
adventures of Charles Thunderbolt, in 
the moon ... L. 1861. 

Delorme, Joseph. Charles Augustin 
Sainte-Beuoe. Poi^ies de . . . Paris, 

Delphine. P. or Delphine P. Baker. 
Solon; or, the Rebellion of '61. Chic. 

Delta. Edward Denham, in his 
contributions to " Good Literature " 

Delta. Henry W. Domett, for eight 
years New York correspondent of the 
"Boston Transcript." 

Delta. Rev. Moses Harvey, of St. 
Johns, Newfoundland, in his letters to 
the "Traveller" (B. 1870). 

Delta. Charles Deane. Bibliographi- 
cal reprints. B. 1865. 

Delta. David Macbeth Moir. Poems. 

Delta. William Millett Boose, M.D. 
Sketches of Cornwall in the "Selector 
Magazine," 1827. 

Delver, A. Alfred AIsop. From 
dark to light ; or, voices from the slums. 
By . . . Manchester, 1881. 

Delver into Anttqnityi A. WiU 
Ham Barclay David Donald l\tmbulL 
Fragmenta Scoto-monastica . . . Edinb. 

DemocritHB. Creorge Daniel. Demo- 
critus in London . . . with notes festivous 
... L. 1862. 

DemocrltHB. Hugh Henry Brack- 
enridge. The standard of liberty: 
an occasional paper. P., about 

DemocrituB, Doctor. Charles Chaunr 
cy Emerson, a member of the " Polyglot 
Club." — See the "Harvard Register," 
Camb., December, 1827. 

DemocrituB, Junior. Judah Lee 
Bliss. — See " O. F. and A. K." 

DemocritDS Junior. Robert Burton. 
The anatomy of melancholy ... L. 

Denarius. Henry Cole, C.B. Shall 
we keep the Crystal Palace f By . . . 
L. 1851. 

Dennery (also D'Ennery). Adolphe 
Philippe. Le tribut de Zamora. Paris, 

Densel, Mary. Mrs. Mary Selden 
McCobh, in licr contributions to "Har- 
per's Young People" (N.Y.). 




Densyli. L. Sidney (?). A brief 
statement of the Unitarian doctrine . . . 
Roches ter, Eng., 1844. 

De Pembroke, Morgan. Morgan 
Evans, Poems. L. 1860. 

De Pontaumont. M, E. Lechanteur, 
La ros'i^re de Bricquebec Liege, 1861. 

The abovo work is tranalated word for word 
from the " Pride of the Village" by Wuhlngton 

Deputy €k>vemor, The. Gilpin Ghrst. 
A narrative of an excursion to Ireland 
. . . L. Io2o. 

Derbyshire Working-Miner, A. 

Anthony Tissington, A letter to a friend 
on the mineral customs of Derbyshire 
... L. 1768. 

De Bosa, Ludovlco. Luisa (Emman- 
uel) Saredo, Affare Zappoli, in the 
"Corriere Italiano," Florence, 1860. 

Derrick, Francis. Mrs, Frances 
Eliza Millett NoUey, Olive Varcoe . . . 
L. 186-. 

Descendant, A. George Chambers^ 
LL.D. A tribute to the principles, vir- 
tues, habits, and public usefulness of the 
Irish and Scotch early settlers of Penn- 
sylvania. By . . . Chambersburg, 1866. 

Descendant in the Fourth Genera- 
tion, A. Dr. Charles Henrt/ Parry, A 
memoir of Peregrine Bertie ... L. 
1838. The dedication is signed " C. H. P." 

Descendant of the Plantagenet, A. 
Mrs, Frances Mary English. The Tudors 
and the Stuarts ... L. 1858. 

D^sennoy^e, A. ^[rs. Catherine Grace 
Gore. The diary of . . . L. 1836. 

Desir6, Hazard. Octave Feuillet. He 
made his first appearance in letters by 
being one of the authors of the romance 
** Le grand vieillard," which appeared in 
" Le National," Paris, 1846. 

Desormeauz, Joseph Bipanlt. An- 
toine Ding€. Discours sur Thistoire de 
France. Paris, 1790. 

Desprez, Ernest. Ele'onore TenaiUe de 
Vaulabelle. Jours heureuz. Paris, 1836. 

De Stendhal. Marie Henri Beyle. 
Ilistoire de la peinture en Italic . . . 
Paris, 1817. 

Desultory Reader, A. Alexander 
Graydon. A number of his essays, y^Tj 
popular at the time, will be found in the 
Phila. "Portfolio," under the title of 
" Notes of a desultory reader." 1813-14. 

Detective, A. Andrew Edmund Brae. 
Literary cookery, with reference to mat- 
ter attributed [by J. P. Collier] to Cole- 
ridge and Shakespeare. A letter ad- 
dressed to the " Athenieum." L. 1836. 

Detective, A. William Bussed. Strange 
stories of . . . N.Y. 1864. 

Detective, A. J. Bennett. Tom Fox ; 
or, the revelations of . . . L. 1860. 

Detective, The Female, The City 
Detective, The Private Detective, are 

all for Andrew Forrester, L. 1863-^8. 

Detective Police Officer, A. WiU 
Ham Russell. Diary of . . . By " Waters." 
N.Y. 1864. 

Detective's Daughter, A. Mrs. Bob- 
ert P. Porter, in her contributions to the 
"Press" (P.). 

Detector. Henry J, T. Drury, of 
King's College, Cambridge. 

For an acooant of the boox perpetrated by him 
in 1810 upou Sir Walter Scott, under this peen- 
donym, see " Notes and QuerieB," 1st Ser., V. 

Detector. Rev. Henry Gauntlett. Let- 
ters to a stranger in Keading ... L. 

Determinatus. Samuel Adams, in 
the « Boston Gazette," Aug. 8, 1768 ; Jan. 
8, 1770. 

De Terrier, Lord. Edward Henry 
Smith Stanlei/y Earl of Derby, in Trol- 
lope's "The Prime Minister." 

Detlef, Karl. Klara Bauer, Die 
geheimnissvolle Siingerin ; and Russische 
Idyllen. 1878. 

Detroit Free Press Man, The. C, B, 
Lewis. "Quads odds": anecdote, hu- 
mor, and pathos. Detroit, 187-. 

Deutsch, Christian. Johann Hein 
rich August Ebrard, Stephan Klinger 

Devon, H. T. Thomas Hounsell Hodge, 
who wrote for the "Brit. Amer. Mag." 
under this signature. Author of " A tale 
of the Bay of Quinte," etc., in that jour- 

Devoniensis. Bev. J. P. Jones. — See 
" Curiosus." 

Devonshire Dog-Trot> A. John 
Cooke, Old England for ever, from . . . 

Devonshire Poet, The. Owen Jones, 
Poetic attempts. 1786. The author was 
an imeducated wool-comber. 

Deivall, Joliannes van. August 
Kuhne. Die beiden Russinnen. 1880. 

De Worfat, William. Rev. Hutton 
Beetham. A bran new wark, containing 
a true calendar of his thoughts concern- 
ing good nebberhood . . . Kendal, 1785. 

D'Hele, Thomas. JTiomas Hales, an 
English dramatic writer, who produced 
in French several successful comedies, 
among which are "The judgment of 
Midas" (1778), and '^The jealous lover." 

Dhti. Bobert W. Mc Alpine, in his 
contributions to the "Tribune" (N.Y.). 

Dhtt, Helen. Charles Edwards Lester, 




Stanhope Burleigh: the Jesuits in our 
homes. A novel. By . . . N.Y. 1856. 

Dlabolas. Joseph Howard. Cony 
O'Lanus, his views and experiences. 
N.Y. 1867. 

Diana. Mrs, Abigail (Smith) Adams, 
The signature she used in correspondence 
with her young friends, before her mar- 
riage. She afterwards sometimes signed 
her letters "Portia." 

Diarist, A. Alexander Wheelock 
Thayer, His signature to many arti- 
cles published in ^'Dwight's Journal of 

Dicai6pliiliiB Cantabrilj^enBis. Rev, 
Roger Long, S.2\P. The rights of 
churchee and colleges defended . . . 
L. 1731. 

Didier, David. Anatole Julien Chate' 
lain, Lc j ouer d'orgue : drame en un acte. 
Paris, 186(5. 

Dlgg, Dr. E. Goetiie. Benjamin 
Drew, in the "Ca^pe^Bag" (B. 1862). 

Dl^ify'd Clergy-man of the 
Church of England, A. Rev. Oeorge 
Hickes, The celebrated story of the 
Thebsean Legion no fable ... L. 1714. 

Digress, Deloraine. Behert ffaber^ 
sham. His signature to a letter on 
"Digression" in the "Harvard Univ. 
Collegian," 183ft 

Dilettante, A. William Gardiner, 
Music and friends; or, pleasant recol- 
lections of . . . L. 1838. 

Dinaux. Jacques F€iix Beudin and 
Prosper Parfait Goubaux. Trente ans ; 
ou, la vie d'un jouer. Paris, 1827. 

Dine. Margarita Emesta Napollon, 
in contributions to the "Sibero Pen- 

Dinks. Not H. W, Herbert, but only 
edited by him. The sportsman's vade 
mecum . . . N.Y. 1866. 

Diodoros. Johannes Hienrik Tauber 
Fibiger. Graabroderen (the Francis- 
cans), 1880. 

Diogenes, Jr. John Brougham, in the 
" Lantern," a humorous pap^r which he 
edited in New York City. 

Diplomat, A. Joseph Q. Nunes. A 
diplomat on diplomacy ... P. 1863. 

Diplomatic Servant^ An old. H. H, 
Parish, British diplomacy illustrated in 
the affair of the " Vixen "... Newcas- 
tle, 18S8. 

Diplomatist, A Rising. Henry Wi- 
hoff. The adventures of a rising diplo- 
matist. N.Y. 1866. 

Director, A. Henry E, Pierrepont, 
Historical sketch of the Fulton ferry . . . 
Brooklyn, 1879. 

DirrUl, Charles. Bichard Sill, Re- 

marks on Shakespeare's "Tempest" . . . 
L. 1797. 

Disbanded Volunteer, A. Joseph 
Barber, War letters of . . . N.Y. 1864. 

Disciple of Selden, A. Henry Rich- 
ard Vassall FoXy 3d Lord Holland. Par- 
liamentary talk ... L. 1836. 

Disciple of the Prince of Peace, A. 
Joseph Hemmings. Mystic Babylon de- 
scribed ... L. 1843. 

Dissenter. Bev. Micaiah Towgood, 
Dissenter's apology. L. 1739. 

Dissenter, A. Bev. John Ballantyne. 
A comparison of Established and Dis- 
senting Churches. Edinb. 1830. 

Dissenter, A. Rev. Daniel NeaU A 
letter ... to the author of the " Crafts- 
man "... L. 1783. 

Dissenter in the Country, A. Rev. 
James Peirce. An enquiry into the pres- 
ent duty of a low-church-man ... L. 

Dissenting Gentleman, The. Rev, 
Micaiah Towgood. The dissenting gen- 
tleman's answer to the Rev. Mr. White's 
three letters. L. 1746. 

Dissenting Minister, A. Rev. Robert 
Christison. Church defence, by . . . L. 

Dissenting Minister, A. John B. 
Beard, D.D. Government plan of edu- 
cation defended ... L. 1839. 

Dissenting Minister, A. The work 
"Struggles for Life" (L. 1863) over this 
pseudonym has been variously attributed 
to the Rev, William Leask, of Kenning- 
ton. Rev. Thomas Binney, and Rev. 
Thomas T. Lynch. —See "N. & Q.," 1st 
Ser., 3Eil., 9, 62, 116. 

Dissenting Minister, A. Rev. Charles 
Lloyd. Particulars of the life of .. . 1812. 

Distich, DiclL. Alexander Pope, His 
signature to a paper contributed to the 
" Guardian." 

Distinguished Idving Character, 
A. Sir Philip Francis. ITie identity of 
Junius with . . . established. By John 
Taylor. L. 1816. 

Distinguished Southern Journalist, 
A. Edward Alfred Pollard. The early 
life, campaigns, and public services of 
Robert E. Lee . . . N.Y. 1870. 

D'Istria, Dora, Countess. Helene 
Ghika, Princess Ko!zow-M ansa! ski. Des 
femmes; par une femme. Paris, 1864. 

Ditson, Dick. M. L. Saley, of Rock- 
ford (111.), in his contributions to various 

Ditto, Philo. James Moore Smith, 
in a communication to the " Daily Jour- 
nal" (L., April 3, 1728), relative to Alex- 
ander Pope. 




IMver, Jenny. Mr$, Jane Janes. 

Dlversily. William B. 8eoU. EMajB 
on taxation and reconttruction. N.Y. 

IMvlne of the Church of Stngland, 
A. James Macsparran, D.D, America 
dissected ; being a full and true account 
of all the American colonies ... In sev- 
eral letters, from . . . Dublin, 1763. 

IMvlne of the Charch of Enj^land, 
A. John King. Animadversions on a 
pamphlet (by uicrease Mather) intituled 
"A letter of advice to the churches of 
the Nonconformists in the English na- 
tion ... L. 1701. 

Divine of the Church of England, 
A. TTufmoM Bttmet. An appeal to com- 
mon sense ... L. 1719. 

IMvIne of the Charch of England, 
A Eev. Mr, Scott. An appeal to the 
understanding of the meanest capacities, 
for the truth of the Christian religion. 
L. 1728, 

IMx, J. Bom. Georye Spencer Phillips. 

Dlx Qnasvldl. Prof. Edward North, 
L.H.D., in his contributions to "North 
American Review," and ** Knickerbocker 
Magazine"; and author of memorials 
of H. H. Curran and President Simeon 

Dixie. J. Dixie Doyle, Washington 
correspondent of the "Spirit of the 
Times" (N.Y.). 

Dtzon. Mme. Cl^mence (Harding) 
Masson, author of numerous tales. 

Dixon. Sidney Andrews. The South 
since the war ; 14 weeks in Georgia and 
the Carolinas. B. 1806. 

Dixon, Granby. Henry KingsUy. 
Oakshott Castle: the memoir of an 
eccentric nobleman. L. 1873. 

Dobbins, Peter, Esq., R. C, U. S. A. 
William Fessenden. The political far- 
rago . . . Brattleboro, Vt., 1807. 

Dobbs, Rev. Philetua, D.D. Rev. 
Heman Lincoln Wayland. 

Doblado, Don Leucadlo. Joseph 
Blanco White, M.A. Letters from 
Spain ... L. 1822. 

Doctor, The. George Henry Kings- 
ley. — See " Eari, The." 

Doctor, The. Robert Southey, The 
Doctor ... L. 1863. 

Doctor of Divinity, A, but not of 
Oxford. Thomas Raffles, D.D.('i.). Hear 
the Church 1 A word for all. By . . . 
L. 1839. 

Doctor of Laws, A Hugh Baillie. 
An appendix to a letter to Dr. Sheb- 
beare . . . 1775. 

Doctor of Physio, A. W. H. Tay- 
lor. The book of travels of . . . P. 1871. 

Doctor of Physick, A Probably 
William Coward. A discourse concern- 
ing the certainty of a future and immor- 
tal state. L. 1706. 

Dodd, Charles. Huah TooteU. An 
apology for the church history of Eng- 
land from 1600 to 1688 . . . Being a 
reply to a . . . libel, intitPd "A specimen 
of amendments . . . under the name of 
'Clerophilus Alethes'" [John Constable] . 
L. 1742. 

Dodd, DerriclL. Frank Gassaway. 

Dodd, Dr., and Chace Price. Wil- 
liam Coombe, Esqr. A dialogue in the 
Shades between ... L. 1777. 

Dodger. Peter Thompson. 

Dods, Jeannle. Miss Mackay, in 
"Figaro" (L.). 

OK>ds, Mrs. Margaret, of the Clei- 
kom Inn, St. Ronans. Mn. Chris- 
tina Jane Johnstone. The cook and 
housewife's manual . . . Edinb. 1826. 

Dods, Meg. Mrs, Christina Jane 
Johnstone. — See " Mrs. Margaret Dads." 

Doe, Dorotliy. Mrs. Galusha Ander- 
son, in the N.Y. " Examiner." 

Doe, John. George Cavendish Ben- 
tinck. Barefaced imposters. A farce, 
in one act. By . . . Richard Roe [i.e., 
the Hon. F. G. B. Ponsonby] and John 
Noakes [t.e., Tom Taylof]. L. 1864. 

Doesticlu, Q. K. Philander, P.B. 
U.e., Perfect Brick]. Mortimer M. 
Thompson. Doesticks: what he says. 
N.Y. 1856. 

Doggrel, Sir Iliad. Sir Thomas Bur- 
net, and George Ducket, Homerides ; or, 
a letter to ^Ir. Pope, occasioned by his 
intended translation of Homer. By . . . 
L. 1716. 

Dogood, Mrs. Silence. Benjamin 
Franklin ; by whom the essays published 
in the "New England Courant " (B. 
1722) under this signature are supposed 
to have been chiefly written. 

Doherty, Sir Morgan O', Bart.— 
See " O'Doherty." 

Dolent, 0ean. Antoine Foumier, Le 
livre d'art des f emmes : peinture, sculp- 
ture . . . Paris, 1877. 

Dolores. Miss Dickson. Music to 
numerous songs, — more than 60. 1864- 

Dom Catalogus. Pierre Gustave Bru- 
nei. Curiositds bibllographlques et ar- 
tistiques. Geneva, 1867. 

Dom Jacobus. Charles Potmn. Les 
tablettes d'un libre-penseur. 1879. 

Dom Idber. Charles Potvin, Le faux 
miracle du saint sacrement de Bruzelles. 

Domal, C William Henry Simmons, 




His signature to " A Saturday Night" in 
the " Harvard Univ. Colleffian/' 1880. 

Domestic Poet) The. William Cowper, 

Domltlaii. One of the signatures of 
Junius (9.V.)' ^^® letters contributed 
to the "Public Advertiser" under this 
signature are recogpiized by Junius in his 
private letter to Mr. Woodfail, dated 
Feb. 22, 1772. 

I>on. /. E. Diekenga. Tom Chips. 
P. 1871. [Joint author with " Ouno," i,e., 
T. M. Ashworth.] 

Don CarlOB. Henry P, Cheetfer, in 
the " Philadelphia Sunday Mercury." 

Don Fiiao. Amoldo Fusinaio. Ge- 
dichte. 1858-54. 

Don Sacheverellio, Knight of the 
Firebrand. Dr, Henry Sacheverell. A 
character of ... in a letter to Isaac Bick- 
ers tafE, Esq. Dublin, 1710. Subscribed 
John Distalf [psetic^.l. 

Don Spavento. Martin Cohn. Typen 
und Silhouetten von Wiener Schriftstel- 
lem und Joumalisten. 1874. — See 
"August Mels." 

Donatello. Francis Julius Le Moyne 
Burleigh, who, in 1867, went into journal- 
ism, and has been on the staff of the 
"Chicago Evening Post," "Brooklyn 
Eagle," "Brooklyn Union," "New York 
World," "Times," "Tribune," and the 
" Witness," and was at one time editor 
and proprietor of the "Northampton 
(Mass.) Free Press." 

Donconrt, Chevalier A. de. Antoi- 
nette Josephine Francoise Anne {Symon de 
Latreiche) Drohojowska. 

Doos, Gurreb. John Prinsep. Stric- 
tures and observations on the Mocurrery 
system of landed property in Brazil . . . 
L. 1794. 

Dora, Sister. Dorothy W. Pattiaon. 

Dorcastriensis. Thaddeus Mason 
Harris, S.TJJ. 

Dorset, St. John. Rev, Hugo John 
Belfour. Montezuma : a tragedy in five 
acts; and other poems ... L. 1822. 

Doubtful Gentleman, A. James 
Kirke Paulding. Tales of a good woman. 
N.Y. 1829. 

Doughty Champion In heavy ar- 
mour, A. Rev. Newcome Cappe, Let- 
ters published in the " York Chronicle." 
L. 179- 

In reply to the attack of Dr. Cooper, onder 
the signatiiro of " ErasmaB,** apon Mr. Ilindaay 
on his resigning the living of Catterick. 

Douglas, £dith. Clara L. Bumham, 
We Von Ardens. 188-. 

Douglas, Marion. M-s. Annie Doug- 
Ins ( Greene) Robinson. Picture-poems for 
young folks^ B. 1871. 

Doutney, Mrs. T. Narcisse. Harriet 
G. Storer. I told you so ; or, an autobi- 
og^raphy . . . Camb., Mass. 

Dow, Junior. Elbridge Gerry Paige, 
Short patent sermons. P. 187-. 

Dowell, Samuel. John Close. A 
month in London ; or, the select adven- 
tures of S. D., the village bard, edited by 
A. M. Writewell. L. 1844. 

In 1840 four nnmbera of a new edition were 
iBsned with the following title : *< Adventures of 
an author; or, the Westmoreland noveliBt." Ed' 
ited by Tim Cazton. 

All the above names are pseadonyms of Close. 

DoDvning, Mi^or Jack. Charles 
Augustus Davis, author of "Peter Scri- 
ber's Letters " and " Major Jack Down- 
ing's Letters," in the " New York Com- 
mercial Advertiser." 

Downing, Major Jack. Seba Smith. 
The life and writings of . . . B. 1834. 

DoTvnriglit. One of the pseudonyms 
attributed to Junius {g.v.). The letter 
thus signed is dated Dec. 22, 1767, and 
contains an attack on Lord Chatham. 

Doyle, Martin. Ross Hickey. Com- 
mon things of every day life . . . Dub- 
lin, 1857. 

Doyle, Thomas. John J. More. Five 
years in a lottery office ... B. 1841. 

Dragoon, A. James HUdreth. Dra- 
goon campaigns to the Bocky Mountains 
. . . N.Y. 1830. 

Drahlegne. Frederick J, Englehardt, 
in the "Turf, Field, and Farm" (N.Y.). 

Drake, Francis, Esq. Benjamin 
Humphrey Smart. The metaphysicians 
... L. 1857. 

Dralloc, N. John Collard. Praxis of 
logic for schools. L. 1799. 

Dramatist, A. B. Frere. The ad- 
ventures of ... on a journey to the Lon- 
don managers. L. 1813. 

Dranmor. Ferdinand von Schmid. 
Poetische Fragmente. I^ipsic, 1865. 

Draper, Tke. William Webster, D.D. 
The Draper's reply. L. 174-. 

Draper of London, A. Rev. W, PFe6- 
ster. The consequences of trade, as to 
the wealth and strength of any nation . . . 
L. 1740. 

Drapier, A. James Atcherley. A dra- 
pier's address to the good people of Eng- 
land ... L. 1773. 

Drapier, The. Jonathan Stcijl. The 
Hibernian patriot . . . Dublin and L. 

Drawcansir, Sir Alexander, 
Knight. Henry Fielding, who in 1752 
started the "Covent Garden Journal" 
under this name. See Andrews's *' Brit- 
ish Journalist." 




Dreiser, A. Major John Andr€, 

Tbls wu hlB Bignature Id " Rlrington'B Royal 
Gazette," In which he publiahed the <<Cow 
Cbaee," an heroic poem In three caotoa, pub- 
lished In London In 17R1. It was orlginailv pub- 
lished OD the momiuR of the day on which he 
was taken prisoner. The last stanza was : — 

*' And now I've closed my epic stndn ; 
I tremble as I show it, 
Lost this same warrior-driver, Wayne, 
Should over catch the Poet,** 

Dreamer, A. Henry Theodore Tuck- 
erman. Leaves from the diaiy of . . . 
L. 1853. 

DreenaD, Councillor. James Russell 
Endean. The political catechism for 
1868; or, the verdict of facts. L. 1868. 

Drekab, Malstre. Leonard Baker. 
Officiate handboke of ye Strivelin* 
Fancye Fayre ... ye drawing-man. 1882. 

Drille, Hearten, U.S.A. Jeannie H, 
Grey. Flirtation; or, Cupid's shoulder- 
strnp tactics. N.Y. 1877. 

Dropper, H. Louis J. Jennings. Eighty 
years of Kcpablican government in the 
United States. L. 1868. 

Drugger, Abel. John Hardham, The 
fortune tellers ... a medley, n.p., n.d. 

Druid. Henry M. Flint, who wrote 
for the "New York World" over the 
signature " Druid." 

Druid, The. Henry Hall Dixon. Sad- 
dle and sirloin; or, English farm and 
sporting worthies. L. 1870. 

Druit, Henry. William Flint. 

Drury, Karl. Edgar Faiccett. Chris, 
the car conductor; or, a brave man's 
flght with fate, in the "Family Star 
Paper." N.Y. 1884. 

Dryasdust, Tbe Rev. Dr. Sir Walter 
Scotty in the introduction to several of 
his novels. 

Drydog, Doggrel. Charles Clark. 
September; or, sport and sporting. 
Colchester, 1850. 

Du Baudrier, Sleur. Jonathan Swift, 
D.D. A new journey to Paris . . , trans- 
lated from the French. L. 1711. 

Dubois, Alfred. James Stuart Bowes^ 
who, uniler this pseudonym, " contributed 
a number of highly successful pieces to 
the London stajro." 

Dubourg, Antony. One of the pseu- 
donyms of Paul Lacroix. 

Ducaigne, R. E. W. McKendree 

Du Camp, Jules. Jules Lecomte. His- 
toire de la Revolution de Fe'vrier . . . 
Paris, 1850. 

Ducas, Theodore. Charles Mills. 
Travels of ... in Italy at the revival of 
letters and art. L. 1822. 

Diiodame. Henry Hooper. Wash. 

Boltor, M.D. ; or, the life of an orator 
... L. 1872. 

Duchess, The. Mrs, Maggie Argles. 
Rossmoyne. P. 1883. 

Duchillon. Louis Dutens. Memoirs 
of a traveller, now in retirement ... L. 

Duckworth, Dr. Dodimus, A. N. Q. 
Asa Greene. The life and adventures of 
. . . N.Y. 1833. 

Dudley, Arthur. Mm€, Marie Paw- 
line Rose (Stewart) Bkue de Bury, who, 
from the age of 18 years, under the 
pseudonyms of "Arthur Dudley" and 
** Maurice Flassan," has published a con- 
siderable number of critical articles and 
novels in the " Revue de Paris " and in 
the " Revue des Deux-Mondes." 

Dudley, Dorothy. Mrs. Mary Wil- 
liams {Greeley) Ghodridge. 

Dndu. Miss Julia Ftetcher. Kismet. 
B. 187-. 

Duff, R. Rev. Richard Gifford, in the 
" Gent. Mag.*' 

D'Uffey, Mr. Thomas D'Urfey. The 
Houbble Bubbles ... L. 1720. 

Duffle, Thomas. John Gait. The 
steamboat Edinb. 1822. 

Dufour, Pierre. Paul Lacroix. L*his- 
toire de la prostitution . . . Brussels, 

Dufourquet, Thalarls. Mme, Jenny 
Dufourquet Bastide. Un drame au palais 
des Tuileries. Paris, 1832. 

Duggan, Dlonysius. William Ma- 
ginn, in the London " Literary Gafette." 

Duke of Scampington. E. C. G. 
Murray. The member for Paris. L. 

Dumpling-Eiater, A. Rev. Thomas 
Stona. A letter to the Norfolk militia . . . 
L. 1769.' 

Dun%)eTV, Wanda von. Attrora von 
Sacher-Masoch. Roman einer tugendhaf- 
ten Frau, und Echter Hermelin. 18-. 

Dundreary, Lord. Charles Kingsley, 
Speech of Lord D. in section D. ... on 
the great Hippocampus Question. Camb. 

Dunheved. Alfred Farthing Bobbins, 
in liis contributions to the " East Corn- 
wall Times" (Launceston, Eng.). 

Dunn, Aiken. Thomas C. Lotto, in 
the Brooklyn "Times." 

Dunn, Deborah. Mrs. Frank R. 
Stockton, in her contributions to various 

Dunshunner, Augustus Reginald, 
£sq., of St. Mirrens. William Edmon- 
stoune Aytoun. Tales in "Blackwood,** 




D-nt-n, Mr. Mr. Dunton. Neck or 
nothing: a conBolatory letter from . . . 
to Mr. C[u]rll, upon his being tost in a 
blanket . . . [In verse.] L. 17 10, By 
Samuel Wesley (1). 

Dupe, Johnny. JioAn Hancock , in a 
letter from a loyalist in Boston to Dr. 

Duplessis, Armand. Edmond Den- 
nis de Manne and another. Avant souper. 
Paris, 1864. 

Dupr^. Edmond Dennis de Mcmne. 

Durand, Pierre. Enghie Ouinot, who 
edited the " Siecle," Paris, till 1848, un- 
der this pseudonym, and at the same 
time produced vaudemUes under that of 
'* Paul Vermond." 

DurangelOy B. Arnold Buge. Bianca 
della Rocca. 1860. 

DlJrfcy, Young. Frederick Forrest, 
A rattle for grown children . . . L. 1766. 

I>nrocher, L^n. Marie Roch Louis 
Beybaud, who, under this pseudonym, 
contributed to the "National" (Paris). 

Dusenbury, V. Hugo. Henry C. 
Bunner, editor of "Puck" (N.Y.). 

Dnstwich, Jonathan. Tobias George 
Smollett. The expedition of Humphrey 
Clinker ... L. 1704. 

Dusty. WiUard G. Nash. A century 
of gossip ; or, the real and the seeming 
New England Ufe. Chic. 1876. 

Dutifiul Son, A. Thomas George Fon- 
nereau. The diary of . . . L. 1849. 

Duverney, Jacques. UAhbi Casimir 
Ulysse J. Chevalier. G^ologie contempo- 
raine. Tours, 1867. 

Dux, liux. Mrs. Anna Holyoke 
( Cutts) Hovoardy in her contributions to 
the "Household" (Brattleboro, Vt.). 

Diqrlght, Jasper. William Duane. Let- 
ter to George Washington ... P. 1796. 

Dy, W. H. William H. Darby. Bap- 
tism and the conflict of indwelling sin . . . 
L. 1869. 

Dyce, Gilbert. Percy Hetherington 
Fitzgerald. Bella Donna; or, the cross 
before the name : a romance. By . . . 
L. 1864. 

Dyson, Mr. Rev. Sydney Smith. Mr. 
D.'s speech to the freeholders on reform. 
d6thed. L. 1831. 


s. Isaac WtUiams. — See "a" (under 

£. Dr. William Heberden, in his con- 
tributions to the "Athenian Letters" . . . 
L. 1741-43. 

E. Rev. Thomas Keble, one of the con- 
tributors to "Tracts for the Times." L. 

£. Margarita Emesta Napollon, her 
signature in the " Sibero Pensiero." 

£. Thomcu Erskine.liOTdEnkme. The 
farmer's rision. L. 1819. 

Si., Redruth. Richard Edmonds, Jun. 
Proposed reformation of the laws of 
England, in the "Cornish (Eng.) Maga- 
xine," 1828. 

£. A. Samuel Adams, in the " Boston 
Gazette," Feb. 27, 1769. 

E., A. Rev. Arthur EUis. — See " A 

£. C George Mackenzie, Earl of Cro- 
marty. An abstract of what was spoken 
in Parliament, n.p. 1705. 

E., C. Charlotte Elliot. Hours of 
sorrow cheered and comforted ... L. 

E., C, M.D. Charles Lamb (?), in 
Hone's "Table Book." 

E., D. Sir David Erskine. Annals 
and antiquities of Dryburgh and other 

places on the Tweed. By . . . Kelso, 

E., D. David Esdaile, D.D. Contri- 
butions to natural history. Edinb. 1865. 

E. G. Rev, Edmond Hogan. The his- 
tory of the warr of Ireland from 1641 to 
1653. Edited by . . . DubUn, 1873. 

E., G. S. George Samuel Emerson. A 
sketch of the life of Francis William 
Greenwood. From the " Monthly Relig- 
ious Magazine." B. 1847. 

E., H. Sir Henry Charles Englefield, 
Description of a method of taking the 
differences of right ascension and decli- 
nation . . . Bath, 1788. 

E. H. C. M. Rev. Nathan Davis. 
Israel's true emancipation. L. 1852. 

Th« letters B. H. C. M. stand for "Editor 
'Hebrew ChrlstlaDB' Magazine.' " 

E., J. James Elia, i.e., John Lamb, 
Charles's brother. — See Lamb's "Elia," 
" My relations." 

E., J. John Evelyn. The charters of 
the city of London ... L. 1738. 

E., J. Jonathan Ellis. The justice of 
the present war against the IVench . . . 
Newport, R.I., 1755. 

E., J., Esq. John Elsum. Epigrams 
upon the paintings of the most eminent 
masters ... L. 1700. 




E., J. C. J, C. Erck, The Iriih £o- 
elesiastical Register . . . Dublin, 1817. 

E., It, Louis En^f in his musical 
criticisma contributed to the "Worid" 


E., Ii. Mrs, L, Edwards. Dial of 
meditation and prairer. L. 1858. 

E., Ii. Eleanor Eden. Easton and its 
inhabitanto ... L. 1868. 

B. Ii. Mrs. Lydia Lillybridge Sinums. 
Leisure hours; or, desultory pieces in 
prose and rerse. Calcutta, 1846. 

E., M. Matthias Earhery. Elements 
of policy, cItU and ecclesiastical . . . 
L. 1716. 

E. M. E. E. E. MUlard. Random 
casts ; or, odds and ends from an angler's 
note-book. N.Y. 1878. 

E. M. S. Rso. James Dallaway, F.8JL. 

*' Mr. Dallawsy was an occaaiooal oorrespoiMi- 
•nt to the 'Gentleman's Magazine ' under the 
signature ' B. M. B.' (Earl Marshal's Seeretarj), 
and he wrote several essays under the same sig- 
nature In the * General Cnronlcle and literary 
Magazine/ published in 1811-12.'* 

E., O. A. OlafA, Ericsson. A cruise 
under six flags. By . . . P. 1888. 

E., P. G. Sir Philip de Malpas Grey 
Egerton. Grillion's Club, from its origin 
in 1812 to its fiftieth anniyenary. By 

... XJ. lObUa 

E., R. W. Ralph Waldo Emerson. 
The wanderer: a colloquial poem. By 
William EUery Channinff. B. 1871. 
[The preface signed " R. W. E."]. 

E., T. Thomas Edwards. Free and 
candid thoughts on the Doctrine of Pre- 
destination. By . . . Author of the 
"C[a]n[o]n8 of Cr[i]t[i]c[i]sm." L. 

E. T., Gent. Simon Berington, The 
memoirs of 8igr. Gaudentio di Lucca . . . 
L. 1737. 

E., W. William Eaton. Interesting 
detail of the operations of the American 
fleet in the Mediterranean [1804]. 
Springfield, Mass., 1805. 

Earl, Tlie. George Robert Charles 
Herbert, 18th Earl of Pembroke. South 
Sea bubbles, by . . . and the Doctor 
[George Henry Kin gsley]. L. 1872. 

Early Settler, An. Lt. Col. Samuel 
Strickland. Twenty-seyen years in Can- 
ada West ; or, the experience of . . . L. 

Earnest, Elsie. Mrs. M. V. Scruggs. 
Sketches. Bait. 1874. 

East Anglian, An. Charles Feist. 
Thoughts in rhyme. L. 1825. 

Eastwood, Frances. Mrs. D. C. 
Knevels. Geoffrey the Lollard. N.Y. 1870. 

Easy, James. James Hei/wood, in a 
letter to the " Spectator" (No. 268). 

Eben-ezer. Bev. Ebenezer Aldred. 
The little book . . . Derbyshire, 1811. 

Ebn Osn. Benjamin Stephenaan, At- 
tempts at poetry. L. 1807. 

Ebony. William Blackufood, a humor- 
ous appellation applied to him by James 
Hogg in the Jen d* esprit "The Chaldee 
Ms.," which appeared in " Blackwood's- 
Magazine" for October, 1817. 

Eboracos. W. W. Broom. Great 
and grave questions for American poli- 
ticians ... B. 1866. 

KcehdtOB. Luke Howard. A few 
notes on a letter to the Archbishops and 
Bishops of the Church of England . . . 
L. 1806. 

Echard, It. Samuel Pegge. On the 
promiscuous use of singulars and plurals 
among the Latin poets, "Gent. Mag.," 
1790, p. 786. — See "Gent. Mag.," 
LXVL, p. 1083. 

Echo, Oliver. <S. D. Forbes, in his 
contributions to the "Evening Wiscon- 

Ecir. Prof. Isaac L. Bice, in the 
"Philadelphia Bulletin." Author of 
" What U Music ? " N.Y. 187-. 

Edea-NobJ-moni. Benjamin Coole. 
A letter from a gentleman in the city to 
his kinsman in the country. L. 1705. 

Eksnepa, Phesoi. Joseph Spence. 

"In 1764 be wm well portimyed by Mr. 
James Ridley, in bis admirable * Tales of the 
Genii,' under the name of ' Phesoi Ecneps (bis 
own name read backwards) Dervish of the Oroves, 
and a panegyrical letter from him to that ingen- 
ious moralist, under the same signatore, is inser- 
ted in ' Letters of Eminent Persons,' Vol. III., 
p. 139." 

Edax. Charles Lamb, in his essay on 
"Appetite," contributed to the "Re- 

Edfl^ar, Sir John. Sir Richard Steele. 
"In January, 1720, he began a paper 
under the name of Sir John Edgar called 
the 'Theatre,' which he continued 
every Tuesday and Saturday till the 5th 
of April following." 

Edgerton, Wild. Brock McVicker. 

Edianez, Anna. MUe. Z€naide Marie 
Anne Fleuriot, who has written stories 
under the above pseudonym which have 
found great favor among French readers. 

Edinburgh Burgess of 1786, An. 
John Gladstone. The justice and ezpedi- 
ency of the plan contained in a report 
addressed ... to the Chancellor of the 
Exchequer . . . Edinb. 1836. 

Editor, An. Lewis Gaylord Clark. 
Knicknacks from an editor's table. N.Y. 

Editor, The. Ambrose Ecdes, The 
plays of King Lear and Cymbeline. By 




William Shakspear. With notes and 
iilastrations, selected . . . by . . . L. 1801. 

Editor of "BeU's Ufe in liondon/' 
The. ^ank L, Douming. Fights for the 
championship. L. I860. 

Editor of " duysal," The. Charles 
Jokfuton. The history of Arsaces, Prince 
of BetUs. By... Dublin, 1774-76. 

Editor of '< CJolumeUa," ''Euge- 
nius/' The. Rev. Richard Graves. The 
reveries of solitude ... L. 1703. 

Editor of " Dodsley's CoUectioii of 
Old Plays /' The. Isaac Reed. The 
plajs of William Shakspeare . . . The 
third edition, revised and augmented by 
. . . L. 178o. 

Editor of the "Examiner," The. 
(James Menrif) Leigh Hunt. The "Re- 
flector," a quarterly magazine, on sub- 
jects of philosophy, politics, and the lib- 
eral arts. Conducted by . . . L. 1811. 

Editor of the " Glossary of Archi- 
tecture," The. John Henry Parker. 
Some account of domestic architecture 
in England, from Richard IX. to Henry 
Vm Oxford, 1859. 

Editor of "Kind Words," The. 
Benjamin Clarke. The life of Jesus, for 
young people. By . . . L. 1868. 

Editor of "King lioar," The. Charles 
Jennens. The tragedy of King Lear, as 
lately published, vindicated . . . L. 1772. 

Editor of "Life in Normandy," 
The. J. F. Campbell. A short Ameri- 
can tramp in the fall of 1854, by . . . 
Edinb. 1865. 

Editor of "Notes and Queries," 
The. WUliam John Thorns. The E. of 
" Notes and Queries '' and his friend, Mr. 
Singer; or, the questionable credit of 
that periodical. L. 1856. By WUliam 
Robinson Arrowsmith. 

Editor of "Once a Week," The. 
Eneas Sweetland Dallas. The Stowe- 
Byron controversy ... L. 1869. 

Editor of "Salmagundi," The. 
George Huddesford. Les champignons 
dn Diable; or, imperial mushrooms: a 
mock-heroic poem ... L. 1805. 

Ekiitor of a " Quarterly Review," 
The. WUliam Frederick Deacon. War- 
ren iana ... L. 1824. 

Editor of that Edition, The. Rev. 
William West. A few words in reply to 
the "British Quarterly Review" on the 
new edition of Archbishop Leighton's 
works. By . . . L. 1870. 

Editor of that Journal, The. Jo- 
seph Gumey Bevan (?). A vindication of 
the American Colonization Society and 
the Colony of Liberia. Extracted from 
the "Herald of Peace." By... L.1832. 

Editor of that Periodical, The. 

Samuel Gardner Drake. Review of 
Winthrop's Journal, as edited and pub- 
lished by the Hon. James Savage . . . 
Prepared for . . . the " New England 
Historical and Genealogical Register." 
By . . . B. 1854. 

Editor of the "Adventures of a 
Guinea," The. Charles Johnston. The 
history of John Juniper, Esq., alias Juni- 
per Jack ... L. 1781. 

Editor of the "Annals of Agricul- 
ture," The. Arthur Young. National 
danger, and the means of safety. By . . . 
L. 1708. 

Editor of the "Aurora." Benjamin 
Franklin Bache. Truth will out! The 
foul charges of the Tories against . . . 
repelled ... P. 1708. 

Editor of the "Boston Daily Ad- 
vertiser," The. Nathan Bale. Remarks 
on ... a railroad . . . from Boston to the 
Connecticut River ... B. 1827. 

Editor of the " British Workman," 
The. T. B. Smythies. Stories about 
horses. Compiled ... L. 1876. 

Editor of the "Canadian Free- 
man," The. Francis Collins. An 
abridged view of the Alien Question 
unmasked . . . York, TJ.C, 1826. 

Editor of the "Manchester Her- 
ald," The. Joseph ' Aston. Metrical 
records of Manchester ... L. 1822. 

Editor of the "Monthly Reposi- 
tory," The. Rev. Robert Aspland. The 
Christian Reformer . . . Hackney, 

Editor of the "National," The. 
George Jacob Holyoake. The life of 
Thomas Paine ... L. 1847. 

Editor of the "Newport Mercury," 
The. George Champlin Mason. Newport 
illustrated in a series of pen and pencil 
sketches. By . . . N.Y. 1854. 

Editor of the "Port FoUo," The. 
John E. Hall. Memoirs of eminent per- 
sons, with portraits and facsimiles : writ- 
ten, and in part selected ... P. 1827. 

Editor of the "Spiritual Quixote," 
The. Rev. Ricfiard Graves. The coali- 
tion; or, the opera rehearsed: a com- 
edy. . . L. 1704. 

Editor V. Publisher. Edward Wal- 
ford V. Elliot Stock. A short narrative 
of his editorial connection with the " An- 
tiquary," in 1870-«O; by E. Walford. L. 

Editors of the " Children's Friend," 
The. Rev. William Wilson. One hun- 
dred hieroglyphic Bible readings for the 
young. Compiled by . . . L. 1869. 

Edmund, The Right Rev., Bishop 




of Chester. Edmund Keene. Sennon 
before the Society for Propagation of 
the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1757. L. 

Edn^ards, John H. John Edward 
Ha}/nes, with Charles Hajnes, author of 
" Star of hope/' " Sabbath-echool songs." 
N.Y. 187-. Also in his contributions to 
periodical literature. 

Efendiy Murad. Franz von Werner. 
Balladen und Bilder. 1879. 

Effessea. Francis Seweil Cole, Oce- 
anica, etc. Southampton, 1871. 

EfflDj^ham, C, Esq. John Esten 
Cooke. The Virginia comedians ; or, old 
days in t^e Old Dominion . . . N.Y. 

Effmont. JSt, Michel Masse, in his con- 
tributions to " Le Courrier du Bas-Rhin." 

Eg— t, J., E— 1 of. John, Earl of Eg- 
mont. A letter from a person of distinc- 
tion to the right hon. ... L. 1740. 

An answer to three pamphleti, of which Lord 
Bgmont was the reputed author. The " Monthly 
Review." Vol. I., 1848, p. 238. 

Ego. Gabriel Norbert BilUart, in his 
contributions to "La Monde Illustn^" 

Egyptian Kafir, An. Samuel Bailey. 
Letters of ... on a visit to England in 
search of a religion ... L. 1839. 

EgyptUB. Joseph Parrish Thompson, 

Eight Clergymen. Bev. Hugh Stow- 
ell, Bev. John Cale, etc. The Churchman 
armed. A course of lectures ... L. 

Eiml, C. Willclns. Charles Wilkins 
Webber. Listinct, reason, and imagina- 
tion, in the " Democratic Review." Vol. 
16, p. 4 08. 

EAAXilTOZ. Thomas F[>ster Bar- 
ham. BeliquisB Sense; or, Christian 
musings . . . Short pieces in verse. B j . . . 

Elagnitln, J. Joseph Nightingale. 
Mock heroics, on snuff, tobacco, and gin, 
and a rhapsody on an inkstand. L. 1822. 

El Atchby. Lt/man Ilotchkiss Bagg. 
His signature in the N.Y. "Graphic," 
April, 1873, and in the N.Y. "World," 
April, 1878. 

Elberp. George Henry Preble, whose 
first article, composed in his 14th year, 
appeared in the " Experiment," Portland, 
Me., under this nom de plume. 

Eld, George. John Taylor, the 
water-poet. Superbis flagellum; or, 
the whip of pride. L. 1G21. 

Elder of the Church of Scotland, 
An. Hugh Barclay. A plea for Chris- 
tian union, by . . . Edinb. 185-. 

Eldon, Dr. Abraham. Thomas Wyse. 

The Continental trareller's oracle . . . 
L. 1828. 

Elector, An. Henry Bomilly. Public 
responsibility and vote by ballot. L. 

Elector In 1771, An. Samuel Adams, 
in the "Boston Gazette," May 20, 1771. 

Eleonora. Eleanor BuUer. "Gay 
Eleonora's smile," in Anna Seward's 
"Llangollen Vale.'* 

Eleven Sophomores. "Harry," by 
C. F. Thwing; "The bear," by B. 0. 
Peiree; "Rose Bud's story," bv 5. B. 
Stiles; "Jamie's mice," by C 'H, Bar- 
rows; "Santa Claus's deer," bv G. S. 
Pine; "Maggie's walk," by H. Hinkley ; 
"Chicken's mistake," by C. ^. Dickin- 
son; "About the stars," by W. R. Page; 
"Bertie's dream," by F, A. Stiwuon; 
" Bumble's first day at work," by T. C. 
Williams; "Bronco," by A. A. Wltee- 
ler. Stories for children. B. 1875. 

Elfin. Miss Georgiana Verrall. A 
Cornish ghost story. A night's adven- 
tures at the Devil's Stile; or. Jacky 
Trevose and Mary Trevean. By "E." 
Truro, 1862. 

ElfHda. Mrs. Elizabeth {Simpson) Inch- 
bald, in Beloe's "Sexagenarian/' IL 394. 
2d ed. L. 1818. 

Klhegos. Elbridge Henry Goss, in his 
contributions to the "Boston Advertiser," 
etc., from 1870. 

Ella. Charles Lamb, in the celebrated 

*' essays" contributed to the "London 

Magazine," 1820-25. 

"The adoption of the elgnainre wm purely acci- 
dental. Hie flrat coDtributlon was a deacripUon 
of the Old South Bea Houae, — where Lamb had 
paaaed a few montba' novitiate as a clerk thirty 
yean before, — and of its inmates, who bad long 
passed away; and, remembering the name of a 
iSPlt light-hearted foreigner, who had fluttered 
there ai that time, he subscribed his name to the 
essay."— T. N. Taltottbd. 

Ella, Bridget. Mary Lamb, sister of 
Charles Lamb, was the author of " Mrs. 
Leicester's school ... L. 1808. 

Ella, James. John Lamb, brother of 
Charles Lamb. 

Ellakim. Count Modeste Gruau de la 
Barre. Les visions d'Esaie et la nouvelle 
terre . . . Rotterdam, 1854. 

Ellas. John Lingard, D.D. 

Perhaps his signature In the ** Newcastle Cour- 
ant," for \i'hicb. In 1805, he wrote a series of let- 
ters, which were afterwards collected under the 
title of •• Catholic loyalty vindicated " ; or, more 
probably, of his nnooyinous pamphlets in his 
controversy with the Bishop of Durham and 
others, 1806-13. 

Elie, Le Pdre. Marie Maximilian 
Harel. L'esprit du sacerdoce. Paris, 

Eliot, George. Mrs. Marian (Evans 




Lewes) Cross. Scenes of clerical life, 

1858; Adam Bede, 1868. L. and 


" Nor can we omit, in concluding this notice 
of A most remarluible book, some notice of the 
diiputes M to its aulborshlp. Tbe newspapers 
have been full of them. l£r. Anders, rector of 
Kirk by, writes early in April of this year to as- 
sore the world that ' the author of Adam Bede 
is Mr. Liggins, of Nuneaton, Warwickshire, and 
the characters whom he paints in Scenes of Cler- 
ical Life, are as familiar there as the twin spires 
of Coventry.' But jnst as we have satisfied our 
minds that this is the true state of the case, and 
are feeling greatly obliged to Mr. Anders, a 
wrathful Tetter from * George Eliot' disturbs 
us; asking (not unreasonably) whether * the act 
of publishing a book deprives a man of all claim 
to the courtesies usual amongst gentlemen?' . . . 
Then some gentleman is * recelvingsubscriptions ' 
as tbe ill-used author of Adam Bede. Finally, 
the Messrs. Blackwood, turning at last to throw 
a stone, declare that, ' those works are not writ- 
ten bv Mr. Liggins, or by any one with a name 
like Liggins ' . . . Now, upon all this we have 
only to remark, that we cordially agree in the 
dictum of Mr. Eliot, that * the attempt to pry 
into what is obviously meant to be withhela, — 
his name,— is quite indefensible.'" — Edivb, 
Bev., 1850. 

Eliza. Mrs. Elizabeth Carter, The 
name under which she began to contrib- 
ute verses to the "Gent. Mag./' at the 
age of seventeen. 

Eliza. Mrs. Eliza Jane {Poitevent) 
Nicholson, in her contributions to the 
"Times-Democrat" (New Orleans, La.). 

Eliza. Anne Elisabeth {Petitpain) 
Voiart. L'Alg^rien. Paris, 1816. 

Eliza. Mrs. Elizabeth Draper. Let- 
ters from £. to Yorick [Laurence 
Sterne]. L. 1776. 

EUzaphan of Pamach. Benjamin 
Church, M.D. Liberty and property vin- 
dicated, and the St — ^pm — n burnt . . • 
B. 1766. 

Ellen. Mrs. Rebecca S. (Reed) Nich- 
ols, whose earliest poems were published 
in the Louisville "News Letter/* under 
this nom de plume. 

Ellen lionise. Mrs. Ellen Louise 
{Chandler) Moulton, who, in 1841, com- 
menced furnishing prose contributions to 
the periodicals under this nom de plume. 

EUen of Elxeter. Mrs. Anjie Maria 
Mackenzie. The Neapolitan ; or, the test 
of integrity. L, 1706. 

Eileraberg, Eduard. Eduard Zie- 
hen. Gaston von Bonac. 186-. 

Ellice, liucy. Miss EUen Moriarty. 
One of the noms de plume under which 
she wrote for Miles O'Reilly's " Citizen." 

Ellinjf, Franz von. Karl Miller. 

EUlot, Editli. Mrs. Anna Holyoke 
(Cutts) Howard, in her contributions to 
the "Household" (Brattleboro, Vt.). 

Elliot, Madge. Margaret Eytinge. 

Elliott. Samuel Elliott Coues. Re- 

marks on the Bunker Hill monument . . . 
Portsmouth, N.H., 1840. 

EUiott, Elinor. Ella S. Sargent. 

ElUott, Rutli. Miss Lillie Peck. A 
voice from the sea ... L. 1876. 

EUoie. Miss Zoda Stith. Poems. 
Nashville, Tenn., 1869. 

Ellsworth. Elmer E. Wadman, in 
his contributions to various periodicals 
of Boston, Mass., etc. 

Ellwood, Ella. Ellen Shade. 

Elmar, Karl. Karl Swiedack. Die 
Wette um ein Herz. 1841. 

Elmlicbt, Twlnrock, Esq. Thomas 
Peter Mitchell. Theophania ; or, a Scrip- 
tural view of the manifestation of the 
Logos, or pre-existent Messiah . . . L. 

Elmwood. James Russell Lowell. 

Elmwood, Einathan, Esq. Asa 
Gfreene. A Yankee among the NuUifiers : 
autobiography. N.Y. 1833. 

Elocution WallLer. John Walker. 
A name given to him from his being a 
distinguished teacher of elocution. 

Elohta Ttenrub. Aihole Burnett. 

Elon. Dr. Linnaeus B. Anderson, in 
his contributions to the "State" (Rich- 
mond, Va.). 

The pseudonym is an anagram of Noel (Va.), 
hlB residence. 

El Penseroso. G. F. Lanigan, a 
Canadian writer, who, under this signa- 
ture, contributed to the " Western Jour- 

Elvira. Mrs. Perkins. Harp of the 
willows. B. 1858. 

Elysio, FUinto. Francisco Manoel do 
Nascimento, among whose works, pub- 
lished under this assumed name, are a 
number of odes and a translation of La 
Fontaine's "Fables." 

Emannel, Christian, Esq. George 
Ensor. Janus on Sion ; or, past and to 
come ... L. 1816. 

Embryo " Harvest Man," An. Jere- 
miah Bigg. Quakerieties, by . . . L. 

Embryo M.P., An. — North. Anti- 
Coningsby ; or, the new generation grown 
old. L. 1844. 

EmeflT. Mary Flagg, in the " Home 

Emendator. Ccdeb Whitefoord. Ad- 
vice to editors of newspapers. L. 17&9. 

Emeritus. Mr. Prower. The Militia- 
man at home and abroad ... L. 1857. 
^ Emeritus Professor, An. J. L. H. 
McCracken. The art of making poetry 
by ... in the 2d number of the " Knick- 

Emerson, Sir James. Sir James 




Emerson Tennent. Letters from the 
^gean or Grecian Islands. L. 1829. 
AMomed the name of " Tennent" In 1882. 

Emery^ Marie. Mme, Vandenbuuche, 
Ivan... N.Y. 1878. 

Binlgraiit. Samuel Sidney, Emi- 
grant's Journal. L. 1840-^. 

Smlgrant^An. Adam Thom, Letter 
to the Right Hon. £. 6. Stanley . . . 
Montreal, 1834. 

Kmlgrant Farmer, An. Bev, Joseph 
Abbott. Memoranda of a settler in Ix>wer 
Canada . . . Montreal, 1842. 

Emt^^rant Mechaiilc, An. Alexan- 
der Harris. Settlers and conTicts; or, 
recollections of 16 jears' labour in the 
Australian back-woods ... L. 1847. 

Emilia. Miss Pamelia S, Vtnning, 
A Canadian poet, who wrote for some 
time under Uiis pen-name. She was 
afterwards a contributor to the " U. S. 
Mag.," which was merged in " Emerson's 
Mag.," then in " Emerson and Putnam's 
Mag.," and flnaUy for several years in 
the "Great Republic Mag." MissVinning 
iilso vrrote for the '' La&s' Repository," 
Cincinnati, and the ** Canadian Illustrated 
News," Hamilton. 

Emilianc, Gabriel d\ Antonio Get- 
vin. Kusos ct fourberies des prStres et 
4les moines. Leipsic, 1846. 

Emily. Miss Emily Angove. Clara 
May; or, bring your cares to Christ. 
Redruth, 1860. 

Eminent Citizen of Virginia, An. 
Benjamin Watkins Leigh. Letters of 
Algernon Sydney in dfefence of civil 
liberty . . . Richmond, 1830. 

Eminent Collector in Edinburgli, 
An. David Laing. Catalogue of a por- 
tion of the rare and curious library of 
. . . 1860. 

Eminent Editor, An. Hector Mao^ 
neill. Memoirs of the life and character 
of Gilbert Purring . . . Edinb. 1806. 

Eminent English Counsel, An. 
John Longley. Observations on the trial 
hy jury . . . Edinb. 1816. 

Eminent Lawyer, An. — Smith. 
The opinion of . . . concerning the right 
of appeal from the Vice-Chancellor of 
Cambridge to the Senate, etc. L. 1761. 

Eminent Lawyer of Connecticut, 
An. John Hooker. New-England Loyal 
Publication Society . . . Letter, written 
by . . . n.p., n.d. 

Eminent Lawyer of the Temple, 
An. Dr. John Arbuthnot. John Bull's 
Last Will and Testament ... 2d ed. L. 

The preface is signed " FfaUonomiu Eleuthe- 

Eminent Idterary Men. Charles L 
Flint and others. Eighty years' progress 
of the United States . . . Hartford, 

Eminent Tuner, An. Thomas D*Al- 
maine ff Co. D'Almaine & Co.'s new 
work upon the art of tuning the piano- 
forte and harmonium ... L. 1862. 

Emma. Miss M. L. Everist, in her 
contributions to the "Globe-Democrat'* 
(St Louis, Mo.). 

Emmellne. Kathinka {Halein) Zitz. 

Emmeran, Euaebius. Georg Fried- 
rich Daumer. 

Emmet, Elizabeth. Mrs. Elizabeth 
A. Comstock. 

Enemy to Peace, An. Jonathan 
Swift, D.D. A learned comment upon 
Dr. Hare's excellent sermon ... L. 

Engelyom, Van. Jules Lecomte. 
Lettres sur les ^crivains fran9ai8. Brux- 
elles, 1837. 

Engineer upon that Expedition, 
An. Major Moncrief. A short account 
of the expedition against Quebec, com- 
manded by Major-General Wolfe, in the 
year 1759 ... L. n.d. 

EhigUsh-Catholic, of the Metropoli- 
tan Diocese, An. Caleb Fleming. A 
Catholic-epistle; or, pastoral letter . . . 
L. n.d. 

KngllBh Churchman, An. T. , H. 
Shaw. The consumptive boy: a narra- 
tive by . . . L. 1854. 

English CivUian, An. WiUiam Wal- 
ton. A reply to two pamphlets entitled 
"Illustrations of the Portuguese Ques- 
tion "... and " The last days of the 
Portuguese Constitution "... L. 1880. 

EIngUsh Connaught Ranger, An. 
Edward Cooper. The cure for Ireland. 
DubUn, 1850. 

English Critic, An. George Herbert 
Townsend. William Shakespeare not an 
imposter. L. 1867. 

English Detective, An. William 
Bussell. Autobiography of . . . By 
"Waters." L. 1868. 

English Gentleman, An. William 
Newnham Blane. An excursion throu{;h 
the United States and Canada during the 
years 1822-23. L. 1824. 

English Gentleman, An. W. Wind- 
ham. A letter from . . . giving an ac- 
count of a journey to the glaciers . . . 
in Savoy ... in 1741. L. 1744. 

English Girl, An. Anne Manning. 
Account of a Moravian settlement in the 
Black Forest. L. 1858. 

En^ish, Goliah. John Boyle, Earl 
of Cork and Orrery. — See " G. K.' 





Bngllsh Gorerness, Th«. Mrs, Anna 
Earriette Leonowens. The English gor- 
•emess at the Siamese Court, 1862-67. 
B. 1870. 

English Grammar School Head 
Master, The. Edward Rupert Hum- 
pkreys, LL.D. England's educational 
x^sis ... L. 1866. 

iRwgHah JonmallBt, An. William 

Charles Mark Kent [better known as 

Charles Kenf], What shall be done 

iRrith Cardinal Wiseman? An inquiry. 

By . . . L. 1860. 

English Lady, An. Mrs. A. Phelps 
Bayman, Notes and letters on the 
American war. L. 1864. 

English Iiady, An. Mrs, A, Saint- 
Georae. A sketch of the life of . . . 
Washmgton . . . N.Y. 1834. 

English liandowner, An. Sir Ar- 
thur Hallam Elton. An inquiry into the 
alleged justice and necessity of the war 
with Russia ... L. 1855. 

English Merchant, An. John Camp- 
bell. The Spanish Empire in America . . . 
L. 1747. 

English Officer, An. Lieut. Col. 
Alexander Jardine. Letters from Bar- 
t>aTy, France, Spain, Portugal ... L. 

English Opium Eater, The. Thomas 
De Quinceu. Confessions of an . . . L. 

English Play-goer, An. John Oxen- 
Jord, author of " Robin Hood " : an opera 
... Jj. 1863. 

English Priest, An. Rev. S. B. 
Harper. The catholicity of the Church's 
love and the humility of her ceremonial. 
L. 1850. 

English Republican, An. Algernon 
Charles Swinburne. Notes of ... on the 
Muscovite crusade. L. 1876. 

English Resident, An. T. M. 
Hughes. Revelations of Spain in 1845 . . . 
L. 1845. 

English Sappho, The. Mrs. Mary 
Robinson. The wild wreath. L. 1805. 

English Sister of Mercy, An. i^ss 
Margaret Goodman. Experiences of . . . 
L. 1861. 

English Sportsman, The. Hon. 
George Charles Grantley Fitz-Hardinge, 
In the Western prairies. L. 1861. 

English Terence, The. Richard 
Cumberland, to whom Goldsmith alludes 
in his " Retaliation " as " The Terence of 
England, the mender of hearts." 

English Tory. Sir Richard Steele. 
The Guardian (No. 128, Aug. 7, 1713), 

English Traveller, An. Orville 

Dewey, Letters of ... on revivals oi 
religion in America. B. 1828. 

English Traveller, An. Martin Sher 
lock. New letters from ... L. 1781. 

WngUsh Traveller, An. Rev. Joseph 
Hunter. Notes . . . during a two days' 
sojourn at Ober-Wesel on the Rhine. L. 

English Traveller at Rome, An. 
William Chdolphin, Marquis of Bland- 
ford. A letter ... to his father, of the 
6th of May, 1721. 

English Traveller In Spain, An. 
John Talbot Dillon. Letters ... on the 
origin and progress of poetry in that 
kingdom ... L. 1781. 

Englishman. William Sharpy Jr. 
Englishman's remonstrance. L. 1771. 

Englishman, An. — BeUon. An- 
gler in Ireland; or, an Englishman's 
rambles through Connaught and Mun- 
ster, during the summer of 1833. L. 

Englishman, An. Thomas Paine. 
Common sense ; addressed to the inhabi- 
tants of America ... P. 1776. 

Englishman, An. Samuel Phillips 
Day. Down South; or, an Englishman's 
experience at the seat of war, 1861. L. 

Englishman, An. Thomas Gordon. 
Francis, Lord Bacon . . . 5th ed. L. 

The dedication is signed " Britannicns." 

EIngllshman, An. J. Dallinger. The 
general use of machinery . . . Dalling- 
hoo, 1821. 

Englishman, An. Dr. John Burton. 
A genuine and true journal of the most 
miraculous escape of the Young Cheva- 
Uer . . . L. 1749. 

Englishman, An. Philip Quarll, 
The hermit; or, sufferings and other 
adventures of . . . L. 1727. 

Englishman, An. \Henry Richard 
Vassall Fox, 3d Baron Holland. Letter 
to a Neapolitan from ... L. 1818. 

Englishman, An. Dr. John Jebb. A 
letter to Sir William Meredith upon the 
subject of subscription to the liturgy 
. . . L. 1772. 

Englishman, An. John Cam Hob- 
house, Lord Broughton. Letters writ- 
ten by . . . resident at Paris ... L. 

ElngUshman, An. John Home Tooke. 
The petition of . . . L. 1765. 

Englishman, An. James Bury, Pick- 
ings up in Ireland ... L. 1859. 

Englishman, An. Isacu: Candler. 
Summary view of America ... L. 1824. 

Englishman, An. John Gough, A 



tour through Ireland in the years 1813 
and 1814 ... By . . . Dublin, 1817. 

EnglUhman, An. John BenwtU, 
Travels in America. L. 1858. 

Bogllshinaii, An. William TF%i<to- 
her Barry, A walking tour round Ireland 
in 1866. By . . . L. 1867. 

EngUshman, An. Edmund Wheeler. 
What shall we do at Delphi ? An £.'0 
letter to the Hunianitarians. L. 1857. 

KngHahman Abroad, An. Alexan^ 
der Tighe Gregory, Practical Paris 
guide. L. 1858. 

Englishman, Th«. Rev, Stephen Wes- 
ton. The Englishman abroad, 1824-25. 
L. 1825. 

Englishman, The. Thomas H. Glad- 
stone, The £. in Kansas . . . N.Y. 1857. 

Englishman, The Bovlng. Eustace 
Clare Grencille Murray, The roving 
Englishman ... L. 1854. 

Englishman, A Young. William 
Wirt. The British spy; or. letters of 
. . . Richmond, 1808. 

Englishman in Switzerland, An. 
Alexander Tighe Gregory. A practical 
Swiss guide illustrated ... L. 1856. 

Englishman resident at Paris, An. 
John Cam Hothouse, Lord Broughton. 
Substance of letters from Paris in 1815. 
By . . . L. 1816, 

Englishwoman, An. Miss Jane Por- 
ter, Animated address to our fair country- 
women, in "Gent. Mag.," December, 
1811, pp. 501-502. 

EngUahwoman, An. Sarah Mytton 
Maury. An E. in America. L. 1848. 

Ehigllshwoman, An. Mrs. Barbara 

i Wreaks Hoole) Uofland, A letter of . . . 

Englishwoman, An. Mrs. M, Miller. 
Letters from Italy ... L. 1776. 

EngUshwoman, An. Mrs. Charlotte 
Ann ( Waldie) Eaton. Narrative of a 
residence in Belgium during the cam- 
paign of 1815 ... L. 1817. 

Englishwoman, An. Mtne, Frances 
(Wright) D^Arusmont. Views of society 
and manners in America. L. 1821. 

Englishwoman, The. Mrs, Sophia 
[Lane) Poole. The E. in Egjrpt; letters 
from Cairo ... in 1842-44. L. 1844. 

Englishwoman In America, The. 
Mrs. Isabella {Bird) Mayo. The aspects 
of religion in the United States of 
America. L. 1850. 

Englishwoman in Utah, A. Mrs. 
F, Stenhouse, An Englishwoman in 
Utah . . . 1880. 

Englishwoman resident at Bnu- 
•els in June, 1815, An. Mrs, Charlotte 
Ann ( Waldie) Eaton. The days of the 

battle; or, Qoatre Bras and Waterloo. 
L. 1853. 

Ennuy6e. M'S, Anna (Murphy) Jame- 
son. Diary of an Ennuyee. L. 1826. 

Enoch. Richard Laurence, LLJ). The 
book of Enoch the Prophet . . . Oxf . 

Enos. CecU Percival Stone. Aslant : 
a tale of the massacre of the Nestorian 
Christians. L. 1858. 

Enquirer, An. Judge George Tucker, 
who, under this signature, contributed to 
Wirt's " British Spy." 

Enquirer, The. William Atkinson. 
A letter in answer to one suspected to 
have been written by a stranger, assisted 
by the Jacobin priests of West-Biding. 
By . . . L. 1801. 

Enrique, E^rratic. Benry Clay Lu- 
kens, of •* New York Daily News," author 
of " Jets and Flashes." N.Y. 1883. 

Ensanada. Jacques Albin Simon Col- 
lin de Piancy, 

Epaminondas. Gideon Granger. Ad- 
dress of ... to citixens of the State of 
New York. Albany, 1819. 

Epamlnondaa. Augustus B, Wood- 
ward. Considerations on the govern- 
ment of the Territory of Columbia. W. 

Ephemera of " Bell's Life la Lon- 
don." Edward Fitzgibbon. A handbook 
of angling ... L. 1847. 

Epicure, An. Frederic Saunders. 
Salad for the solitary and the social . . . 
N.Y. 1871. 

Epicurus Rotundus. Shirley Brooks, 
in London ** Punch." 

Epigram, Ephraim, Esq. Ambrou 
Pitman, Esq., who, about the year 1788,. 
resided in the Weald of Kent, occasion- 
ally figuring as a poetical correspondent 
of the ''Maidstone Journal," under the 
above signature. 

Episcopal IMvine, An. Dr. Hay. 
Imparity among pastors . . . n.p. 1703. 

Episcopalian, An. Rev. — Lake. 
A letter respectfully addressed to the- 
Ix>rd Bishop of London .. . 2ded. L. 1811. 

Episcopalian, An. Richard Whately. 
Letters on the Church. By . . . L. 1826. 

Episcopalian of . . . Maryland, An. 
John Kexciey. An enquiry into the va- 
lidity of Methodist Episcopacy . . . Wil- 
mington, 1807. 

Epistleographos. Gouvemeur Carr. 

Epsilon. Edward Denham, in his con- 
tributions to the "Transcript" (B. 

Epsilon. Richard Edmonds, Jun, Mr^ 
Peel's act. In the "Cornish (Eng.) Mag- 
azine." 1828. 




Epsilon. Rev, J, Baldwin Brown, 
The moral goyemment of God ... L. 

ESrasmiui. J/tM Jeanette L, Gilder, 
as regular literary correspondent in New 
York, of the "Philadelphia Press." 

Ehrasmua. Frederidc May (t). The 
Bible exposed by . . . B. 1862. 

Erasmua, W. J. Erasmus Wilson, 
Practical and snrgical anatomy. L. 1838. 

ESrastas. Rev, Joseph Jefferson, of 
Basingbroke (Hants.), in his contributions 
to the " Gent. Mag.'* (L^. 

Erceldoune. Willis H. Bocock, of the 
TJniyersity of Virginia, in poems con- 
tributed to the "Central Presbyterian" 
(Richmond, Va.). 

Erdan, Alexandre. Alexandre Andri 

Eremiia. John Wilson, The snow 
storm, in " Blackwood's Magazine." Vol. 
1, p. 37 et seq. 

E2rienenals. Walter Cavendish Crof- 
ton. Sketches of the Thirteenth Parlia- 
ment of Upper Canada . . . Toronto, 

S2ile-ii8. Col, Adam Hood Bunoell, 
Talbot Koad (1818), and other poems 
contributed to Canadian periodicals. 

Erlth, liynn. Edward Fox, Poet- 
ical tentatives. L. 1854. 

Ermite. Rev, Patrick Eugene Mori- 

Smst. Mathias Jakob Schleiden, 
Gedichte. 1858 and 1873. 

Ernst, Julius. Julius Stinde. 

Erodore. Jacob Abbott, 

Erquar, Marie Jozon d*. Joseph 
Marie Qu€rard, Les supercheries litt^r- 
aires d(f voil^es . . . Paris, 1869. 

Errym, Malcolm J. Malcolm J. Ry- 
ner. Townsend the Runner. 18-. 

Ervie. Emily C. Pearson. Echo- 
bank : a temperance tale . . . N.Y. 1868. 

Eakdale Tani. Thomas Telford, in 
"Ruddiman's Weekly Magazine." In 
early life he contributed several poetical 
pieces of merit to " R.'s W. M.," under 
the signature of "E. T." See Ander- 
son's "The Scottish Nation," VoL 3, 
p. 553. 

Esmond, Henry, Esq. William 
Makepeace Thackeray. The history of 
Heniy Esmond, Esq., a colonel in the 
service of Her Majesty Queen Anne; 
written by himself. L. 1852. 

Espriella, I>on Manuel Alvarez. 
Robert Souihey, Letters from England . . . 
L. 1807. 

Eissaytst on the Passions, An. Nich- 
olas Michell. The fatalist; or, the for- 
times of Godolphln. L. 1840. 

Essenus. John Jones, LLJ), A new 
version of the first three chapters of 
Genesis. L. 1819. 

E^ssex Jnstlee, An. Andrew John- 
ston. A pocket index to Oke and Stone. 
By . . . Gloucester, 187 T. 

Estelle. Miss Elizabeth Bogart, who, 
wider this signature, contributed many 
articles to the ** New York Mirror " and 
other periodicals. 

Estelle. Mrs, Martha W. Frazer 
Brown, whose poems were published in 
the " Southern Literary Messenger," etc. 

Estelle. Emily Marion Harris. 

Estelle. Mrs, Piper, Lucy Herbert . . . 
B. 1863. 

Esther, Annt. Mrs. John A, Smith. 
Letters from Europe . . . Chic. 1870. 

Estoile, Pierre de 1'. Arsons Hous- 
saye. L'hlBtoire en pantoufles, in "La 
Presse." Paris, 1861. 

Etheridge, Kelsic. W. B. Smith. 
Egypt Ennis ; or, prisons without walls. 
N.Y. 1876. 

Ethophile, Un. Docteur Imbert-Goor- 
beyre. Un mot 2t M. le professeur Gonod, 
etc. 1845. 

EtUr, Garit Karl BrosbdU. Salo- 
mon Baadsmand. 1880. 

Etonian, An. Charles Bowcrqft, 
Confessions of an Etonian. L. 1852. 

Etonian, An. Robert William Essina- 
ton. The legacy of . . . Edited by Rob- 
ert Nolands, sole executor. Camb. 1846. 

Etonian, The Younger. Rt, Hon, 
William Ewart Gladstone, Ancient and 
modem genius compared, in the " Eton 
MisceUany." 1827. 

Etoniensis. Rt, Hon, William Ewart 
Gladstone, in the London "Contemporary 

Ettricls Shepherd, The. James Hogg. 
The Altrive tales. The queer book : be- 
ing a collection of poems. Edinb. 1832. 

Eugdne. Udouard Roger de Bully 
Beauvoir. Le comet 2t piston. Paris, 

Eugene. Hugo Amot. A letter to 
the Lord Advocate of Scotland [Henry 
Dundas] . . . Edinb. 1777. 

Eugenie. Kathinka (Halein) Zits, 

Eugenius. John Hail-Stevenson. Crazy 
tales. L. 1762. 

Eugenius Junior. James Owen. 
Church-pageantry displayed . . . L. 1700. 

Eugenius Phllalethes. Rev, Arthur 
Ashley Sykes, The innocency of error, 
asserted and vindicated ... L. 1715. 

Eulalie. Mrs, Mary Eulalie Fee Shan- 
non, Buds, blossonu, and leaves : poems 
by . . . Cin. 1854. 

Eumenes. William Griffith. Eumc- 



nes : a collection of papers . . . exhibit- 
ing 8ome of the errors and omissions of 
the constitution of New Jersey . . . 
Trenton, 1799. 

Eunomus. John James Park, LL,D, 
Juridical letters: addressed to Right 
Hon. Robert Feel ... L. 1880. 

Bupator. Joseph Mendham. Cardi- 
nal Allen's admonition to the nobility 
and people of England and Ireland . . . 
▲.D. 1558. Reprinted with a preface 
by . . . L. 1842. 

£uphranor. James Bolivar Manson, 
Contemporary Scottish art. A series of 
pen and ink pictures, drawn from the 
exhibition of 1864. By . . . Edinb. 

Eaphrosyne. Rev. Richard Graves, 
who, under this name, published two vol- 
umes of poems which went through ser- 
eral editions. 

Eureka. TJumas N, Ralston, DJ). 
Ecee unitas; or, a plea for Christian 
unity . . . Cin. 1876. 

European, An. Francois Alexandre 
Fr€d€ricy Due de la Rochefoucauld- 
Liancourt. On the prisons of Fhilar 
delphia . . . 

Europ^en, Un. Francis Alexandre 
Fr€d€ricy Due de la Rochef oucanld-Lian- 
court. Des prisons de Fhiladelphie . . . 
F. 1796. 

Euryalus. George John, 5th Earl of 
Delaware, in Byron's ** Childish Recollec- 
tions." Newark, 1807. 

£v<riPcts. Rev. R. Wdton. The 
clergy's tears ; or, a cry against persecu- 
tion . . . n.p. 1715. 

Eusebia. Frances Thynne Somerset, 
Countess of Hertford. 

Euseblus. Rev. Edward Dorr Griffin 
Prime, who was for some years one of 
the editors of the N.Y. "Observer," in 
which his letters under this signature 
attracted considerable notice. 

Euseblus. Rev, Robert Boucher Nick- 
oUs, LL.D. ''On the growth of schism in 
the Church among the Methodistic cler- 
gy, and the means of checking it." In 
the "Anti^acobin" for May, 1809. 

Euseblus. Edmund Rack. Reflec- 
tions on the spirit and essence of Chris- 
tianity. By . . . L. 1771. 

Euseblus Exoniensis. Richard Poir 
whele. An essay on the evidence from 
Scripture that the Soul immediately 
after the death of the body is ... in a 
state of happiness or misery ... .L. 

Euterpe. Isaac jyisraeli, Esq. 
''Verses addressed to Richard Gough, 
the 'Modem Camden,'" in the "St. 

James's Chronicle " for Nov. 20, 

Evangelical Preacher, An. Wil- 
liam Bengo CoUyer, D.D. An appeal to 
the legislature and to the public ... L. 

Evangeline. Miss Ellen A. Moriarty, 
who, under this nom de plume, wrote for 
Miles O'Reilly's « Citircn." 

E>7^angeline. Mrs. A. E. Newman. 
European leaflets, for young ladies . . . 
N.T. 1861. 

Evans, O^ven. William Henry An- 
derdon. The adventures of . . . Edited 
byW. H.A. L. 1868. 

Evelyn, Chetwood, Esq. Robert 
Conger Pell. The companion: after- 
dinner table-talk. N.Y. 1850. 

Everett. J. E. McAshan. Houston 
(Tez.) correspondent of "Texas Sift- 

Everett, Paul. Cornelia Lovejoy. 

ESvergreen. Washington Irving, his 
signature in the " Salmagundi." 

Everpoint. Joseph M. Field. The 
drama in Pokerville; and other stories. 
P. 1847, 

Evolutionist, An. John Fiske. Ex- 
cursions of . . . B. 1883. 

Ex-Barber to His Majesty the 
King of Great Britain, The. Asa 
Greene. Travels in America by . . . 
N.Y. 1838. See " yribbleton, George." 

Ex-Oolonel of the Ac^.-Gen.'s Dept., 
An. Charles Grahame Halpine. Baked 
meats of the funeral. A collection of 
essays, poems . . . 

Ex-Consul, An. Rev. Charles Whee- 
ler Denison. Antoine ... B. 1874. 

Ex-Curate, An. Rev. Edward John 
Watson. An apology [for joining the 
R. C. Church] addressed to the clergy 
and congregations of Christ church and 
St. John's, St. Leonard's-on-the-Sea. By 
... of the former church. L. 1877. 

Ex-Dlssenter, An. George Rawston. 
My life . . . L. 1841. 

Ex-Dissenting Minister, An. Rev. 
Robert Christison. The Liberationists 
unmasked, by . . . Leeds, 1874. 

Ex-Editor, An. Col. Thomas Picton, 
in his contributions to the " Spirit of the 
Times" (N.Y.). 

Ex-Editor, An. William Young. 
Mathieu Ropars: et cetera. By . . . 
N.Y. 1868. 

£x-M.P., An. Henry Lambert. Me- 
moir of Ireland in 1850. L. 1851. 

Ex-Member of the Society of 
Friends, An. Edward Richardson, 
Jun. QufUcerism versus the Church. 
By . . . L. 1860. 



"Ex-offlcio" Superintendent of 
the Department, The. John Hill 
Bitrton, Memorandum on the collec- 
tion and arrangement of the judicial 
statistics of Scotland. By . . . Edinb. 

Ex-Orderiy Sergeant, An. John 
Mason (?). Recollections of the early 
days of the national guard . . . the 
famous serenth regiment New York 
militia... N.Y. 1868. 

Bx-Pension Agent, An. Henri/ Mor- 
ford. Spur of Monmouth ; or, Washing- 
ton in arms. P. 1876. 

Ex-Polltlcal, An. E, B. Eastmck. 
Dry leaves from young Egypt ... L. 

Sz-finrveyor General. John Osborne 
Sargent, Letter to General Hazen. 

Excelsior. Charles Fritts, a technical 
writer on horology, in his contributions 
to periodical literature. 

Exfle, An. Thomas Alexander Bos- 
well. ' The journal of . . . L. 1825. 

Exii6, Un. Yevgenii Obolenski, Sou- 
venirs d' . . . 1825-66, en Siberie. Leip- 
sic, 1862. 

Exile of Erin. Rev. M. W. Newman, 
in the "New York Tablet" and the 
^'Irish American" (N.Y.). 

Expatriated, An. V. S. Zorawshi. 
A few words from . . . Cowes, 1844. 

Experienced Carver, An. George O. 
Foster, New York in slices, by . . . 
being the original slices published in the 
" New York Tribune "... N.Y. 1849. 

Experienced Clerk, An. Henry 
Perkins, Pounds, dims, cents, and mils ; 
or, a real decimal coinage vindicated. 
Manchester, 1853. 

Experienced Dyer, An. Edward 
Andrew Pamell. A practical treatise on 
dyeing and calico printing . . . N.Y. 1846. 

Experienced Oculist, An. G. H. 
Beer. The art of preserving the sight 

... 1j. lolo. 

Experienced Teacher, An. A, Wrif- 
ford (?). A brief development of the 
great secret of giving and receiving in- 
struction . . . Concord, 1836. 

Experienced Teacher, An. — Bor- 
renstein. An easy method of acquiring 
the Hebrew ... L. 1822. 

Expertus. Rev. Malcolm Maccoll, Is 
Liberal policy a failure ? L. 1870. 

Explorabilifl. Mrs. Eliza Haywood, 
The invisible spy. By . . . L. 1759. 

Expositor. Aaron W, Ldand. A 
letter to the citizens of Charleston, em- 
bracing strictures . . . Charleston, S.C, 

Extlngnished Exile, An. T, Wemys 


Beid, author of "Charlotte Bronte. 
N.Y. 1877. 

Eyebrlght, Daisy. Mrs. S. 0. John- 
son. Every woman her own flower gar- 
dener. N.Y. 1871. 

Eye Witness, An. William E, 8, 
Baker. The battle of Coney Island ; or, 
free trade overthrown. P. 1883. 

Eye-witness, An. Rev. Thomas 
MLauchlan, The depopulation system 
in the Highlands . . . Edinb. 1849. 

E^ye Witness, An. Alexander Pope, 
A full and true account of a horrid and 
barbarous revenge by poison, on the 
body of Mr. Edmund Curll, bookseller . . . 
L. 1716. 

Eye-Witness, An. Capt, John Mur- 
ray Browne. An historical view of the 
revolutions of Portugal, since the close 
of the Peninsular War. L. 1827. 

Eye-Witness, An. Edward Burk, 
The hurricane : a poem . . . Bath, 1844. 

Eye-Witness, An. Henry Tanner, 
The martyrdom of Lovejoy : an account 
of the life . . . Rev. Elijah P. Lovejoy . . . 
Chic. 1881. 

Eye-Witness, An. Lieut, Gordon 
Tumbull. A narrative of the revolt and 
insurrection of the French inhabitants 
of the Island of Grenada. Edinb. 1795. 

Eye Witness, An. W. Walton. Nar- 
rative of the poMtical changes and events 
which have recently taken place in the 
Island of Terceira ... L. 1829. 

Eye-Witness, An. Joseph Stock, DJ). 
A narrative of what passed at Killala, in 
the county of Mayo . . . during the French 
invasion in the summer of 1798. By . . . 
Dublin, 1800. 

Eye-Witness, An. Charles Lamb, 
Satan in search of a wife, with the whole 
process of his courtship and marriage, and 
who danced at the wedding; by . . . L. 1831. 

Eyewitness, An. Rev. George Robert 
Gleig. The subaltern; or, sketches of 
the Peninsula War during the campaigns 
of 1813 and '14. Bv . . . L. 1825. 

Eye Witness, An. Thomas Savage, 
A summary account of the marches, 
behaviour, and plunders of the rebels . . . 
L. 1746. 

Eye-Witness to the Facts related. 
Maj,-Gen, Andrew Bum. A second ad- 
dress to the people of Great Britain; 
containing a new and most powerful 
argument to abstain from the use of 
West India sugar. By . . . L. 1792. 

Byland, Mi^or Seth, Late of the 
Mounted Rifles. David E. Cronin. 
The evolution of a life. N.Y. 1884. 

Eyler, £mlll6. Mary Osten. Grand- 
mother's curiosity cabinet ... B. 1869. 



p. Nicholas Francis Flood Davin, one 
of the authors of "Readings by Star- 
light," contributed to the "Evening 
Star," L. 1866. 

F. — Fauell, who left Cambridge 
because he was ashamed of his father, 
who was a house-painter there. — See 
Lamb's " Elia," " Christ's Hospital." 

F. Barron 2?V«W. — See Lamb's "EliV 
"My First PUy." 

F. Sir Qwrge Pre cost, Bart., one of the 
contributors to " Tracts for the Times/' 
L. 1840-48. 

F. 7%oma« Ignatius Maria Forster. 
Epistolarium; or, fasciculi of curious 
letters . . . Bruges, 1846. 

F. WilUam C. Folger, Memoir of the 
late Hon. Walter Folger. New Bed- 
ford, 1874. 

F. Edward FiUebrown. Richard Grant 
White and "The Bacon Shakespeare 
Craze." By . . . In. the "Common- 
wealth," Boston, March 81, 1883. 

F. and F., J. F. James Frederic Fer- 
guson, Esq., in the " Grent. Mag.," March, 
1863, p. 267, and August, 1866, p. 161. 

F. A. C T. Osborne Howes, Boston 
correspondent of the " Spectator" (N.Y.), 

F., A. P. Alexander Penrose Forbes. 
A memoir of the pious life and holy 
death of Helen Liglis ... L. 1864. 

F., B. Benjamin FurlyCi). The light 
upon the candlestick . . . translated into 
English by. . . L. 1811. 

F., B., Esq. Barron Field. — See 
Lamb's "Elia," "Distant Correspond- 
ent," in a letter to B. F., Esq. 

F., C. Cliarles File, in his contribu- 
tions to the "Star" (N.Y.). 

F., C. Charles James Fox, Epistle 
[in verse] from . . . partridge-shooting, 
to the Honourable J. Townshend, cruis- 
ing. By Richard Tickell. L. 1779, 

F. C, The. William Makepeace Thach- 
eray. Brighton in 1847. "Punch," 

F., C. & B. C. CoUharine Foster and 
Elizabeth Colling. A new metrical ver- 
sion of the Psalms of David. L. 1838. 

F., Hon. C. J. Son. Charles James 
Fox. The beauties of administration : a 
poem. With an heroic race to the pal- 
ace between L[or]d Sh[el lb [urine and 
... L. 1782. 

F., E2. Edgar Fawcett, in his contri- 
butions to the "Tribune" (X.Y.) etc. 

F., E. Edward FiUebrow^ The biog- 

raphy of William Shakespeare. By . . . 
In the " Brooklyn Chronicle," May 27, 

F., E. Mrs. E. Fletcher. Elidure and 
Edward ... L. 1826. 

F., £. E, Field. A manual of devo- 
tions for searfaring men. Oxf. 1864. 

F., E. Ebenezer Forsyth, Shakespeare ; 
some notes on his character and writings. 
L. 1867. 

F., E., Jr. Edward Fell, Jr., in the 
" Gent. Mag." 

F., E. E. Elizabeth E. Flagg. Little 
people whom the Lord loved. N.Y. 

F, E. T. Edward Taylor Fletcher. — 
See "Korah." 

F.,E. W. Edwin Wilkins Field. On 
Mr. Tagart's " Remarks on mathematical 
reasoning." From the "Christian Re- 
former," Februaiy, 1838. L. 1838. 

F., F. Francis Fauquier. An essay 
on ways and means for raising money 
for the support of the present war . . . 
L. 1766. 

F., F. Frederick Fysh. Nature's voice 
in the Holy Catholic Church : a series of 
designs. L. & Derby, 1864. 

F. F. of the Cedars. Henry William 
Herbert, Field sports in the United 
Sutes ... L. 1849. 

F., Greville, of Barnes. GrevilU 
Fennell. The rail and the rod ; or, tour- 
ist angler's guide to waters and quarters 
thirty miles round London. L. 1867. 

F., G. H. Granville Hamilton Forbes, 
No antecedent impossibility in mirar 
cles . . . Oxf. 1861. 

F., H. Henry Foley. — See "A Mem- 
ber of the Same Society." 

F., H. It. Henrietta Louisa Farrer. 
The arrival at a new home. L. 1860. 

F., H. B. Henry Ralph Francis, The 
fly-fisher and his library, by . . . L. 
1866. [A Cambridge (Eng.) essay.] 

F., J. John Fransham. An exact ac- 
count of the charge for supporting the 
poor of the city of Norwich . . . L. 1720. 

F., J. John Fry, The legend of Mary, 
Queen of Scots ... L. 1810. 

F., J. John Forster. Memorials of 
John Hampden. By Lord Nugent. 
Fourth edition, with a memoir of the 
writer by . . . L. 1860. 

F., J. James Freeman, S.T,D, Re- 
marks on the American universal geog- 
raphy. B. 1793. 

F., J. F. Hon. John F, Finerty, of 



Ohio, in Yds contributiont to the " Trib- 
une" (Chic. 1884). 

F., J. G. A. J, O. A. Forster. A 
chronological abridgment of the Russian 
history . . . trana. by . . . L. 1767. 

P., K. J. K. J. Finlatf. By the loch 
and river side. Edinb. 1866. 

F., M. F. E. Mary Frances Elizabeth 
Batcawen, Viscountess Falmouth. Bub- 
bles of Spa water; or, six weeks in the 
Ardennes in 1876, by . . . Brighton, 1877. 

F., M. H. Mrs. M. H. Fiske, in her 
contributions to the '* Missouri Republi- 

F, N. Nicholas French, ^See "A 
Gentleman in the Country." 

F., N. Ii. Nathaniel Langdon Frothing- 
ham, D.D. The home for destitute and 
incurable women. [A poem.] B. 18-. 

F, O. Oran FoUett, The Shakes- 
peare plays; The theatre, etc. Who 
wrote Shakespeare ? By . . . Sandusky, 
O., 1879. 

F., O. Ii. Mrs, Olive Leonard Foster, 
who for 40 years responded to number- 
lens solicitations for an original hymn or 
poem, and contributed to numerous 
newspapers and magazines under these 

F, P., Minister of the Church of 
Bng^hu&d. Rev, P. Fuller, A letter to 
the Rererend Mr. Pyle ... L. 1718. 

F., R. Richard J^rankum, The bee 
and the wasp : a fable in verse ... L. 

F., R. Richard Finch, Seasonable 
advice to a young clergyman ... L. 

F., B., Gent. Robert Forbes, Ajaz : 
his speech to the Grecian knabbs ; from 
Ovid's "Metam.,*' Ub. XIH. . . . a^ 
tempted in broad Buchans, by . . . 
1756. 1869. 

F. B. G. S., A Richard Francis Bur- 
ton, Wanderings in West Africa, from 
Liverpool to Fernando Fo. By . . . 
L. 1863. 

F., R. Ii. R L, Frere, A few plain 
words on the sacrament of the Ix>rd's 
Supper . . . Birmingham, 1881. 

F, B. W. R. W, Falconer, Cata- 
logue of Tenby plants. L. 1848. 

F., S. A. Miss Sarah A, Flint, The 
conqueror. By . . . B. 1866. 

F.S.A Rev. Latham Wainwright, 
F.S.A. "Dr. Paley and Mr. Lytton 
Bulwer," in "Gent. Mag.," November, 

F., S. H. Sarah Hustler Fox. Poems, 
original and translated. L. 1863. 

F., S. M. S, M, Fitton, The four 
•easons. L. 1865. 

F, T. Thady FitzpaJtrick, An enquiry 
into the real merit of a certain popular 
performer ... L. 1760. 

The above work is directed against David Oar- 
rick. It coBsiate of a series of letters, which origi- 
Daily appeared in the "Crafuman, or Gray's 
Inn Journal" over the following pseudonyms: 
"T. F."; "X. Y. Z."; "Theatricus"; "Antl- 
thcatricuB*'; "Candidus"; " Phllo-Traglcus " : 
"Ingenuus-; *'W. W.'*; and "A Lover of 

F., T. Thomas Foxcroft. A funeral 
sermon, occasioned by several mournful 
deaths ... B. 1722. 

F. T. Robert Fleming, The history of 
hereditary-right ... L. n.d. 

F., T. Thomas Ford, Reminders in 
grammar and orthography ... L. 1865. 

F., T. Thomas Flatman, Virtus red!- 
viva. [A collection of poems.] L. 

F, T., Asslstant-Ciirate at , 

and Joint-Lectarer of St. . Rev. 

Thomas Francklin. A letter to *a bishop, 
concerning lectureships. L. 1768. 

F., T. V. Rev. Thomas Vincent Fos- 
bery. Hymns and poems ... L. 1844. 

F.,W. WiUiam Field, An historical 
and descriptive account of the town and 
castle of Warwick, and of the neighbour- 
ing Spa of Leamington . . . Warwick, 

F., W,, Esq. WiUiam Freke. The 
fountain of monition and inter-conmium« 
cation divine ... L. 1703. 

F., W., Sir. Sir W, Foumes, Methods 
proposed for regulating the poor . . . 
Dublin, 1726. 

F.,W. A Lieut.' Cd, WiUiam Auaustus 
Fyers, The Italian crisis ... L. 1860. 

F., W. D. Wilhelm David Fuhrmann, 
Leben . . . des Lucilio Vanini . . . Leip« 
sic, 1810. 

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annals of England. Oxford, 1876. 

F, W. J. WiUiam John Fitzpatrick, 
Who wrote the Waverley novels? L. 

F , R , Gent. Robert Forbes, 

Ajax : his speech to the Grecian knabbs. 
From Ovid's "Metam.," lib. XIU . . . 
Glasgow, 1765. 

F— n,C. C, Ferguson,— %ee "F-r-n, 

F-r-n, Mr. C. Ferguson. A letter 
addressed to every honest man in Britain 
... L. 1738. [The letter is signed "C. 
F— n.'»] 

F — y, J— n. John Frtf. Bibliographi- 
cal memoranda . . . Bnstol, 1816. 

Fabian. Mrs. Virginia Durant Cov* 
ington, who, during the late war, made 
her d^but as a writer in the " Southern 




Field and Fireside/' published at Angus 
ta, Ga., as "Fabian," and since that time 
has been a frequent contributor to South- 
em periodicals under the assumed names 
of " Casper/* " Popinack/' and under her 
own name. 

Fabiua. John Dickimon, The letters 
of ... in 17^, on the federal constitu- 
tion, and in 1797 on the present situation 
of public aftairs. Wilmington, Del., 

Fabrldns. Joseph OaUoway, Fabri- 
cius; or, letters to the people of Great 
Britain. L. 1782. 

Fac et Spera. William Harding, in 
his contributions to the " Clipper " 

Factory Hand of Waltham, A. 
Josiah Bigelow. Review of " An address 
to the worklngmen of New England "... 
Camb., Mass., 1832. 

Fadette. Mrs. Minnie Beeves Rodney 
or Marian C. Legare Reeves. Wean- 
thorne; or, in the light of to-day . . . 
B. 1872. 

The " Library of CongreM *' hat the former 
name, the " Female Writers of the Soath," the 

Faed. — See " Waverley." 

Fag, Frederick. James Johnson, The 
recess; or, autumnal relaxation in the 
Highlands and Lowlands ... a serio-comic 
tour to the Hebrides. L. 1834. 

Fair Inquirer, A. Rev. John Hawkins, 
A few remarks on an address to the 
Roman Catholics of the United States of 
America, occasioned by a letter addressed 
to the Catholics of Worcester by Mr. 
Wharton, their late chaplain. By the 
Bight Rev. Dr. Carroll. By . . . Worces- 
ter, Eng.. 1796. 

Falrchlld, Paul. John A. Taylor, 
Defense of insanity. N.Y. 1876. 

Fairfax, Ruth. Mrs. Agnes Jean 
Stibbes, a favorite contributor of novel- 
ettes, poems, and sketches to Father 
Ryan's paper, the "Banner of the 
South," under this nom de plume, 

Falrford, Alan. John Kent, editor of 
the " Canadian Literary Magazine," To- 
ronto, 1834. " Under this signature in a 
widely-circulated periodical a series en- 
titled "The English Layman/' 

Falrlelgh, Frank. Janets Edward 
Smedleiff who edited " Cruikshank's Mag- 
azine,"* etc., under this name. 

Falrplay, Oliver. Thomas Jefferson. 
Proposals . . . for publishing the private 
and public life of the First Consul. F. 

Faith WorklesB.— See "Methodist 
preacher in Cambridgeshire, A.' 


Falthftil Monitor, A. One of tlie 
pseudonyms attributed to Junius {g-v.). 

The letter bearing this ■ignatnre is dated 
Angaet 25, 1767, and censuree the appointment 
of Lord Townthend at Lord Lieatenant of Ire- 
land, and of his brother, the Hon. Charles Town- 
thend, at Chanoellor of the Exeheqnar. 

Falconbrld^. Jonathan F, KeUy.. 
The memoirs of ... a collection of hu- 
morous and every-day scenes. P. 1866. 

Falcon Feather. John Collier. Lan- 
cashire dialect and poems. L. 1828. 

Falconer, Edmund. Edmund 

(yRourke. Extremes; or, men of the 
day: a comedy. L. 1860. 

Falconer, Frank. E. N, OarvcUho, 
in the "Turf, Field, and Farm " (N.Y.). 

Falea, Fanny. Jfrs. Dranees Elizabeth 

Falkland. Fisher Ames. 

Falkland. Nathaniel Chapman, MJ)., 
in the " Philadelphia Portfolio." 

Falkland. Rev. John Robert Scott, 
D.D. A review of the principal charac- 
ters of the Irish House of Commons. 
DubUn, 1789. 

Falkland. Francis Perceval Eliot. A 
series of letters ... L. 1814. 

Falkland, Frank. G. L, WUson. 

Falataff, Sir Jokn. For the supposed 
editor of the " AnU-Theatre." L. 1720. 

Fanchon. Mrs. Laura Brady Starr, 
in her letters to the " Cleveland Leader " 


Fanchon. Mrs. Laura M. Sanford. 
History of Erie Coimty, Pennsylvania. 
P. 1862. 

Fancy, One of the. Frederick Tay- 
lor. System of horse-taming ... L. 

Fancy, One of the. Thomas Moore. 
Tom Crib's memorial to Congress. L. 

Fane, Florence. Mrs. Frances Fuller 
Victor. All over Oregon and Washing- 
ton. San Fran. 1872. 

Fane, Violet. Mrs. Mary {Mont- 
gomerie Lamb) Singleton, Collected 
verses ... L. 1860. 

Fan-Fan. Mrs, Frances Irene (Burge) 
Smith, Fan-fan stories. B. 1863. 

Fanny, Aunt. Mrs. Frances Dana 
(Barker) Gage, who, under this signa- 
ture, wrote many beautiful stories for 
children, besides stanzas and sketches. 

Fanny, Aunt. Mrs. Fanny Barroiv. 
All sorts of popguns. N.Y. 1869. 

Fant, Ell. Edward Bean Underhill. 
Struggles and triumphs of religious lib- 
erty. N.Y. 1861 ; and his contributions 
to various periodicals. 

Farbrick, Jonathan. Silas Pinch 




ney Hoibrook. Letters from a mariner 
and trayels of a tin peddler, contribnted 
to the " Boston Courier." 18S-. 

Farmer. Henry Brooke. Farmer's 
letters. L. 1745. 

Farmer, A. Tristram Surges, Ad- 
dress ... to the honest men of all parties 
in the State of RhQde Island and Provi- 
dence Plantations, n.p., n.d. 

Farmer, A. James Anderson, LL.D. 
Essays relating to agricnlturo . . . 
Edinb. 1775. 

Farmer, A. £fon. Levi Lincoln, Jr, 
A farmer's letters to the people. P. 

Farmer, A Dr. Samuel Seabury. 
Free thooghts on the proceedings of the 
Continental Congress held at Philadel- 
phia, Sept. 6th, 1774. By . . . N.Y. 

Alao Mcrlbed to Bev. Isaac WUkina. 

Farmer, A. — Arbuthnot. An in- 
quiry into the connexion between the 
present price of provisions and the size 
of farms ... L. 1773. 

Farmer, A. Dr. Laughan. Letters 
addressed to the yeomanry of the United 
States. P. 1701. 

Fanner, A. Anthony Benexet C^). A 
serious address to the rulers of America 
on the inconsistency of their conduct 
respecting slavery . . . Trenton, NJ., 

Farmer, An American. Hector St. 
John Creveccmr. Letters from ... P. 

Farmer, An American. Frederick 
Law Olmsted. Walks and talks of ... in 
England. N.Y. 1852. 

Farmer, A Llanbrynmair. S. Rob- 
ertsCi). DiosgFarm... Newtown, Eng., 

Farmer, A Munster. Thomas Moore. 
Captain Rock detected. L. 1824. 

Farmer, A Hiew EIngland. John 
Lowell. A dispassionate enquiry into 
the reasons alleged by Mr. Madison for 
declaring . . . war against Great Britain. 
L. 1808. 

Farmer, A Pennsylvanian. John 
Dickinson. Letters to the inhabitants of 
the British colonies. P. 1767-68. 

Farmer, The. Arthur Young. The 
F.'s letters to the people of England . . . 
L. 1767. 

Farmer in Chealiire, A. Benjamin 
StillingfleetCi ). Tlie honour and dishonour 
of agriculture . . . trans, by . . . n.p. 1760. 

Farmer of New Jersey, A. William 
Livingston. Observations on govern- 
ment . . . N.Y, 1787. 

Farmer, May. Mrs, E. V. Wilson. 

Farmer's Boy, The. Bobert Blooms 


Famlngham, Marianne. Mary Anne 
Heame. " Holiday sketches," in the 
" Christian World." 1868. 

Farquharson, Martha. Mrs. Martha 
Farquharson Finley. Allan's fault. P. 

Farthing Poet> The. Richard Hen- 
gist Home, Orion: an epic poem. L. 

Fast, Grip. Frank Leslie Baker, in 
his contributions to the "Morning Mail" 
(Lowell, Mass.). 

Fat Contributor, Our. William 
Makepeace Thackeray. His signature 
j'with others) to his articles in " Punch," 
irom August 3, 1844, to October 23, 

Fat Contributor, The. A. Minor 
Oriswold, in the Cincinnati "Saturday 
Night," a humorous weekly, through the 
medium of which Minor Griswold, "The 
Fat Contributor," sportively derides care, 
for his fun-loving readers. 

Father, A. Rev. Hosea Hildreth. A 
book for Massachusetts children, in fa- 
miliar letters from a father ... B. 1829. 

Father, A. Robert Ainslie. A father's 
gift to his children. L. 183-. 

Father, A. John Gregory. A father's 
legacy to his daughters. L. 1774. 

Father, A. Rev. James Paton. Let- 
ters ... to his son, a student of divinity. 
Edinb. 1796. 

Father, A. Benjamin Coole. Miscel- 
lanies ; or, sundry discourses concerning 
trade, conversation, and religion. Being 
the advice of ... to his children, on those 
subjects. L. 1712. 

Father of America, The. Samuel 
Adams. So addressed by Stephen Sayre, 
a London banker, 1770. 

Father of the American Revolu- 
tion, The. Samuel Adams. So called in 
the "Independent Chronicle" (B.), 1803, 
in announcing his death. 

Father of English Gleology, The. 
William Smith, author of the first geo- 
logical map of England. 

Father of German Literature, The. 
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. 

Father of the late Thomas Rodd, 
The. Thomas Rodd, Senior. Manuscript 
catalogue of the late Mr. Malone's 
Shakesperian library. By . . . L. about 

Father of the Society of Jesus, A. 
F. J, Boudreaux. The happiness of 
heaven. By . . . Bait. 1871. 

Fa'wkes, Guy. Edward James. 

Fax. Augustine Bamum, in his con- 




tributions to the "Mail and Express'* 


Fay. Mrs, FayeUt Snead, in her con- 
tributions to the " ConrierJoumal " 
(LooisTille, Ky.). 

Fay, Frederick. I>r, James John- 

Fay, Gerda. Caroline A£. Gtmmer. 
Baby-land. L. 1877. 

Feardana. Robert Dwyer Joyce, M.D. 

Aboat twenty yean ago the nam de plume 
"Feardana" was a boiiMinold word among the 
reading portion of the Irish people. It was the 
yell behind which the yonng poet modestly hid 
hiB individuality. He was then a medical atndent 
at the Queen's University. The **Harp" and 
other periodicals puhlished in Dublin and Cork 
at this time, and for several years, contained 

Ctriollc songs, short sketches, and historic bal- 
ls from his pen. ** The Blacksmith of Limer- 
ick," which he wrote in the confused days sac- 
oeeding '48, grew almost instantly into popular 
favor, and helped much to create and fosters 
new soul in Ireland. About that time, perhaps 
later, the " London Universal News," then edited 
by tbehimented John F. O'Donnell (" Caviare "), 
a distlD(niished poet and llterateur himself, Ua 
reviewing Jovce^s '* Ballads, Romances, and 
Songs" — published in book form by Duffy of 
Dublin — hailed Joyo^ as "The Scott of Ire- 
land," a distinctive Utle most eminently deserved 
and deservedly bestowed. The book attained an 
extensive circulation, especially in the south of 
Ireland, where were located most of the stirring 
scenes, and incidents, and legendary and tradi* 
tional reminiscences on which the *' Ballads, 
Romances, and Songs" were founded. There 
is little doubt that Joyce's writings at that 
period had a powerful Influence in developing 
the national spirit which, a few years later on, 
became so powerful and defiant under the name 
of ** Fenianism," the rpirit of physical resistance 
to foreign rule. The '* Dublin Weekly Illus- 
trated Xews," established less than 20 years ago, 
contained many u racy story, sketch, and poem 
from his pen. A little later tne doctor, who was 
then Professor of English Literature in the I*re- 

J>aratory College of the Catholic University, 
.)ubliu, publhhcd " The Squire of Castleton,'' 
an historical novel, the scene of which was laid 
in the south of Ireland, as a serial In the '* Dub- 
lin Irishman." It wtis subsequently republished 
in book form. When the ** Dublin Irish People," 
the Fenian organ, was established in 1865, Dr. 
Joyce, under the nam de plume " Merulan *' 
(the Wizard) became, by request of the leaders 
of the National party in Dublin, one of the regu- 
lar contributors, and his fiery, patriotic, and 
able pen was recognized as a powerful aid in 
sustaining the grand spirit of patriotic resolve 
which was then rampant and defiant throughout 
the land. 

Federal Farmer, The. Richard 
Henry Lee. Observations leading to a 
fair examination of tho system of goT- 
emment proposed by the late conven- 
tion . . . 1787. 

Federal Republican, A. Henry Wil- 
liam Desaussure. Address to the citizens 
of South Carolina, on the approaching 
election of President and Vice-president. 
Charleston, 1800. 

Federalist, A. Noah Webster. A 
letter to General Hamilton occasioned 

by his letter to President Adams, about 
1800. The letter is signed " Aristides." 

Felicia Mrs, Mary Mitchell Collyer, 
Letters from ... to Charlotte. L. 1750. 

Felix. Bon Louis Henri Martin. 
Wolfthurm. Paris, 1830. 

Felix, Marcus Mlnucius. Sir David 
Dalrymple. OctaTius : a dialogue, by . . . 
Edinb. 1781. 

Felix, Minutius. Oeorge Hardinge. 
The essence of Malone. L. 1800-1. 

Felix, N. Nicholas Wanostrocht, the 
younger. Felix ... on the use of a 
cricket bat: together with the history 
and use of the catapulta. L. 1845. 

Fell, Archie. JMiss Mary J. Capron. 
Apron strings, and which way they were 
pulled. N.y. 1871. 

Fell, J. Richard Sterne. The whole 
duty of man. By . . . 1806. 

Fellow of a Colleir^f A. Capel Loft. 
Self-formation ; or, the history of an 
individual mind. L. 18-. 

Fellow of the College, A. Dr. Peter 
Shaw. The juice of the grape ... L. 

FeUow of *** College, Cambridge, 
A. Gerard Francis Cobb. The kiss of 
peace ... L. 1867. 

Fellow^ of the Antiquarian Society, 
A. Lieut.-Gen. Oearae Robert Ainslie. 
Illustrations of the Anglo-French coin- 
age : from coins in the possession of the 
author, by . . . L. 1830. 

Fellow of the Antiquarian Society, 
A. Foote Chwer, MJ). Sketch of the 
materials for a new history of Cheshire . . . 
L. 1771, 

Fellow of the Antiquarian Soci* 
eties of liondon and Scotland, A. 
Lieut.-Gen. George Robert Ainslie, Illus- 
trations of the Anglo-French coinage, 
from the cabinet of . . . L. 1847. 

Fellow of the Tilnnean Society, A. 
John Murray. The economy of vegeta- 
tion. L. 1838. 

Fellow of the liinnssan and Horti- 
cultural Societies, A. J. W. Bennett. 
A treatise on the coco-nut tree ... L. 

Fellow^ of the Royal and Antiqua- 
rian Societies, A. Josiah Forshall, The 
apology of an Israelite for not becoming 
a Christian. Sidmouth, 1851. 

Fellow of the Royal Society, A. 
Cotton Mather. The angel of Bethesda . . . 
New-London, 1722. 

Fellow of the Royal Society. A. 
James Orchard Halliwell-Philltpps. An 
introduction to the eyidences of Chris- 
tianity ... L. 1850. 

Fellow of the Royal Society, A. 




James WUliam Oilbart, F.R,S, Logic for 
the million ... L. 1851. 

Fellow of the Boyal Society, A. 
W. F, Stevenson. Most important errors 
in chemistry, electricitji and magnetism 
pointed out and refuted ... L. 1846. 

Fellow^ of the Society of Antiqua- 
ries of Scotland, A. John Dick, Here 
and there in England; including a pil- 
grimage to Stratford-upon-Avon ... L. 

Fellow of the University College, 
Oxford. Sir Edward West, M.A. Essay 
on the application of capital to land . . . 
L. 1816. 

Felloiv-Gitlzen, A. Henry Oockbum, 
Lord Cockburn. A letter to the inhabi- 
tants of Edinburgh, on the new police 
bUl. Edinb. 1822. 

Fellow Liabourer, A. John Maclaren. 
The desk and the counter . . . Edinb. 

Fellow^ Sufferer, A. John Park. An 
address to the citizens of Massachusetts 
on the causes and remedy of our national 
distresses ... B. 1808. 

Fellow-To'wnsman, A. John Wick- 
ttead. Address ... to the inhabitants of 
Shrewsbury. 1824. 

Fellow-Townsman, A. J. Bridge. 
A letter intended for the " Manchester 
'Guardian," now . . . recommended to the 
ladies of the Anti-Com-Law League. 
Manchester, 18^13. 

Female Friend, A. Mrs. Moorhead. 
Lines addressed to the Rev. James Dav- 
•enport on his departure from Boston. 
By... B. 1741. 

Female Physician, A. Jonathan 
Sivift, D.D. Receipt for cuckolding . . . 

Female Slave, A. Mattie Griffiths, 
Autobiography. N.Y. 1867. 

Fenian Head Centre. James Steph- 
tna. Arrest and escape of James Steph- 
•ens . . . 18C-. 

Fenwood, Harry. WUliam W. Walsh. 

Ferishtah, I>ervish-Serios8B. Robert 
Brouming. Divers fancies of . . . L. 

Fern. Frank E. Hamilton. 

Fern, Fanny. Mrs. Sara Payson 
iWillis Eldredge) Parton, Fern leares 
from Fanny's portfolio ... L. 1854. 

Fernando, the Gothamite. Fer- 
nando Wood. 

Femey, Jules. JStienne Arago, who 
wrote for the •* Si^cle " under this signa- 

Ferragns. Louis Ulbach. Lettres de 
Ferragus in "Le Figaro," Paris, 186-. 

Ferrall, S. A. Simon A. CFerrall. 

Ferret. John Shebbeare, M.D., in 
Smollett's novel of "Sir Launcelot 

Ferry, Gabriel. Eugene Louis Ga- 
briel de Ferry de Bellemare. Le dragon 
de la reine ; on. Costal, Tlndien. Roman 
historique. Paris, 1865. [Under the 
same pseud. M. L. de Bellemare has fur- 
nished numerous articles to the " Revue 
des Deux Mondes," 1846-62.] 

Fiat Justitia. Rev. Dr. Thomas Bin- 
ney, a celebrated independent divine. 

Fiat Justitia. One of the pseudo- 
nyms adopted by Junius (q-v.). 

The letter thus signed le dated May 19, 1768, 
and oensurea Lord Barrington. 

Fidelia. Mrs. Mary Lawrence. — See 
" Una." 

Fidelia. IlKss A. M. Machar, in her 
contributions to various Canadian peri- 

Fidelia. William Brocklehurst Stone- 
house, D. C.L. The crusade of . . . Derby, 

Fidelia. Dr. Power, Bishop of Water- 
ford. Letters on the royal veto . . . 
Waterford, 1800. Reprinted from a 
newspaper called the ''Shamrog," pub- 
lished at Waterford. 

Fidget, Ferdinando. Alexander 
Chalmers. Lamentable decrease of rude- 
ness, '* Gent. Mag.,'* January, 1802, p. 26. 

Field Officer, A. Ross Lewin. The 
life of a soldier : a narrative of twenty- 
seven years' service in various parts of 
the world ... L. 1834. 

Field Officer of Cavalry, A. Sir 
Digby Mackworth. Diary of a tour 
through Southern India, Egypt, and Pal- 
estine, in the years 1821 and 1822. L. 1823. 

Fielding, Fanny. Miss Mary J. 8. 
Upshur, who, under this signature, has 
written for nearly every literary journal 
of the South, prose and poetiy, from the 
" Southern Literary Messenger "' to the 
" Richmond Pastime." 

Fieldmouse, Timon. William Brighty 
Rands. The chain of lilies; and other 
poems. L. 1867. 

Fifeshire Forester. John Bethune. 
Practical economy explained and en- 
forced in a series of lectures by the 
brothers Alexander and John Bethune. 
Edmb. 1800. 

On the title-page John Betbnne designated 
hlmeelf a " Flfeanire Foreater." Under the same 
title be contributed poema to tbe "Scottish 
Cbriatlan Herald." 

Figaro. Henry Clapp, Jr., in his con- 
tributions to various periodicals. 

Figaro. Mariano Jos€ de Larva. 
Obras completaa de Figaro. Paris, 1848. 




FUla EcclesifiB. Sarah Anne {MU) 
Dorsey, Agnes Graham. P. 1869. 

Filter, UrbanuB. Under this name 
Benjamin Mecom, a nephew of Franklin, 
published the " New England Magazine " 
(B. 1768). 

Only three or four nnmbere were iaiaed. 

Fln-Bec. William Blanchard Jer- 
void. The Epicure's Year-book. L. 

Finnegan, Terry. Jam/e» McCarrolL 
Letters of ... to the Hon. T. D. McGee. 
Toronto, 1864. 

First Cltlzeii,*Tlie. CharUs Carroll, 
His signature in his newspaper contro- 
Yersj with Daniel Dulany in pre-Revolu- 
tionary times. 

First Class Man of Balliol Col- 
lege, Oxford, A. Thomas Nash, The 
Medea of Euripides . . . literally trans- 
lated . . . Oxf. 1860. 

First Politician in the World, The. 
Samuel Adams^ in a letter of Josiah 
Quincy, Jr., 1775, from London. 

First of the Knickerbockers, The. 
P. Hamilton Myers. The First of the 
Ejiickerbockers. N.Y. 1848. 

Fisher, Pay. William Andrew Chatto, 
The angler's souvenir. L. 1836, 1877. 

Fisher in Small Streams, A: Wil- 
liam Linn Brown. Scribblings and 
sketches, diplomatic, piscatory, and 
oceanic. P. 1844. 

Fisherman, A. George Rooper. The 
autobiography of the late Salmo Salar, 
Esq Edited ... L. 1867. 

Fltzadam, Ismael. John Macken. 
The harp of the desert ... By . . . 
formerly able seaman on board the 
frigate. L. 1818. 

FitzbaU, Edward. Edward Ball. 
Plays. N.Y. 1867. 

Fitzboodle, George. William Make- 
peace Thackeray^ who, mider this peeu- 
donym, contributed to "Eraser's Maga- 
zine " in 1842-44, " Confessions '* ; " Pro- 
f essions *' ; and " Men's Wives." 

Fitz-Boodle, George Savage, Esq. 
William Afakepeace Thackeray. Barme- 
cide banquets with Joseph Bregion and 
Anne Miller, in "Eraser's Magazine," 
November, 1846. 

Fltz Enstace, Father, a Mendicant 
Friar. W. Fraser (?). Essays. L. 

Fltz Eustace, Randolph. W. Fra- 
ser (?). The brides of Florence: a 
play ... L. 1824. 

Fitzglbbons, Patrick. John W. 
McDonnell, in his contributions to the 
"Daily News "(N.Y. ). 

Fitz-Hardlng. Dr. James Hook, in 

the London "John Bull/' who, during 
his brother's charge of this journal, wrote 
a series of letters to various statesmen, 
under this signature. 

Fitzhugh, Francis. Francis Alexan- 
der Mackay. The curse of Schamyl ; and 
other poems. Edinb. 1867. 

Fitzjereey, Horace. Rev. Theodore 
William Alois Buckley, editor of a large 
number of books for the London book- 

Fitznoodle, Francis. B. B, ValUn- 
tine, in his contributions to "Puck" 

Fitzosborne, Sir Thomas. William 
Melmoth, Jr. Letters on several sub- 
jects, by . . . L. 1742. 

Fitzvictor, John. Percy Bysshe 
Shelley. Posthumous fragments of Mar- 
garet Nicholson. Oxf. 1810. 

Fitzivorm, Reginald. John Boyle, 
Earl of Cork and Orrery. — See " G. K." 

FlaccuB. John Waters. 

Flaccus. Thomas Ward, Passaic: a 
group of poems touching that river; 
with other musings . . . N.Y. 1842. 

Flag Officer, A. Bear-Admiral 
Hawker. Letter to His Grace, the Duke 
of Wellington, upon the state of the 
English navy ... L. 1840. 

Flag Officer, A. Vice-Admiral Sir 
Charles Vinicombe Penrose. Remarks on 
the conduct of the naval administration 
of Great Britain since 1816. Bj . . . L. 

Flag Officer of Her Majesty's Fleet,. 
A. Admiral Sir Charles Napier. The 
navy ... L. 1838. 

Flagellum. Samuel William Henry 
Ireland. All the blocks ! or, an antidote 
to " All the Talents "... L. 1807. 

Flambeau. Floyd Vail, in his contri- 
butions to the "Mail and Express "^ 

Flanenr. Park Benjamin. 

Flaneur. Col, Charles G. Greene, in 
his contributions to the "Post" (Bos- 

Flaneur. Blakely Hall, in his contri- 
butions to the "Argonaut" (San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.), etc. 

Flaneur. Kenward Philip, in the 
"Brooklyn Eagle." 

Flaneur. General Eber. Ten years 
of Imperialism in France: impressions 
of a " Flaneur." 1862. — See " Flaneur, 

Flaneur, The. Edmund Hodgson 
Yates. Letters in the " Morning Star ** 
(L. 1867). Also in his contributions to 
Tinsley's Magazine" (L.). 

Flaneur, Un. George William Henry 





Villiers, 4th Earl of Clarendon. Diz ans 
d'imp^rialisme en France . . . Paris, 

Thiiwork fint appeared In Engllah; It waa 
corrected by tbe secretary of Lord Clwandon, 
the Hunganan Oeneral Eber, and waa tranalated 
by M. Bernard Derome. 

Flaaaan, Maurice. Mme, Marie Paul- 
in€ R^e (Stewart) Blaze de Bury, in the 
" BeTue de Paris " and the " Bevue des 
Deux Mondes." 

Flather, John. John Flaiher Arch' 
bold. The law and practice in bank- 
ruptcy ... L. 1842. 

Fleetwood, Everard, Esq. Samuel 
Burroughs, Esq, An enquiry into the 
customary-estates and tenant-rights of 
those who hold lands of Church and other 
foundations ... L. 1780. 

Fleming, Greorse. Miss Julia Con' 
stance Fletcher. The head of Medusa. 
B. 1880. 

Flemming, BUurford. Mrs. Harriet 
(Hare) Mc Clellan. Cupid and the Sphinx. 
N.Y. 1878. 

Fleta. Miss Kate W, Hamilton (?). 
The brave heart ... P. 1868. 

Fllmnap, the liillipatian Premier. 
Sir Robert Walpole, 

In Swtft't *• Vovage to LIHiput," " Sir Robert 
Walpole ralfered in the person of ' Flimnap, the 
Lilliputian Premier/ Toriea and \Vbiff> in the 
* High-Heels and Low-Heelt,' Catholics and 
Protestants in the ' Big-endians and 8mall-endi- 
ans.' *' — See Tuckkiucak's ** History of Eng- 
lish Prose FicUon," p. 174. 

Flirt, A. Lady Charlotte Maria 
(Campbell) Bury. The history of a 
flirt, related by herself. L. 1840. 

Florence. Mrs. FYances Sargent ( Locke ) 
Osgood^ in early life a contributor to the 
"Juvenile Miscellany" under this signa- 

Florence. Miss Florence Tyng, in 
sketches, etc., contributed to various pe- 

Florl, C. de. Mrs, Floride Clemson 
Lea. Poet skies, and other experiments 
in Tcrsiflcation. N.Y. 186-. 

Florida, Aunt. Phebe Travers, 

Florida, Charles. Dr. J, B. F. 

Florlo. James Gordon Brooks, who 
was for some time a contributor to peri- 
odicals under this signature. 

Florlo. Dr. Wiuiam (?) King, An 
epistle [in yerse] to ... at Oxford. L. 
1740; reprinted in the "Retrospec- 
tire Review/' 1836. By Thomas Tyr- 

Florrle, Cousin. Florence Bliss (?). 
Christ or the world 1 which 1 . . . Bait. 

Floras, Jullua. William Pitt, 

Before reporters were authorized to publish 
tbe proceedings of Parliament, Mr. Pitt was 
reported as '* Julias Floras." Mr. Fox as 
"CnoDDB Fnivius," tbe Earl of Wincbelsea as 
'< Cains Clandius Nero," and the Sari of Bath aa 
" Marcos Cato." 

Flower of Stratheam, The. Lady 
Carolina Oliphant Nairn, 

FluylatuUs piscator. Bev, Joseph 
Seccombe. Business and diversion inof- 
fensive to God, and necessary for the 
comfort and support of human society 
... B. 1748. 

Fly-flsher, A. Rev. W. Cartwright. 
Rambles and recollections of . . . L. 

Foa, Mme. Eugenie. Mme. Eugenie 
Rebecca (Rodrigues) Gradis. Le petit 
Robinson de Paris. Paris, 1840. 

Foe to Ignorance, A. Henry Mudge, 
A letter to the ratepayers of Bodmin 
on the use to be made of the (old) poor- 
house . . . 1840. 

Fogle, Francis, Sen., Esq. Creorge 
Payson. Romance of California; or, 
golden dreams and leaden realities, N.Y. 

Folio, Felix. John Page. 

Folio, Tom. Joseph E. Babson, who 
wrote frequent book-notices for the Bos- 
ton " Transcript " under the signature of 
" Tom Folio." 

Folio, Tom. Thomas Rawlinson, ** for 
whom Mr. Addison is said to have in- 
tended his character of ' Tom Folio/ in 
the 'Tatler,' No. 168." — See "Chal- 
mers," Vol. 26. 

Follower of liocke, A. Benjamin 
Humphrey Smart. A letter to Dr. Whate* 
ley . . . L. 1861. 

Foote, S., Junior. Rev. Francis 
Wrangham. Reform: a farce, mod- 
ernized from Aristophanes ... L. 

Forbes, Glacier. James David Forbes, 
author of several works on the glaciers 
of the Alps. 

Foreigner, A. * Robert S. Sturgis. A 
F.'s evidence on the Chinese question. 
L. 1869. 

Foreigner, A. George Watterston. 
Letters from Washington on the con- 
stitution and laws; with sketches of 
prominent characters . . . Wash., D.C., 

Foremast Man, A. Edward Hamp- 
den Rose, author of several pieces which 
have appeared in the newspapers under 
this signature. 

Forest Warbler. M, R, McCormick. 
The duke's chase ; or, the diamond ring 
vs, the gold ring . . . Cin. 1871. 





Forester, Frank. Henry WiUiam 
Herbert. Frank Forester's sporting 
Bcenes and characters. F. 18-. 

Forester, Sherwood. Spencer T, 
Hall, The Forester's Offering. L. 

Forestier, Paul. Josepkus Albertue 
Alberdingh-Thym, a Dntch writer. 

Forfarlan, A. W, Gray. The mar- 
tyred queen . . . Forfar, 1858. 

Forfex. Alonxo G. Shears, of New 
HaTen (Ct.), in his contrihutions to va- 
rious periodicals. 

The pseudonym is probably iDtonded for the 
Latin equivalent of shears. 

Forlorn Hope. Mrs. Matilda A. 
Bailey, a regular contributor to the 
**New Orleans Times." "A series of 
sketches [of hers] entitled ' Heart his 
tories/ by . . . have been very popular. 
She has also written comic articles under 
the name of " Sam Wajfgle." 

Former Curate of Hunslet, A. Rev. 
James Akroyd Beaumont, M.A. Poems : 
chiefly relating to children . . . Leeds, 

Former Besident of Slave States, 
A. Mrs. L. J. Barker. Influence of 
slavery on the white population. N.Y. 

Former Resident of the South, A 
Darius Lyman, Jr. Leaven for Dough- 
faces; or, three score and ten parables 
touching slavery . . . Cin. 1850. 

Forrest, George, Esq., MA. Rev. 
John George Wood. An account of the 
history and antiquities of St. Leonard's, 
Edinburgh : its chapel and hospitaL 
Edinb. 1865. 

Forrest, Mary. Julia Deane Freeman, 
The women of the South, N.Y. 1860 ; also 
in her contributions to the "Brooklyn 
Times" (N.Y.). 

Forrest, Neil. Mrs. Cornelia Floyd. 
Fiddling Freddy. N.Y. 1871. 

Forrester, Fanny. Mrs. Emily C. 
( Chubbuck) Judson. Trippings in Author- 
land; and many other works. 

She complained to N. P. Willis of the meagre 
remuneration she received for her literary pro- 
ductions, and the poet replied : — 

'• How can you expect any thins better? Your 
genius is not of a kind to affiliate with vour 
name. Who will road a poem signed 'Chub- 
buclc'? Sign yourself 'Funny Forroaler,' and 
you will see the chnnee." 

Miss Chubbuck adopted the above pseudonym 

Forrester, Francis, Esq. Daniel 
Wise. Glen Morris stories. N.Y. 1874. 

Forrester, Gilbert. Mr. Henry 
Braddon, who contributed to the old 
"Sporting Magazine,*' under this nom 

de plume, and " A Member of the Bur- 
ton Hunt.'* 

Forrestier, Auber. Miss Annie Au- 
bertine Woodward. Echoes from Mist- 
Und . . . Chic. 1877. 

Forreyner, A. John Dayman. Let- 
ter by ... in Blundell's school. Tiver- 
ton, 1819. 

Forsch, Hermami. Heinrieh Albert 
Oppermann. Studentenbiider ; oder, 
Deutschlands Arminen und Germanen. 

Fortlth, Nat. Frank Stainforth, 
Eyerybody's Christmas Annual. Hell 
upon earth ... L. 1878. 

Fortunlo, Paalln M. Jean Alexan- 
dre Paulin Niboyet. I^ Dame de Spa . . . 
Paris, 1874. 

Foster, Frank. Daniel Puseley. The 
Belgian yolunteer's risit to England in 
1867 . . . L. 1867. 

Fountain, Lucy. Kate Hilliard. 

Four of Us. Henry James Finn, 
James W. Miller, Moses Whitney, Jr., 
and Oliver C. Wyman. Whim-Whams. 
B. 1828. The work is illustrated by 
Finn, and published by Peter Parley 
{q.v.). The title-page bears the follow- 
ing lines : — 

** So prolyflcke is onre penne 
Ye*ll thinke therre be a score of as; 
But, on ye wordes of Gentllmenne, 
Therre be onely Foar of Us. 

We'll make ye smyle, or make ye sigbe, 
Thenne what can ye want more of us; 
Ye can't doe better than toe bnye 
This lltteU Boke, by Fonr of Us.*' 

Fox, The. Charles James Fox. The 
book of the wars of Westminster : from 
the fall of the Fox, at the close of 1783, 
to the 20th day of the third month, 1784 
... L. 1800. By *' Nergalsharesemebo- 
rabmagshamgar " [pseud.). 

Foxcar, Nicias. Rev. Francis Jacox. 
Shakespeare diyersions ; a medley of 
motley wear. L. 1876. 

Foxhunter Rough and Beady, The. 
Paul Ourry Treby, Esq. "He was for 
many years a contributor to the old 
'Sporting Magazine,' under the name 
of * The Foxhunter Rough and Ready.' " 

Foxton, E. Miss Sarah Hammond 
Palfrey. Herman; or, young knight- 
hood ... B. 1866. 

Fr — . — Franklin, Grammar Master 
at Hertford. —See Lamb's "Elia," 
" Christ's hospital." 

Frame, Robert. Sir James Denham 
Stewart. Considerations on the interests 
of the county of Lanark. L. 1769. 

Frampton, Joslah. William Gilpin. 
Three dialogues on the amusements of 
clergymen. L. 1796. 




France, A. de. Ernest Alby, La cap- 
tiTiU du trompette eBCoffier. Paris, 1848. 

Frances. Afrs. Elizabeth Griffith. 
The letters of Henry and Frances. 176-. 

Written in conjunction with ber husband, 
Richard Griffith, and said to contain the genuine 
correspondence between them. Their next pub- 
Ueation, written also in conjunction, was ** Two 
novels, in letters," 4 vols. ; the first and second 
entitled ** Delicate Distress," by *< Frances," the 
third and fonrth entitled the *' Gordian knot," 
by "Henry." 1769, 

Btanceaca. Miss Francesco Alexan- 
der, The story of Ida, edited with pref- 
ace by John Ruskin, D.C.L. B. 1883. 

*' Let it be noted with thankful reverence that 
this is the story of a Catholic girl by a Protestant 
one, yet the two of them so united in the truth 
of Uie Christian faith and in the joy of its love, 
that they are absolutely unconscious of any dif- 
ference in the forms or letter of their religion." 


Franchl, Aosonio. Cristoforo Bona' 
vino. Saggi di critica e polemlba. 1871. 

Francto, Virginia. Virginia Francis 
Bateman. A nom de theatre. 

FrancOy Harry. Charles F. Briggs. 
The adventares of Harry Franco : a tale. 
N.Y. 1839. 

** Harry Franco . . . 
He has common sense in a way that's uncommon, 
Hates humbug and cant, and loves like a woman. 
Builds his dislikes with cards and his friendships 
of oak." 

Frank, Parson. Rev. Francis Jacox, 
in " People's " and " Hewitt's Magazines." 

Frank, Uncle. Francis Channing 
Woodworth. Uncle Frank's pleasant 
padres for the fireside. L. 1857. 

Franke, F. F. Ferdinand Hauthal. 
Gebete, Lieder und Gedichte ; von . . . 
Leipzig, 1838. 

Franklin. William Foster, in the 
"Boston Courier," "Transcript," and 
other papers. 

Franz, Arnold. Dr, Francis Lieber, 
Wein und Wonnelieder. Berlin, 1826. 

Frater. William George. — See 
"Member of the Worcester Anglers' 
Society, A." 

Frater. Francis Lister Sawks. .Qual- 
ifications of lay delegates. N.Y. about 

Frazer, Liawrence. Lawrence Frazer 

Fredalr, Anna. Miss Walker^ of Tus- 
caloosa. Minor Place. N.Y. 1869. 

Fr6cl6ric, M. Fr€dM: Dupetit-Mir^. 
Le fils banni : melodrame. Paris, 1816. 

Fr6dol. Horace B€n€dict Alfred 
Moquin-Tandon. Le monde de la mer. 
Paris, 1868. 

Fredrlka.^ Miss H, F. D. Lyon. 

Free, Hcuny B. Harry Free BoynUm, 
in the « Turf, Field, and Farm." 

Free Church Elder, A. Williamr 
Mitchell. National homage to Christ not 
disestablishment . . . Glasgow, 1876. 

Free Church Minister, A. Rev. 
David C. A. Agnew. An eye upon the 
Scottish Established Church . . . Edinb. 

Free Churchman, A. Rev. Andrew 
Gray. Dr. Struthers on the f^e Church. 
Perth, 1846. 

Free Inquirer, A. Peter Annet. A 
collection of tracts of a certain . . . 
noted for his sufferings for his opinions. 
L. 1739. 

Free liance. J. T. Denny, in his con- 
tributions to various English periodicals. 

Free Lance. Alexander Richardson.. 
The future Church of Scotland . . . 
By . . . sometime President of the Uni- 
yersity Dialectic Society. Edinb. and L. 

Free Man, A. William Joseph Snel'- 
ling. Brief and impartial history of the 
life and actions of Andrew Jackson. 
By . . . B. 1831. 

Free Merchant in Bengal, A. Capt.. 
Joseph Price, Five letters ... to War* 
ren Hastings ... L. 1777. 

Free-soUer from the Start. John 
Gorham Palfrey. Remarks on the pro- 
posed State constitution. B. 1863. 

Free Thinker, A. John Armstrong,, 
M.D. Conjectures upon the mortality 
of the human soul ... L. 1778. 

Free Thinker, A. Rev. A. B, Crocker, 
Random sketches upon witches, dreams, 
love, and romance . . . Albany, N.Y.,. 
about 1865. 

Free-Thinker and a Christian, A. 
John Mawer. A layman's faith . . . 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1732. 

Freeholder, A. Henry Boase. A 
brief exposition of the agricultural ques- 
tion ... L. 1823. 

Freeholder, A. William Pulteney, 
Earl of Bath. An humble address to the 
knights, citizens, and burgesses elected 
to represent the Commons of Great 
Britain in the ensuing Parliament L. 

Freeholder, A. John Erskine, Re- 
flections on the rise, progress, and prob- 
able consequences of the present conten- 
tions with the colonies. Edinb. 1770. 

Freeholder and Landholder of 
Scotland, A. John Campbell Colquhoun. 
The constitutional principles of parlia- 
mentary reform. Edinb. 1831. 

Freeholder, An Independents 
Thomas ThirlwaU. A calm . . . address 
to Sir Eranda Burdett, Bart. ... L. 





Freeholder, A Torksliire. Samuel 
Bailey, A discussion of parliamentary 
reform. L. 18S1. 

Freeholder of Surrey, A. John 
Home Tooket in the London " Public Ad- 
vertiser/' 1769. 

Freeman. William Henry Drayton. 

He iMoed, under this signature, on the eve of 
the meeting of the Continental Congreee, in 1774, 
a pamphlet in which he marked out the course 
to be purBued, and submitted a ** bill of Ameri- 
oan rights." This publication coat him his 
place ki the colonial Judiciary, hut made him 
president of the Provincial Congress, and soon 
after chief justice of the colony of South Caro> 

Freeman. William Henry Draif- 
fon, Chriatopher Gadsden, John Mackenzie, 
and others, A letter from ... of South 
Carolina to the deputies of North-Amer- 
ica .. . Charles Town, 8.C., 1784. 

Freeman, A. Qeorge Allen, Address 
to the freemen of Massachusetts. Wor- 
cester, 1832. 

Freeman, A. Jean Joseph Louis 
Blanc. French correspondence, in the 
London " Spectator," 1867. 

B^reeman, A. Jacob Bailey Moore. 
The principles and acts of Mr. Adams' 
administration vindicated . . . Concord, 
N.H. 1828. 

Freeman of Masaachuaetts, A 
John Daggett. Remarks . . . concerning 
the location of the Boston and ProTi- 
dence K.K. through the hurying ground 
in East Attleborough ... B. 1^34. 

Freeman, Jonathan. Morris Birk- 
beck, the signature under which he con- 
tributed articles, in 1823, to the " Illinois 
Gazette" and the "Shawnectown Ga- 
zette " in opposition to the establishment 
of slavery. 

Freeman, O. S. Edward Coit Sogers. 
Letters on slavery. B. 1865. 

Freeman, Theophllua. William 
Matthews. A general epistle of broth- 
erly admonition and counsel to the people 
called Quakers ... L. 1803. 

French Clergjrman, A. Bev. Stephen 
Theodore Badin. The real principles of 
the Koman Catholics in reference to God 
and the country . . . Bardstown, Ey., 1805. 

French Detective. M. Canler. Auto- 
biography of . . . from 1818 to 1858 . . . 
L. 1862. 

French Detective, A. William Btis- 
sell. The experiences of . . . By 
« Waters." N.Y. 1864. 

French Politician, The. Edmond 
Scherer, one of the editors of the Paris 
"Temps," and a senator, whose letters in 
the London "Daily News" (1877-78) 
gave a striking picture of the situation 
in France. 

French Traveller, A. Louis Simond, 
Journal of a tour and residence in Great 
Britain during the years 1810 and 1811 
by . . . Edinb. 1815. 

Frenchman, Jack. Jonathan Sicijt, 
DJ). J. F.'s lamentation. An excellent 
song. 1708. 

Ftere, Alice M. Mrs. Godfrey Clerk, 

Friar, The. Phanuel Bacons D.D., 
who was the author of " The Snipe," one 
of the best ballads in the English lan- 
guage, and foimded on a fact; for 
the " Friar " denoted the author himself, 
and "Peter" his fellow collegian, Peter 
Zinzan, M,D, This ballad and " A Song 
of Similies," by Dr. Bacon, are preserved 
in the "Oxford Sausage." 

Fribble, T. Jonathan Swift, D.D. 
Tittle-tattle, etc [Consisting of extracts 
from Swift's "Polite Conversation."] 
1749. • 

Frlbbleton, Ex-Barber. Asa Greene. 
The travels of ... in America. N.Y. 1835. 

FridoUn, le Major. A. de Valhezene. 
La retraite des dix mille, etc., in the 
" Revue des Deux Mondes." Paris, 1851. 

Friend, A [or Quaker]. Elias Bock- 
ett. Aminadab's courtship; or, the 
Quaker's wedding: a poem ... L. 1717. 

Friend, A. Miss Mary Elizabeth Lee, 
who, under this modest signature, con- 
tributed her earliest productions to the 
" Southern Rose," Charleston, S.C. 

Friend, A. Capt. J. A. Gilbert. The 
change ; or, a memoir of Lieut.-Col. Hol- 
combe, C.B. L. 1847. 

Friend, A. Dr. William Kenrick. A 
defence of Mr. Kenrick's review of Dr. 
Johnson's " Shakespeare "... L. 1766. 

Friend, A. John Oldmixon. A de- 
fence of Mr. Maccartney. L. 1712. 

Friend, A. Sir Bichard Hill. Five 
letters to the Rev. Mr. F— r [Fletcher] 
relative to his vindication of the minutes 
of the Rev. Mr. John Wesley ... L. 

Friend, A. Thomas Linning, A letter 
... to Mr. John Mackmillan . . . n.p., 
n.d. but 1708. 

Friend, A. Bobert Lundin Brown. A 
letter to tiie Moderate Brethren. Edinb., 
n.p. but 1842. 

Friend, A. Giovanni Domenico Buf- 
Jinx. Lorenzo Benoni . . . Edinb. 185>3. 

Friend, A. Zachary Grey, LL.D. A 
word or two of advice to William War- 
burton, a dealer in many words ; by . . . 
L. 1746. 

Friend, A. Luke Howard, F.B.S. 
The Yorkshireman : a religious and lit- 
erary Journal. By . . . Pontefract, L., 
Leeds, and York, 1883-87. 




Friend in the Ci^, A. George Mel- 
-dntm. A letter ... to a member of 
Parliament anent patronages. Edinb. 

Friend In the Country, A. Reu. 
John Erskine. Meditations and letters 
of a pious youth . . . Edinb. 1740. 

Friend in the Country, A. William 
Gibson. A second letter from ... to his 
friend in London [Elias Beckett]. L. 

Friend of his A^, A. Mr. Dawson. 
A humble tribute to the memory of Mr. 
Abram Rumnej . . . Alnwick, 1704. 

Friend of Industry, A. — Dearborn^ 
who, in 1784, under this signature, pub- 
lished in the " New Hampshire Gazette " 
an article suggesting the employment of 
convicts in prisons, a plan soon after 
generally adopted. 

Friend of Mr. St[ee]Ie. Jonathan 
Swift, D.D. The importance of the 
Guardian considered ... L. 1713. 

Friend of Rellgioas Liberty, A. 
William Paletf, Arch-deacon of Carlisle. 
A defence of the considerations on the 
propriety of requiring a subscription to 
articles of faith ... L. 1774. 

Friend of Seamen, A. William Allen, 
D.D. Accounts of shipwreck and of 
other disasters ac sea . . . Compiled . . . 
Brunswick, Me., 1823. 

Friend of the Author, A. John Bar- 
low Seale. An elegy on a family tomb 
[by J. J. Brundish] translated into Ital- 
ian verse. Camb. 1783. 

Friend of the Author, A. Jonathan 
Swift, D.D. Mr. C— ns's [CoUins's] dis- 
course of free-thinking put into plain 
English, by way of abstract, for the use 
of the poor ... L. 1713. 

Friend of the Family, A. William 
Aiprton. The adventures of a salmon in 
the River Dee. By . . . L. 1863. 

Friend of the Negro, A. Wilson 
Armistead. The garland of freedom : a 
•collection of poems, chiefly anti-slavery. 
Selected ... L. 1863. 

Friend of the People, A. Richard 
Ronaldson, Banks and a paper currency. 
P. 1867. 

Friend of the People, A. Reo. Wil- 
liam Chalmers^ AM. The Church ques- 
Uon. Ayr, 1843. 

Friend of the People, A. Miss Sarah 
Jane Min/ne. Jane Rut!ierford; or, the 
miners' strike ... L. 1854. 

Friend of the People, A. Rev, Qtorge 
Tod, Letter to James Moncrieff, Esq. 
. . . Edinb. 1820. 

Friend of the People, A Sincere. 
Maurice Lothian, The expediency of a 

secure provision for the ministers of the 
Gospel . . . Edinb. 1834. 

Friend of the Road, A. Elizur 
Wright. The Northern Pacific Railroad, 
by . . . B. 1874. 

Friend of the Secession, A. Mr, 
Boston, of Falkirk. An antidote against 
a new heresy . . . Dundee, 1779. 

Friend of the South. M, Pratt (?). 
In answer to "Remarks on Channing's 
'Slavery.'" B.1836. 

Friend of Truth, A. John Cleave- 
land. The Chebacco narrative rescu'd 
from the charge of falshood and par- 
tiality ... B. 1738. 

Friend of Truth, A. George Scott, 
A concise illustration of the doctrine of 
justification by faith . . . Edinb. 1832. 

Friend of Truth and Peace, A. 
William Walton. The true interests of 
the European powers and the Emperor 
of Brazil ... L. 1829. 

Friend of Truth and Sound Pol- 
icy, A Henri/ M. Brackenridge. Stric- 
tures on a voyage to South America . . . 
Bait. 1820. 

Friend of Youth, A. Mary Clark, 
Conversations on the history of Massa- 
chusetts from its first settlement to the 
present period. By . . . B. 1831. 

Friend of Youth, A. Samuel Wil- 
lard, I).D. The Franklin family primer 
. . . B. 1811. 

Friend of Youth and Children, A. 
Frederick White Erans. Brief and moral 
instructions for the young . . . Worces- 
ter, Mass., 1868. 

Friend to Accuracy, A. Thomas 
Bland, during many years a contributor 
to the " Grent. Mag." under this and other 

Friend to American Enterprise, A. 
George W. Simmons. Oak Hall pictorial 
... B. 1854. 

Friend to Both, A. Thomas Bawdier. 
Liberty, civil and religious ... L. 

Friend to Britain, A. Dr. Chamber- 
layn. The great advantages to both 
kingdoms of Scotland and England by 
an union, n.p. 1702. 

Friend to Candour and Truth, A. 
Stephen Jones, Hypercriticism exposed . . . 
L. 1812. 

Friend to Civil and Religious Lib- 
erty, A. Henry Peckwell, D.D. The 
account of an appeal from a sunmiary 
conviction on the statute 22 Car. ii., c. i., 
to the Hon. C — ^rt of E. B. . . . L. n.d. 

Friend to Education and Moral 
Improvement of the Labouring 
Poor, A. Thomas Pole, M.D, On the 




irrsverent use of the sacred names. 
By . . . Bristol, about 1823. 

Friend to Smancipatloii, A. John 
Glutton. The Emancipation Bill exam- 
ined. Hereford, 1825. 

Friend to hla Country, A. Robert 
Frtnch. Tlie constitution of Ireland . . . 
Dublin, 1770. 

Friend to Liberty and Property, A. 
^et;. John Lewis, Advice to posterity 
concerning a point of the last impor- 
tance. Written ... L. 1755. 

Friend to Peace and Good Order, 
A. Harrison Gray. A few remarks 
upon some of the YOtes and resolutions 
of the Continental Congress . . . n.p., 
probably F. 1775. 

Friend to BeUgious Liberty, A. 
Bev. John Palmer. Free remarks on a 
sermon entitled ** The requisition of sub- 
scription to the 39 articles and liturgy 
of the Church of England not inconsis- 
tent with Christian liberty" ... L. 

Friend to the Church of Englsmd, 
A. Francis Maseres. The moderate re- 
former ... L. 1791. 

Friend to the Churches, A. Increase 
Mather. A plea for the ministers of the 
Gospel ... B. 1706. 

Friend to the Established Church, 
A. JReu. Frederick Toll. A plain and 
proper answer to this question: "Why 
does not the Bishop of Clogher, suppos- 
ing him to be the author of the ' Essay 
on Spirit,' resign his preferments "... 

Friend to the GoTemment, A. Rev. 
W, Webster. The draper confuted . . . 
L. 1740. 

Friend to the Liberty of his Coun- 
try, A. Benjamin Gkurch, M.D, — See 
"Elizaphr.n of Pamach." 

Friend to the Natural and Relig- 
ious Rights of Mankind, A. Rev. 
WiUiam Graham, of Whitehaven. An 
attempt to prove that every species of 
patronage is foreign to the nature of the 
Church . . . Edinb. 1768. 

Friend to the Peace of the Church 
of Scotland, A. George M*Lelland. An 
enquiry adapted to the present crisis . . . 
Edinb. 1842. 

Friend to the Sex, A. — Adams. 
Woman : sketches of the history, genius 
. . . of the fair sex in all parts of the 
world ... L. 1790. 

Friend to the Sisterhood, A. WH- 
Ham Hayley. A philosophical, histori- 
cal, and moral essay on old maids. By 
. . . li. 1785. 

Friend to the South, A. Miss Belle 


' Bardinge. Belle Boyd, in camp and 
prison. L. 1865. 

Friend to the West India Coloniea 
and their Inhabitants, A. Jamts 
Tobin. Cursory remarks upon the Rev- 
erend Mr. Ramsay's essay on the treat- 
ment and conversion of African slaves 
in the sugar colonies. L. 1785. 

Friend to True Liberty, A. Edmund 
Rack. England's true interest in the 
choice of a new Parliament briefly con- 
sidered ... L. 1774. 

Friend to Truth, A. Tyler Parsons. 
Candid enquiries . . . relative to the difl> 
culties which existed in the town of Man- 
Chester, Mass. . . . n.p. about 1820. 

Friend to Youth, A. Miss Sarah 
Hoare. A poem on the pleasures and 
advantages of botanical pursuits, with 
notes ; and other poems. By . . . Bris- 
tol, n.d. 

Friend, A Mutual. Mrs. George 
Grote (?). The case of the poor against 
the rich. L. 1850. 

Friendly, Aunt. Mrs. Sarah S. 
( Tuthill) Baker. Meggie of " The Pines. 
N.Y. 18-. 

Frog, Nicholas. The Netherlands. 

— See " Strutt, Lord." 

Frohberg, Paul. Friedrich Adami^ 
Dramatische Genrebilder aus der vater- 
lilndischen Geschichte. 1870. 

Froissart, Jean. Alphonse Daudet, 
who has contributed to a large number 
of journals, and notably to the ** Monde 
Illustr^ " and to the ** Figaro," where his 
"Chroniques rim^es," signed "Jean 
Eroissart," have been much noticed. 

Frost, S. Annie. Mrs. 8. A. Shields. 

Fru, F. Emilie ( Schmidt Flygare Dating 
CarUn. Valdemar Klein. 1838. 

Fuller, Violet. Mrs. Eleanor Fuller- 
ton. In 1871 she published a volume of 
her poems through Sampson Low & Son, 

Fulvius, Cnoeus. Charles James Fox. 

— See " Florus, Julius." 

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Chatto. A pipe of tobacco ... L. 

Fungus, Bamaby, BsQ. Arthur 
Benoni Evans, D.D. Fungusiana; or, 
the opinions and table-talk of the late 
. . . L. 1809. 

Fundus, Sir Ferdinando, Crent. 

— Williams, of Wadham College. New 

facts ; or, the white washer . . . 1790. 

Alio ascribed to Mr. Bimmonds of Blandford^ 

Funnidos, Rigdum, Gent. John 
Ballantyne (i). American broad g^rins. 
Edited . . . L. 1838. 





FunnlduB, Rigdum. Horace May- 
hew, Henry Mayhew, and Robert B. Brough, 
editors of Cruikihank'a " Comic Alma- 



Funny Han, A. 

Comical doings ol . . 
Fualna, Fra. 

Gedichte. 1853-54. 

Os$ian E. Dodge, 
. N.Y. 187-. 
Arnoido Fusinato, 


r. Edward Gfeorge BaUard, Esq,, who 
wrote for the "Literary Magnet" and 
"World of Fashion" under this signa- 

•y. John KeUe. — See "a" (under 

G. Dr, J<Jm Oreen, Bishop of Ian- 
coin, in his contributions to the "Athe- 
nian Letters "... L. 1741-43. 

G. Rev. R. F, Wilson, one of the con- 
tributors to " Tracts for the Times." L. 
161 1 8. 

G. — See " The Lord and Lady There." 

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quotations. L. 1877. 

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its origin, histoiy, and uses. L. 1847. 

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of infant baptism . . . Paisley, 1851. 

G., A Agnes Gibeme. Mignonette . . . 
L. 1869. 

G., A. Aga Gray, M.D. Review of 
Darwin's theory of the origin of species 
by means of natural selection. From 
the " Amer. Jour, of Science and Arts," 
March, 1860. 

G., A, Gent. John Humphreys Parry, 
The maskers of Moorfields : a yision, by 
the late . . . Edited by W. GrifBnhoof . 
L. 1815. — See "Grifanhoof, Anthony, 

G., A. F. Acton Frederick Griffith. 
Blbliotheca Anglo-poetica ... L. 1816. 

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jeux d'esprit . . . Edinb. 1870. 

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maid-servants ... L. 1866. 

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tribute to the memory of William Grover, 
of Stanstead, by . . . Warwick, 1826. 

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tributions to "London Society," chiefly 

G., A. S. A. S. OrenvilU, Poetic 
effusions. B. 1822. 

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may. A letter by a delegate to the Gen- 
eral Assembly . . . Aberdeen, 1840, 

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(Grace) Gore, Quid pro quo; or, the day 
of dupes : the prize comedy. L. 1844. 

G. G. H., Esq., Banister-at-law. 

H. G. Curran. Confessions of a White- 
foot. Edited by . . . L. 1844. 

G. C. J. Mrs, Carrie J. Freeland. 
Ansdale Hall ; or, stand to your colors. 
B. 187-. 

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A century of acrostics ... L. 1855. 

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dedicating a building, and erecting a 
statue to Shakespeare, at Stratford- 
upon-Avon. By . . . L. 1769. 

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Hero and Lcander: a poem. Tr. . . . 
L. 1773. 

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school matches ... L. 1867. 

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ses papes. Paris, 1824. 

G., F. T. Hippolyte Adolphe Taine, in 
his contributions to " La Vie Parisienne." 

The above lettern are the initiala of " Frdd^ 
rio Thomas Qraindorge," anotbei pBeudonym of 
thiB ambor.'* 

G., F. W., of the l^Iiddle Temple. 

F. W. Guidickins. An answer to Mr. 
Horace Walpole's late work entitled 
"Historic doubts on the reign and life 
of King Richard the Third ... L. 1768. 

G., G. Gfeorae Grenville. A letter to . . . 
*' Stiff in opimons, always in the wrong." 
L. 1767. 

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N.Y. 1810. 

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tributions to the "Tribune " (N.Y.). 

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sketches of the early history, conversion, 
and closing period of the life of Mary, 
second daughter of the Hon. John 
Grey ... L. 1855. 

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Psyche . . . Trans, by . . . L. 1800. 

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cott. Dr. Howell's family. B. 1860. 

G., H. B. Mrs. H B, Gerry. Roger 
Deanc's work. By . . . B. 1863. 

G., H. M. Aliss H. Maria Georae, 
in art and biographical sketches contrib- 
uted to various periodicals. 

G., H. M. Henry Mayo Gunn. His- 
tory of Nonconformity in Warminster. 
L. 1853. 




Q., J. John GMieuU. Heriot's Hos- 
pital, Edinburgh: the design of the 
celebrated architect, Inigo Jones. By . . . 
L. 1836. 

G., J. John Green. A Journey from 
Aleppo to Damascus ... L. 17do. 

O., J. James Olauford. Miscella- 
nea . . . Edinb. 1818. 

G., J., late Serriflhtehdar of Ben- 
gal. James Grant, An inquiry into 
the nature of Zemindaiy tenures . . . L. 

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lyrics. L. 1849. 

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The pastor's last words ... L. 1862. 

G., J. H. Joseph H, Gibhs and others. 
The Quadrilateral. 1865. 

G., J. T. Judith Tbwers Grant "Look- 
ing unto Jesus " , , , Bath, 1862. 

G. K. John Boyle, 4th Earl of Cork 
and Orrery. 

" Aboat 1763 Mr. Moore UDderlook the peri- 
odical publication called the ' World,' to wnich 
our noble aatbor oontributed tbree paper*, viz., 
Noa. 47, 68, and 161 .. . The Barl of Cork waa a 
contributor likewise to tbe ' ConnoiMear,' carried 
on by Mr. Tbornlon and Mr. Colman. In tbe 
laat namber of this publication O. K., which was 
hie lordabip'8 tignature, it diatingalshed by the 
ingenlouB authors as their ' earliest and most fre- 
quent correspondent' . . . His commonications 
to the ' Connoisseur ' were the most part of Nos. 
14 and 17, the letter signed * GoUah English ' in 
No. 19, great part of Nos. 88 and 40, and the let- 
ters siKned * Reginald Fltzworm,* 'Michael 
Krawbridge,' ' Moses Orthodox,' and * Thomaa 
Valnall,' fn Nos. 102, 107, 118, and 129." — 

CSALKBBS, Vol. 6. 

G., It. Ej. Lucy Ellen Guernsey. Irish 
Amy. P. 1864. 

G. M. Mrs. Stanley Leathes. Soi- 
meme. L. 1869. 

G. P. Samuel Pegge. A defence of 
the propriety of tlie words " which art in 
heaven" in the Lord's prayer. "Gent. 
Mag.," 17&4, p. 310. G. P., the initials 
of Paul Gemscge reversed , used one 
other time. — See " Gent. Mag.," LXVI., 
p. 079. 

G., P. S. Rev. Peter Sottthmead Glubb, 
B.D. A libretto, containg The armoury, 
The holier rood, and The London season. 
By . . . 1875. 

G.,R. Rupert Ch'een{%). A brief history 
of Worcester; or, "Worcester Guide" 
improved ... By . . . Worcester, 

G., R. Robert Graham, M.D. (?). 
Characters of genera, extracted from 
the Britisli flora of W. J. Hooker. 
Edinb. 1830. 

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tive view of the antient monuments of 
India ... as described by different writ- 
ers. By . . . L. 1785. 

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lasticus ... L. 1829. 

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Comiiioii-Pleas. R. Gardiner. Instruc- 
tor clericalis ... In the Savoy, 1721-24. 

G., R., Junior. Richard Gough. The 
history of the Bible, translated from the 
French, by . . . L. 1747. 

This volume, consisting of 100 sheets In folio, 
waa completed by him wMn he waa twelve and 
a half yeara old, and waa followed three veara 
later by a tranelatlon of the ''Cuetoma of the 
laraeliiee," translated from the French of tbe 
abbot Fleury, by . . . 17&0. 

G. R. G. Rev. George Robert Gleig. 
The light dragoon. L. 1844. 

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Shakespeare contributions to various 

G., S. /Samuel Gilman, D.D. Cata- 
logue of miniature portraits, landscapes, 
and other pieces, executed by Charles 
Fraser, Esq. . . . Charleston, 8.C., 

G., S. Samuel Grascome. Certamen 
religiosum . . . Oxf. 1704. — See also 
"A Presbyter of the Church of Eng- 

G., S. Simon Greenleaf. Remarks on 
the exclusion of atheists as witnesses. 
B. 1839. 

'g,S.B. S.B.GosUn. [William Ban- 
ister's] The art and science of change 
ringing . . . Second edition, with correc- 
tions and additions. [By H. Haley and 
others. Edited . . .] L. 1879. 

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Mr. Whiteileld's journal . . . L.1738. 

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of our dear deceased friend Josiah Ceane 
. . . Plymouth, Eng., 1718. 

G., T. M. T. M. Gorman. On the 
white horse mentioned in the "Revela- 
tion" [by Swedenborg]. Edited ... L. 

G., W. — See Gifford, WUUam. 

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yers investigated . . . Brentford, 1771. 

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on a certain publication entitled " Mac- 
aulay's portrait of the founder of Qua- 
kerism." Sheffield, 1866. 

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Barbary, and a picture of the Dey of 
Algiers, taken in 1818, by . . . L. 1815. 

G. W. One of the pseudonyms at- 
tributed to Junius iq.v.). 

The two letters thns signed are dated March 
29 and April 8, 1771, and are addressed to the 
Lord Mayor. 

G., W. D. WiUiam D. Gallagher. 
Selections from the poetical literature of 
the West . . . Cin. 1841. 




G,, W. B. William Rathbane Greg, in 
the London " Pall Mall Gazette." 

G»«*«**, A. B., M.D. Augustus 
Bozzi QranviUe, Critical obserrations on 
Mr. Kemble's performances at the Thea- 
tre Boyal, Liverpool. Liverpooli 1811. 

G***, Ph. Philippe Orouvelle. M^- 
inoirefl historiques sor les Templiers . . . 
Paris, 1806. 

G— — , Percival. Peter Irving, A 
Venetian tale (from the French). N.Y. 

Gabble* Gridiron, Gent., Godson to 
Mother Groose. Joseph Haslewood. 
Green-room gossip; or. Gravity Galli- 
nipt. A gallimaufrj . . . got up to guile 
gjmnastical and gjnecocratic govern- 
menta. Gathered and garnished by . . . 
L. 1809. 

Gabriel, Virginia. Mrs. Constance 
J[ Crane) Marsh. Wolfe of the knoll; 
and other poems. N.Y. 1860. 

Gaines, Garry. Virginia S. Patterson. 

Gale, Ethel. HeUn E. Smith, in the 
New York " Independent.** 

Galen. Richard E. Parker, in Wirt's 
<W.) "Old Bachelor" (Bait. 1812). 

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Lange. Der Alte vom Berge. Roman. 
Berlin, 1873. 

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^dson. Tales in verse. 1814; 2d ed., 
Dumfries, about 1834. 

Galoot. Edward P. Kendall. 

Gambado, GeofOrey, Bsq., Rlding- 
Maater. Henry Bunhury. Academy for 
grown horsemen ... L. 1787. 

Crame Chicken, The. Henry Pearce, 
a celebrated pugilist, and once the cham- 
pion of England. 

Gamma. Dr. John D. Osborne, in his 
contributions to the "Picayune" (New 
Orleans, La.). 

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Ellis. Poetry and tales. Bath, 1779. 

Gaol Chaplain, A. Rev. Erskine 
Neale. Recollections of a gaol chap- 
lain. Reprinted from "Bentley's Mis- 

Gaolg, £kal. J. A. Lake Gloag. The 
Jesuit ; or, the man of the Morgue . . . 
Glasgow and L. 1876. 

Gar. J. Garczynski, in the New York 
« Times." 

Garon. Rev. Joseph Bretland, in the 
" Monthly Repository " (Hackney). 

Gamurd, Kenner. Leuns Edward 
JSolan. System of training cavalry 
horses ... L. 1853. 

Garrett, Edward and Buth. Mrs. 
Isabella (Fyvie) Mayo. By still waters. 
L. 1874. 

Garralous, George. George Arnold. 
— See " Grahame, Allen." 

Gaatlne, Civique de. E. L. J. Tou 
lotte. Histoire de la r^publique d'Haiti . . 
Paris, 1819. 

Gaston, Marie. Alphonse Daudet, 

Gath. George Alfred Townsend. Bo- 
hemian days. Three American tales. 
N.Y. 1880. Also in his contributions to 
numerous American periodicals. 

Gathercoal, Rev. Rabahakeh, late 
Vicar of Tuddington. Robert Macken- 
zie Beverley. The posthumous letters 
of . . . L. 1835. 

Gauden, Dr. Charles Henry Whar- 
ton, D.D., in Horace Binney Wallace's 
"Literary criticisms," pp. 25^-807. P. 

Gavami, Paul. Sulpice Guillaume 
Chevalier. (Euvres choisies . . . Paris, 

Gay, Delphine. Mme. JSmile de 
Girardin. La croix de Bemey. Paris, 

Gay, Getty. Mrs. William Bennett. 

Gay, Joseph. John Durant de Breval. 

The confederates. L. 1717. 

This play, though published onder the name 
of Gay, was written by Breval. 

Gay, Mr. Joseph. Alexander Pope. 
Compleat key to the Non-Juror ... L. 

Gaylord, Glance. Warren Ives 
Bradley. The boy at Dr. Murray's . . . 
B. 1871. 

Gazul, Clara. Prosper M€rim€e. Th^ 
&tre de . . . Paris, 1825. 

Gemaege, Paul. Samuel Pegge. A 

letter on poaching, in the " Grent. Mag." 

for the year 1751, p. Ill (and 75 other 

articles for the 11 years from 1746 to 


This signatare is the anagram of his name. 
See " Gent. Mag.,*' LXVI., pp. 979 et seq. 

Genealoglat, A Alexander Deuchar. 
Concise view of the present state of the 
Succession . . . Edinb. 1839. 

General Officer, A. Hon. Henry Sey- 
mour Conway. An address to the public 
on the late dismission of . . . By Wil- 
liam Guthrie. L. 1764. 

General Officer, A — Ford, 5th 
Earl Cayan. A new system of military 
discipline, founded upon principle. By . . . 

Genesee. Prof". J. H. Gilmore, in the 
New York " Examiner." 

Genesee. E. M. Crawford. Cricket 

Genevese Traveller, A. Matthew L. 
Davis, in the London " Times." 

Gent, A. Alexander Anderson. Joseph 




the book-man : a heroi-comic poem . . . 
£din. 1821. 

Gent, A. Samuel Forster, Mr. Ben- 
jamin Bennet's Presbyterian prejudice 
further dispiay'd . . . Newcastle-upon- 
Tyne, 1720. 

Gentile, A. Dtfer Daniel Lum, Utah 
and its people; by . . . N.Y. 1882. 

Gentleman, A. Bev. Charles AudUy 
Assheton Craven, MJL. The adventures 
of ... in search of the Church of Eng- 
land. L. 1863. 

Gentleman, A. Sir George Stephen, 
Adventures of ... in search of a horse. 
By Caveat Emptor, Gent. L. 1836. 

Gentleman, A. Elias Bockett. A con- 
gratulatory letter to the Reverend Mr. 
Patrick Smith, M Jl., Vicar of Great Pax- 
ton, Huntingdonshire, upon the publica- 
tion of ... "A Preservative against Qua- 
kerism." By . . . L. 1731. 

Qentleman, A. Sir John Leslie, The 
connoisseur; or, modem fashions: a 
comedy in three acts. By . . . Invert 
ness, 1818. 

Gentleman, A. Thomas Skinner Surr, 
Consequences ; or, adventures at Brazall 
Castle : a novel. L. 1706. 

Gentleman, A. Thomas Salmon, A 
critical essay concerning marriage . . . 
L. 1724. 

Gentleman, A. Paul Dudley. An 
essay on the merchandise of slaves and 
souls of men ... B. 1731. 

Crentleman, A. John Esten Cooke. 
Estcourt. Memoirs of ... in " Bussell's 
Magazine," South Carolina. 

Gentleman, A. Priscilla Wakefield. 
Excursions in America described in let- 
ters from . . . and his young companion 
to their friends in England. L. 1806. 

Gentleman, A. Francis Eyre, Esq. 
A few remarks on The history of the 
decline and fall of the Koman empire, 
relative chiefly to the two last chapters. 
By . . . L. 1778. 

Gentleman, A. John Hippidey. Flora : 
an opera ... L. 1729. 

Gentleman, A. Rev. John White, B.D. 
Free and impartial considerations upon 
the free and candid disquisitions relating 
to the Church of England. Addressed 
to the authors [John Jones] of the Dis- 
quisitions. By ... L. 1751. 

Gentleman, A. Henry Penruddock 
Wyndham. A G.'s tour through Mon- 
mouthshire and Wales ... in 1774. L. 

Gentleman, A. Thomas HuU. Genu- 
ine letters from ... to a young lady, his 
pupil. L. 1772. 

Gentleman, A. Bev, Oeorge Harbin, 

The hereditaiy right of the crown of Eng- 
land asserted ... L. 1713. 

Gentleman, A. Sir Henry Bate 
Dudley (?). History of Essex. L. 1769- 

Gentleman, A. Leonard WeUted. 
Hymn to the Creator, written by ... in 
" Gent. Mag.," Octeber, 1790, p. 986. 

€>entleman, A. Andrew Wilson, M.D. 
Human nature surveyed by philosophy 
and revelation ... L. 1758. 

Gentleman, A. Mr. Robinson, of Ken- 
dal. The intriguing milliners and attor- 
nies clerks ... L. 1740. 

Gentleman, A. James Ramsay, A 
letter . . . concerning toleration. Edinb. 

Gentleman, A. William Beckford. 
Letters and observations written in a 
short tour through France and Italy. 
By . . . L. 1786. 

Crentleman, A. Anthony Hammond. 
A modest apology, occasion d by the late 
unhappy turn of affairs ... L. 1721. 

Gfoitleman, A. John Haljield. A 
new Scarborough guide, containing cus- 
toms, amusements, lodging-houses . . . 
L. 1797. 

Gentleman, A. Thomas Baker. Re- 
flections upon learning ... L. 1708. 

Gentleman, A. William Bromley. 
Several years' travels through Portugal, 
Spain, Italy . . . Performed ... L. 

Gentleman, A. Edmond Hoyle. A 
short treatise on the g^me of whist. L. 

Gentleman, A. John Adams. Thoughts 
on government ... B. 1788. 

Gentleman (A), a Descendant of 
Dame Quickly. James White, Original 
letters ... of Sir John Falstaff and his 
friends ; now first made public by . . . 
L. 1796. 

Gentleman and no Knight, A. 
Zachary Orey, LL.D. The Knight of 
Dumbleton foiled at his own weapons, 
etc. In a letter to Sir Richard "Cocks," 
knt. By . . . L. 1723. 

Gentleman at Halifax, A. Chief 
Justice Martin Howard, of North Caro- 
lina. A letter ... to his friend in Rhode 
Island . . . Newport, 1766. 

Gentleman educated at Yale Col- 
lege, A. William Livinaston, Esq. Phil- 
osuphic solitude; or, the choice of a 
rural life : a poem . . . N.Y. 1847. 

Crentleman formerly of Boston, A. 
Edward Church, Jr. The Dangerous Vice 
. . . Columbia, 1789. 

The "Dangerous Vloe" was John Adams. 
Alio ascribed to Bilvanut Boame. 




Clenileinaii formerly of Brazen- 
nose College, Oxford, A. Probably 
Charles Manjield. Interesting collection 
of carious anecdotes ... L. 1790. 

Gentleman formerly of Gray's 
Inn, A. John Holt. An attempte to res- 
cne that aonciente English poet and play- 
wrighte, Maister Williaume Shakespere, 
from the maney crrours f anlsely charged 
on him ... L. 1749. 

Gentleman In America, A. TTiomas 
Cooper^ M.D. Extract of a letter from 
... to a friend in England, on the subject 
of emigration. 1794. 

Cientleman in Boston, A. Charles 
Chauncy, D.D, A letter from ... to Mr. 
George Wishart, one of the ministers of 
Edinburgh, concerning the state of Re- 
ligion in New England. Edinb. 1742. 

Gentleman In Boston, A. Lewis 
Tappan, Letter from ... to a Uni- 
tarian clergyman in that city. B. 

Gentleman In Gloucestershire, A 
John Blanch. Hoops into spinning- 
wheels: a tragi-comedy. Gloucester, 

The epistle dedicatory 1b signed " J. B." 

Gentleman In liondon, A. William 
Knox, The claim of the colonies to an 
exemption from internal taxes, imposed 
by authority of Parliament, examined. 
In a letter from ... to his friend in 
America. L. 1765. 

Gentleman In liOndon, A. ^sta 
Paching. Four topographical letters, 
written in July, 1755, upon a journey 
thro' Bedfordshire . . . from . . . Kew- 
castle-upon-Tyne, 1757. 

Gentleman In liOndon, A. William 
SmitL A letter from ... to his friend 
in Pennsylyania ; with a satire ... L. 

Gentleman In PhUadelplila, A 
John Dickinson. The late regulations 
respecting the British colonies on the 
continent of America considered. In a 
letter from ... to his friend in London. 
L. 1766. 

Gentleman In Scotland, A. Charles 
Leslie. A letter ... to his friend in Eng- 
land, against the sacramental test. 2d 
ed. L. 1708. 

Gentleman In the City, A. Benjamin 

Code. A letter . . . concerning the 

Quakers. L. 1705. 

The letter It algned " Bclea-NobJ-moni," an 
•oegram of the sutbor'e name. 

Gentleman In the City, A. Charles 
Leslie, A letter . . . concerning the 
threaten*d prosecution of the Rehearsal 
. . . n.p. 1708. 

Gentleman In the City, A. Rev. 
Robert Wylie, of Hamilton. A letter . . . 
to a minister in the country. Edinb. 

Gentleman In the English House 
of Commons, A. Edmund Burke. A 
letter from ... in vindication of his con- 
duct, with regard to the affairs of Ireland 
... L. 1780. 

Gentleman In the North, A. Rev. 
Alexander M*Laggant of Little-Dunkeld. 
A letter ... to a minister who has not 
intimated the act of parliament . . . 
n.p. 1737. 

Gentleman In the North of Scot- 
land, A Captain Edward Burt. Let- 
ters from ... to his friend in London, 
giving an account of the Highlands . . . 
L. 1764. 

Gentleman In the Service of the 
East India Company, A. Major Henry 
D. Robertson. Examination of the prin- 
ciples and policy of the government of 
British India. L. 1829. 

Grentleman In Tofvn, A. TT. H, 
Logan. Letter . . . regarding Eeeley, the 
theatre, and other matters . . . Edinb. 1834. 

" Signed "H. M." 

Gentleman, Iiate an Officer In the 
Service of the Honourable East- 
India Company, A. Mr. Evers, A 
journal kept on a journey from Bas- 
sora to Bagdad . . . Horsham, 1784. 

Gentleman, late of Bath, A. Dr, 
Edv?ard Harington. An excursion from 
Paris to Fontainebleau. L. 1786. 

Gentleman, late of the Inner Tem- 
ple, A. Henry Baker. Essays, pastoral 
and elegiac ... L. 1856. 

Gentleman lately Resident on a 
Plantation, A Peter Marsden. An 
account of the island of Jamaica . . . 
Newcastle, 1788. 

Gentleman lately returned from 
America, A. Mr. Hodgkinson. Letters 
on emigration. L. 1794. 

Gentleman, Native thereof, A. John 
Blundell. Memoirs and antiquities of the 
town and parish of Tiverton . . . Exeter, 

Gentleman of Boston, A. Nathan 
Hale. Notes made during an excursion 
to the Highlands of New Hampshire and 
Lake Winnipiseogee. Andovcr, 1833. 

Cientleman of Brazen-Nose Col- 
lege, Oxford, A. Rev. John Ellis. The 
knowledge of divine things from revela- 
tion ... L. 1743. 

Gentleman of Bristol, A. <S. Butler. 
An essay upon education . . . With a 
plan of a new method. By . . . L. 
1760 (?). 




Gentleman of Cambridge, A. Philip 
Bentiet. The beau philosopher : a poem. 
L. 1736. 

Gentleman of Cambridge, A. Cor- 
by n MorriSy FJl.S. A letter to the Rev- 
erend Mr. Thomas Carte ... L. 1743. 

Gentleman of Cambridge, A. 
Thomas Hearne. A letter to the Reve- 
rend the Prolocutor ... L. 1718. 

Gentleman of Cambridge, A- TFtV- 
Ham Mason. Mirth : a poem ... L. and 
Camb. 1774. 

Gentleman of Cambridge, A. Fran- 
cis Fnwkes. The works of Anacreon, 
Sappho, Bion, Moschus, and Mussbus. 
Translated into English by . . . L. 

Gentleman of Cambridge, Another. 
Rev. John Duncombe, An evening con- 
templation in a college : being a parody 
on the " Elegy in a country churchyard." 
L. 1753. 

Gentleman of Chriat-Cliurch Col- 
lege, Oxon., A Probably Dr. Zachary 
Fearce, Bishop of Rochester. A friendly 
letter to Dr. Bcntley, occasioned by his 
new edition of " Paradise lost." L. 

Gentleman of Connecticut, A. Wii- 
Ham Cobbett. The Democratiad : a poem. 
P. 1795. 

Gentleman of Connecticut, A. Jo- 
seph Huntington, D.D. A plea before 
the ecclesiastical council at Stockbridge, 
in the cause of Mrs. Fisk . . . 1779 . . . 
Norwich, 1780. 

dtentleman of Croydon, A. T. Read. 
The British harmonist. Croydon, 1795. 

Gentleman of Foreign Extraction, 
A. Jacob Duch€. Observations on a va- 
riety of subjects, literary, moral, and 
religious ; in a series of original letters, 
written by . . . who resided some time in 
Philadelphia ... P. 1774. 

Gentleman of Gloucestershire, A. 
Charles Shuckburgh. Antiochus: a new 
tragedy. L. 1740. 

Gentleman of Gray's Inn, A. J. 
Crisp. The conveyancer's guide . . . L. 

Gentleman of Halifax. John Parr. 
Vindication of Governor Parr and his 
council ... L. 1784. 

Gentleman of Lincoln's Inn, A D. 
Douglas. The biographical history of 
Sir William Blackstone ... L. 1782. 

Gentleman of Ltincoln's-Inn, A. 
Henry Anderson, An enquiry into the 
natural right of mankind to debate freely 
concerning religion ... L. 1737. 

Cientleman of Uncoln's Inn, A 
Philip Carteret Wehb. A letter to . . . 

W. Warborton occasioned by some pas- 
sages in . . . "The divine legation ot 
Moses demonstrated." By . . . L. 1744. 

Gentleman of Maryland, A. Hugh 
Henry Brackenridge. The battle of Bun- 
kers Hill. A dramatic piece ... P. 1776. 

Aieribed also to John Bark. 

Gentleman of Massachusetts, A. 
Gamaliel Bradford. The Writer : a series 
of original essays, moral and amusing. 
By . . . B. 1822. 

Gentleman of Middlesex, A. James 
Johnston. More essays of panegyricks . . . 
L. 1731. 

Gentleman of "Sew York, A Wil- 
liam Irving. The poetical works of 
Thomas Campbell . . . Bait. 1811. 

Gentleman of one of the Inns of 
Court, A. William Dodd, LL.D. A 
new book of the Dunciad. By . . . L. 

Gentleman of Oxford, A. George 
Smith Green. A new version of "Para- 
dise lost ** ; or, Milton paraphrased . . . 
L. 1756. 

Gentleman of Phlladelpliia, A. 
Benjamin Franklin French. Biograpliia 
Americana . . . N.Y. 1825. 

Gentleman of Portsmouth, N.H., 
A. Jonathan Mitchell Seuxill. A versifi- 
cation of President Washington's excel- 
lent farewell address to the citizens of 
the United States. By . . . Portsmoutli, 
N.H., 1798. 

Gentleman of Seventeen, A Young. 
Ambrose Pitman. Eugenio ; or, the man 
of sorrow. L. 1780. 

Gentleman of South Carolina, A. 
C. B. Northrup. Southern odes, by the 
Outcast . . . Charleston, 1861. 

Gentleman of Suflblk, A. — S/- 
monds. A treatise on field diversions. 
By ... L. 1776. 

Gentleman of the Army, A Col. 
David Humphreys. A poem, addressed 
to the armies of the United States of 
America . . . New Haven, 1780. 

Gentleman of the Bar, A. /. Daniel 
Rupp. Early history of Western Penn- 
sylvania, and of the West, and of west- 
em expeditions and campaigns from 
1754 to 1888. By . . . Pittsburg, Pa., 

Gentleman of the Commission, A. 
Ralph Heathcote, D.D. Irenarch; or, 
justice of the peace's manual ... L. 

Gentleman of the Comndttee, A. 
Major William Brooke (?). Plans of the 
Sunday-schools and School of Industry 
established in the dty of Bath . . . Bath, 




Qentleman of the Faculty, A. Hall 
Jackson, Obseryations and remarks on 
the putrid malignant sore throat . . . 
Portsmouth, N.H., 1786. 

Grentleinaii of the Faculty, A. P. 
Hayes, A serious aad friendly address 
to *the public on the consequences of 
neglecting coughs and colds . . . L. 1783. 

Gentleman of the Force, A. ( Signed 
"Policeman X. 64.") WUUam Make- 
peace Thackeray, A Bow Street ballad. 
" Punch," Nov. 25, 1848. 

Gentleman of the Inner Temple, A 
Robert Richardson. The attorney's prac- 
tice in the Court of King's Bench . . . L. 

GenHeman of the Inner Temple, A. 
John Campbell, The case of the opposi- 
tion impartially stated. L. 1742. 

Gentleman of the Inner Temple, A. 
W. Gardiner. Conversations on the plural- 
ity of worlds .. . New trans, by .. . L. 1762. 

Gentleman of the Inner Temple, A. 
Qeorge Monck Berkeley, An elegy on the 
death of Miss M— s ... L. 1786. 

Gentleman of the Inner Temple, A. 
John Mattley. The history and survey of 
the cities oi London and Westminster . . . 
By . . . L. 1753. 

Gentleman of the Inner .Temple, A. 
Matthew Dawes. A letter to Lord Chat- 
ham concerning the present war of Great 
Britain against America ... L. 1776. 

Gentleman of the Inner Temple, A. 
John Mallortj. Modem entries, in Eng- 
lish . . . In" the Savoy, 1734. 

Gentleman of the Inns of Court, A. 
sive Icon libellorum; or, a critical his- 
tory of pamphlets ... L. 1715. 

Gentleman of the liaw, A. Rev, 
Andrew Moir. The indictment, trial, 
and sentence of Mess. T — s K — r, A — w 
B— n, and R — t M — n, before the Asso- 
ciate Synod, at the instance of the Rev. 
Adam Gib. By . . . Edinb. 1768. 

Grentleman of the Medical Fac- 
ulty, A. Edward Bancroft. An essay 
on the natural history of Guiana, in 
South America. L. 1769. 

Gentleman of the Middle Temple, 
A. James Ralph. A critical history of 
the administration of Sir Robert Wal- 
pole ... L. 1743. 

Gentleman of the Middle Temple, 
A Robert Lucas (1). A critical review 
of the liberties of British subjects . . . 
L. 1750. 

Gentleman of the Middle Temple, 
A. Counsellor King. The frequented 
village: a poem. By . . . L. 1771. 

Gentleman of the Middle Temple, 

A. — Pooley (?). A general abridge- 
ment of cases in equity ... L. 1757. 

Also ascribed to B, Foley, Sir O, OUbert, 
and Matheto £acon. 

Gentleman of the Middle Temple, 
A. Timothy Cunningham, The mer- 
chant's lawyer; or, the law of trade in 
general ... L. 1761. 

dtontleman of the Partle, A. Jonas 
Hanuxiy, A journal of eight days' jour- 
ney from Portsmouth to Kingston upon 
Thames ... L. 1756. 

Gentleman of the Province, A. 
Samuel Andrew Peters^ LL.D, A gen- 
eral history of Connecticut ... L. 1781. 

Grentteman of the Temple, A. John 
Kelly. The married philosopher ... L. 

Gentleman of the University of 
Cambridge, A. Owen Manning, — See 
" A.G.O.T.U.O.C." 

Gentleman of the University of 
Cambridge, A. Zachary Grey. A 
chronological and historical account of 
the most memorable earthquakes . . . 
Camb. 1750. 

Gentleman of the University of 
Cambridge, A. Richard Btdkeley. Let- 
ters to Dr. Clarke, concerning liberty 
and necessity. L. 1717. 

Gentleman of the University of 
Oxford, A. Sir Richard Hill, Bart. An 
address to persons of fashion, containing 
some particulars relating to balls . . . 
L. 1761. 

Gentleman of the University of 
Oxford, A- Percy Bysshe Shelley. St. 
Irvyne ; or, the Rosicrucian : a romance 
by . . . L. 1811. 

Gentleman of Trinity College, Cam- 
bridge, A. Thomas Dover. Encomium 
argenti vivi ... L. 1733. 

Gentleman of Trinity College, Ox- 
ford, A. William Loveling, Latin and 
English poems. L. 1741. 

Gentleman of Wadham College, A. 
Rev.' James Miller. The humours of Ox- 
ford : a comedy ... L. 1730. 

Gentleman of Wadham College, 
Oxford, A, John Swinton. A critical 
dissertation concerning the words Saifiwu 
and iaifi6vioy ... L. 1738. 

Gentleman of Wilkesbarre, A. 
Isaac A. Chapman. Sketch of the his- 
tory of Wyoming. By . . . Wilkes- 
barre, Penn., 1830. 

Gentleman on his Travels, A. Mrs. 
Sarah Scott. A description of Millenium 
Hall and the country adjacent, together 
with the characters of the inhabitants 
... L. 1762. 

** Millenium Hall " is the name given to the rural 




and elegADt nbodo of a happy society of ladies, | 
which the author profeMes to have met with in 
the weat of England. 

GenUeman resident in the Neigh- 
borhood, A. Charles Snart, Practical 
obBeryatioDs on angling in the river 
Trent; by . . . who has made the amuBe- 
ment his study for upwards of twenty 
years. Newark, 1801. 

Gentleman residing in this City, A. 
Samuel Latham Mitchill, M.D. The pic- 
ture of New York . . . N.Y. 1807. 

Gentteman who has left his Lodg- 
ings, A. Lord John Russell. Essays and 
sketches of life and character. L. 1820. 

The preface (dedicated to Thomaa Moore, and 
omitted in the second edition) is signed '* Joseph 
Skillet, tbo lodging-bouse keeper,'' who is sap- 
posed to publish these letters to pay the rent due 
to him by hla absconded tenant 

Gentleman who has resided many 
years in Pennsylvania, A. William 
Smithf D.D. A brief state of the proT- 
ince of Pennsylvania ... L. 1755. 

Crentleman who is particularly ad- 
dressed in the Postscript of the Vin- 
dication of some Passages in the 
Fifteenth and Sixteenth Chapters of 
the Decline and Fall of the Roman 
Empire, The. Francis Eyre^ Esq. A 
short appeal to the publick. L. 1790. 

€>entleman, who resided five years 

on the Island, A. John Campbell. An 

exact and authentic account of the great- 

^ est white-herring fishery in Scotland . . . 

L. 1750. 

Gentleman, who resided some time 
in Philadelphia, A. Bev. Jacob Duch€, 
Caspipina's letters . . . Bath, 1777. 

Cfentleman who "was an Officer 
under that general, A. James Biggs, 
History of Miranda ... L. 1809. 

Gentleman 'who was a Swede, A. 
George Sthalberg. An history of the 
late revolution in Sweden . . . Edinb. 

Gentleman who was in the Town, 
A. John Michelbome. Ireland preserved ; 
or, the siege of London-derry . . . Dub- 
lin, 1739. 

Gentleman, Wallcing, A. Thomas 
Collet/ Grattan. Highways and byeways. 
L. 1823. 

Gentleman-Commoner of Oxford, 
A. Rev. Samuel Croxall. The fair Cir- 
cassian : a dramatic performance. L. 

Gentleman Farmer, A. Henry 
Utrick Reay, Esq. A short treatise on 
that useful invention called the " sports- 
man's friend ; or, the farmer's footman." 
By ... of Northumberland . . . Newcas- 
tle, 1801. 

Geologist, A. Hugh Miller. Ram- 
bles of a geologist B. 1868. 

Geologist, A. William PengeUjf. 
Scraps from my note-book. By . . . m 
"Once a Week." 1871. 

George, Farmer. George ///., of 


" It U well known that the King's apeech, on 
the opening of the aeaalon of 1770, apoke of the 
dlaenae among the homed cattle, instead of at^ 
tending to the violent agitation, and the more 
Important topics of the time. Hcnoe ha obtained 
the name of *' Farmer George.*' 

George, Uncle. Rev. Increase Niles 
Tarhox. Uncle George's stories. B. 

George, Amara. Afathilde {Binder) 
Kau/mann. Dissonanzen und Akkorde. 
Mainz, 1870. 

George, Quiet. George Frederick 
Pardon. The juvenile museum ... L. 

Georgia Lawyer, A. Robert M. 
Charlton. Leaves from the portfolio 
of ... in the N.Y. ** Knickerbocker Mag- 

d^raint. Frank McUale. 

Gerald, Louise. AflU. Mathilde d€ 
Lacoste. Pseudonym used by her in seT- 
eral noTels. 

Gerard, Max. Charles de Courcy. 
Entre hommes, yaudeville . . . 1868. 

German E^arber, The. Julian E. 
Balphf in his contributions to various 

German Countess, A. Ida Maria 
Louisa Gustava, Grftflnn Hahn-Hahn. 
Letters of . . . 1843-44. L. 1845. 

German Milton, The. Friedrich Gott- 
lieb Klopstock. 

German Nobleman, A. Francis 
J. Grund. Aristocracy in America; 
from the sketch-book of . . . L. 

German Prince, A. Hermann Lud" 
wig Heinrich von PUckUr-Muskau. Tour 
in Germany, Holland, and England, 1826- 
27... L. 1832. 

German Voltaire, The. Christoph 
Martin Wieland. 

Gershom. Maj.-Gen. Julius Edmund 
Goodwyn. Antitypical parallels ... L. 

G^ertrude. Mrs. Jane Cross (Bell) 
Simpson. The piety of daily life. Illus- 
trated by tales, by . . . L. 1836. She 
also contributed to the "Edinburgh 
Literary Journal" of Feb. 26, 1831, 
under this pseudonym, the well-known 
hymn " Go when the morning shineth." 

Gerundio, F^ay. Modesto Lafuente. 
Teatro social del siglo XIX. Madrid, 




Ghost of Harry the Eighth's Fool, 
Tbe. Alfred Henry Forrester, A mis- 
silo for Papists! A few remarks on 
Papacy. By . . . L. 1850. 

Ghoat of Vandegrab, The. Sir 
James Mackintosh, who wrote a series of 
letters for the London " Morning Chron- 
icle," under this signature, 170-. 

Ghost) of Willy Shakespeare, The. 
G, M, Woodward, Familiar yerses 
from ... to Sammy Ireland ... L. 

Gibbon, Edwarda. C, J. Stone. 
History of the decline and fall of the 
British Empire. Auckland, 2884, t.e., 
1884. — See ''Notes and Queries," 6th 
Ser., IX., p. 109. 

Gibbons, Iiee, student of law. 
Thomas Boscoe, Jr, The cavalier : a ro- 
mance. L. 1821. 

Giflbrd, John. Edxoard Foss, An 
abridgment of Blackstone's commenta- 
ries. L. 1821. 

Giflbrd, John. John Bichards Green, 
A history of the political life of . . . Pitt. 

Giflbrd, John, Ksq. Alexander Whel- 
%. The English Lawyer. L. 1827. 

Giflbrd, WiUiam. WUliam Fred- 
trick Deacon, Warreniana: with notes, 
critical and explanatory. By the editor 
of a " Quarterly Review." L. 1824. 

Gift, Theo. Miss Dora Havers. A 
matter-of-fact girl ... L. 1881. 

GQbert. WUliam Stevens Robinson, 
His signature in the "New York Trib- 
une," in 1867-60. 

Gilderoy, Roland. Charles Rowley, 
Jr, The pictures of the year. Notes on 
the Academy . . . Manchester, 1878. 

Gill, Andr6. Louis Alexandre Crosset 
-de GuineSf who, besides caricatures which 
have rendered him celebrated, has pub- 
lished in the Paris " Rue " and " Peuple " 
remarkable articles. 

Gilman, Mrs. Maria. Charles Fran- 
<:is Barnard. Bach and Beethoven. B. 

Gilmore, Ernest. Mrs, Helen H, 

Giinel. Beu, Elisha Andrews, who 
contributed many articles to the Boston 
" Christian Watchman " under this signa- 

Girard, Just. Just Jean JStienne Roy, 
Priest of Auvrigny . . . N.Y. 1876. 

Girard, Kate. Mrs. George F. Bowe, 

Girl of the Period, ^fr8, Eliza L i/nn 
Linton, Girl of the period. L. 1869. 
Also in her contributions to the *' Satur- 
day Review" (L.). 

Gladiolns. William Ewart Gladstone, 

The battle of the genii ; or, Gladiolus and 
Beakitorius [t.e., B. Disraeli, Earl of 
Beaconsfield]. A story of the general 
election ... L. 1880. 

Glananville. Jacques Albin Simon 
Collin de Piancy. Un million d'anecdotes 
Suisses . . . par le Baron de Glananville. 
Paris, 1861. 

Glasgow Unfortunate, The. George 
Donald. Autobiography of . . . 186-. 

Glasse, Mrs. Dr, John Hill, — See 
"A Lady." 

Gleaner. Nathaniel Ingersoll Bowditch, 
in the "Boston Transcript," 1866, to 
which he contributed many articles of 
historical interest and value. 

Gleaner. Abb^ Angel Denis M'Quin, 
in the London "Literary Gazette/' 
April, 1823. 

Glenarvon, Lord. George Gordon 
Nlkl, 6th Lord Byron. 

Lady CaroUoe Lamb's novel, " Qlonarvon,** 
" it a curious medley as regards plot . . . but 
there are, nevertheless, some good things in It. 
Aknost all the cbaraclers are portraits, and the 
following may be taken as a &ey to the work : 
< Lord Glenarvon ' is Lord Byron; * Lord Avon- 
dale,' Mr, Lamb ; * Lady Caiantha/ Ladv CarO' 
line; * Tbe Great Nabob,' Lord HoUand; * The 
Princess of Madagascar,* Lady HoUand; * The 
Dnke of Myrtlegrove,* the Duke of Devonshire; 

* Sir R. and Lady Mowbrav,' Jjord and Lady 
Melbourne; <Lady Mandeville,*Xac^ Ostford; 
*Lady Margaret Buchanan.' the Duchess cf 
Devon ; * Lady Sophia,' Lady Morpeth ; * Lora 
Trelawny,' Lord Granville ; * Miss Monmouth,* 
Lady Byron: <The yellow hyena; or, the pale 
poet.' Samuel Rogers: * Hoiouskim,' Mr. Auen; 

* Lord Dallas,' Afr. Ward ; and * Sir E. St. Clare,' 
Sir W, Farquhar," — See ** Gent. Mag.," 
October, 1883, p. 844. 

Glenmore. Donald Shaw. Highland 
legends and fugitive pieces of original 
poetry, with translations from the Gaelic, 
and vice versa , , . Edinb. 1869. 

Glenmore, Addle. Mrs, Alice {Mo 
dure) Griffin, who contributed verses to 
various papers and magazines under the 
signatures of "Muni Tell*' and "Addie 
Glenmore," which afterwards appeared in 
a volume entitled "Poems." Cin. 1864. 

Glenn, Gertrude. Mrs, Mary (Harris) 
Ware, in the " Home Circle," Nashville, 
and other Southern journals, and also in 
" Godey's Ladv's Book." 

Gloan. Thomas A, Logan, Breech- 
loaders . . . N.Y. 1873. 

Gloucestershire County Gentle- 
man, A. Chandos Leigh, Baron Leigh. 
Three tracts, by . . . with other works, 
chiefly poetical, by the same author. 
L. 182-. 

Glover, Augustus. Sidney de Fivas, 
A nom de theatre. 

Glovrwonn, A. John Loraine Bald- 
win. A glimpse at whist . . . 1866. 




Glubblns, Mrs. Clara /. A". Robin- 
son. fiabbleton's baby ... L. 1877. 

Glyndon, Howard. J/rs. Laura C 
(Redden) Searing, Soondfl from secret 
chambers. B. 1873. 

Gnatho. Alexander Pope, in a letter 
contributed to the "Guardian." (No. 
11, March 24, 1713.) 

Godfather, An Absent. Rev, Joteph 
Esmond Riddle, M.A, Letters from . . . 
L. 1837. 

Godfrey. Sylvester C. Oould, his sig- 
nature to poetical contributions between 
1860 and 1870. 

Godfrey, €borge. Thomas Gaspey, 
History of . . . written by himself . . . 
L. 1828. 

Godln, Ain^lie. Amdie ISpeyer) 
Linz. Sturm und Friedcn. 1878. 

Godolphin, Mary. Lucy Aih'n, Even- 
ings at home in words of one syllable . . . 
L. 1869. 

Gofr,Eiyer. WiUiam Dawes. Elijer 
Goff's trubbles, travels, and other amooze- 
ments (L. 1872); and other humorous 

toggle, Munso Coulter. Robert 
Doualas Hamilton, Af.D. Dr. Shaddow, of 
Goslington . . . 

Gold Digger, A. J, Sherer, Adven- 
tures of . . . L. 1856. 

Gold-Seeker, A. William Shaw, 
Golden dreams and waking realities; 
being the adventures of ... in California 
and the Pacific. L. 1861. 

Goldie. James Carleton Goldsmith ^ in 
his contributions to various periodicals. 

€k>ldlng, Godfrey. Alexander His- 
lop. Book of good devices. Edinb. 

Goldlace. Lieut. E. P. Banning, 
U.S.N., in his contributions to various 

Goldsmith, Chrlstabel. Miss Fan- 
nie N. Smith. Peace Pelican, spinster 
. . . N.Y. 1881. 

Goldsmith, Rev. J. Sir Richard 
Phillips. Biographical class-book. 18-. 

Goldswor^y, Ralph. Joseph Tonkin 
Rodda. The best mining machinery. 
An essay by . . . Falmouth, 1873. 

Good Conscience, A. Benjamin 
Franklin, The art of procuring pleasant 
dreams, one of the bagatelles (written 
about 1778). 

Good Gray Poet, The. Walt Whit- 


Good Hand, A. Humphrey Wanley, 
The grounds and principles of the Chris- 
tian religion . . . Oth cd. Edlnb. 1732. 

Good Vicar, The. Rev. Richard 
De Courcy, The Salopian zealot ; or, . . . 

in a bad mood, by John the Dipper. 

Goodman, David. David Goodman 
Croly. Name under which he edited the 
"Modem Thinker" (N.Y. 1870-78). 

Gooft, Oofty. Gus Phillips. 

Goose, Mother. Rebecca ( Wildgoose 
Hedges) Howse, 1737-1818. Known in 
Oxford, Eng., by that name. 

GoosequlU, Benjamin, and Para- 
graph, Peter. James Makittrick Adair. 
Anecdotes of the life, adventures, and 
vindication of a medical Character, meta- 
phorically defunct ... L. 1790. 

Gopher. Jacob Pentz. 

Gordon, Sir Cosmo. Sir Samuel 
Egerton Brydges. Letters on Lord 
Byron. L. 1824. 

Gordon, Hewes. E. G. H, Clarke. 

Grordon, Janet. Mrs. (Janet Gordon) 
Hardy (1 ). The Connells of Castle Con- 
nell. L. 1868. 

Gordox. Noah W. Pike. 

Gore, Mary. William F. G. Shanks, 
in his contributions to " Harper's Maga- 
zine " (N.Y.). 

Gorham, Elsie. Mrs. Carter. Rainy 
day in the nursery. B. 187-. 

Gorilla, A Lieamed. Richard Grant 
White. The fall of man ; or, the loves 
of the gorillas . . . N.Y. 1871. 

Gosebet, Paul. Charles James Lever. 
Confessions of . . L. 184-. 

Gossip, John. E. R. Champlin. 

Gothamite. Col. Thomas Picton. 

Gotthelf, Jeremias. Albert Biizius. 
Le miroir des pay sans. 1830. 

Gouraud, Julie. Louise d'Aulnay. A 
little boy's story. Trans. . . . N.Y. 

Governor, A. W. U. Burgess. Beth- 
lem Hospital ... L. 1810. 

Crovernor, The. John Wentworth. The 
memorial of P. Livius, one of His Maj- 
esty's council for the province of New 
Hampshire : with the Governor's an- 
swer . . . 1773. 

Governor, The. Henry Morford. 
Shoulder straps : a novel of New York 
and the army in 1862. P. 1863. Also 
in his contributions to the " N.Y. Atlas." 

Governor of White Cross Street 
Prison, The. T, Bur don. Truth r. 
Fiction. An answer to a pamphlet by 
the . . . styled " The double doom of the 
poor debtor," by an attorney-at-law. L. 

Gowrie. W. Anderson Smith. "Off 
the chain." Notes and essays from the 
West Highlands. L. 1868. 

Gracchus. John Thompson, who pub- 
lished articles signed "Casca" and 




" Gracchus/' against the Federal admin- 
istration in the "Petersburg (Va.) Gar 
zette." He also, in 1798, addressed letters 
signed "Curtius** to Chief -Justice Mar- 
shall, which were published in a volume 
in 1804. 

Gracclma Americanus. John G. 
WelU. The Grange : a studj in the sci- 
ence of history ... N.Y. 1874. Also 
attributed to Thomas Shepard Goodwin. 

Gracchus, Calus. Francois Noel Bo- 
heuff who, near the end of 1794, founded 
at Paris "Le Tribun du Peuple" ... in 
which, under this signature, he devel- 
oped the doctrines of communism, the 
abolition of property, and the equality 
of goods. 

Graduate, A. Rev, Dr. John McCaul. 
The university question considered. 
Montreal, 1845. 

Graduate of I>ame Europa's 
School, A. lUv. John Edward Field. 
The ladies' school across the water ; or, 
how came John to be neutral? . . . 
Edited by . . . L. 

Graduate of Medicine, A. Rev. WiU 
Ham Danaetf. Arrian on coursing ... L. 

Graduate of Oxford, A. George 
Hughes. Emmanuel: a poem . . . L. 

Graduate of Oxford, A. John Rus- 
kin. Modern painters ... L. 1844. 

Graduate of '69, A Lyman Hotchr 
kiss Bagg. Four years at Yale . . . New 
Haven, 1871. 

Graduate of a University, A. 
— Russell. A catechism of the Christian 
religion . . . Oxf. 1828. 

Graduate of the University of 
Oxford, A. Mr. Toumsend. The dawn 
of freedom : a political satire ... L. 

Graduate of Yale of the Class of 
1821. Reo. John Mitchell. Reminis- 
cences of characters and scenes in col- 
lege . . . New Haven, 1847. 

Gra^culus. Anthony Barclay, Esq. 

For hie own afDasemeiit,and to amnie and ditb- 
tiff a few of his friends, Mr. Barclay wrote under 
thu siffnatnre a Oreelc version of Richard Henry 
Wilde^i " My Life is lUce the Sammer Rose; or, 
the Lament of the Captive," with a Latin transla- 
tion, and ascribed tne Greek to Alcseus. It 
found its way into print In the '* North Ameri- 
can Magazine," P. 1834, was decided by Greek 
scholars to be good Greek, and for a time seemed 
to show that Mr. Wilde had been guilty of gross 

Graham, Grace. Mrs. S. B. Titter- 
ington. Mabel Livingstone; or, Christ- 
ward led. B. 1872. 

Graham, Rosa. Sarah L. Post, in 
the " New York Independent.' 


Grahame, Allen. George Arnold. As 
a writer of comic verse and humorous 
sketches, he had manj pen-names, — 
" Mc Arone," " Allen Grahame/' " George 
Grarrulous," etc. 

Grahame, NeUle. Mrs. A. K. Dun- 
ning, First glass of wine. B. 1876. 

Graindorge, Fr^d6rlc Thomas* 
Hippolyte Addphe Taine. Notes on 
Paris ; life and opinions of M. F. T. G. 
Trans N.Y. 1876. 

Grandfather, A. Sergius St. John. 
First impressions ; or, tales of . . . 18-. 

Grandmother, A. Mrs. C. J. Ham- 
hro. £dda; or, the talcs of a grand- 
mother. L. 1847. 

Grand-Nephe^KT of Napoleon the 
Great, A. William Charles Bonaparte 
Wyse. In memoriam of the Prince 
Imperial of France. Four sonnets by 
. . . Aj» 1879. 

Grandson of R. Aiken, The. Peter 
Freeland Aiken. Memorials of Robert 
Burns and some of his contemporaries 
and their descendants. By ... L. 1876. 

Grandvllle, J. J. Jean Ignace Isidore 
Gerard. Les fleures animees. Paris, 186-. 

Granella, Victor. Wilhelm Tanger^ 
mann. Herz und Welt [Dichtungen]. 

Grang^. Eugene Pierre Bast€. Le 
flls du portier. Paris, 1837. 

Grants AUan. William Wilson^ for 
twenty years a contributor of poems to 
the periodicals under the nom de plume 
of "Allan Grant" and " Alpin." 

Grant, Allan. James Grant Wilson. 
Mr. Secretary Pepys, with extracts from 
his diary . . . N.Y. 1867, etc. 

Grant, Gerald. Gertrude Grant. The 
Old Cross Quarry. 1883. 

Gratianus, Aurelius. John M. Neale. 
The exiles of Gehenna . . . 18-. 

Graue Author of Middle and Un- 
party Principles, A. John Humfrey. 
Free thoughts continu'd upon several 
points ... L. 1712. 

Graves, Helen Forest. Miss Lucy 
A. Randall. 

Gravldre, Caroline. Mme. Estelle Ma- 
rie Louise ( Crevecoeur) Ruelens, who wrote 
for the "ifetoile Beige" and the "Revue 
de Belgique " under this pseudonym. 

Graviora Manent. James R. Man- 
ley, M.D. Letters on the College of 
Physicians and Surgeons. N.Y. 1841. 

Gray, Barry. Robert Barry Coffin. 
Cakes and ale at Woodbiney from 
Twelfth Night to New Year's Day. N.Y. 

Gray, Barton. George H. Sass, in 
the " New York Independent." 




Gray, Ellis. Mrs. Louisa T. Oragin, 
Long ago : a year of child life ... B. 

Gray, Iron. Abel C. Thomas. The 
gospel of slavery. A primer of free- 
dom . . . N.Y. 1804. 

Gray, Robertson. Rossiter Worthin</- 
ton Raymond. Brave hearts: a Dovel. 
N.Y. 1873. 

Gray, Simon. Sir Alexander Boswell, 
Bart. Edinburgh ; or, the ancient Royalty 
. . . Edinb. 1810. 

Gray, Wldett Dewitt Grinnell Ray. 

Gray Eagple. Frederick J. Englehardt, 
in his contributions to the " Turf, Field, 
and Farm" (N.Y.). 

Graybeard. John Franklin Graff, 
" G.'s " Colorado. A trip to Denver in 
1881-82. N.Y. 188-. 

Grayson, Eldred, E2sq. Robert Hare. 
Standish the Puritan: a tale of the 
American revolution . . . N.Y. 1850. 

Great Cham of Literature, The. 
Dr. Samuel Johnson. 

Great Magician, The. Sir Walter 

Great Man, The. William Pitt. An 
address to the Great Man ... L. 1758. 

Great Moralist, The. Dr. Samuel 

Great Unlcnown, The. Sir Walter 

Green, Invisible, Esq. William G. 
Crippen. Green peas, picked from the 
patch of . . . Gin. 1856. 

Green, John. George H. Townsend. 
Evans's music and supper rooms ... L. 

Green, Paddy. Otorge H. Townsend. 
Glees and madrigals. L. 1&-. 

Greendrake, Gregory, Esq. Joseph 
Coad. The angling excursions of . . . 
in the counties of Wicklow, Meath, 
Westmeath, Longford, and Gavan. 
With additions by Geoffrey Greydrake, 
Esq. [/.e., Thomas Ettingsalll. Dublin, 

Greene, Gooseberry. Miss J. Collins, 
of Mt. Liberty, O., in her contributions, 
to various periodicals, on household econ- 
omy, etc. 

Greene, Hiram. William A, WH- 

Greenhorn, Joseph. John T. Bed- 
ford, member of the corporation of the 
city of London, in his contributions to 
"Punch" (L.) 

Greenough, A. J. Jane G. Avery. 
The boys and girls of Beech Hill. i. 

Greenwood, Grace. Mrs. Sara Jane 
{Clarke) Lippincott. Greenwood leaves: 

a collection of sketches and letters N.Y. 

Oregg, George Gregory. Robert W. 
McAlpine, in his contributions to various 
Southern papers. 

Greif, 3Iartin. Friedrich Hermann 
Frey. Deutsche Gedenkblatter. 1875. 

Gresham, Mr. William Etcart Glad- 
stone, in Trollope's "The Prime Min- 

GrevUle, or Greville, H. John 
Hawkesworth. "In 1746, he wrote in that 
publication [the "Gent. Mag."], under 
the name of "Greville" [or "H. Gre- 
ville "] " The Devil painter : a tale " ; etc. 
In 1747, he contributed " The accident " ; 
etc. In 1748, "The midsummer wish"; 
etc. In 1749, " Poverty msulted " ; etc. 

Greville, Henri Alice Marie Celeste 
Henry Durand. Louis Breuil. Paris, 
1883 ; also as a contributor to the " Re- 
vue des Deux Mondes," etc. 

Grey, Fannie. Mrs. E. D. Huntley. 

Grey, Heraclitus. Charles Marshall. 
Playing trades. N.Y. 1879. 

Greybeard, Gaffer. Robert Sanders. 
Lucubrations of . . . L. 1773. 

Greydrake, Geoffrey, Esq. Thomas 
Ettingsall. — See "Greendrake, Gregory, 

Greye, Armar. Mrs. Maria Greer. 
Kimbolton Gastle and Lady Jane Grey . . . 
L. 1871. 

Greylock, Godfrey. Joseph Edward 
Adams Smith. Taghconic ; or, letters and 
legends about our summer home. B. 

Greyson, R. E. H. Henry Rogers. 
Selections from the correspondence of . . . 
L. 1857. 

Grievous, Peter, E^q., A.B.C.D.K. 
Francis Hopkinson, Esq. A pretty story. 
Written in the year of our Lord 1774 .. . 
P. 1774. 

Griffin, Gregory. George Canning, 
John Smith, Robert Smithy and John Frere. 
The Microcosm : a periodical, by G. G., 
of the College of Eton. Windsor, 

Grifflnhoof, Anthony, Gent. John 
Humphreys Parry. The maskers of Moor- 
fields: a vision. By the late Anthony 
Grifllnhoof, Gent., edited by W. Griffin- 
hoof. L. 1816. 

Tbe author and editor are the aaroe person. 
Tho work ia also attributed to George Colman, 
the Younger. 

Grifflnboof, Arthur. George Colman, 
the Younger. Songs ... in the " Gay De- 
ceivers '* . . . Tumham Green, 1804. 

Grifflnhoof, W. — See " Anthony Grif- 
flnhoof, Gent." 




Grildrl|^, Solomon. Dr, Thomas Ren- 

fie//, Mr. Knight, the Rt. Hon. Cttorge Canr 

i^jj^t ond the sons of the Marquis of 

WeilesleVf as editors of and contributors 

to the "Miniature." Windsor, 1806. 

The word " GrUdrig" Is taken from Onlli. 
ver*! "Voyage to Brobdlnsnag." "Stratford 
Canning (now Lord Stratfora de RedcUife) was 
the working editor." The magasine was pecu- 
niarily a fHllare, hut its owners were relieved . . . 
throogh the purchase of the unsold copies by Mr. 
John Murray. This dronmstance is said ... to 
have introdaoed that publisher to George Can- 
ning . . . With Canning's [G^rge] sssfstanoe, 
Murray took a fresh start in ousiness, and by the 
aid of Canning's friends, many of whom were 
writers In the " Miniature,'* he was enabled to 
set on foot the '* Quarterly Review."— W. P. 
CousTNET. See *' Notes and Queries," 5tb 
8er.» DL, Feb. 10, '78. 

Grile, I>od. — Bierce, M»A» Cob- 
webs from an empty skull. L. 1878. 

Grimboftli, HermaD. Dr. Charles 
Mackay, The Whirligig papers. L. 

Grimes, Old. Albert Qorton Ghreene, 
The author of the lines '' Old Grimes is 
dead, that good old man." 

Grimes, Jeremiah, Jan., Gent. Ed' 
ward Holyoke Hedge, a member of the 
" Polyglot Club,'* composed of the nine 
editors of the "Harvard (Unir.) Regis- 
ter," 1827-28. 

Grimm. Louis Am€d€e Eugkne Achard, 
Lettres parisiennes de . . . in " L*£poque " 
1846-47. Paris. 

Grimm, Thomas. Marie Henri 
Am€d€e JEscoffitr and others, in "Le 
Petit Journal." Paris, 1873-80 et seq. 

Grin. Leo C. Evans, in his contribu- 
tions to the " Metropolis." 

Grlnagaln, Giles. William Hogarth, 

Grinder. Harry H. Marks, in the 
New York "Sunday Times." 

Grinder, Miss Charity. Mary Kyle 
Dallas. The Grinder papers. Being the 
adventures of . . . N.Y. 1877. 

Gringo, Harry. Henry Augustus 
Wise. Tales for the marines . . . B. 

Grins and Gripes. Ebenezer Bailey, 
who wrote the articles under this head 
for the "New England Galaxy" (B.). 

Grip. J. D. Bengough, of Toronto 
(Can.), in his contributions to various 

Gronorins. Charles Valentine Le 
Qrice, M.A. General theorem for a 
••♦**• college declamation (in verse), 
with copious notes. By . . • Camb. 

Grotius. De Witt Clinton. Vindica- 
tion of Thomas Jefferson . . . N.Y. 

Growler, The. Spencer Wallace 

Grumbler, Anthony, Esq., of Gram- 
bleton Hall. David Hoffman. Miscel- 
laneous thoughts on men, manners, and 
things ... P. 1837. 

Griin, Anastasius. Anton Alexander, 
Graf von Auersperg. Gesammelte Werke. 

Grundy, Miss. Miss M. A. Sneed, 
in her contributions to the "Post" 
(Wash. D.C.). 

Guardian, A Retired. William 
Bradley. Sketches of the poor. 

Guare, June. Mrs. Harriet Adelia 
Ann {Burleigh) Cole. 

Guatimozin. Frederick Jebb and 
others. Guatimozin's letters on the pres- 
ent state of Ireland ... L. 1779. 

Guest, A. Edtoard Jenkins. The blot 
on the Queen's head ... L. 1876. 

Guildhelm. William A. Brewer^ in 
his contributions to the " Shrine." Am- 
herst, Mass., 1832. 

Gulliver, liemueL John Arbuthnot. 
An account of the state of learning in 
the empire of Lilliput; together with 
the history and character of Bullum 
[i.e., Richard Bentley], the Emperor's 
library keeper ... L. 1728. 

Gulliver, Captain liemneL Jona- 
than Stnfl. Travels into several remote 
nations of the world. By ... L. 

Gum Ijeaf. Mrs. Dexter. Colonial 
gems; or, "The Ninety" foundation 
stones of our Parliament Houses . . . 
Melbourne, 1860. 

Gurth. G. Gilbert, in several works 
on domestic animals. 

Guseck, Bemd von. Karl Gnstav 
von Berneck. Deutschland's Ehre. Leip- 
sic, 1837. 

Gushlngton, Angelina. C. W. R. 
Cooke. Thoughts on men and things . . . 
L. 1867. 

Gushlngton, The Hon. Impulsia. 
Helen Selina (Sheridan), Baroness Duf- 
ferin, afterwards Countess of Gifford. 
lispings from low latitudes ... L. 1863. 

Gussie. Augusta Chambers. 

Gypsy. Mrs, Grace Cowrtland. A 
marked life ; or, the autobiography of a 
clairvoyant ... L. 1879. 



H. E, Chibbom, in his contribntiona 
on antiquarian subjecto to '*Saunden' 
News Letter" (Dublin, 184d-M). 

H. Mr. Hamel, in hiB contributions, 
■on musical subjects, to the '^Refonn'' 

H. Rev, Henrjf (or John) HeaUm, in 
his contributions to the " Athenian Let- 
'ters"(L. 1741-48). 

H. Charles Cfrahame ffalpine. Lyrics 
by the letter H. N.Y. 1864. 

H. Rowland Gihwn Hazard. Our 
resources. N.Y. 1864. 

H. LuIm Howard. "Swear not at 
all '' (Matt. ▼. 24). L. n.d. 

H. Henry Hutchinson. An answer to 
observations (by "G. P." t.s., G. Pea- 
cock) on the plans for the new library 
(at Cambridge) r being a defence of the 
design presented by Messrs. Rickman 
(Thomas) and Hutchinson. By <<H." 
Birmingham, 1831. 

H., A. Abraham Hayward, Faust: 
A dramatic poem, by Goethe. Trans, by 
. . . L. Io3o« 

H., A. B. A. B. Hassan. Contri- 
tbutioDs to the rhymes of the war. 
Bait. 1865. 

H., A. O. A. C. Haeselbairth, in the 
New York " Mail.'' 

H., A. H. Anna Holyoke (CuUs) 
Howard f in her contributions to various 

H., A. J. Andrew Jackson Hamilton. 
Federal Monthly. A party of the future. 

H., A. S. Arthur Sherburne Hardy. 
Francesca of Bimmi. P. 1878. 

HB. John Doyle, a gentleman of Irish 
descent, and the reputed author of the 
celebrated ** HB." sketches. 

H. B. Bishop James Doi/le. Political 
flketches of . . . L. 1829^3. 

H., B. F. B. F. Hartshome. The 
Danes : a prize poem. 1864. 

H., B. R. Benjamin Robert Haydon. 
Description of the- drawings from the 
■cartoons and Elgin marbles, by Mr. Hay- 
don's pupils ... L. 1819. 

H. B. T. James Deacon Hume. Let- 
ters on the com laws, etc. ... L. 1835. 

H., G. Catherine Hughes. The Ms- 
tory of the township of Meltham . . . 
By the late Joseph Hughes. Edited . . . 
by . . . Huddersfield, 1866. 

H., C. Chambers HcdL The picture : 
a nosegay for amateurs, painters, etc. 
. . • by ... L. 1887. 

H. C, EIsQ. Samuel WilUam Henry 
Ireland. The fisher boy : a poem . . . 
L. 1808. 

H., G. E. Mrs. Caroline E. (I'Ans) 
Hawker. Follow me ; or, lost and found. 
A morality, from the German. By . . . 
L. 1844. 

H., C. F. Cecil Frederick Holmes. A 
vocabulary to Bland's Latin Hexameters 
and Pentameters ... L. 1863. 

H., G. G. Charles G. Hamilton. The 
exiles of Italy. L. 1857. 

H., G. M. Miss C. M. Hewitis, libra- 
rian of the Hartford Library Association, 
in her letters to the "Literary News" 

H., G. W. Chandos Wren Hoskyns. 
Talpa ; or, the chronicles of a clay farm 
... L. 1852. 

H. D. B. William Hamper, Esq., 

" Hi* enrlier prodneUoiis were poeticul pieces, 
wbloh were generally oommanlcatod to the pagee 
of this (' Gent. Mag.'} miscellany. The flnt of 
these we believe to have been the lines entitled 
' The Beggar Bov,* in oar number for September, 
1708. In the following number is a more lively 
and spirited production, an anti-revolutionary 
song, beginning, <To learn Johnny Bull d la 
mode de Paris *; and, as a clever piece written 
with the same loyal and constitutional feelings, 
may be mentioned a ' Pindaric Address,' in Jan- 
uary, 1801. These and many others are signed 
<H. D. B.,'— the initials of Hamper, Deritend, 
Birmingham. He also uses the signature * M.B.* 
(the final letters of his name) in * Gent. Mag.,' 
March, 1811, September, 1816, and April, ISIT."* 

H., B. Sir Everard Home, Bart., in 
Beloe*s ** Sexagenarian," Vol. I., p. 320, 
2d ed. L. 1818. 

H., Ei. Rev. Edward Hawarden. An 
answer to Dr. Clark and Mr. Whiston 
concerning the Diyinity of the Son and 
of the Holy Spirit ... L. 1729. 

H., B. Edward Hincks, D.D. The 
Enchorial language of Egypt. Dublin, 

H., G. Ebenezer Henderson, D.D. The 
geysers ... as seen in the years 1814 and 
1815.. . Edinb. 1818. 

H., B. Emily Huntington. Little les- 
sons for little housekeepers. N.Y. 1875. 

H., B. A. Ethan Allen Hitchcock. lie- 
marks on the sonnets of Shakespeare; 
with the sonnets. By . . . N.Y. 1865. 

H., B. D. Edward Dykes Hayward. 
Reasons against martial law, courts mar- 
tial, etc. L. 1866. 

H., B. F. S. Miss E. F. S. Harris. 
Via dolorosa ... L. 1848. 

H., B. Lt. Edward Law Hussey. £z- 


tracts from Tarious authors, and frag- 
ments of table talk . . . Ozf . 1878. 

H., S. M. Emiiy Marion HarrtM, Four 
messengers ... L. 1870. 

H., £. M. Ellen Marvin Heaton, The 
Octagon Club : a character study. N.Y. 

H. E. O. ThonuLS George Fonnereau. 
Diary of a dutiful son. L. 1849. 

H., F. Mrs, F, (Howe) Hall, in hu- 
morous sketches, etc., contributed to 
Tarious periodicals. 

H., F. F, HuUhinson. A compassion- 
ate aiddress to those Papists who will be 
prevail'd with to examine the cause for 
which they suffer ... L. 1716. 

H., F. D. Rt. BeH. Frederic Dan 
Huntington, Helps to a holy Lent . . . 
N.Y. 1872. 

H., F. E. Fitzedward Hall. M. de 
Tassy's history of Hindi literature. 
From the "Benares Magazine '' for Feb- 
ruary, 1851. 

H., F. E. H. F. E, H. Haines. Jonas 
King: missionary to Syria and Greece. 
N.Y. 1879. 

H., F. li. Florence Leslie Henderson. 
•Sketches in Terse. By F. L. H. Truro, 

H-, F. S. F. S. HiU. The harvest 
festival. B. 1826. 

H., F. W. F. W. Halfpenny. Cata- 
logue of books on foreign law ... L. 

H., O. George HaU, An excursion 
from Jericho to the ruins of the 
Ancient cities of Oeraza and Amman, in 
the country east of the Biver Jordan. 
By . . . L. 1852. 

H., O. Cravin Hamilton. Gray's 
•elegy translated into Latin elegiacs . . . 
Edinb. 1877. 

H. H. Mrs. Helen Maria (Fiske Hunt) 
Jackson. A century of dishonour; a 
sketch of the United States' government's 
dealings with some of the Indian tribes, 
etc. N.Y. 1881. 

H., H. Herbert Haines. A manual for 
the study of monumental brasses . . . 
Oxf. 1848. 

H., Sip H., Bart. Sir Henry Hal/ord. 
Nugae metrics . . . 1839. 

H., Hd. Howard Hinton. My com- 
rades. N.Y. 1874. 

H., H. Ij. H. L. Henry. Little Ada; 
or, the three newyears. P. 1871. 

H., H. N. Henry Noel Humphreys. 
The coins of England. L. 1846. 

H., H. S. Henry Serine HiU. Prince- 
town, its history and its prison. By H. 
S. H. Plymouth, 1869. 

H., I. John Hewitt. Description of 

the figures in the chart of ancient ar- 

mour. L. 1847. 


H., I. J. Re^ James John Hdroyd. 
Giseia : a tragedy . . L. 1839. 

H., J. John Hi frey. — See " A lover 
of Peace and the ^lick Good." 

H., J. James 1 v. — See " One of 

her Majesty's SUi 

H., J. James ^h. — See "An 

Old Inhabitant." 

H., J. Bev. Jt J 'iter. Antiqua- 
rian notices of . ipsot, the Heath, and 
Sharlston, in '" cority of York. By 
... L. 1848. 

H., J. Jos "'■*" Ueton. Appendix 

to a letter . . mg the replies of 

Mrs. C. and hf ^.i^to " their friend " 
J. H. L. 18a 

H., J. John Hawkins. Essay on hon- 
esty, in *♦ Gent Mag.,'* 1789, pp. 117, 232. 

H., J. J '"'^ Highmore. Essays, 
moral, religi and miscellaneous . . . 
L. 1766. 

H., J. John Hutchinson. Glory or 
gravity essential jmd mechanical . . . L. 

H., J. Jamti Hogg, Hints on the 
culture of char ;ter . . . Edited by . . . 
Edinb. 1855-56. 

H., J. John Hughes. Lays of past 
days ... L. 18 o. 

H., J. J. Hayffen. A letter on family 
worship ... L. 1853. 

H., J. John Harrison. Letter on 
** Hai Ebn Yokd /' by J. H. Manches- 
ter, 1836. 

H., J. John lallet. The life of the 
Rev. Mr. Geo."^ Itosse . . . Exon, 1714. 

H., Mrs. J. Mrs. John Hunter, in 
Beloe's " Sexagenarian," I., 415, 2d ed. 
L. 1818. 

H., J. E. Jdhn Eliot Hodgkin. Fifty 
pen-and-ink sketches in exact facsimile 
by . . , from a copy of Polydore Vergil's 
" History of England ... L. 1860. 

H., J. O. James Orchard HalliweU' 
Phillipps. A newel which may turn out 
to be anything but a jewel. L. 1865. 
Also in his contributions to the "Athe- 
naeum " and other periodicals. 

H., J. R. James Ridgtoay HakeweU 
and another. Athletica . . . Maidstone, 

H., J. R. G John R. G. Hassard, in 
his contributi n s to the " Tribune " 

H., J. a*" Joel Tyler Headley, — 
See"Sei u^-»Vf TV 

H., L. li'jrty ; ,ucy Hooper. "Most of 
her po( i)4idate contributed to the 
< Long I* '\ adt ' where they appeared 
under h . . ' 


H., Lt. O. Laura Carter HoUoway, 
in her contiibations to yarioiu periodi- 

H., li. C. L. C. EUl, Laure: the 
history of a blighted life. P. 1872. 

H. M. W. H.Logan.— See "A Gen- 
tleman in Town." 

H., M. Murat Halstead, in his letters 
to the "Cincinnati Commercial/' 

H., M. Mrs. M. Hullah. A few words 
about music ... L. 1851. 

H., M. Matilda Horsburgh. Henry 
Morgan ; or, the sower and the seed . . . 
Edinb. 1863. 

H., M. Maria Hack. A popular 
account of St. Paul's cathedral, etc. By 
... L. 1816. 

H., M. H. Mdi/o H. Haaeltine, in the 
"New York Sun." 

H. M'K. Rev. H. M. Mackenzie. The 
lay of the Turings. L. 1849. 

H., M. R. Mrs. Mary R. JSgham. 
Athol. N.Y. 1873. 

H., M. W. M. W. HaxeUine, in his 
criticisms in the "Sun" (N.Y.). 

H., N. N. Herrick. History of the 
five wise philosophers ... L. 1711. 

H.,N. Nathaniel Holmes. "The Shake- 
spearean myth " . . . by . . . In the 
St. Louis " Globe Democrat/' November 
17, 1881. 

H. N. Miss Griggs, Songs for the 
Sorrowing . . . N. i . 1861. 

H., P., M.D. Paul Hiffeman, MJ). 
Remarks on an ode on the death of 
his royal highness, Frederick, Prince of 
Wales. L. 1762. 

H., R. Robert Hobsan. The guide to 
Doredale, Ham, and scenes adjacent. 
By . . . Ashboum, 1841. 

H., R. Rev, Richard Harvey, Hymns 
for yotmg persons. L. 1834. 

H., R. Robert Hawker, The plant of 
renown ... L. 1806. 

H., R., Bsq., near forty years a 
Practitioner In thla Art. Rdert How- 
lett. The angler's sure guide ; or, angling 
improved, and methodically digested . . . 
L. 1706. 

H., R. O. Sir Richard CoU Hoare, 

Bart. Hints to travellers in Italy. By 

... li. 1816. 

" Among hU oommnnicatloiM to the * Gtont. 
Mag.' were, February, 1828, p. 118, an aocoant 
of a Roman bath found at Farley; In Angntt, 
1827, p. 113, an account of a Roman villa at Lit- 
tleton, Bomenet; and in January, 1830, p. 17, an 
account of a Roman villa at I^tney, Somerset." 

H., R. S. Rev. Rohefioj^ephen Hawker ^ 
M.A. Mawgan of A666.^ch, the Cor- 
nish wrecker. VersesjZ/. ed . . . With 
a woodcut. " Once aars, -*ek," viii., 601- 
602. 1862-63. V^ 

H., R. S. Rchert 8. Hunt, Musmgi 
on Psalm cxix. Oxf . 1878. 

H., R. S. Roibert S. Howland> The 
pastoral relation. From the ''Church 
Joumar' (N.Y. 1866). 

H., S. Sophia Hume* A caution to 
such as observe days and times ... By 
... L. 1754. 

H. S. Ralph Thomas. Qoing to the 
bar. Contributed to "Cobbett's Maga- 
zine," 1832. 

H., 8. Spencer Hall. Suggestions for 
the classification of the library now col- 
lecting at tlie Athenseum [club]. L. 

H., 8. J., Esquire. 8t, John Honey- 
wood, Esq. Poem on reading President 
Washington's address declining a re- 
election to the presidency . . . Albany, 

H., T. Thornton Hunt, in Lamb'a 
" Elia." Witches and other night-fears. 

H., T. Thomas Hewerdine. The 
country-curate to the country-people 
... L. 1701. 

H., T. Captain Thomas Hamilton. 
Men and manners in America. Edinb. 

H., T., Pharmacop. Rastlcan. T. 
Hickes. A compleat treatise of urinea 
... L. 1703. 

H., T. B., R.A. T. B. Hogarth, R.A. 
The grifBnage of the Hon. Newman 
Strange ... L. 1862. 

H., T. R. T. R. Higham. A dialogue 
between Tim Thomas and Bill Bilkey, 
two Cornish miners . . . Truro, 1866. 

H., T. 8. Thulia Susannah Henderson, 
Olga; or, Russia in the 10th century. 
L. 1865. 

H., W. William Haxlitt, in Lamb'a 
"Elia." Some sonnets of Sur Pliilip 

H., W. William Horsnell. The ice- 
botmd ship and the dream . . . Mon- 
treal, 1860. 

H., W., Gent. William Hunt. The 
fall of Tarquin: a tragedy. York, 1713. 

H., W., Junr. William Hodgson. 
The life and travels of John Pember- 
ton . . . L. 1844. 

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cote, B.C.L. The Psalter . . . Oxf. 1846. 

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Heygate. The death of King Greren- 
nius. Truro, 1848. 

H., W. H. William Henry Herbert, 
in the New York " World." 

H., W H. WiUiam Henry Harvey, 
MJ). Charles and Josiah; or, friendly 
conversations between a Churchman and 
a Quaker. L. 1862. 


H., W. H. H. W. H. H, Hasdtine, in 
the New York "Sun." 

H., W. M. Rev, Wyndham Madden 
Hutton. Poems. By a member of the 
university of Oxford. Oxf. 1851. 

H., W.R. W.R,Hawke8. The mid- 
night intruder; or. Old Nick at C — It — n 
H — se. A poem ... L. 1816. 

H. X. Mrs. Brewster Macpherson. 
" Gifts for men." Edinb. 1870. 

H****, the Bight Honourable Uady . 
Ijady Annabella Eliza Cassandra Hawke. 
Julia de Gramont ... L. 1788. 

H*****, Mr. Jonas Hanway, A 
journal of eight days' journey from 
Portsmouth to Kingston upon Thames, 
through Southampton, Wiltshire . . . 
By . . . L. 1756. 

H , J . . . ., CA J>.S. J, Homihold, 

The grounds of the Christian's belief . . . 
Birmingham, 1771. 

H , 31 . Mrs. Mary Hays, in 

Beloe's "Sexagenarian" I., 860. 2d 
ed. L. 1818. 

H— k, Rt Hon. P— p, B— 1 of. Rt. 
Hon. Philipf Earl of Hardwick. The 
humble petition of the Freethinkers to 
the . . . Lord High Chancellor of Great 
Britain ... L. 1766. 

Habitual Criminal, An. Charles 
John Darling, The criminal code bill . . . 
L. 1878. 

Hacendado, Un. Cristobal Madan. 
Llamamiento de la Isla de Cuba a la 
Nacion Espaiiola . . . N.Y. 1864. 

Hackle, Palmer, Esq. Rcbert Blakey. 
Hints on angling. L. 1846. 

Hadermann, Jeanette R. Mrs. Wal- 
worth. Nobody's business. N.T. 1878. 

Hadgl Abd-el Hamid Bey. Louis 
Du Couret, L'Arabie heureuse. Souve- 
nirs de voyages en Afrique et en Asie. 
Paris, 1860. 

Ha^fiz. Robert Stott, who, under this 
signature, was inflicting the highest 
flown of odes upon the readers of the 
"Morning Post," and of whom Byron 
has said, " What would be the sentiments 
of the Persian Anacreon, Hafiz, could he 
rise from his splendid sepulchre at 
Sheeraz . . . and behold his name assumed 
by one Stott of Dromore." 

Hail-fiBlr, liord. EnosCobbil). Fame 
and fancy ; or, Voltaire improved . . . 
By . . . B. 1826. 

Haines, Henry Harrlaon. Harry 

Hairbrstn, Ximothy. James Ander- 
son. In 1790 he commenced the publica- 
tion of the "Bee" (1700-04), consisting 
of essays, philosophical and miscellane- 
ons. Dr. Anderson wrote those marked 

" Senex," " Timothy Hairbrain," " Alci- 
blades," and many others without signa- 

Halcro, Claud. John Breakenridge, 
in his contributions to various Canadian 
periodicals (1843). 

Halcyon. Miss Maud Howe, in her 
letters to Boston journals from New 
Orleans, La. 

HaldLane, Harry. R. 0. Heslop. 
Geordj^'slast; Newcastle Folk-speech . . . 
Newcastle, 187-. 

Halein, Tina. Kathinka ( Halein ) Zitz. 

Half-Pay Ofllcer, A. Henru Robert 
Addison. " All at sea " ; or, recollections 
of . . . L. 1864. 

HaU, Elfin. Mrs. E. C Perry. 'Tween 
thou and me. 1879. 

Hall, Motte. Miss Essie B. Chees- 
borough, who commenced her literary 
career at an early age, writing under the 
noms de plume of "Motte Hall," "Elma 
South," "Ide Delmar," and her own 
initials, " E. B. C." 

Haller, Gustave. Mme. WilhtlminH 
Josephine {Simonin) Ibuld. Renee and 
Franz. N.Y. 1878. 

Haller, Joseph. Henry Nelson Cole- 
ridge. In Knight's " Quarterly Maga- 
zine." L. 182:3-24. 

HaUiday, Andrew. Andrew HaUiday 
Duff. The adventures of Mr. Wilder- 
spin on his journey through life. L. 1860. 

HallOTveU, Florence B. Miss Flor- 
ence B. Getchellf in her contributions to 
various periodicals. 

Halm, Friedrich. Eliaius Franz 
Josef, Freiherr von Miinch-Bellinghausen. 
Dor Sohn dcr Wildnis. Vienna, 1842. 

Halter-maker, A. Joseph Reed. A 
rope's end for hempen monopolists . . . 
By... L. 1786. 

Hamden. Isaac Orr, who published 
many papers in the New York " Commer- 
cial Advertiser," the "Boston Courier," 

Hamet the Moor. Mr, Fielding, a 
SOD of Henry Fielding. Heroick epistle 
... to the emperor of Morocco ... L. 1780. 

Hamilton. Mathew Carey. The Bos- 
ton report and mercantile memorials. 
P. 1828. 

Hamilton. George Henry Whitman. 
Essay on a congress of nations. B. 1840. 

Hamilton. William Hamilton, Esq. 
A soliloquy. In imitation of Hamlet . . . 
By . . . L. 1794. 

Hamilton. W. R. Watson, Esq, (?). 
The Whig party ; its objects, its princi- 
ples, its candidates, its duties, and its 
prospects. An address to the people of 
Rhode Island . . . Providence, 1844. 



Hamilton, Gall. JfiM Mary Abigail 
Dodge. Gala days. B. 1868. 

Hamilton, John. John Hamilton Rey- 
nolds, The garden of Florence; and 
other poems ... L. 1821. 

Hamilton, may. Miss Julia Tilt, 
May Hamilton: an autobiography. L. 

Hamlin, P., Tinman. John Wolcot. 
The horrors of bribery. Edited [or 
rather written] by P. Pindar. L. 1802. 

Hampden. Ebenezer Smith TTnomaSf 
in the Charleston (S.C.) "City Gazette," 

Hampden. Noah Webster. Article 
in the " Hampshire Gazette.*' 

Hampden. John B. Jervis. Letters 
addressed to the friends of freedom and 
the Union . . . N.Y. 1866. 

Hampden. Thomas Lister, LL.D. A 
mirror for princes . . . 1797. 

Hampden. Charles Hammond. Re- 
Tiews of the opinion of the Supreme 
Court of the United States . . . Steuben- 
Tille, 1821. 

Hampden, John. Lord George Nu- 
gent Temple Grenville. True and faithful 
relation of a worthy discourse between 
Colonel John Hampden and Colonel 
Olirer Cromwell. L. about 1830. 

Hampshire Fisherman, A. Richard 
Clarke Sewell, Esq., D.C.L., "a contrib- 
utor to periodical literature, the papers 
of 'A Hampshire Fisherman,' in the 
'Field * newspaper being by him." 

Hamst, Olphar. Ralph Thomas. Ag- 
gravating ladies. L. 1880. 

Hancock. Franklin Dexter. A letter 
to the Hon. Samuel A. Eliot . . . B. 1861. 

Handloom Weaver, A. William 
Thom. Ilhymes and recollections of . . . 
L. 1844. 

Hannibal. George Joseph L. W. Sil- 

Hannibal, Julius Gsraar. William H. 
Lewison. Scientific discourses. N.Y. 1862. 

Hanoum, Leila. Mme. Piazzi. Un 
drame li Constantinople. 188-. 

Hanoverian, An. Rev. Augustus Mon- 
tague Toplady. An old fox tarred and 
feather'd. Occasioned by what is called 
Mr. John Wesley's calm address to our 
American colonys . . . By ... L. 1776. 

Hanson. John Hanson Beadle, as cor- 
respondent of the " Cincinnati Gazette." 

Haole, A. G. W. Bates. Sandwich 
Island notes. 1864. 

Happy, John. J. P. Roberts. 

Harcourt, Vernon. Thomas D. Sup- 
l€e, of Gambler (0.), in his contributions 
to various periodicals. 

Hardcastle, Daniel. Richard Page. 

Letter . . . on . . . the bank of Eng- 
land ... L. 1826. 

Hardcastle, Bphraim. William 
Henry Pyne. Wine and walnuts; or, 
after-dinner chl^chat. L. 1828. 

Hardllnes, Sir Gregory. Sir Charles 
Trevelyan, in TroUope's "The three 

Hardy, John, Mariner. Isaac Israel 

Hardy, Uncle. William Senior. No- 
table shipwrecks. L. 1&-. 

Hare, John. John Fairs. A nom de 

Harg^ave, Jasper. George Hardinge, 

— See " Owen, Junior." 

Hart KarL Elias F. Garr. 

Harkaway. Charles Marshall. Sport- 
ing notes. L. 18-. 

Harkaway, Jack. Bracebridge Hem- 
ynge, in numerous tales for juveniles. 

Harland, MaHon. Mrs. Mary Vir- 
ginia (Hawes) Terhune. Alone, 1864 ; 
The hidden path, 1866. 

Mra. Tardy gtvefl the pseud, as " Marian Har- 

Harold. George Gordon Noil, 6th 
Lord Byron. Lines to . . . [i.e., author 
of ''Childe Harold"], etc. 1841. 

Haronn AXraschid. Thomas Carlisle, 
Joint author. The unprofessional vaga- 
bond, with sketches from the life, by 
John Carlisle. L. 1878. 

Harriet. Miss Harriet White. Verses, 
sacred and miscellaneous. 1863. 

Harriet Annie. Miss Harriet Annie 
Wilkins, a Canadian poet, better known 
by her Christian names, they being gen- 
erally appended to her contributions to 
the press. Author of the "Holly 
Branch," 1861, and the "Acacia," 1860. 
Hamilton, Can. 

Harrington, The Earl of. Rt. Hon. 
Leicester Fitzgerald Charles Stanhope. 
The E. of H. on the Maine law . . . 
Derby, 1868. 

Harrington, George F. Rev. Wil- 
liam M. Baker. Inside: a chronicle of 
secession. N.Y. 1866. 

Harrington, Ralph. Ralph Thomas. 
A few words on swimming ... L. 

Harris, Maria. Maria Elizabeth Glos- 
sop. A nom de theatre. 

Harro. Paul Harring. Dolores: a 
historical novel of South America . . . 
N.Y. 1847. 

Harrovian, An Old. Douglas Straight. 

— See "Daryl, Sidney." 

HarrofV Tutor, A. Cecil Frederick 
Holmes. A vocabulary to Bland's " Latin 
Hexameters and Pentameters.'' L. 1863. 



Harry, Uncle. John Mabberton, 
Helen's babies ... By their latest vic- 
tim .. . Glasgow, 1877. 

Hart, Gerald. Thomas J, Irving. In 
the rapids : a romance. P. 187-. 

Hart» Senator Bob. Bev, J, M, 
Sutherland, once an American negro min- 
strel ; in 1883 a reriyal preacher in Bos- 
ton and elsewhere. 

Harte, Bret. Panel's Bret Harte, the 
celebrated novelist. 

Hartwell, Mary. JK/rs. Mary Bart- 
iciU Catherwood. A woman in armor. 
N.Y. 1875. 

Harvard, Senior. Henry Dana Ward, 
The Bible : its testimony and its prom- 
ises .. . P. 1867. 

Harwood, John. Charles Miner, 
in the "Village Record," West Chester, 
Pa., author of the " Histoiy of Wyoming." 
P. 1845. 

Haselfoot, Bdward. William Sid- 
ney Walker, in Knight's "Quarterly 
Magazine" (?). 

Haatatua. John Thomas Barber Beau^ 
mont, Esq. Arcanum (The) of national 
defence. L. 1808. 

Hatfield, S. E. Mrs. Sibella Eliza- 
beth {Bd{field) Miles. The wanderer of 
Scandinavia; or, Sweden delivered, in 
five cantos; and other poems. L. 

Hathaway, Anne. Mrs. W. A. 
Ingham, in her contributions to the 
" Herald" (Cleveland, 0.). 

Hattle, Aunt. Mrs, Harriet Newell 
{ Woods) Baker, Art and artiessness. 
B. 1868. 

Hautboy. John Harper. 

Haven, Marlon. Mary P, Hazen, 
Joanna; or, learning to follow Jesus. 
N.Y. 1871. 

Havens, Cordelia. Josephine Wcdcott. 

Hawkins, Tom, £aq. Theodore Wil- 
liam Alois Buckley. The adventures of 
Sydenham Greenfinch. L. 185-. 

Hawthorne, Alice. Septimus Winner. 
Hawthorne ballads. P. 1850. 

Hawthorne, Bmlly. Emily Thorn- 
ton Charles. Hawthorne blossoms. P. 

Hawthorne, Helen. Mrs. Helen 
Jane Woods, of Montreal, in her contri- 
butions to various periodicals. 

Hay, Elzey. Fanny Andrews. A 
mere adventurer. P. 1879. 

Hayden, Sarah Marshall. Mary 
Frazaer. Early engagements. Cin. 

Haywarde, Richard. Frederic 
Sirartwout Cozzens, the writer of pleasant 
magazine papers under this signature. 

He wrote for the " Knickerbocker MagSr 
zine"for several years, and afterwards 
for " Putnam's Monthly," and for his own 
periodical, the " Wine Press." 

Hazard, D^slr^. Octave Feuillet, who 
commenced his literary career in 1844 by 
contributing, in conjunction with MM. P. 
Bocage and Albert Aubert, to a romance 
called the " Grand Vieillard," which ap- 
peared in the " Paris National." 

Hazard, Winning. Albert De Vere. 
Billiards made easy. L. 18-. 

Hazel, Harry. Justin Jones. The 
flying Yankee. P. 187-. 

Hazelton, Mabel. C, H, Band. 
Aunt Matty. B. 1869. 

Head, Archibald. John M. Turner. 

Head of a Family, In Communion 
with the Church of Scotland, The. 
Charles Cowan. The analogy which sub- 
sists between the British constitution in 
its three estates of Queen, Lords, and 
Commons . . . Edinb. 1840. 

Head Master of an English Gram- 
mar School, The. Edward Rupert 
Humphreys, of the Cheltenham Grammar 
school. England's educational crisis . . . 
L. 1856. 

Head Master under the London 
School Bofurd, A. J. T. Amner. Notes 
of lessons, and how to write them. By 
... Ij. Io7o. 

Heard, I. Mrs. J, H. Cutter, in her 
contributions to various periodicals, etc. 

Heartless Woman, A. Mrs, Sue 
(Petigru) King. The heart history of . . . 
first published in the "Knickerbocker 
Magazine," and afterwards as " Sylvia's 
Lovers." N.Y. 1860. 

Heath, Bushey. William Jerdan, 

The little band of literary co-workers who 
seek or commanlcate informatioD In the pleasant 
pages of ** Notes and Queries " may like to be 
reminded that under the pseudonym of ** Bushey 
Heath" was concealed the familiar name of 
William Jerdan. — See Bates's '* Macllse Por- 
trait Gallery," p. 8. L. 1883. 

Heatherbell. Eleanor Smith, in " Good 
Hebrew Wood Chopper, The. J, 

L. Stone. Reply to Bishop Colenso's at- 
tack on the Pentateuch. By . . . San 
Francisco, 1863. 

Hedgehog, Humphrey. John Gif- 
ford, or rather for " Green, John Bich- 
ards," who in 1788 seq., supported the 
administration in various pamphlets, 
and, under this pseud., fell foul of Wil- 
liam Cobbett (Peter Porcupine), 

Hefiferman, Mr. Michael. Samuel 
Ferguson. Father Tom and the Pope; 
or, a night at tlie Vatican. As related 
{ by . . . Master of the National School at 



Tallymactaggart, in the county of Lei- 
trim . . . N.Y. 1868. 

Thla piece was first pabliabed In "Black, 
wood's Magazine," commencing In May, 1838. 

Hegelingen, Absolutus von. Otto 
Friedrich Gruppe. Die Windc, oder: 
Ganz absolute Konstniktion der ncuern 
Weltgeechichte durch Oberons Horn: 
gedichtet von . . . 1820. 

HelUy, Creorges d*. Edmond Antoine 
Poinsot. Dictionnaire des pseudonjmes. 
Paris, 1868. 

Heimburg, W. Bertha Behrens. Lot- 
tie of the mUl. P. 1882. 

Heinfetter, Herman. Frederick Par- 
ker. Letter ... on Transubstantiation. 
L. 1848. 

Helnrich, Karl. Heinrick Keck. 
Anna. Ein IdjU aus der Zeit der 
Bchleswig-holsteinischen Erhebung. 1880. 

Heiter, Amalle. Amalia, Herzogin 
von Sachsen. Der Krunungstag. 1829. 

Helen. Mrs. SarcJi Helen {Power) 
Whitman, whose poetry appeared in an- 
nuals and periodicals under this signa- 

Helene. Countess Helene Hdseler HtU- 
sen, who made her d^ut as an author 
under this pseudonym, but in her later 
works uses her own name. 

Helfenstetn, Ernest. Mrs. Elizabeth 
Oakes (Prince) Smith. The salamander: 
a legend for Christmas. N.Y. 1853. 

Helicon, Harry, Esq. Joshua West. 
London's glory ... L. 1780. 

Hellond6. Sidney Whiting. 

Helios. E. J. Muyhridge. 

HellostropoUs, Secretary to tbe 
Emperor of the Moon. Daniel Defoe. 
The comical history of the life and death 
of Mumper, Generalissimo of King 
Charles the Second's dogs. L. 1704. 

Hell, Theodor. Karl Gottfried Theo- 
dor Winkler, Notes de la lyre, Dresden, 
1821 ; Nouvelles notes de la lyre, Bruns- 
wick, 1830. 

Helmar, Eduard. Ernst Koch. Prinz 

Helmlua. Wilhelmine Christine von 
Ch€zij, who made lierself known in Ger- 
many by the publication of some esteemed 
romances, and the composition of different 
librettos of operas, among others that of 
" Euryante," set to music by Weber. 

Helvldlus. James Madison, who, un- 
der this signature, replied to the " Let- 
ters of Paciflcus" (Mr. Hamilton) in five 
" Essays." 

Henderson, Harry. Mrs. Harriet 
Elizabeth (Beecher) Stowe. My wife and 
I; or, Harry Henderson's history. L. 

Henderson, Marc Anthony. Bev. 
George A. Strong. The song of Milgen- 
watha . . . Cin. 1856. 

Henglston, J. W., Esq. Cyrtu Red- 
ding. A Yankee steamer on the Atlan- 
tic, etc. By . . . in the " New Monthly 
Magazine." 1852-53. 

Henricus. One of the pseudonyms 
attributed to Junius (g.v.). 

The two letters thus signed are dated April 
15 and May 21, 1771, and are addressed to tbe 
Earl of Suffolk. 

Henry. Richard Griffith. — See 
" Frances." 

Henry, Camille. Countess Irene de 
la Bocca. Une nouvelle Madeline. 
Paris, 1862. 

Henry, Louis. Albert Henry Lewis, 
The Boston Boy. B. 1871. 

Hensel, Octavia. Hon. Mrs. Mary 
Alice Ives Seymour. Life and letters of 
Louis Moreau Gottschalk. B. 1870. 

Her Daug^hter. Miss G. F. S. Dan- 
tell. Aidershot: a record of Mrs. Dan- 
ielPs work among the soldiers, and its 
sequel. By ... L. 1879. 

Her Daughter. Elizabeth T. Spring. 
Memorial of Eliza Butler Thompson . . . 
N.Y. 1879. 

Her Father. Nehemiak Adams, D.D. 
Agnes, and the key of her little cofiin. 
By . . . B. 1857. 

Her Father. Edward William Hooker, 
D.D. A discourse, on the Sabbath fol- 
lowing the funeral of Miss Elizabeth P: 
Hooker. By . . . Hartford, 1850. 

Her Granddaughter. Mrs. Flora 
Frances Wijlde. The autobiography of 
Flora M'Donald. Ed. by . . . L. 1870. 

Her Husband. Bev. John Keep. 
Sketches of the religious life and faith 
of Mrs. Lydia Hale Keep of Oberlin. 
By . . . Oberlin, Ohio, 1860. 

Her Mother. Mrs. William Gardiner. 
Brief memoir of Harriet [M. Gardiner], 
with some of her essays in prose and 
verse. By . . . Oberlin, 1855. 

Her Mother. Judith Towers Grant. 
"Looking unto Jesus": a narrative of 
the brief race of a young disciple. L. 

Her Mother. Mrs. Joel Hawes. Me- 
moir of Mrs. Mary E. Van Lennep . . . 
Hartford, 1848. 

Her Niece. Charlotte Barrett. Diary 
and letters of Madame D'Arblay. Edited 
by . . . L. 1842-46. 

Her Sister. Miss — Keary. Memoir 
of Annie Keary. By ... L. 1883. 

Her Sister. H. H. Lindesay. Memo- 
rials of Charlotte Williams Wynn. Ed- 
ited by . . . L. 1877. 


Heradldes. Edward Daniel Clarke. 
The tomb of Alexander reriewed, in 
eigiit letters to a friend. By . . . L. 

Herald Correspondent, A. Charle$ 
0* Kelly, The Mambi Land ; or, the ad- 
rentures of ... in Cuba. L. 1874. 

Herbert, Uncle. Timothy Shay Ar- 
thur. The budget ... P. 1877. 

Herbert, Bd^rard. John Hamilton 
Beynoldsy in the " London Magazine." 

Herbert, Francis, EjSQ. It was under 
this name that Bryant, Sandn, and Ver- 
plancl', in 1827-20, pubUshed the *< Talis- 
man" (N.Y.). 

Herbert, T. Rev. Herbert Todd, M.A. 
Sketches bj the wajside. By . . . L. 

Herbert, William. A nom de th^dtre. 
— Eden, son of Col. W. F. Eden, of the 
Madras army. 

Hermann, Bmlly. Mrs, Catharine 
Luders, whose poems appeared from time 
to time, under this pen-name, in the mag- 
azines and the " Literary World." 

Hermann, Theodor. Theodor Her- 
mann Pantetuus. Wilhelm Wolfschild. 

Hermes. B. Lumley. Parliamentary 
practice ... L. 1838. 

Hermes. Henry Miles, Jr. The one 
hundred prize questions in Canadian his- 
tory . . . 1880. 

Hermlne. Mrs. Susan (Blanchard) 
Elder, who, from the age of sixteen, has 
contributed much to the press under this 

Hermit. Rev, Washington Frothing- 
ham, in the Troy (N.Y.) "Times." 

Hermit, The. Robert Wain, Jr. The 
hermit in America on a risit to Philadel- 
phia. Ed. by Peter Atoll. P. 1810. 

Hermit, The. F^ix M'Donough. The 
hermit in the cotmtry. L. 1820. 

Hermit of Marlow, The. Percy 
BysdkB Shelley. We pity the plumage, 
but forget the dying bird . . . n.p., 1817. 

"This la ope of Shelley's most interesting 
tractSf and was printed and circulated for politi- 
cal parposee. The death of the Princess hap- 
pened lost at the Ume of the execution of Bnin- 
dreth, Tnmer, and Lodiam, and afforded Shelley 
an opportnnity of drawins a oomparlson between 
the tiro events, in which he displavs snch an 
aroonnt of feeling as Is seldom exhibited by one 
ftollow-creatnre towards another, and in which 
some bitter attacks on the Oovemmont are not 
sparingly pat forth. It is probable that the tract 
was suppressed on account of these remarks, 
which occasions its great rarltr. Thos. Rodd, 
the eminent bookseller, soon after Issued a re- 
print, consisting of a yery limited number of 

Hermit of New York, The. Rev. 
Washington Frothingham, of Fonda, N.Y., 
in his contributions to the ''Times'' 
(Troy, N.Y.). 

Heron, Robert, Ksq. John Pinkerton, 
Esq, Letters of literature. L. 1786. 

Hertfordshire Incumbent, A. Reu. 
Joseph Williams Blakesley, while Vicar of 
Ware, in a series of letters to the 
"Times" (L.) during the Crimean War, 

Herv6. Florimond Ranger. 

Heterosdan. Rowland G. Hazard. 
Language: its connexion with the pres- 
ent constitution and future prospects of 
man . . . Providence, 1836. 

Henrietta. Alfred Duke, in his con- 
tributions to the "State" (Richmond 

Hlbemia. Jonathan Swift, D.D. A 
letter from a lady of quality, upon the 
general outcry against Wood's half-pence. 
Dublin, 1724. 

Hlbemlcus. William Bullen, Con- 
trasts between the Chancery and Supe- 
rior Courts in Ireland and the same 
Courts in England. By . . . Dublin, 

Hibemlcus. DeWitt Clinton, Let- 
ters on the natural history ... of the 
state of New York. N.Y. 1822. 

Hibernlcua. »Tames Arbuckle. Let- 
ters ; or, a philosophical miscellany. 
2ded. L. 1734. 

Hlbemo-Anglus. Sir John Joseph 
Dillon. Letters of . . . L. 1812. 

Hickory. Thomas W. Jackson, in his 
contributions to " Truth" (N.Y.). 

Hld-Allan. Allan Cunningham, who 
wrote for the London " Star,*' and other 
papers, adopting in many instances this 

Hleover, Harry. Charles Bindley, 
Practical horsemanship. L. 1856. 

Hlerophllos. Rev. Patrick Eugene 

HlerophUus. The most Rev. John 
McHaU, D.D., 

Roman Catholic Archbishop of Tuam, who in 
earlier life, while professor at Maynooth, pab 
lisbed under this siffnature a series of controver 
alal letters on Bible Societies, the Protestant 
Church in Ireland, and Roman Catholic Eman 
cipatlon ; and, in 1827, a work on the " Evi- 
dences and doctrines of the Catholic Church" 
since translated into the French and German 

Hlerophllufi. JoJin Toland. A word 
to the honest priests. L. about 1710. 

Hierro. Victor Marie Hugo. The 
first editions of " Hemani " and " Marion 
Delorme" (Paris, 1830) bore this signa- 




HlggioB, 2fOra8ter. Rev. Edward 
EggUston, in political ballads and sat- 
ires upon the N.Y. city government 
under Wm. M. Tweed. 

BUgli Constable, The. William Lee. 
The constable's guide ... L. 1826. 

Hlgh-HeelB and liOTr-Heels. Tories 
and Whigs, — See "flimnap, the Lilli- 
putian Premier." 

Higb Private, A. Samuel Miller 
Qmncy. The man who was not a colonel. 
B. 1877. 

Hllartus. W, Feistkorn, in his con- 
tributions to the German edition of 
"Puck" (N.Y). 

Hilda. Miss Hilda Siller ^ daughter of 
Frank Siller of MilwaiUcee, and a writer 
of short stories. 

Hlldebrand. Nikolaus Beets. Cam- 
era obscura. Haarlem, 1830. 

HUdebrand, HaU. A. F. BirdsaU. 

Hlldegarde. Mrs, Josephine R, Hos- 
kins, who wrote for the " South/' a liter- 
ary journal of New Orleans, under this 

HUdlng, Habbakknk, Justice, 
Dealer and Chapman. Henry Field- 
ing. — See "Alexander, Drawcansir." 

HUton, ]>avid. David Hilton Wheeler. 
Brigandage in South Italy ... L. 1864. 

HUton, Maud. Mrs. Frank Whicher. 

Him ivlio should best understand 
it. C. Sharpe, Esq, A short address to 
. . . [Signed "A Warning Voice."] 
Ipswich (?), 1832. 

Hindoo Rf^ah, A. Mrs, Elizabeth 
Hamilton. Letters of . . . L. 1796. 

Hinds, John. J. Bell. Parriery 
taught on a new and easy plan . . . 
P. 1848. 

Hirsutus, Julius. Julius Charles 


Sir William Gell notices Mr. Hare's translation 
of Nlebubr's " Histoiy of Rome *' as being some- 
what defective in stylo and idiom^ and cafls him, 
In allasion to his name, " Julias EUrsatus " (Hair- 
Hare). Bee *<Gent. Mag.," April 1865, p. 424, 

His Brother. ,rohn P. Seddon. Me- 
moir and letters of T. Seddon, artist. 
By . . . L. 1858. 

His Brother. John P, Foote, Me- 
moirs of the life of Samuel £. Foote, by 
. . . Cln. 1860. 

His Daug^hter. Miss Josephine Drown. 
Biography of an American bondman 
[William Wells Brown] ... B. 1866. 

His Daughter. Miss C. Marsh. The 
life of the Rev. WUUam Marsh . . . N.Y. 

His Daughter. Miss L. J. Shaw, 
Memoir of elder Elijah Shaw. By . . . 
B. 1852. 

His Daughter. Mrs. Elizabeth Marji 
Odling, Memoir of the late Alfred 
Smee ... L. 1878. 

His Daughter. Mme. Henrietie de 
Witt, Monsieur Guizot in private life. 
1787-1874... L. 1880. 

His Daughter. Mrs. S. F. LudomiUa 
(Schetky) Rapallo, Ninety years of work 
and play. Sketches from the public and 
private career of J. 0. Schetky, late 
marine painter in ordinary to her Maj- 
esty. By . . . Edinb. 1877. 

His Eldest Son. Jacob Halls Drew. 
Samuel Drew, M.A., the self-taught 
Cornish man. A life lesson. By . . . 
L. 1861. 

His Bminence. Cardinal N, P. S, 
Wiseman. The new glories of the Catho* 
lie Church . . . With a preface by . . . 
L. 1855. 

His Father. Rev. Harry CrosweU, 
D.D. A memoir of the late Rev. Wm. 
Croswell, D.D. . , . 

His Father. John Ballanoe. Me- 
moirs of Mr. J. des Carri^res Ballance, 
late of Queen's College, Cambridge. 
Compiled by . . . L. 1829. 

His Father. Walter Lowrie. Me- 
moirs of the Rev. Walter M. Lowrie, 
missionary to China. Edited by . . . 
N.Y. 1840. 

His Father. Charles Thurber. Our 
Charlie : a memorial. By . . .' Cam- 
bridge, 1803. 

His Grace John Duke of . . . John 
Dunton. Neck or nothing ... L. 1713. 

His Grandson. George Harrison. 
Memoir of William Cookworthy, for- 
merly of Plymouth. By . . . L. 1854. 

His Intimate Friend. John Lowell. 
Notice of the late Hon. Dudley Atkins 
Tyng, Jr. B. 1829. 

His M^esty Himself. Charles Hoyt, 
in his letters to the " Boston Post." 

His Mother. Mrs, M. M. Rolls. Ex- 
celsior: a truthful sketch of a lovely 
youth, B. 6. L. R. [Bernard Glanville 
Lyndon Rolls]. By his mother. L. 1855. 

His Mother. Mrs. Marianne C. {Howe) 
Johnston. The young chaplain. N.i. 

His Nephe^r. John Treat Irving^ Jr. 
Life and letters of Washington Irving. 
By . . . N.Y. 1862. 

His Niece. Miss Frances Dorothy Cart- 
Wright. The life and correspondence of 
Major John Cartwright. By ... L. 

His BespectAil Neighbour, J. H. 
Rev. John Humphrey, of Prome. A letter 
to George Keith concerning the salva- 
bility of the heathen ... L. 1700. 




BUs SUter. Mrs. Sophia Lane Poole, 
Life of Edward William Lane. By . . . 
L. 1877. 

BUs Sister. Mis$ Jessie Aitken Wil- 
son. Memoir of George Wilson. By . . . 
Edlnb. 1860. 

His Sister. Mrs. Ann Brojufield Tracy. 
Reminiscences of John Bromfield. By 
. . . Salem, Mass., 1862. 

His Sister-ln>]jaw and his Eldest 
Daujf^hter. Georgina Hogarth and Mamie 
Dickens. The letters of Charles Dickens. 
Edited by . . . L. 1880. 

His Son. Robert Bums, Jr. The 
Caledonian musical museum . . . Em- 
bellished with a portrait and fac-simile 
of the handwriting of Bums, and con- 
taining upwards of two hundred songs 
by that . . . bard. The whole edited by 
... L. 1809. 

EUs Son. Jelinger Cookson Sumons, 
Letters of consolation and advice m>m a 
father to his daughter on the death of 
her sister. By Jelinger Symons, B.D., 
rector of Whitburn, Durham. Fifth 
edition, with an explanatory preface by 
his son. L. 1818. 

His Son. John Church Hamilton. The 
life of Alexander Hamilton. By . . . 
N.Y. 1834, 1840. 

His Son. Edward Robert Buboev' 
Lvtton, Earl Lytton. Literary remains 
ox Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton. By 
■ • . L. looo. 

His Son. William A. Mc Vickar, D.D. 
The life of the BeTerend John McVickar, 
aT.D. By... N.Y. 1872. 

His Son. William Croswell Doane. 
A memoir of the life of George Wash- 
ington Doane, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of 
New Jersey. By . . . N.Y. 1860. 

His Son. Rev. George J. C. Duncan, 
Memoirs of the Rev. Henry Duncan, 
D.D., Minister of Ruthwell. By . . . 
Edinb. 1848. 

BUs Son. John Addington Symonds, 
Miscellanies . . . [by John Addington 
Symonds, the elder]. Edited by . . . L. 

EUs Stepmother. Mrs, Charles 
Churchill. The praying school-boy: a 
brief memoir of R. E. U. Churchill. By 
... L. 1800. 

His Three Daughters. Katharine 
Prescott Wormeley, Mrs. Elizabeth { Worme- 
ley) Latimer, and Mrs. Ariana Randolph 
(Wormeley) Curtis. Recollections of 
Ralph Randolph WormeleV, Rear-Ad- 
miral, R JJ. Written down by . . . N.Y. 

EUs Twin Brother. Oliver William 
Bourne Peabody. Sermons by . . . W. B. 

O. Peabody, with a memoir by . . . B. 

EUs Widow. Mrs, Fanny Byrne. Me- 
moirs of Miles Byrne [an Irish exile of 
1798] . . . Edited by . . . Paris, 18«8. 

His Widow. Mrs. Eliza Boaz. Tlie 
mission pastor . . . Rev. Thomas Boaz, 
LL.D., for 24 years missionary in Cal- 
cutta. L. 1862. 

His Widow. Elizabeth Davies. Walks 
through the city of York. By Robert 
Davies. Edited by . . . L. 1880. 

His Wife. Mrs. Fanny E. (Grenfell) 
Kingsley. Charles Kingsley. Ports- 
mouth, 1877. 

His Wife. Mrs. Mary (Peahody) 
Mann. Life of Horace Mann. B. 1865. 

EUs Wife. Mrs. Martha A. (Perry) 
Lowe. Memoir of Charles Lowe. B. 18&. 

His Wife. Mrs. Alexandrine Macomb 
Cummins. Memoir of George David 
Cummins, D.D N.Y. 1878. 

Historian of Manchester, The. John 
Whitaker. A supplement to the first 
and second books of the history of Corn- 
wall [by R. Polwhele] ... By ... Ex- 
eter, 1804. 

HIstorlcus. Benjamin Franklin, in 
his essay entitled " On the slave-trade," 
contributed to the "Federal Gazette." 
P. 1790. 

HIstorlcus. Sir William George Gran- 
ville Vemon-Harcourt, American Neu- 
trality. L. 1865. 

HIstorlcus. Charles Cowley, Letter 
to E. B. Bigelow, printed in the Lowell 
and other newspapers, July, 1858. 

Hock, Mr. Francis. John Osborne 
Sargent. His signature to an "Extrava- 
ganza" in the Harvard Univ. "Colle- 
gian," 1830. 

Hogg, Cervantes, F.S.M. (Fellow 
of the Swinish Multitude.) Eaton 
Stannard Barrett. The rising sun: a 
serio-comic, satiric romance . . . 1807-9. 

Hogg, Nathan. Henry Baird. Let- 
ters in the Devonshire dialect. [In 
verse.] Exeter, 1847. 

Hogo-Hunt, J. W., & SunavUl, 
J. F., Messrs. John William Houghton 
and James Frank Sullivan. The last daze 
of PompeiL An antiquarian muddle . . . 

Holnos. Rev. James Gilmour. Among 
the Mongols. L. 1883. 

Holbeach, Henry. William Brightly 
Rands. Student in life and philosophy. 
L. 1865. 

Holding, Ephralm. George Mogridge. 
Homely hints to Sunday-school teachers. 
L. 1843. 

Holm, Saxe. Mrs. Helen Maria (Fiske 
Hunt) Jackson {!). Stories. N.Y. 1874. 




Holme, ]>aryl. David Herbert. Tho 
lost father; or, Cecilia's triumph . . . 
Edinb. 1870. 

Holmea, Charles. Charles Nordhoff, 
in his contributions to " Harper's Maga- 
zine" (N.Y.). 

Holmes, Margaret. Mrs. M. K 

Holmes, Sidney E. Mrs. Sarah E. 
Henshaw. Delia Bacon, in the " Ad- 
vance," Dec. 26, 1807. 

Holt, Harry, and Holt, Polly. Miss 
Clara LeClerc, who, in 1866, wrote a 
series of " Reveries " for the " Southern 
Literary Companion," by " Harry Holt," 
and replies, "Old Maid Reveries," by 
" Polly Holt." 

Holyoke, Anna. Mrs. Anna Holyoke 
(Cutts) Howard, in her contributions to 
tho " Household" (Brattleboro, Vt.). 

Holyoke, Hetty. Mrs. Caroline Snow- 
den { Whitmarsh ) Guild. Never mind the 
face. N.Y. 1856. 

Home, Cecil. Mrs. Augusta [Davies) 
Webster. The Brisons. By ... in " Mac- 
millan's Magazine," 1861. 

Home, J. F. Rev. John Beade, the 
author of many fugitive and other 
poems, in Latin and English, of consider- 
able merit, which appeared after 1856 in 
the " Gazette," "Transcript," and " Wit- 
ness" (Montreal), under this signature, 
and the initials " R. J. C." and "J. R." 

Homer. Samuel H. Homan. 

Homespun, Sophia. Mrs. Elizabeth 
H. Monmouth. Much fruit ... B. 1871. 

Homme grave, Un. Octave Dele- 
pierrCf LL.D. Nouvelles plaisantes re- 
cherches d' . . . sur quelqucs farceurs. 
L. 1860. 

Homme de Rien, Un. Louis Leonard 
de Lom€nie. Galcrie des contemporains 
illustres. Paris, 1846-47. 

Homo. Wilson MacDonald, the sculp- 
tor, in ills contributions to various peri- 

Honest Man, An. Charles Uoyd. An 
honest man's reasons for declining to 
take any part in the new administration, 
in a letter to the Marquis of [Rock- 
ingham]. L. 1765. 

Honest Man, An. John Douglas, 
D.D. Seasonable hints of . . . L. 

Honest Sailor, An. Admiral Edward 
Vernon. Some seasonable advice from . . . 
[Being letters to tlie Admiralty, dated 
Aug.-Dec, 1745.] L. 1746. 

Honestus. Edward Norton. The 
bank charter act of 1844 truthfully con- 
sidered ... L. 1857. 

Honestus. Benjamin Austin. Obser- 

vations on tho pernicious practice of 
law. B. 1786. 

Honey Bee. Eliza A. E. Smith. 

Honeycomb, Will. George Gordon, 

Honeycomb, William, Esq. Rich- 
ard Gardiner. The history of Pudica 
[Miss Sotherton"], a lady of N — rf — ^k. 
With an account of her five lovers ; viz., 
Dick Menyfellow, Count Antiquary 
{Mr. EarW], Young Squire Fox [Mr. 
Hare, Jiun.], of Dumplin-Hall, Jack 
Shadwell of the Lodge [Mr. Buxton'], 
and Miles Dinglebob, of Popgun-hall, 
Esq. [Mr. Branthwaitl. Together with 
Miss Pudica's sense of the word " eclair- 
cissement," and an epithalamium on her 
nuptials, by Tom Tenor, clerk of the 
parish. To the tune of " Green grow the 
rushes o'." By . . . L. 1754. 

Honeycombe, Henry. James Henry 
Leigh Hunt. The Wishing Cap papers. 

The author I> a pretended desceodant of the 
celebrated Will Honey oombe In the "Specta- 

Honorary Secretary, The. J. Hop- 
kinson. Transactions of the Watford 
Natural History Society. Edited by . . . 
Watford, 1875. 

Hon. Foreign Secretary to the 
Animals' Friend Society, The. Thomas 
Forster, F.L.S. An apology for the doc- 
trine of Pythagoras, as compatible with 
that of Christianity ... By . . . Bou- 
logne sur Mer, 1858. 

Honorary Secretary of the " lican- 
der Club." Sir Patrick Mac ChambaicJi 
de Colquhoun. A companion to the 
" Oarsman's Guide." L. 1857. 

Hon. Secretary of the Royal East- 
ern Yacht Club, The. Archibald Young. 
Yachting and rowing. By . . . L. 1866. 

Honora, I^ady. — See " A Lounger." 

Honorla. Marguerite A. Power. The 
letters of a betrothed. L. 1858. 

HonorluB. Noah Webster, LL.D., 
who, in 1783, published in the " Connec- 
ticut Courant" a series of papers signed 
" Honorius," in vindication of the Con- 
gressional Soldiers' Pay-bill. 

Honourable Mr. , The. William 

Coomhe. The auction: a town eclogue. 
L. 1778. 

Hood, £u. Joseph Haslewood. Of 
the London theatres, in "Gent. Mag.," 
August, 1813 et seq. 

Hood, Thomas, the Young^. 
Charles Clark, Esq. Kpsom races: a 
poem, comic, punning, and racy, by . . . 


Hooker, Richard, Esq., of the 
Inner Temple. William Webster, D.D. 
The Weekly Miscellany. L. 1733. 






Hoosier. Samuel V, Morris^ who has 
been a contributor to the "Knicker- 
bocker Magazine/' to the Indiana 
"State Journal," and other "Hoosier" 

Hoosier, A. Adolphtu M. Hart. Life 
in the far West ; or, the adventures of 
. . . N.Y. 

Hope, Ansted. Miss Burdett, in the 
English "Family Herald." 

Hope, AscottR. Robert Hope Mon- 
crieff. A book about boys. Edinb. 

Hope, Etbel. Mrs. Ina M. (Porter) 
Henry, who was a contributor to the 
''^Land we Love" and other Southern 
magazines under her maiden name of 

Ina M. Porter" and the pen-name of 

Ethel Hope." 

Hope, F. T. Ii. Frederic William 
Farrar (?). The three homes. L. 18-. 

Hope, Grandmother. Mrs. H. D, 
Knight. Lottie Wilde's picnic . . . N.Y. 

Hope, Thomas, Esq. Jonathan Swijt, 
D»D, The Swearer's Bank . . . wherein 
the medical use of oaths is considered 
. . . Dublin, 1721. 

Hopeftil, Gregory. William MiUett 
Boose, M,P. Confessions of, in the 
"Selector; or, Cornish Magazine." Fal- 
mouth, 1828. 

Hophthalmos, Friedrich. Johann 
Christoph Friedrich Hang, who began his 
literary career as an author by publishing 
" Sinngedichte von Friedrich Hophthal- 
mos." Frankfort, 1791. 

Tb« pMudonym " Hopbthalmcw " Is a jocalar 
Greek equivalent of bis own name iAug^ the 
eye, equai to Ophtbalmos, and therefore Haug 
equal to " Hophwalmoe "). 

Hopkins, John. Mrs. Jane Marcet. 
Notions on political economy. L. 1833. 

Horam, the Son of Asmar. Bjev. 
James Ridley. The tales of the Genii . . . 
L. 1764. 

Horatio. John Pickens, who wrote a 
number of poetical articles in prose and 
Terse for the ''New England Galaxy," 
some of them imitations of Horace, and 
signed "Horatio." 

Horatius. Horace Twiss, Esq., 
Q.C. (?). St. Stephen's chapel: a 
satirical poem, by . . . L. 1807. 

Hormlsdas-Peath, Sir. Jacques 
Albin Simon Collin de Planet/. Voyage 
an centre de la Terre . . . Paris, 1821. 

Horn, Otto. Adolf Bauerle. Therese 
Krones, 1864-55; and Ferdinand Rai- 
mund, 1855. Vienna. 

Horn, W. O. v. P. F. W. Oertel. 
Erzfthlungen. Paris, 187-. 


Hornbook, Adam. Thomas Cooper. 
Alderman Ralph. L. 1850. 

Home, Saxe. Mrs. Helen Jane Woods, 
of Montreal, in sketches, etc., contribu- 
ted to various periodicals. 

Homem, Horace, Bsq. George Cor- 
don NoSl, Lord Byron. The waltz: an 
apostrophic hymn. L. 1813. 

A satire against dancing, which Byron was 
very anxious to suppress. 

**I fear that a certain malicious publication 
on waltzing is attributed to me. Tms report, I 
suppose, you will talce care to contradict, as the 
author, I am sure, would not like that I should 
wear his cap and bells." — Note In " Works " 
(ed. 1830), p. 466. 

Horrible, Sir Hildebrand, The — 
of the Elngllsh novelists. William 

Horse-Dealer, A. Frederick Taylor, 
Recollections of . . . L. 1861. 

Horst, Ben. Edward O. Fast. The 
gentleman of the color . . . Bait. 1870. 

Hortensius. Sir William Holland, in 
Dr. Dibdin's " Bibliomania." 

Hortensius. D. Ramsay.' 

Hortensius. William Livingston. 

In 1776 et seq., he published several essays, 
under this signature, In the <* New Jersey Qa- 
zette," a paper established to oppose Rivington's 
" Royal Gazette," which was especially virulent 
against the " Don Quixote of the Jerseys," as it 
unceremoniously termed Gov. Livingston. In 
177S, he also wrote under the same signature, In 
the " United States Magazine." 

Hortensius. Judge George Hay. An 
essay on the liberty of the press ... P. 

Horus. G. C. Fisher. 

Hosmot, Hyton. William Deal 
Baker, A.M. The Satumiad: being a 
full and true account of the rise, progress, 
and downfall of the Uniyersity of Quil- 
sylvania [Pennsylvania]. By . . . Trans- 
lated by A. Lecutt, Esq P. 1836. 

Hosplta. Charles Lamb, in his essay 
"On the immoderate indulgence of the 
pleasures of the palate," contributed to 
the "Reflector." 

Hotspur. Henry Buck, in the London 
"Morning Advertiser" and the " Daily 

Hotspur. Henry Mort Feist, in the 
"Daily Telegraph" and "Sporting 

Hotspur. M. T. Walworth. Twenty 
questions . . . N.Y. 1882. 

House Holder, A. Samuel Miles 
Hopkins. Letters concerning the gen- 
eral health . . . N.Y. 1806. 

Housekeeper, A. Mrs. John Smith. 
Confessions of . . . P. 18-. 

HouBset, ArsSne. Arsene Houssaye. 
Life in Paris. B. 1875. 

Hovey, Wajrne. William Johnston. 



Howa<yi Oeorge William Curtis, 
The Nile notes of . . . N.Y. 1867. 

Howard. Roland F. Coffin, 

Howard. Joseph Dewey Fay (the 
father of Theodore S. Fay), who was an 
earnest advocate of the abolition of im- 
prisonment for debt, in numerous con« 
tribations to the public journals, onder 
this signature. 

Howard. Mordecai Manud Noah. 
Essays on domestic economy. Originally 
published in the "National Advocate." 

Howard, Caroline. Mrs, Caroline 
Bbward {Oilman Olover) Jervey. A 
strange family. L. 1870. 

Howard, Dalay. Myra Daisy Mc- 

Howard, George, Esq. Lieut, Fran- 
cis C. Laird, R,N. Lady Jane Grey and 
her times ... L. 1822. 

Howard, Harvey. Will S, Faris, 

Howard, H. Li. Charles Jeremiah 
Wells, Joseph and his brethren : a scrip- 
tural drama ... L. 1824. — See " Fort- 
nightly Bey.," Vol. XVII., pp. 217, 232. 

Howard of "The Times." Joseph 
Houxird, Jr,, in his contributions to the 
"Press" (P.), etc. 

Howe, Henry. Henry Howe Hutchin- 
son. A nom de theatre. 

Ho'we, Mary. Jonathan Swift, D.D, 
A letter to Miss Susannah Neville. 1732. 

HubbeU, Myron. WiUiam E. Mc- 

Hudson, BYank. George KimbaU. 

Hughson, David, £iIj.D. Edward 
Pugh. An epitome of the privileges of 
London ... L. 1816. 

Hugomont, Edmond. Hugh E. 
Montgomerie, author of the novels and 
translations which appeared in the " Lit- 
erary Garland," Montreal, under this sig- 

HiiU,Mr. Tom Hill, The "Mr. Hull" 
of Theodore Hook's "Gilbert Gumey," 
and the " Paul Pry " of John Poole. 

Hum, O., & Co. Frederic Saunders. 
Life in New York. Edited [or rather 
written] by . . . N.Y. 1839. 

Humble Expectant of the Promise, 
An. Rev. WiUiam Burgh. The coming 
of the Day of God . . . Dublin, 

Humbug, Dr. Joseph Reed, Madrigal 
and Trulletta. A mock tragedy . . . 
With notes by the author . . . critic and 
censor-general. L. 1768. 

Hnmm, Sir Henry. George Alexan- 
der Stevens, Distress upon distress ; or, 
tragedy in true taste. A heroi-comi- 
parodi-tragedi-farci-cal burlesque. In 
two acts [and in verse] . . . With anno- 

tations ... by Sir H. H. and notes ... by 
Paulus Purgantius Pedasculus ... L. 

Humphries, Jack. Jonathan F. 
Kelly f better known by his signatures of 
" Palconbridge," " Jack Humphries," 
and "Stampede.'' 

Hunnibee, Kate. Mrs. Laura E. 
Lyman, joint author of " Philosophy of 
housekeeping.'' Hartford, 1869. 

Hunter. Parker Gillmore. Hunter's 
adventures in the great West. L. 1871. 

Hunter, A. Gapt. Flack, A hunter's ex- 
periences in the Southern States. L. 1866. 

Hunter, Harry. Cyrus West Field. 

Hunter, Harry. Henry Gibson, 

Hunter, Harry. James L, Gould, 

Hunter, W. Ord. Irving Brown, — 
See "Curdle, Cream." 

Hunting^n. A. H, Clapp, D.D. 

Huntington, Faye. Mrs. I. H. Fos- 
ter. Mrs. Deane's way. B. 1875. 

Huntsman, A. 7%>mas Assheton 
Smith. Extracts from the diary of . . . 
L. 1838. 

Huntsman, A. Hon, George Charles 
Grantley-Fitz-Hardinge Berkeley, Remi- 
niscences of . . . L. 186-. 

Hurlbut, lioammi N., 3I.D. James 
Hammond Trumbull, used in a series of 
papers in the "Independent" entitled 
" Limbus librorum." 

Hurlothrumbo. Thomas Simpson, 
who " proposed and resolved many ques- 
tions in the ' Ladles' Diaries,' sometimes 
under his own name and sometimes 
under fictitious names, such as 'Hurlo- 
thrumbo,' 'Kubemetes,' * Patrick O'Cave- 
nah,' 'Marmaduke Hodgson,' 'Anthony 
Shallow, Esq.,' and probably others. — 
See ' Diaries ' for 1736-60."— Chalmeks, 
Vol. 28. 

Hush, Bob. Sir Robert Walpole. 
Cameronian Whigs no patriots ; or, some 
remarkable exploits of Bob Hush. L. 

Hyacinthe, Le pere. Le Phre Charles 
Jean Marie Loi/son. Discours prononc^ 
au congr^s de Malines. 

Hydrant Chuck. J. F, Martin, in 
his contributions to the "Fireman's 
Journal" (N.Y.). 

Hydrophilus. Rev. Thomas Fenwick. 
— See " Blue Bonnet." 

Hygelst, The. James Morison, Esq.^ 
the vender of the " Vegetable Universal 
Medicines " commonly known as Mori- 
son's pills. 

Hsrperion. Josiah Quincy, Jr., in the 
"Boston Gazette and Country Journal," 
Sept. 28 and Oct. 5, 1707, and Nov. 26, 




I., C. Co$mo Innes. Concerning some 
Scotch surnames. Edinb. 1860. 

I., I>. ZHtncan Innes. — See " A Lay- 

I., G. George liiff. Chronology m 
verse without numbers. L. 1855. 

I., J. James Ingram, D,D, The church 
in the middle centuries . . . Oxf. 1842. 

I., W. Rev, William logo, B,A. In- 
fringing the bye-laws: a railway misad- 
venture. Illustrated by "Phiz," and 
signed "W. I." in "London Society" 
(holiday number), 1869. Also in contri- 
butions to other periodicals. 

lago. Sir Robert Walpole. lago dis- 
played. Onie contents. Chap. I., How 
Cassio accused lago of corruption, etc. 
L. 1731 (?). 

lanthe. Ladtf Jane Elizabeth (Digby) 
ElUnborough, in M. About's "La Gr^ce 
contemporaine." P. 1855. 

lanthe. Mrs. Emma Catherine {Man- 
leu) Emburu. Guido; and other poems. 
KY. 182-. 

later. Dr. John Davis, of Bath. An 
essay concerning pestilential contagion 
... L. 1748. 

'larpos. G. D. Yeats, M.D. A bio- 
graphical sketch of tho life and writings 
of Patrick Colquhoun. L. 1818. 

Iconoclaat. Charles Bradlaugh. New 
life of David ... L. 

Idamore. Miss Mary Cutts. Gron- 
dalla : a romance in verse. N.Y. 1866. 

Idle Scholar, The. Miss Julia Hat- 
Jield. Bryant homestead-book. N.Y. 

Idle Woman, An. Mrs. Sue (Peti- 
gru) King. Busy moments of . . . 
Charleston, 185-. 

Idle Woman, An. Mrs. Frances 
(Minto) Elliot. The diary of ... in 
Italy. L. 1872. 

Idler. Marauerite (Power) Gardiner, 
Countess of Biessington. Idler in Italy, 
1822-28. L. 1839-40. 

Idler, An. George Stillman Hillard, 
who wrote for Buckingham's " New Eng- 
land Magazine" a series of "Literary 
Portraits," the articles " Selections from 
the papers of an Idler," etc. 

Idler, An. Chevalier Henry Wikoff. 
Beminiscences of . . . 1823-40. N.Y. 

Idstone. Rev, Thomas Pearce. The 
Idstone papers. L. 1872. 

Ijpdatlas, Brother, Monk of the 
Order of Sisdnt Benedict. Joseph Ley- 

cester Lyne. The Catholic Chiirch of 
England ... L. 1864. 

Ig^nattuB, Deacon of the Church of 
EIngland. Joseph Leycester Lyne. May 
a monk serve God in the Church of Eng- 
land, or not ? . . . Ozf . n.d. 

Ignatius, Father, Passionist. Hon. 
and Rev, George Spencer. The life of 
Blessed Paul of the Cross, translated. 
L. 1860. 

Ignatius, O. S. B. Joseph Leycester 
Lyne, The Holy Isle : a legend of Bard- 
sey Abbey. L. 1870. 

Ignoto. Richard Bamfield. 

Ignoto Secondo. James Beresford, 
in the London " Literary Gazette," 182-. 

Ignotus. James Franklin Fuller, 
Culmshire folk. L. 1875. 

Ignotns. Ven. Arthur Blennerhasset 
Rowan, D.D., M,BJ.A. Letters from 
Oxford, with notes by . . . Dublin, 1843. 

Ignotus. F€lix Platel, Portraits d' 
Ignotus. Paris, 1878. These notices 
first appeared in "Figaro,*' under this 

Ignotus, Pictor. William Blake, 

II Musannif. C. F. Mackenzie, ' The 
romantic Land of Hind. By . . . L. 

II Penseroso. George Denison Pren- 

Ill-used Candidate, An. J, C. Caley, 
Indignant rhymes. L. 1659. 

Immortal Molly. Mrs. Mary Fowle, 
of Cambridge, England. 

" Being In her vounger yean long a celebrated 
toast, she was diBtinguiataed in the University 
by the name of the * Immortal Molly,' whida 
occasioned the following epigram by the Rev. 
Hans De Veil: 

* Is Molly Fowle immortal? No. 
Yes but she is. I'll prove her so. 
She's fifteen now, and was, I know. 
Fifteen full years ago.' " 

Impartial Bystander, An. John 
Speed, M.D. An 1. B.'s review of the 
controversy concerning the wardenship of 
Winchester College. L. 1759. 

Impartial Frenchman, An. Thomas 
Pichon, Grenuine letters and memoirs 
relating to . . . the islands of Cape 
Breton ... L. 1760. 

Impartial Hand, An. J(^n Towne. 
The argument of the Divine Legation 
fairly stated ... L. 1751. 

Impartial Hand, An. Samuel John* 
son. A compleat vindication of the licen- 
sers of the stage ... L. 1739. 

Impartial Hand, An. Rev, John 




Hildrop. The contempt of the clergy 
cousidered ... L. 1739. 

Impartial Hand, An. Dr. John 
Mitchell, The contest in America, be- 
tween Great Britain and France ... By 
... L. 1767. 

Impartial Hand, An. JSir Bichard 
Steele. The I>— n of W— r (i.e., Francis 
Hare, Dean of Worcester) still the same 
. . . L. 1720. 

Alflo attribated to Rev. Bef^jamin Hwadly. 

Impartial Hand, An. Richard Rauj- 
linson, LL.D. Tlie English topographer 
... By . . . L. 1720. 

Impartial Hand, An. Peter King, 
Lord King. An enquiry into the con 
stitution ... of the primitive Church . . 
L. 1691. 

Impartial Hand, An. Daniel Turner 
The fashionable daughter ... By . . 
L. 1774. 

Impartial Hand, An. Isaac Kimber 
The history of England, from the earliest 
accounts to . . . George II. . . . L. 1746 

Impartial Hand, An. Richard Row- 
lands. History of the lives and reigns of 
the kings of Scotland . . . Dublin, 

Impartial Hand, An. Rev. James 
Mun-ay. The history of religion. By 
. . . L. 1764. 

Impartial Hand, An. Sir John Hill, 
M.D. The history of a woman of qual- 
ity; or, the adventures of Lady Frail 
ti.c, Anne, Viscountess Vane]. By . . . 
.. 1751. 

Impartial Hand, An. George Coad, 
Jr., of Exeter. A letter to the Honoux^ 
able the Lords Commissioners of Trade 
and Plantations ... L. 1747. 

Impartial Hand, An. Andrew Hen- 
derson. The life of John [Dalrymple, 
2dl Earl of Stair ... By . . . L. 

Impartial Hand, An. Rev. Thomas 
Cox, of Broomfield, Essex. Magna 
Britannia et Hibernla ... In the 
« Savoy," 1720. 

Impartial Hand, An. Rev. Francis 
Hare. A new defence of [Hoadly] the 
Lord Bishop of Bangor's sermon ... L. 

Impartial Hand, An. William Duff. 
A new and full critical, biographical, 
and geographical history of Scotland . . . 
L. 1749. 

Impartial Hand, An. Rev. Thomas 
Allen. A proposal for a free and unex- 
pensive election of Parliament ... By 
• . . L. 1 ioo. 

Impartial Hand, An. Dorothea Went- 
worth. Remarks on the second volume 

of tho memoirs of Mrs. Pilkington . . . 
By . . . Dublin, 1749. 

Impartial Hand, An. Thomas Fox- 
crqft. The ruling and ordaining power 
of Congregational bishops ... B. 1724. 

Impartial Hand, Who 'was an Eye- 
witness to most of the Facts, An. 
Andrew Henderson. The history of the 
Rebellion, 1745 and 1746 . . . Edinb. 

Impartial Inquirer, An. R. Casway. 
A miscellaneous metaphysical essay. 
L. 1748. 

Also ascribed to James Ralph. 

Impartial Reviewer, An. Thomas 
0* Connor. The Inquisition examined . . . 
N.Y. 1826. 

Impartiallst, An. Samuel Adams, on 
Robinson's assault on James Otis, in the 
"Boston Gazette," Sept. 25, 1709. 

Impressed New Yorker, An. Wil- 
liam G. Stevenson, Thirteen months in 
the rebel army . . . 1861-62. N.Y. 1862. 

Inchlquin. Robert Southey, in his con- 
tributions to the "Quarterly Review" 
(L. 1814), etc. 

Inchlquin, the Jesuit. Charles Jared 
IngersolL Inchlquin's letters. P. 1809. 

IncognituB, Rictiardas. Richard 
Brash. An address to the people of the 
British Dominions ... L. 1825. 

Inconnue, £i\ Mrs. L. Virginia 
(Smith) French. Kemwood ; or, after 
many days . . . Louisville, Ky., 1808. 

Incumbent of the English Church, 
Nairn, An. Rev. William West. The 
position of the English Church in Scot- 
land ... By . . . Edinb. 1866. 

Indag^ator. John Canton. On the 
magnetic needle, in the "Gent. Mag.," 
September, 1761, p. 397 ; and November, 
1761, p. 497. 

Indagator. Charles Clarke, Esq. Re- 
markable particulars in our ancient 
parochial churches. "Gent. Mag.," 
August, 1787, p. 661. 

Indagator Roffensis. Charles Clarke, 
Esq, His signature to a description of 
Woldham Church, in the "Gent. Mag." 
for July, 1789, p. 689. 

Independent, An. Josiah Quincy, Jr., 
in the "Boston Gazette," Feb. 12 and 
26, 1770. 

Independent Freeholder, An. Thom- 
as Thirlwall. A calm and dispassionate 

address to Sir Francis Burdett, Bart 

n.p. 1804. 

Independent Observer, An. A. Red- 
foord. Union necessary to security . . . 
By . . . Dublin, 1800. 

Independent Voter, An. Rowland 
Hunt. Free thoughts on the late con- 




tested election for the borough of Shrews- 
bury. Shrewsbury, 1806. 

Independent Wlilg, An. John Al- 
man, in the London " Gazette/' 1760 et 

Index, Q. P. William McCrillis Gris- 
wold. Indexes to the " International Re- 
view/' etc. Bangor, 1880. 

Indian Agent, An. Henry W. De 
Puy. Mishaps of an Indian agent con- 
yicted of not plundering the Indians. 
Albany, 1863. 

Indian Journalist, An. William 
Knighton^ LL.D. Tropical sketches ; or, 
reminiscences of . . . L. 1855. 

Indian Official, An. R. H, HoUing- 
hery. A handbook on gold and silver. 
L. 1878. 

Indian Official, An. MaJ.-Gen. Sir 
William Henry Sleeman, K.C.B. Ram- 
bles and recollections of . . . L. 1844. 

Indian Official, An. Gen. Sir Orfeur 
Cavenagk. Reminiscences ... L. 1884. 

Indianian, An. James Whitcomb. The 
other side of " Facts for the People/' in 
relation to a " Protective Tariff," by . . . 

Indicos. Major Evans Bell. The 
rajah and principality of Mysore. L. 

Indigina. Mrs. Adelaide McCord, 

Indiana. Mrs. Dolores A. {Fuertos 
Menken Heenen) Neivell. 

Indignatio. Rev. Henry Taylor. Con- 
fusion worse confounded ; rout on rout ; 
or, the Bishop of G — ^r's [Gloucester] 
commentary on Rice Evans's "Echo 
from Heaven," examined and exposed. 
By . . . L. 1772. 

IndoptailuB. Sir Charles Edward Tre- 
velyan and another. Correspondence re- 
lating to the establishment of an Oriental 
college in London ... L. 1858. 

Infldel Mathematician, An. Dr. 
Halley. The analyst; or, a discourse 
addressed to . . . By the author of ** The 
Minute philosopher" [G. Berkeley, 
Bishop of Cloyne]. L. 1734. 

Ingenuus. Thady Fitzpatrick. — See 
"T. F." 

Ingham, Col. Frederic. Edward 
Everett Hale. The Ingham papers. B. 

Ingoldsby. James Hildyard, B.D. 
The Ingoldsby letters, in reply to the 
bishops in convocation and to the House 
of Lords, on the revision of the Book of 
Common Prayer. L. 1862-63. 

In^ldsby, Thomas, Esquire. Rich- 
ard Harris Barham^ B.A . Th e Ingoldsby 
legends ; or, mirth and marvels ... L. 

Inhabitant, An. F. K, Robinson. A 
glossary of Yorkshire words and phrases 
... L. 1855. 

Inhabitant, An. Thomas Thaxter. 
A narrative of the proceedings in the 
north parish of Hingham from the time 
of Dr. Ware's leaving it to the ordination 
of Rev. Joseph Richardson and Mr. 
Henry Coleman. By . . . Salem, 1807. 

Inhabitant, An. Henry PownalL 
Some particulars relating to the history 
of Epsom . . . Epsom, 1825. 

Inhabitant of Boston, An. Andrew 
Newell C^), Darkness at noon; or, the 
great solar eclipse of the 16th of June, 
1806 . . . B. 1806. 

Inhabitant of Florida, An. Z. 
Kingsley. A treatise on the patriarchal 
system of society ... in America . . . 

Inhabitant of Nei¥ England, An. 
Timothy Dwight, D.D. Remarks on the 
review of Inchiquin's letters published in 
the " Quarterly Review "... B. 1815. 

Also ftflcribed to Jedldlah Morse, D.D. 

Inhabitant of the Province, An. 
Calvin Hatheway. Sketches of New 
Brunswick ... St. John, 1825. 

Inhabitant of the State of Mary- 
land, An. Rev. Charles Henry Wharton, 
D.D. A poetical epistle to his excel- 
lency George Washington . . . from . . . 
L. 1780. 

Inigo. Charles Henry Webb. 

Ii^Jured Lady, The. Jonathan Sicift, 
D.D. The story of . . . Being a true 
picture of Scotch perfidy, Irish poverty, 
and English partiality. L. 1746. 

Inkle, Mr. Christopher Anstey. An 
election ball, in poetical letters from . . . 
at Bath to his wife at Gloucester . . . 
Bath, 176-. 

Innsly, Owen. Miss Lucy W. Jenni- 
son. Love poems and sonnets. By . . . 
B. 1881. 

Inquirer. A. P. Happer. A letter to 
Prof. Friedrich Max Mueller on the 
sacred books of China. By . . . 1880. 

Inquirer, An. James Jackson Jarves. 
The confessions of . . . B. 1857. 

Inquirer, The. William Atkinson. 
The guilt of Democratic scheming fully 
proved against the Dissenters . . . By 
... L. 1802. 

Inspector, The. Sir John Hillf who 
wrote " The Inspector " for two years in 
the "Daily Advertiser," 1751-53. 

Inspector, The. Sir John Mill, M.D. 
Letters from ... to a lady, with the gen- 
uine answers ... L. 1752. (Letters 
signed "J. H." and the answers "D.") 

Instar omnium. Samuel Adams, So 




tenned by Got. Hatchinson in a letter to 
Pownall. 1771. 

Intimate Friend of hla. An. Rev, 
Bichard Graves. Recollection of some 
particQlan in the life of the late William 
Bhenstone, Esq., in a series of letters 
from ... L. 1788. 

Invalid, An. Henry McUthews, Esq. 
The diary of . . . in 1817-19. L. 1820. 

Invalid, An. Harriet Martineau, Life 
in the sick-room, essays. L. 1844. 

Invalid, An. Frederic Townsend (!). 
Musings of . . . N.Y. 185-. 

Invalid, An. Hon. Robert Fulke Gre- 
ville. Outlines selected from the blotting 
book of . . . 1825. 

Invalid, An. W. B. AspinaU. San 
Remo as a winter residence. By . . . 
1862-65. L. 1865. 

Invalid, An. J(^n Strang, Esq., LL,D. 
Travelling notes of ... in search of 
health, first published in the " Glasgow 
Herald," but separately in 1803. 

Investigator. Jacob Barker, The 
Rebellion ; its consequences ... By . . . 
New Orleans, 1866. 

Investi^tor. Daniel Oliver, Re- 
marks on a pamphlet entitled "Prof. 
Hale and Dartmouth College." 1846. 

Investigator. Samuel Wheeler. The 
triangle . . . N.Y. 1832. 

lolo Fardd Glas. Edward Williams, 
the well-known Welsh bard and writer. 

Ion. Eugene Kingman, in his contribu- 
tions to the " Baltimore Sun." 

lone. Mrs, Mary Elizabeth {Moore 
Hewitt) Stebbins. Her earlier poems ap- 
peared in the "Knickerbocker Maga- 
zine" and other periodicals under this 
pen-name, and in Boston, in 1845, she 
published a volume entitled "Songs of 
our Land, and other Poems." Her name 
was originally Jane L. Moore. 

Iota. Rev. Joseph Jefferson, of Basing- 
broke (Hants.), in his contributions to 
the "Gent. Mag." (L.), etc. 

Iota. Dr. John Francis Waller (?). 
Adventures of a Protestant in search of 
a religion. Dublin, 186-. 

Iota. John Harland. Stray leaves 
collected for the "Athenaeum Bazaar." 
Manchester, 1843. 

Ipolperroc. Jonathan Couch, in the 
"Imperial Magazine" and the "Pam- 
phleteer," 1819 €t seq. 

Iredale, John. B, B. VaUentine, in 
his contributions to "Puck" (N.Y.). 

Iren»us. Rev, Samuel Irenasus Prime, 
author of " The old white meeting-house ; 
or, reminiscences of a coimtry congrega- 
tion," N.Y. 1845; also in his contribu- 
tions to the " N.Y. Observer," etc. 

Irenicus. Joseph Besse. The doctrine 
of the people called Quakers, in relation 
to bearing arms and fighting . . . L. 

Irish Adopted Citizen, An. George 
C. Collins, Fifty reasons why the Hon- 
orable Henry Clay should be elected 
President of the United States. Bait. 

Irish Archivist, An. John T, Gilbert. 
On the history, position, and treatment 
of the public records of Ireland. L. 

Irish Bachelor, An. — Abbot. The 
freaks of Cupid : a novel ... L. 1845. 

Irish Catholic, An. William James 
MacNeven, An argument for independ- 
ence, in opposition to an onion . . . 
By . . . Dublin, 1799. 

Irish Catholic, An. James Warren 
Doyle. Essay on education and the 
stete of Ireland. Dublin, 1880. 

Irish Catholic, An. William Bullen. 
A memoir of the Union. By . . . Dub- 
lin, 1843. 

Irish Catholic Whig, An. Charles 
0, Gorman, An I. C. W. to his fellow- 
countrymen in the United States. l*rov. 

Irish Charles IMckens, The. Mrs. 
May Laffan Hartley. 

Irish Country Gentleman, An. Wil- 
liam Pamell. An inquiry into the causes 
of popular discontents in Ireland . . . 
L. 1804. 

Irish Dignitary, An. Rev. Thomas 
Lewis 0*Beime, A letter ... on the sub- 
ject of tithes in Ireland. L. 1807. 

Irish Gentleman, An. Thomas Wal- 
ford. The scientific tourist through Ire- 
land ... By . . . L. 1818. 

Irish Gentleman, An. ThomoB Moore, 
Travels of ... in search of a religion. 
L. 1833. 

Irish Lady, An. Mrs. J, R. Greer. 
Vindication of friends ... P. 1852. 

Irish Land Owner, An. Thomas 
Martin. A plan for the settlement of 
the question of the sale and transfer, 
mortgage and registration of land. 2d 
ed. Dublin, 1862. 

Irish National Journalist, An. 
Richard Pigott. Personal recollections 
of . . . Dublin, 1882. 

Irish Peasant Poet» The. C. P, 
0* Conor, 

Irish Police Magistrate, An. Henry 
Robert Addison. Recollections of . . . L. 

Irish Sennachy, An. Edward Smyth 
Mercer, The Mercer chronicle ... L. 




Iiisli Traveller, An. Richard Twiss, 
in Beloe's " Sezagenariaii." Vol. II., p. 
62. 2ded. L. 1818. 

Irish. Traveller, An. Mr. S^nge, A 
biographical sketch of the struggles of 
Pestalozzi . . . Dublin, 1816. 

Irlab Whiskey-Drinker. John 8hee- 
han. The Irish Whiskey-Drinker papers. 
L. 1868. Also his contributions to 
"Temple Bar,*' etc. 

Irisliman, An. JlionuiS Moore, Cor- 
ruption and' intolerance : two poems . . . 
L. 1808-9. 

Irishwoman, An. Miaa Anna Per- 
rier. The Irishman. L. 1860. Repub- 
lished from the ''Englishwoman's Do- 
mestic Magazine." 

Imer. Bon Louit Henri Martin and 
another, Wolfthurm. Paris, 1830. 

Ironcolus. Lord H, Spencer, His 
signature to letter and poem in the " Mi- 
crocosm," published at Eton College, 

Irondeqnolt. Francis Trevelyan 
Buckland, in his contributions to the 
-Examiner" (N.Y.). 

Ironside, Nestor. Sir Richard Steele, 
as one of the editors of the ** Guardian." 
L. 1713. 

Ironside, Nestor, EjSQ. Dr. Samuel 
Crotcall, Another original canto of 
Spencer ... L. 1714. 

Irraghticonnor. John G, HenneMsy, 
in the " Celtic Monthly." 

Irritable Man, An. Robert Barry 
Coffin. Matrimonial infelicities. N. x. 

Irving, Helen W. Miss Anna H. Phil- 
lips. Her first poem, " Lore and fame/' 
appeared in the N.Y. "Home Journal," 

Irving, Henry. John Henry Brodribb 
Irving, Norn de th€&tre. 

Isa. Mrs. Isa {Craig) Knox, whose 
poems in the " Scotsman," signed 
"Isa," attracted attention, and led to 
her being placed on the staff of that 

Isaac, liord Bishop of Worcester. 
Isaac MadoT, D.D, A sermon . . . 
before . . . the . . . governors of the 
hospital for the small-pox and for inocu- 
lation . . . March 6, 1762. By . . . L. 

Isabel. Mrs. Anna Cora (Ogden 
Mowatt) Ritchie, who gained some liter- 
ary celebrity under the assumed titles of 

"Isabel" and "Helen Berkley," and a 
still wider reputation by her works under 
her own name. 

Isabel. William Gilmore Simms. Pe- 
layo ; or, the cavern of Covadonga : a 
romance [in verse]. N.Y. 1836. 

Isaline. Janet De La Touche, Jean- 
nie ; or, the flower of Glenbumie. L. 

Ishmael. Josiak Harris. The pulpit 
of Cornwall: its preachers, and their 
teachings. Penzance, 1869. 

Isidore. Isidore G. Ascher^ B.CL., 
a Canadian poet. "For some years he 
had been known as the author of many 
poetical pieces ; among which were some 
beautiful and tender lyrics, which had 
appeared in the provincial press, under 
his Christian name " Isidore." 

Iskander. Alexander Herzen, a Rus- 
sian litterateur and politician, who, while 
writing under the censorship of the Czar 
until his fiftieth year, published his works 
under this pseudonym, — the Turkish 
translation of his Christian name, Alex- 

Israelite, An. George Houston. Israel 
vmdicated . . . N.Y. 1820. 

Signed '< Nathan Joseph." 

It matters Not Who. Rev. Edward 
Nares, B.D. Heraldic anomalies. By 

. . . Lt. lo^u. 

Italian, An. Charles Barinetti, Voy- 
age to Mexico and Havanna ... By . . . 
N.Y. 1841. 

Italian Nun, An. William Coombe, 
Esq. Letters of . . . L. 1789. 

Ithuriel. Clarence Hopper, in his con- 
tributions to ** Notes and Queries " (L.), 

Itinerant, An. Abel Stevens, D.D., 
LL.D. Sketches and incidents : a 
budget from the saddle-bags of . . . 

Its Present Owner. Colonel Thomas 
Wildman. Newstead Abbey : its present 
owner, with reminiscences of Lord Byron. 
L. 1857. 

Ixion. Llewelyn H. Johnson, the earli- 
est "champion" amateur bicycle racer 
in America. 

Ixion. Leon N. Salmon. 

Izak. John Isaac Ira Adams, in the 
Boston " Republican," in 1857. 

Izax, Ikabod. 0. S. Stebbins. My 
satchel and I; or, literature on foot. 
Springfield, Mass., 187-. 

.— ^ 



J., A. Alexander Justice, A general 
treatise of monies and exchanges . . . 
1707. — See " A Well-wisher to Trade." 

J., A., and R. A. Abealom Jones and 
Richard Allen. A narratiye of the pro- 
ceedings of the black people during the 
late awful calamity in Philadelphia, in 
the year 1793. P. 1794. 

J., C. C. Jacob. An epitome of Mr. 
Gunton's History of Peterborough Cathe- 
dral. By . . . 11th ed. Peterborough, 

J., C. Rev. Charles Jenner. The man of 
family . . . L. 1771. 

J., C. A. C. A. Jones. S. John the 
Evangelist's day; or, the martyrdom of 
the will . . . L. 1859. 

J., D. David Jones. The history of 
the house of Brunswick Lunenburgh . . . 

J., D. W. Douglas William Jerrold, in 
the London "Belle Assemble/' 1824, 
and other periodicals. 

J., E. Edward Jarvis, M.D. "Law 
of physical life," in the " Christian Ex- 
aminer " for September, 1843. 

J., E. Miss E. Jolly. The life and 
letters of Sydney Dobell. Ed. by . . . 
L. 1878. 

J., E. A. E. A. Jackson. Christine 
Thornton ; or, who is my neighbor ? 
N.Y. 1870. 

J. E. S. James Carnegie, Earl of 
Southesk. Herminius : a romance . . . 
Edinb. 1862. 

J., G. Giles Jacob. An historical 
account of the lives and writings of our 
most considerable Knglish poets ... L. 

J. O. J.— See "A Member of the 
Philadelphia Bar." 

J., G. W. G. W. Jordan. New obser- 
vations concerning the colours of thin 
transparent bodies ... L. 1800. 

J. H. Denis Florence McCarthy. Jus- 
tina : a play . . . Trans, by . . . L. 1848. 

J., J. Rev. Joseph Jefferson, of Basing- 
broke (Hants.), in his contributions to 
the "Gent. Mag." (L.), etc. 

J. K. L. James Warren Doifle, R.C., 
Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin. Let- 
ters on the state of education in Ireland, 
and on Bible societies . . . Dublin, 1824. 

J., L. J. Louis J. Jennings, formerly 
London correspondent of the " World " 

J., M. Mary Jenkins. A guide to 
star-gazing ... L. 1861. 

J., M. E. M. Margaret ElixaJbetk Mary 
Jones. Ismael and Cassander; or, the 
Jew and the Greek ... L. 

J., M. J. Maria Jane Jewsbury. Phan- 
tasmagoria ... L. 1825. 

J. O. Matthew James ERggins. The 
story of the Mhow court-martial (L. 
1864); reprinted from the "Combill 

J. O. Y. Mrs. S. S. Black. Rambling 
chats and chatty ramblings ... N.Y. 

J., B. Richard Jefferies. The game- 
keeper at home. L. 1878. 

J., R. B. Robert Baker Jones, The 
vision of Mary ; or, a dream of joy . . . 

J., S. Samuel Johnson. Ad Urbanum. 
A copy of Latin verses, in March, 1738, 
addressed to Sylvanus Urban [Edward 
Cave], the editor " Gent. Mag.,'' March, 


J., S. Stephen Jones. The history of 
Poland from its origin as a nation to the 
commencement of tlie year 1795 ... L. 

J., S. Mrs. Sarah {Jackson Davis) 
Tappan. Letters to a young Christian. 
By . . . N.Y. 1851. 

J. S. of Dale. Frederick Jesup iS^im- 
son. Guemdale. N.Y. 1882. 

J., S. L. Sarah L. Jones. Life in the 
South ... L. 1863. 

J. T., Elsq. John Wilson Croker. An 
intercepted letter from Canton . . . Dub- 
lin, 1804. 

J. V. Z. Joseph Veazie. Asphalt. Its 
preparation and application. B. 1875. 

J., W. W' Jordan. Extracts from a 
journal kept during a voyage from Phil- 
adelphia to Calcutta . . . Serampore, 1812. 

J., W. S. W. S. Jordan, of San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., in his contributions to vari- 
ous periodicals. 

J***, M. Thomas Jefferson. Observa- 
tions sur la Virginie. Par . . . Paris, 

J — M — N, E. E. Jarmain. An inva- 
lid's pastime ... L. 

J — 11. Joseph Jekyll, See Lamb's 
« Elia." — " The Old Bencher of the Inner 

J — n, M. J. Mrs. Mary J. Jour dan. 
Mind's mirror: poetical sketches . . . 
Edinb. 1856. 

J — ph—n, R — pli, of the Inner Tem- 
ple. Ralph Jephson. The expounder 
expounded ... L. 1740. 




J — 's, H — d, ESsq. nUdebrand Jacobs 
Eaq. The curioas maid. L. 17-. 

Jabez. Clement Afanafield Inghby^ 
M.A., LL.D.f in "Notes and Queries" 
(L.), January, 1877. 

Jablonsky, Boleslaw. Karl Eugen 
Tupy. Liebcslieder. 1841. 

Jacla. John Crane. Remarks on 
coinage. L. 1859. 

Jack, Cannibal. Charles Beach. 
Way to win. L. 18-. 

Jackson, Joseplilne. Mrs, C, B. 

Jackson, Stephen, Esq., of The 
Flatta, Malham Moor. James Henry 
Dixon, LL.D. Chronicles and stories of 
the Crayen Dales. L. 1881. 

First cootrlbutcd to the pa^s of a small 
monthly publication Itaued at Sklpton, 1853-57 ; 
afterwara pabllahed In book form with the 
author's name. 

Jackson, *' Stonewall." Thomas J. 


** There Is General Bee who^ln addressing his 
own men at Bull Run, likened Thomas Jonathan 
Jackson to a * stone wall * ; and Wordsworth, 
who in his lines on Chatterton seems to have hit 
the popular view with his *manrellous boy' 
better than Byron with his* mad genius'; and 
DoDglas Jerrold, who transmuted Charles into 
•Good' Knight; and Hogg, the 'Ettrick Bhep- 
herd.' who found a synonym in * Ebony ' for Mr. 
Blackwood . . . and Scott, the originator of the 
phrase * The Crafty,' in application to Archibald 
Oonstablc; and he who gave to his school-fel- 
lows, James and John Ballantjme, the redoubta- 
ble names of two characters in Carey's * Chro- 
Bonhotonthologos,' * Aldlboronttphoscophornio ' 
and * Rigdum Funnldos.'"— Bee *• Gent. Mag." 
for January, 1883, p. 89. 

Jacob, Lord Bishop of Qaebec. 

Jacob Mountain. A sermon ... at Que- 
bec . . . January 10th, 1799 ... By . . . 
Quebec, 1799. 

Jacob Omninm's Hoss. William 
Makepeace Thackeray. Bow Street bal- 
lads, No. II. "Punch,"Dec. 9, 1848. 

Jacob, P. li., blbllophllo. Paul La- 
croix. Curiositc's de histuire de France. 
Paris, 1858. 

Jacobstair. George B. Eaton. 

Jacqueline. Mrs. Josephine B. Hos- 
kins. Love's stratagem, in the " South- 
em Monthly," Memphis, 1861. 

Jacques. Jacques Claude Vemogeot, in 
«*Contes et Causeries" (Paris, 1802). 

Jacques, Cousin. Louis Abel Beffroy 
de Beigny. La petite Nanette. Paris, 

Jahnsenykes, The Iiate Rev. Wil- 
liamson, £iIi.D. William Jenks, D.D. 
Memoir of the Northern Kingdom, a.d. 
1872 . . . Quebeck, 1901 [B. 1808]. 

Jake, Uncle. Bobert W. Mc Alpine. 

Jamaica Proprietor, A. Charles 

Edward Long. Negro emancipation no 
philanthropy ... L. 1830. 

Jambon, Jean. John Hay Aiholl Mac- 
donald. Our trip to Blundcrland. L. 1877. 

James, Uncle. James Rodwell. The 
rat; its history ... L. 1858. 

James, S. T. Horace E. Scudder. 
Stories from my attic. N.Y. 1869. 

Jamie, Daft. James Wilson. A la- 
conic narrative of the life and death of 
. . . known by the name of Daft Jamie. 
[With] . . . anecdotes relative to him 
and his old friend, Roby Awl [R. Kirk- 
wood]. Edina [Edinb.], 1829. 

Jamie the Poeter. James Hogg. 

Jamot, R. E. Joseph Thomayer, Na- 
tur und Menschen. 1880. 

Jane. Mrs, Mary E. (Moore) Hewitt^ 
who contributed many of her " Songs of 
our Lord and other Poems " to yarious 
periodicals under this pen-name. 

Jane, Paul. Adolphe van Soust de 
Borkenfeldt. L'ann<^e sanglante. 1871. 

Janetta. Mrs. Janetta {Scott) Nor^ 
web. The memoirs of Janetta: a tale, 
alas, too true. L. 181-. 

Janus. Dr. Johann Joseph Ignax von 
Dffllinger, in numerous works upon relig- 
ious topics. 

Janus. Johann Nepomuk Huber. Das- 
Papstthum und der-Staat. Munich, 1870. 

Janus Junius Eoganesius. John 
Toland, his signature to the preface of 
one of his works. His Christian name 
was Janus Junius ; but the boys making 
a jest of it, the master ordered him to be 
called John, which name he retained ever 
after. " Eoganesius '' was the name of' 
his country, Inis-Eogan being the place 
of his birth. 

Japanese Traveller^ A. Laurence 
Oliphant. Moral reflections by ... in the 
« North American Review." N.Y. 1877. 

Signed " Slonara." 

Japheth. Theodore Dehon. Cause 
and cure . . . Charleston, S.C., 1868. 

Jaques. J, Hain Friswell, in his con- 
tributions to the "Evening Star" (L. 

Jarvle, Nichol. William McDonald 
Wood, in the "Brooklyn Times." 

Jarvis, Geofflry. Elizabeth Hamilton. 
Memoirs of modern philosophers. Bath,. 

Jasper. E. P. Robinson, 

Jaunt, Jeremy. George (1) Mogridge, 
who, under this signature, contributedi 
papers to the " Birmingham and Lichfield 

Jay, W. H. li. Miss Julia Louisa 
Matilda Woodruff, Holden with cords 
... N.Y. 1874. 




Jayhawker. Co/. J. H. Woodard, in 
hi« contributions to the " Cincinnati £n- 



Jeames. William Makepeace Tkack" 
tray. The diary of C. Jeames dc la 
riuche, Esq., contributed to "Punch." 

Jeames, Mr. William Makepeace 
Thackeray. Sentiments on the Cambridge 
election. "Punch," March 6, 1847. 

Jeames of Buckley Square. Wil- 
liam Makepeace Thackeray. A lucky 
speculator, etc., in " Punch," 1845. 

Jeames, G. P. R., Esq. Wil- 
Ham Makepeace Thackeray. Barbazure. 
" Punch," July, 1847. 

Jean, Father. James Beal, in his 
contributions to the "Echo'* (L.). 

JeaD, J. de. John Frazer. Poems 
by . . . Dublin, 18-. 

Jean Jacques. Jean Jacques Rous- 

Jean Paul. Jean Paul Friedrich Rich- 
ter, in his earlier publications. 

" But I return to our history and place myself 
amougst the dviul, for all aro out of the world 
vrho aaw me come into it. My father was called 
John Christian Christopher RIchter, and whs 
Tertius (master of the third class at a gymna- 
sium) and organist in Wunsiedel. My mother, 
who was the daughter of the cloth- weaver, John 
Paul Kuhn, in Hot, was named Sophia Rosina. 
The day after my birth I was baptized hv the 
senior Apel. One godfather was the aoove- 
mentioned John Paul, nnd the other John Fred- 
eric Thelme, a book-biuder, who did not kuow 
at that time to what quantities of his own handi- 
craft he lent his nunie. From theso two spon- 
sors was the name of Joan Paul Frederic shot 
together. The grandfatherly half I translated 
Into Jean Paul, and have thereby gained a name, 
the reasons for which shall be fully made known 
in future lectures." — Autobiography. 

I call him frequently Jean Paul, without add- 
ing his surname, both because all Germany gives 
him that appellation, as an expression of affec- 
tion for his person, and because he has himself 
sometimes assumed it in the title-pages to his 
works. — DeQuincbt. 

Jean Pierre. S. W. Cooper, in his 
contributions to the " Evening Bulletin " 
(P.), etc. 

Jean-sans-peur. Hippolyte Babou. 
L*homine k la lanteme. Paris, 1868. 

Jeanne Marie. Jeanne Marie von Gat/- 
elte-Gfiorgens. Sich selbst erobert. Ein 
Miidchcnroman. 1873. 
. Jefferson. Mathew Carey. Examina^ 
tion of the Charleston (S.C.) Memorial. 
P. 1827. 

Jefferson. J. 8. Richardson. Speech 
In opposition to disunion, convention, 
and nullification. Charleston, 1830. 

Jehan, Dr., of the Hall Ryal. John 
Jamieson, D.D. A new Bannatyne gar- 
land: compylit be . . . Imprentit at 
Sanct Paulis Wark, at Zule, in the pres- 
ent zeir. MDCCCXXVIII. 

Jehu, Junior. T. Gibson BowUsy ed- 
itor of " Vanity Fair" (L.), in his weekly 
biographies contributed to that sheet. 

Jenkins, S. Joshua. E. D. Taylor. 

Jenks, Jacquetta Agneta Mariana, 
of Belgrove Priory in Wales. Wil- 
liam Beckford, Azemia ... a novel . . . 
L. 1707. 

Jenny Maria. Celine Rcnard. Monde 
ct solitude. Paris, 1878. 

Jepphl, Recos. Joseph Price. Min- 
isterial almanack ... L. 1783. 

Jepson, Ring. Henry Jepson Latham. 
Among the Mormons. San Fran. 188-. 

Jermyn, Dud. Walter R. Benjamin. 

Jerry, Uncle. Mrs. Anne (Emerson) 
Porter. Letters to young mothers. B. 

Jessamine, James. Bryan Waller 
Procter y in the London "Literary Ga- 

Jesse, Uncle. C E. Babb. Talks 
about the war. Cin. 187-. 

Jeune moraliste, Le. JSmile Des- 
champs. Le jeune moraliste. Paris, 1826. 

Jinks, Joshua Jedidiah. W. B. 
Dick. Uncle Josh's trimk-fuU of fun. 
N.Y. 187-. 

Joannes, Count. George Jones. His- 
tory of ancient America. N.Y. 18'i3. 

Jobber, A. Daniel Defoe. The anat- 
omy of Exchange Alley ; or, a system of 
stock-jobbing ... L. 1719. 

Jobbry, Archibald. John Gait. The 
member : an autobiography . . . L. 1832. 

Johannes Catholicus. John Rutty. 
An essay towards a contrast between 
Quakerism and Methodism . . . Bristol, 

John. John Wesley Beach, in numer> 
ous letters contributed to the "Sun" 

John. Sampson Sandys. John's let- 
ter to Dame Europa, expostulating 
against being called a coward. L. 1871. 

John, Archbishop of Tuam. John 
McJSaUf D.D., in several letters on the 
questions of the Church Establishment 
and Education. 

John, Corporal. Charles P. G' Conor. 
Songs for soldiers. L. 1884. First pul>- 
lished in William Fieldson's journal 
week after week. 

John, Don. Jean Ingelow. Off the 
Skelligs. L. 1873. 

John Earl of Stair. John Dalrymple, 
5th Earl of Stair. The state of the 
national debt, the national income, and 
the national expendittire ... By . . . 
Edinb. 1777. 

John, Junior. Thomas Gibson Bowles, 
editor olf the ** London Vanity Fair." 




Jobn, Uncle. EUsha Notice, The 
boy's book of industrial information. 
N.Y. 1868. 

John, Uncle. John Aikin. Children's 
album of pretty pictures, with stories. 
N.Y. 18-. 

John, Uncle. J. J. Fuller. Uncle 
John's flowei^gatherers . . . N.Y. 1869. 

John, Uncle. Edvoin O. Chapman, in 
" Our Boys' Own Stories." N.Y. 1870. 

John At StUee. John DowdaU. Tra- 
ditionary anecdotes of Shakespeare. 
Collected in Warwickshire in the year 
1603 ... L. 1838. 

John of Enon. David Benedict, D,D, 
The watery war: a poetical description 
of the existing controversy between the 
Pedobaptists and Baptists ... B. 1808. 

John, of Manchester. John Bos- 
worth, as editor of the " Sailor, the Sin- 
ner, and the Saint : the eventful life of 
George Yiney, late of Manchester" (L. 

John of York. John K. Tobin, in 
the " Old New York Spirit." 

John, Gabriel. Thomas jyUrfey, 
Essay towards the theory of the intelli- 
gible world intuitively considered. n.p., 

Johnson, Abraham. Dr. John HiU. 
Lucina sine concubitu ... L. 1760. 

Also attriboted to Rev. H. Coventry. 

Johnson, Benjamin F. James Whit- 
comb BUejf. The Old Swimmin' Uole. 
Indianapolis, 1883. 

Jonah. John P. Wetmore. An Ameri- 
can bicycler. 

Jonathan, Brother. Octavius Blewitt. 

Jonathan, Uncle. Jonathan Badgley. 
English Grammar, taught in plain, famil- 
iar conversations, by . . . Utica, N.Y., 

Jones, Cupid. Frank S. Saltus, in 
his contributions to the " Clipper " (N. Y.). 

Jones, Ignatius. Graham A. Worth. 

Jones, Mrs. Jane. Jenny Diver. 

Jones, Mi^or Joseph. William The- 
odore Thompson. Major Jones's court- 
ship. P. 1844. 

Jones, T. Percy. William Edmons- 
toune Aiftoun. Firmilian ; or, the student 
of Badajoz : a spasmodic tragedy . . . 
Edinb. 1854. 

Jones, Thomas. Charles Bright and 
others. The Hamlet controversy 1 . . . 
L. 1867. 

Jones, Trinity, or, Jones of Nay- 
land. William Jones, of Nayland. 
The Catholic doctrine of the Trinity 
proved . . . 1756. 

Jonquil. J. L. Collins. Was she 
engaged ... P. 1875. 

Jorrocks, Mr. John. Robert Smith 
Surtees, Jorrock's jaunts and jollities. 
L. 1850. 

Joseph, Uncle. Joseph Banks, The 
trip to the Great Exhibition of Barnabas 
Blandydash and family. By... L. 1851. 

Joseph, Nathan. George Houston. — 
See "An Israelite." 

Josephus, Jr. Joseph Barry. The 
annals of Harper's Perry, from . . . 1704 
to . . . 1860 . . . Hagerstown, Md., 

Josh, Uncle. Otis Whitcomb, of Swan- 
sea, N.H., in the original play entitled 
"Joshua Whitcomb." 

Joslyn, M^Jor Jep. J. E, P. Doyle. 

Josslyn, Jeff. J. E. Ferguson. Wash- 
ington correspondent of "Texas Sift- 

Journalist, IL Samuel R. Hammond 
and Lewis W. Mansfield. Country mar- 
gins and summer rambles of . . . N.Y. 

Journalist, A« Charles T. Congdon, 
Beminlscences of . . . B. 1880. 

Journey-man, A. Charles F. Black- 
bum. A continental tour of eight days 
for forty-four shillings. L. 1870. 

Journeyman Engineer, The. Thomas 
Wright. Johnny Robinson: the story 
of ... an " Intelligent Artisan." By . . . 
L. 1868. ' 

Journeyman Mason, A. Hugh Mil- 
ler. Poems written in the leisure hours 
of . . . Inverness, 1820. 

Journeyman Printer, A. Charles 
Manby Smith. The working man's way 
in the world ; or, the autobiography of a 
Journeyman Printer. L. 1853. 

Journeyman Tailor, A. P. D. HolU 
haus. Wanderings of . . . through Eu- 
rope and the East, 1824-40. N.Y. 1842. 

Joyeuse, Vjrvian. Winthrop Mack- 
worth Praed, in his contributions to 
"Knight's Quarterly Magazine" (L.). 

Judy, Aunt. Mrs. Margaret (Scott) 
Gatty. The fairy godmothers, and other 
tales. L. 1851. 

Jugg, M. T. Joseph Howard, Jr., in 
the New York "Herald." 

Jules. Jean Joseph Gamier. Trait<^ 
du change. Paris, 1841. 

Julia, Aunt. Julia Colman. Boys 
and girls' illustrated bird-book. N.Y. 

Julian. Karl Richard Waldemar 
Uschner. Der letzte Mlnnesflnger. 1875. 

Julio. Joseph Sykes, M.A. Later 
poems ... L. 1871. 

Julius. Richard Rush. Probably his 
signature in the Philadelphia "Port- 
folio " of 1803-4. 




June, Jennie. Mrs. Jennie ( Cunning- 
ham) Croly. Jennie Juneiana. Talks on 
women's topics. By . . . B. 1804. Also 
in numerous works for juveniles. 

June, Jessie. Mrt, Simelde Forbes. 

Junta. Caleb Whitefoord, who wrote 
the letter in the "Public Advertiser" 
signed " Junia/' which had the honor of 
being replied to bj Junius himself. 

Juniolus Canadensis. Thomas Cory, 
editor of the "Quebec Mercury," who, 
in 1818, published in that paper, imder 
this pseud., an invective in the style of 
Junius, against Mr. Stuart, a member of 
the Lower Canadian House. 

Junior Sophister, A. Samuel Dexter, 
The progress of science: a poem • . . 
n.p. 1780. 

Juniper. One of the pseudonyms at- 
tributed to Junius (q-v.), 

Tbe letter thus signed (Deo. 4, 1771), le de- 
signed, like thoM of PbilOMJunius, *' to explain, 
defend, and aupport the reputation of tbe prln- 

Juniper, Julius, poet laureat to 
the Royal College of Physicians. 

Thomas Foster ^ B.A. The Bnmoniad : 
an heroic poem ... L. 1789. 

Junius. — See p. 146. 

" At the time when tbe * Letters ' appeared, 
pamphlets abounded, fixing their authorship, to 
tbe perfect satisfaction of each pamphleteer, 
upon every public man; the * Qent. Mag.' 
opened its columns to suggestions, and was filled 
with them; in 1824, the 'Monthly Magazloo' 
renewed the subject; in 1837, pamphlets again 
appeared, with fresh lights, which nickered and 
went out; and lately, VNotes and Queries' has 
worked like a mole on the subject; but they all 
have been gropings in the dark. We believe the 
* Letters ' have been fathered, with a greater or 
less degree of confidence, upon upwards of forty 

?ubllc characters. The roost favoured were 8n* 
hillp Francis, Lord I^ttelton, Colonel Barr^, 
Burke, J. Dunning (afterwards T^ord Ashbur- 
ton), Chatham, Dr. Wllmott, Hugh Boyd, 
Wilkes, Uorne Tooke, Lord George Backville, 
Governor Pownall, Sir. G. Jackson, Maclean, 
and Dr. Hidney Bwinnoy. The wildest conjec- 
tures have gained believers, and there have been 
madmen to lav them to George III., a Captain 
Allen, Suett the comedian, Combe (the author 
of *Dr. Syntax'), Bickcrton, an eccentric Oxo- 
nian, and an utterly unknown Mr. Jones. Who 
this famous writer was, will bo a question asked 
by generations to follow us." — See Andbews's 
British Journalism, Vol. I., p. 185. 

" Numerous were tbe disputants who, emulat- 
ing tbe fame of Junius, now rushed into the lists 
with high-sounding Roman names. Marcus 
Antonius, Sclpio, Brutus, Cato, Valerius, Vir- 
glnlus, plavef] the buffoon in the ' Evening Post,' 
and thonght they were dividing the laurels with 
the great gladiator of the ' Public Advertiser ' ; 
but they were Uomans only in name, — Grub- 
street claimed them for its own. Crabbe has had 
his laugh at them in his poem of 'The News- 
paper': — 

" * These Roman souls, like Rome's great sons, 

are known 
To live in ceils on labours of their own ; 

Thus Mi'o, coold w« see the noble chief, 
Feeds, lor his country's good, on legs of beef; 
Camillus copies deeds for sordid pay. 
Yet fights tbe public battles twice a day! 
E'en now, the godlike Brutus views his score 
Hcroll'd on tbe bar board, swinging with tbe 

Where, tippling punch, grave Cato's self you'U 

And Amor PatrliB vending smuggled tea.' " 

See Aitdbxwb'b British Journalism, Vol. I., 
p. 187. See also l)s Ouimcbt's Note-Book of 
an English Qpium Eater, 

Junius. Junius H. Browne. 

Junius. Ebenezer Smith Thomas, his 
signature in the ''Charleston (S.C.) City 
Gazette," 1810-16. 

Junius. Rev. Calvin Colton. The cri- 
sis of the country ... The credit sys- 
tem and the no credit system. N. Y. 1840. 

Junius. Thomas Rowe Edmonds, B.A. 
On the reform of the income and prop- 
erty tax. A letter ... to Joseph Hume, 
Esq, M.P. " Daily News " (L.), 1863. 

Junius, Jr. George T. Denison. A 
review of the militia policy of the pres- 
ent administration . . . Hamilton, 1803. 

Junius Americanus. David Everett, 
author of political essays in the " Boston 
Gazette " under this signature. 

Junius Americanus. Dr. Charles 
Lee, a frequent contributor to the " Gaz- 
etteer'* and "Public Advertiser" from 
1760 to 1771. He is referred to by Ju- 
nius in the tatter's private correspond- 
ence with Mr. Woodfall. 

Junius Americanus. Arthur Lee. 
The political detection ... L. 1770. 

Junius Americanus. George Os- 
borne Steams. A review of " A Discourse 
occasioned by the death of Daniel Web- 
ster, preached . . . October 81, by Theo- 
dore Parker "... By . . . B. 1853. 

Junius Hibemicus. John Egan, in 
his letters to the " General Evening Post " 
(Dublin, 1781-82). — See "N. & Q.," 2d 
series, viii., 166. 

Junius Secundus. William Fletcher, 
in his contributions to the "General 
Evening Post" (Dublin, 1781-«2). — See 
" N. & Q.," 2d series, viii., 166. 

Junius Secundus. Charles Kelsall. 
Constantino and Eugene ... By . . . 
Brussels, 1818. 

Jupiter of the Press, The. The 
London Times. 

Juriscola. Tench Coxe. An exami- 
nation of the conduct of Great Britain 
respecting Neutrals since the year 1791. 
B. 1808. 

Jurisconsult. S. S. Boyd. Consid- 
erations on the appointment of a Justice 
of the Supreme Court of the United 
States . . . Natchez (?), 1852. 



["Junius" Lbtticrs.] 

Juris Consultiifl. Bev, Alonzo Bowen 
Chapin, contributor to the "Knicker- 
bocker," etc., and author of a number of 
bookg and pamphlets. 

Juryman, A. William Creech, An 
account of the trial of William Brodie 
and George Smith . . . Edlnb. 1788. 

Jitrymsn, A. William Smellie. An 
address to the people of Scotland on the 
nature, powers, and privileges of juries : 
bj . . . Edinb. 1784. 

Justla, a Kno^r-Nothiiis. F, Col- 
hum Adams. Our world; or, the Demo- 
crats' rule ... L. 1855. 

Juatlfled Sinner, A. James Hogg, 
the Ettrick Shepherd. The private me- 
moirs of A Justified Sinner, written bj 
himself, with a detail of curious tradi- 
tionary facts, etc L. 1824. 

The name of the ** Binner " is Bobert Wring. 

Justinian. TTiomas Law. Remarks 
on the report of the Secretary of the 
Treasury ... By . . . Wilmington, Del., 

Justinian, of South Carolina. 
Lewis Cruger. Sovereign Bights of the 
SUtes ... W. 185-. 

Justinopliilus. Samuel Badcock. A 
letter addressed to Dr. Priestley. Exe- 
ter, 178-. 

Jnstltla. William A, Brewer, in his 
contributions to various New York and 
Boston periodicals. 

Jnstltla. Bennett Lowe. Photographic 
note book. 

Jnstltla, M. John Frearaon. The 
universal revival of religion ... L. 

Justus. C. Ebhardt. La riforma 
delle biblioteche. Milan, 1876. 

Juvenile, The. Cd. Thomas Picton^ 
in his contributions to the " Chronicle '* 
(San Francisco, Cal.), etc. 

Juvenls. J. W. Stephenson. Brent 
Knoll ... By . . . L. 1837. 

Juvenls. R. O. Arrowsmith. Doubts 
upon the reasoning of Dr. Paley ... L. 

Juvenls Suflblclensis. Robert Reeve, 
in "Gent. Mag.," January, 1806, p. 

Juvlnell, Uncle. Morrison Heady. 
The Farmer Boy [Washington], and how 
he became Commander-in-Chief ... B. 


It is not my intention — and, even did I wish to do so, the limits of the present 
work forbid it — to give a complete history of these celebrated letters. The subject 
has been practically exhausted in the many excellent editions quoted hereafter, and 
I shall confine mjself to the following statistics: — 

L The date of appearance of the letters signed "Junius," together with a list of 
the other signatures employed by this writer; to which latter pseudonyms, cross* 
references will be found scattered throughout this work. 

II. A list of all the claimants to the authorship, with the respective merits of 

IIL A bibliography of the subject. 

IV, Miscellaneous notes, etc. 

L The letters signed "Junius" ap- 
peared in the "Public Advertiser" of 
the following dates: — 

Nov. 21, 
Jan. 21, 
Feb. 7, 
Ffeb. 21, 
Ifiir. 3, 
Mat. 18, 
Apr. 10, 
Apr. 21, 
Apr. 24, 
Hay 80, 
July 8, 
July 10, 
Jaly 20, 
Aag. 8, 
Aug. 22, 


Sept. 7, 1700. 


Sept. 10, 1700. 


Sept. 26, 1700. 


Oct. 18, 1700. 


Oct. 17, 1700. 


Oct. 20, 1700. 


Nov. 15, 1700. 




Nov. 29, 1700. 


Dec. 12, 1700. 


Deo. 19, 1769. 


Feb. 14, 1770. 


Mar. 10, 1770. 


Apr. 8, 1770. 


Hay 28, 1770. 

Aug. 22, 
Nov. 14, 
Jan. 30, 
Apr. 22, 
Judo 22, 
July 0, 
July 24, 
Aug. 13, 



Sept 28, 1771. 
Sept. 80, 1771. 
Oct. 6, 1771. 
Nov. 2, 1771. 
Nov. 28, ini. 
Jan. 21, 1772. 
(Two letters.) 

See alio:— A. B. Amleue Curiae. Anti- 
Belial. Anll'Fox. Anti-Sejanos, Jnn. Antl- 
Btuart. Attlcu*. Auffur. BIfrons. Brutua. 
C. Correggio. Crito. Oumbriensls. Domitlan. 
Downright. A Faithful Monitor. Fiat Justltla. 
O. W. Henricus. Juniper. L. L. A Labourer 
in the tame Cause. Lucius. Mneroon. Moder- 
ator. Moderatus. Nemesis. Phalarls. Pbl!o- 
Jnnlus. Pomona. Poplicola. QinthoCom;r. 
Scotus. Simplex. Temporum Fellcltas. Tcs- 
tleulua. Testis. Valerius. Veteran. Vladex. 

["Jcxica" LBTTBua.] 


A Whig. Wby ? X. X. T. 7L Your Real 

Bee aleo <* Notes and Qaerlee/* let Ser., x\. 
TSa; zli. 299. 

II. The following list of 61 names, 
embraces the personages to whom these 
celebrated letters have been attributed. 
The Roman numerals appended to the 
notes indicate the corresponding work in 
the bibliograph/ (Part III.)* 

Adair, James, M.P., Serjeant at Law. 
d. 1708. 

A Mr. Bergeant Adair was onco produced, on 
the plea of certain ephemeral parapnlets, but the 
f eebleuMs they evinced cauaea bim lo be quickly 
given up.— VVAOB, "Junius." ii. xv. 

The reader should also consult the lengthpr 
argument of Mr. Adair ogalnst granting a nolle 
proteqtU in favor of the messengen of the House 
of Commons, and tbo reference to this case in 
Junius' letter of April 0, 1771. 

Allen, Captain. — Sec "Notes and 
Queries/' 1st Ser., xi. 302. 

Barr^, Ideut-Col. Isaac, M.P. 

In the works by Britton and Jaques (Nos. 
Lxzzv. and Lzxxn.), I find the opinion ex- 
pressed thai Barr^ was aided by Lord Bhelbume 
and Dunning (afterwards Lord A«bburtOD). 
The " Morning Herald," as eorly as 1813, sUted 
that the Earl of Bhelbume was probably Junius, 
and that Barrd and Dunning sMlstod him. 

For the claims advanced in favor of and 
against Barr^, see Jaques' work, p. 141, AiU- 
bone, Britton, Wade, u. zzix. and No. i.ttvi. 

Bentinck, WUIiam Henry Ca\*en- 


His name is mentioned in Coventry'a '''Critical 
Enquiry" (see No. ua.), 

Bickerton, Mr. 

In the " Oxford Spy " (Oxf.), 1818, p. 24, will 
be found a notice of this eccentric individual, 
who is said to have kept a horse in Hertford 
College, Oxford, which was sometimes seen 
looking out of a window on the second floor. 
For additional information, see ** Notes and Que- 
ries," 1st Ser., xi. 870. 

Boyd, Hugk M'Aulay. b. 1740; d. 

Boyd's claims are summarily disposed of In 
Wade's work (No. lxxyii.). Almon, in the 
iirat volume of " Anecdotes," published in 1797, 
deeignates Boyd as the author of Junius. Bee 
also Wraxall, " Memoira of his own Time," 1836, 
11. 03-94, and Noe. xxx., xxxiti., xux., LI. 

Boyd has been described as " an admirer of 
Junius, and vain enough to wish to be thought 
the author. " 

As to Macaulay Boyd's being the author of 
Junlus's Lettera, It is a perfect Joke ; no two 
characters can bo more perfectly unlike than 
Boyd and Junius. -^ Butler, " iieminiscences," 

Burke, Rt. Hon. Edmund, b. 1728 ; 

d. 1797. 

Bishop Markham, an early fHend and patron 
of Burtce, taxed the latter with the authorship 
of the " Lettera," telling him that his house was 
a "nest of adders." Although Burke never 
made any positive denial to this imputation, he 
certainly dbavowed any connection with Junius, 

on three distinct occasions. Firstly, be sold to 
Charles Townshend, *' I give you my word and 
honour that I am not the author of Junius." — 
Bee Burke's ** Correspondence," by Lord Fits. 
William, 1. 260-275. Secondly, be positively de- 
nied the imputed authorship, on being ques- 
tioned by Sir William Draper: and lastlv, be 
made a denial to Johnson, when he said, "I 
could not if I would, and I would not if I 
could." — See Bosweli's "Johnson," iv., for the 
detailed circumstances. 

It seems somewhat strange, however, tliat 
Burke should have been so generally suspocted 
as the author. That such was the case, never- 
theless, is obvious, not onlyfrom the opinion at 
flret entertained by Sir William Draper, but 
from various public accusations conveyed in the 
periodicals of the day. The letter of Zeno in 
the •' Public Advertiser," dated Oct. 15, 1771, is 
addressed '* to Junius, alku Edmund the Jesuit 
of St. Omer's." 

See also Wade's edition of Woodfall, ii., 
xxvii. 138, and Nos. zzzvin., LZix., lxiv., and 


Burke, William. — See No. lxxxvi. 

Butler, John, Bishop of HerefonL 
d. 1802. 

Butler was secretary to the Rt. Hon. Bilson 
Legge, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Wilkes 
is said to have suspected him as the author. 
Butler, however, was a roan of no political cour- 
age, and bis works lack the fire which character- 
ize the " Letten." His ctsims are discussed In 
Dr. Good's Essay, in the edition published in 1814. 

Camden, Charles, liOfd. b. 1713; d. 


It appears almost ludicrous to note that the 
great Lord Camden was suspected, simpiv on 
the ground of his dislike to the law and politics 
of Chief Justice Mansfield. — Wjjdb. 

De liolme, John Ijewis. b. 1745 ( ? ) ; 
d. 1807. 

De Loiroe*s claims are advocated In Dr. Bus- 
by's work (see No. xlvi.), but it must be remem- 
bered that he only arrived in England in 170B. 
Ht5 is the author of an elegantly written " Essay 
on the English Constitution," which is quoted 
by Jnnius. 

Dunning, John, afterwards Uord 
Ashburton. b. 1731; d. 1783. 

The soul of Junius is, as wo conlecture, com- 
memorated in the picture exhibited in Sir Joshud 
Kcvnold's gallery, representing Lord Sholbumc 
of Junlus's day, Mr. Dunning, and Colonel Barr6 
of parliamentary fame, in conference. — JaQUES, 
p. 141. (See Barr6, arite.) 

Heron espouses the claims of Dunning, and 
Britton Includes him among his claimants; but 
a very strong point against him is the fact that 
he was appointed solicitor-general in December, 
1767, and held that office until March, 1770. 
Hence, admitting that he was Junius, the fan.ous 
letter " to the king," in December, 1760. must 
have proceeded from Ids Majesty's own solicitor- 
general 1 The Earl of Shelbume, who was In- 
timately acquainted with Dunnlne, often declared 
that the latter did not " write a line of Junius.'* 

Dyer, Samuel, b. 1725; d. 1772. 

Dyer is referred to in Malone's ** Life of Dry- 
den,'' as "a man of excellent taste and profound 
erudition, whose principal literary work, ufuier 
a Roman xifftttUure, when the veil with which 
for near thirty-six years it lias been enveloped 
shall be removed, will place him In a high runk 


["Junius" Letters.] 

among Eogllth writers, and traotmit a namo 
&OW little known, with distingulahed luatro to 

Malone held the opinion that if B'lrko did not 
write the Letters, they were at least written by 
some one who had received considerable nid 
from Burke in composing them. It is said that 
npon Dyer's death, Uurke obtained and destroyed 
ail the papers which he had left behind him. 

Ifalono strongly fitvored the claims of Dyer, 
but it must be remembered that this claimant 
was a very old man at the time when these let- 
ters appeared, a fact inconsistent with the vigor 
and fire thfiy exhibit. 

8eo also Dr. Good's Essay, and *' Notes and 
Queries," 2d Ser., iz. 261. 

Flood, Henry, b. 1732; d. 1701. 

For extensive criticisms in favor of and against 
the claims of this Irish orator, the reader Is re- 
ferred to Dr. Good's Essay, Wade i. 79 (No. 
Lzzvn.), and **Note« and Queries," 2d Her., 
viil. 101, 180, 250. 

Francis, Sir PhOlp. b. 1740; d. 1818. 

The external evidence Is, we think, such as 
would support A verdict in a civil, nay, In a crim- 
inal proceeding. The handwriting of Junius is 
the very peculiar handwriting of Francis, slightly 
diagoisea. As to the position, pursuits, and 
eonnections of Junius, the following are the 
most important (acta which can be considered as 
clearly proved: First, thai he was acquainted 
with the technical forms of the secretary of 
state's office; secondly, that he was intimately 
acquainted with the business of the War-office ; 
thirdly, that he, during the year 1770, attended 
debates in the House of Lords, and took notes of 
speechea, particularly of the speeches of Lord 
Oiatbam ; lourthlv, that he bitterly resented the 
appointment of Mr. Chamler to the place of 
depntv-secretary of war; fifthly, that he was 
bound by some strong tie to the first Lord Hol- 
land. Now, Francis passed some years in the 
secretary of state's oflaco. He was subsequently 
chief clerk of the War-office. He repeatedly 
mentioned that he had himself, in 1770, heard 
speeches of Lord Chatham; and some of these 
speechea were actually printed from his notes. 
Ho resigned his clerkahip at the War-office from 
resentment at the appointment of Mr. Chamler. 
It was by Lord Holland that ho was firat intro- 
duced into the public service. Now, here are 
five marks, all of which ought to be found in 
Junius. Thev are all five found in Francis. 
We do not believe that more than two of them 
can bo found in any other person whatever. If 
this argument does not settle the question, there 
la an end of all reasoning on circumstantial evi- 
dence. — Macaitlat. 

My own impression Is that the "Lettera of 
Junius " were written bv Sir Philip Francis. In 
a speech which I once ucard him deliver at the 
Mansion House, concerning the partition of Po- 
land, I had A striking proof that Oancis pos- 
sessed no ordinary powers of eloquence. — Roo- 
ZBS, " Table Talk,'^ p. 272. 

I liave inserted the foregoing quotations, to in- 
dicate what has been said in favor of Francis' 
cdaims; If the reader is curious enough to pur- 
sue the subject more extensivelv, he will find a 
chapter on the disputed question In the *' Memoira 
of etr Philip Francis," by I'arkes and Merivale, 
L. 18S7, 1. 223-303. See also Taylor's works, Nos. 
XL. and ZLYin. ; Wade, ii. zxx.-xc. No. lzxtii. ; 
"Notes and Queries," 1st Ser., xi. 117, and Nos. 
Ur^ LTI., LVIt., Lxxvrii., xc. 

'The following letter, taken from the " Atho- 
n«am,'* March IC, 1S61, may be of Interest in this 
place: — 

My Deab Pabexs, — 

I have often tried to guess the meaning of the 
motto to Junius, *'Stat nominU umbra" *'The 
shadow of the name stands." But in looking, the 
other day, at the title-page of the *' Etvmologlcon 
Angllcanum," I thought that I could guess the 
meaning. The title is, — 

Franciscil Junll 
Francisci Filii 

And under the frontispiece are these words :— 

Franciseus Junius, 
Francisci Filius. 

We know that Sir P. Francis often gave ob- 
scure liints as to his authorship of Junius. I 
think that by the words, '* Stat iUfmirUa umbra,** 
he meant to indicate that Junius was the son of 
Francis. This may seem far-fetched ; but what 
other explanation of the motto can you give? My 
explanation is ttiat he meant to establish a claim 
to the authorship, without being forced to make 
that claim ; which. In fact, he never had the cour- 
ts* to do. N. w. SENIOR. 

Taylor, in Woodfall's edition of 1812, was the 
firat person who fixed upon Francis as the author ; 
but he fell into one of the snares which Junius 
had adroitly laid for cnauirers. Misled " by one 
of those well-contrived feints that were me;mt to 
mislead," Mr. Taylor inferred that Junius must 
be a person of advanced yeara, and fixed upon 
the Rev. Philip Francis, the father of Sir Philip, 
as the author. The eider Francis was a fine classi- 
cal scholar, celebrated for his masterly transla- 
tions of Horace and Demosthenes ; but when Mr. 
Taylor discovered him to be ten years older than 
he nad at first been led to believe, ho devoted alt 
his attention toward proving the claims of the 
younger man, and embodied his researches in a 
subsequent volume. 


Sir Nathaniel Wraxall Is convinced that Sir 
Philip Francis was the author of Junius. I do 
not yet believe it. He was too vain a man to let the 
secret die with him. — Sir Eoebton Brtdobs' 
** Notes on Wraxall's Memoirs." 

I persist in thinking that neither Mr. Burke 
nor Philip Francis was the author of the let- 
ters under the signature of Junius. I think the 
mind of the flret so superior, and the mind of the 
latter so inferior, to that of Junius, as to put 
the supposition that cither of them was Junius 
wholly out of the question. — Mb. Charles But- 
ler's Letter to Mr. E. H. Barker, June 14, 1828. 

We must all grant that a strong case has been 
made out for f^nds; but I could set up very 
stout objections to those claims. It was not In 
his nature to keep a secret. Ho would have told 
it from vanity, or from his courage, or from his 
patriotism. His bitterness, his vivacity, his acute- 
ncss, are stamped, in characters very i)eculiar, 
upon manv publications that bear his name ; and 
verv faint indeed is their resemblance to the spirit, 
ana, in an extended sense of the word, to the style, 
of Junius. — Db. Parr. 

With reference to the claims of Sir Philip, I 
am Inclined to use the form of argument called a 
•• dilemma." Thus, if Sir Philip Francis was the 
author of the letters, he was a ncurrilous libel- 
ler; if he was not, he was aplendide mendaXt^ 
lUrum horum mavis acdpe. -^ John Wilkins, 
In 1865. 

Francis' claims are also adveraely discussed in 
Fellows' " The Posthumous Works of Junlns." 
No. Lxvn.; Jaqnefl, p. 173, No. Lxxv.; "Notes 
and Queries,'* 2d Ser., vi. 43; 3d Ser., viU. 183, 

["Juirius" Lbttbkb.] 


856, xl. 103; 4tb 8er.. xl. 180, 178. 202, 248, 887, 
i'25, 405, 512, xii. 33, 09, 81 ; and No«. lit., ltui., 
Lziv., uocxm. 

George III., King of England. 

** Ma*am Sorres condomns oil aaplrera to pot 
That prate of a Juolus, since Uncle Wllmot 
Banks scribe of each letter she dares pledge her 

As suro as not one came from King George the 


See Ireland's poem, " Scrlbbleomanla,*' p. 808, 
for a carious note on tills subject. 

Gibbon, Edward, b. 1737; d. 1704. 

This claimant, beyond holding a position, does 
not seem to have distinguished himself to any 
extent In the politics of his day, his mind being 
too absorbed in the great task which has made 
him fSomdOQS. Bee Nos. lii., lit. 

Glover, Richard, b. 1712; d. 1785. 

Johnston declares that ho has no faith in the 
claim of UloTer, althoush bis advocates, as cor- 
roborative facts, assert that he " wore a bag, with 
his wig accurately dressed, and carried a small 
cocked hat under his arm, before the year 1770, 
and in this costume constantly walk^l, in fine 
weather, from his house In Bt. James Street, in 
Westminster, into the city*'; this fact being 
brought forward in proof of his being identicu 
with the " tall gentleman " who threw the letter 
into Mr. Woodfall's office in Ivy Lane. 

Wrnxall, in his '* Memoirs of his own Time," 
1830, 11. 07, states that Glover's son assured him 
that *' ho had not the least reason to suppose or 
to believe that his father composed the fetters of 
Junius." Bee Nos. zu., zlii. 

Grattan, Henry, b. 1750; d. 1820. 

Grattan's claims were advocated by R. Perry 
in 1831; in the 1800 edition of the '* Letters,^' 
published by Almon, the compiler save that it 
was supposed by some that Grattan and Maclean 
wero the joint authors. Mr. Almon addressed a 
letter of inquiry to the Irish patriot, which evoked 
the following reply : -^ 

Sib, — I frankly assure you that I know noth- 
ing of Junius, except that I am not the author. 
When Junius began 1 was a boy, and knew noth- 
ing of politics, or the persons concerned in them. 

I am. Sir, not JunitM, but your very good 
wisher and obedient servant, 

JhOain, Nov. 4, 1806. ^ GRATTAN. 

Greatrakes, William, b. 1720; d. 

This claimant is brought forward in the " Qeni, 
Mag." for December, 1813, ixxzili. 647; in Cov- 
entry's "Critical Enquiry," No. LZi.; and In 
Wraxall's " Memoirs." 

Greatrakes, a native of Ireland, died suddenly 
at Hungerford, on his way fh>m Bristol to Lon- 
don, and was buried there, with the words " stat 
nominis umbra " insert bed on his tombstone. As 
this motto figures on the " Junius " title-page, it 
is easy to imagine how he comes to be classed 
among the claimants. Britton undertakes to prove 
that Greatrakes was the amanuensis employed by 
Junius to copy his letters for the " Pobilo Adver- 
tiser"; "but it ought first to he shown," says 
Wade, " that .Junius employed an amanuensis. 
If he did, and Greatrakes was his penman, it 
could hardly give him a claim to the motto of his 
principal. That was a distinction, which, if it 
has any significance, could be applicable only to 
the shadow of a shade that wrote the letters, not 
the copyist of them." 

Grenvllle, George, b. 1712; d. 1770. 

The prime-minister died before the letters 
were discontinued, hence but little attention 
need be paid to his claims. 

Grenvllle, James, d. 1783. 

He was the brother of the preceding, and Lord 
of the Treasury. Although he has been accused 
of the authorship, he himself established no claims 
to the honor. 

Hamilton, William Gerard. b. 

1720 ; d. 1706. 

This claimant is mentioned in Pr. Good's 
essay; and a letter in the *' Publio Advertiser ** 
of Nov. 80, 1771, is addressed to William Junius 
Singlespeecb, EaO' Fox said, that, although be 
would not back Hamilton against the field, he 
would back him against any single claimant; and 
Wraxall declares, that, " throughout the various 
companies in which, from 1775 down to the pres- 
ent time, I have heard this mysterious question 
agitated, the great majority concurred in giving 
to Hamilton the merit of oom posing the 'Let- 
ters ' under examination." Mrs. Plozzl and Sam- 
uel Johnson were both inclined to believe in his 

The only reason that appears for these letters 
ever having been attributed to Hamilton was that 
he happened to be aware of the context of a let- 
ter which did not make its appearance until the 
following day. (For a full account of this curioua 
story, the reader is referred to " Notes and Que- 
ries,'^ 2d Scr., vi. 44.) 

The arguments against him are four in num- 
ber, and very conclusive : — 

1. He was Chancellor of the Exchequer In 
Ireland from September, 1700, to April, 1704,— 
the period when all the letters appeared. 

2. When questioned on the subject, by Earl 
Temple, he positively denied the authorship. See 
Dr. food's " Essay,'' p. M. 

8. Woodfall declared that neither Burke nor 
Hamilton were responsible for the Letters. 

4. Hamilton again dlstinctl v denied the author- 
ship. Just before his death, when questioned by a 
member of the House of Commons. 

HoUis, James. 

He is referred to, as a claimant, by Wade and 

Hoilis, Thomas, b. 1720; d. 1774. 

Alluded to in Coventry's "Critical Enquiry,'* 
No. LZI. 

Jackson, Sir George, Secretary of the 

For an account of the claims advanced in hit 
favor, see " Notes and Queries," 1st Ser., i. 172, 

Jones, Sir William, b. 1746; d. 1704. 

Mentioned, as a claimant, by Coventry and 

Kent, Jolin. d. 1773. 

Kent wished to pass for Junius; but, accord- 
ing to Almon, ho was only a newspaper editor, 
at a small weekly salary. See the "Letter** 
dated July 21, 1700, in which Junius refers io 
this personage. 

Lee, MaJ.-Gen. Charles, b. 1731 ; d. 

In 1803, Ocn. Leo Is said to have acknowl- 
edged himself the author. If the reader Is de- 
sirous of seeing some curious evidence against 
the claimant, he is referred to Wade, i. 01-^. 


["Junius" Lbttbbs.] 

While Olrdlestone (No*, xzzin. and zzzni.) 
M etfectivoly espoused his claims. 

liloyd, Charles, d. 1773. 

Lloyd was the private secretary to George 
OrenvIUe, and among those who believed in his 
claims was Dr. Parr. It roust not, however, be 
forgotten, that this claimant died, an old man, 
just after the letters had ceased, which fact is 
scarcely in harmony with the spirit they exhibit. 
Bee the interesting book by Mr. Barker, Nos. 
Lxm., uav.; also Jaques* work, 147-171, No. 

liyttleton, Thomas, 2d Lord. b. 
1744; d. 1779. 

Mr. DUke, in his " Papers of a Critic,*' vol. 
il., and Mr. Thorns, in *' Notes and Queries," 1st 
6er., zi. 198, have shown that Lyttleton no 
longer deserves a place among the Junius claim- 

See also «' Notes and Qoeriee," 1st 8er., vill. 
31; "Litteirs Living Age," xliL 223; and the 
** Quarterly Review," ze. 91. 

3Iaclean, Iiaughlln. b. 1727; d. 1777. 

This claimant had been nnder-secretary of 
atato during Lord Shelburne's possession of the 
office for tho southern department. (Bee Ju- 
nius' " Lcttf'r," of date March 0, 1771.) During 
the years 1709 and 1770, when Junius was most 
active, Mr. Macl<«n *' waa absorbed in his own 
pecuniary difficulties consequent on gambling In 
India stock " ; and in 1772 ho was acting as 
collector in the city of Philadelphia in this 
country, while the ** Letters " were still appear- 
ing in England. 8eeOalt,"Lifeof Wcst.^ Al- 
roon, in 1806, thought that ho was a joint-author 
with Orattan. Twenty .two ailments have been 

ftublished in favor of Maclean, in " Waldio's (P.) 
Jbrary," edited by John Jay Smith. See also 
** Notes and Queries," 2d Ser., vii. 310. 

Marshall, Rev. Edmund, d. 1707. 

This gentleman, vicar of Charing, in Kent, 
occasionally wrote political letters in tho *' Kent- 
ish Gazette," over the pseudonym of '*Cantia- 
nns." His claims are referred to in Nichols' 
"Literary Illustratioiifl of the Eighteenth Cen- 
tar)-," viU. 680. 

Paine, Thomas, b. 1787 ; d. 1800. 

See No. LXZZix. Tho audacity of the author 
of this work is my apology for Its insertion. 

Pitt, WiUlam, Earl of Chatham, b. 

1708; d. 1778. 

Chatham could not Tery well have been Ju- 
nius, as the latter was very anzious to obtain 
duplicate proofs from the printer to forward to 
PiU (SCO the ** Chatham Papers," p. 52), and tho 
celebrated letter to Lord Mansfield, it is well 
known, was sent to Chatham some days before 
it was printed. Moreover, Pitt, ** though most 
effective in oratory, was careless in literary com- 
position; Inezact, loose, and repetitionary: very 
unlike Junius, who not onlv polished his publlo 
Icttera to the highest flnish, hut never let the 
most brief or trivial private note escape him un- 
marked by the hand of a master." See also 
" Notes and Queries," 3d S er., vl ii. 856, 440, and 
27oa. XXZIT., LXX., LXZI., Lzxm., lzzxv. 

Portland, WUliam, Duke ot b. 

1738; d. 1800. 

See Mr. Johnston's work, No. zltxi.. In which 
tho author argues that the prindpal object of the 
** fatten" was tho restoration of the estate of 
the Duke of Portland, part of which had been 
taken fh>m him in 1707 and granted to Sir James 

Lowther, who had married Lord Bute's daugh- 

Pownall, Thomas, b. 1722 ; d. 1805. 
— See No. lxxziy. 

Rich, Ijleut.-Col., Sir Robert. — - See 


Roberts, John. d. 1772. 

This gentleman was anonymously accused of 
having written tho Letten in the ** Public Ad- 
vertiser," March 21, 1772, et ptuHm. He died 
July IS, 1772, before the Junius Letters were 

Rosenhagen, Rev. Philip. 

Upon the authority of Gerard Hamilton, it is 
related by Almon that Bosenhagen endeavored 
to obtain a pension from Lord North, by stipu- 
lating that Junius (he himself) should write no 
more. But there u no similarity In the hand- 
writing of this claimant to that of Junius, and, 
moreover, Kosenhagen being of foreign eztrac- 
tion, could hardly he master of the idiomatic 

Shraseolocr^ that Junius had at his command. 
ee also *' Notes and Queries," 3d Ser., v. 16. 

SackvUle, George, Viscount, b. 

1710; d. 1786. 

Dr. Good, in his preliminary essay to Wood- 
fall's edition of 1812, states that *' Sir William 
Draper divided his suspicions between this 
nobleman and Mr. Burke, and upon the personal 
and unequivocal denial of the latter, he trans- 
ferred them entirely to the former : and that Sir 
William was not the onlv person who suspected 
his lordship even from the firat, is evident fh>m 
the private letter of Junius, which asserts that 
Swlnney had actually called upon Lord Sack- 
ville and taxed him with being Junius, to his 
face. (See Private Letter, 6.) 

SackvlUe on one occasion observed to a friend, 
" I should be prond to be capable of writing as 
Junius has done; but there are many passages 
in his lettere I should be very sorry to have writ- 
ten." Hia lordship, moreover, was afterward 
created Lord George Germaine, a favorite of 
George III., and unlikely to be his accuser. See 
also Chalmera, " Appendix to the Supplemental 
Apology," p. 7 (No. xxz) ; Wraxall, " Memoin 
of^his own Time," ii. 00; and Nos, ua., um., 


Shelbume, Rarl of, Marquis of Lans- 
downe. d. 1804. 

He disclaimed the distinction, only a week 
before his death, on being personally applied to 
on the subject of Junius by the late Sir Klchard 
Phillips. — Wads. 

See also Barr6 and Dunning, ante. 

Stanhope, Philip Dormer, Earl of 
Chesterfield, b. 1695; d. 1772. 

Ohesterileld was over seventy yeara of age 
when the Lettera appeared, and Mr. Dilke, in 
the " Papers of a Critic, " ii., states that he wrote 
to the Bishop of Waterfoid, — "I am prodig- 
iously old, and every month of the calendar adds 
at least a year to my age. My hand trembles to 
that degree that I can hardly hold my pen. My 
underatanding stuttera and my memory fum* 

See Nos. lt., t.tttt.. 

Suett, Richard, d. 1805. 

See No. Lni. A work described as " a clumsy 
display of wit and learning; the former consist* 
ingof stale anecdotes and ill-put Jokes; the lat* 
ter of U>oktd-for quotations. To Justify hia 

["Juhidb" Lettxbs.] 


catchpenny-title, about a dosen paget at the end 
are given to the autbor's interview with a dying 
•tranger, who oonfeMed himself to be Suett the 
comedian, and the author of Junlua. 

Temple, Richard, Earl. b. 1711; 
d. 1779. 

The third volume of the " Qrenville Papers," 
edited by William J. Smith (L. 1852), contains a 
discussion on the authenticity of the Junius Let- 
ters, with specimens of the handwriting of Rich- 
ard Grenvllie, Lord Temple, et aL, assuming the 
latter to be Junius, and his wife the amanuensis. 

Mr. Wade very Justly obser^'es that "Earl 
Temple was not reputed by a discerninff Judge 
to be a writer of competent power to wing the 
shafts of Junius . . . Temple was nn active poli- 
tician, a Peer of Parliament, and brother-in-law 
of Lord Chatham, and had no need of the ' Pub- 
lic Advertiser ' to circulate his opinions." See 
Ko. LXIZ. 

Tooke, John Home. b. 1736; d. 

In the ''Memoirs of John Home Tooke," 11. 
858, I find it stated that he alwavs appeared 
much perturbed when the subject of Junius was 
Introduced. He waa once asked if he knew the 
author, and crossing his knife and fork on hla 
plate and assuming a stern look, he answered, 
** I do." '< After this," says Mr. Stephen. '* his 
manner, tone, and attitude were all too formida- 
ble to admit of any further Interrogatories." 
Bee Nos. vui., zzvui., zlxu., xliv., lxy., 

Walpole, Horatio, Earl of Orford. 
b. 1717; d. 1797. 

Coventry has thoroughly exploded anv claims 
which this personage may have been invested 
with. See Wilke's •« Papers of a CriUc," 11. 158. 

Wedderbam, Alexander. Lord 
Loughborough, b. 1733; d. 1805. 

Lord Holland, in his ** Memoirs of the Whig 
Party," remarks that Qeorge III. always re- 
garded Lord Loughborough as Junius. I be- 
lieve that Lord Holland adds that King William 
IV. was his informant. 

Lord Campbell repudiates the notion of Wed- 
derbum being Junius. Sir Nathaniel Wrazail, 
in his "Memoirs of his own Time" (ii. 97), 
states that " during many years of mv life, not- 
withstanding the severity with whlcn Wedder- 
bum is treated by ' Junius,' I nourished a strong 
belief, approaching to conviction, that the late 
Earl of Kos8lyn, then Mr. Wedderbum, was 
himself the author of these Letters, and that 

f»ersons of credit had recognized the handwrlt- 
ng to be that of Mrs. Wedderbum, bis first 

WUkes, John. b. 1727 ; d. 1797. 

It is said that a wag first propagated the re- 
port that Wilkes was Junius, In the columns of 
the *' Gazetteer." He asserted that, while going 
over St. George's Fields, he picked up a piece of 
blotted MS., containing a portion of the last 
Junius I^etter, which had been thrown out with 
the sweepings from King's Bench prison, where 
Wilkes wns then ii prisoner. A correspondent 
of the "Gent. Mag." (Hz. 786) renewed the 
statement, but nothing in support of the hypoth- 
esis has been produced. 

John Mason Good, in his preliminary essay, 
remarks, '* that Wilkes Is not the author must 
be clear to everv one who will merely give a 
fflnnce at either the public or the private letters. 
Wilkes could not nave abuccd lilinself in the 
manner he is occasionally abused in the former; 

nor woold he hare said in the latter ^Inoe there 
was no necessity for his so saying), * I have been 
out of town for three weeks,' at a time when he 
was closely confined in the King's Bench." 
See Nos. Tiu., zi. 

Wilmot, James, D.D. b. 1726; d. 

Wm. Beckford, the author of "Vathek," la 
said in a conversation In the **New Monthly 
Magazine," to have expressed his opinion that 
Wilmot was Junius, but he adduced no facta to 
prove his statement. 

Probably the only other personage who be- 
lieved in the claims of Wilmot was his niece, the 
celebrated Olivia Wilmot Serres, ei-derant 
Princess of Cumberland, and she waa an impos- 
tor herself. See Nos. xxzix., L.; the "Gent. 
Mag." for 1818 and 1814; and "Notes and Que- 
ries," 4th 6er., 11. 113. 

Wray, Daniel, b. 1701 ; d. 1783. 

Wray was Deputy Teller of the Exchequer 
by favor of the Hardwicke family. See Nichols' 
" Illustrations of Literary History " ; " Notes 
and Queries," 2d Ser., 11. 164; and No. lxyxii. 

IlL The Bibliography of Junius. 

When a title is preceded by an asterisk (*), it 
Is to indicate that the work in question has been 
personally examined by me. Subsequent editions 
of the same work are omitted. 

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answer to the Doctrine delivered in a 
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a Series of Letters between Junius and 

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brought into one point of view. L., 

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See also " Notes and Queries," 1st Ser., vi. 
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liOwndes states that this is called the third 
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Junius. With anecdotes never before 

published. L., Nicholl, 1769. Svo. 

TbU la ft mnaU pamphlet of 04 pages, and a 
parody on the subject. 

IX. A Vindication of the D of 

G [i.«. the Duke of Grafton], in 

Answer to a Letter signed "Junius" in- 
serted in the "Public Advertiser" of 
Saturday, the 18th of March. L., Nich- 
oU, 1709. Svo. 

X. Two Letters from Junius to the 

D of G , on the Sale of a Patent 

Place in the Customs at Exeter. To 
which is added, a Letter from Junius, 
containing an Address supposed to have 
been made to a Great Personage. Taken 
from the "Public Advertiser." L. [no 
publisher's name], December, 1769. Svo. 

XI. * An Address to Junius on his Let- 
ter in the "Public Advertiser," Dec. 
19, 1769. L. [no publisher's name] 

1769. Svo. 

A pamphlet, In which the letters are attributed 
to Wilkes. A second edition appeared in 1770. 

XII. The Twelve Letters of Canana: 

on the impropriety of petitioning the 

King to dissolve the Parliament. L. [? 

a publisher's name] 1770. Svo. 

A pamphlet of 44 pages, and exceedingly 
scarce. See also " Notes and Qnerles," 2d Ser., 
vl. 44. 

XIII. Two Komarkable Letters of Ju- 
nius and the Freeholder, addressed to 

the K [i.e. the King], with Answers 

and Strictures. L. [no publisher's name] 

1770. Svo. 

A pamphlet entitled " The King's Answer to 
Jnnins " appeared In Philadelphia tho following 

XIV. Letters of Junius. Dublin [? 

a publisher's name], 1770. Svo. 

A volume of 108 pages, and evidently a reprint 
of Almon's collection of the early^letten. See 
T., VI., and VII., ante. 

XV. A complete Collection of Junius's 
Letters, with those of Sir William Dra- 
per. L., A. Thomson, 1770. Svo. 

This publisher Issned a second edition with 
the same title in March or April, 1770. which con- 
tained the letter of March 19lh; a third edition 
In June, 1770, with the letters of April 3d and 
May 28th ; and a fourth edition In August, 1770, 
which contained the letter of August 22d, ad- 
dressed to Lord North. 

XTi. Junius's Political Axioms, ad- 
dressed to twelve millions of People in 
Great Britain and Ireland. L., V. Grif- 
fith, $. a. [1 1770]. Svo. 

XVII. * The Letters of Junius. L. [no 

publisher's name] 1770. 12mo. 

This Is J. Wheble*8 original edition, but does 
not bear his name. There is a vignette Cap of 
Liberty on the title-page. This woric served 
Junius as copv for his edition of 1772. It con- 
cludes with the Letter to Lord North, dated 
Aug. 22, 1770. The second edition appeared the 
same year, bore Wheble*s name on page 247, 
and ended with the letter to Mansfield dated 
^ov. 14, 1770. The first portion of the second 
volume also appeared toward the end of 1770; 
and the second portion, the following year. 
'Wheble published two editions dated 1771, 
which must have appeared after Wood/all's 
edition; as the first of them concludes with 
the note about Home Tooke, and the second 
contains the Philo-Junius Letters, and a letter 
to I^rd Apsley dated February^ 1776111 See 
also zxu. ei seq. 

xviii. Letters addressed to the King, 
the Duke of Grafton, the Earls of Ches- 
terfield and Sandwich, Lord Barrington, 
Junius, and the Rev. Mr. Home [Tooke], 
under the signature of " F. P. S." L. 
[1 a publisher's name] 1771. Svo. 

XIX. * An Answer to Junius, shewing 
his imaginary Ideas and false Principles, 
his wrong Positions and random Conclu- 
sions. L., Organ, 1771. Svo. 

XX. *The genuine Letters of Junius, 

to which are prefixed Anecdotes of the 

Author. Piccadilly [no publisher's 

name], 177L Svo. 

This is called the " Piccadill v Edition," and 
contains 306 pases. Lowndes thinks, from inter- 
nal evidence, (hat there was an earlier edition, 
dated 1770, and ending on page 255. The author- 
ship is fathered on Burke. 

XXI. *Juniu8. L., Woodfall, 1772. 
2 vols. 12mo. 

The first authorized edition, printed under the 
anther's inspection ; preceded by a dedication of 
10 pages, a preface of 22, and illustrated with 
notes. It was published March 3, 1772, without 
table of contents or index, but was re-issued about 
March, 1773, with both. Many years afterwards, 
the remaining copies of either this edition or a 
verbatim reprint appear to have been sold off, 
and the date erased by the purchaser from tho 
title-pago; which accounts for a supposed edition 
without date. —Lowndes. 

Ewing, a Dublin publinher. Issued a reprint of 
Woodfali's edition this same year, and added 
fourteen new letters, either written by, or re- 
plied to by Junius. 

See also "Notes and Queries," 1st 8er., vl. 
224, for a supposed edition of 1771. 

xxTi. The Letters of Junius. L., 
Wheble, 1772. 2 vols. 12mo. 

[See XVII. ante,] The title-pago of vol. 2 is 
struck off from the same copperplate, an d ** vol. 
2" is introduced in type ; and the MDC^CLXXI. is 
turned into MDCCLXXII. by the addition of I.. 
also in type. This edition, or at least the second 
volume or it, could not have been published until 
after January 21, 1772, as it contains the lett^ to 
Lord Camden. — Lowndes. 

Numerous editions of the Letters were pnb- 
lished during tho succeeding twenty years, nono 
of which call for any special notice. 

xxiu. The Rights of the Sailors vin- 



dicated. In answer to a letter of Junins. 
L. [? a publisher's name] 1772. 8yo. 

xxiT. [Hughes, Benjamin.] An 
Epistle to Junius. L. [9 a publisher's 
name] 1774. 8vo. 

XXV. * A serious Letter to the Public, 

on the late Transaction between Lord 

North and the Duke of Grafton. By 

Junius. L. [no publisher's name] 1778. 


A forgery, with which Jnnlua had nothing to 

xxTi. The Intrepid Magazine. L. 

1784. 8vo. 

Ck>ntain6 letters signed "Junius." 

xxTH. Anecdotes of Junius: to which 
is prefixed the King's Replj. South- 
ampton, Baker, 1788. 8yo. 

ThcM anccdotea arc reprinted from the Ploca- 
dllly EdlUon of 1771. 

XXVIII. Junius discovered. Bj P. T., 
Esq. L., Fores, s. a. but 1780. 8vo. 

Written by Philip Thickneaae, and In favor of 

XXIX. *The Letters of Junius. A 
new edition with a copious index. L., 
Hamilton, 1702. 2 vols. 12mo. 

The following editions also deserve paaaing 

Benalcy*a, L. 1794, 2 vols., 12mo. 

CnmpbeU'a, P. 17U5, lOmo. 

Mundeira, L. 1796, 8vo. 

Benaley'a, L. 1707, 2 vola., 8vo. [A few on L. P.]; 

L. 1798, 2 vola., 12mo and 8vo; L. 1799, 2 

vola., 8vo. 
Vemor & Hood'a, L. 1800, 2 vole., 18mo; L. 1804, 

1 vol., 18mo; L. 1806, 2 vola., 12rao. 
Benaley'a, L. 1801 and 1806, 2 vola., 8vo. 

XXX. * Chalmers, George. — An Ap- 
pendix to the Supplemental Apology . . . 
being the Documents for the Opinion 
that Hugh McAulay Boyd wrote Ju- 
nius's Letters. L., 1800. 8vo. 

XXXI. *The Letters of Junius, with 
Notes and Illustrations Historical, Polit- 
ical, Biographical, and Critical, by Rob- 
ert Heron. L. 1802. 2 vols. 8vo. 

An edition of thla book waa pnblfahed in the 
same vcar, containing both volumea in one. A 
aecond edition, of two volumea, waa publiahed in 
1804, containing 70 pagea added to the preface of 
the flfitt volume, and an appendix of 18 to the 
aecond. It waa reprinted in Philadelpliia and 
Boaton the aame year. 

XXXII. *Almon, John. — The Letters 
of Junius Complete, with letters and 
articles to which he replied, and with 
notes biographical and explanatory ; also 
a prefatory enquiry respecting the real 
author. L. 1806. 2 vols. 12mo. 

The following edltiona appeared aboat tbia 
period : — 

Ballantyne'a, Edlnb. 1807. 8vo. 
Oddy'a, L. 1811. 2 vola., 12roo. 
Ooodwin'a. L. 1812, 2 vola., 12mo. 

XXXIII. * [Girdlestone, Thomas.] — 
Reasons for rejecting the presumptive 
Evidence of Mr. Almon, that Mr. Hugh 
Boyd was the writer of Junius; with 
Passages selected to prove the real Au- 
thor of the Letters of Junius. L. 1808. 

In favor of MaJor>Geneiml Charles Lee, of tbs 
American army. 

XXXIV. [Fitzgerald, Mr.] — Another 
Guess at Junius, and a Dialogue in the 
Shades. L. 1800. 8vo. 

In favor of WUUam Pitt, Earl of Chatham. 

xxxY. * Draper, Sir W. — Letters to 
Junius. L. 1812. 8yo. 

A defeooe of the Earl of Granby and Ckneral 

xxxYi. * Tlie Letters of Junius, includ- 
ing Letters by the same Writer, under 
othor Signatures (now first collected). 
To which are added; his confidential 
Correspondence with Mr. Wilkes,, and his 
private Letters addressed to H. 8. Wood- 
fall, with a preliminary Essay [by J. 
Mason Good, M.D.], Notes, etc. L., 
Woodfall, 1812. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Thie edition waa edited by George WoodAdl; 
and CO pica are also found on Large Paper. It 
waa reprinted in Philadelphia the following year» 
in two volumea, 8vo. 

XXXVII. * Girdlestone, Dr. Thomas. — 
Facts tending to prove that General Lee 
was never absent from this Coimtry for 
any length of time, during the years 
1767, 1768, 1769, 1770, 1771, 1772, and 
that he was the Author of Junius. L. 
1813. 8vo. 

XXXVIII. * Boche, John. — An Inquiry 
concerning the Author of the Letters of 
Junius ; in which it is proved, by inter- 
nal, as well as by direct and satisfactory 
Evidence, that they were written by the 
late Right Hon. Edmund Burke. L. 
1813. 8vo. 

XXXIX. *Serres, Olivia Wilmot. — 
The Life of the Author of the Letters of 
Junius, the Rev. James Wilmot, D.D. 
By his niece. L. 1818. 8vo. 

XL. * [Taylor, John.] — A Discovery 
of the Author of the Letters of Junius, 
founded on such Evidence and Illustra^ 
tions as explain all the mysterious cir- 
cumstances and apparent contradictions 
which have contributed to the conceal- 
ment of this " most important secret of 
our times." L. 1813. 8vo. 

In favor of Blr Philip Francla. 

XLi. *Duppa, Richard. — Memoirs of 
a celebrated literary and political Char- 
acter, from 1742 to 1757, containing 
strictures of some of the most distin- 


["JuKius" Letters.] 

gaiflhed men of that time. L. 1813. 

In favor of Richard Olover. 

xui. * Duppa, Richard. — An Inquiry 

eonoeming the author of the Letters of 

Junius, with reference to the Memoirs 

by a celebrated Literary and Political 

Character. L. 1814. 8yo. 

In fkvor of Richard Glover. A aeoond edition, 
In which farther eztracta from curious Msa. 
memolra were added, was published in the aame 

XLiii. *B]akeway, Hey. J. B. — An 
Attempt to ascertain the Authors of the 
Letters published under the signature of 
Junius. Shrewsbury, 1813. 8yo. 

In ihvor of John Home Tooke. 

xi«iT. Blakeway, Hey. J. B. — Sequel 
of an Attempt to discoyer Junius. L. 
1815. 8yo. 

In favor of John Home Tooke. 

XLT. *The Letters of Junius. L., 
Woodfall, 1814. 8 yols. 8yo. 

Thia ia Woodfall's second edition; containing 
several slight variaUons, and omitting the fonr 
pages of advertisement which occur in the edi- 
tion of 1812. 

XLvi. * Busby, Thomas. — Arguments 
and Facts demonstrating that the Let- 
ters of Junius were written by John 
Lewis I)o Lolmc, author of the " History 
of the British Constitution," accompa- 
nied with Memoirs of that ** most distin- 
guished foreigner." L. 1816. 8yo. 

XLTii. * [Johnston, A. G,] — Letters 
to a Nobleman, preying a late Prime 
Minister to have been Junius; and de- 
yeloping the secret motiyes which in- 
duced him to write under that and other 
signatures. With an Appendix, contain- 
ing a celebrated case published by Al- 
mon in 1768. L. 1816. 8vo. 

In favor of the Duke of Portland. 

XLTiii. • [Taylor, John.] — The iden- 
tity of Junius with a Distinguished Liy- 
ing Character established. With a Sup- 
plement, containing fac-similes of hand- 
writing and other Ulustrations. L. 1816. 

In ihvor of Sir Philip Francis. A second and 
enlarged edition of this work appeared in 1818, 
and a third In 1828. The same author also pub- 
Uahed a supplement In 1817, consisting of fac- 
aimlles of handwriting, etc. ; and a second edition 
of the latter appeared in the following year. Bee 
also <« Notes and Queries," 1st Ser., 1. 103, 258. 

XLix. * Chalmers, George. — The Au- 
thor of Junius ascertained from a con- 
catenation of circumstances amounting 
to Moral Demonstration. L. 1817. 8yo. 

Li favor of Hugh Boyd. 

L. •rSerres, Oliyia Wilmot.]— Ju- 
nius. Sir Philip Francis denied : A Let- 

ter addressed to the British Nation. L. 
1817. 8yo. 

In favor of the Rev. James Wilmot, D.D. 

LI. ♦ Chalmers, George. — The Author 
of Junius ascertained from direct proofs 
. . . with a Postscript evincing that Boyd 
wrote Junius, and not Francis. L. 1810. 

Lii. Junius Unmasked. A well-known 
and most eminent literary character of 
the last century. L. 1810. 8yo. 

In favor of Edward Gibbon, the historian. 

Liii. * Junius with his Vizor up ! . . • 
by Aedipus Oronoko, Tobacconist and 
Snuffseller. Oxf. 1810. 8yo. 

A burlesque in favor of Suett, the comedian. 

LIT. *A Refutation of the Claims 
preferred for Sir Philip Francis and Mr. 
Gibbon to the Letters of Junius. L. 
1810. 8yo. 

LV. * [Cramp, William.] — The Author 
of Junius discoyered in the Person of 
the celebrated Earl of Chesterfield. L. 

1821. 8yo. 

A second edition appeared In 1828, and a third 
in 1826. 

LTi. * The Letters of Junius with pre- 
liminary Dissertations and copious Notes. 
By Atticus Secundus. £dmb. 1822. 

This edition was edited by John M'Dlnrmid, 
who claims that Sir Philip Francis was Junius. 

LYXi. *The Letters of Junius, with a 
Dissertation by I. W. Lake. Paris, 1822. 
2 yols. 82mo. 

Also In favor of Sir Philip Francis. 

LYiii. * [Cramp, William.] — The 
Claims of Sir Philip Francis refuted; 
with a supplement to Junius discoyered. 
L. 1822. 8vo. 

Lix. Letters of Charles Butler, dated 
July, 1700, giving an account of the In- 
quiries of John Wilkes and Himself, rel- 
ative to the Authorship of Junius. L. 

1822. 8yo. 

LX. *Lye, Francis. — The Beauties 
and Maxims of Junius and his corre- 
spondents. L. 1824. 12mo. 

I have seen an edition dated 1823. 

LXi. * Coventry, George. — A Critical 
Enquiry regarding the real Author of 
the Letters of Junius, proving them to 
haye been written by Lord Viscount 
Sackyille. L. 1826. 8yo. 

Lxii. * [Kelly, P.] — Junius proved 
to be Burke, with an Outline of his 
Biography. L. 1826. 8yo. 

LXiii. Barker, Edward H. — The 
Claims of Sir Philip Francis to the Au- 
thorship of Junius disproved, in Letters 
to the Rev. M. Davy, M.D., Sir James 

["Juwius" Lbttebs.] 


Mackintosh, Godfrey Higgins, and Vve- 
dale Price. Privately Printed, Thetford, 
1827. 8vo. 

Lxrr. * Barker, Edward H.— I. The 
Claims of Sir Philip f rancis, K.B., to 
the Authorship of Janius's Letters, dis- 
proved: U. Some Enquiry into the 
Claims of the late Charles Lloyd, Esq., 
to the composition of them : III. Obser- 
vations on the Conduct, Character, and 
Style of the Writings of the late Right 
Hon. Edmund Burke: IV. Extracts 
from the writings of several eminent 
philologists, on the Laconic and Asiatic, 
the Attic and Rhodian Styles of Elo- 
quence. L. 1828. 12mo. 

Lxv. * Graham, John Andrew. — Me- 
moirs of John Home Tooke, together 
with his valuable speeches and writings ; 
also containing proofs identifying him 
as the author of the celebrated letters 
of Junius. New York, 1828. 8vo. 

Lxvi. * [Manning, Joseph Bolles.] — 

Junius Unmasked ; or, Lord George Sack- 

ville proved to be Junius. By Atticus 

Secundus. With an Appendix, showing 

that the author of the Letters of Junius 

was also the author of the " History of 

the Reign of George III.," and of "The 

North Briton," ascribed to Mr. Wilkes. 

B., Mass., 1828. 8vo. 

The " History of the Reign of George III." 
was published anouymoosly in 1770, at Ix>ndon. 

Lxvii. * [Fellows, John.] — Tlie Post- 
humous Writings of Junius. To which 
is prefixed an Inquiry respecting the 
Author ; also a sketch of the Life of 
John Home Tooke, and Correspondence 
of Wilkes. N.Y. 1829. 8vo. 

Lxviii. *Falconar, James. — The Se- 
cret Revealed; or, the Authorship of 
Junius's Letters. L. 1830. 8vo. 

In favor of Daniel Wray, deputy teller of the 
exchequer, under Philip, second JSarl of Hard- 

Lxix. *NewhalI, Isaac. — Letters on 
Junius, addressed to John Pickering, 
Esq., showing that the author of that 
celebrated work was Earl Temple. B. 
1831. 12mo. 

Lxx. *Waterhouse, Benjamin. — An 
Essay on Junius and his Letters, em- 
bracing a sketch of the life and charac- 
ter of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, 
and memoirs of certain other distin- 
guished individuals, with Reflections, 
historical, personal, and political, relating 
to the affairs of Great Britain and 
America from 1763 to 1785. B. 1831. 

Lxxi. * Swinden , John . — Junius Lord 
Chatham, and the "Miscellaneous Let- 

ters" proved to be spurious. L. 18S3. 

Lxxn. [West, William (?).]— Recol- 
lections of an Old Bookseller, relative to 
the Junius Letters. Cork, 1836. 8vo. 

Lxxiii. Who was Junius ? L. 1837. 

In favor of Lord Chatham. 

Lxxiv. * Simons, N. W. (editor). — 
*' A Letter to an Honourable Brigadier- 
General, Commander-in-Chief of his 
Majesty's forces in Canada" (L. 1760). 
Now first ascribed to Junius, etc. Tlie 
Refutation of the same, by an officer. 
L. 1760. 

Reprints, with Incidental noiioea of Lords 
Townshend and Backville, Blr Phliip Francis, 
and others. L. 1S41. ISrao. 

LXXT. * Jaques, John. — The History 
of Junius and his Works ; and a Review 
of the Controversy respecting the iden- 
tity of Junius. With an Appendix, 
containing Portraits and Sketches by 
Junius. L. 1843. 12mo. 

In favor of Lord O. SackviUe. 

Lxxvi. * Britton, John. — Tlie Author- 
ship of the Letters of Junius elucidated, 
including a biographical memoir of Col. 
Isaac Barr^, M.P. L. 1848. 8vo. 

Some copies were printed on Large Paper. 

Lxxvxi. *Wade, John. — Junius: in- 
cluding Letters by the same Writer 
under other Signatures, to which are 
added his confidential correspondence 
with Mr. Wilkes and his private Letters 
to Mr. H. S. Woodfall ; A New and En- 
larged Edition, with new evidence as to 
the authorship, and an analysis by the 
late Sir Harris Nicolas. L., Bohn, 1850. 
2 vols. 12mo. 

A second edition appeared in 1878. 

Lxxviii. Some new facts, and a sug- 
gested new theory as to the Authorship 
of the Letters of Junius. By Sir Fortu- 
natus Dwarris, Knt. [pseud.]. «./. et a. 
privately printed [1860]. 8vo. 

In favor of Bir Philip Francis. The author 
claims that the " Letters " were not the work of 
a single individual, but were probnblv written by 
many of those to whom they have been attrib- 
uted, under the supervision of Francis, who waa 
also the chief contributor. 

Lxxix. * Cramp, William. — Junius 
and his Works, compared with the char- 
acter and Writings of Philip Dormer 
Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield. Lewes, 
1850. '8vo. 

A second edition appeared at London the fol- 
lowing year. 

Lxxx. * Cramp, William. — Facsimile 
Autograph Letters of Junius, Lord Ches- 
terfield, and Mrs. C. Dayrolles. Show- 
ing that the wife of Mr. Solomon Day- 


["Junius" Lettebs.] 

roUes was the amanuensis employed in 
copying the Letters of Junius for the 
Printer. With a postscript to the first 
Essay on Junius and his Works. L. 

1851. 8vo. 

Lxzxi. Cramp, William. — Essay on 

the Authenticity of the four Letters of 

Atticus. L. 1851. 8vo. 

See also " Notes imd Qaerlofl/' Ist 8er., 1. 276, 

Lxxxii. Parkes, J., and Meriyale, H. 
— Memoirs of Sir Philip Francis, K.C.B., 
with Correspondence and Journals. L. 

1852. 2 vols. 8vo. 

A Mcond edition appeared in 3867. 
Lxxxiii. *Ayer8t, Francis. — The 
Ghost of Junius ; or, the Authorship of 
the celebrated * Letters ' by this Anony- 
mous Writer, deduced from a letter, etc., 
addressed, in 1776-76, by Lieutenant- 
General Sir Robert Rich, Bart., etc., to 
the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Barring- 
ton, etc. ... L. 1853. Syo. 

In favor of Lleut.-Col. Sir Robert Rich. 

LxxxiT. * Griffin , Frederick . — Junius 
discovered. B. 1854. 12mo. 

In favor of Governor Pownall. 

Lxxxv. * Dowe, William. — Junius 
Lord Chatham : a biography setting 
forth the condition of English preceding 
and contemporary with the Revolution- 
ary Junian period, and showing that the 
greatest Orator and Statesman was also 
the greatest Epistolary Writer of his 
age. L. 1857. 12mo. 

Tbc author bad previooaly advocated the Mme 
theory, in tbe ** Dublin Univenity Magazine,'* 
zi. 20. 

Lxxxvi. Symonn, J. C. — William 
Burke, the Author of Junius, an Essay 
on his Era. L. 1850. 12mo. 

Lxxxvii. * Hayward, A. — More about 
Junius. The Franciscan Theory un- 
sound. L. 1868. 8vo. 

Reprinted, with additions, from " Fraser's 

LXxxTiii. Chabot and Twistleton. -^ 
The Handwriting of Junius. L. 1871. 

Lxxxix. * Junius Unmasked; or, 
Thomas Paine, the author of the Letters 
of Junius and the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence. Washington, D.C., 1872. 

xc. * The Handwriting of Junius pro- 
fessionally investigated by Mr. Charles 
Chabot /Expert). With Preface and 
Collateral Evidence by the Hon. Edward 
Twistleton. L. 1847. 4to. 

An attempt to prove conelnalvely, bv com- 
paratlve handwriting, that Sir Fhiljp Francis 
was ths aothor of tbe letters. 

IV. Some Miscellaneous Observations. 

Here end my researches in the history 
of Junius, and in conclusion I shall place 
before the reader three quotations, from 
which he can choose as he wishes, and 
endeavor to settle this knotty question 
to his own satisfaction. 

The first is from the introductory 
epistle to Scott's "Fortunes of Nigel," 
in which the author says : — 

" A cause, however Ingeniously pleaded, is not 
therefore gained. You may remember tbe 
neatly-wrought chain of circnmRtantial evidence 
BO artificially bruusht forward to prove Sir 
Philip Francis's title to the Letters of Junius 
seemed at first irrefragible, yet the influence of 
the reasoning has passed away, and .Junius, in 
the ffeneral opinion, is as much unknown as 
ever- • 

Lord Byron had evidently arrived at 
no very definite conclusion in respect to 
the authorship, for in his ''Vision of 
Judgment" Junius appears among the 
shades, and is as inscrutable as he was 
on earth : — 

*' And several people swore from out the press, 

They knew him perfectly ; and one could swear 
He was his father: upon which another 
Was sure he was bis mother*s.cousin's brother. 

"I've an hypothesis — 'tis quite my own; 

I never let it out till now, for fear 
Of doing people harm about tbe throne, 

And injuring some minister or i>eer 
On whom the stigma might perhaps be blown; 

It is — my gentle public, lend thine ear! 
'Tis, that what Junius we were wont to call 
Was really, truly, nobody at all." 

Lastly, I cannot refrain from quoting 
the excellent view of the influence of 
Jimius' labors as depicted by Messrs. 
Parkes and Merivale in their " Life of 
Sir Philip Francis," to wit : ^- 

"That Junius can only be described with 
truth as a political adventurer there is no doubt. 
It is plain enoueh that his own personal success 
in life was involved in that of the party whose 
cause he adopted, or, to speak still more accu- 
rately, in the fall of the party which he attacked. 
And it is equally true that he was utterly un- 
scrupulous In his use of means; that his sincer- 
ity, even when he was sincere, was apt to 
assume the form of the most ignoble rancor, 
and that no ties of friendship, or party, or con- 
nection, seem to have restrained his virulence. 
Ail this is but too deducible from the published 
anonymous writings only . . . But when all this 
has been said, there remains a residue of a 
higher order, which must in Justice to him be 
fatrlv weighed in the balance. Notwltbstnnding 
all bis sins against Justice and truth, Junius wns 
assuredly actuated at bottom by a strong and 
ardent public spirit. He was* throughout a 

genuine lover of his country. He was earnest in 
ehalf of her honor and of her liberties. He saw 
clearly that her road to the accomplishment of a 
higher destiny lay through the maintenance of 
that honor and the extension of those liberties. 
Ho hated with an honest hatred the meanness of 
principle and venality of conduct which charac- 
tsrlxea but too strongly the governments against 


which he fought, and Umlahed the political 
geniua of hit ume. Aod verv renaarkable waa 
the Bucceaa which attended hla atruggle againat 
them. Great indeed were the practical victorlea 
achieved hy the efforta of thia nameleaa, obiicare 
agitator. Freedom of the preaa and the per- 
aonal freedom of the aubject owe probably more 
to the writings of Janlas than to the eloquence 
of Chatham or Burke, the law of Camden and 
Dunning. It la not too much to aay that after 
the appearance of thoae writlnga, a new tone on 
theae great aubjccta la found to prevail in our 
poliU^ literature. Doctrinea which had provi- 

onaly met with almoat genoml canaent bocame 
exploded, trutba which up to that time had been 
only timidly propounded were placed, In poat- 
Junlan times, on the order of the day. It £i no 
doubl very true that he waa only fighting In the 
van of an advancing cauae, and tbnt these public 
beoeflta would as certalnlv have been secured lo 
us if Juniua had never written. But it la Just aa 
certain that America would have been discovered 
had Columbua never existed ; yet no one, there- 
fore, contests the greatness of Columbus or tho 
obligatlona under which mankind lies towards 

And with this ends the history and bibliography of Junius. 



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This book is very scarce, having been sup- 
presced ; and It is not included in any edition of 
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One of the pseudonyms attributed ta 
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are directed against Mr. Wilkes. 

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The name, "Mn. Glaeae," Is held by some 
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BiUt to whom the authorahip of the above 
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dialogue in the Devonshire dialect (in 
three parts) by ... to which is added a 
glossary, by James F. Palmer. L. 1837. 

Lady, A Mrs. Anna {Murphy) Jame- 
son. The diary of an Ennuyde. 1826. 

Iiady, A. Annabella Plumptre, Do- 
mestic management . . . 1810. 

lAdy, A. Mrs. Cockle. An explana- 
tion of Dr. Watts' hymns for children 
. . . By ... L. 1836. 

Lady, A Mrs. — Thompson. Family 
commentary . . . York, 18^. 

Lady, A. Mrs. — {Minijie) Gunning, 
Family pictures : a novel ... By . . . 
L. 1764. 

Iiady, A. George Alexander Stevens, 
The female Inquisition. L. 1763. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Elizabeth Sanders. 
First settlers of New England ... B. 

Lady, A. Mrs, (Marshall) Cochrane, 
Flights of fancy [poetry]. Arbroath, 

Lady, A Mrs. Elizabeth Washington 
{(ramble) Wirt, Flora's dictionary. 
Bait. 1829. 

Lady, A Maria Julia Young, Gren- 
ius and fancy; or, dramatic sketches. 
By . . . L. 1791. 

Lady, A Mary Jane Mackenzie 
Geraldine ; or, modes of faith and prac 
tice. L. 1820. 

Lady, A Mrs, H. J. Moore. The 
golden legacy: a story of life's phases 
. . . N.Y. 1857. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Elizabeth Winsloio 
AUardyce. The goodwife at home; in 
metre . . . Aberdeen, 1867. 

Lady, A. Lady Elizabeth {Bigby) 
Eastlake. Handbook of painting: the 
German, Flemish, Dutch, Spanish, and 
French schools. Partly translated from 
the Grerman of Kugler, by . . . L. 1864. 

Lady, A. Elizabeth Isabella Spence. 
Helen Sinclair : a novel ... L. 1799. 

Lady, A. Albinia Gu\tfnn. The his- 
tory of the Honourable Edward Morti- 
mer. L. 1785. 

Iiady, A. Millicent Wldteside Cook, 




How to dress on £ 15 a year as a lady 
... L. 1874. 

Lady, A. Mrs, James Keir. Interest- 
ing memoirs. By ... L. 1786. 

Lady, A. Martha Niccl, Ismeer; 
or, Smyrna and its British hospital in 
1855 ... L. 1856. 

Lady, A Mrs. F. D. Bridges. Jour- 
nal of ... 's travels round the world. L. 

Lady, A. Mary Anne Hanway. A 
loumey to the Highlands of Scotland . . . 
L. 1777. 

Lady, A Lizzie Selina Eden. A 
lady's glimpse of the late war in Bohe- 

Lady, A. Mary Wray, Lady Cecil. 
The ladies' library, written by . . . L. 

Lady, A Mrs. Rose Lawrence. The 
last autumn at a favourite residence . . . 
L. 1828. 

Lady, A Mrs. Mary Wiseman. A 
letter from ... to her daughter, on the 
manner of passing Sunday rationally and 
agreeably. L. 1788. 

Lady, A Mrs. Charlotte MacCarthy, 
A letter from ... to the Bishop of Lon- 
don. L. 1768. 

Lady, A Thomas Amory. A letter 
to the Reviewers, occasioned by their 
account of a book called " Memoirs." L. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Walker. Letters from 
the Duchess de Crui and others on sub- 
jects moral and entertaining . . . L. 1776. 

Lady, A Mrs. — (Ward Rondeau) 
Vigor. Letters from . . . who resided 
some years in Bussia, etc. L. 1775. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Julia Charlotte Mait- 
land. Letters from Madras during the 
years 1836-39. L. 1843. 

Lady, A. Miss Anne Wilson. Letters 
on ancient history ... By . . . 1809. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Mary Davis (Cook) 
Wallis. Life in Feejee; or, five years 
among the Cannibals. By . . . B. 1851. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Margaret (Hdford) 
Hodson. Lines to a boy pursuing a 
butterfly. By . . . L. 1826. 

Lady, A Mrs. Elizabeth {Alscu/er) 
Zornlin. Lines addressed to Lord Nelson 
after the celebrated battle of the Nile. 
By . . . L. 1805. 

Lady, A Miss Emily Trevenen. Little 
Derwent's breakfast. By . . . Illus- 
trated with engravings ... L. 1839. 

"These poems were written ... for the 
amusement and instruction of her [the lady's] 
ffodson, Derwent Moultrie Coleridge, son of 
Rev. Derwent Coleridge, and grandson of 8. T. 

Lady, A Mrs. Ann (Ritchie) Menus. 
The lives of St. John the Baptist, tht> 
twelve apostles, and of St. Paul . . . 
Edinb. 1824. 

Lady, A. Jane Budge. Manual of 
English history simplified ... L. 1866. 

Lady, A. Rosalind St. Clair. Mars- 
ton : a novel ... L. 18^35. 

Lady, A. Lady Anne Halkett. Medi- 
tations on the twenty-fifth Psalm . . . 
Edinb. 1771. 

Lady, A. Mrs. — M'Taggart. Me- 
moirs of a gentlewoman of the old school. 
L. 1830. 

Lady, A. Elizabeth Rolt. Miscella- 
neous poems ... L. 1708. 

Lady, A. Anne Finchj Countess of 
Winchelsea. Miscellaneous poems, on 
several occasions. L. 1713. 

Lady, A. Mrs. H. St, A. Kitching. 
Moral plays ... L. 1832. 

Lady, A. Miss Charlotte Elliott. 
Morning and evening hymns, for a 
week ... L. 1842. 

Lady, A Mrs. — Bundell. A new 
system of domestic cookery. 1808- 

Lady, A. Mrs. — Woodjin. Northern 
memoirs; or, the history of a Scotch 
family. By . . . L. 1756. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Harry Rawson, Notes 
of Eastern travel ; being selections from 
the diary of . . . Manchester, 1874. 

Lady, A. Mrs. R. Douglas. On the 
conservative elements of the American 
republic . . . Chillicothe, 1842. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Julia Ward Howe, 
Passion flowers. Poems. B. 1854. 

Lady, A Miss Coxe. A picture of 
Monmouthshire; or, an abridgment of 
Mr. [William] Coxe's historical tour in 
Monmouthshire. By . . . L. 1802. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Elizabeth Griffith. 
The Platonic wife : a comedy. By . . . 
L. 1765. 

Lady, A Mrs. Emilie Earle (Steele) 
Hicks, Pocket guide to the Lizard. By 
. . . Truro, 1876. 

Lady, A. Elizabeth Thomas. Poems 
on several occasions ... L. 1726. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Sarah Cheer, Quaker- 
ism ; or, the story of my life. By . . . 
who for forty years was a member of the 
Society of Friends. Dublin, 1851. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Felicia Dorothea 
(Browne) Hemans, The restoration of 
the works of art to Italy : a poem. By 
. . . Oxf. 1816. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Dalkeith Holmes. A 
ride on horseback to Florence, through 
France and Switzerland, described in a 
series of letters, by . . . L. 1842. 




Ijady, A. Jdiss Susan Iknimore Cooper, 
Rural hours. N.Y. 1854. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Eliza Lee (Cabot) 
FoUtn. Selections from the writings of 
F^nelon, with a memoir of his life. By 
... 2d ed. B. 1829. 

Ijady, A. Jane Austen. Sense and 
sensibility : a novel. By . . . L. 1811. 

Liady, A Rebecca Wilkinson, Ser- 
mons to children ... By ... L. 1830 (?). 

liady, A Mrs. Hannah Anderson 
(Chandler) Ropes. Six months in Kan- 
sas, by . . . B. 1856. 

Ijady, A. C. L. Moody. A sketch of 
modern France . . . Written in the years 
1796 nnd 1797, daring a tour through 
France. By . . . Edited by C. L. Moody, 
LL.D., F.A.S. L. 1798. 

Allibone enters the work under Dr, Mood/^s 
name ae ihe author. 

Ijady, A Miss Cleaver. Some ac- 
count of a new process in painting by 
means of glazed crayons . . . By . . . 
Brighton, 1815. 

Ijady, A. Mrs. E. Throop Martin, 

Songs in the house of my pilgrimage; 

selected and arranged by . . . N.Y. 

Lady, A Miss Salfie A. Brock. The 
Southern amaranth. N.Y. 1869. 

Lady, A William Kenrick. The 
whole duty of woman ... L. 1753. 

Lady, A. Hannah Maynard Pickard. 
The widow's jewels. In two stories. 
By . . . L. 1831. 

Lady, A. Mrs. Eliza (Botch) Farrar, 
The young lady's friend ... B. 1830. 

Lady, A Clara Jesup Moore. The 
young lady's friend . . . By Mrs. H. O. 
Ward (pseud.). P. 1880. 

Lady at Cape Frangols, A. Miss 
— If assail. Secret history; or, the hor- 
rors of St. Domingo ... P. 1808. 

Lady In England, A. Thomas Tick- 
ell. An epistle ... to a gentleman at 
Avignon. L. 1717. 

Lady of Boston, A Miss Susan D, 
Nickerson. The bread winners. By . . . 
B. 1871. 

Lady of Boston, A. Elizabeth John- 
son. Pious thoughts. By ... B. 1834. 

Lady of Boston, A. Beliecca Brown, 
Stories about General Warren ... B. 

Lady of Cluvlestoa, S.C., A. Mrs. 
Eliza Murden. Miscellaneous poems. 
Charleston, 1826. 

Lady of England, A [AL.O.E.]. 
Charlotte M. Tucker. 

Lady of Fashion, A. Miss BlackweU. 
Ernestine; or, the child of mystery. L. 

Lady of Massachusetts, A. Mrs. 
Hannah Foster. The coquette; or, the 
history of Eliza Wharton : a novel . . . 
by . . . B. 1797. 

This work underwent many editions, and was 
finally reprinted "with hiatorical preface and 
memoir of the author, by A (another) Lady of 
Masaachnaetu " {i.e. Jane E. Locke), P. 1866. 

Lady of Massachusetts, A Jane E, 
Locke. — See preceding. 

Lady of Massachusetts, A. Mrs, 
Lydia Maria Child. The first settlers of 
New England; or, conquest of the Pe- 
quods, Narragansetts, and Pokanokets 
... By . . . B. 1829. 

Lady of Massachusetts, A. Mrs, 
A. M. Richards. Memories of a grand- 
mother ... B. 1854. 

Lady of New Hampshire, A Mrs. 
Sarah Josepha (Buell) Hale. The genius 
of Oblivion; and other original poems. 
By . . . Concord, N.H., 1823. 

Lady of New York, A. Mrs. Sarah 
(Rofjers) Haight. Letters from the Old 
World . . . N.Y. 1840. 

Lady of Pennsylvania, A. Miss 
ReUcca Rush, Kelroy : a novel ... P. 

Lady of Philadelphia, A. Mrs, 
Sarah (Ewing) Hall. Conversations on 
the Bible ... P. 1827. 

Lady of Quality» A Miss Frances 
Williams Wynn, Diaries of . . . from 
1797 to 1844. £d., with notes, by A. 
Hayward. L. 1864. 

Lady of Rank, A. Mary Margaret 
Egcrton, the Countess of Wilton. The 
book of costume ... L. 1841. 

Lady of Rank, A. Lady Charlotte 
Maria (Campbell) Bury (1). The mur- 
dered queen; or, Caroline of Brimswick. 
By . . . L. 1838. 

Lady of South Carolina, A. Mrs, 
Mary Elizabeth (Moragne) Davis. The 
British partizan : a tale of the olden 
time. Macon, Ga., 1804. 

Lady of South Carolina, A Mrs. 
Louisa S. (Cheves) Mac Cord. A letter to 
the Duchess of Sutherland ... in the 
"Charleston Mercury," July 30, 1853. 

Lady of Virginia, A. Mrs. J. W. 
(Brockenborough) McGuire. Diary of a 
Southern refugee during the war . . . 
N.Y. 1807. 

Lady of Virginia, A. Mrs. William 
Cabell Rives. Tales and souvenirs of a 
residence in Europe ... P. 1842. 




Ijady, Resident near tlie AUna, A 

Mrs. Andrew Neilson. The Crimea; 
its towns, inhabitants, and social cus- 
toms. ■ L. 1855. 

Lady who prefers to be anony- 
mous. Miss Emily Jolly, An experi- 

Her contribationB to "HoiiMbold Words" 
and "All the Year Round*' were republished In 
three volumes In 1876 under the tlUe of *'A 
Wife's Story, and other tales." 

Laertes. George Alfred Towns/end. 
Washington, outside and inside. Hart- 
ford, 1874. 

lia^enlensls. Rev. John 0*Hanhn, 
M.R.I.A. Irish folk-lore . . . Glasgow, 

Ija Girandole. £milele Girardin. 

He *' did not gain the confidence of any con- 
siderable body of bis countrymen, and has lustl- 
fied in every act of his public Life the soubriquet 
bestowed upon him of 'La Girandole,' the 

Laic US. Bev, Lyman Ahlyoit. Laicus ; 
or, the experiences of a layman in a 
country parish. N.Y. 1872. 

Ijalcus. Ira Warren Ci). ReTiew of 
the Rev. William Croswell's letter to 
the Bishop of . . . Massachusetts. B. 

Laird of Torfoot, an OflScer In the 
Presbyterian Army, The. Thomas 
Brownlee. Narrative of the battles of 
Drumclog and Bothwell Bridge . . . 
Glasgow, 1822. 

Liake, Claude. Mathilde Blind. 
Poems by . . . L. 1867. 

liake-Elbe. Archibald Bleloch. A 
glance at the Old World . . . Edinb. 

Laker, Cecil. Mrs. Harriette (Smith) 
Bainbridge, who uses this pen-name in 
periodical literature, and published 
"Irene Floss, and other poems" in 

La Mara. Marie Lipsius, Musika- 
lische Studienkopfe. 1878-80. 

Lamber, Juliette. Mme. Edmond 
(Lamher) Adam. Les pontes grecques 
contemporains. Paris, 1881. 

Lan, Vl^go. Bother Tolderlund, a 
Danish author, who published under this 
pseudonym a collection of poems. 

Lancashire Artisan, A. Malcolm 
Macleod. Practical guide to emigrants 
to the United States . . . Manchester, 

Lancashire Incumbent, A. Bee. 
Abraham Hume, LL.D., in the *' London 
Times." 1857-^8. 

Lancashire Lad, A. Thomas Sowden. 
TIic siege of Rome, and Bishop Colenso 

slain with a sling and a stone . . . Man- 
chester, 1857. 

Lancashire Manufiacturer, A. Hen- 
ry Bleckley. Butler's analogy: a lay 
argument by . . . L. 1876. 

Lancaster, W. P. Hon. John Byrne 
Leicester Warren. Philoctetes: a metri- 
cal drama ... L. 1866. 

Lancer. 0. C. Stouder. Shakespeare's 
biography. Does it conform to the 
author of the plays ? In the " Witten- 
berger Magazine," Springfield, O., No- 
vember, 1880. 

Lancewood, Lavirrence, Esq. Rev. 
Daniel Wise. Lindendale stories . . . 
B. 1868. 

Lander, Jean. Mme, Ernest Hello. 
Nouvelles et r^cits Tillageois. Paris, 

Lander, Meta. Mrs. Margarette 
( Woods) Laurrence. Fading flowers. B. 

Landholder, A. Elisha R. Potter, 
Address to the freemen of Rhode Island. 
Providence, 1831. 

Landholder, A. WUkins Updike. An 
address to the people of Rhode Island 
. . . Providence, 1828. 

Landholder, A. Clement Clarke 
Moore, LL.D. A plain statement, ad- 
dressed to the proprietors of real estate 
in the city and county of New York . . . 
N.Y. 1818. 

Landor, Charles. Caroline Stickney, 
in her contributions to " Harper's MagSr 

Landowner, A. Lord Charles Town- 
shend. National thoughts, recommended 
to the serious attention of the public . . . 
By . . . L. 1751. 

Landscape Painter, A. Charles Lan- 
man. Letters from ... B. 1845. 

Lane, Chancery, Elsq. James Edwin 
Wilson. A throw for a throne ; or, the 
Prince unmasked ... L. 1872. — See 
"Zinn, Sergeant." 

Lane, Wycllffo. Mrs. Edmond Jen- 
ings. My good for nothing brother. L. 

Lang Syne. William McKoy, in a 
contribution to "Poulson's Daily Adver- 
tiser," 1829.— See "Historical Maga- 
zine," September, 1861 (N.Y.). 

Langdon, Mary. Mrs. Mary H. 
{Greene) Pike. Climbing and sliding: 
book for boys. B. 1873. 

Langenevals, F. de. Ange Henri 
Blaze de Bury, His signature as musical 
critic in the " Revue des Deux Mondes " 
from 1864. 

Langshank, Laurence, Gent. Rob- 
ert Mudie. Things in general. L. 1824. 




— *< See N. and Q./' 4th Ser., xi. 160, 510 ; 

Ijangstafl; Iiaunoelot, Esq. Wash- 
inaton Irvina, William Irving, and James 
Kirke Paulding, Salmagundi; or, the 
Whimwhams of . . . and others. N.Y. 

liangston, LaiVTence. Reverdg John- 
won. Bastiles of the North. Bait. 1863. 

Iiaon. W. D. Le Sieur, in his con- 
tributions to the "Canadian Monthly 
Magazine" (Toronto). 

T^ RoQue. Louis Boyer, who wrote 
many vaudevilles, the most of them with 
others, and signed them with the pseudo- 
nym " La Roque.*' 

Iiarwood, Jacob* L, R. Sadler, The- 
•atrical anecdotes. By . . . L. 1882. 

Ijascelles, Iiady Caroline. Mrs, 

Mary Elizabeth (Braddon) Maxwell. The 

black band. L. 1866. 

The pieadonym was saraested by Blr F. C. 
LascelleB Wrazall, who " claimed a famllv right 
in the name."— See " WrazaU» Lascellea.^* 

Iiaaa with the golden liocks, The. 

Mrs. Anna Maria Smart, of Reading, 
Berks., relict of Christopher Smart, 
M.A., of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, 
thus celebrated in one of his bal- 

Liast of the Puritans, The. Samuel 
Adams. So named by Edward Everett, 
in 1826. 

Ijast Traveller, The. Viscount George 
Annesley Valentia, in Beloe's " Sexagena- 
rian," Vol. 2, p. 77. 2d ed. L. 1818. 

liate American Statesman, A. 
Charles Fenton Mercer. The weakness 
and inefficiency of the government of 
the United States ... L. 1863. 

Ijate Barrister at Ijaw, A. Sir John 
Strange, A collection of select cases re- 
lating to evidence. By ... L. 1754. 

Late Chief-Secretary of that King- 
dom, A. Sir George (afterwards Earl) 
Macartney. An account of Ireland in 
1778. Priv. printed, 1773. 

Late Eminent Folate, A. William 
Warburton, Bishop of Gloucester. Let- 
ters from ... to one of his friends 
[Hurd, Bp. of Worcester]. L. 1809. 

Late Fellow of All Souls College, 
Oxford, A. Rev. Arthur Philip Perceval, 
A letter to the members of both Houses 
of Parliament, on the Dissenters' peti- 
tions ... L. 18<']4. 

Late Fellow of King's College, A. 
Thomas Ashton, D.D, Extract from the 
case of the electors of Eton College to 
supply all vacancies, etc. 1771. 

Late Graduate of Oxford, A. Fred- 
trick Naghten, B.A. A metrical version 

of the Song of Solomon, and other 
poems ... L. 1845. 

Late Learned Judge, A. Sir Geo/' 
frey Gilbert. An historical account of 
the . . . law of devises and revocations. 
L. 1789. 

Late Lord Lyttelton, The. WU- 
Ham Coombe, Letters of . . . L. 1806. 

Late Master of the Temple, The. 
Caleb Fleming. Natural and revealed 
religion at variance ... L. 1758. 

Late Member of the University, A. 
Theophilus Lindsey. An examination of 
Mr. Robinson of Cambridge's plea for 
the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ . . . 
L. 1785. 

Late Member of the University, A. 
Peter Le Page Renouf. The character of 
the Rev. W. Palmer ... L. 1843. 

Late Merchant, A. Asa Chreene. The 
perils of Pearl Street, including a taste 
of the dangers of Wall Street. N.Y. 1834. 

Late Noble Writer, A. Henry St. 
John Bolingbroke. A vindication of nat- 
ural society. By . . . or, rather written 
in ridicule of his opinions, by Edmund 
Burke. L. 1762. 

Late Officer in the United States 
Army, A. Jervase Cutler, A topo- 
graphical description of the State of 
Ohio, Indiana Territory, and Louisiana . . . 

B. 1812. 

Late Patriot Prisoner, A. TTiomas 
Jefferson Sutherland. Loose leaves from 
the portfolio of ... in Canada. N.Y. 

Late President of a select Chess 
Club, The. C. Pearson. Chess exem- 
plified in a concise and easy notation . . . 
L. 1842. 

Late Prime Minister, A. Duke of 
Portland. Letters to a nobleman, prov- 
ing ... to have been Junius. With an 
appendix [by A. G. Johnston]. L. 1816. 

Late Recorder of Newcastle, The. 

C, Fawcett. A letter to ... by an old 
friend. 1754. 

Late Resident at Bhagulpore, A. 
David Hopkins. The dangers of British 
India, from French invasion ... L. 1808. 

Late Resident in Bengal, A. John 
Shore, Lord Teignmouth. Considera- 
tions on the practicability ... of com- 
mimicating to the natives of India the 
knowledge of Christianity ... L. 1808. 

Late Resident In the East> A. John 
Hobart Gaunter, B.D. The cadet : a poem, 
in six parts, containing remarks on Brit- 
ish India ... L. 1814. 

Late Staff Officer, A. Woodboume 
Potter. The war in Florida; being an 
exposition of its causes, and an accurate 




hlBtory of the campaigns of Generals 
Clinch, Gaines, and Scott ... Bj . . . 
Bait. 1836. 

Late Stair Sergeant of the IStb 
JAgbit Infantry, A. John Mac Mullen, 
Camp and barrack-room ... L. 1846. 

Late Steward of the Sods of the 
Clergy, A. Nathaniel John HollingS' 
worth, A defence of the Society of the 
Sons of the Clergy . . . Newcastle, 1812. 

Late Stipendiary Magistrate In 
Jamaica, A Step hen Bourne, — See " A 
Besident in the West Indies for Thirteen 

Late Teacher, A. William Singleton, 
Mentor and Amander; or, a visit to 
Ackworth School ... By . . . [In 
verse.] L. 1814. 

Late Under Secretary of State, A 
William Knox. Considerations on the 
present state of the nation ... L. 1789. 

Late very learned and reverend 
IMvine, A. Samuel Pegge. Anonymi- 
ana ; or, ten centuries of observations on 
rarious authors and subjects . . . L. 1809. 

Late Vicar, A. Rev. Robert Masters, 
A short account of the parish of Water- 
beach. By . . . Waterbeach, 1796. 

La Tenella. Mrs. Mary Bayard {Deth 
ereux) Clarke, The nofa de plume she 
first adopted. 

Latlenne. Lizzie W. Bacchus. The 
Confederate dead. 1866. 

Latimer, Faith. Mrs, John A. Mil- 
ler. The children's church ... P. 1868. 

Latona. Mrs. Sallie J. {Hancock) 
Battey. Bayon d'amour. Poems. P. 

La Touche, G^eol&ey. Theodore Wil- 
liam Snow, in the '* Collegian," a period- 
ical published by a number of under- 
graduates of Harvard University in 1830. 

Latouche, John. Oswald tfohn Fred- 
erick Crawfurd. Travels in Portugal. 
L. 187-. 

Latonr, Tomline. William Schwenck 
Oilbert. Happy Land : a burlesque. L. 

Laugel. The papers upon the United 
States, contributed to "La Revue des 
Deux Mondes" (Paris, 1866), and signed 
*' Laugel," are attributed to the Comte 
de Paris. 

Laun, Friedrlch. Friedrich August 
Schuhe. CEuvres completes. Stuttgart, 

Laura. Mrs. Maria Robinson. Signa- 
ture to poems published in the " Oracle." 

Laura, Maria. Mrs. Maria Robinson, 
who corresponded under the name of 
"Perdita," and who was called "The 
English Sappho." The words of the 

once popular song, "Bounding billow, 
cease thy motion," were written by her. 

Laurent-Jan. Laurent Jean Lausanne, 
who to his first article, written for a 
satirical journal, signed only his Chris- 
tian names, which, by a mistake of the 
printer, appeared as Laufent-Jan. This 
name the author afterwards signed to all 
his publications. 

Laurie, Annie. Mrs. Laura Brady 
Starr, in several of her earlier writings. 

Laval. Rev. Bernard O'Reilly. The 
two brides : a tale. N.Y. 1879. 

Lavenipro. Geon/e. Borrow. Laven- 
gro: the scholar, the gipsey, and the 
priest. L. 184-. 

Lavij^e, Jean. Arthur de Boissieu. 
Lettres du village, extraites du journal 
de Saune-et-Loire, 1878-80. Paris, 1880. 

Law Clerk, A. William Russell. 
Leaves from the diary of . . . L. 

Lawrence, Slingsby. George Henry 
Lewes. Sunshine through the clouds. 
A drama in one act, adapted from " La 
joie fait peur " by Madame De Girardin. 
By 8. L L. 187-. 

Lawton, EfDe. Mrs. S. May Bell. 

Lawyer, A. Cliarles Cowley. Leavea 
from a lawyer's life afioat and ashore. 
Lowell (?), 1879. 

Lawyer, A. Sir James Stewart, The 
life of . . . written by himself. L. 1830. 

Lay Baronet, A. Sir Henry Martin,. 
Bart, Archbishop Murray's Douay and 
Rhemish Bible . . . 1848. L. I860.' 

Lay Brother of the Same Society^ 
A. Henry Foley. The life of blessed 
Alphonsus Kodriguez, Lay-brother of 
the Society of Jesus ... L. 1873. 

Lay-dlssenter, A John Stevenson. 
A letter to a dissenting minister . . . 
n.p. 1780. 

Lay Dlasenter, A Richard Sharp. 
A letter to the pubUc meeting of the 
friends to the repeal of the Test and 
Corporation Acts ... L. 1790. 

Lay Gentleman, A. Dr. Francis Lee. 
The history of Montanism. L. 1709. 

Lay-hand, A. Thomas Lewis. The 
clergy-man's advocate ... L. 1711. 

Lay Hand, A. Sir Richard Cox, Lord 
Chancellor of Ireland. An enquiry into 
religion ... L. 1711. 

Lay Hand, A. Roger Lawrence. Lay 
baptism invalid ... L. 1708. 

Lay-Member of the British and 
Foreign Bible Society, A. George 
Stokes. Bible Society. L. 1826. 

Lay Member of the Church of 
England, A. John Muir. A brief ex- 
amination of prevalent opinions on the 




inspiration of the Scriptares ... L. 

Lmy-Member of the Ghurcli of 
ESngland, A. John Stow. Thoughts 
on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By . . . 
Greenwich, £ng., 1846. 

Itay Member of tbe Ghurcli of Scot- 
land, A. — Stevenson. The harmonj 
of the Bible with facts . . . Edlnb. 

Itfty Member of the Church of 
Scotland, A. Thomas Carlyle. Letter 
to the Hev. Robert Bums, D.D. . . . 
Greenock, 1880. 

Ijay-meniber of the Committee, A 
William Rivington, Remarks and sug- 
gestions reg^ding the want of parson- 
age houses in the parish of St Pancras 
... By . . . L. 1849. 

Itfty Preacher, The. Joseph Dennie, 
who is best known for the essays which 
he contributed to the "Farmer's Muse- 
um," a periodical which he published at 
Walpole, N.H., 1796-08. 

Ijay Seceder, A. George Wilson 
Meadley, A letter to the Bishop [Bur- 
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claims of Thomas Jefferson to the Presi- 
dency examined at the bar of Christiaiii- 
ty. P. 1800. 

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Common Sense versus Judicial Legisla- 
tion . . . The rule in Minot's case . . . 
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David's choice of three evils ... A dis- 
course on the distress in the cotton dis- 
tricts. By . . . L. 1862. 

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votions for the Sacrament of the Lord's 
Supper ... By . . . L. 1786. 

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A discourse on High Church doctrines. 
Poughkeepsie, 1860. 

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A dispassionate narrative of the conduct 
of the English clercnr ... L. 1768. 

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D.C.L. An earnest exhortation to a 
frequent reception of . . . the Lord's 
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in England. L. 1833. 

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the Christian Church ... L. 1778. 

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Essay to illustrate the foundation . . . 
and the evidences of Christianity . . . 
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says meant as an offering in support of 
rational religion . . . n.p. 1790. 




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liajrinan, A. Alexander Watson. Es- 
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The extent, evils, and needlessness of 
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The Fountain of Living Waters. N.Y. 

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^th Lord Monson. Four sermons . . . 

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A free and serious remonstrance to Prot- 
estant Dissenting Ministers on occasion 
of the decay of religion ... L. 1746. 

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constitution of human nature. L. 1866. 

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the Kirk of Scotland . . . n.p. 1749. 

The addresB to tho reader is signed ** D. I." 

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Bart. A letter to a nobleman, contain- 
ing considerations on the laws relative 
to Dissenters ... L. 1790. 

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A letter to the Lord Marquis of Buck- 
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numerous emigrant French priests and 
others of the Church of Rome ... L. 

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letter to the Rev. Mr. Tong, Mr. Robin- 
son, Mr. Smith, & Mr. Reynolds. Occa- 
sion'd by the late differences amongst 
the Dissenters ... L. 1719. 

Lay-man, A. John Shuts Barrington 
A letter to the Right Revd. the Lord 
Bishop of . L. 1714. 

Layman, A. Thomas Kgnasttm. A 
letter to Theophilus Lindsey . . . L. 

Layman, A. Rev. Walter Farquhar 
Hook. Letters to the authors of the 
"Plain tracts for critical times." L. 

Alio ascribed to John Sibbald Edieon. 

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M.P L. 1799. 

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Manual of the Latin words ... of the 
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... L. 1841. 

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tics for American Christians ... P. 

Layman, A Sir John Bayley, Bart. 
Prophecies of Christ ... L. 1828. 




Layman, A* James Augustus St. 
John. The reasonableneM of Chris- 
tianity . . . With a biographical essay 
. . . and notes by . . . L. 1860. 

LasHBian, A. John Lotoell, LLJ). 
The recent attempt to defeat the Con* 
Btitutional provisions in favour of relig- 
ious freedom ... B. 1828. 

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Reflections upon some of the subjects in 
dispute between the author of the "Di- 
rine legation of Moses" [Warburton] 
and a late professor in the Universi^ of 
Oxford [Lowth], by . . . 1767. 

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ligious discourses. Edinb. 1828. 

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on the procee^ngs of the Episcopal con- 
ventions for forming an American Con- 
stitution ... B. 1786. 

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review of Scripture . . . By ... L. 

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A review by ... of a work entitled 
" New themes for the Protestant Clergy *' 
[by S. Colwell]. P. 1862. 

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rights of Protestant Dissenters to a com- 
pleat toleration asserted ... 2d ed. L. 

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revision of the New Testament ... L. 

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Sacred meditations and devotional poems 
by . . . L. 1810. 

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Sacred songs, being an attempted para- 
phrase of some portions of Scripture; 
with other poems. By . . . L. 1834. 

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num. Saul of Tarsus; or, Paul and 
Swedenborg, etc. By ... L. 1877. 

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son. A second letter . . . 1861. 

Layman, A. Thomas Sanden, MJ). 
A second letter to the Rev. Dr. Groddard. 
Chichester, 1816. 

Layman, A. James Wardrop, Ser- 
mon occasioned by the death of Alexan- 
der Christie, Esq., of Townfleld, late 
chief magistrate of Montrose . . . By 
... L. 1706. 

Layman, A. George Sdrdinge. Three 
sermons. 1813. 

Layman, A. Richard Dykes Alexan- 
der. The speech of ... at a late anni- 
versary meeting of a Bible association in 
the County of Suffolk, 1826. 

Layman, A. Georae Griffin. The 
sufferings of Christ. N.Y. 1846. 

Layman, A. Thomas Crowther Brown. 
Suggestions for a Church of Unity. By 
. . . 1862. 

Layman, A. William Oldisworth. 
Timothy and Philatheus ... By . . . 
L. 1709-10. 

Layman, A. C. N. Cumberlege Ware. 
The union of Church and State ... By 
... L. 1869. 

Layman, A. John Edmonds Stock.. 
IJnitarianism tried by Scripture, etc. 
Bristol, 1840. 

Layman, A. John Bevans, Jr. A 
vindication of the authenticity of the 
narratives contained in the first two 
chapters of the Gospels of St. Matthew 
and St. Luke ... By . . . L. 1822. 

Layman, A. Orlando Meads. What 
ought the Diocese to do . . . 1846. 

Layman, A. George Brown. Words 
from a layman's ministry at Barnard 
Castle. L. 1871. 

tioymajk of Boston, U.S., A. Hon. 
Nathan Appleton. The doctrines of Origi- 
nal Sin and the Trinity ; discussed in a 
correspondence between a clergyman oi' 
the Episcopal Church in England [i.e. 
Rev. William Edward Heygate] and . . . 
B. 1869. 

Layman of the Churdi, A. William 
Edmonstoune Aytoun. The Drummond 
Schism examined and exposed. Edinb. 

Layman of the Church of lEng- 
land, A. William Knox. Considera- 
tions on the universality and uniformity 
of the theocracy. L. 1796. 

Layman of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. John Watson. The New Tes- 
tament . . . with notes ... By . . . L. 1822. 

Layman of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Thomas Blackwood. Remarks 
on the Constitution of the Canadas,. 
civil and ecclesiastical, with a view to its 
amendment, n.p., n.d. 

Layman^of the County of Sufiblk, 
A. P. Deck. The advantage of a na- 
tional observance of Divine and Human 
laws . . . Ipswich, 1792. 

Layman, A Leeds. George Rawson, 
known as "A Leeds Layman," was resid- 
ing at that city when he contributed 15 
hymns to the "Leeds Hymn Book," 

Layne, Pyngle. J. Fox Turner. A 
short discourse on sermons ... L. 1866. 

Layton, Lillie. Mrs. Emetine H. 
(Broum) Johnson, whose last poetical 
productions, written on her sick-bed, 
appeared in the "American Courier," 
Philadelphia, 1860, under the above sig- 




LazaruB, Ebeneser. Robert Mason. 
]>eBcription of the town of Kelso . . . 
Kelso, 1789. 

lieal. E, DtMoswaif. Fables for little 
folk. N.Y. 1871. 

Ijeander, Richard. Bichard Voik- 
mann, Traumcrpien an franzosischen 
Kaminen : m&rchen. 1871. 12th cd. 

Learned, FaltliAil, Zealous, and 
Reverend Minister of the Gospel in 
the Church of Scotland, A. Rev. 
Ehenezer Erskine. The groans of believ- 
ers under their burdens . . . Edinb. 1722. 

Learned Hand, A. Sir Matthew 
Hale. History of the Common Law of 
£ngland. In the Savoy, 1713. 

Learned Hand, A. Zachary Qrey, 
LL.D. A preface to Dean Moss's ser- 
mons. By . . . L. 1732. 

Learned Judge, A. Sir Francis 
BuUer. An introduction to the law rela- 
tive to trials at Nisi Prius. By . . . L. 

Lebrun, Alfired. Alfred Henneguin. 
J'attends raon oncle, 1809; and I'^is 
chapeauz. Brussels, 1870. 

Lebrun, CamiUe. Pauline Guyat. 
Uno amiti€ de femme. Paris, 1843. 

Le Clerc. Mrs. Samuella {Mardis) 
Cowen, who has written for several South- 
•em journals under this signature, — the 
"New Orleans Mirror," the "Southern 
Literary News," etc. 

Ledyard, Hope. Mrs. F. McCready 
Harris, in numerous works for young 

Lee, Alfred. John Clark Ferguson. 
The Empire of Music ; and other poems. 
L. 1849. 

Lee, Alice Gordon. Mrs. Alice {Brad- 
ley Neal) Haven. The game of checkers, 
published in the Philadelphia " Saturday 

Lee, Edith. Miss Florence Burckett. 
Wildmoor. P. 187-. • 

Lee, Griffin. Paschal Beverley Ran- 
dolph, M.D. Pre-Adamiteman. N.Y. 1803. 

Lee, Holme. Harriet Parr. Annis 
Warleigh's fortunes. L. 1803. 

Lee, Leila. Miss R. Coe. Wee Wee 
Songs. B. 1859. 

Lee, Minnie Mary. Julia Amanda 
(Sargent) Wood. Hubert's wife: story 
for you. Bait. 1875. 

Lee, Patty. Miss Alice Gary, who, 
under this pen-name, wrote a series of 
prose sketches and essays in the "Nsr 
tional Era " (Washington, D.C^. 

Lee, Sheppard. Robert Montgomery 
Bird. Sheppard Lee . . . N.Y. lS30. 

Lee, Stcumie. Mrs. Laura S. Webb, 

who, for several years, contributed poems 
and sketches to various papers under 
this pen-name. 

Lee, Vernon. Violet Paget. Belcaro, 
being essays on sundry assthetical ques- 
tions. By ... L. 1881. 

Leevit, Don T. B., of Chickomango, 
Ohio, U.S. James Mudie Spenee, 
F.R.G.S. Life on the Great Hydropa- 
thium ... L. 1877. 

Lefebre, Dr. Ren^. Udouard Labou- 
laye. Paris in America . . . N.Y. 1803. 

Left Hand, The. Benjamin Frank- 
lin. A petition of the left hand : one of 
the bagatelles. Written about 1778. 

Le G., C. V. Charles Valentine Le 
Grice. — See Lamb's "EUa," "Christ's 

Legion. Hon. Robert Baldwin Sulli- 
van. Letters on responsible govern- 
ment . . . Toronto, 1844. 

Leicester, Mrs. Miss Mary Lamb. 
Mrs. Leicester's school; or, the history 
of several young ladies ... L. 1808. 

Leigh, Florence. Mrs. Anne T. ( TFtV- 
bur) Wood, wlio wrote for papers and pe- 
riodicals under this pen-name. 

Leigh, Hart. John Thomas Denny, 
in his contributions to "Wideawake" 
(L.), etc. 

Leigh, Larrie. L. T. Warner. The 
true Grecian bend. N.Y. 187-. 

Leigh, Stuart. Mrs. Mary Bayard 
(Devereux) Clarke, who published con- 
siderably under this pen-name. 

Lelghton. Jesse Appleton, S.T.D., 
who, under this signature, wrote for the 
Boston "Panoplist" and the "Piscata- 
qua Evangelical Magazine." 

Leila. Mrs. Emma Barlow, a frequent 
contributor to "Harper's Magazine," 
" Scribner's," and other periodicals. 

Leila. Afiss Ella Campbell, who con- 
tributed poetry to the ** Louisville (Ky.) 
Democrat," under this pen-name. 

Leina, Wil. D', Esq., of the Outer 
Temple. Prof. Daniel Wilson. Spring 
wild flowers. Toronto, 1870. 

Leisurely Saunterer. Rev. Edward 
Egqleston, in his contributions to " Hearth 
and Home." 

Lemage, Gaspard. Jean Charles 
Tadiif, M.D. La Pl^iade Bouge . . . 
Quebec, 1854. 

Lemoine. Eugene Lemoine Didier. 
The life and letters of Madame Bona- 
parte. N.Y. 1879. 

Lena. Mrs. Mary Torrans Lathrop. 
In early life her signature in the country 

Lennox, Mary. Mrs. Mary Louise 
Cook. Ante Bellum. P. 1809. 




Ijeo. J, K, Casey. Rising of the 
moon. L. 18-. 

ijeo. Col. — Pemberton. The Bcape- 
goat. L. 1870. 

Ij^o, Andr^. Mme. L. Champseix, 
Lea denx filles de Monsieur Plichon. 
Paris, 1865. 

Ijeo, I>r. Dr. Leo de Colange. The pre- 
servation of beauty. N.Y. 1877. 

Ijeo the Second. Lawrence Eusden, 
in a letter contributed to the "Guard- 
ian," No. 124, Aug. 3, 1713. 

Iieola. Mrs. Loula {Kendall) Rogers, 
whose productions consist of fugitiyo 
pieces, many of them published in the 
newspapers of the day. 

Ijeollne. Mrs. Emma B. (Sargent) 
Dunham, in her contributions to the 
''Christian Leader" (B.), etc. 

Leon. Leonard JBoitel. Feuillcs 
mortes. Paris, 1830. 

Ijeoni, lieone. Dr. John D. Osborne , 
as Paris correspondent of the " World " 

Lieontes. James Bindley, who was the 
*" Leontes " celebrated by Dr. Dibdin in 
his " Bibliomania " and in the " Biograph- 
ical Decameron." 

Ijeroy. Miss Annie M. Barnwell, who, 
under this signature, has been a frequent 
contributor to " Scott's Magazine " (At- 
lanta, Gra.), and to the " Land we Love" 
(Charlotte, N.C.). 

Leslie, Emma. Mrs. Dixon. 

Leslie, Frank. Frank Collier, pro- 
prietor of "The Chimney Comer "(N.Y.) 
and numerous other publications. 

Leslie, Mrs. Bfadeline. Mrs. Harriet 
Newell {Woods) Baker, Woodlawn Se- 
ries. B. 1868. 

L'Espion Turc. Giovanni Paolo Ma- 
rana. Letters sent by the Turkish Spy. 
L. 1770. 

L'Estomac, Don Billoso de. Dr. 
John Woodward. The lite and adven- 
tures of . . . [A satire on Dr. John 
Woodward.] L. 1719. By Richard 
Mead, M.D. 

Leto, Pomponio. Francesco Nobili Vi- 
ieUeschi. Morale induttiva. Roma, 1882. 

Letter H., The. Charles G. Halpine, 
Lyrics by . . . N.Y. 1854. 

Levater, LouLs. Louis Adolphe Spach, 
who has in some of his books used this 

Leviathan of Literature, The. ^m- 
uel Johnson. 

Levis, Jeremy. Laughton Osbom. 
Sixty years of the lif e of . . . N.Y. 1831. 

Lew^ald, Fanny. Mme. Fanny {Le- 
wald) Stahr. Hulda: translated . . . 
P. 187-. 

Lewis, Auguatin. Levns or Louis 

The "NaUon" of Jaly 17, 1884, points out 
that two chapters of the biography of Henry 
Irving [by Frederio I>a]y1 are copied word for 
word from an article puoliahed in the " Dublin 
University Magazine'^ for September, 1877, over 
the signature Augustln Lewis, which it suspects 
to be an anagram of the real name of the author 
of both eulogies, i.e. " Louis or Lewis Austin." 

Lewis, Henry. A. H. Lewis. The 
Boston boy. B. 1871. 

Lewis, Monk. Matthew Gregory 
Lewis. The monk: a romance. L. 1795. 

Lewtral, H. M. Mary Hartwell. 
Woman in armor. N.Y. 1876. 

Lex Pablica. Augustus Granville 
Stapleton, in the London " Morning Her- 
ald,'* 1850-66. 

Libertas. Peter Brown. The fame 
and glory of England yindicated. N.Y. 

Lil>6rta8. Hon, Mrs. Caroline Eliza- 
beth Sarah {Sheridan) Norton, afterwards 
Mrs. Stirling-Maxwell. Ijetiers to the 
mob ... L. 1848. 

Libertas. Charles Mayo Ellis. The 
power of the Commander m Chief to de- 
clare martial law ... B. 1862. 

Libraire, Un. P. Chaillot, jeune* 
Manuel du libraire biblioth^caire, et de 
rhomme de lettres . . . Paris, 1820. 

Lightfoot. John Isaac Ira Allen, in 
the " Boston Traveller," 1857. 

Llghtfoot. Michael Martin. — See 
" Thunderbolt." 

Lil. Waterman L. Ormsby, Jr., in his 
contributions to the "Sun" (N.Y.). 

Lllbnme. James Ralph, who com- 
piled for the "Champion" what was 
called an " Index to the Times," which 
contained the current news of the day, 
under the assumed name of " Lilbume." 

Lilias. Miss Carter. Class Rimes 
(N.Y.), etc. 

Lilly, Lambert) Schoolmaster. 
Francis Lester Hawks. The early history 
of the Southern States ... P. 1832. 

Limbertongue, Mr. James Hain 
Friswell. Twelve insides and one out. 
Edited from the papers of . . . L. 1855. 

Limner, Luke, Bsq. John Leighton, 
F.S.A. London cries and public edi- 
fices. L. 1847. 

LLncolnsliire Grazier, A. Thomas 
Hartwell Home. The complete grazier. 
L. 1805. 

L'Inconnue. Mrs. Janie ( Ollivar) Ben- 
son, whose poems appeared for the years 
between 1801 and 1865 in the "Southern 
Field and Fireside," Augusta, Ga. 

Llnconnue. Mrs. L. Virginia {Smith) 
French, Kemwood; or, after many days : 





a historical romance . . • LouitTille, 

Liindau, Heinricli. Mermann Franeke. 

liindon, LUla. Mrs, Aggie Graves, 

lilngton, Burr, D.IiL. 6ay Humboldt. 
Poems and letters to Don Brown by 
G. H., alias Burr Lington, D.LL. Albanj, 

lilnkin^rater, Tim. Mr. Waldo, in 
his contributions to the "Picayune" 
(New Orleans, La.). 

lilnols, Georges. Charles de Bat^ 
TrenqueUon. AmafenGtre. Calais, 1852. 

Ldn^rood, Iiottie. Mrs. Helen M. 

laon-KIUer. C€cile Jules Basils €€- 

Liips. Wilhelm Otrtel. 

liisle, Fernand de. Edmond (De- 
manne et de) Manne, who used the aboTe 
as one of his pseudonyms. 

Listener, The. Rev. John Maegawan. 
Infernal conferences; or, dialogues of 
devils. By . . . L. 1772. 

Ustener, The. Caroline Fry. The 
listener in Oxford. L. 1839. 

Literary, Mrs. Mrs. Sallie Elizabeth 
(Hillyer Ballard) Maynard, in humorous 
contribations to periodicals, etc. 

Literary Antiquary, A. F. IV. Fair- 
holt. Holbein's Dance of Death. Edited 
by ... L. 

Literary Lounger, A. J. H. Willis. 
Scraps and sketches; or, the album of 
. . . Quebec, 1830. 

Literary and Sclentlflc Association 
of Blgln, A Member of the. Dr. 
Taylor, Edward I. of England in the 
North of Scotland . . . Elgin, 1858. 

Little, Thomas, Esq. Thomas Moore. 
The poetical works of the late T. L., 
Esq. L. 1801. 

Lltacjohn. Dr. R. Shelton Macken- 
«e. "The present 'Weekly Times' 
(L.) started with some new features. 
One of these was an article on the lead- 
ing events of the week, signed 'Little- 
John.' The name was a pseudonym, but 
not that of any actual person. Two of 
the gentlemen who under it wrote per- 
haps longer than any others were Dr. 
Shelton Mackenzie and Mr. Frederick 
Guest Tomlins." 

Llttl^ohn. Frederick Guest Tomlins. 
" In his early days he was a contributor 
to Hetherington's 'Poor Man's Guardi- 
an,' and latterly to the ' Weekly Times,' 
in which the series of articles signed 
' Littlejohn ' were from his pen." 

Llttl^ohn, Hugh. John Hugh Lock- 
hart, son of John Gibson Lockhart and 
grandson of Sir Walter Scott, for whom 

the latter wrote " Tales of a Grandfather." 
He died when a child. 

Llttlepage, Gomellua. James Feni- 
more Cooper. Satanstoe: a tale of the 
Colony. N.Y. 18«0. 

Littleton, Mark. John Pendleton 
Kennedy. Swallow bam. P. 1832. 

Live American, A. Htnry Morford. 
Oyer sea; or, England, France, and 
Scotland as seen by . . . N.Y. 1867. 

Liverpool Merchant, A. Henry Ar- 
thur Bright (?). Free Trade Policy, ex- 
amined with respect to . . . our Colonial 
System ... L. 1840. 

Lizard, John. Dr, Edward Young, in 
a paper to the " Guardian " (No. 86, June 
19, 1713). 

Lle'weUyn. Robert Sanders, — See 
" Spencer, Nath." 

Lleyon, Gutto. Griffith Robert Jones, 
at one time of Lleyn, Camarronshire, 
was once called by a bard " Gwyrgant's 

Llucen. Rev. John Cullen, of Rad- 
cliffe-on-Trent, in his contributions to 
various British newspapers and reviews. 

Local Artist, A. John C. Femihough. 
Pen and ink sketches of Liverpool town 
councillors, by . . . Liverpool, 1866. 

Local Preacher, A. William Henry 
Rodd. Impetus. An address to the 
members of the Wesleyan Methodist 
Association . . . By . . . Penzance, 

Locke, Una. Mrs. Una Locke BaiUy, 
The school at Elm Oak and the school 
ofUfe. N.Y. 1861. 

Locker, Arthur. J. H. Fcnrbes. Sir 
Goodwin's Folly: a story of the year 
1796 . . . L. 1864. 

Lockfast. William Henry Simmons, 
in the "Collegian" of Harv. Univ. 
Cambridge, 1830. 

Locomotive. Rev. Moses Harvey, of 
St. Johns, Newfoundland, in his contri* 
butions to various local periodicals. 

Log, Abel. Rev, Charles Butler Great" 
rex. Whittlings from the West: with 
some account of Butternut Castle . . . 
Edinb. 1854. 

Logan. Toumsend Ward, Letters . . . 
P. 18-. 

Logan. John Neal. Logan, a family 
history. P. 1822. 

Logan. Thomas Bangs Thorpe (?). 
The master's house : a tale of Southern 
Ufe... N.Y. 1864. 

Logan, Olive. Mrs. (Hive iLogan) 
Sikes. Get thee behind me, Satan! a 
home-bom book of home-truths . . . 
N.Y. 1872. 

Lola. Jli^s. Emma [Moffett) Wynne, 




who, during the civil war, occasionally 

contributed to the " Field and Fireside " 

(Augusta, Ga.) under this pen-name. 

Lombard, A. Benjamin Smart. 

" The fluctaations of our money system, Mr. 
Smart's occupation enabled him to consider 
vrlih peculiar advantages; and accordingly, In 
addition to frequent communications on points 
of fact (< Gent. Mag.,* Nov. 1811, 424, signed ' B. 
8.*), ho entered, under the signature of ' A Lorn- 
bard,* into an extensive theoretical discussion 
on the subject, of which the pages of this 
(*Gent') Magazine from 1813 to 1820 bear 

Lombarda, Una. Felicita Morandi, 
Ghirlanda di flori per I'infanzia e per 
Tadolescenza. 1857. 

London Antiquary, A. John Camden 
Zlotten. A dictionary of modem slang, 
cant, and vulgar words ... L. 185&-00. 

London Hermit. F, Parke, Poetry 
and essays. L. 18-. 

London Mercliant, A. C, W. Stokes. 
An inquiry of the Home Secretary as to 
whether Professor Tyndall has not sub- 
jected himself [in his Belfast Address] 
to the "Penalty on persons expressing 
blasphemous opinions "... By ... L. 

London Physician, A James Hou>- 
ard. The evils of England, social and 
economical. L. 1848. 

London Physician, A. Edward 
Smith, M.D. How to get fat . . . L. 

London Physician, A. Samuel 
Dickson. Memorable events in the life 
of . . . L. 1803. 

London Physician, A. WiUiam 
Augustus Guy, M.D, Principles of for- 
ensic medicine. L. 1844. 

London W. Joseph 11. Dean, editor 
of "Bicycling World" (Boston). 

Londoner, A. Walter While. A L/s 
walk to the Land's End ; and a trip to 
the Scilly Isles. L. 1855. 

Londoner, A. Charles Lamb, " The 
Londoner," contributed to the "Re- 

Long, Silent. Eev. Thomtis T. L'/nch. 
The ethics of quotation ... L. 1850. 

Long Island Farmer Poet. Blood- 
good H. Cutter. 

Longchamps. John C. Delille, Paris 
correspondent of the "Spirit of the 
Times" (N.Y.). 

Looker-On, A. John Dix Boss. Lo- 
cal loiterings, and visits in the vicinity 
of Boston ... B. 1845. 

Looker On, A. Hector Orr. A sketch 
of Camden City, New Jersey, with a view 
to business. By . . . Camden, 1873. 

Looker On f^om America, A. 
Charles Brandon Boi/nton. Tho four 

great powers : England, France, Bussia, 
and America . . . Ciu. 1806. 

Looker-On-Here in Vienna. Mrs. 
Mary E. Andersen. Tho merchant's 

Lord and Lady there, The. Lord 
George Grenville Nugent, and Lady Nugent, 
The legends of the library at Lilies, by 
... L. 18o2. 

Lord Bishop of Oxford. Robert 
Lowth, D.D. Sermon before the Society 
for the l^opagation of the Gospel . . . 
By . . . L. 1771. 

Lord Chief Commissioner of the 
Jury Court, The. William Adam. Ex- 
tracts from a paper entitled Statement, 
efc, by . . . Edinb. (?) 1823. 

Lorenzo. Lorenzo Dow. Polenucal 
works of Lorenzo. N.Y. 1814. 

Lorimer, Mary. M. 0. B. Dunning. 
Among the trees: journal of walks in 
the woods . . . N.Y. 187-. 

Lorlng, Laura. Laura Loring Pratt. 
Juveniles. B. 1874-76. 

Lorm, Hieronymus. Heinrich Landes- 
mann. High-life in der Vorstadt, in 
" Ueber Land und Meer." 1878. 

Lorrain, CamiUe. Ilippolyte Babou,. 
who, under this signature, contributed to 
Parisian journals. 

Lorraine, Mrs. Felix. Lady Caro- 
line {Ponsonby) Lamb. 

" Lord Beaconsfleld, Id 'Vivian Grey,* roaghly 

Jiketched the portrait of the eutjcct of oar article 
11 'Mrs. Felix Lorraine.' At end of the first 
edition of that worlc (1827) . . . there is a key to 
the novel, in which these disguised and real 
names amongst others are given : — ' Marquis of 
Cnrabas, Marquis of Clanricarde ; * Mr. Foaming 
Fudge,* Mr. Brougham: * Mr. Charlatan Gaa, 
Mr. Canning: 'Lord Past Century,' £arl of 
Etdon; 'Mr. Liberal Principles,' Mr. Buskis- 
son ; ' the Duke of Waterloo,' the Duke of Wel- 
lington ; ' Prince Hungary ,' Prince Esterhazy ; 
' tho Marchioness of ATmacks,' the Marchioness 
of Londonderry ; 'Mrs. Felix Lorraine,' Lady 
Caroline Lamo; 'Stanislaus Hoax,' TTieodore 
Hook; 'liOrd Prima Donna,' Lord WUliam 
Lennox ; and ' the Marquis of Grandgout,' tho 
Marquis of Hertford,*' — Bee "Gent. Mag.," 
October, 1883, pp. 341, 42. 

Lorrequer, Harry. Charles James 
Lever. Charles O'Malley. L. 1841. 

Lorrimer, Laura. Mrs. Julia (Fin- 
ley) Shelton, who, under this signature, 
was a contributor to various journals 
and magazines, "North and South,"' 
"Godey's Lady's Book," "Louisville 
Journal," and "Field and Fireside"' 
among others. 

Lot, Parson. Rev. Charles Kings-^ 

"It was at one of these gatherings" at Mr. 
Maurice's, " towards the end of 1847 or early in 
1818, when Kingslw fovmd himself in a minority 
of one, that he said Jokingly, he felt much as Lot 
must liavo felt in tho Cities of the Plain when he 




■ecmed as one that mocktcl to his sons-in-law. 
The name' Parson Lot' was then and there sug- 
gested, and adopted by him as a familiar ttom oe 
plume, Ue used it from 1848 up to 1856 ; at first 
constantly, latterly much more rarelv. But the 
name wua chiefly made famous by nls writings 
in ' Politics for the People,' the * Christian So. 
eiallst,' and the ' Journal of Association,* three 
mriodicals which covered the years from *48 to 
'62, by ' Alton Locke,' and by tracts and pam- 
phlets, of which the best lEnown is * Cheap 
Clothes and Nasty.' " 

IjOthrop, Amy. Miss Anna B. War- 
ner. Dollars and cents. P. 1860. 

IiotI, Pierre. Julien Viaud. Azyadc^ : 
le mariage de Loti and le roman du 
Spahi. Paris, 188-. 

Lottie. Aliss G, Walker. Leares 
blown together. By ... L. 1866. • 

liOuis. Louis Daiens, in Beloc's " Sex- 
agenarian/' Vol. 2, p. 100. 2d ed. L. 

Louisa, Aunt. Mrs. Richard Valen- 
tine. Wee Wee Stories. N.Y. 187-. 

Lounger, A. Frank Fowler. Dottings 
of . . . L. 1859. 

Lounger, A. John Matthews. Eloisa 
en dishabille. A new version of that 
ladjr's celebrated epistle to Abclard, in 
English metre. L. 1780. 

This jeu d^esprit has been attrlhnted to Por- 
son, Coleridge, and Mathlas; but Moore, iu bis 
" Life of Byron," says it was written by John 
McUthews^ Esq.f of Belmont, Dercfordshire, 
and that I*or»on was in the habit of reciting it, 
and even printed an edition. 

Lounger, A. William Bromet^ M.D., 
F.S.A. Perigrine in France ; or . . . 
journal. L. 18-. 

Lounger, A, an Old Maid, and Lady 
Honora. Alexander M! Gibbon. An- 
swer to the satirical poem on Stirling. 
In three rcspondendos . . . Stirling, 1809. 

Lounger, The. George William Cur- 
tis, probably his signature in some paper 
or periodical. 

Lounger, The. Joseph B. Gilder, in 
his contributions to the ** Critic and Good 
Literature" (N.Y.). 

Lounger at the Clubs, The. Ed- 
mund Yates, in the " Illustrated Times " 
for many years, from 1865. 

Lounger in the Lobby, The. Roj/al 
W. Merrill, in his contributions to the 
"Press" (P.). 

Love, James. James Dance. Pamela : 
a comedy. L. 1742. 

Lovechild, Mrs. Lady Eleanor Fenn. 
The child's grammar. L. 1851. 

Lovechild, Solomon. Lady Eleanor 
Fenn. Sketches of little boys and girls. 

Lovechurch, Leonard. Rev. George 
Smith, of Sheffield. A letter to the in- 
habitants of Sheffield on a subject which 

has lately made, and is likely to make, 
much noise iu the town and neighbour- 
hood ; or, a short peal on the new bells 
. . . Sheffield, 1709. 

This pamphlet, signed " L.L.,'* was reprinted 
from the "Country Spectator '* (Gainsborough, 
1792-03), where it was subscribed "Leonard 

Lovel. John Lamb, father of Charles. 
— See Lamb's •* EUa," "The Old 
Benchers," etc. 

Lovemore, Sir Charles. Mrs. N. 
Manleif de la Riviere. The adrentures of 
Rivella ; or, the history of the author of 
the Atalantis ... L. 1714. 

Lovengood, But. George W. Harris. 
Sut Lovengood : yams spun by a " Natu- 
ral bom dum'd Fool " ; warped and wove 
for public wear. P. 187-. 

Lover of Christ, A. Rev. John Colleti 
Rijland. The life and actions of Jesus 
Christ ... By . .. L. 1760. 

Lover of Christian Liberty, A. Wil- 
liam Matthews. Considerations on public 
worship ... By . . . Bristol, 1808. 

Lover of Episcopacy, A. Zachanj 
Grey, LL.D. A century of eminent 
Presbyterian preachers ; or, a collection 
of choyce sayings, from the publick ser- 
mons before the two houses, from Novem- 
ber, 1640, to Jan. 31, 1648. (The day after 
the king was beheaded. ) By ... L. 1723. 

Lover of Free Grace, A. John Wes- 
ley. What is an Arminian? answered. 
By . . . L. 1770. 

Lover of her Sex, A Mary AsteJl. 
A serious proposal to the ladies . . . By 
... L. 1606. 

Lover of his Country, Au Henry 
Fielding. The crisis : a sermon on Rev. 
xiv. 0, 10, 11 . . . L. 1741. 

Lover of his Country, Au George 
Ridpath. A discourse upon the union of 
Scotland and England . . . n.p. 1702. 

Lover of his Country, A. Willtam 
Macintosh, of Borlum. An essay on the 
husbandry of Scotland . . . Edinb. 1732. 

Lover of his Country, A William 
8mith, D.D. An historical account of 
the expedition against the Ohio Indians 
in 1764, under the command of Henry 
Bouquet, Esq. ... By . . . P. 1766. 

Lover of ids Country, A. Caleb 
Fleming. The immorality of prophanc 
swearing demonstrated ... L. n.d. 

Lover of his Country, A. Rev. Ar- 
thur Ashley Sjkes. A letter to a friend 
. . . L. 1717. 

Lover of his King and Country, A. 
8. Hayward. A letter to the inhabitants 
of Great Britain and Ireland ... By . . . 
L. 1756. 




liover of his Memory, A. John 
Bhodes. Fruits of a father's love : being 
the adrice of William Penn to his chil- 
dren ... L. 1726. 

Ijover of History, A. Zachary Greyy 
LLJ), A caveat against Mr. Benj. Ben- 
net, a meer pretender to history and criti- 
cism. By . . . L. 1724. 

Ix>ver of lilterature, A. ThxmcM 
Green, Esq. Diary of . . . Ipswich, 

liOver of Mankind, A. Anthony 
Benezet, The Mighty Destroyer dis- 
played . . . the dreadful havock made by 
the . . . use as well as abuse of distilled 
spirituous liquors. By . . . P. 1774. 

liOver of Mankind and of Common 
Sense, A. John Wesley, The desidera- 
tum ; or, electricity made plain and use- 
ful. By . . . L. 1769. 

Lover of Old England, A. Daniel 
Defoe. Mercurius politicus ... L. 1720. 

Ijover of Order, A. Rev, Joseph 
Bretlandf in the "Theological Reposi- 
tory" (L.). 

Lover of Order, A. William God' 
win (?). Considerations on Lord Gren- 
▼ille's and Mr. Pitt's bills, concerning 
treasonable and seditious practices, etc. 
By . . . L. 1796. 

Lover of Peace and Order, A. 
Esther Tuke. An address to the inhabi- 
tants of the city of York ... By . . . 
York, about 1794. 

Lover of Peace and the Public 
Good, A. John Humfrey, Letters to 
Parliament-Men ... L. 1701. 

Signed "J. H." 

Lover of Peace and Truth, A. 
Joseph Priestley, A free address to those 
who have petitioned for the repeal of the 
late act of parliament, in favour of the 
Boman Catholics. L. 1780. 

Lover of Peace and Truth In this 
Church, A. Rev, James Adams, Mar- 
row-chicaning displayed . . . n.p. 1726. 

Lover of Stability. Noah Webster, 
Article in the " Hampshire Gazette." 

Lover of that Innocent and health- 
ftil diversion, A. George Smith. " The 
Angler's Magazine" . . . (L. 1764). 

Lover of that People, A. John 
Barclay, An affectionate address to 
such of the people called Friends as 
reside in London and its vicinity. By 
• • • L. lolo. 

Lover of the Chnrch of England, 
A. Patrick Drewe, The Church of Eng- 
land's late conflict with, and triumph 
over, the spirit of fanaticism ... L. 

Lover of the Fine Arts, A. Maria 

(Gowen) Brooks, Judith, Esther, and 
other poems ... B. 1820. 

Lover of the Gospel, A. Joseph 
Priestley, D.D, A familiar illustration 
of certain passagres of scripture ... L. 

Lover of the Gospel, A. Thomas 
Reader, A letter to . . . [Dr. Priestley] 
. . . L. 1772. 

Lover of the Protestant Religion, 
A. Rev. William Wright. The Jacobite 
curse . . . Glasgow, 1714. 

Lover of the Publlck Welfare, A. 
Andrew Stevenson. Dc municipum jura- 
mento . . . Edinb. 1746. 

Lover of the Pare Gospel, A. Sil- 
tHinus Gibbs, The Calvinistic doctrine of 
election and reprobation exploded : in a 
letter to a friend . . . Plymouth-Dock, 

Lover of the Truth, A. Jonathan 
Warne. The Babel of Quakerism thrown 
down ... L. 1739. 

Lover of the Truth In Fife, A. Rev. 
William CampbeU, of Dysart. A just view 
of the principles of the Presbytery of 
Relief . . . Edinb. 1778. 

Lover of the Word, A. Harvey A. 
Ingham. Glad tidings; or, walks with 
the wonderful . . . Rochester, N.Y., 

Lover of Truth, A. Tliady FitzpaU 
rick. — See " T. F." 

Lover of Truth, A. George Ooade, Jr,, 
of Exeter. A letter to a clergyman 
relating to his sermon on the 30th Janu- 
ary, n.p. 1746. 

Lover of Truth, A. Rev. David 
Wilson. A modest apology for the con- 
duct of Secedcrs ... L. 1773. 

Lover of Truth and Decency, A. 
John Ewer, Bishop of Landaff . A vindica- 
tion of the Bishop of Landaffs sermon 
... N.Y. 1768. 

Lover of Truth and Liberty, A. 
James Ralph. The history of England 
during the reigns of K. William, Q. 
Anne, and E. George L . . . L. 1744. 

Lover of Truth and Mankind uni- 
versally. Francis Hatt, Friendly ad- 
vice to children and all mankind in gen- 
eral ... By . . . n.p. 1766. 

Lover of Truth and Peace, A. Rev. 
Arthur Ashley Sykes, The external peace 
of the Church only attainable by a zeal 
for Scripture in its just latitude ... L. 

Lover of Truth and the British 
Constitution, A. Caleb Evans, D.D, 
A letter to . . . John Wesley on his Calm 
Address to the American Colonies . . . 
L, 1776. 





liover of Zion, A. John Glau, the 
founder of the "Glassites." A lettjr 
. . . discovering the mystery of national 
church covenanting under the New Tes- 
tament. Edinh. 1728. 

liovette, LUlic. Mr. M, W. Torrey, 

Lowe Fanner, The. William Law 
GanCf an English and Canadian writer. 
He wrote for the " Boyai Ladies' Maga- 
zine " in 1830, and afterwards for " Black 
wood," the "New Monthly Magazine, 
the "Gentleman's Magazine," "Fraser,** 
the "Tablet," "Douglas Jerrold's Maga- 
zine," " Household Words," and finally 
for "Punch." He also contributed to 
the " Metropolitan," the " Cabinet," and 
'*Bentley'8 Miscellany," and was editor 
of the "Lady's Magazine," the *' Court 
Magazine," and the " Town and Country 
Magazine " ; was sub-editor of the " Morn- 
ing Chronicle," and wrote for the " Sun " 
and other dailies and weeklies. Becom- 
ing acquainted with Cobbett, he contrib- 
uted several papers to " Cobbett's Maga- 
zine." Coming to Canada in 1860, Mr. 
G. contributed prose and poetry to the 
"Saturday Header," Montreal, and in 
1865 edited a comic weekly called the 
"Sprite," Quebec. 

Lagay, H. de. Henri liochefort de 
Lu^ay, " Le mousquetairc " of Alex. 
Dumas. Paris, 1854. 

Lucifer. John Bali. The baptism of 
fire. B. 1877. 

Lucius. One of the signatures adopted 
by Junius {(].v.). 

The letters subierlbed "Lacliu*' relate ex. 
cluslvely to the dismisaion of 6ir Jeffcry Am- 
bent from his post of Governor of Virginia for 
the sole purpose, as it sbould sc^em, of creating a 
post for the Earl of HiUsborougb's Intimate 
friend, Lord Botetourt, who had completely 
mined himself by gambling and extravagance. — 
jAtjUES, JuniuB. 

The first of these letters appeared in the 
" Public AdverUscr," Aug. 10, 1708. 

Lucius. Dr. Samuel Parr, who con- 
tributed papers on Troy and the Troad 
to the " British Magaziue " signed " Lu- 

Lucius. Rev. James Blotch Pigpot 
Dennis, B.A., F.G.S. A letter to Lord 
John Russell ... By . . . L. 1848 ; and 
another, 1850. 

Ludlow, Johnny. Ellen (Price) Wood. 
Anne, and other tales. By . . . 188-. 

LudlOTT, Park. Theron Brown. Nick 
Hardy at college ; or, the wooden spoon. 
B. 188-. 

Ludoltr, M. Ltiise Huyn. Beata. 1880. 

Lug^nski, Kosak. Vladimer Ivano- 
vitch Dahl. Chmoel. St. Petersburg, 183-. 

Lulu. Miss Louise G, Hall. Manna : 

' night and inoniing ; selected and arranged 
by . . . N.Y. 1883. 

Lunar Wray, A. Minot Judson Sac 
are. At the back of the moon. B. 1870. 

Lunettes, Henry. Margaret C. Con- 
kling. American gentleman's guide to 
politeness and fashion. N.Y. 187-. 

Lunt, Irene. Irene Bradbury ^ in her 
contributions to the ** Cottage Hearth." 

Luola. Mrs. Mary {Ayer) Miller, who, 
under this pen-name, published poems in 
the youth's department of the " North 
Carolina Presbyterian" and the "Cen- 
tral Presbyterian" f Richmond, Va.),and 
"^rote several Sunaay-school books for 
the Presbyterian Board of Publication. 

Lycurgus. John Kent, a frequent con- 
tributor to the " Public Advertiser " dui^ 
ing 1769, and an opponent of the minis' 
try. He is classed among the claimants 
to the "Junius Letters" {q.v.). See also 

* Private Letters of Junius," No. 5. 
Lycus. John Fitzgihbon, 2d Earl of 

Clare, in Byron's "Childish Recol- 
lections" (Newark, 1807). 

Lyle,Annot. Mrs. Annot {Lyle) Saron, 
who contributed poems and sketches to 
the *' American Courier" (P.) under this 

• Lyle, Currer. Mrs. M. Louise (Rogers) 
Crossley, who, under this pen-name, con- 
tributed some of her most finished arti- 
cles to the " Literary Companion " (pub- 
lished in Ncwnan, Ga.). 

Lyn, R. Sir Robert WalpoU. The life 
of Mr. R. Lyn, etc. L. 1728. 

Ljmceus. Frederick Starr, Jr. Let- 
ters for the people . . . N.Y. 1853. 

Lyndon. Mrs. Matilda A. Bright. 
Margaret: a story of life in a prairie 
home . . . N.Y. 1868. 

Lyndon, Barry. George Lowell Aus- 
tin. Under the tide. B. 1870. 

Lyndon, Barry, Ksq. William Make- 
peace Thackeray. The memoirs of . . . 
written by himself. L. 1856. 

Lyndon, Mary. Mrs. Martj (Nral 
Sergeant Gove) Nichols. Mary Lyndon; 
or, revelations of a life. An autobi- 
ography. N.Y. 1855. 

Lynn Bard, The. Alonzo Lewis. 
Forest-flowers and sea-shells. B. 1831. 

Lynn, £thel. Mrs. Ethel Lynn Bcsrs. 
Greneral Frankie : story for little folks. 
N.Y. 1863. 

Lyon, Bonnet de. Am^d^e Bonnet. 
Eloge du docteur Alph. Dupasquier. 
Paris, 1849. 

Ljnrlst, The. E. Randies, who was the 
lyrist mentioned by Miss Seward in her 
poem called " Llangollen Vale." 

Liysander. Rev. Thomas FrognaV 




Dibdtn, who was the " Lysander ** of his 
own '' Bihliomania." 

Ijysander. James Cheetham. Annals 
of the Corporation relative to the late 
contested elections . . . N.Y. 1802. 

Lysander. William P. Van Ness, A 
correct statement of the late melancholy 
affair of honor between General Hamil- 

ton and Colonel Burr . . . Jolj 11, 1804 
... By . . . N.Y. 1804. 

Iiyttelton, Lord. William Coombe, 
Esq, Lord L/s letters. L. 1784. 

Lyttle, Byrd. E, Victoria Lomax. 
Mary Austin ; or, the new home. P. 1870. 

Lyulph. 27. B, Lumley. Something 
like a nugget : a drama. By . . . L. 1868. 




M. Mr. Macintosh, editor of the 
" Buffalo News/' in his contributions to 
various periodicals. 

M. Thomas Manning, the Cambridge 
mathematical tutor. — See Lamb's " Elia," 
" Dissertation on Roast Pig," and "The 
Old and New Schoolmaster." 

M. Maunde, dismissed schoolmas- 
ter.— See Lamb's "Elia," "Christ's 

M. Mai/nard, who hanged himself. — 
See Lamb's "Elia," "The South-Sea 

M. Joseph Mellish, his signature to a 
paper in the " Microcosm," published at 
Eton College, 1787. 

M. Rev. Gerard Moultrie, who contrib- 
uted S5 hymns to the "People's Hymnal 
(1867), some of which are signed " M., 
others with the initials of his nom de 
plume, "D. P.," for " Desiderius Pastor " ; 
and one is signed " The Primer." 

M. Alexander Pope. — See " Bavins." 

M. Hev. William Lewis Rham, his 
well-known signature in the London 
" Gardeners' Chronicle." 

M. Matthew F. Ward. 

M. Sir George Steuart Mackenzie, 
Bart. A letter to William Rae, Esq. . . . 
on the public execution of criminals. 
Edinb. 1815. 

M. Hugh Miller. Letters on the 
herring fishing in the Moray Frith. In- 
verness, 1829. 

M., ije Marquis de. M. Moise Schwab. 
M<^langes bibliographiques. Marseilles, 

M., Mrs. Mrs. Basil Montagu. — See 
Lamb's "Elia," "Oxford in the Vacar 

M., A. A. Mannington. Footprints of 
the holy dead; trans. ... L. 180t3. 

M., A. Alfred Miles. A word or two 
on the Liturgy. By . . . L. 1887. 

M., A., Ksqiilre. Daniel Defoe. — 
See " Morcton, Andrew, Esq." 

M., A, a liayman. Alexander Murray. 
A clear display of the Trinity from 

Divine Revelation ... By . . . L. 

M., A. B. Arthur Bache Matthews, as 
editor of the "Riots at Birmingham, 
July, 1791 . . . L. 1868. 

M., A. B. Rev. Artemas Bowers Muz- 
zeij. The Sabbath School Service and 
Hymn Book ... B. 1855. 

M., A. G. Agnes C. Maitland. Elsie: 
a Lowland sketch. L. 1875. 

M., A. D. Louis Charles Alfred de 
Musset, as translator of De Quincey's 
"Confessions of an English Opium 
Eater" (1828), etc. 

M., A. D., H.F.S. A. Abbd^ Ang^ Denis 
McQuin. A description of more than 
throe hundred animals . . . By ... L. 

M., A. S. A. S. Moffat. Cedar Brook 
stories ; or, the Clifford children ... B. 

M., A. W. Agnes W. Mitchell. The 
smuggler's son. P. 1842. 

M. B. Rev. Roger Baxter, SJ. The 
Alexandria controversy; or, a series of 
letters between . . . and Quaero, on the 
tenets of Catholicity . . . Georgetown, 
D.C., 1817. 

M., B. ilfr*. Barbara (Miller) Macan- 
drew. Ezekiel, and other poems. Edinb. 

M., B. Bernard de Mandeville. Free 
thoughts on religion ... L. 1720. 

M., B. Barclay de Mounteney. Letter 
to Lord Brougham on the elective fran- 
chise. L. 1889. 

M., B. Bezaleel Morris. A letter to 
Mr. Theobald, in verse, against Mr. P. 
. . . (i.e. Alex. Pope) contributed to the 
" Daily Journal," June 11, 1728. 

M. B., Draper. Jonathan Swift. A 
letter to the people of Ireland. l!)ublin, 

The Ifltter Is signed " Publlcolm.*' 

M. B., Drapler. Jonathan Swift. 
The Drapier letters. 1724. 

These letters were directed against the coinage 
of farthings and half -pence, and resulted in then 



author obtaining the name of "The Copper- 
Farthing Dean " (q.v.). 

Ueo also •« The Drapier " and ** M. B^ Draper." 

M., B. A. Brother AzaricLs Mullany. 
An essay, contributing to a philosophy 
of literature. P. 1877. 

M.i C, J. H. G. and M. R. Respec- 
tively Campbell Mackinnon, Joseph U. 
Oihba^ and Montgomerie Banking, au- 
thors of the *' Quadrilateral." L. 

lliese poemt are dedicated by the above gen- 
tlemen to C. M. Crawford, wdom name com- 
pletes " The Quadrilateral.'* 

M., C, Vicar of Brlx worth. Rev. 
Charles Marshall. A plain and easy 
introduction to the knowledge and prac- 
tice of gardening, with hints on fish- 
ponds. By . . . L. 1700. 

M., G. B. Mrs. Clara Barnes Martin, 
Mount Desert, on the coast of Maine. 
Portland, 1807. 

31., Mr. C. J. Charles Julius Mickle. 
A concise essay on the nature and con- 
nexion of the philosophy and mythology 
of Paganism ... L. 1820. 

M., C. P. Christopher Parr Male, 
Have you any fear of death 1 Birming- 
ham, 1851. 

M., C. R. Rev. Charles Robertson Man- 
ning, M.A. The canticles of the Book 
of Common Prayer, marked for chanting 

... L. lot>o. 

M.D., of Newark, Ohio, An. Dr. J. 

R. Black. Alcohol as a medicine. Syra- 
cuse, 1870. 

M. D. C, C Claude Francois Xavier 
Mercier de Compiegne. Histoire de Marie 
Stuart . . . 1820. 

M., D. G. Donald Grant Mitchell. 
Dream life . . . N.Y. 1800. 

M., E. Rev. Edward Melton. Annals 
of the church in Brimfield. Springfield, 
Mass., 1850. 

M., £. E. Magrath. A letter 
on Canada in 1800 and 1817 . . . 

M., E. Edward Moxon. Memoir of 
Charles Lamb, in Leigh Himt's " London 

M., K. A. Mrs. E. A. Maddock, 
The Liturgy explained. L. 1839. 

M. B. B. Mrs. Mary E. Gellie. 
Clement's trial and victory ... L. 

M, E. S. Edward Sanford Martin. 
Sly ballades in Harvard China. B. 

M., P. Sir Frederick Madden, How 
the goode wife thaught hir doughter. 
Edited by . . . L. 1838. 

M., P. Rev. Frederick Martin. Notes 
on the four gospels. L. 1838. 

M., P. L. F. L. Morse. Onward to 
the heights of life. B. 1880. 

M., O. George Mooar. Historical 
manual of the South Church in Ando- 
ver, Mass., August, 1859. Andover, 

M., O. Gervase Markham. The young 
sportsman's instructor. L. 1820. 

M., G. L. Gilbert Laing Meason. On 
the landscape architecture of the g^eat 
painters of Italy. B^. . . L. 1828. 

M., G. W. George \V. MarshaU. A 
catalogue of pedigrees hitherto unln- 
dexed. Ed. by . . . L. 1807. 

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B.C.L, Memoir of Kev. Dr. Gaskin, in 
" Gent. Mag.," Vol. 99, 2d Pt., 183, 280, 

M., G. W. Oeorae Wilson Meadley, 
Memoirs of Mrs. Jebb. L. 1812. 

M., H. Harriet Martineau, The mar- 
tyr age of the United States . . . New- 
castle-upon-Tyne, 1840. 

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Down with the mug ... L. 1717. 

M., H. K. Henry Edward Manning. 
Dies consecrati ... L. 1855. 

M., H. li. Mrs, Hannah L. Murray. 
Florence Murray: a narrative of facts. 
By her mother ... B. 1849. 

M. I. D. Richard Hengist Home, in his 
contributions to the "Monthly lieposl- 

M'G., J. John M' Gilchrist, M.D. 
Chatelard: a tragedy in five acts. 
Edinb. 1852. 

M'S., J. Dr. Joseph Macsweeny. An 
essay on aerial navigation . . . Cork, 

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divine revelation . . . Calcutta, 1840. 

M., J. Josiah Martin, The great 
case of tithes truly stated ... L. 

M., J. James Morgan, D.D. Elegy, 
Mark Luke Grayston. L. 1830. 

M., J. John Martin, An inquiry into 
Echard's statement in his history of Eng- 
land ... L. 1852. 

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servations upon authors, ancient and 
modem. L. 1731-32. 

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uments in Feltham Church, Middlesex, in 
" Gent. Mag.," July, 1824, p. 39. 

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book of old ballads. Edited . . . 
Edinb. 1844. 

M., J. Joseph Massie. Observations 
on Mr. Fauquier's " Essay on Ways and 
Means for Raising," etc. L. 1750. 

M., J. Jolm Major. Rational mad- 




ness : a song for the loTers of rare and 
curious books. L. n.d. 

M., J. Major Motjle Sherer. Scenes 
and iniDressions in Egypt and Italy, etc. 
L. 1824. 

M., J. J. Mortimer. La Secession anz 
Etats-Uuis et son origine. Paris, 1861. 

M., J. liei:. James Murray, The trav- 
els of the imaghiation ... L. 1773. 

M., J., Esq., F.R.S. John Mortimer. 
Tlie whole art of husbandry ... By . . . 
L. 1707. 

M., J., Rev., D.D., P.8.A. John Mil- 
ner, D.D. A vindication of the end of 
religious controversy ... L. 1822. 

M., J., of the Inner Temple. Jasper 
Mauiluit. The Legislative authority of 
the British Parliament with respect to 
North America ... L. 1766. 

M., Sir J., and Dr. Ja. S. Sir John 
Mennis and Dr. James Smith. Facetiae. 
Musarum deliciae ... L. 1817. 

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Robert Pitcaim. Nugss derelictie quas 
coUigerunt . . . Edinb. 1822. 

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The hermit of Eskdaleside; with other 
poems . . . Whitby, 1833. 

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Lord Murray. Letter to the Judge Advo- 
cate . . . Edinb. 1850. — See "A Mem- 
ber of Court." 

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Stuart : a tragedv. Trans, by . . . L. 

M., J. H. John Herman Merivale, 
Esq. — See "Gent. Mag.," November, 
1837, p. 481. 

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moir of Duport . . . Cambridge, 1825. 

M., J. H. B. Jacob Henry Brooke 
Mountain. A sermon preached at Blun- 
ham church . . . on . . . the completion 
of an cast window, by M. F. Sadler, with 
a preface by J. H. B. M. L. 1864. 

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a satirical effusion ... P. 1831. 

M., J. M. J. M. Moore, Lord Nial. 
N.Y. 1834. 

M., J. R. John Ramsay MacCuUoch. 
Tracts ... on metallic and paper cur- 
rency, by S. J. Lloyd. Edited by . . . 
L. 1858. 

M., J. W. H. John William Henry 
fneaux. Private prayers . . . selected 
... Jj. 1866. 

M., K. Kate M'Clellan. Anne and 
Pierre; or, our father's letter. N.Y. 

M., Ij. p. Mrs. Lydia Falconer Miller. 
Cats and dogs; nature's warriors and 
God's workers. L. 1868. 

M., L. M. Mrs, Louise (Chandler) 

M., M. P. Mary Fawley Maude. 
Scripture natural history, etc. L. 1848. 

M., M. L. Mary L. Meaney. Grace 
Morton ; or, the inheritance ... P. 1864. 

M. M. M. William Tooke, Esq., F.R,S, 
Verses. Edited by . . . L. 1860. 

Bee *'Gont. Mag.," Jaly, l&U, p. 2, on inqalry 
nnder this signature on the origin of the name of 
Tooke. On many other occasions Mr. Tooke 
wrote under the signature of *' M. M. M.,*' as his 
father bad done previously. They were the 
initials of the family motto, Militia Mea Multi- 

M., M. M. Miss M, M. Montgomery, 
Lights and shadows of German life. P. 

M., M. N". Mrs, Mary Noel ( Bleecker 
M'Donald) Meigs. Poems by . . . N.Y. 

M., Matt. Robinson. Matthew Rob- 
inson Montagu. Peace the best policy. 
L. 1777. 

M. N. William Wotton, D.D., in a 
letter contributed to the " Guardian." 

No. 03, June 27, 1713. 

M., N. Nathaniel Morren. Annals of 
the General Assembly of the Church of 
Scotland . . . 1780-76 . . . Edinb. 

M., O. Oswald Moosmuller, St. Vin- 
cenz in Pennsylvanien . . . N.Y. 1873. 

M., P. Rev, Patrick Middleton. A 
dissertation on the power of the Church 
... L. 1738. 

M. P. Mrs. Marianne Oirdlestone 
Filleul. Marlon ; or, the smuggler's wife 

M. P., An. William Pollard Urqu- 
hart. The currency question and the Bank 
Charter Committee of 1857-58. L. 1860. 

M., P. D. Rev. Peter Du Moulin. — 
See "A Prebend of the Church of Can- 

M., R. Richard Morris. — See "One 
of the Excluded Members of Parlia- 

M., R. C. Robert Cotton Money. Jour- 
nal of a tour in Persia during the years 
1824 and 1825. L. 1828. 

M., Rose O. Rose C. Monckton. Let- 
ters from Futtehgurh. Clifton, 1858. 

M., R. K. Richard Kendall Mackit- 

M., R. S. Dr. Robert Shelton Macken- 
zie, in his contributions to the " Lady's 

M., R. W. Robert W, Mc Alpine, in 
his contributions to the "Press" (P.). 

M., 8. Samuel Merriman^ M.D., one of 
his signatures in the "Gent. Mag.," 
1828-47. His others were " Correspond- 




ent," " L. N./' and « *lKapay0p<&wosJ' See 
"Gent Mag.," 1863, Pt. I., pp. 207-209. 

M., S. miss Selina Martin, Narrative 
of tlirco years' residence in Italy. L. 

M., S., and S., G. M. Samuel Me- 
cutchen and George M. Sayre. The new 
American Arithmetic. P. 1877. 

M. S. A. and M. R. A. S., An. Robert 
Scott Bum. The grammar of house 
planning . . . Edinb. 1804. 

M., T. Thomas Maule. An abstract 
of a letter to Cotton Mather . . . n.p. 

M., T. Thomas Mounsey. A brief 
account of Thomas Fell of Swarthmore 
Uall. By . . . Manchester, 1846. 

M., T. A suflferins Presbjrter of the 
Churcli of Scotland. Thomas Mouhray, 
A catechism, appointed in the liturgy of 
the Church of Scotland . . . Edinb. 

M., T. C, M.B., F.L.S. Sir Thomas 
Charles Morgan. An expostulatory letter 
to Dr. Moseley ... L. 1808. 

M., T. S. T. 8. Muir. Notes on re- 
mains of ecclesiastical architecture and 
sculptured memorials in the southern di- 
vision of Scotland. Edinb. 1^55. 

M., W. William Mason. — See " A 
Gentleman of Cambridge." 

M., W- Rev. WiUiam Maskell, M.A. 
Bude Haven : a pen-and-ink sketch, with 
portraits of the principal inhabitants. L. 

M., W. Rev. William Marsh. Jeho- 
vah's ancient temple, city, and land. 
Dublin, 18C3. 

M., W. William Mackenzie. The pyra- 
mid and the Bible . . . Edinb. 1868. 

M., W., a Beneficed Priest. William 
Maskell. A letter to the Very Rev. Wil- 
liam Cockburn, D.D., Dean of York . . . 
L. 1842. 

M., W.I. 14. W.LL.MuUer. Ueber 
London und Paris nach Rom . . . Berlin, 

M., W. S. William Shaw Mason. 
Bibliotheca Ilibemica ; or, a descriptive 
catalogue of a select Irish library, col- 
lected for the Right Hon. Robert Peel. 
Dublin, 1823. 

M.»*», louUlanais. Dr. Alfred Mer-- 
cier. Le fou de Palerme . . . N.O. 

M««*, Paul HyppoHte de. Paul 
Hyppolite de Murat. Les paradoxes du 
capitalne Marc-Luc-Roch Barole . . . 
Paris, 1802. 

M***e, 'r***y. Thomas Moore. The 
fudger fudged ; or, the Devil and 
T[omm]y M[oor]e. L. 1819. 

M««*»n, Sylvaln. Pierre Sylvain 
Mar€chal. Dictionnaire des ath^es 
ancicns et modernes . . . Paris, 1800. 

M*th**8, Thomas James. Thomas 
James Mathias. The sphinx's head 
broken: a poetical epistle, with notes, 
to . . . Clerk to the Qu*»n'8 Tr«8*r»r ; 
proving him to be the author of the 
" Pursuits of Literature." By Andrew 
CEdipus, an injured author. L. 1708. 

M , Mrs. Mrs. Elizabeth Montagu^ 

in Beloe's ''Sexagenarian/' L, 335. 2d 
ed. L. 1818. 

M , H . Hannah More, in Be- 

loc's "Sexagenarian," I., 338. 2d ed. 
L. 1818. 

M — d, I>r. Dr. Mead. An account 
of a strange . . . dream, etc. [A satire 
on Dr. Mead]. By Dr. John Woodward. 
L. 1719. 

M—e, Rin^ht Hon. liady M— y 
W— y. Right Hon, Lady Mary Worthy 
Montague. Letters of . . . written during 
her travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa 
... L. 1763. 

Ma., Cli. E^l. Charles Elkin Mathews, 
of Exeter, in his contributions to " Notes 
and Queries" (L.). 

Mabel. Mary P. Hazen. Joanna; 
or, learning to follow Jesus. N.Y. 1871. 

Mac. E. A. Mac Clean, in contribu- 
tions to the "Library Journal " (B.), etc. 

Mac (Artist). W. McConnell. Twice 
round the clock. L. 18-. 

Mac (The Danburlan). Charles E. 
A. McGeachy. 

McArone. George Arnold^ who, as a 
writer of comic verse and humorous 
sketches, had many pen-names, — 
" McArone," ** Allen Grahame," "George 
Garrulous,'* etc. 

MacArone, Mat. Theodore P. Cook. 

Macaroni, A. Christopher Anstey. 
Liberality; or, memoirs of a decayed 
... L. 1 /88. 

Macaulay. Rev. Washington Froth- 
inghum, in the "Rochester (N.Y.) Demo- 

Macaulay, Mr. Babbletongue. 
Thomas Dabington Macaulay, 

"We remembor the 'Times* comnaentlng 
on Lord Macitulny's too flippant address to Ids 
constituents, duted from Windsor ('usile, with 
attempted humor oqunlly reprehensible, called 
the then member for Edinburgh, ' Mr. Babble- 
tongue Macaulay,' in a poor piay upon his second 
name of BabinKton." — 8ce Andrew's '* British 
Journniism," Vol. 2, p. 221. 

MacCarte, Duncan, a Highlander. 

Rev. Samuel Squire. "A letter to John 
Trot-Plaid, Esq.," author of the "Jaco- 
bite Journal "... L. 1748. 
McCoomb, Florence. Mary Miller 



Meline, The Montarge's legacy. P. 

MacDavus. Herbert Mayo. Letters 
on the truths contained in popular supei^ 
stitions [first published in " Blackwood's 
Magazine/' vol. 01, etc., under this signa- 
ture]. 3d ed. L. 1851. 

MaogUlicuddy, Irene. Laurence OH" 
phant. The tender recollections of . . . 
N.Y. 1878. [First pubUshed in "Black- 
wood's Magazine."] 

McGrath, Terence. Henry A, Blake. 
lectures from Ireland. L. 1880. 

MacGresor, Malcolm. Maurice Mar- 
pan, Esq. Ode to Mr. Pinchbeck, upon 
his newly invented candlesnuffers . . . 
L. 1770. See "Gent. Mag.," December, 
1816. Also ascribed to i?et\ William 
Mason J Canon of York. 

McGulre, M. Malcom McPherton, in 
the "Amateur Emigrant." 

Mack. Joseph B. McCuUougk, editor 
of the St. Louis " Globe Democrat " and 
•* Cincinnati Commercial." 

McKenzie, Christine. Miss Annie 
Dujffell. In the meshes. P. 1877. 

Mackworth, Humphry. Boberi 
Harletjy Earl of Oxford and Mortimer. 
A vindication of the rights of the Com- 
mons of England. L. 1716. 

Macleod, the lato Dr. Archibald. 
Bev, William Lisle Bowles^ M.A. Ellen 
Gray; or, the dead maiden's curse. L. 

MacPacke, Jose, a bricklayer's 
labourer. James Peacock, OiiclZia] or, 
nutshells. By . . . L. 1786. 

Macrobln, Mark. Allan Cunningham, 
in " Blackwood's Magazine." 

M'Rory, Rev. Rory. James Cameron 
Lees, D.D. M*Stottie's tour : a highland 
yarn. By the . . . minister of Tobersnory, 
presbytery of Dall. Edinb. 1880. 

MacSarcasm, Rev. Sir Archibald, 
Bart. Bev, William Shaw. The life of 
Hannah More ... L. 1802. 

Macsarconica, Archy, F.RS. Thom- 
as Hastings. The book of the wars of 
Westminster ... L. 1784. — See " Fox, 

Mac-Shinie, Gillespie. Archibald 
Simson. Annals of such patriots of 
the distinguished family of Fraser, Fr>'- 
sell, Sim-son, or Fitz-simon, as have sig- 
nalized themselves in the public serrice 
of Scotland . . . Edinb. 1795. 

Macswell. W. L. Buss, in his contri- 
butions to the "Courier" (Buffalo, N.Y.). 

MacWhirter, Theresa, Whistlebin- 
kie, N.B. William Makepeace Thack- 
eray. A legend of the Ilhino. L. 

Mace, Sloper. Charles Godfrey Le- 
land. Ballads. 1S~. 

Mad Poet, The. McDonald Clarke. 
The elixir of moonshine ; being a collec- 
tion of prose and poetry, by . . . Gotham 
[N.Y.], A.M. 6822 [1822]. 

Mada. Mary Latham Clarke. Birth- 
day present. B. 1869. 

Madison, Virginia. Mrs. SalUe A. 
(Brock) Putnam. Kenneth, my king 
N.Y. 187-. 

Marzroth, Dr. Moritz Barach, La- 
chende Greschichten. 1880-81. 

Maevius. Dr. Bichard BusselL — See 

Maga. Blackwood*s Magazine. 

Magenta. Capt. Mahon. — See " Cav- 
alry Officer, A." 

Maggie, Aunt. 3frs. Baymond Blath- 
wayt, in her contributions to various peri- 

Maggie, Aunt. Mrs. Henshaw. 

Magistrate, A. Patrick Colquhoun^ 
Esq. A treatise on the police of the 
Metropolis . . . By ... L. 1796. 

Magistrate for Middlesex, A. Jeihn 
Thomas Barber Beaumont. Letters on 
public house licensing. By ... L. 

Maglone, Barney. Bobert A. Wilson, 
in his contributions to the " Republic " 

Magoogin. John J. Jennings, in his 
contributions to the ♦'Post-Dispatch" 
(St. Louis, Mo.). 

Magpie. William H. Webb. Word 
method primer. N.Y. 1869 (?). 

Maguire, Aunt. Mrs. Frances Miriam 
Berry, in Godey*s " Lady's Book." 

Maharba. John Abraham. An impe- 
rial manifestOi and other poems. Lis- 
keard, 1872. 

Mahmut the Spy. Giovanni Paolo 
Marana, a Jesuit. The Turkish spy. The 
eight volumes of letters writ by Slahmut, 
the Spy, who lived five and forty years 
undiscovered in Paris, unfolding the in- 
trigues of the Christian courts between 
1037 and 1082. L. 1770. 

The work has been characterized as " specn- 
latlog very freely on aU subjecta, under a maak 
of bigotry." 

Mairet, Jeanne. Mme. Mary [Healy) 
Bigot. Marca. Paris, 1883. 

Maitland, Mrs. Margaret. Mrs. 
Margaret 0. ( Wilson) Oliphant. Passages 
in the life of ... of Sunnytide. L. 

Maitland, Thomas. Bobert Buchanan. 
" The Fleshly School of Poets," contribu- 
ted to the "Contemporary Review" (L. 




M^jor, The. Ben Perley Poore, 
Make^rrlght, George Washington. 

Drank Cahill, in his contributions to the . 
" Saturday Press '* (P.). 

Malack, Muly. Mordecai Manuel 
Noah, in the New York " Times," 1811. 

Malagrcvrther, Malachl. Sir Walter 
Scott. Thoughts on the proposed change 
of currency . . . Edinb. 1820. 

Malakoff. Dr. W. F. Johnston, in the 
New York "Times." 

Malet, liucas. Afrs. (Kingsley) Bar* 
rison. Mrs. Lorimer: a study in bUck 
and white. L. 1883. 

Malone, Carroll. Af. McBumey, 

Maltltz, Hermann von. Hermann 
KUncke, who, under this name, published 
a long scries of historical and social nov- 
els from distinguished German authors. 

Mambrlno. H. D. McKinney, Janes- 
ville (O.) correspondent of **The Spirit 
of the Times" (N.Y.). 

Man, A. Horace Walpole, Earl of Or^ 
ford. Reflections on the different ideas 
of the French and English in regard to 
cruelty ... By . . . L. 1769. 

Man about Town, The. The papers 
in the "Star" (N.Y.) under the above 
pseudonym, are contributed by Charles 
E. File, P. McCann, William H. Muldoon, 
and others. 

Man In the Claret-Colored Coat, 
The. JCdward S. Gould. The Sleep 
Rider; or, the Old Boy in the omnibus. 
N.Y. 1843. 

Man in the Moon, The. Captain 
Anstruther, of Spencerfield. A letter . . . 
to Mr. Anodyne Necklace ... L. 1725. 

Man in the Moon, The. Daniel De- 
foe, A letter ... to the author of the 
" True bom Englishman." L. 1706. 

Man in the Moon, The. Joseph 
Browne. The moon calf . . . n.p. 1705. 

Man in the Moon, The. — See " The- 

Man of Business, A. John Aahton. 
Autumn holidays. By . . . Manchester, 

Man of Business, A. T. Dicker. 
The Christian life exemplified in the 
memorials and remains of . . . L. 1852. 

Man of Business, A. William Rath- 
bone, Jr. Social duties . . . benevolence 
and public utility. By . . . L. 1807. 

Man of Fashion, A. Jt^n Mills (?). 
IVHorsay; or, the follies of the day. 
By . . . L. 1844. 

"Tbo personages introdaced figure tinder 
flimsy disguises, and the reader will hardly need 
a ' key * to indicate the originals of the Earl of 
Chesterlane, Mr. Pelham, General Keel, Tx>rd 
George Bedllck, Mr. George Bobbins (* the Prince 
of Auctioneers '), the Marquis of iUverford, Lord 

HuDtlnffcoatle, Mister Slongbnian, Joe Banks 
(the 'Stunner'), the Earl of Byworden, tb4 
Conntesa of Rivlngton, the Earl of Raspberry 
Hill, *tb6 clrenmclsed driver of the cabriolet' 
(Brnfamin Disraeli) ^ and the Marquis of Here- 
ford/'— See '« MacUse Portrait Gallery." p. 290. 


Man of Kent," A. JRobert Cowtan. 
Passages from the autobiography of . . . 
1817-1806. L. 1866. Edited by Regi- 
nald Fitz-Roy Stanley [^ pseud. "}. 

Man of the People, The. Charles 
James Fox. 

Man of the People, The. William 
Thomson. The man in the moon ... L. 

Man of the Revolution, The. Sam- 
uel Adams, so termed by Jefferson, in 

Man of the Times, A. John Pendle- 
ton Kennedy. Letters of ... to the citi- 
zens of Baltimore. Bait. 1830. 

Man of the World, A. Charles Phil- 
lips. Kapoleon the Third ... L. 

Man "Who wishes to be Governor 
of Pennsylvania, A. George W. Wood- 
ward. Opinions of . . . T. 1802. 

Manaiflng Cleric, A. G. Stuart. A 
concise system of book-keeping . . . 
By . . . L. 1862. 

Manchester Ijaynian, A. Rev. «/*. 
Gill. A literary curiosity. A sermon 
in words of one syllable only . . • Man- 
chester, 1800. 

Manchester Man, A. Rev. J. Lamb. 
Free thoughts of . . . L. 1800. 

Manchester Man, A. Richard Burn, 
The present and long-continued stagna- 
tion of trade; its causes, effects, and 
cure ... By . . . Manchester, 

Manchester Manufacturer, A. Rich- 
ard Cobden. England, Ireland, and 
America. By . . . 1836. 

Manchester Poet, The. Charles 

Manchester Prison Philanthropist, 
The. Thomas Wright. 

Manchester Spinner, A. John Cam- 
eron. Yarns. Manchester, n.d. 

Manent, Graviora. James R. Man- 
ley, M.D. Letters on the College of 
Physicians and Surgeons. N.Y. 1841. 

Manetti, Fanny. Fanny Smith. 

Manfired. — Preston. Lord Byron 
▼indicated ; or. Home and her pilgrim . . • 
L. 1870. 

Manhattan. Charles Alexander Nel- 
son, as New York correspondent of the 
"Bookseller and Stationer." Chicago, 

Manhattan. Joseph A. Scoiu'lle, who, 
at the time of his death in 1804, was the 




correspondent of the " London Herald " 
and ** London Standard " under this sig- 

Manley, Jack. The stories in the 
"Boys and Girls' Weekly" (N.Y.) over 
this pseudonym were partly written by 
Alfred Trumble and partly by Charles 
Hull Webb. 

Manlius. Christopher Gore, Manllus ; 
with notes and references. B. 1704. 

Mann, Nellie A Helen A. Manville, 
Heart echoes: book of poems. N.Y. 

Mannerln^:, Max. Josiah Gilbert Hol- 
land, in the " Springfield Republican " in 

Mannering, May. Mrs. Harriet 
P. H. Nowell. Helping hand scries. 
B. 187-. 

Manners, Mn. Mrs. Cornelia H. 
(Bradlej) Richards. At home and 
abroad; or, how to behave. N.Y. 

Manners, Mrs. Horace. Algernon 
Charles Swinburne, his signature in the 
"Tatler" (L.). 

Manners, Motley. Augustine J. H. 
Duganne. ramassus in Pillory : a satire. 
N.Y. 1861. 

Mansfield, Walworth. TF. H Wal- 
ton. Love for life. 18-. 

Manson, James B., Bannockbum. 
James Murray. The Bible in school . . . 
Edinb. 1862. 

Manton, Kate. Mrs. 8. O. Knight. 

Manuel, Ernest. Ernest UEpine. 
Lalcgcndc de Croque-Mitaine. Paris, 

Maori. James Inglis. Sport and work 
on the Nepaul frontier ; or, twelve years' 
sporting reminiscences of an indigo 
planter. L. 1878. 

Maple-Knot. Ebenezer Clemo. The 
life and adventures of Simon Seek; 
or, Canada in all shapes. Montreal, 

Mar, Helen. Mrs. D. M. F. Walker. 

Marble, M^or. Rev, Henry T. Chee- 
ver. The whale and its captors. N.Y. 

Marcellus. John Quincy Adams^ who, 
1790-04, varied his law practice by occa- 
sional communications to the "Boston 
Centinel " signed " Publicola " and " Mar- 

Marcellus. Allan Ramsay^ Jr., in his 
contributions to the "Public Adver- 
tiser" (L. about 1776), on the war with 
America. ' 

Marcellus. Am€d€e Marteau, in 
"L'Esprit des Femmes." Paris, 1860. 

Marcellus. Noah Webster, Letter 

to the &onorable Daniel Webster on the 
political affairs of the United States. 
P. 1837. 

March, Anne. Constance Fenimore 
Woolson. The old stone house ... B. 

March, Marjorle. Augusta Liebich, 
in her contributions to the " House- 

March, Walter. Orlando Bolivar 
Willcox. Shoepac recollections. N.Y. 

Marcllife, TheophUus. William God- 
win. The looking-glass: a true history 
of the early years of an artist [William 
Mulready, Ii.A.] ... L. 1806. 

Marcoy, Paul. Lorenzo de Saini-Cricq. 
Travels in South America from the 
Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. 
Translated from the French. L. 1876. 

MarculluB. Philip G. Kershaw. Re- 
flections on itinerary parliaments . . . 
Montreal, 1866. 

Marcus. William Charles Wells, M.D. 
In the latter part of the year 1780 he 
published an account of Mr. Henry 
Laurens, some time president of the 
American Congress, in the form of a 
letter under the signature of "Marcus," 
to the printer of the "Public Adver- 

Marcus. Oliver Wdcott. British in- 
fluonce in the affairs of the United 
States proved and explained. B. 1804. 

Marcus. Joseph Blunt. An examina- 
tion of the expediency and constitution- 
ality of prohibiting slavery in the State 
of Missouri . . . N.Y. 1819. 

Marcus. William P. Van Ness. Let- 
ters addressed to De Witt Clinton, Esq. 
. . . N.Y. 1810. 

These letters originally appeared in the 
** PoQghkeepsle Barometer," ISOo. 

Marcus. Matthew L. Davis. The plot 
discovered. Poughkeepsie, 1807. — See 
also "Philo-Cato." 

Margaret^ Aunt. Miss Margaret (?) 
Buchnn, a well-known writer for the 
"St. Nicholas" in 1883, became princi- 
pal of Wolfe Hall, a school for young 
ladies at Denver, Colorado. 

Maria. Clemens Brentano. Satyren 
und poetische Spiele. Leipsic, 1800. 

Maria del Occidente. Mrs. Maria 
(Gowen) Brooks, who, in "The Doctor" 
is styled by Southcy "the most impas- 
sioned and the most imaginative of all 
poetesses," and who received from him 
the name of " Maria del Occidente.'' 

Mariaker, Elle. £variste Cyprien 
Felix Boulay-Paty. Odes nouvelles. 
I Paris, 1844. 




Marie. Harriet M. Skidmore. Beside 
the Western Sea: a poem. NT. 1878. 

Marietta. Miss Harriette Mary Brad- 
ley, Minnie's birthday ; and other juve- 
nile stories. L. 186-. 

Marine Officer, A. Majvr-General 
Andrew Bum, Who fares the best, the 
Christian or the man of the world ? By 
. . . L. 1792. 

Mariotti, Liuigi. Antonio Carlo Napo- 
feone Gallenga, Italian grammar. L. 1868. 

Maritzburg, Pieter. Hev. T, Jadlc- 
8on. The fire of London. 18-. 

Marius. Thomas Day, The letters 
of . . . or, reflections npon the Peace, the 
East India Bill, and the present crisis. 
L. 1784. 

Marius, Claude. Claude Marius Du- 
plani/. A nom de theatre. 

Mark, Uncle. Mark Lemon, — See 
" Penny." 

Blarkham, Mrs. Mrs, Elizabeth 
(Carttcright) Penrose. New children's 
friend . . . L. 1836. 

Markham, Howard. Mary Cecil 
Hay. Old Myddleton's money. L. 18-. 

Markham, Pauline. Mrs, Margaret 
{Hale) McMahon. 

Marlay. />. W, Chapman, 

Marling^, Matt. The stories in the 
"Boys and Girls' Weekly" (N.Y.), over 
this pseudonym, were partly written by 
Alfred Trumble, and partly by Charles 
Hull Webb. 

Marllnsky, The Cossack. Alexander 
Bestoujeff, a Russian poet, who, under 
this name, wrote small novels and 
sketches for the " Telegraph," a period- 
ical of Moscow, and for some others. 

Marlitt, E. Ilenriette Friederihe 
Christiane Eugenie John, Old MamscUe's 
secret ... P. 187-. 

Marlow, The Right Hon. Lady 
Harriet. William Beckford, Modem 
novel writing ; or, the elegant enthusiast, 
and interesting emotions of Arabella 
Bloomvillo ... L. 1706. 

Martnaduke, Sir. Theodore Tilton, 
The sexton's tale, and other poems. 
N.Y. 1867. Probably his signature to 
contributions to the press. 

Married Critic, The. Jules Gabriel 

Marryat, Florence. Mrs Florence 
(Marryat) Boss-Church, in her numerous 
works of fiction. 

Marsden, Frederick. W, A. Sliver, 
Clouds: comedy. N.Y. 187-. 

Marshall, . Thomas Holcroft, The 

German hotel : a comedy. L. 1700. 

Marshall, William, Gent. Horace 
Waipole. The castle of Otranto : a story 

translated by . . . from the original of 
Onuphrio Mural to, Canon of the Church 
of St. Nicholas, at Otranto. L. 1765. 

Martel. Bev. Washington Frothingham, 
in the New Hampshire " Statesman." 

Martel, Charles. Thomas Del/, The 
principles of colouring in painting. L. 

Martesia, Honoria. Judith Sargent. 

Martext, Oliver. James Cook Bich- 
mondf a member of the " Polyglot Club," 
which consisted of the nine editors of 
the " Harvard Register." Camb. 1827-28. 

Martin, £dward Winslow. James 
D, McCabe. History of the Grange 
Movement. Chic. 1874. 

Martingale. Charles White, English 
country life ... L. 1843. 

Martingale, Hawser. John Sher- 
burne Sleeper. Mark Rowland : a tale of 
the sea. B. 1867. 

Martlet. Bichard Binaham Davis, in 
the " Drone papers " in the " New York 

Mariyn, William ^Trederick. Bev, 
William Mavor, LL.D. Dictionary of 
natural history. L. 1784. 

Martyne, Herbert. William Tait 
BosSf a Scottish poet. 

Marvel, Andrew. William Goddard, 
printer of the " Constitutional Courant," 
of which only one number was issued, 
Sept. 21, 1765, and issued at Burlington, 
New Jersey. There is a copy in Harvard 
College library. 

Marvel, Ik. Donald Grant Mitchell, 
Reveries of a bachelor . . . 1851. — See 
"Opera Goer, An." 

3Iary, Aunt. Mary A, Lathhury. 
Fleda with the >oice, with other stories. 
N.Y. 1876. 

Mary, Aunt. Miss Mary Low. A 
peep into Uncle Tom's Cabin. By . . . 
L. 1853. 

Mary, Cultivator. Miss Mary Ase- 
nath Short, who is well known at the 
West, having frequently written under 
this signature for the " Ohio Cultivator," 
and for " Grace Greenwood's " " Little 
Pilgrim." Her later poems were signed 
"Fanny True." 

Marylander, A. Beverdy Johnson, 
The dangerous condition of the Coun- 
try . . . Bait. 1867. 

Mask. Probably James Grant. St. 
Stephen's ; or, pencillings of politicians. 
L. 1839. See "Notes and Queries," 5th 
Ser., I., 60, 873, 396, 457. 

3Iason, Ida. Eliza A. Mason Fisher, 
in her contributions to " Peterson's Ladies' 
Magazine" (P. about 1860), etc. 

Massachusettensis. David Leonard, 




Origin of the American contest with 
Great Britain . . . N.Y. 1776. 

AIbo in a eeries of political letters (17) be con- 
tributed to ttie Bonton nei^spapen, frequently re- 
printed. See tiabin, " Dictionary of Books relating 
to America," No. 40,097. In the controversy occa- 
sioned by these letters, John Adaros replied, under 
the pseudonym of ^'Novanglus." 

Maasachusetts. Elias Haskett Derhj, 
His signature in the Boston papers. See 
"A Rail-Road Director." 

Massachusetts liawyer, A. John 
Lowell f Jr. Review of a treatise on ex- 
patriation by George Hay^ Esq. By . . . 
B. 1814. 

Maaaachusetta Yankee, A. Lyman 
Hotchkist Bagg. His signature in the 
"Anglo-American Times" (L. 1876) and 
the "Nation" (N.Y. 1880). 

Master Maaon, A. — Ward. Free- 
masonry: its pretensions exposed . . . 
N.Y. 1828. 

Master of Arts, A. William King, 
LLJJ. Elogium famsD inserviens Jacci 
Etonensis, sive Gigantis ; or, the praises 
of Jack of Eton, commonly called Jack 
the Giant : collected into Latin and Eng- 
lish metre, after the manner of Thomas 
Stemhold, John Hopkins, John Burton, 
and others ... By . . . L. 1749. 

Master of Artd of the University 
of Oxford, A. William Asplin. Alki- 
bla: a disquisition upon worshipping 
towards the east ... By . . . L. 1728- 

Master of Arts of Trinity College, 
Cambridge, A. R. Allen. The life, 
times, and travels of Abraham. L. 

Master of the Grammar-School at 
Arundel, The. Charles Caraccioli. An- 
tiquities of Arundel; by . . . L. 

Mata. William R. Thompson. 

MaterfkmillAS. Mrs. C. M. Bell. 
Tales from the Odyssey, for boys and 
girls. N.Y. 1880. 

Mathetes. John Wilson {Christopher 
North), in Coleridge's " Friend." 

Boon after learing the unlTerslty (of Oxford), 
be purchased the beautiful estate of Klleray, on 
the noble lake of Windermere, which led to his 
Intimacy with Wordsworth, Sonthey, Quilllnan, 
Coleridge, aud DeQuincey. Here he coutributed 
some fine letters to Coleridge's " Friend," under 
the signature of '* Mathetes.^' Bee " Madlse For- 
trait Gallery," p. 60. 

Mathilde. Senriette Friederike Amalie 
von Hohenhauaen, in her contributions to 
Lecke's " Monatrosen.'' 

Ma9o«, Ovot. Thomas South. Early 
magnetism ... L. 184G. 

Matilda. Mrs, Matilda Caroline 

iSmiletf) Edwards . Poems by . . . 
liichmond, 1851. 

Matrimonial Monomaniac, A. L. 
A. Abbot, Seven wives and- seven pris- 
ons ; or, experiences in the life of . . . 
N.Y. 1870. 

Matthews & Go. Leicester Silk Buck- 
ingham, Aggravating Sam : a comic 
drama ... L. 1854. 

Matthey, A. Arthur Arnould. Z06 
Chien-Chien. Paris, 1881. 

Matthias Lord Bishop of Chiches- 
ter. Matthias Mawson, DJ), A sermon 
. . . before the . . . Society for the Propa- 
gation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts . . . 
February 18, 1712-43. By . . . L. 

Maude. Miss Clotilda Jennings. Lin- 
den Rhymes . . . Halifax, 1854. 

Maorlce, Cassar, Esq. Dr, George W, 

Maurice, Jacques. James W. Morris. 
K. N. Pepper, and other condiments. 
N.Y. 1860. 

Mauris, Maurice. Marquis de Cag- 
lengano, a native of Nice, a Garibaldian, 
and an ardent admirer of Victor Hugo. 

Mauritius, Pfaflfo. Moritz Hartmann. 
Reimchronik des PfaCFen I^Iauritius. 1840. 

Maury, J. C. F. Auguste Tillet, 
Treatise on the dental art . . . P. 1842. 

Mawe, Thomas. John Abercromhie, 
Every man his own gardener. L. 1707. 

Mawr, Eta. Elizabeth Colling. Far 
and near ; or, translations and originals 
... L. 1856. 

Max. William H. Maxwell, Novels 
and tales. L. 187-. 

May. M. Porter. 

May, Ck>ra. Mrs. Jennie Curtis. 

May, Edith. Anna Drinker. Katy's 
story. P. 1856. 

May, Mattie. Mrs. C. R. Brown. 
Ethel Dut.ton. B. 1880. 

May, Morna. Miss Lelia B. Bickford. 

May, Sophie. Rebecca Sophia Clarke. 
The Asbury twins. B. 187-. 

Mayfield, Frank. Daniel Stames. 

Mayfield, Millie. Mrs. Mary Sophie 
(Shaw) Homes. Carrie Harrington; or, 
scenes in New Orleans. N.Y. 1857. 

Mayflower, Minnie. Mrs. Catharine 
{Stratton) Ladd, who contributed tales, 
sketches, essays, and poems to various 
journals, under the signatures " Minnie 
Mayflower," "Arcturus," "Alida," and 
" Morna." 

May Fly. Wellington Somerset, A 
Continental tour ... L. 1871. 

Maynard, Walter. Thomas Willert 
Beale, The enteiprising impresario. L. 




Mayne, Hope. Mrs. E, Auderton. 

Mayne, lieger D. W. B. Dick, S. A. 
Froit, and W, Taylor, What shall we do 
to-night ? or, social amusements. N.Y. 

Mayo, Frank. Francis Maauire, 

Me. H, C. Banner. Remarks by Me, 
contribnted to "Puck" (N.Y.). 

Me, the Hon. B. B., Esq. Joseph 
Often, Entertainment for a winter's 
erening ... B. 1760. 

Me, Phtl Arcanos, Gent., Student 
in Astrology. Joseph Oreen. The 
Grand Arcanum detected . . . 1766. 

Mechanic, A. Charles Devonshire, 
Clara ; or, the marriage feast . . . Fal- 
mouth, 1836. 

Medical Man, A. Forbes Watson. 
Flowers and gardens; notes on plant 
beauty. L. 1872. 

Medical Student, A Bobert Douglas, 
Beminiscences of ... in the "New 
Monthly Magazine" for 1843-44. 

" Several of his early effasions flrat appeared 
in the ' G-laaffow Courier ' with the Celtic signa- 
ture of * ShoTlo.' " 

Medico Campo, Don Rlchardo de. 

Gfabriel Harvey, The trimming of 
Thomas Nash ... L. 1871. 

Medlcus. George Bott Churchill Wat- 
mm. Hints for pedestrians, by . . . L. 

Medlcna. John Epps, M.D. Internal 
evidences of Christianity, deduced from 
phrenology. By . . . member of the 
Edinb. Phren. Soc. Edinb. 1827. 

Medlcus. Forbes Benignus Winslow, 
On the nature, symptoms, and treat- 
ment of cholera. By . . . L. 

Medlcus. Daniel Denison Slade, 
M.D, Twelve days in the saddle. A 
Journey on horseback in New England, 
during the autumn of 1883 . « . By . . . 
B. 1884. 

Medlcus Cantabrlglensla. John 
Spurgin, Wisdom, intelligence, and sci- 
ence, the true characteristics of Emanuel 
Swedenborg ... L. 1862. 

Medlcus & Co. Joshua T. Woodhead, 
The golden referee, a guide to health . . . 
By . . . Liverpool, 1874. 

Medlus. Benjamin Franklin, Re- 
marks and facts relative to the American 
paper money. P. about 1766. 

Medlar, Momus. James Smith, Mac- 
beth travestie. By . . . L. 1862. [In 
"Rejected addresses; or, the new thea- 
trum poetarum." By J. and H. Smith.] 

Medlecott, Humphrey. For the sup- 
posed editor of the " Observator." L. 

Medley, Matthew. Anthony Aston, 
The fool's opera. L. 1731. 

Melrlon. W, Owen, in his contribu- 
tions to the " Monthly Magazine." L. 

Mel, Mary. Mary E. Bennett, Poems 
and tales, by . . . Mary Campbell [pseud.], 
etc. N.Y. 1861. 

Mela Brltannlcus. Charles Kd- 

Melata, Don Macarlo Padua. Fdix 
Amat, Tratado de la Iglesia de Jesu 
Christo. 1793-1803. 

Melena, £lpl8. Marie Esp^rance 
(Brandt) von Schwartz, Gemma; oder, 
Tugend und Laster. Munich, 1877. 

M61e8vllle. Baron Anne ffonore Jo- 
seph Duveyrier. Valerie : comedie. Paris, 

Melissa. Jane Hughes Brereion. 

Mellot, Claude. Tom Taylor. This 
character in Charles Kingsley's "Two 
Tears Ago " is said by Thomas Hughes 
to represent Mr. Taylor, — See " Mac- 
millan's Magazine" for August, 1880, 
"In Memoriam." 

Melmoth. Judge Saint-George Tucker ^ 
in Wirt's " Old Bachelor." 

Melmoth, Courtney. Samuel Jack- 
son Pratt. The sublime and beautiful of 
Scripture ... L. 1777. 

Mels, August. Martin Cohn. Baron 
Leo von Oberg, M.D. A story of love 
unspoken [trans.]. B. 1868. 

MelvUle, £mUy. Mrs. Emily Jones 

Member, A. Joseph Sparkes, An 
affectionate address to the Society of 
Friends in Great Britain and Ireland. 
By . . . L. 1834. 

Member, A. William Milnor, An 
authentic historical memoir of the 
Schuylkill Fishing Company of the 
State in SchuylkUl ... P. 1830. 

Member, A. Thomas Greer Jacob, 
Brief remarks on the Christian Sabbath 
. . . addressed to . . . the Society of 
Friends . . . Belfast, 1832. 

Member, A. Maria Arthingion, A 
few remarks addressed to the Society of 
Friends on the subject of a revival of 
religion amongst them. By . . . Leeds, 

Member, A. Samuel Gtlman, D.D, 
Memoirs of a New England village choir 
... B. 1820. 

Member, A. John Faulder. Remarks 
on the birthright membership of the 
Society of Friends. By . . . L. 

Member for Chlltern Hundreds, 
The. Henry W, Lucy, Men and manners in 




Farliamcnt ... L. 1874. Also in his 
contributions to the " (Jcnt. Mag/* 

Member for Paris, The. Eustace 
Clare GrenvWe Murrafj, the English nov- 

Member of a Close Colle^^e, A. A ugu9- 
tuB William Hare, A letter to Daniel K. 
Sandford, Esq., Professor of Greek in 
the Universitj of Glasgow . . . Oxf . 

Member of a Provincial Parlia- 
ment, A. Edward Gibbon Wakefield. 
View of Sir Charles Metcalfe's govern- 
ment of Canada ... L. 1844. 

Member of Convocation, A. Rev. 
White Kennet. Dr. Snape instructed in 
some matters especially relating to con- 
vocations and converts from poperj. 
L. 1718. 

Member of Convocation, A. Rev. 
Tliomas Vattghan. The legality of the 
present academical system of the Uni- 
versity of Oxford . . . Oxf. 1831. 

Member of Convocation, A. George 
Home, D.D. A letter to the Right Hon- 
orable, the Lord North, Chancellor of 
the University of Oxford, concerning 
subscription to the 30 articles, and par- 
ticularly the under-graduate subscription 
in that university. By . . . L. 1773. 

A\mo ascribed to Rev. Thomas Patten. 

Member of Court, A. John Archibald 
Murray^ Lord Murray. Letter to the 
Lord Advocate on the procedure in the 
court of session and jury trials . . . 
Edinb. 1850. 

The letter is signed " J. A. M." 

Member of Gray's Inn, A. P, B. 
Leigh, Law students' guide ... L. 

Member of his Privy Council, A. 
Charles MacCormick, LL.B. Secret his- 
tory of the court and reign of Charles 
II., by . . . L. 1792. 

Member of it, A. Rowley LasceUes. 
— See"Publicola." 

Member of Lincoln's Inn, A. John 
Raithby, The study and practice of the 
law considered in their various relations 
to society ... By . . . L. 1798. 

Member of Lincoln's Inn, A. John 
Lind, Esq. Three letters to Dr. Price 
... By . . . L. 1776. 

Member of neither Syndicate, A. 
Henry Addington, M.A.f Lord Sidmouth. 
A few remarks on the " New Library " 
question . . . Camb. 1831. 

Member of one of the Societies, A. 
TT. Dale. Calculations deduced from 
first principles ... By . . . L. 1772. 

Member of one of the Religious 
Bocleties, A. Richard Finch. A de- 

fence of the Rev. Mr. Whitefield's doc- 
trine of regeneration . . . By ... L. 

Member of Parliament^ A. George 
Ellis, in Beloe's " Sexagenarian," Vol. 2, 
p. 110. 2ded. L. 1818. 

Member of Parliament, A. Treysae 
de Vergy. A defence of his royal high- 
ness the Duke of Cumberland. L. 1770. 

Member of Parliament, A. Robert 
Henley Ongley, 1st Baron Ongley. An 
essay on the nature and use of the 
militia ... By . . . L. 1757. 

Member of Parliament, A. Sir Rob- 
ert Walpole. A letter . . . concerning the 
duties on wine and tobacco. L. 1733. 

Member of Parliament, A. William 
Pulteney, Earl of Bath. A letter . . . 
concerning the sum of £ 115,000 granted 
for the service of the Civil List. L. 1729. 

Member of Parliament, A. Sir 
Humphrey Mackicorth. A letter . . . giv- 
ing an account of the proceedings of the 
Tackers ... L. 1704. 

Member of Parliament, A. Con- 
stantine John Phipps, Lord Mulgrave. A 
letter ... on the late proceedings of the 
House of Commons in the Middlesex 
elections, n.p. 1709. 

Member of Parliament, A. Sir 
William Meredith, The question stated 
... L. 1769. 

A treatise upon Wilke's election. 

Member of Parliament, Another. 

Sir William Biackstone. A letter to the 
author of "The Question Stated." By 
... L. 1769. 

Member of Parliament, A Late. 
Thomas Carew, Esq. An historical ac- 
count of the rights of elections of the 
several counties, cities, and boroughs of 
Great Britain ... By . . . L. 1755. 

Member of the Arcadian Academy 
of Rome, A. Joseph Cooper Walker, 
Historical memoir on Italian tragedy . . . 
By . . . L. 1799. 

Member of the Association, A. 
Henry Biggs, Annals of the county and 
city of Cork, commencing with an 
abridged report of the transactions of 
the British Association ... L. 1843. 

Member of the Athenian Society, 

A. John Dunton. The Athenian oracle 

... By . . . L. 1703-4. 

The preface is signed " Philaret, a Member 
of Athens." 

Member of the Bar, A. C, W, 

Hart. Essay on industry, and biographi- 
cal sketches of Theophilus Radclifite and 
Emma Jones. By . . . Stcubenville, 0., 
Member of the Bar, A. Phineas 




Bacon Wilcox, Thoughts . . . Colum- 
buB, O., 1830. 

Member of the Bar, A. Leonard Kip. 
The Volcano Diggings : a tale of Cali- 
fornia law . . . N.Y. 1851. 

Siember of the Boston Bar, A. 
Ivers James Austin. An account of the 
origin of the Mississippi doctrine of re- 
pudiation ... B. 1842. 

Member of the Boston Bar, A. 
John Augustus Bolles. The affairs of 
Rhode Island, being a review of Dr. 
Wayland's " Discourse "... B. 1842. 

Member of the British Parliament, 
A. Fronds Ingram Seymour Conway ^ Vis- 
count Bcauchamp. A letter to the First 
Belfast Volunteers in the Province of Ul- 
ster. By... L. 1782. 

Member of the Burton Hunt, A 
Henry Draddon, in the " Sporting Maga- 
zine (L.). 

Member of the Church at Oxford, 
A. William Palmer. At him again 1 
or, the fox withoift a tail, being another 
word for Mr. Bulteel. Oxf . 1832. 

Member of the Church of Christ, 
A. Bev. Richard Clarke. An essay on 
the number seven ... By . . . L. 1759. 

Member of the Church of Eng- 
land, A Rev. William Hopkins , B.A. 
An appeal to the common sense of all 
Christian people ... By . , . L. 

Member of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Charles Leslie. The case truly 
stated, wherein the case restated is fully 
considered. L. 1714. 

Thi« work Is In the form of a dialogue, and is 
signed <*PbiIalethes.*' 

Member of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Josiah Woodward. The Chris- 
tian peace maker ... L. 1710. 

Member of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. William Palmer, M.A. Ex- 
amination of an announcement made in 
the " Prussian State Gazette "... Oxf. 

Member of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. J. A. Thornthwaite. The young 
churchman's manual ... By . . . L. 

Member of the Church of England, 
from Birth and Education, A. Bev. 
Edward Evanson. The doctrines of a 
Trinity and the Incarnation of God ex- 
amined ... L. 1772. 

Member of the Church of God at 
Oxford, A. William Palmer ^ M.A. A 
hard nut to crack ; or, a word in season 
to Mr. Bulteel . . . Oxf. 1832. 

Member of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Bev, James Hog^ of Carnock. 

An essay to vindicate some Scripture 
truths . . . n.p. 1710. 

Slember of the Class of '07, A. Pa rh 
Benjamin. Shakings. Etchings from 
the naval academy ... B. 180-. 

Member of the College of Justice, 
A. James Watson. Kcw form of pro- 
cess before the Court of Session . . . 
Edinb. 1799. 

Member of the College of Justice, 
A. William Spink, S.S.C. Scenes and 
sketches in legal life. L. 187G. 

Member of the College of Physi- 
cians, A. Jeremiah Wainewright, An 
anatomical treatise of the liver, with the 
diseases incident to it. L. 1722. 

Member of the Committee of Peace 
in Paris, A. George AI. Gibbs. A let- 
ter to the American Peace Society . . . 
Paris, 1842. 

Member of the Community, and a 
Sincere Friend to his Country, A. 
John Campbell. The naturalization bill 
confuted ... L. 1751. 

Member of the Congregation, A. 
Joseph Moule. A letter to the membeis 
of the congregation of St. James' chapel, 
Edinburgh . . . Edinb. 1842. 

Member of the Convention of the 
Boyal Burghs of Scotland, A. David 
Dundas Scott, Blue-book curiosities . . . 
Edmb. 1867. 

Member of the Corporation, A. 
Samuel Atkins Eliot. A letter to the 
president of Harvard College ... B. 

Member of the Dramatic liunatlc 
Asylum, A. Crosbie Ward, Esq. The 
haunted housemaid ; or, the villain of 
the velvet vcskit Christchurch, Kew 
Zealand, 1865. 

Member of the Duddingston Curl- 
ing Society, A. Rev. James Bamsay, 
An account of the game of curling. 
By . . . Edinb. 1811. 

Member of the Edinburgh Photo- 
graphic Society, A. — Burnett, of 
Edinburgh. Photography in colours . . . 
By . . . Edinb. 1867. 

Member of the English Bar, A. 
John Sibbald Edison. "St. George for 
England." An address to, and corre- 
spondence with, certain persons disaf- 
fected to the established constitution . . • 
L. 1850. 

Member of the English Bar, A. 
John Hodgkin, Incumbered Estates 
(Ireland) Bill. Objections, by the Irish 
attomies and solicitors; and answers 
by... L. 1849(?). 

Member of the Established Church, 
A. Sir John Bayley, The Book of 




Common Prayer, with notes. L. 

" The author withheld his zuune, not from any 
wish Improperlv to conceal it, oat because It was 
no part of his oqject to draw himself into notice." 

Member of tbeBstabllshed Churcfa, 
A. Dr. Samuel Parr, A letter from 
Irenopolis to the inhabitants of Eleuthe- 
ropolis . . . Birmingham, 1792. 

Member of the Executive Commit- 
tee, A. Jordan L, Mott, Report to the 
inyentors of the United States. Morri- 
sania, N.Y., 1854. 

Member of the Faculty, A. Robert 
Hannaif. Letter to the Dean of the Fac- 
ulty of Adrooates . . . Edinb. 1828. 

Member of the Faculty of Advo- 
cates, A. Charles Ferguson, younger, of 
Kilkerran. The early history of Chnrch 
Patronage . . . Edinb. 1883. 

Member of the Faculty of Advo- 
cates, A. James Starke. An introduc- 
tion to the study of the law of Scotland 
. . . Edinb. 1882. 

Member of the Free Church, A. 
James Gall, A free Church and a free 
trade . . . 1844. 

3Iember of the Gild, A. James Au- 
gustine Stothert, A short series of lec- 
tures on the parochial and collegiate 
antiquities of Edinburgh, read to the 
Holy Gild of St. Joseph. By . . . Edinb. 

Member of the Guildry, A. James 
Shirra. An historic sketch of Cowane's 
Hospital, Stirling. By . . . Stirling, 

Member of the Honourable Society 
of Writers to the Signet, A. William 
Jamieson. A letter to the Right Honour- 
able Lord Viscount Melrille . . . Edinb. 

Member of the House of Assembly 
of Newfoundland, A. Patrick Morris. 
A short reply to the speech of Earl Ab- 
erdeen . . . Liyerpool, 1889. 

Member of the House of Commons, 
etc., A. William Amall. Animadver- 
sions on a Keyerend Prelate's [Bishop 
T. Sherlock's] remarks upon the bill . . . 
entitled ''A Bill to prevent suits for 
tythes ... By . . . L. 1781. 

Member of the House of Commons, 
A. John Hervey, Lord Hervey. An an- 
swer to the Country Parson's Plea against 
the Quakers' Tythe-Bill ... By . . . L. 

Member of the House of Commons, 
A. Archibald Hutcheson, An estimate 
of the value of South-Sea stock. L. 

Member of the House of Commons, 

A. Daniel Defoe. A letter . . . relating 
to the Bill of Commerce ... L. 1718. 

Member of the House of Commons, 
A. Robert Molesworth, Viscount Moles- 
worth. A letter . . . relating to the Bill 
of Peerage ... L. 1719. 

Member of the House of Commons, 
A. Philip Carteret Webb. Some obser- 
vations on the late determination for 
discharging Mr. Wilkes from his com- 
mitment to the Tower of London . • . 
By . . . L. 1763. 

Member of the House of Commons 
in Ireland, A. Jonathan Swi/l^ D.D. A 
letter from ... to a member of the House 
of Commons in England ... L. 1709. 

Member of the Howard Associa- 
tion of New Orleans, A. William L. 
Robinson. Diary of a Samaritan. N.O. 

Member of the Humane Society, A. 
Wendell Dams. Barnstable, Massachu- 
setts. A description of the eastern coast 
of the county of Barnstable . . . B. 1802. 

Member of the Humane Society, A. 
John Davis, LL,D. The life boat : a 
poem . . . n.p., n.d. 

Member of the Inner Temple, A. 
H. Roscoe. A discourse on the study of 
the laws ... L. 1824- 

Member of the Irish Bar, A. Den- 
nis Burrowes Kelly. The Manor of Glen- 
more ; or, the Irish peasant . . . L. 1889. 

Member of the Irish Parliament, A. 
Hervey Redmond Morres, 2d "Viscount 
Mountmorres. Considerations on the in- 
tended modification of Poyning's Law. 
L. 1780. 

3Iember of the Ijate Parliament, A. 
Lord Robert Grosvenor, Baron Ebury. 
Leaves from my journal during the sum- 
mer of 1861. L. 1852. 

Member of the Ijegislative Assem- 
bly of Upper Canada, A. Hon. 
Francis Hincks. The Seigniorial Ques- 
tion : its present ^position . . . Quebec, 

Member of the Idterary and Sci- 
entific Association of ISlgin, A. Dr. 
Taylor. Edward I. of England in the 
North of Scotland . . . Elgin, 1868. 

Member of the Ijower House, A. 
Charles Trimnell, D.D. An account of 
the proceedings between the two Houses 
of Convocation which met October the 
20th, 1702... L. MDCCIV. 

Member of the Ijower House, A. 
Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford. Thoughts 
of ... in relation to a project for . . . 
limiting the power of the Crown in the 
future creation of peers. L. 1719. 

Member of the Liower House o? 




Convocation, A. Francis Atterbury. 
The case of the schedule sUted ... "L. 

Member of the Manchester Athe- 
DSBum, A. J. P. CulverwelL Manches- 
ter in 1844 ... L. 1844. 

Member of the Marine Society, A. 
Jonas Hanway, A letter . . . Shewing 
the piety, generosity, and utility of their 
design . . . 6th ed. L. 1757. 

Member of the Marj'land liefflsla- 
ture, A. Lawrence Sangston. The Bas- 
tiles of the North . . . Bait. 1863. 

31ember of the N. E. Hist. Gen. So- 
ciety, A. Timothy Farrar. Memoir of 
the Farrar family. B. 1853. 

Member of the New York Bar, A. 
Vine Wright Kinnsley. Reconstruction in 
America ... Js.Y, 1865. 

Member of the N.Y. Genealogical 
and Biographical Society, A. Wil- 
liam Ingraham Kip, The olden time in 
New York, 1664-1775. N.Y. 1883. 

Member of the Numismatic Soci- 
ety of Philadelphia, A. Henry Phillips, , 
Jr, Historical sketch of the paper money 
issued by Pennsylvania ... P. 1802. 

Member of the Oxford Convoca- 
tion, A. 7?er. C. A. Jiou\ of Pembroke 
College. Letter to the Right Honour- 
able Lord John Russell, M.P. ... on the 
constitutional defects of the University 
and Colleges of Oxford ... L. 1850. 

Member of the Philadelphia Bar, 
A. John G. Johnson, A criticism of Mr. 
Wm. B. Reed's aspersions on the charac- 
ter of Dr. Benjamin Rush ... P. 1867. 

Member of the Philadelphia Bar, 
A. David Boyer Brown. Reply to Hor- 
ace Binney on the i)rivilege of the Writ 
of Habeas Corpus under the Constitution 
... P. 1802. 

Member of the PoUtlcal Economy 
Club, A. Col. Robert Torrens. The budget. 
L. 1841. 

3Ieniber of the Press, A. G. P. Ure. 
TIio hand-book of Toronto . . . Toronto, 

Member of the Red River Confer- 
ence, A. Thomas Osmond Summers, D.D. 
Post Oak Circuit. Edited by . . . Nash- 
ville, 1857. 

Member of the Reformed Catholic 
Church, A. George Finch. A brief re- 
ply to " A sure wav to find out the true 
religion"... L. 1841. 

Member of the Revision Commit- 
tee of the Church of Ireland, A. if. 
IJotjd. The doctrine of absolution . . . 
By. . . Dublin, 1871. 

Member of the Rock County Bar, 
A. J. M. Bundy, State rights and the 

appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme 
Court of the United States . . . Beloit, 
Wis., 1860. 

Member of the Roxburghe Club, 
A. Thomas Frogncdl Dibdin, D.D. Cran- 
mer : a novel. L. 1889. 

Member of the Royal College of 
Surgeons, A. WHliam Wadd. Cursory 
remarks on corpulence. L. 1810. 

Member of the Royal Society, and 
of the Society of Antiquaries, of 
liOndon. •Sir James Burrow. A few 
anecdotes and observations relating to 
Oliver Cromwell and his family . . . 
By . . . L. 1768. 

Member of the Said Society, A. 
White Kennet, BibliothecsB Americanaa 
primordia ... L. 1718. 

Member of the Same Society, A. 
Henry Foley. English province S. J. 
Alphabetical catalogue . . . Roehamp- 
ton, 1876. 

The introduction is signed " H. F." 

Member of the Senate, A. William 
Frend. Considerations on the oaths re- 
quired by the University of Cambridge . . . 
L. 1787. 

Member of the Society, A. Edward 
Ash, M.D. An address to the Society 
of Friends on . . . disseminating Chris- 
tian knowledge among the Heathen. 
By . . . L. 1828. 

Member of the Society, A. Frank 
Amee. Brief remarks on an important 
subject; or, a parent s thoughts on the 
means of obtaining a guarded and relig- 
ious education for youth at schools . . . 
By . . . Bristol, 1820. 

Member of the Society of Antiqua- 
ries In liOndon. Francis Wise. Some 
enquiries concerning the first inhabitants, 
language, religion, learning, and letters 
of Europe, by . . . L. 1758. 

Member of the Society of Anti- 
quaries of Scotland, A. Archibald 
M*Neill, W.S. Notes on the authenticity 
of Ossian's poems . . . 1868. 

Member of the Society of Artists 
and Manufacturers of Philadelphia, 
A. Tench Coxe. An essay on the man- 
ufacturing interest of the United States, 
etc. P. 1804. 

Member of the Society for Consti- 
tutional Information, A. William Dar 
vies Shipley, The principles of the Gov- 
ernment ... L. 1783. 

Member of the Society of Friends, 
A. Joseph John Gumey. The contribu- 
tion of ... to a lady's album. 1827. 

Member of the Society of Friends, 
A. James Bowdcn. An examination 
into the scriptural lawfulness of mar- 




riage with a deceased wife's Bister, etc. 
By . . . L. 1868. 

Member of the Society of Friends, 
A. Henry Callaway. Immediate reve- 
lation : being a brief view of the dealings 
of God with man in all ages ... B7 . . . 
L. 1842. 

Member of the Society of Friends, 
A. Jonathan Pirn, Is it right for a 
Christian to marry two sisters ? By . . . 
Dublin, 1863. 

Member of the Society of Friends, 
A. Mary Stacey, Jun. A letter on the 
Lord's Supper. By . . . L. 1886. 

Member of the Society of Friends, 
A. William Collier. Quakerism. By 
.. . Plymouth (?), 1887. 

Member of the Society of Friends, 

A. Philip Thompson. The remem- 
brancer, for such as believe in the truth 
as it is in Jesns ... By . . . Wood- 
bridge, 1820. 

Member of the Society of Idncoln's 
Inn, A. Timothy Brecknock. Droit le 
Roy ... L. 1764. 

Member of the Sodality of the B. 
V. Mary, Church of the Most Holy 
Redeemer, East Boston. Ju mes Fitton. 
Influence of the Catholic doctrines on 
the emancipation of slaves ... B. 1868. 

Member of the Suffolk Bar, A. 
Harrison Gray Otis. A letter to the Hon. 
Josiah Quincy ... on the law of libel . . . 

B. 1823. 

Member of the Suffolk Committee 
of 1829, A. Henry Gassett. Catalogue 
of books on tlic Masonic Institution . . . 
B. 1852. 

3Iember of the Synod of United 
Original Seceders, A. Rev. John Gra- 
Jiam. Non-intrusion weighed in the bal- 
ance and found wanting . . . Ayr, 1848. 

Member of the Twenty-Seventh 
Congn^^ss, A. John Pendleton Kennedy, 
Defence of the Whigs. N.Y. 1844. 

Member of the VnlTersity, A. Ben- 
jamin Blaynei/. An expostulatory letter 
to . . . Dr. Randolph. Oxf . 1778. 

Member of the University, A Iiate. 
Peter Le Page Renouf. The character of 
the Rev. W. Palmer, M.A., of Worcester 
College ... L. 1843. 

Member of the University of Cam- 
brid^^e, A. Richard Duppa, B.C.L. An 
address to the Parliament of Great Brit- 
ain, on the claims of authors to their own 
copyright. L. 1813. 

3Iember of the University of Cam- 
bridge, A. Thomas Perronet Thompson, 
Catechism of the Corn Laws. Manches- 
ter, n.d. 

Member of the University of Cam- 

bridge, A. Jackson Muspratt Williams, 
The elements of Euclid ... By . . . 

Member of the University of Cam- 
bridge, A. Rev. Edward John Nixon, 
The facts as they are . . . Camb. 1844. 

Member of the University of Cam- 
bridge, A. William Burdon, M.A. A 
few words of plain truth . . . Camb. 1797. 

Member of the University of Cam- 
bridge, A. Prof. George Long. Hanni- 
bal's passage of the Alps. L. 1880. 

Member of the University of Cam- 
bridge, A. Rev. Philip Stanhope Dodd, 
M.A, Hints to Freshmen, from . . . 

Member of the University of Cam- 
bridge, A. Benjamin Hall Kennedy, 
D.D. The Psalter in English verse. 
Edited . . . 1860. 

Member of the University of Ox- 
ford, A. John Anthony Cramer, D,D. 
A dissertation on the passage of Hanni- 
bal over the Alps. Oxf. 1820. * 

Ascribed also to H. L. Wickham. 

Member of the University of Ox- 
ford, A. Dr. John Burton. An introduc- 
tion to the metres of the Greek tragedians. 

3Iember of the University of Ox- 
ford, A. Rev. Wyndham Madden Hut- 
ton. Poems. By . . . Oxf. 1851. 

Member of the Vermont Bar, A. 
Daniel Pierce Thompson. The adventures 
of Timothy Peacock, Esq. . . . Middle- 
bury, 1835. 

Member of " The Victoria Discus- 
sion Society," A. Mrs. — Stafford, 
Signs of the times: from the works of 
Emanuel Swedenborg. To which is 
added a pamphlet by . . . L. 1872. 

Member of the Whip Club, A. Dr, 
Hewson Clarke. Lexicon Balatronicum : 
a dictionary of British slang, University 
wit, and pickpocket eloquence. By . . . 
assisted by llell-fire Dick. Edited by . . . 

Member of the Worcester Anglers' 
Society, A. William George. An essay 
on angling; by . . . Worcester, 1840. 
[Also signed "Frater."] 

Member of Trinity College In Cam- 
bridge, A. Richard Bentley. Proposals 
for printing a new edition of the Greek 
Testament ... L. 1721. 

Membre Adoptlf de la Nation 
On6ida, Un. J. Hector St. Jean de 
Crerecreur. Voyage dans la Haute 
Pennsylvanie et dans ri^tat de New 
York . . . Paris, 1801. 

Memor, Andreas. Antoine Ag€nor 
Alfred, due dv Gramont. L'AUemagne 
nouvelle, 1803-07 . . . Paris, 1879. 




Memorlter. David Fiae, Senoon 
reading in tlie pulpits of the United 
Presbyterian Church . . . Edinb. 

Meaalcas. Bracy Clark, Remarks 
on French shoeing, by an English shoe- 
ing smith. L. n.d. 

Menander. Robert Treat Paine, in the 
" American Apollo." B. 1792. 

Mtoard, Th6optaU& Just Jean JSti- 
enne Roy, Captain Rougemont . . . N.Y. 

M^ndes, Judith. Judith Qautier. Le 
dragon imperial. Paris, 1869. 

]llendsoale» My-heele. John Taylor, 
the water-poet. A tale in a tub; or, a 
tub lecture as it was delivered by ... an 
inspired Brownist. L. 1041. 

Mentor. Josiah Quincy, Jr,, who, in 
1771-72, published in the "Boston Ga- 
zette" patriotic essays under the signa- 
tures of "Mentor," "Edward Sexby," 
and *' Marchmont Needham." 

Mentor. Ven. George O'Kill Stuart , in 
his letters to the "Kingston Herald," 

Mentor. Nathan D. Umer, Never, 
Always, and Stop, three brochures pub- 
lished by Carleton & Co. N.Y. 1884. 

Menzies, Sutherland. Mrs, Eliza- 
beth Stone. Royal favourites. L. 1865. 

Mephlstopheles. John Pendleton 
Kennedy. A review of Mr. Cambreling's 
report from the committee of conmierce 
. . . Bftlt. 1830. 

M^plats, Isidore. Jean Charles 
Tach€, M.D. Le d^f richeur de Langue . . . 
Quebec, 1859. 

M6plata, Isidore de. F. A. H. La 
Rue, M.D. French Canadian author, in 
1859 contributor to *'La Ruche Litte- 
raire," under this signature. 

Mercantile Man, A. James Lumsden. 
American memoranda, by . . . during a 
short tour in the summer of 1843. Glas- 
gow, 1844. 

Mercator. William A. Brewer, in his 
contributions to various New York and 
Boston periodicals. 

Mercator. Right Hon. Edward Ellice, 
in his letters to the " Herald," Montreal, 

Mercator. Samuel Jones Loyd, Lord 
Overstone. His papers on the Bank 
Charter Act, etc., in the London " Times " 
under this signature, attracted great at- 
tention from political economists, bank- 
ers, and the mercantile classes. 

Mercator. James Anderson. Thoughts 
on the privileges and power of juries, 
etc. By . . . Edmb. 1793. 

Mercer. James Cheetkam. Letter 

concerning the Ten Found Court, in the 
city of New York. N.Y. 1800. 

Merchant, A. 3f. Drank Carr, Busi- 
ness . . . Edinb. 1873. 

Merchant, A. — Tod, of Kirt- 
lands. Consolatory thoughts on Ameri- 
can independence. By . . . 177-. 

Merchant, A. C. H. Kauffman, The 
dictionary of merchandize, and nomen- 
clature in all languages ... L. 1803. 

Merchant, A. R, Williams, A letter 
. . . relating to the danger Great Britain 
is in of losing her trade ... L. 1718. 

Merchant, A. William Workman, 
Letters of . . . upon " Rival routes to the 
ocean from the West, and docks at Mon- 
treal." Montreal, 1859. 

Merchant, A. — Breed, of Liverpool. 
Local issues ... L. 1834. 

Merchant, A. John Theodore Koster. 
Observations on the pending question of 
additional duties on cotton ... L. 1813. 

Merchant, A. William Colson West- 
lake, Practical remarks on the Com 
Laws as viewed in connexion with the 
com trade ... By . . . L. 1833. 

Merchant, A. David Henshaw. Re- 
marks upon the Bank of the United 
States ... B. 1831. 

Merchant, A. Henry M. Bird, A 
view of the relative situation of Great 
Britain and the United States of Amer- 
ica .. . L. 1794. 

MerchantrOltlzen, A. Robert Mein, 
The Edinburgh Paradise regained . . . 
n.p. 1764. 

Merchant, A liate. Asa Greene, 
The perils of Pearl Street, including a 
taste of the dangers of Wall Street . . . 
N.Y. 1834. 

Merchant In Ijondon, A. Josiah 
Tucker, D.D. A letter from ... to his 
nephew in North America relative to . . . 
affairs in the colonies. L. 1766. 

Merchant of Boston, A. Samuel 
Hooper. Currency or money; its na- 
ture and uses ... 6. 1855. 

Merchant of Boston, A. James 
Lloyd Homer. Short inquiry into the 
commercial policy of the United States. 
By . . . B. 1845. 

Merchant Seaman's Friend, The. 
Jeffrey Dennis. An address to the Com- 
mittee for the Relief of Distressed Sea- 
men ... L. 1813. 

Merchant, Mat. W. S. Wood, How 
Bennie did it. Portland, 187-. 

Merchant, T. Thomas Dibdin. The 
mad guardian; or, sunshine after rain: 
a farce . . . Huddersfield, 1795. 

3Iercurlus Rustlciis. Rev. Tl:onws 
Frognall Dibdin, Blbliophobia : remarks 




on the present languid and depressed 
state of literature . . . With notes hj 
Cato ParTus (Richard Heber). L. 1832. 

Mercury. Grtorge D. Baird, editor of 
"CycUst and Athlete" (N.Y.). 

Mercury. L. O. Brttce, in his contri- 
butions to the " Turf, Field, and Farm " 

Mercury. J. PiUer, Bhymes for the 
times. L. 1863. 

Merctttlo. William Winter, who, 
1861-^0, was dramatic critic of the " New 
York Albion " under this x>en-name. 

Merdant^ Daniel. Rev, Robert WyneU 
Mayowj B^. Tracts for the use of the 
poor. By . . . 18-. 

Meredith, Owen. The Right Hon. 
Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton, Earl Lyt- 
ton. The wanderer : a poem. L. 

Merlin. Alfred Tennyiton, in two 

poems contributed to the "Examiner" 

(L. 1862). 

The poems referred to aro "The Third of 
Febmary, 1852." and " Hands All Aioand.'* 

Merlin. Alexander Wilder, MD, His 
dgnature as New York correspondent of 
the Boston "Daily AdTcrtiser" from 
1864 to 1870. 

Merrlweafher, Magnus. Charles 
Remington Talbot, Royal Lowrie; or, a 
general misunderstanding. B. 1878. 

Merry, ]>octor. J. Wyndham, Merry 
companion. L. 18-. 

Merry, Felix. Evert Augustus Duyo- 
Jeinck, editor of the " New York Literary 
World," 1847-68 et seq.; also of "Arc- 
turus"; contributor to the "New York 
Quarterly Review," 1837-42, the ** Demo- 
cratic Reyiew," the "Morning News," 
and other periodicals, and author of val- 
uable works. 

Mer(ton), Amb(roee), Gent, F.8.A. 
William John Hioms, Gammer Gurton's 
pleasant stories . . . Newly revised and 
amended by . . . Westminster, 1840. 

Merton, Tristram. Thomas Babing- 
ton Macaulay. Sketches and ballads in 
** Knight's Quarterly Magazine." 

3Ieralan. Dr. Robert Dwyer Joyce. 
— See"Feardana." 

Mesnager, Monsr. Daniel Defoe, 
Minutes of the Negociations ... at the 
Court of England ... L. 1717. 

Meta. Mrs, Mary Lewis, Heart 
echoes. Bait. 1873. 

Metador. William L, Alden, in the 
New York " Times." 

Metaplioricos, Archimafl^us. Wil- 
liam Kenrickf LL.D, The Kap<^lion ; or, 
poetical ordinary ... L. 1750. 

Methodiat, A. Alexander Chalmers. 

Caution against a growing immorality of 
principle. " Gent. Mag.," May, 1801, p. 

Methodist^ A. John WesUy. The 
contents of a folio history of the Mora- 
vians . . . 

MethodlBt-Preaclier in Cambridge- 
shire, A. Rev, John Berridge. A f rag^ 
ment of true religion. Being the sub- 
stance of two letters from ... to a 
clergyman in Nottinghamshire. L. 

Preface aigned "Fidth WorUeM " [pseud.], 

Meyer, Adolf. Meyer Aaron Gold- 
Schmidt. The Jew. 1845. 

Middle Aged Citizen, A. R, Rus- 
sell. London railways. L. 1867. 

I^Iiddleaged Man, A. John Dix, after- 
wards Ross. Passages from the history 
of a wasted life. By . . . 1853. 

Middle Aged Man, A. Mrs. Kdtha^ 
rine (Byerley) Thotnson. Recollections 
of literary characters and celebrated 
places f which consist partly of a series 
of articles originally published in " Bent- 
ley's Miscellany " and " Eraser's Maga- 
zine" under this signature). L. 1854. 

Middlesex. William Stevens Robin- 
son, his signature in the New York 
" Evening Post" in 1853. 

Middlestttch, Giles. William Maginn, 
LL.D. Semihorae biographicss, in 
" Blackwood's Magazine," September, 

Midgley, R. Jj. David Pulsifer, In- 
scriptions from the burying-ground in 
Salem, Mass. B. 1837. 

Midnight, Mrs. Mary. John New- 
bery (?). An index to mankind; or, 
ma^ms selected from wits of all nations 
. . . By ... L. 1751. 

Midshipman, A. G. Home. Me 
moirs of an Aristocrat, and reminiscences 
of the Emperor Napoleon. By ... of 
the Bellerophon. L..1836. 

Midshipman of the last Century, 
A. Commander Robert Campbell, R.N, 
Recollections of a sea-life, by ... in the 
" United Service Magazine." 

Midshipman of the United States 
Navy, A. William Leggett, Leisure 
hours at sea . . . N.Y. 1825. 

Mignionette. Miss Hume Middle- 
mass. The bouquet culled from Maryle- 
bone Gardens by . . . L. 1851-55. — 
See " Bluebell." 

Mignonette. Emily H. Moore. A 
lost life. N.Y. 1871. 

Miles. Walter Henry, M.D. Accounts 
of the rebellions in Canada, 1837-38. 
He also contributed letters, under this 
signature in the '* New York Albion." 



Milford Bard, The. John Lofland, 
Poems and essays. Bait. 1840. 

Military Chaplain, A. Bev, Joshua 
Fraser, Three months among the moose : 
" a winter's tale " of the northern wilds 
of Canada. By . . . Montreal, 1881. 

Military Officer, A. Peter Henry 
Bruce. Memoirs of ... in the serrices 
of Prussia, Russia, and Great Britain . . . 
T 1782 

MlUtary Officer (A), J. C. Sir 
James Caidvoell. Debates relative to the 
affairs of Ireland in the years 1763 and 
1764, taken by . . . L. 1766. 

Millty, Hugh. Thomas D, SupUe, in 
his contributions to various periodicals. 

MUl. William Mill Butler ^ in his con- 
tributions to the *' Rochester. Post-Ex- 
press" (NT.). 

MUler, Joaquin. Cincinnatus Heine 
Miller. First families of the Sierras. 
Chic. 1870. 

Miller, Joe. John Mottlfy {!). Jests; 
or, the wits' vade-mecum. L. 1739. 

Miller, Joe. James Bannantine^ Old 
Joe Miller, by the editor of the "New 
J. M.," two jest books. L. 1801. 

Miller, Joe, Jr. Thompson VVestcott, 
editor of the ♦'Sunday Dispatch" (P.), 
1848-70 et seg., and author of " Life of 
John Fitch "... P. 1868. 

MUton, Vlscoimt William WenU 
worth-Fitzwilliam. A history of the San 
Juan Water Boundary Question ... L. 

Miltonicua. Mr. Henderson, a book- 
seller. Furius; or, a modest attempt 
towards a history of the life and sur- 
prising exploits of the famous W[illiam] 
L[auder] ... L. 1764. 

Minister, A. Dr. Stonhouse, of Bris- 
tol. Hints from ... to his curate for the 
management of iiis parish. Bristol, 1774. 

Minister, A. Donald Fraser, D.D. 
Leaves from a minister's portfolio. L. 

Minister, A. Rev. James Bean. Pns- 
toral advice from ... to one of his parish- 
ioners recovering from sickness. L. 

Minister, A. Archdeacon Arthur Blen- 
nerhasselt Rowan, D.D. Spare minutes of 
. . . [poems]. 

Minister, and a Layman, A. Rcr. 
Robert Philip and another. No opium; 
or, commerce and Christianity working 
together for good in China. L. 1835. 

Minister In Boston, A. Cotton 
Mather. A letter to a friend in the 
country ... B. 1721. 

Minister in tfae Country, A. Philip 
Doddridqe, D.D. Free tlionghts on the 

most probable means of reviving the 
Dissenting interest ... By . . . 17dO. 

Minister in the Country, A. Rev, 
Edward Welchman. The husbandman's 
manuel ... L. 1707. 

The " addreM " Is signed " E. W." 

Minister of Boston, A. Reo. Wil- 
liam Cooper, A.M. A reply to the Ob- 
jections made against the small-poz in 
the way of inoculation from principles of 
conscience. B. 1730. 

Minister of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rtr. John Newton. Apologia 
. . . By . . . L. 1784. 

Minister of the Church of Kng- 
land, A. T. Brat/. Bibliotheca Cate- 
chetica ... L. 1702. 

Minister of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. William Dodd. An earn- 
est address to his parishioners. — See 
" Gent. Mag.," September, 1777, p. 421. 

Minister of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. Joshua Bassett, master of 
Sydney College, Cambridge. An essay 
towards a proposal for CathoUck com- 
munion ... L. 1704. 

Minister of the Church of Eng- 
land, A Rev. Edward Wells. A letter 
. . . to Mr. Peter Dowlcy . . . Oxf. 1706. 

Minister of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. John Howard. The great 
duty and benefit of self-denial. By . . . 
L. 1710. 

Minister of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Rev. George Edis Webster. 
lilnrriage with the sister of a deceased 
wife . . . Ipswich, 1840. 

Minister of the Church of Eng- 
land, A. Josiah Woodward, D.D. Pas- 
toral advice to young persons in order to 
their being confirmed . . . By ... L. 

Minister of the Church of Ireland, 
A. Rev. Arthur Philip Perceval. The 
King and the Church vindicated and de- 
livtred ... L. 1833. 

Also nficribcd to tho JRet. Robert J. M'Ghee. 

3Iinister of the Church of Scot- 
land, A — M'Lean, D.D. The claim 
stated . . . Edinb. 1800. 

Minister of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Rev. Alexander Irvine. On 
clerical pluralities and non-residence . . . 
Edinb. 1844. 

Minister of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Rev. — Porteous. A critical 
lecture on Daniel's prophecy . . . Edinb. 

3Iinlster of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Rev. John Willison. A de- 
fence of National Churches . . . Edinb. 




Minister of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Hev, William Wishart. A dis- 
course of suppressing vice . . . Edinb. 

Minister of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. William Wilson. The Douay- 
elder nnmask'd . . . Probably Edinb. 

Minister of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Rev, Alexander Campbell, The 
duty of praying for civil magistrates . . . 
Edinb. 1720. 

Minister of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. lUv. John Ballantyne, An 
essay upon Gospel and legal preaching. 
Edinb. 1723. 

Minister of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Bev. John Bethune, of Hoss- 
keen. Four short discourses on funeral 
occasions. Edinb. 1758. 

Minister of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. John Pollock. Intemperate 
indulgence in intoxicating liquors the 
bane of this country . . . Glasgow, 1797. 

Minister of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. liev. John Carrie, of Ringlas- 
sie. Jus populi divinum . . . Edinb. 

3Ilnister of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Rev. Andrew Thomson. A 
letter to the Reverend Dr. Inglis . . . 
Edinb. 1S06. 

MlnivSter of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Rev. James Bannatine, of 
Edinburgh. Mistakes about religion . . . 
Edinb. 1737. 

Minister of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Rev. John Bisset. Modern 
Erastianism unvailed . . . Edinb. 1732. 

Minister of the Church of Scot- 
land, A. Rev. George Logan. A modest 
and humble inquiry concerning the right 
and power of electing and calling minis- 
ters to vacant churches. Edinb. 1732. 

Minister of the Establishment, A. 
Laurence LocUiart, D.D. An answer to 
the protest of tho Free Church . . . 
Edinb. 1840. 

Minister of the Sstabllshment, A. 
Henry Card, D.D. A letter to the Duke 
of Wellington, on the reasonableness of a 
Church reform and its fitness to the pres- 
ent times. By . . . L. 1830. 

Minister of the Free Church of 
Scotland, A. Rev. John Montgomery. 
An examination of articles contributed 
by Prof. W. Robertson Smith to the En- 
cyclopaedia Britannica . . . Edinb. 1877. 

Minister of the Gospel, A. John 
Bell. An abridgement and alphabetical 
index to the Acts of the General Assem- 
blies of the Church of Scotland from 

the year 1638 to 1706, inclusive of both. 
Edinb. MDCCVI. 

Minister of the Gospel, A. Rev. 
Joseph Wilson. Selfishness, and its rem- 
edy. By . . . N.Y. 1869. 

Minister of the Gospel, A. Rev, 
J. E, Cullen. Vox veritatis ; or, the voice 
of truth . . . By . . . formerly educated 
. . . for the Catholic priesthood. L. 

Minister of the Gospel, A. Nathan- 
ael Clap, Zebulon advised . . . Newport, 

Minister of the Grospel in the 
Church of Scotland, A. Rev. Ralph 
Erskine, Gospel-canticles; or, spiritual 
songs . . . Edinb. 1720. 

Minister of the Interior, A. Sydney 
Whiting. Memoirs of a stomach . . . 
With notes . . . by . . . L. 1853. 

Minister, The. Sir Robert Walpole. 
An apology for the minister [a satire]. 
L, 1789. 

Minister, The. Sir Robert Peel. A 
letter to B. D'Israeli, M.P., upon the sub- 
ject of his recent attack upon the M. By 
a barrister. L. 1846. 

Minister of a Chapel of Ease, The. 
Rev. Andrew Gray. The Chapel Ques- 
tion considered . . . Edinb. 1834. 

Minister of a Parish, The. Samuel 
Glasse, D.D. (?). An earnest and affec- 
tionate address to his parishioners from 
. . . Gloucester, 1785. 

Minister of the Church, The. Rev. 
Henry C. Leonard. A discourse delivered 
. . . in . . . Orono, Maine, at the funeral 
of Mary E. Crane . . . March 20, 1853. 
By . . . Bangor, 1863. 

Ministering Friend, A. Daniel Defoe. 
A declaration of truth to Benjamin Head' 
ly . . . L. 1717. 

Minister's Wife, A. ^frs. Henry 
Ward Beecher. From dawn to daylight : 
a simple story of a Western home. N.Y. 

Minor. JtUes Grqfde Cam€. 

Minor, A. William Butterworth. Three 
years' adventures of . . . Leeds, 1822. 

Minstrel of the Border. Sir Walter 
Scott. "Great Minstrel of the Border,*' 

Minstrel Maiden of Mobile, The. 
Julia Mildred Harriss. Wild shrubs of 
Alabama; or, rhapsodies of restless 
hours . . . N.Y. 1852. 

Mintifvood. Miss Mary A. E. Wager, 

Minus, Mr. Thomas Moore. One of 
the portraits sketched in the "Man of 
Sorrow," a novel by Alfred Allendale 
{jpseud. for Theodore Hook) is that of 
Thomas Moore. 




Minute Philosopher, A. Charles 
Kingsley, Ilints to stammerers. L. 1804. 

Mlra, Isablne de. Paul Eyniard, 
Voil^ riiomme . . . Paris, 1863. 

Mlrabaud. Paul Thiry, baron de 
Holbach. The system of nature; or, 
the laws of the moral and physical world. 
Translated ... L. 1797. 

Mlrbel, Eillsa de. Baronne Decazes. 

Mbrecourt, £ug6ne de. Charles Jean 
Baptiste Jacquot, de Mirecourt. Maison 
Alexandre Dumas et Comp., fabrique de 
romans. Paris, 1845. « 

Miriam. Miss Maggie E. Seaih,'^ 
See " Neale, Nettie." 

Mirllter. A. L. Bou€ de Villiers, who 
contributed to several journals and re- 
views of Paris and the Provinces, under 
the pseuds, of " Lc Capitalne Lancelot," 
"Le Docteur Rouge,*' "Raymond de 
Ferri^res," " Guy de Vernon," " MirUter," 
" Jacques Arte veil e," etc. 

Mlron. Miron J. Ilazeltine, Brevity 
and brilliancy in chess. N.Y. 1866. 

Mlses, Dr. Gustao Theodor Fechner. 
Eleine Schriften von Dr. Mises. Leip- 
sic, 1875. 

MisoBtratus. John Taylor. — See 
" Philanar." 

Mlssloner, A. Bev. William Bowe, 
A tract for penitents at mission services. 
By . . . L. 1874. 

Mitchell, Joseph. Aaron UilL The 
fatal extravagance : a tragedy. L. 1721. 

Mix, Parmenas. Albert \V. Kelly , in 
the " Kentucky Patriot." 

Mlzpah. Henry Charles Lea. Bible 
view of polygamy . . . 

Mnemon. One of the signatures of 
Junius (q.v.), under which "he sarcasti- 
cally opposed the ministry upon the sub- 
ject of the Nullum Tempus Bill." See 
letters to the " Public Advertiser," dated 
Feb. 24, 1708, and March 4, 1768. 

Mock Preacher, The. Ber, George 
Whitejield. The M. P. : a satyrico com- 
ical allegorical farce ... L. 1739. 

Moderate Clergyman, of the Synod 
of Aberdeen, A. Bev. G, Skene Keith. 
Address to the ministers of the Church 
of Scotland . . . 1797. 

Moderator. One of the pseudonyms 
attributed to Junius (q.v.). The letter 
thus signed is dated Oct. 12, 1767, and 
attacks Lord Townshend. 

Moderatus. One of the signatures 
adopted by Junius {q.v.). The letter 
thus signed, and dated Nov. 15, 1769, was 
republished in the authorized edition of 
Junius, with the signature of "Philo- 
Junius." The signature was also ap- 
pended to a letter dated March 10, 1770. 

Modem Antique, A. Miss Medora 
Gordon Byron. Cclia in search of a hus- 
band. By . . . L. 1809. 

Modern Genius, A. Joftn Fitzgerald 
Pennie. The tale of . . . or, the miseries of 
Parnassus, in a series of letters. L. 1827. 

Modem Greek, A. Robert Mudie. 
The Modem Athens ... L. 1825. 

Modem liady, A. Jonathan Swift, 
D.D. The journal of . . . L. 1729. 

Modem Parson Adams, The Bev. 
William Young, in Beloe's " Sexagena- 
rian," Vol. II., p. 139. 2d ed. L. 1818. 

Modern Pythagorean, A. Dr. Bob- 
ert Macnish, LL.D. His signature to 
papers in " Blackwood's " and " Fraser's 

Modem Rabelais, The. Dr. WiUiam 

Modestus. John Cleland, who was 
the author of long letters given in the 
public prints, from time to time, signed 
" A Briton," " Modestus," etc., etc. 

Modestus. Mr. Dalrymple, a Scotch 
advocate, wrote several letters under 
this signature in the ''Gazetteer" and 
the " labile Advertiser," the same being 
attacks upon Junius, and which pro- 
voked a reply from the latter, Nov. 15, 

Modestus. Sir William Draper. His 
signature in his controversy with Junius. 

Modoc. J. E. P. Doyle, in the Cin- 
cinnati "Inquirer." 

Modus, A. Jonathan Swift, D.D. 
Some reasons against the bill for settling 
the tithe of hemp, flax, etc. 170-. 

Moflisslllte. John Lang. Too clever 
by lialf. L. 18-. 

Mogador, Celeste. Countess Celeste 
Venard de Chahrillan. Adieux au monde : 
m^moires de . . . Paris, 1854. 

Mohawk. Dr. Nicholas Bowe, in the 
Chicago " Field." 

Mohican. Joseph E. Fisher. 

MoUe, Nicholas Thlmlng. Henry 
Bliss. State trials. Specimen of a new 
edition. By . . . L. 1838. 

Mo'ina. Mrs. Anna Peyre ( Shackelford) 
Dinnies, long known as a poet, by the 
sweet, wild title of " Mo'ina," a signature 
which she adopted while quite young. 
Since the close of the war. Rev. Father 
Byan has used the same pseudonym. 

3Ioina. Rev. Father A. J. Ryan. The 
conquered banner. 186-. 

Mol6rl. Hippolyie Jules Demoliere. 
La famille Eenneville. Paris, 1843. 

Mon I>rolt. R. E. Selden, Jr. (?). 
Criticisms on the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence as a literary dociunent. N.Y. 




MoDa, Viva. Peter Fishe Reed, one 
•of the contributors, under this signature, 
to the " Weekly Columbian/' a literary 
paper which flourished for two or three 
years from 1850, at Cincinnati, when it 
became absorbed in the *' Daily Colum- 
bian/' and was discontinued in 1856. 

Moncrieir, William Thomas. Wil- 
Ham Thomas. The new guide to the Spa 
•of Leamington Priors . . . Leamington 
Priors, 1822. 

Monday Club, The. Rev. John Wea- 
■ley Churchill, Edwin Cone Bissell, etc. 
^rmons . . . By ... B. 1877. 

Monitor. Arthur Lee, Esq. Monitor's 
letters to the inhabitants of the British 
-colonies. Williamsburg, 1760. 

Monk, Geoflfrey, M.A. «/. Henry 
i^orthouse. John Inglesant : a romance. 
L. 1881. 

"Monk" liCWis. Matthew Gregory 
Lewis, so called from his novel. 

*' Books have given rise to a Dame that has 
tnat with anythiag like general acceptance less 
'frequently than might have been thoaght. 
Matthew OrMory ialndeed * Monk ' Lewis ; the 
Rev. Jno. WtUiams, * The Redeemed Captive * ; 
the Bev. Henry TayloTt who published the 
** Apology of Benjamin Ben Mordecai for em- 
bracing Christianity,' 'Ben Mordecai'; John, 
author of the ' First Centnry of Scandalous Ma- 
lignant Priests*' etc.; 'Century,' White; WU- 
liiam Jones t of Nay land, from his writings in 
•defence of the Trinity, * Trinity Jones,' etc." ~ 
See <* Gent. Mag." for January, 1888, p. 47. 

Monkey. Fr€d€ric du Peiit-Mir€. 
4Sapajou; ou, Ic naufrage des singes 
. . . Paris, 1826. 

' Monmouth, T. de. Thomas PoiveU, 
Edgar and Elfrida, with the defeat of 
Hoel, Prince of Wales. 170-. 

Monmouthshire Magistrate, A. c/l 
H. Moggridge. Remarks on the report 
•of the select committee of the House of 
'Commons on the Poor-Laws. By . . . 
Bristol, 1818. 

Monsieur de I'Orchestre, Un. Ar- 
nold Mortier. Under this pseudonym for 
many years one of the dramatic critics 
of the "Figaro." 

Mont, Ruben du. Edmund Burton, 
who was for some years a valuable cor- 
respondent of the "Gent. Mag." under 
this signature. 

Montague, Clinton. Miss H, Maria 

Montanus. Vincenz von Zuccalmaglio. 
Yorzeit der Lftnder Kleve, Mark, etc. 

Montclair, John W. John William 
Weidemeyer. Heal and ideal. P. 

Monteagle, liady. Lady Caroline 
{Ponaonby) Lamb, "Lord Beaconsfield 

for a second time depicts Lady Caroline 
Lamb in the character of ' Lady Mont- 
eagle ' in * Venetia.' " 

Montefiore, Joshua. William Play- 
fair. The spirit of the Bankrupt Laws. 
L. 1806. — See " Oddy, J. Jephson." 

Montelion, Knight of the Oracle. 
Thomas Flatman. Don Juan Lamberto ; 
or, a comical history of the late times. 
L. 1661. 

Montez, Ijola. Charles Chauncey 
Burr. Lectures of . . . N.Y. 1858. 

Montgomery, Miss Betty. William 
Cullen. A funeral oration in honour of 
Miss Jeany Muir [i.e. Dr. John Clark] 
. . . Amsterdam, n.d. 

Montgomery, Grerard. Bev. John 
Moultrie, in the " Etonian " and in 
"Knight's Quarterly Magazine." 

Monthly Nurse, A. Mrs. Harriet 
Downing Oliver. Remembrances of . . . 
in " Eraser's Magazine." 

MontifSaud, Marc de. Marie Emilie 
Quivogne - Chartrouse. Contes drolatiques. 

Montigny. Adolphe Lemoine, Joint 
author. Le doigt de dieu . . . Paris, 

Montmorency, Frederick Halta- 
mont de. William Makepeace Thack- 
eray. "A Doe in the City," in " Punch," 
Nov. 1, 1845. 

Moody, Querulous. David Henry 

Moore, Mollie E. Mrs. Mollie E. 
(Moore) Davis. Poems. Houston, Tex., 

Moore, Thomas, Esq. James Bar- 
low. The Peacock, The Baboon, and 
The Moneyspinners. By . . . Mexico, 

Moore, William V, John Frost. In- 
dian wars of the United States, from the 
discovery to the present time ... P. 1840. 

Moorman. W. Carnegie, in several 
works on sports and pastimes. 

Sloral Censor. John Latkrop, Jun., 
in the " Polyanthos." Boston, 1812 et 

Moralisto, Poet *Iiariat' of Car- 
thage. J. M. Dill. The village school : 
a poem. Cin. 188-. 

Morar. Sir William Augustus Eraser, 
Bart. Poems. 1866. 

Moray, John S. Augustus B, Cazau- 
ran, in the Brooklyn " Sun." 

Mordaunt, Ijate Colonel Harry, 
The. George Ogle. A modest defence 
of public stews ; or, an essay upon whor- 
ing .. . L. 1740. 

Mordaunt, John. John Moore, M.D. 
Mordaunt: sketches of life, characters. 




and mazmera in various countries . . . 
written by the Honourable ... L. 1800. 

Mordecal, Benjamin Ben. Rbv. 
Henry Taylor. The apology of ... to 
his friends, for embracing Christianity ; 
in seven letters to Elisha Levi, merchant 
of Amsterdam ... L. 1771>74. 

More, Margareta. Mrs. Anne {Afan- 
ning) Rathbane. The household of Sir 
Thomas More. L. 1851. 

Morecamp, Arthur. Thomas Pil- 
grim. Live boys in the Black liills ; or, 
the young Texan gold hunters ... B. 

Morel, H. Mme. Claude Vignon Bou- 
vier. The daily articles upon the sittings 
of the Corps L^gislatif from 1868 to 1870, 
which appeared in the " Moniteur,'' with 
this signature, are attributed to Mme. 
Vignan Rouvier, 

Morell, Sir Charles. Rev. James 
Ridley. The tales of the genii . . . 
Trans, by . . . L. 1764. See *' Horam, 
the Son of Asmar." 

Morely, Ralph. Henry L. Hintan, 
editor and publisher of ''Acting Flays 
of Edwin Booth." N.Y. 187-, etc. 

Morenos, OJos. Mrs. Josephine Rus- 
sell Clay. What will he sayl and Only 
a woman. P. 1878. 

Moreton, Andrew, Esq. Daniel 
Defoe. Everybody's business is nobody's 
business ; or, private abuses publick griev- 
ances ... By . . . L. 1726. 

Moreton, Clara. Mrs. Clara Jessup 
Moore, who under this pen-name pub- 
lished most of her writings. 

Morganwg, lolo. Edward Williams. 
Poems, lyric and pastoral. 1704. 

Moiiturus. Charles Lamb, on burial 
societies, and the character of an under- 
taker ; contributed to the " Reflector." 

Morion, G. de. Gaspard Georges^ le 
Marquis de Cherville. Le dernier crime 
de Jean Hiroux, par . . . Paris, 1862. 

Morna. — See " Mayflower, Minnie." 

Morris, Dinah. Elizabeth Evans, in 

George Eliot's " Adam Bede." 

'* The Wesleyans at Wirks worth are Rolns: to 
remove from their old chapel, where Elizaheth 
SvanSt the prototype of <Dinnh Morris' in 'Adam 
Bede,* preached for many years. The new chapel, 
which is to be called ' Bede Memorinl Chnpcl,' is 
' to be erected to the glory of God, and in memory 
of Elizabeth Evans, immortalized as * Dinah 
Morris ' by George EUot in her novel of ' Adam 
Bede' " 

Morris, John. John O'Connor. Wan- 
derings of a vagabond : an autobiography. 
Edited by . . . N.Y. 1873. 

Morris, Katherine. Mrs. Frances 
West (Atherton) Pike. Katherine Mor- 
ris : an autobiography ... B. 1858. 

3Iorris, Dr. Peter, the Odontlst. 

John Gibson Lockhart. Peter's letters to 
his kinsfolk. Edinb. 1819. 

Morria, Rohert. James 8. Gibbons. 
The organization of the public debt, and 
a plan for the relief of the treasury . . . 
N.Y. 1863. 

Morrison, Mary. Mary B.Washbwme. 

Mortimer, Gilbert. Montgomery 
Oibbs. Six hundred Robinson Crusoes; 
or, the voyage of the golden fleece . . . 
L. 1878. 

MortiLnier, Grace. Miss M. B. Stuarts 
Bosom foes. N.Y. 187-. 

Mortimer, Sir Henri. Almire Gan- 
donniere. I^s mystbres de la Bastille. 
Daius la " Chronique." Paris, 1844. 

Moschua. Robert Lovel. Poems by 
Bion [i.e. Southey, Robert] and . . . 
Bristol, 1794. 

Moses. Moses Field Fowler. A de- 
fence of corporal punishment. B. 1873. 

Most Artful Man Alive, The. Rich- 
ard Brinsley Sheridan. — See " Albion.*' 

Most Impudent Man Living, The. 

Bishop William Warburton. A familiar 

epistle to . . . L. 1749. By Henry St. 

John, Lord Bolingbroke. 

Also ascribed to Dooid MaUet. — Bee the 
«• Monthly Review," Vol. 1, p. 238. 

Most Unpatrlotio Man Alive, The. 

Charles James Fox. — See "Albion." 

Moth. Joseph T. Buckingham. Let- 
ters from Washington in the "Boston 
Courier," 1880 et seq. 

Mother, A. Sarah Bird. Amy's first 
trial. L. 1S:A. 

Mother, A. Mrs. J. A. Sargant. Let- 
ters from . . . 0th cd. L. 1843. 

Mother, A. Mrs. Crespigny, Letters 
of advice from ... to her son. L. 

Mother, A. Mrs. Abigail Molt. Ob> 
servations on the importance of female 
education and maternal instruction . . . 
By . . . N.Y. 1825. 

Mother, A. Mrs. Maria {Rowe) Gur- 
ney. Rhymes for my children, by . . . 
L. 1840. 

Mother and the Mistress of a 
Family, A. Adelaide Sophia Kilvert. 
Home discipline ... L. 1841. 

Bit. Hood. /. N. Fleischner. 

Mountain Bard. David Hatch Bar- 
low, who wrote a number of poetical 
pieces with this signature for the " New 
England Galaxy ''(B.). 

Mountain Minstrel, The. Evan 
Mc Colly a Scotch lyric poet residing in 

3Iountalneer. Charlfs Wright. The 
prospect: a view of politics. Buffalo, 




Mountaineer. — Wilson, of Mussoo- 
rie. A summer ramble in the Himalayas ; 
edited by . . . L. 1800. 

Mountaineer, The. Joseph Alston, 
in the "Charleston (S.C.) Gazette," 

Mousse, Alfk^d. Araene Houssaye, 
De profundis. Paris, 1834. 

Muelilbacli, liuise. Mme, Klara 
(Midler) MundU Geschichtsbilder his- 
torische Novellen. Von . . . Jena, 1868. 

3Iuehlfeld, Julius. E, Robert RoesUr, 
Gegens&tze. Novelle. Von . . . Altona, 

MiiUer, Christine. E. C. W. (Gobie) 
can Walr€e. Story of Wandering Willie. 
N.Y. 187-. 

Muggins, William. Charles SeLby, 
Maximums and specimen ts of . . . L. 

Mnir, Jeany. Dr. John Clark. — See 
" Montgomery, Miss Betty." 

Mul. William H. Muldoon, in the 
Brooklyn "Sun." 

Muldoon, Dennis. George B. Oood- 

Muldoon, Major. William H, Ma- 

3Iullian, Mordecai. This name was 
occasionally employed by Prof, John 
Wilson as a pseudonym, in the "Noctes 
Ambrosians." It is intended as a per- 
sonification of the inhabitants of Edin- 

3Iulligan, The (of KilballymulU- 
gan). William makepeace Thackeray. 
"The Pimlico PaviUon," in "Punch," 
August 9, 1845. 

Mullner. Jacques Albin Simon Collin 
de Plancy, 

3Iultatuli. Edward Douwes Dekker, 
Max Havelaar; or, the coffee auctions of 
the Dutch Trading Company, 1866. 
Edinb. 1868. 

Mum, Ned. Dr, Zachary Pearce, 
Bishop of Rochester, in a letter contrib- 
uted to the " Guardian," No. 121, July 
80, 1713. 

3Iungo, the minstrel. — Darkison, 
The Border Gipsy . . . An operatic 
drama. 1868. 

Munster, Minnie. Harriet E, Bur- 
let ffh. 

Munster Farmer, A. Thomas Moore, 

Captain Rock detected. L. 1824. 

Also ascribed to Farrar 0' Sullivan and 
J, Jebht Bisbop of Limerick. 

Muralto, Onuphrlo. Horace Wal- 
pole. The castle of Otranto, translated 
by William Marshall, Gent., from the 
original Italian of Onuphrio Muralto, 
canon of the church of St. Nicholas at 

Otranto. 1766.— See "Marshall, WU- 

Murdock, Frank. Francis Hitchcock.- 

Murphy, Dennis Jasper. Rev. Bob- 
ert Charles Maturin. Fatal reyenge; or, 
the House of Montorio : a norel. L. 

Murray. Robert Sanders, — See 
"Spencer, Nath." 

Murray, ]>ominlck. Dominick Moran, 

Murray, Hamilton. Henry Maiden. 
Origin of universities and academical 
degrees. L. 1835. Also in his contri- 
butions to "Knight's Quarterly Maga- 
zine" (L.), 1835. 

Murray, Herbert. Rev. Francis 
Charles Hingeston-Randolph, MJL. The 
curse of Trecobben. By ... in the 
"New Monthly Magazine," 1869. 

MussDUS. John Morrison, D.D., who, 
in early life, contributed verses to the 
"Edinburgh Weekly Magazine" under 
this signature. 

Muscipula, Sen. John Collier, of 
Urmston. Curious remarks on the his- 
tory of Manchester [by J. Whitaker], 
L. 1771. 

Musgrave, Philip. Rev. Joseph Ab- 
bott, M.A. Philip Musgrave; or, the 
adventures of a missionary in Canada. 
L. 184-. 

Musical Professor, A. Edward 
Holmes. A ramble among the musicians 
of Germany, giving some account of the 
operas of Munich, Dresden, Berlin, etc. 

. . . Ld, lc2o. 

Musical Small-coal Man. Thomas 

Musidorus. B. Way. His signature 
to a letter in the "Microcosm" (pub- 
lished at Eton College, 1787). 

Mutual Friend, A. Mrs. Orate. The 
case of the Poor against the Rich . . . 
L. 1850. 

Myers, Xed. Lemuel Bryant, in one of 
Cooper's novels. 

Mylius, Otfried. Karl MUller. Fiir 
Frauenhand. 1876. 

Myra. Mrs. A. W, Fairbanks, Euro- 
pean correspondent of the " Herald " 
(Cleveland, O.). 

Myrtle, Annie. Miss Annie M. 

Myrtle, Harriet Mrs. Mary ( Gillies) 
Miller. More fun for our little friends. 
L. 1804. 

3Iyrtle, Mrs. Harriet. Mrs. Lydia 
Falconer Miller. A day of pleasure . . . 
L. 1853. 

Myrtle, Lewis. George Canning Hill. 
Our parish ; or, pen paintings of village 
Ufe. P. 187-. 




Myrtle, Marmadiike, Gent. Sir 

Richard Steele, in the "Lover." L. 
Myrtle, May. Mrs. Maria Hciden, 
Myrtle, Minnie. Mrs, Sarah Mar- 
qan (Bryan) Piatt, Mrs. Piatt early 
in life wrote for the "Louisrille Jour- 
nal " and the « New York Ledger " ; bat 
after her marriage, for the "Galaxy/' 
" Our Young Folks," and other peri- 
Mjrrtle, Minnie. Mrs. Anna C, Johi' 

son Miller, The myrtle wreath ; or, stray 
loaves recalled. N.Y. 1854. 

Mjnrtle, MoUie. Miss Julia Bacon, 
wlio has published prose and verse under 
several noms de phtmr, the most popular 
of which was •* Mollie Myrtle." 

Myrtle, Mollie. Miss Agnes Leonard. 
Myrtle blossoms. 1863. 

Mystery. Mrs. Maria Elizabeth {Jour' 
dan) Westmoreland, whose many and val- 
ued contributions to the Southern press 
have appeared under this pen-name. 


N. C. B. Northrup. Political remarks 
by . . . Charleston, 1801. 

N., Karl. Bev. William Nelson, 1st 
Earl Nelson, in Beloe's " Sexagenarian," 
Vol. n., p. 156. 2d ed. L. 1818. 

N. of Arkmnaaa. Cd. C. F. M. No- 

N. A. B. Charles Alexander Nel- 
son. His signature to a description of the 
Cornell University library in the " Even- 
ing Post" (N.Y.), Sept. 13, 1883. 

N., C. John Wilson and others. Christ- 
mas chit-chat: poetry in "Blackwood's 
Magazine/' Vol. 10, p. 493 et sea. 

N., C, C.P.P.D. Cornelius Nary, New 
Testament translated . . . Dublin, 1718- 

N., C A. Charles Alexander Nelson^ 
as Boston correspondent of the "Ameri- 
can Bookaeller" (N.Y. 187- to 1881). 

N. O. M. 8. G. Humphrey Cotes. An 
enqviry into the condvct of a late Right 
Hono\Table Commoner [Mr. Pitt]. L. 

N., E. D. Edward Duffield Neill, 
Maryland not a Roman Catholic colony 
, . . Minneapolis, 1875. 

N., E. D. E. Emma D. E. (Neville) 

N., H. Henry Norris. The Royal 
Merchant; or, the beggar's bush. A 
<;omedy. L. 1706. 

X., Honorla. Miss Marguerite A. 
Pouter. — See *' Honoria." 

X., H. J. B. IJenry J. B. Nicholson. 
The Abbey of St. Alban. Some extracts 
from its early history ... By . . . L. 

N., J. John Nichols, Bibllotheca topo- 
graphica Britannica. L. 1780-90. 

N., J. Joachim Navarro, l^tudes 
legislatives. Paris, 1836. 

N., J. John Nichol. Leaves. [Poem 
by] J. N. Edinb. 1854. 

N., J. B. John Bowyer Nichols. The 
life and errors of John Dunton ... L. 

N., J. H. John Henry Newman. The 
dream of Gerontius. L. 1865. 

N. J. N. Mrs. A. G. Wilson. Time 
will tell. By . . . 1868. 

N. N. Rev. John Strachan, in his 
contributions to the "Canadian Maga- 

N. N. Charlwood Lawton. Civil com- 
prehension, etc., in a letter to a friend . . . 
L. 1705. 

N. O. Lieut. Edward Thompson. The 
demi-rep. By . . . author of the " Mere- 
triciad." L. 1756. 

N. O. Anclen Misalonalre. liev. Jean 
Andr€ Cuoq. £tudes philolog^iques sur 
quelques langues sauvages de TAmc- 
rique. Montreal, 1860. 

N., R. Randal Norris, sub-treasurer, 
Inner Temple. — See Lamb's " Elia," 
"The Old Benchers," etc. 

N. B. John Hunter, Miscellanies . . . 

N. R. 8. John Bowyer Nichols, Esff. 
F.8.A. " Among his duties from an early 
age, was that of assisting in the editor- 
ship of this [the "Gent."] Magazine; 
and the contributions which he made to 
its pages, when not signed with his ini- 
tials, had usually the signature " N. R. S." 
being the final letters of his name." 

N. S. G. Lyman Hotchkiss Bagg. Ilis 
signature in " Oliver Optic's Magazine," 
and N.Y. " Citizen," 1869. 

N., T., Philomath. Jonathan Srif}. 
A famous prediction of Merlin, the Brit- 
ish Wizard . . . Edinb.^ 1708. 

N., W. William Nay. His signa- 
ture in " Notes and Queries," etc., 1865- 

N., W. William Naish. George Fcx 
and his friends ... L. 1859. 




N., W. Rea. William Nind. The 
German lyrist; or, metrical yersions 
&om the principal German Ijric poets 
. . . Camb. 1866. 

N., W. D. William Dummer Northend, 
Catalogue of the officers and students of 
Dummer Academy. By . . . Salem, 
Mass., 1844. 

]^««««4H»m, T*»*8. Rev, Thomas 
Newenham. — See "One of the Laity," 

Nadar. Gusiave Felix TVtimocAon, 
an aeronaut, who, in 1842, wrote in " la 
Vogue," " le Negociateur," and ** TAudi- 
ence," at Paris, under this signature. 

Nadir, WttUam, S.X.Q. WiUiam 
Douglass, M,D. Mercurius Novangli- 
canus. [An almanac.] By . . . B. 

Nagrom. — Morgan, Boston corre- 
spondent of the "Cleyeland (O.) Leader." 

Nancy, A. P. P. Anne Philibert 
Francois Claude, Alphonse de Coucy; 
ou, quelques scenes de la campagne de 
Hussie. Mctz, 1810. 

Nankin Man, A. Abb^ Evariste Rigis 
Hue. " Letters from ... of Science," in 
the " Gazette de France." 

Nasby, Petroleum VesuTlus. David 
Ross Locke. Nasby : divers views, opin- 
ions, and prophecies of yours trooly . . . 
lait paster in the Church of the Noo Dis- 
pensashun. 1863. 

Natali, Aji^nea and Fanny. Agnes 
and Fanny Heron. A now de theatre. 

Native and Inhabitant of tliat 
Place, A. Robert Beverley. The his- 
tory and present state of Virginia . . . 
By . . . L. 1705. 

Native, and Member of tlie House 
of Burgesses, A. Thomas Jefferson. 
A summary view of the rights of 
British America . . . Williamsburg, 

Native of America, A. Lt.-Col. John 
Parke, The lyric works of Horace, trans- 
lated into English yerse. To which are 
added a number of original poems . . . 
P. 1786. 

Native of Boston, A. Jonathan Jack- 
son. Thoughts upon the political situation 
of the United States . . . Worcester, 

Native of Craven, A. William Carr, 
BJ). Hone momenta Cravenso ; or, the 
Craven dialect ... L. 1824. 

Native of DenmarlK, A. Andreas 
Anderson. A tour in Zealand, in . . . 
1802 ... By . . . 1804. 

Native of Neiv England, A. Daniel 
Leonard. The present political state of 
the province of Massachusetts-Bay in 

general, and the town of Boston in par- 
ticular .. . N.Y. 1775. 

Native of Pennsylvania^ A. Joseph 
Sansom. Letters from Europe, during 
a tour through Switzerland and Italy, 
1801-2... P. 1806. 

Native of Pennsylvania, A. Isaac 
Grey. A serious address to such of the 
people called Quakers ... as profess 
scruples relative to the present govern- 
ment . . . written . . . by . . . P. 1778. 

Native of Pennsylvania, A. Georae 
McHenry. Why Pennsylyania should 
become one of the Confederate States 
of America ... L. 1862. 

Native of PliUadelpliia, A. David 
McClurt. A system of education for 
the Girard College for Orphans ... P. 

Native of Scotland, A. — Bruce. 
Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect,, 
originally written under the signature 
of the " Scots-Irishman . . . Washing, 
ton, Pa., 1801. 

Native of that Colony, A. Carter 
Braxton. Address to the Convention of 
the Colony ... of Virginia ... P. 1776. 

Native of tlie Forest^ A. William 
Apes. The experience of . . . written by 
hunself. N.Y. 1831. 

Native of tlie Soutli, Au Dr. Thomas. 
Cooper, or A. S. Johnson. Memoirs of a 
Nullifler, written by himself . . . Colum- 
bia, 1832. 

Native of Vii^inia, A William 
Branch Giles. PuDlic defaulters brought 
to light, etc. N.Y. 1822. 

Native of Virginia, A. Daniel 
McLeod. The rebellion in Tennessee- 
. . . Washington, 1862. 

Native of Virg^inia, A. Moncure 
Daniel Conway, The rejected stone ; or, 
insurrection vs. resurrection in America 
. . . B. lool. 

Native African, A Quolma Ottobouh 
Cugoano. Thoughts and sentiments on 
the evil of slavery ... L. 1791. 

Native American, A. Richard Hit- 
dreth, Natlye Americanism detected and 
exposed ... B. 1845. 

Native American, A. E. Hutchinson. 
"Young Sam"; or, native American's 
own book . . . N.Y. 1856. 

I^tlve Artist, A. Edward PugK 
Cambria depicta: a tour through North 
Wales ... By . . . L. 1816. 

Native Born Citizen of the United 
States, A Oliver Evans. Exposition of 
part of the patent laws . . . 1816. 

Native Brahmin, Au Joguth Chunder 
Gangooly. Juthoo and his Simday-school .. 
By . . . B. 1861. 




Native Canadian, A. Lt.-Col, George 
T. Denison, Jr., LL.B, Canada : is she 
prepared for war ? . . . Toronto, 1801. 

Native Citizen and Servant of the 
State, A. Alexander Contee Hanson. 
Political scbemes and calculations, ad- 
dressed to the citizens of Maryland . . . 
Annapolis, 1784. 

Native Georj|[ian, A. Augustus Bald- 
win Longstreet. Georgia scenes, charac- 
ters, incidents, etc., in the first half cen- 
tury of the republic . . . N.Y. 1840. 

Nat'ral Bom Durn'd Fool, A. 
George IV. Harris. Sut Lovengood: 
yams spun by a . . . N.Y. 1867. 

Naturalist. PUlip Lutleg Sclater. 
Naturalist's impressions of Spain. L. 

Naturalist, A. George Edwards. A 
diiKcourse on the emigration of British 
birds ... L. 1796. 

Naturalist, A. JRolert Gamer, F.L.8. 
Holiday excursions of . . . L. 1867. 

Naturalist, A. John Leonard Knapp, 
Ksq., F.S.A,, F.L,S. Journal of . . , 
L. 1829. 

Naturalist, A. William John Brod- 
erip, Esq., F.L.8. Leaves from the note- 
book of . . . L. 1852. 

Naturalist, A. Count Valerian Kras- 
inski, Monachologia ; or, handbook of 
the natural history of monks . . . Edinb. 

Naturalist, A. Arthur Adams. Trav- 
els of ... in Japan and Manchuria. L. 

Naturalist, The. John Matthew Jones. 
The Naturalist in Bermuda ... L. 1859. 

Naufiragus. Mr. Home. The adven- 
tures of . . . L. 1827. 

Nava, Franz. Edward Francis Rim- 
bault. A number of musical composi- 
tions, arrangements, etc., under this 
pseudonym, after 1852. 

Naval Officer, A. Augustus Colling- 
ridge. The lieutenant and the crooked 
midshipman : a tale of the ocean. L. 

Naval Officer, A. Captain William 
Harwar Parker, llecollections of . . . 
N.Y. 1883. 

Naval Officer, A. James B. West. 
Shall we continue to drown our sailors ? 
By . . . Tunbridge Wells, 1875. 

Navarln, Charles. Charles Henri 
Temaux'Compans. Les aventures de Don 
Juan de Vargas . . . Translated by . . . 
P. 1853. 

Navery, Raoul de. Mme, Marie {de 
Saffron) David. Un erreur fatale. Paris, 
1882. Also in contributions to period- 

Neafie. Edtvin R. Purple. 

Neale, Flora. Mrs. Georgie A. 
(Hulse) McLeod, a constant contributor 
to magazines, etc., North and South, im- 
der this and other siniatures. 

Neale, Nettle. Miss Maggie E. Heath, 
who was favorably known to the readers 
of the "Field and Fireside" (Raleigh, 
N.C.) under this pen-name. She also 
contributed to the Richmond "Christian 
Advocate" and the Nashville "Home 
Circle," under the pseud, of "Miriam," 
both prose and verse. 

Near Observer, A. Mr. Btntlei/. A 
few cursory remarks upon the state of 
parties, during the administration of the 
liight Hon. Henry Addington. L. 1803. 

Near Observer, A. M. Montarju. 
Friendly remarks upon some particulars 
of his administration, in a letter to Mr. 
Pitt. L. 1796. 

Necessitarian, A. John Allen, M.D. 
Illustrations of Mr. Hume's essay con- 
cerning liberty and necessity . . . L. 

Neck, Mr. Vander. James Burgh. 
An account of the first settlement, laws, 
form of government, and police of the 
Cessares, a people of South America. 
In nine letters, from . . . one of the sena- 
tors of that nation, to his friend in Hol- 
land ... L. 1704. 

Neckar. B. Fisher. Seventeen num- 
bers . . . upon the causes of the present 
distress of the country . . . N.Y. 1837. — 
See " Citizen of New York, A." 

Needham, Marchamont. Josiah Quin- 
^y* J^'i who, under this signature, com- 
menced a series of papers in the Boston 
"Gazette," June 7, 1772, which were 
ended in January, 1774. 

Neighbor, A. Nathan Fiske, S.T.D, 
— See "General Observer, The." 

Neighbour, A. Sir Charles Morell. 
The contrast : a familiar epistle to Mr. 
C. Churchill, on reading his poem called 
"Independence." By... L. 1704. 

Neighbour, A. Ebenezer Chaplin. A 
treatise on Church povcmment. B. 1773. 

Neighbouring Minister, A. William 
F/ee/troocf, Bishop of St. Asaph. A fune- 
ral Fi rmon upon Mr. Noble. L. 1713. 

Nell, Rose. Miss Isabella Harwood. 

Nella. Miss E. Ward. Cousin Win- 
ifred. L. 18-. 

Nellerto, Don Juan. Juan Antonio 
Llorente. History of the Inquisition of 
Spain. L. 1827. 

Nellie. Miss E. Marsh. Issv and her 
lovers. L. 18-. 

Nemesis. A pseudonym of Junius 
(g.r.). The letter thus signed is dated 




liay 12, 1772. It is directed against 
Lord Barrington, and is the last of all 
the public letters of Junius. 

Nemesis. James Beal, in the London 
^ Dispatch." 

Nemesis. Alfred Farthing Bobbins. 
Five years of Tory Rule. 1879. 

Nemmersdorf, Franz von. Fran- 
siskoj Baronin von Keitzenstein. Grebt 
Raum ! 1880. 

Nemo. Rev. Moses Harvei/, of St. 
John's, Newfoundland, in his contribu- 
tions to various local periodicals. 

Nemo. Roland F. Coffin. Straws by 
Nemo. Camb. 1859. 

Nemo, Mrs. Miss — Roberts. 

Neptune. Benjamin Ogle Taylor. 

Nep tonus. Benjamin Bruce. 

Nereus. John Wilson Croker. The 
•letters on the subject of the naval war 
with America, which appeared in the 
"** Courier " under the signature of " Ne- 
reus." L.1813. 

Nero, Caius Claudius. Earl of 
Winchelsea. — See " Florus, Julius." 

Nerva. Hon. Samuel Gale. A collec- 
tion of papers published in the ** Mon- 
treal Herald." Montreal, 1814. 

Nessmuk. George W. Sears. Wood- 
-craft. N.Y. 1884. 

Nestor. Hugh Barclay. Rambling 
recollections of* Old Glasgow. By . . . 
Glasgow, 1880. 

Nettement, Alfred, ^tienne L^on, 
Baron de Lamothe-Langon. Memoires 
historiques de . . . Duchesse de Berri . . . 
Paris, 1837. 

Nettle, H. William Jackson. Sodom 
and Onan : a satire inscribed to Samuel 
Foote, Esq. L. 1776. 

Neuvil, Jules. Jules Hoc€d€. Illu- 
sions, poesies. Paris, 1840. 

Neuville, Auguste. F€lix Dubourg. 
Le portefeuille d'un come'dien de prov- 
ince . . . Amiens, 1849. 

Nevers, C. O. Charles Crozat Con- 
verse. Spring and holiday: a cantata. 

Neville, Mary. Miss Mary A. Foster^ 
for some years a frequent contributor to 
the "Cincinnati Gazette," the "Cincin- 
nati Commercial," and the " Ohio States- 

Neveu de mon onele. Jacques Albin 
Simon Collin de Plancy. L^gendes des 
philosophes. Paris, 1849. 

New Kngland Bride, A. Mrs. Caro- 
line (Howard) Gilman. Recollections of 
. . . Charleston, 1852. 

New England Farmer, A. John 
Lowell, A dispassionate enquiry into the 
xeasons alleged by Mr. Madison for de- 

claring an offensive and ruinous war 
against Great Britain ... B. 1812. 

New England Housekeeper, A. 
Mrs, Caroline (Howard) Gilman, Recol- 
lections of . . . B. 18-. 

New England Man, A. James Kirke 
Paulding. Sketch of Old England . . . 
N.Y. 1822. 

New England Man, A. Benjamin 
Franklin. Toleration in Old England and 
New England, contributed to the " Lon- 
don Packet," June 3, 1772. 

New England Minister, A. Bennet 
Tyler, D.D. Letters on . . . the New 
Haven theology . . . N.Y. 1837. 

New (A) England Minister, A.B. 
Rev, Edward Everett Hale. Margaret 
Percival in America : a talc. Edited by 
. . . Being a sequel to Margaret Perci- 
val : a tale [by Miss Elizabeth Missing 
Sewell] . . . Edited by . . . B. 1850. 
• New Englander, A. Rufus B, Sage, 
Scenes in the Rocky Mountains, and in 
Oregon, California, New Mexico, Texas, 
and the grand prairies ... P. 1846. 

New^ Englander Over the Sea, A. 
John Neal, Authorship : a tale ... B. 

New Lord Chancellor, The. Rich- 
ard West. A poem on . . . Dublin, 

Ne^r Member of the House of Com- 
mons, A. Mr. Callaghan. A letter on 
the probable safety in resuming cash 
payments. L. 1819. 

New Writer, Al. Mrs. Frances E, 
(Teman) Trdlope. Aunt Margaret's 
trouble. By . . . L. 1806. 

New Yorker, A. John McVickar, 
D.D, Hints on banking . . . N.Y. 1827. 

New Yorker, A. Henry Wikoff, A 
New Yorker in the Foreign Office, and 
his adventures in Paris. L. 1858. 

New Yorker, A. William Gillespie 
Mitchell, LL.D. Home as seen by . . . 
1843-44. N.Y. 1845. 

New Yorker, A. Charles Astor Bris- 
ted. The upper ten thousand : sketches 
of American society, by . . . reprinted 
from " Fraser's Magazine." L. 1852. 

New Yorker, A. Charles Fenno Hoff- 
man. A winter in the West . . . N.Y. 

New^berry, My Uncle. George Mog- 

Newbury, Herbert. Sarah A, F, 
Herbert. May Bell. B. 1869. 

Newdigate Prizeman, A. William 
Hurrell Mallock. Every man his own 
poet . . . Oxf. 1872. 

Ne^irfoundland 3Iissionary, A. 
Archdeacon Edward Wix, Six months 




of ... 's Journal, from February to Au- 
gust, 1886. L. 1836. 

Newll, Charles. Adrien Charles Al- 
exander Basset, Coxites excentriques. 
Paris, 1834. 

NewUght, Rev. Aiiatarchus, Phil. 
Dr. of the University of Giessen. 
Richard Whately, D.D. Historic certain- 
ties respecting the early histoiy of 
America. L. 1861. 

Newte, Thomas. William Thomson. 
Prospects and obserrations in a tour in 
England and Scotland ... L. 1701. 

Niade, Hippolyte. Hippolyte £dain. 
Siz ann^es de mariage. Paris, 1832. 

Nicander. Rev, Morris Williams, 

Nichols, T. Nickle. Thomas Nichols, 
** What's in a name ? ** Being a popular 
explanation of ordinary Christian names 
of men and women. By . . . L. 1850. 

Nicholson, My Aunt Margaret. 
Percy Bysshe Shelley. Posthumous 
poems of . . . Oxf. 1810. 

Nick. Jonas E. Whitley, 

Nicolai. Carl Henrik Scharling. Ved 
Nytaarstid i Noddebo Prastegaard. 1874. 

Nidrah. L, S. Hardin. 

Nil. Henry John Whitling, Heidelberg 
and the way thither ... L. 1846. 

Nil Admirari, Esq. Rev, Frederick 
William Shelton, The TroUopiad ; or, 
travelling gentleman in America : a satiri- 
cal poem . . . N.y. 1837. 

Nilense, le baron de. Jacques Albin 
Simon Collin de Plancy. Les deux Rob- 
insons. Paris, 1849. 

Nilense, le fk^re Jacques. Jacques 
Albin Simon Collin de Plancy. Guirlande 
catholique des douze mois de Tann^e. 
Paris, 1849. 

NUes, WiUys. J. F, Hume. Five 
hundred majority; or, the days of Tam- 
many . . . N.Y. 1872. 

NiUa. Mrs, Ahby {AUin) Carter. Home 
ballads. N.T. about 1850. 

NimbleOhops, Aquiline, Democrat. 
Brockholst Livingston. Democracy: an 
epic poem . . . N.Y. about 1790. 

Nimini, Notus. George W. Ogden. 
A letter to Hull Barton ... By his 
friend . . . New Bedford, 1823. 

Ntmrod. Charles James Apperlev. The 
horse and the hound. Edinb. 1858. 

Nimrod. John Hamilton Reynolds. 
Sporting by . . . L. 1838. 

Nina, Miss. Mile, Nina Duff. La 
Marquise de SenneviUe . . . Paris, 1844. 

Nitgenockle. William Hamilton Gait, 

No Author. Mortimer M. Thompson, 
Plu-ri-bus-tah : a song that's by no 
author. N.Y. 1856. 

No Bel-Esprit John Lowell, LL.D. 

Gov. Strong's calnmniator reproyed . . . 
B. 1814. 

No Bigot to, nor against the 
Church of Bngland. Rev. Samuel 
Cooper. A full refutation of the reasons 
advanced in defence of the petition 
which is intended to be offered to Parlia- 
ment ... for the abolition of subscription 
to the Articles. By . . . L. 1772. 

No Genius. Alexander Chalmers, In- 
crease of geniuses, in *'Gent. Mag.'^ 
March, 1799, p. 199. 

No Jacobin. Alexander Hamilton, — 
See " Pacificus." 

No Name. Cecil Burleigh, 

No-Party Man, A. Henry Hayes. 
What is baptism ? Is it a fiction ? Con- 
sidered by . . . Holloway, 1869. 

No Tithe Gatherer. Rev, Samuel 
Cooper. A letter to the clergy of the 
county of Norfolk ... By . . . Nor- 
wich, 1773. 

Noakes, John. Tom Taylor, Bare- 
faced impostors. A farce . . . By J. D., 
Richard Roe, and ... L. 1864. 

Noble Author, A. George Gordon 
Noelf Lord Byron. Hours of idleness: 
a series of poems ... By . . . L. 

Noble liord, A. George Gordon Noil, 
Lord Byron. Lines addressed to a noble 
lord. 1816. 

Noble liord and Bminent IJawyer, 
A. J, Gore, Baron Annaly. Cases ar- 
gued and adjudged in the Court of King's 
Bench ... L. 1770. 

Noble-man, A. Ford, Lord Grey. 
LoTe-letters between a noble-man and 
his sister [Henrietta, Countess of Berke- 
ley]. (Letters signed " Philander " and 
" Silvia.") L. 1693. By Aphra Behrf. 

Nobleman, A. John Hervey, Lord 
Hervey of Ickworth. An epistle from . . . 
to a Doctor of Diyinity [Dr. Sherwin]. 
L. 1733. 

Nobleman, A. Oliver Goldsmith. An 
history of England, in a series of letters 
from ... to his son. L. 1764. 

Nobleman, A. Edward Howard, 8th 
Earl of Suffolk. Musarom delicias . . . 
L. 1728. 

Nobleman, A. Robert Sanders. Ro- 
man history ... L. 17-. 

Noble-man abroad, A. George Gran- 
ville, Lord Lansdowne. A letter to . . . 
his friend in England. L. 1722. 

Nobody. Rev. James Cook Richmond. 
No slur, else slur: a dancing poem, or 
satyr . . . N.Y. 1840. 

Nobody. William Stevens. Ovli€v6s 
$pya. The works of Nobody. L. 179-. 

Nobody. James Robinson. Poems, 




consisting of tales, fables, epigrams, etc., 
by . . . L. 1770. 

Nobody, Nemo, Esq. James Fenndl. 
Something. Edited by . . . B. 1810. 

Nobody, Nothing of Nowheres. 
Rev. James Alexander Young, 

Nolands, Robert. Rohert William 
Essington. The legacy of an Etonian. 
Edited by . . . Camb. 1846. 

Nomentlno. John McCosh, M.D. 
Nuova Italia : a poem. L. 1872. 

Nomlatake. FT. B. or W. P. Partee. 
Science of money. P. 187-. 

Non Clericiu. James Cottle (?). 
Romanism in an Apostate Church . . . 
L. 1852. 

Non-Oombatant, A. George Alfred 
Tmonsend. Campaigns of . . . and his 
romaunt abroad during the war. N.Y. 

Non-Combatant, A. Henry Jeffreys 
Buskby, A month in the camp before 
Sebastopol. L. 1855. 

Nonagenarian, A. Richard Graves, 
The inyalid : with the obvious means of 
enjoying health and long Ufe. By a . . . 
editor of the "Spiritual Quixote," 
"Columella," "Keveries of Solitude," 
etc. L. 1804. 

Nonagenariap, A. Mrs, Sarah Anna 
{Smith) Emery, Reminiscences of . . . 
Newbury port, 1879. 

Noncathonl. John Canton, Electri- 
cal properties of the tourmaline, in the 
"Gent. Mag.," September, 1759, p. 424. 

Noncommissioned Officer, A. George 
W, Driggs, Opening of the Mississippi : 
or, two years' campaigning in the South- 
West . . . Madison, Wis., 1864. 

Non-Intruflionist, A Prof. George 
Dunbar. The Non-Intrusionists ; their 
principles, conduct, and their consequen- 
ces. Edinb. 1842. 

Non-Juror, A. Nathaniel Spinckes, 
No just grounds for introducing the new 
Communion Office ... L. 1719. 

Nonaence, Sir Gregory. John Tay- 
loTf the watei^poet. Sir G. N., his newes 
from no place. L. 1622. 

Norb. P. N. Myers, a bicycler of 
Covington, Ky. 

Nore, Altered de. Le Marquis Adolphe 
de Chesnel. Coutumes, mythes, et tradi- 
tions des provinces de France. Paris, 

Norfolk Clergyman, A. Rev. Sam* 
uel Hohson. The nature and design of 
the new poor laws explained . . . Nor- 
wich, ia34. 

Noriac, Jules. Claude Antoine Jules 
Cairon. Les m^moires d'un baiser. 
Paris, 1863. 

Norman, liucia. Mrs. S. M. Heaven, 
Youth's history of California . . . San 
Fran. 1867. 

Noma. Mrs, Mary Elizabeth (Akin) 
BrookSy who from an early age was a 
writer of verse for periodicals, under this 

Norris, Dr. Robert. Jonathan Swift, 
D.D, The narrative of . . . conceming 
the . . . frenzy of Mr. John Dennis .' . . 
L. 1713. 

Also aacribed to Alex, Pope, 

North, ChriBtopher. John Wilson, 
The critical and miscellaneous articles 
of . . . P. 1842. Under this pseudonym, 
John Wilson edited " Blackwood's Maga- 

North, Danby. Daniel Owen Madden, 
The Mildmayes ; or, the clergyman's se- 
cret ... L. 1856. 

North, W. Savage. William S. Newell, 

North American, A. J(^n Dickinson, 
An address to the Committee of Corre- 
spondence in Barbados ... P. 1766. 

North American, A. Myles Cooper, 

The American querist . . . N.T. 1774. 

Also ascribed to Thomas Bradbury Chand^ 
ler, D,D, 

North-British Protestant, A. Reu, 
Archibald Bruce, of Whitburn. The in- 
terest and claims of the Church and Na- 
tion of Scotland in the settlement of 
religion in India . . . Edinb. 1818. 

North Briton, A. William Burns, 
What's in a name ? By . . . Glasgow, 

North Country Angler, A. Thomas 
Doubleday, The Coquet-dale fishing 
songs ... By . . . Edinb. 1852. 

Northamptonshire Poet, The. John 
Plummer. Songs of labour, and North- 
amptonshire rambles. L. 1860. 

Northamptonshire Rector, A. Rev. 
Granville Hamilton Forbes, A.B. Village 
sermons. By . . . L. 1863. 

Northelia. Lord North, The Coali- 
tion rencontre anticipated: a poetical 
dialogue . . . Dramatis personam . . . and 
" Carlo Khan " [Charles James Fox]. L. 

Northern Man, A. Calvin Colton, 
Abolition a sedition, by . . . N.Y. 1838. 

Northern Man, A. Charles Ingersoll 
or Joseph Reed Ingersoll. The diplomatic 
year ... P. 1868. 

Northern Man, A James Kirke 
Paulding, Letters from the South by 
... N.Y. 1815. 

Northern Man, A William Bradford 
Reed, Review of Mr. Seward's diplo- 
macy, by . . . P. 1862. 

Northern Man with American 




Principles, A. Thomas Bobinson Hazard. 
A Constitutional manual for the National 
American party . . . Providence, 1856. 

Northern Presbyter, A. Nathan 
Lord, D.D, A letter of inquiry to minis- 
ters of the Gospel ... on slavery. B. 1864. 

Norval. James Scrymgeour. The 
Ferns . . . Dundee, 1867. 

Norval. E. H, Noyes, Steamship 
notes . . . N.Y. 1875. 

Norwicb Weaver-boy, A. William 
Johnson Fox, Letters of ... in the news- 
papers of the " AntirCom-Law League." 

Nostrodamus, Merlin. Miss Frances 
Power Cobbe, The " Age of Science " ; 
a newspaper of the twentieth century. 
By ... L. 1877. 

Notelrac. Fanny E. Carleton. Operas : 
their writers and their plots. P. 1882. 

Nothus, Cornelias Scriblenis. 

Thomas Burgess, Bishop of St. David's. 

Ode on the present state of English 

poetry ... By . . . Oxf. 1779. 

Alao attributed to Rev» Alexander Croweher 
Schomberg^ M.A. 

Notional, Nehemlah. John Lovering, 
in the " Polyanthos," Boston, 1806-7. 

Notitia liiterarla. Edward Tucker- 
man, contributor of 54 papers under the 
title of " Adversaria " and ..." Notitia 
Literaria" to the "New York Church- 

Nouel, Edmond. Edmond de Manne. 
La femme de chambre . . . Pans, 1831. 

Nourma, Cousin. Dr. J. E. Nagle. 

Nova Scotian, A. JMiss Eliza Frame. 
Descriptive sketches of Nova Scotia . . . 
Halifax, 1864. 

Nova Scotian, A. C. B. Owen. Epi- 
tome of the history, statistics, etc., of 
Nova Scotia . . . Halifax, 1842. 

Novalis. Friedrich Ludwig von Har- 
denberg. Heinrich von Of terdingen. 1800. 

Novanglus. John Adams, LL.D., who 
wrote under tliis signature, in 1774, a 
series of effective papers in reply to 
" Massachusettensis. 

Novelist, A. Eliza Tabor. Diary of 
... L.1871. 

Novice, A. Henry Victor. The whim- 
sical bachelor; or, married at last: a 
comedy . . . Written by . . . who has 
never beheld the interior of the green 
room. Penzance, 1869. 

Noz, Ovven. Charles B. Cory. South- 
em rambles. Florida. By . . . 188-. 

Nugator. 8t. Le^er L. Carter. Nugae, 
by . . . or, pieces in prose and verse. 
Bait. 1844. 

Nuitter, G. Ij. B. Charles Louis £tienne 
Truinet. Les bavards; Vert- Vert; La 
princesse de Trebisonde. 

NuHlfler, A. Dr. Thomas Cooper. 
Memoirs of . . . Columbia, S.C., 1832. 

Numa. Bowleg Lascelles, Esq. — See 
" Yorick." 

Nun of Kenmare. Mary Frances 
Cusack. Advice to Irish girls in Amer- 
ica. N.Y. 187-. 

Nunnery, Fabrlda, Spinster. Peter 
Coxe. Another word or two ; or, archi- 
tectural hints, in lines to those Royal 
Academicians who are painters, ad- 
dressed to them on their re-election of 
Benjamin West, Esq., to the president*8 
chair, 10th December, 1806. By . . . 
with notes, etc. L. 1807. 

Nurse and Spy. S. Emma E. Ed- 
monds. In the Union army, 1861-63. 
Hartford, 1865. 

Nye, Bill. E. W. Nye, in his contri- 
butions to the "Free l^ess" (Detroit, 
Mich.), etc. 

Nye, Columbus, pastor of a church 
in Bungto^rn Corner. James BusseU 


n. Dr. J. Thirlby. Miscellaneous ob- 
servations on authors ancient and modem. 
L. 1731-32. 

O. Bev. Henry Coventry, in his con- 
tributions to the " Athenian Letters "... 
L. 1741-43. 

O. J. Moffatt. The ferns of Moffat 
. . . Moffat, 1863. 

O., Jr. Waterman L. Ormsby. Cycloi- 
dal configurations ; or, the harvest of 
counterfeiters . . . N.Y. Also in his 
contributions to the " New York Sun." 

O. B. Samuel Griswold Goodrich. 

Five letters to my neighbor Smith touch- 
ing the Fifteen Gallon Jug ... B. 1838. 
O., C. Ccpsar Otway. Sketches in 
Ireland descriptive of interesting and 
hitherto unnoticed districts in the north 
and south of Ireland. By . . . Dublin, 


*' Mr. Otway was a large contributor to the 
< Dublin Christian Exanifner' and the 'Dublin 
University Magazine'; the former, indeed, prin- 
cipally owed its fame to the articlee signed 

O. F. and A. K. Judah Lee Bliss. 
The triplet: Church, State, and Vas- 



salage. "Tria juncta in uno." B. 


Of these papers the first, signed " An Old 
Vogv ** tot "Which O. F. Is probablj an abbrevia- 
tion) will be fonnd under this pseadonym; 
the second, likewise a reprint, nnder *' Curtns 
Gallos." The concluding paper, **wlth some 
nnl-lateral opinions and ansniar reflections,'* Is 
algned ** Democritus Junior. 

O., G. E. George Edmund Otis, Thu- 
rid ; and other poems. Bj . . . B. 1874. 

O., H. U. Henry Ustick Onderdonk, 
M.D. Regeneration. Bj . . . n.p., n.d. 

O., J. John Oldmixon. The life and 
posthumous works of Arthur Majnwar- 
ing, Esq. ... L. 1716. 

O., J. (Jacob Omnium). Matthew 
James Higgins, The story of the Mhow 
Court Martial. L. 1864. 

O., J. C John Cardell Oliver. Guide 
to Newquay and neighborhood, including 
Perran and Bedruthen Steps. By . . . 
Truro, 1872. 

O. K. Olya de Kir€ef Novikoff, in a series 
of letters m the Darlington "Northern 
Echo " and the London " Daily News'* ; 
in 1877 published in a collected form 
under the title of '* Is Russia Wrong ? by 
a Russian lady." 

O.P. Wiliiam Maginn, LL.D, "Chevy 
Chase : a poem, idem Latine redditum,^ 
in " Blackwood's Magazine," November, 

O. P. Q. Rev, Caleb Charles CoUon, 
who was at one time correspondent of 
the London " Morning Chronicle/' under 
this signature. 

O., S. G. Rev, Lord Sydney Godolphin 
Osborne, long known for his letters on 
social and philanthropic subjects, pub- 
lished under this signature in the Lon- 
don "Times." 

C, W. William Oldys. A dissertation 
upon pamphlets ... L. 1732. 

C W. Rev. John Bridle, of Hardwick. 
A letter to the Rev. Dr. Lowth, preben- 
dary of Durham ... L. 1758. 

O , W , Esq. William Oioen, 

A brief memoir of . . . L. 1841. 

Oakes, A. H. H. C, Bunner, in New 
York " Puck." 

Oakey, Mlas. Mrs. T. W. Deering. 
Beauty in dress. N.Y. 188-. 

Oakly. David Garrick. His signature 
to letters in the " St. James's Chronicle." 

Oakum, John. Walter P. Phillips. 

Oakwood, Oliver. Stacy Gardner 
Potts. Village tales . . . Trenton, 1827. 

Oates, Felix. George L, Gatlin. 

Oberon. Nathaniel Hawthorne. -^ See 
" Royce, Ashley Allen." 

Oberon. Mrs. Mary Robinson. Signa- 
ture to poems published in the " Oracle." 

Obiter Dictum. James Anderson. 
The union of the Bridah North Ameri- 
can provinces considered . . . Montreal, 

O'Brien, Bdward Stevenson. Isaac 
Butt, who was for some time editor of the 
" Dublin University Magazine," and con- 
tributed to it, under this signature, "Chap- 
ters of college romance," which were after- 
wards published separately. 

Obscure Individual, An. Aedanus 
Burke. Observations upon a late pam- 
phlet entitled " Considerations upon the 
Society or Order of the Cincinnati . . . 
P. 1783. 

Observateur, Un. L. H. Huot. Le 
Rougisine en Canada . . . Quebec, 1864. 

Observateur R^identsurles Idenz, 
Un. Berquin DuValUm. Vues de la colo- 
nic espagnole du Mississippi . . . Paris, 

Observator. Samuel Adams, in the 
" Boston Gazette," Sept. 27, 1773. 

Observator. David Wells, Esq., in 
" Gent. Mag.," November, 1784, p. 814. 

Observator. Rev. John Evans, M.A, 
Letters of . . . Whitchurch, Salop. 1887. 

Observator, Charles. Rev. Elijah 
Robinson Sabin. The life and reflections 
of . . . B. 1816. 

Observer. Francis J. Grund, in the 
Philadelphia " Ledger." 

Observer, An. Stedman Wright 
Hanks. The Black Valley Railroad . . . 
An allegory, in "The Nation," etc. N.Y. 

Observer, An. Sir John James Rut- 
Udge. The Englishman's fortnight in 
Paris ... L. 1777. 

Observer, An. J. McNaughton. An 
enquiry into the present system of medi- 
cal education, in the State of New York 
. . . Albany, 1830. 

Observer, The General. Nathan 
Fiske, 8.T.D., who wrote essays for the 
" Massachusetts Spy," under the title of 
"The Worcester Speculator" and "A 
Neighbor;" and for the " Massachusetts 
Magazine " under that of " The General 

Observer of the Times, An. Alex- 
ander Shand. An explanation of the in- 
teresting prophecy respecting the two 
apocalyptic Witnesses ... L. 1817. 

Obsolete Author, An. James Kirke 
Paulding. Odds and ends, in the New 
York " Literary World." 

O'C, E. E, 0' Conor. A grammar 
of the Gaelic langu/ige . . . Dublin, 1818. 

O'C, E. M. Eva M. O'Connor. An- 
alytical index to the works of Haw- 
thorne. B. 1882. 




O'Cataract, Jehu. Joltn Neal. Bat- 
tle of Niagara. A poem . . . Bait. 1818. 

Occasional. Col. Sanders D. Bruct^ 
in the New York " Turf, Field, & Farm." 

Occasional. John Wtiss Forney, in 
the Philadelphia '* Press." 

'Oxof. John Coglan. The confessions 
of an Unfermented Wine Communicant 
... Edinb. 1877. 

Ockside. Mortimer M. Thompmm, 
History and records of the Elephant 
Club, bj Doestlcks and . . . N.Y. 1856. 

Oconomcwoc. James A, Henshall, 
who used this signature, while residing 
in Wisconsin, in contributing numerous 
articles to the press on the " Bass." Au- 
thor of ''Book of the black bass/' 1881. 

Octavia. 3&s. Mar^ Alice (Ives) 
Seymour, Christmas holidays at Cedar 
Grove. B. 1865. 

Octogenarian, An. James Roche. 
Critical and miscellaneous essays, by . . . 
Cork, 1860-51. 

Octogenarian, An. John Mathew 
Gutch, Esq. The Eagles of Bristol; 
father and son. ''Gent. Mag.," Febru- 
ary, 1856, p. 148. 

Octogenarian, An. Walter Savage 
Landor. Hebrew l3rrie8 ... L. 1859. 

Octogenarian, An. Sir Brenion Hal- 
liburton, Knt. Reflections on passing 
events : a poem . . . Halifax, 1856. 

Octogenarian, An. Bichard Lower. 
Stray leaves from an old tree : selections 
from the scribblings of . . . 1862. 

Octogenarian Architect, An. Oeorge 
L, Taylor, The autobiography of . . . 
L. 1870-72. 

Octog^enarian Liady of Charleston, 
8.C., The. Mrs. E. A. Poyas. The 
olden time of Carolina . . . Charleston, 

Octogenary. Bev. Daniel Huntington. 
Memories, counsels, and reflections . . . 
Carab. 1867. 

Oculatus, Testis. Bev. Richard Tref- 
fry. The Chatham races: in three let- 
ters to a friend, by . . . Maidstone, 1824. 

Odd Boy. John Tillotson. Palestine : 
its holy sites and sacred story. L. 1871, 
etc. Also contributions to "The Boys' 
Magazine" (L.). 

Odd Fellow, An. Peter M'Kenzie, 
editor of the " Glasgow Gazette," James 
Wallace, of Glasgow, Dr. James Brown 
and Boltert Kay of Dumbarton, Joseph 
Souter of Aberdeen, Alexander M'Xeill, 
advocate, and James Duncan, a book- 
seller of Glasgow, we^e the joint authors 
of *' Gotham in alarm : a farce in three 
acts"... 9th ed. Glasgow, 1810. Pub- 
lished under the above pseudonym. 

Odds and Ends. Waiter C. Quevedo, 
in the New York " Dispatch." 

Oddy, J. Jephaon. William Playfair. 
European Commerce. L. 1805. 

*'TheM two works (thia of Oddy and the 
* Spirit of the Bankrupt Laws,* of Joahna Monte- 
Aore) thongh published under the namee of the 
gentlemen last mentioned, were written by Mr. 
PlanfiUr." — ** Gent. Mag," June, 1828. 

Odman, Jeremiah. D. H. Atkinson. 
Old Leeds; its bygones and celebrities. 
By an Old Leeds Cropper. Leeds, 1868. 

O'Doherty, Sir Morgan, Bart. Wil- 
liam Maainn. Maxims of . . . Edinb. 
1849. Was also a constant contributor 
to " Blackwood's Magazine " under this 

O'Donald, Peregrine. William King, 
LL.D. — See " Schefifer, Frederick." 

O'Donnor, Andre^r. A. Fontaney. 
Le Parlement anglais en 1835 ... in the 
" Revue des Deux Mondes," 1885. 

O'Dowd, Cornelius. Charles James 
Lever. Cornelius O'Dowd upon men and 
women and other things in general. 
Edinb. and L. 1864. 

Reprinted from " Blackwood's l£agaxine." 

Oi&oer, An. John Fitch. Annals of 
the Army of the Cumberland ... P. 1864. 

Officer, An. Capt. William Edward 
Montague. Campaigning in South Africa. 
Beminiscences of ... in 1879. Edinb. 

Officer, An. Dr, John Gordon Smith. 
The English Army in France ... L. 1830. 

Officer, An. Harry Austin. Guards, 
hussars, and infantry ... By . . . L. 1838. 

Officer, An. Lieut. Douglas. A gen- 
eral essay on military tactics . .'. trans, by 
... L. 1781. 

Officer, An. M. J. Home. A letter 
... to his son in Parliament. L. 1776. 

Officer, An. Major Alexander Jar* 
dine. Letters from Barbary, France, 
Spain, Portugal, etc. By . . . L. 1788. 

Officer, An. Sir Bobert Ker Porter. 
Letters from Portugal and Spain . . . 
L. 1809. 

Officer, An. Arent Schuyler Depeys- 
ter. Miscellanies . . . Dumfries, 1813. 

Officer, An. Thomas Anbury. Trav- 
els through the interior parts of Amer- 
ica .. . By . . . L. 1789. 

Officer employed In his Army, An. 
John Faney 11th. Earl of Westmoreland. 
Memoir of the early campaigns of the 
Duke of Wellington, in Portugal and 
Spain. By . . . L. 1820. 

Officer employed on the Expedi- 
tion, An. Wiltiam Smith. An impartial 
narrative of the reduction of Belleisle . . . 
L. 1761. 




Officer in His Mi^esty^ service, 

An. Robert Orenville IVallace. Fifteen 
years in the Indies ; or, sketches of a lolr 
dier's life ... by .. . L. 1822. 

Officer in the Army of Wolfe, An. 
James Athearn Jones. Memoirs of . . . 
L. 1831. 

Officer in the East India Com- 
pany's Service, An. James Kerr. A 
short historical narrative of the rise and 
rapid advancement of the Mahratta 
State . . . Translated by . . . L. 

Officer in the Field, An. Charles P. 
Kirkland. The coming contraband . . . 
N.Y. 1862. 

Also attributed to Charles C. Nott. 

Officer in the Guards, An. George 
Edward Ayscough. Letters from ... to 
his friend in England, containing some 
accounts of France and Italy. L. 1778. 

Officer in the Hon. E. 1. Ck>.'s Ben- 
gal native infantry, in civil employ, 
An. Major John Butler. A sketch of 
Assam ... By . . . L. 1847. 

Officer in the Military and Civil 
Service of the Hon. Bast India Com- 
pany, An. Maj.'Gen. Sir William Henry 
Sleeman. On taxes on public revenue . . . 
By ... L. 1829. 

Officer in the Service of the Hon. 
E. I. Co., An. John Clunes. An histori- 
cal sketch of the princes of India . . . 
Edinb. 1833. 

Officer in the U. S. Army, A Ijate. 
Jervase Cutler. A topographical descrip- 
tion of the State of Ohio, Indiana Terri- 
tory and Louisiana ... B. 1812. 

Officer of Colonel Baillie's I>etach- 
ment, An. William Thomson. Memoirs 
of the late war in Asia ... L. 1788. 

Officer of Rank, An. Capt. William 
Nugent Glascock, R.N. Naval sketch 
book ,* or, the service, afloat and ashore. 
L. 1826. 

Officer of the Army, An. Capt. Hall. 
The history of the civil war in America. 
By . . . L. 1780. 

Officer of the Army, An. Capt. Ed- 
win D. Phillips. Texas, and its military 
occupation and evacuation. By . . . N.Y. 

Officer of the Army at Detroit, 
An. Henry Whiting. Ontwa, the son of 
the forest. A poem, by . . . N.Y. 1822. 

Officer of the British Army, An. 
Maj. Edioard Drewe. A letter to a young 
oflScer, written in the year 1770 . . . 
N.Y. 1778. 

Officer of the Chancery of the . . . 
Order of St. Joachim, An. Sir Levett 
Hanson. An accurate historical account 

of all the orders of knighthood at pres- 
ent existing in Europe ... L. 180K2. 

Officer of the First Regiment of 
Ohio Volunteers, An. L, Oiddings, 
Sketches of the campaign in Northern 
Mexico, in 1846-47 . . . N.Y. 1853. 

Officer of the Household Brigade 
of Cavalry, An. Cd. George Greenwood. 
Hints on horsemanship ... L. 1839. 

Officer of the liine, An. John L. 
Gardner. Military control ; or, cotnmand 
and government of the army. Washing- 
ton, 1839. 

Officer of the BearOuard, An. 
Edward M, Boy kin. The falling flag, 
evacuation of Richmond, retreat and sur- 
render at Appomattox. By . . . N.Y. 

Officer of the Royal Bnglneers, 
An. Charles Edmund Webber. — See 
« W., C. E. " 

Officer of the Royal Navy, An. 
John Matthews. Twenty-one plans ... of 
different actions in the West Indies, dur- 
ing the late war. By . . . Chester, 1784. 

Officer of the United States Army, 
An. Maj.'Qen. George C. Strong. Cadet 
life at West Point ... B. 1862. 

Officer of the United States Army, 
An. Lieut. Richard Bache. Notes on 
Colombia, taken in the years 1822-23, 
etc P. 1827. 

Officer of the United States Army, 
An. James H. M'Culloh, Jr., M.D. Re- 
searches in America . . . Bait. 1816. 

Officer of the United States Navy, 
An. Horatio Bridge. Journal of an 
African cruiser, 1843-44. N.Y. 1846. 

Officer of the United States Navy, 
An. William S. W. Ruschenberger. Three 
years in the Pacific, by . . . 1835. 

Officer of this Bstablishment at 
Charlestown, An. Gamaliel Bradford, 
Senior. Some . . . remarks and docu- 
ments relating to the Massachusetts State 
Prison. By . . . Charlestown, 1821. 

Officer on the Staff, An. Hon. 
Somerset John Gough Calthorpe. Letters 
from headquarters; or, the realities of 
the war in the Crimea ... L. 1857. 

Officer serving as Quarter-Master 
General. De Lacy Evans. Facts re- 
lating to the capture of Washington . . . 
L. 1829. 

Officer under that General, An. 
Henry Adams Bullard. The history of 
Don Francisco de Miranda's attempt to 
effect a revolution in South America . . . 
B. 1808. 

Officer who served in the Expedi- 
tion, An. Rev. George Robert Gleig. A 
narratire of the campaigns of the British 




anny at Washingrton and New Orleans 
. . . 1814 and 1815. L. 1821. 

Oi&cer who served there. William 
W, Ireland, M,D, History of the siege 
of Delhi . . . Edinb. 1861. 

Officer's Wife, An. Mrs. M, J. Car- 
rington. Ab-sa-ra-ka Home of the Crows 
• ■ > IT, looo. 

Officier Am^rlcaiii, Un. — See "An 

American Officer in the Service of 

O'Gotham, Bob. Robert H. Greely, 

O'Hanne^an, Ijarry. Lee 0^ Harris, 

O'Hara, Abel. Michael Banim. The 
"Abel O'Hara" of the O'Hara Family. 

O'Hara Family, The. John Banim. 
The bit o'writin' and other Ules. L.1838. 

Ohio Volunteer, An. James Foster, 
The capitulation; or, a history of the 
expedition conducted by William Hull, 
Brigadier-General of the North- Western 
army . . Chillicothe (O.), 1812. 

O'Keefe, Cornelius. Thomas Francis 
Meagher, in his contributions to "Har- 
per's Magazine " (N.y.). 

Oksaselta, A. August EngeUbrekt Al- 
qvist. Sftkeniil [Sparks] . . . 4th ed. 
Helsingfors, 1881. 

In 1847, Prof. Alqviftt, with «ome other young 
men, founded, at Uelsingfon, " Suometar," a lit- 
erary periodical, for which he wrote under the 
signature of " Oksanen." 

O^anas, Cony. John Stanton, in his 
letters to the " Brooklyn Daily Eagle." 

Old Acquaintance, An. George Mc- 
Henrtf. A familiar epistle to Robert J. 
Walker . . . From ... L. 1863. 

Old Amateur, An. Richard Edgcumbe, 
2d Earl of Mt. Edgcumbe. Musical 
reminiscences of . . . L. 1827. 

Old and Experienced Trader, An. 
Alexander Cluny. The American trav- 
eller; or, observations on the present 
state, culture, and commerce of the Brit- 
ish colonies in America. By . . . L. 

Old Angler and Bibliopollst, An. 
Thomas Boosey. Piscatorial reminis- 
cences and gleanings, by . . . L. 1886. 

Old Author, An. J. Johnson. The 
advantages and disadvantages of the 
marriage state . . . from ... L. 1830. 

Old Bachelor, An. E. Carrington. 
Confessions of . . . 18-. 

Old Bachelor, An. George William 
Curtis. Manners on the road, by ... in 
" Harper's Bazaar." 

Old Bachelor, The. William Wirt. 
The old bachelor. Bait. 1818. 

Old Bard, The. Edward Jemingham. 
The old bard's farewell: a poem. 2d ed. 
... L. 1812. 

Old Block. Alonzo Delano. Live 
woman in the mines : play. N.Y. 1857. 

Old Bookseller, An. William West, 
Fifty years' recollections of . . . with 
anecdotes, etc., of authors, artists, actors, 
books, booksellers, etc. L. 1837. 

Old Book\rorm, An. William John 
Thorns. Gossip of ... in the '' Nineteenth 
Century," July, 1881. 

Old Boomerang. John Richard 
Houlding. Australian capers ; or, Chris- 
topher Cockle's colonial experience. L. 

Old Boy. Edward Leman Blanchard, 
Children's pantomime. L. 186-. 

Old Boy, An. John W. Steel. A 
sketch of the life and professional ser- 
vices of Isaac Sams ... a distinguished 
teacher . . . [By Henry S. Doggett] 
With some reminiscences by an old boy. 
Cin. 1880. 

Old Boy, An. Thomas Hughes. Tom 
Brown's schooldays . . . Camb. 1857. 

Old Boy in Specs, The. Matthew L. 
Davis, thus familiarly known to politi- 

Old Burchell. Elihu Burritt. Old 
Burchell's pocket for the children. L. 

Old Bushman, An. Horace William 
Wheelwright. Sportmg sketches. Home 
and abroad. By . . . L. 1866. 

Old Cartman, An. Isaac S, Lyon^ 
in his letters to the " Daily Journal " 
(Newark, N.J.), 1871. 

Old Cayen. Alexander Chalmers. The 
dress of the ladies medicinally consid- 
ered. "Gent. Mag.," October, 1802, p. 

Old Celt, An. William Bottrell, Jr. 
Traditions and hearthside stories of 
West Cornwall. Penzance, 1870. 

Old Chalk. Henry Chadwick, in his 
contributions to "The Union" (Brook- 
lyn, N.Y.). 

Old Chatty Cheerful. William Mar- 
tin. "The Boy's Own Annual." L. 

Old Cheltonlan, An. Paul Ward. 
Reminiscences of Cheltenham College. 
By . . . L. 1868. 

Old Cicerone of Elgin Cathedral, 
The. John Shanks. Elgin, and a guide 
to Elgin cathedral ... By . . . L. 1866. 

Old Citizen, An. Col. William L. 
DeBeck. Murder will out . . . Cin. 1867. 

Old Citizen, An. Samuel Mordecai. 
Richmond in by-gone days . . . Rich- 
mond, Va., 1856. 

Old Colonist, An. George Wright. 
Wattle blossoms : some of the grave and 
gay reminiscences of . . . Melbourne, 1867. 




Old Colony. Bev. F, JV. Zabriakie. 
Golden fruit from Bible trees. N.Y. 1862. 

Old ConMrvatlve, An. John Gorham 
Palfrey. Letter to a Whig neighbor on 
the approaching State election, bj . . . 
B. 1855. 

Old Cormorant, An. Constance Bur- 
dett. Flight of fancj, ^olly, and fun . . . 
L. and Edinb. 1878. 

Old Cornish Boy, An. Dr. Samuel 
Woolcock Christophers. From out of the 
deeps. [A Cornish tale.] By... L. 1875. 

Old Corporal. Rev. Leander S. Coan, 
of Alton, N.H., in miscellaneons dialect 

Old Correspondent, An. Mr. Fox^ 
the second son of Lord Holland, in a 
communication to the "Public Adver- 
tiser" (October, 1771), which occasioned 
a reply from Junius, under the signature 
of "Anti-Fox" (q.v.). 

Old Diplomatic Servant, An. Dor 
vid Urquhart. British diplomacy illus- 
trated in the affair of the "Vixen." 
By . . . L. 1838. 

Also ascribed to JET. H. Parish. 

Old Dissector, An. James Browne. 
The "Life" of the Ettrick Shepherd 
anatomized . . . Edinb. 1832. 

Old Ebony. William Blackwood^ in 
his contributions to " Blackwood's Mag- 

Old Etonian, An. Bracebridge Tlcm- 
yng. Eton school days ... L. 1864. 

Old Farmer, An. John Lovoell, LL.D, 
The road to peace, commerce, wealth, 
and happiness ... B. 1813. 

Old PUe, An. — See " Waverley." 

Old Vogy, An. Judah Lee Bliss, On 
reform in general and prison reform in 
particular (N.Y. 1863) ; and Footprints of 
travel in France and Italy, with occa- 
sional divagations, by an old fogy. B. 

The latter pamphlet ia signed " Cortus Qal* 
lui." Conf. alM *^0. F. aud A. K." 

Old Friend, An. Miss Jane Louisa 
Will yams. The reason rendered. A 
few words addressed to the inhabitants 
of M[awgan], in Cornwall, by . . . L. 1847. 

Old Friend and Servant of the 
Church, An. William Jones, F.R.S. 
A letter to the Church of England . . . 
L. 1708. 

Old Friend of the Society for Pro- 
moting Christian Knowledge, An. 
Rev. Edward Ward, A letter on the 
subject of the British and Foreign Bible 
Society, addressed to Dr. Gaskin. By . . . 
L. 1810. 

Also attributed to William Ward, D.D., 
l*reb. of Salisbury. 

Old Gardener, An. Edward Beck. 
A packet of seeds saved by . . . L. 1861. 

Old Georgia Ijawyer, An. Oamett 
Andrews. Reminiscences of . . . At- 
lanta, Ga., 1870. 

Old Hand on Board, An. Arthur 
Benoni Evans, D.D. Britain's wreck; 
or, breakers ahead ... L. 1853. 

Old Harlo. Rev. Charles Edwards 

Old Harrovian, An. Douglas Straight, 
Harrow recollections. L. 1867. 

The preface ia aigned " Sidney Daryl." 

Old Hickory. Andrew Jackson. 

Old Humphrey. George Mogridge, 
Old Humphrey's walks in London and its 
neighborhood. L. 1843. 

Old Inhabitant, An. James Hors^ 
burgh, provost of Pittenweem. A glance 
at the historical traditions of Pittenweem 
. . . Pittenweem, 1851. 

Signed" J. H." 

Old Inhabitant of British North 
America, An. Sir Brenton Hcdliburton. 
Observations on the importance of the 
North American colonies to Great Brit- 
ain . . . Halifax, 1825. 

Old Inspector of Schools, An. Jo- 
seph Bentley. Religious training for the 
people ... L. 1802. 

Old Itinerant, An. Rev. Henry 
Smith. Recollections and reflections of 
. . . N.Y. 18-. 

Old Jonathan. David Alfred Doud- 
ney, D.D, Try and try again ... L. 

Old Knick. Edward Dubois. Old 

Enick's pocket book; or, hints for *'a 

Rhyghte Pedantique and Manglynge " 

Publication to be called ''My Pocket 

Book.'' By himself. L. 1808. 

This and "My Pocket Book by a ^Knight 
Errant" were humoroue attackB upon the 
" Toura " of Sir John Carr. 

Old liady, An. Frank Cahill, in his 
contributions to the "Saturday Press" 
(P.), etc. 

Old Ijady, An. A. Dawson. A guide 
to the musical tuition of very young 
children. By . . . L. 1868. 

Old liady in Threadneedle Street, 
The. The bank of England. 

Old liOeds Cropper, An. D. H. At- 
kinson. — See " Odman, Jeremiah." 

Old Maid, An.— See "Lounger, A," 

Old Maid, An. Miss PhiUips. My 
life and what I shall do with it. By . . . 
L. 1864. 

Old Man, An. Josiah Quinci/, Jr., in 
the " Boston Gazette," Aug. 6, 1770. 

Old Man, An. Sir Francis Bond 




Heady Bart, Bubbles from the Brannen 
of Nassau ... L. 1883. 

Old Man, An. Richard Malcolm John' 
ston. Georgia Sketches .. . Augusta, 6a.« 

Old Man, An. Joaeph M. WhiU (?). 
The presidency [political essays, sub- 
scribed . . . reprinted from the " Bald- 
more Chronicle"]. Bait. 1831. 

Old Man, An. Rev, Philip SkelUm, 
Benilia; or, an old man's miscellany. 
L. 1786. 

Old Man, An. Alexander DalrympU, 
Thoughts of ... of independent mind 
though dependent fortune. L. 1800. 

Old Man, The. Samuel Weft, 8.T.D, 
Essays of the Old Man, in the " Colimi- 
bian Centinel," 1806-7. 

Old Man Eloquent, The. John 
Quiney Adams, 

Old Man of Business, An. CharU$ 
Lloyd. An examination of the princi- 
ples and boasted disinterestedness of a 
late Right Honourable Gentleman [W. 
Pitt, Earl of Chatham ] . In a letter from 
... to a noble lord. L. 1766. 

Old Man of the Mountain, The. 
Nathaniel Peahody Rogers, some of whose 
most popular pieces were published in 
the New York "Tribune" under this 

Old Man Treli-kno^m on the Der- 
byshire streams a century a||^. An. 
W. H. Aldam. A quaint treatise on 
"Flees and the art a' artyficiall flee 
making," by . . . L. 1876. 

Old Mariner, An. Mrs. Mary Cow- 
den Clarke. Kit Bam's adventures; or, 
the yams of . . . L. 1840. 

Old Member of Parliament, An. 
Richard Glover, An appeal to the jus- 
tice and interests of the people of Great 
Britain in the present dispute with 
America. By . . . L. 1776. 

Also ascribed to Arthur Lee, Lord Chathamt 
and Dr. Franklin. 

Old Member of Parliament, An. 

Sir Ricfiard Hill. Remarks on a charge 
delivered by the Right Reverend the 
Lord Bishop of London ... in May and 
June, 1803 ... By . . . L. 1804. 

Old Member of the Society, An. 
John Annesley Colet. A letter to the 
Rev. Thomas Coke, LL.D., and Mr. 
Henry More ... to which is added an 
appeal and remonstrance to the people 
called Methodists. L. 1792. 

Old Merchant, An. Hon. John Nes- 
mith. Thoughts on the currency . . . 
Lowell, 1866. 

Old Merry. Edmund Hodder. Book- 
stall boy of Batherton. B. 1873. 

Old Mountaineer, An. J. P. Scrib- 
ner (?). Laconia; or, legends of the 
White Mountains ... B. 1856. 

Old New Yorker, An. William Alex- 
ander Duer, LL.D. Reminiscences of 
N.Y 1867 

Old Nick. Paul £mile Daurand For- 
gues. La Chine ouverte : aventures d'un 
Fan-kouei dans le pays de Tsin . . . Paris, 

Old Noll. Jules Barbev d'Aurevilly, 
who, under this signature, first published 
in the " Kain Jaune " the portraits after* 
wards collected under the title of " Qua- 
rante medallions de TAcademie." Paris, 

Old Officer, An. Rev, Philip Skelton. 
A letter to the authors of " Divine Anal- 
ogy and the Minute Philosopher," from 
... L. 1744. 

Old, Old Bachelor, An. Nathan 
Stone Reed Real, Diamond leaves from 
the lives of the Dimond family, etc. 
By . . . Macedon, N.Y., 1872. 

Old Paris Man, An. William 
Makepeace Thackeray. "Paris revis- 
ited," "Punch," 184"9. 

Old Parishioner, An. Mrs. H, Mad- 
den. Personal recollections of . . . Rob- 
ert Daly, late Bishop of Cashel, at Pow- 
erscourt and Waterford. By . . . Dub- 
lin, 1872. 

Old Parochial Clergyman, An. Rev. 
Dr. John Duncan (?). The libertine led 
to reflection by calm expostulation . . . 
By . . . L. 1794. 

Old Pioneer, An. John Mason Peck, 
D.D, " Father Clark '* ; or, the pioneer 
preacher . . . N.Y. 1855. 

Old Planter, An. Lieut. Ghrdon Turn- 
hull. Letters to a young planter . . . n.p. 

Old Pop. Thomas Popplewell, a cele- 
brated singer of Covent Garden, well 
known to the choice spirits of London, 
the latter part of the last centuiy, for 
his scientific skill and the comic fashion 
with which he sung his songs. 

Old Prob. Albert J. Myers. Manual 
of signals for U. S. army and navy. 1868. 

Old Reporter, An. Walter Henry 
Watts. My private note book ; or, rec- 
ollections of . . . L. 1862. 

Old Republican, An. Rev. Joseph 
Lyman, in the " Hampshire Gazette " 
(Northampton, Mass.), who wrote a se- 
ries of articles in that paper, in 1786, 
against Shay's Rebellion. 

Old Resident, An. Andrew Rurlce, 
Burke's guide; or, the visitor's com- 
panion to Niagara Falls . . . Buffalo, 




Old RMident In the Parish of Sta- 
Terton, An. Charles WUde^oo&e. A 
short and plain address to his cottage 
neighbors. Bj . . . Dayentry, 1840. 

Old Rngbssan, An. 22. N. HutUm, 
Recollections of Rugby ... L. 1848. 

Old Sailor, An. Nathaniel Amen, An 
old sailor's yams. N.T. 1835. 

Old Sailor, An. Isaac Carter. On 
Quakerism ... By . . . L. 1800. 

Old Sailor, The. Roland F, Coffin. 
Archibald the cat, and other sea yams. 
N.Y. 1878. 

Oompiled from Mr. Coffin** talef in the 
••World" (N.Y.), to which he wm a fro- 
^nent contributor under the same pseodonym. 

Old SaUor, The. Frederick Chamier. 
Topsail sheet blocks; or, the naval fonnd- 
Ung. L. 1838. 

Old Sailor, The. Matthew Henry 
Barker, jR.N. Tough Yams. L. 1852. 
Oreenwich hospital: a series of naval 
sketches, descriptive of the life of a 
man-of-war's man (L. 1826), by the 
same author, was published under the 
X>seudonym of "An Old Sailor." 

Old Scout. H. R. Merrill. 

Old Seaman, An. Admiral William 
Sipiney. Causes of the numerous ship- 
wrecks on the Scilly Islands ... in the 
*' Literary Panorama," 1817. 

Old Servant, An. George JBeathcote. 
A letter to the Right Hon. the Lord 
Mayor, the Worshipful Aldermen, and 
the Common Council, the merchants, 
citizens, and inhabitants of the city of 
London. From ... L. 1762. 

Old Shekarry, The. Henry A. Leve- 
wn. Wrinkles; or, hints to sportsmen 
and travellers on dress, equipment, and 
camp life. By ... L. 1874. 

Old Si. Samuel TV. Small, formerly 
editor of the "Atlanta (Ga.) Constitu- 
tion," in his contributions to various pe- 

Old Simon. Alexander Chalmers. 
The present state of our current monies. 
"Gent. Mag.,** September, 1802, p. 809. 

Old Slyboots. James Scott, D.D., 
who, in 1769 et seq., wrote essays under 
this signature which were afterwards 
collected and published in a small 

Old Smoker, An. John Stock, LL.D. 
Confessions of . . . L. 1872. 

Old Smoker, An. James JParton. 
Does it pay to smoke, by . . . B. 

Old Soldier, An. General Sir George 

Old Soldier, An. Major Edward 
Moor. The gentle sponge ; being a safe 

... and just mode of reducing . . . the 
national debt of England ... By . . . 
L. 1829. 

Old Soldier, An. Gen. Jckn Arm' 
strong. Bints to young generals . . . 
Kingston, 1812. 

Old Soldier, An. Capt. David Perry. 
Recollections of . . . Windsor, Vt, 

Old South. Benjamin Austin. Con- 
stitutional Republicanism in opposition 
to Federalism ... B. 1803. 

Bef^famin Austin waa long known aa a writer 
In the " Independent Chronicle," Boston, under 
the slgnatnrea of " Honestns " and " Old Sooth." 

Old Stager, An. MunseU B. Field. 

Old Stager, An. James Aspinall. 
Liverpool a few years since, by . . . 
Liverpool, 1869. 

Old Statesman, An old. David Wil- 
liams. Lessons to a young prince by . . . 
Dublin, 1791. 

Old Straws. Joseph M. Field, in his 
contributions to the "Picayune" (New 

Old Student, An. DanielDana, Jr. {%). 
Baptology. My bootmaker and I on 
modes of baptisuL N.Y. 1860. 

Old Style, Oliver. Dr. James Beattie, 
in the "Aberdeen Journal," 1768. 

(« On the first publication of the poem [Booa'a 
'Helenore; or, toe Fortunate BhepherdoM*], a 
letter highly laudatory of It appeared in Uie 
'Aberdeen Journal' under the nctitiouB signa- 
ture of ' Oliver Old Style/ accompanied by an 
epistle in verse to the author from the pen, It is 
understood, of Dr. Beattie, being the latter'a 
only attempt in the Scots* vernacular."— Bee 
Akdxbsom's The Scottish Ifaiion, Vol. 8, p. 870. 

Old Teacber, An. George BamU 

Emerson. Reminiscences of . . . B. 


First published In the "Journal of Educa- 
tion," and then in boolc form with the author's 

Old Teacher, An. Mrs. Matvaret 
Hosmer. A year in Sunday school. From 
the journal of . . . By . . . P. 1869. 

Old Times. James D. Davis. Old 
times papers. Memphis, 1873. 

These papers were first published in the 
** Memphis Daily Appeal " over this signature. 

Old Tovnisman, An. James Bisset. 
Comic strictures on Birmingham's " Fine 
arts and converzationes,*' by . . . Leam- 
ington (?), 1829. 

Old Tradesman, An. Benjamin 
Franklin. Advice to a young tradesman. 
P. 1748. 

Old Tradesman, An. Thomas Bailey. 
Recreations in retirement. L. 1886. 

Old Traveller, An. Henry Llewellyn 
Williams. Gay life in New York. By . , . 
N.Y. 1866. 




Old Traveller, An. Jfiomas Brown, 
Reminiscences of . . . throughout differ* 
ent parts of Europe. Edinb. 1840. 

Old 'Un, The. Francis Alexander 
Durivage, in his contributions to the 
"Turf, Field, and Farm" (N.Y.), etc. 
He is also the author of " Stray subjects 
arrested and bound over, being the fugi- 
tive offspring of the 'Old Un' and the 
' Toung Un ' (^.t;. ), that hare been ' ly- 
ing round loose,' and are now 'tied up' 
for fast keeping." P. 1848. 

Old Unitarian, An. ThomoM Sanden, 
Unitarianism, old and new exemplified . . . 
in three letters [the first and third by 
" An Old Unitarian," the second by W. 
J. Fox] . . . With a preface by . . . 
Chichester, 1817. 

Old Vioar, An. Rev, Jchn Wood 
Warier, The sea-board and the down; 
or, my parish in the South, by . . . L. 

Old Vicar, The. John Samuel Bewley 
Monsell, LL.D. Lights and shadows; 
or, double acrostics ... L. 1870. 

Old Whig, The. Joseph Addison. 
** Steele endeavoured to alarm the nation 
by a pamphlet called ' The Plebeian ' ; to 
this an answer was published by Addison^ 
under the title of ' The Old Whig.' " 

Old Yorkahire Turfhian, An. Henry 
William Herbert. 

Oldacre, Cedric, of Sax-Norman- 
bury. Rev, John Wood Warter. The 
last of the old squires: a sketch. L. 

Oldbuck, Obadlah. Rodolphe T^p- 

"er Ci). Mishaps and adventures of . . . 

.y. 187-. 

Oldbog, John, £sq. Leonard With- 
ington, D.D, The puritan: a series of 
essays ... B. 1836. 

Oldcastle, Hamphrey. Henry St. 
John, Viscount Bolingbroke. Remarks 
on the history of England. From the 
minutes of . . . L. 1743. 

Oldest Inhabitant^ The. Mrs, Julia 
Mayo Cabell, Sketches and recollections 
of Lynchburg, Va. By . . . Richmond, 
Va., 1868. 

Oldest School Inspector, The. Jo- 
seph Bentley, The best uninspired book 
for teaching children how to become 
"well off" in this world, and happy in 
the next. L. 1864. 

Oldfellow, Polyf^arp, M.D. Charles 
Smart, M.D, Driven from the path . . . 
N.Y. 1873. 

Oldfleld, Traverse. Rev. George 
Whitefield Samson, To daimonion; or, 
spiritual medium ... B. 1852. 

Oldham, Dr., at Gres^tones. Caleb 


Sprague Henry, D.D. Dr. Oldham at 
Greystones, and his talk there. N.Y. 

Oldpath, Obadiah. James Robinson 
Newhall. LiS; or, jewels of the third 
plantation . . . Lynn, 1862. 

Oldschool, Oliver. Joseph Dennie. 
The poetry of the portfolio ... P. 

Oldschool, Oliver. Nathan Sargent, 
Public men and events, 1817-63. P. 

Oldstyle, Jonathan, G^nt. Washing- 
ton Irving. Letters on the drama. N.Y. 
1802. [Krst published in the N.Y. " Daily 

Oldys, Francis, of the University 
of Pennsylvania. George Chalmers, 
Life of Thomas Paine. L. 1791-92. 
Con/. Sabin, "Bibliotheca Americana,'^ 
No. 11,703, note. 

Oleander. David M*Culloch, Dark- 
ness and sunshine. Glasgow, 1876. 

Olim Oxoniensis. George Wilmot, 

A letter to —**•*• •*«*, M.D L. 


O'Lincoln, Robert. George C. Mason. 
George Ready ; or, how to live for others 
. . . N.Y. 1867. 

OUve-Branch, Rev. Simon. William 
Roberts. The looker-on : a periodical 
paper ... L. 1795. 

Oliver, Nathan, Esq. Robert Blakey, 
Ph.D. A few remarkable events in the 
life of the Rev. Josiah Thomson, a Seces- 
sion minister ... L. 1836. 

Oliver, Stephen, the younger, of 
Aldwark, in Com. Ebor. William 
Andrew Chatto. Scenes and recollec- 
tions of fly fishing, in Northumberland^ 
Cumberland, and Westmoreland. L. 

Oliver, William Pynchon. Peter 
Oliver. His signature in the N.Y. 
"Chureli Review." 

Olivia. Emily Edson Briggs, in 
her contributions to periodical litera- 

Olivia. Olivia Wilmot Serres. Olivia's 
letters of advice to her daughters. L. 

OUapod. Willis Gaylord Clark, who 
contributed "Ollapodiana" to the "Knick- 
erbocker Magazine" (N.Y.). 

Ollapod. Thomas A. Edwards, editor 
of cycling column in the "Melbourne 
Bulletin ** (Australia) ; also in his con- 
tributions to "Springfield Wheelmen's 
Gazette" and "Outing" (B.). 

Olla Podrida. Frank M. Pixley, who, 
since 1877, has contributed sketches, un- 
der this pseudonym, to the San Francisco 




" Argonaut " ; is also editor of the 

Omega. Rev. Dr. Blackburn, President 
of the Presbyterian College, Danville. — 
See " Omikron." 

OmiCTOn. Bev, John Otho West, MJL» 
Church reform ... By . . . L. 1871. 

Omlcron, Mr., " the Unt>om Poet." 
Jihn Oldmixon, who was ridiculed in the 
" Tatler," under this name. 

OmUuron. Francis Patrick Kenrick, 
who, in 1828, wrote a series of articles in 
an ironical vein to the Key. Dr. Black- 
bum, who had opposed his church on 
the subject of the Eucharist, in a num- 
ber of articles signed " Omega,'* entitled, 
" Letters of Omikron to Omega." 

Omnium, Jacob. Matthew James 
Higgins. Letters on military education. 
L. 1866. 

Omnivagant Rujus Wyman, M.D., 
in the " Polyanthos " (B. 1806-7). 

Ompaz, Konx. Richard WhaUly, 
Historic doubts relative to Napoleon 
Buonaparte . . . Cambridge, U.S., 1832. 

This is given In the Brit. Mqs. Catalogue. 

O'N., D. Daniel O'Neill, in the Pitts- 
burg " Dispatch." 

On-the-go. Francis Alfred Steimer. 

One formerly possessed of the 
Place. WiUoughby Lacy, The Garden 
of Islcworth : a sketch . . . by . . . L. 1794. 

One firom the Plough. Q, Mitchell, 
in the London " Times." 

One not of the Association. Theo- 
dore Parker. Answers to questions con- 
tained in Mr. Parker's letter to the Bos- 
ton Association. B. 1846. 

One of a Literary Family. Mrs, 
Anna Letitia (Aikin) Le Breton. Memo- 
ries of seventy years, by . . . L. 1883. 

One of her Ladies. Lady Frances 
Erskine. Memoirs relating to the Queen 
of Bohemia. About 1772. 

One of her Mf^esty's Surgeons. 
James Handley, Colloquia chirurgica 
... L. 1706. 

Tbe preface and dedication are signed ** J. H.'* 

One of her Sisters. Miss R. Bolton. 
The lighted valley ; or, the closing scenes 
of the life of a beloved sister [Abby 
Bolton]. N.Y. 1860. 

One of her Sons. Alfred Owen Legge, 
A life of consecration. Memorials of 
Mrs. Mary Legge. By . . . L. 1883. 

One of her Sons. J<icob Abbot. New 
England and her institutions. B. 1836. 

One of His Children. Mrs. M. E, 
(Harding) White. My egotistigraphy. 
By Chester Harding. Prepared for his 
family and friends. By . . . Camb. 

One of his Constitnents. Henry 
Dmmmond, Esq. Cheap com best for 
farmers, proved in a letter to G. H. Sum- 
ner, Esq., M. P. for Surrey. By . . , L. 

One of his Constitnents. Henry 
Boase. A letter to Sir Richard r1 
Vyvyan, Bart. . . . Penzance, 1826. 

One of his Constituents. Rev. Ed- 
ward Copleston, Bishop of Llandaff. A 
letter to the Kight Hon. Robert Peel . . . 
2d ed. Ozf . 1819. 

One of his Constituents, and a 
Magistrate of the County of Surrey. 
John Ivatt Briscoe. A letter on the nature 
and effects of the tread-wheel . . . ad- 
dressed to the Right Hon. Robert Peel 
... L.1824. 

One of his Countrymen. Caleh 
Cushing. A reply to the letter of J. 
Fenimore Cooper ... B. 1834. 

One of his Descendants. Lorenzo 
D. Johnson. A Boston merchant of 1746; 
or, incidents in the life of James Gibson 
... B. 1847. 

One of His Mi^^^b Chaplains. 
Rev, Arthur Philip Ptrceval. A letter to 
the Right Honourable Earl Grey, on the 
obligation of the coronation oath. L. 1833. 

One of His Msjesty's Justices of 
the Peace. W. Wilskere or Samuel 
Parr, LL.D, Considerations on the 
Poor Laws ... By . . . 1817. 

One of his Majesty's Justices of 
the Peace. Robert Owen, A new view 
of society . . . 1813. 

One of H. M.'s Justices of the 
Peace for the County of Somerset. 
Rev, John Langhome. The country jus- 
tice : a poem. By . . . L. 1774-77. 

One of H. M.'s Justices of the 
Peace for the Three Inland Counties. 
John Weyland, Esq. A short inquiry 
into the policy, humanity, etc., of the 
Poor Laws. By . . . L. 1807. 

One of His Majesty's Servants. Rev. 
Arthur Philip Perceval, A letter to Earl 
Grey ... L. 1832. 

One of his Sons. F, H, West, Me> 
morial sketch of . . . Francis Athon 
West. Ey.., L. 1873. 

One of its Members. Edward Ash, 
M.D. Reasons for objecting to the re- 
publication and circulation of Barclay's 
Apology, addressed to the Society of 
Friends, by . . . L. 1849. 

One of No Party. James Grant. 
Random recollections of the House of 
Commons. L. 1856. 

One of Our Club. Rev, Richard Far- 
quhnr Wise. Clerical papers. By ... L. 




One of ourselves. Richard Marrack, 
assisted by Rev. E. G. Harvey. How we 
did them in eeventeen days I To wit, 
Belgium, the Rhine, Switzerland, and 
France, described and illustrated by . . . 
aided, assisted, and abetted by the other. 
Truro, 187-. 

One of Plutarch's Men. Samuel 
Adamt. "Samuel Adams," said a dis- 
tinguished divine, " was one of Plutarch's 
men. Modem times have produced no 
cliaracter like his that I can call to 

One of the AlumnL John Inglia, 
D.D. Memoranda respecting King's Col- 
lege at Windsor, Nova Scotia . . . L. 1836. 

One of the Authors of '^ lU^ected 
Addresses." Horace Smith. Gaieties 
and gravities : a series of essays, comic 
tales, and fugitive vagaries. By . . . L. 

One of the Barbarous Blockheads 
of the liowest Moh. WiUiam Pettman, 
A letter to Robert Heron, Esq., contain- 
ing a few brief remarks on his Letters of 
Literature ... L. 1786. 

One of the Barclays. Mrs, Harrison 
Gray Otis, Tlie Barclays of Boston. B. 

One of the Bible Readers. Miss 
Sarah Start, Extracts from the report 
of ... in the mission of the Church of 
the Ascension, n.p. 1864. 

One of the Board of Managers. 
William Richards Lawrence, M.D. A 
history of the Boston Dispensary. Com- 
piled by . . . B. 1859. 

One of the Boys. Percy Hethering- 
ton Fitzgerald. School days at Saxon- 
hurst. By . . . L. 1869. 

One of the Churchwardens. Charles 
Westerton. A letter to . . . the Lord 
Bishop of London ... L. 1858. 

One of the Commissioners. Sir 
Charles Edward Grey. Remarks on the 
proceedings as to Canada in the present 
session of Parliament ... L. 1837. 

One of the Company. Miss A, 
Fletcher, Within Fort Sumter; or, a 
view of Major Anderson's garrison family 
for one hundred and ten days. By . . . 
N.Y. 1861. 

One of the Convention. Harrison 
Gray Otis, Letters developing? the char- 
acter and views of the Hartford Conven- 
tion ... W, 1820. 

One of the Country Party. Rer, 
James Webster. A letter ... to his friend 
of the Court Party, n.p. 1704. 

One of the Craft. Cornelius Moore, 
A.M. Masonic biography . . . Cin. 

One of the Crew. John Bolton. Ac- 
count of the loss of the [American] ship 
" Omartal " [on " The Banks "]. By . . . 
n.p. 1860(1). 

One of the Cro^rd. — Greenwood, 
Signature to papers in the " Telegraph " 

One of the Defeated. Frederick 
Hallard. The catalogue question in 
the Advocates' Library . . . Edinb. 

One of the Directors. Nathan 
Matthews, An address to the stockhold- 
ers of the Winnisimmet Company, by 
. • . B. 1852. 

One of the Editors of the New York 
Mirror. Theodore Sedgwick Fay, Dreams 
and reveries of a qmet man . . . N.Y. 

One of the "Eighteen MilUons of 
Bores." Elizur Wright. Perforations 
in the " Latter-Day Pamphlets." By . . . 
Edited [written] by . . . B. 1860. 

One of the 80,000 incorrigible 
Jacobins. Sir John Colman RashUigh, 
Bart, The case of the people of Eng- 
land addressed to the ''Lives and for- 
tune men *' both in and out of the House 
of Commons as a ground of national 
thanksgiving. By . . . L. 1798. 

One of the Family. R, Channiag M, 
Page. Genealogv of the Page family in 
Virginia . . . N.Y. 1883. 

One of the Fancy. Thomas Moore, 
Tom Crib: his memorial to Congress, 
with a preface ... by one of the fancy. 
4th ed. L. 1810. 

One of the Firm. Anthony Trollope. 
The struggles of Brown, Jones, and Rob- 
inson. L. 1870. 

One of the Fools. Albion Winegar 
Tourg€e, A fool's errand ... K.Y. 

One of the Fraternity. Capt. Wil- 
liam Morgan, Illustrations of Masonry 
. . . N.Y. 1826. 

One of the Idle Classes. WiUiam 
Thompson. Labor rewarded ... L. 

One of the Inspectors of the Prison. 
Thomas Eddy. An account of the state 
prison, or penitentiary house, in the city 
of New York. By... N.Y. 1801. 

One of the Jurymen. I^ilip Thick- 
nesse. An account of the four persons 
found starved to death at D(atchworth) 
in Hertfordshire. L. 1769. 

One of the Laity. Miss Hannah 
More. An estimate of the religion 
of the fashionable world ... L. 

One of the Laity of the Church of 




EUigland. Rev. Thomas Nevoenham, The 
family scripture reader ... L. n.d. 

The dedication i» signed " T***»» i y* **»** m ." 

One of the MemoriaLUts. William 
Augustus Muhlenberg, An exposition of 
the memorial of sundry Presbyters of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church . . . N.T. 

One of the MilUon. J, E. Grey, 
Decimal coinage ... L. 1854. 

One of the Ministers in Boston. 
C&tton Mather, A good character . . . 
B. 1723. 

One of the Ministero of Edinburgh. 
Rev, John Inglis, An examination of Mr. 
Dugaid Stewart's pamphlet . . . Edinb. 

One of the Ministers of this Pres- 
ent Churcli. Rev, Q, Hamilton, Just 
reflections upon a pamphlet entitled " A 
modest reply to a letter from a friend of 
Mr. John M'millan . . ." n.p. 1712. 

One of the Old School. William 
West. Tavern anecdotes ... By . . . 
L. 1825. 

One of the Party. F, Taylor, Ella 
V— ; or, the July Tour. N.Y. 1841. 

One of the Party. Miss E. Tuckett, 
How we spent the summer; or, a "Voy- 
age cu Zi^ag ** in Switzerland and Tyrol, 
with some members of the Alpine Club : 
from the sketch book of one of the party. 
L. 1804. 

One of the Party. William H, Young, 
Journal of an excursion from Troy, N.Y., 
to Gen. Carr's headquarters . . . Troy, 
N.Y., 1871. 

One of the People. William Hussey, 
An appeal to the plain sense and calm 
judgment of the people ... L. 1829. 

One of the People. Abraham Lan- 
sing. Brief remarks . . . March 11, 1837 
. . . touching the nomination of a candi- 
date for the Boston coUectorship. B. 

One of the People. Churchill C, 
Camhreh'ng, An examination of the new 
tariff proposed by the Hon. Henry Bald- 
win, a member of Congress . . . N.Y. 

One of the People. Dr, William 
Glover, Letter to Her Most Gracious 
Majesty the Queen, upon the Papal 
question . . . Edinb. 1851. 

One of the People. Hon, Tristram 
Burqes, Reasons why the Hon. Elishs 
K. rotter should not be a senator in 
Congress . . . Providence, 1834. 

One of the People called Chris- 
tians. Georgs Home. A letter to Adam 
Smith, LL.D., on the life, death, and 

philosophy of his friend, David Hume, 
Esq. By . . . Oxf. 1777. 

One of the People called Quakers. 
Daniel Defoe, A friendly rebuke to one 
Parson Benjamin ... L. 1719. 

One of the People called Quakers. 
Joseph Besse, A letter to Stephen Clarke, 
rector of Burythorpe, in Yorkshire . . . 
By . . . L. 1740. 

One of the Raiders. G. W. Atkinson. 
After the moonshiners. Wheeling, W. 
Va., 1881. 

One of the Rhode Island People. 
John Pitman, A reply to the letter of 
the Hon. Marcus Morton, late Governor 
of Massachusetts, on the Rhode Island 
question. Providence, 1842. 

One of the Scotch People. Hugh 
Miller. A letter from ... to Lord 
Brougham. Edinb. 1843. 

One of the Seventeenth. Thomas 
Kirwan, Soldiering in North Carolina 
... B. 1864. 

One of the Sons of the Clergy. 
Julius Brockman Backhouse. The Second 
Advent ; the Seventh Vial ; and the First 
Resurrection. By . . . Deal, 1866. 

One of the Special Constables in 
liondon. Arthur Helps, A lettei^. . . 
on the late occasion of their being called 
out to keep the peace. L. 1848. 

One of the Working Clergy. Bishop 
Charles James Blorr^field, A remon- 
strance addressed to Henry Brougham, 
by . . . L. 1823. 

One of their Number. Cotton Mather. 
The minister : a sermon ... B. 1722. 

One of their own Order. R. W. 
Smiles, The education question: an 
appeal to the Evangelical Dissenting 
laity. Manchester, 185-. 

One of them. Emily Peart, A book 
for governesses. Edinb. 1869. 

One of them. Mrs, Cornelia C. (Joy) 
Dyer. A brief history of the Joy family. 
By... N.Y. 1876. 

One of them. Mrs. W. H, White, 
Some women of to-day . . . N.Y. 

One of themselves. Henry Mudge, 
M,R,C.S., and LA,C, Alcoholics: a 
letter to practitioners in medicine. By 
... L. 1856. 

One of themselves. John Fielder 
Mackamess, MA., A few words to the 
coimtry pastors touching the election for 
the Univ. of Oxford ... L. 1847. 

One of themselves. Charlotte Monte- 
fiore, A few words to the Jews ... L. 

One of themselves. Robert Michael 
Ballantyne. How not to do it. A man- 




ual for the awkward squad . . . Edinb. 

One of themselves. C Pearhyn Ab- 
ton, A letter to the working men of 
England, from ... L. 1806. 

One of themselves. Theodore Comp- 
ton, A letter to the young men of the 
Society of Friends. By . . . L. 1840. 

One of themselves. William Make- 
peace Thackerau. "The snobs of Eng- 
land." "Punch," 1846. 

One of us. Edward Gandy, Moods 
and tenses ... L. 1827. 

One Unconcerned. Rev. William 
Daddo, A.M. The Tiverton woolcomb- 
ers' defence. By . . . but a friend to lib- 
erty. L. 1750. 

One under a Hood. John Major, 
Poetical description of Bartholomew 
Fair. L. 1837. 

Also ascribed to Tkomae Hood. 

One very near a Kin to the Author 
of the Tale of a Tub. John Oldmixon, 
The history of addresses. L. 1700. 

One who has a Tear for Others, as 
well as himself. Rev, A, Ourrie, of 
Abercom. God*8 bottle for believers' 
tears. Edinb. 1854. 

One who has been there. James 
Deiavan (?). Notes on California and 
the placers . . . N.Y. 1860. 

One who has done it and can do 
it ag^in. Francis Cowley Bumand, How 
to get out of Newgate. By . . . L. 

One who has never quitted him 
for fifteen years. Charles Doris, Secret 
memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte. 1815. 

One w^ho has recently crossed. J, 
W. Carrington, The passage of the Isth- 
mus ; or, practical hints to persons about 
to cross the Isthmus of Panama. N.Y. 

One who has Seen and Describes. 
Charles Frederick Henningsen, Bevelsr 
tions of Russia ; or, the Emperor Nicho- 
las and his empire, in 1844. L. 1844. 

One who has seen them. A, R. 
Middletoun Payne. Bambles in Brazil; 
or, a peep at the Aztecs . . . N.Y. 1854. 

One who has stood behind the 
CSouuter. David Pae, George Sand- 
ford ; or, the draper's assistant. Edinb. 

One who has served under the 
Marquis of Dalhousie. Charles Allen. 
A few words anent the "Red" Pamphlet 
[by Colonel G. B. Malleson] ... By . . . 
L. 1858. 

One TTho has served under Sir 
Charles Napier. Probably Henry 
Charles Bunbury. The mutiny of the 
Bengal army ... L. 1857. 

One who has w^hlstled at the 

Plough. Alexander Somerville, The 

autobiography of a working man (L. 

1848), reprinted from the " Manchester 


The ftQthor employed the signatare "The 
Whistler " In the newepapen to which he con- 

One who is also an EUder. Rev, 
Richard Mant, Bishop of Down and Con- 
nor. A letter to the Rev. Henry Hart 
Milman . . . Ozf. 1830. 

One who is but an Attorney. George 
Butt, A peep at the Wiltshire assizes : 
a serio-ludicrous poem. By . . . Salis- 
bury, 1819. 

One ^rho is neither Jacobite nor 
Republican, Presbyterian nor Pa- 
pist. Zachary Grey. A letter of thanks 
to Mr. Benja. Bennet ... L. 1723. 

One who is not a I>octor of the 
Sorbonne. John Louis De Lolme. His- 
tory of the flagellants; or, memorials of 
human superstition ... By . . . L 

One who is really an Eni^lishnicui. 
C. W, Smith. Letters published in the 
« Sun " by C. W. S L. 1853. 

One ^rho keeps his eyes and ears 
open. Henry Ward Beecher. Thoughts 
as they occur ; by . . . A series of pa- 
pers in the " New York Ledger," af ter* 
wards published in Boston, 1862, with 
the title " Eyes and ears." 

One who knew him many years. 
Charles Deane, A brief memoir of Rob 
ert Waterson, a Boston merchant . . 
B. 1869. 

" One who knew him vrell," Richard 
Green Parker. A tribute to the life and 
character of Jonas Chickering ... B 

One who i£now8. Arnold Foster, in 
a pamphlet attack on the Irish Land 
League, 1882. 

One who Knows. W. A. Coffey, 
Inside out; or, an interior riew of the 
New York State prison . . . N.Y. 1823. 

One 'who knows. Charles James 
Wahab. Workman ! What of your 
house ? . . . By . . . Edinb. 1867. 

One "Who Knows it. Hardwick 
Shute, M^, Cuddesdon College. 1858. 

One ^rho Knows them. Thomas L, 
V, Wilson (1). The aristocracy of Bos- 
ton . . . being a history of the business 
and business men of Boston for the last 
forty years ... B. 1848. 

One who Iioves the Souls of the 
Iiambs of Christ's Flock. Rev. Rich* 
ard Marks. English history for chil- 
dren ... L. 1832-33. 




"One vrho inras thar." B. F. Scrib- 

ner. A campaign in Mexico, by . . . P. 

One ^rbo Went to It. Bev. Warren 
Burton. The district school as it was . . . 
N.Y. 1888. 

One who wishes well to all Man- 
kind. Charles Chauncy, D.D. Diyine 
glory brought to yiew in the final salya- 
tion of all men ... By . . . B. 1783. 

One who wishes well to the whole 
Homan Racse. Charles Chauncy, D.D. 
The mystery hid from ages and genersr 
tions made manifest by the Gospel Reve- 
lation; or, the salvation of all men the 
grand thing aimed at in the scheme of 
Ood, as opened in the Kew Testament 
writings and entrusted with Jesus Christ 
to bring into effect. In three chapters. 
By . . . L. 1784. 

OlCeddy, Phlloth^e. Auguste Marie 
Dondey, called Th€ophile Dondey. Poesies 
posthumcs. Paris, 1878. 

O'Neddy, VltreulL Th€oph%U (1) 
Dondey-Dupr^f Jils, Le pays Breoa. 
Paris, 1853. 

Onelropolos. Charles Johnston, Cob- 
bler of Preston : a farce. N.Y. 1867 (1). 

Onesimus. Peter L. Courtier. Me- 
moirs of the life of the Rev. W. Hunting- 
ton .. . L. 1813. 

Ontologos. William Kenrick, LL.D. 
The grand question debated ... By . . . 
Dublin, 1751. 

Onyx. Miss Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. 
Silent partner. B. 1871. 

O'Pagus, Arry. ff. B. Sommer, joint 
author. Our show: one hundred years 
a republic ... P. 1876. 

O'Pake. William M. MaUison, in the 
■"Brooklyn Eagle.** 

O'Pake, 3Ir. Samuel W. E. Beckner, 
in the New York " Comer Stone." 

Opera Goer, An. Donald Grant 
Mitchell. The lorgrnette; or, studies of 
the town. N.Y. 1832. 

The prefaces and Introductory remarka of the 
▼arioaa editions are signed sometimes "John 
Tlmon," and sometimes *' Ik. Marvel." 

Optic, Oliver. William Taylor Ad- 
-ams, who for some rears edited " Oliver 
Optic's Magazine for Boys and Girls," 
and is the author of many books for the 

Optimist, All. John William Kaye, 
Essays of . . . P. 1871. 

O'Quill, Maurice. Martin Van Buren 

Or— d. Sir Robert Walpole. A letter 
from Or[forld in the Shades to . . . the 
D[uk]e of C[amberlan]d in Flanders. 
X. 1745. 

Oran. F. N. Otis, in liis contribu- 
butions to " Harper's Magazine " (N.Y.) 

O'Random, Mem. — See " Waverley." 

Olteilly, Private MUes. Charles 
Gfrahame Halpine. Poetical works . . . 
N.Y. 1869. 

O'Bell, Max. Paul Blouet. John 

Bull's Womankind. L. 1884. 

*' * Max O'Rell,' whose writings have aroused a 
natural curiosity as to the identity of their 
author, stands revealed to the puhlio in the per- 
son of M. Paul Blouet. He is the French master 
at Westminster School, and editor of the Claren- 
don volumes on French Oratory.'* 

Orellana. William Drennan, M,D. 
Letters of ... an Irish Helot . . . Dub- 
Hn, 1785. 

Orient. Frederic Kidder, who con- 
tributed articles to the "Boston DaUy 
Advertiser," in 18d6, on the Popham 
Colony, which were afterwards collected 
in book form imder the title of ''The 
Popham Colony." B. 1866. 

Oriental Student, An. Andrew Ar- 
chibald Paton. The modern Syrians . . . 
L. 1844. 

Orlfi^al Editor, The. John Wade. 
The extraordinary black book ... By 
... 1j. IHol. 

Originator of the Shetland Fishery 
Company, The. Mr. Anderson. — See 
"A Brother Fish Dealer," etc. 

Oriuda. Mrs. Katherine (Fowler) 
Philips. Letters from ... to Poliar- 
chus [i.e. Sir Charles Cotterel]. L. 

Orion. HMor F. Varela. Elisa 
Lynch . . . Buenos Ayres, 1870. 

Orion. J. Hammerton, Orion's Alma- 
nack. L. 18-. 

Orlando. James Hall, who edited the 
" Illinois Intelligencer," wrote letters for 
the " Portfolio," and poems and sketches 
for Flint's " Western Beview " at Cincin- 
nati, signing himself " Orlando." 

Orleanlfui. George F, Wharton, 
War of the bachelors. N.0. 1882. 

Orme, Mary. Mrs. Mary (Neal Ser- 
geant Gore) Nichols, MJ). Uncle John; 
or, is it too much trouble ? N.Y. 185-. 

Orsin, florio. Alice Townsend. 

Orslnl, Mme. Vlrglnle. Mme. Vir- 
ginie (Mortemart Boisse) Baudoin. Heures 
de r^nfance : poesies. Paris, 1839. 

Ort, Ivan. Ossian E. Dodge. 

Orthodox, Moses. John aoyle, Earl 
of Cork and Orrery. — See " G. K." 

Orthodox Diidne, .^i. Rev. Joseph 
Smith. A clear and comprehensire yiew 
of the being, nature, and attributes of 
God. L. 1764. 

Orthodox Minister of the Gospel, 
An. Rev. James Morris Whiton, Is 




" eternal *' punishment endless ... B. 

Ortis, Jacopo. Nicolb Ugo Foscolo. 
Ultime lettere di . . . Paris, 1824. 

Ortyx. David H. Eaton. 

Orwell. Walter Coalmen Smith, 
The bishop's walk and the bishop's times. 
Camb., £ng., 1861. 

Ory, Stephanie. Just Jean £tienn4 
Roy. Lucille. N.Y. 1873. 

Osander. Rev. Benjamin Allen, editor 
of the "Christian MagiEizine" (P.). 

A1m> In misoellaueous poemB. N.Y. 1812. 

Oabom, George, Esq. John Huddle- 
iton Wynne, who was also the " Mother 
Osbom " of Sir Robert Walpole's time. 

Oftborne, Edward. Mrs. Anne Man- 
ning Rathbone. The colloquies of . . . citi- 
zen and cloth worker of London ... L. 

Osborne, Jane. Mme. L^onie d*Aunet, 
Feuilletons ins^r^s dans le journal "la 
Presse " en 1866. 

Osborne, Sandy. Alexander McGrew, 
in his letters to various Western periodi- 

Oscar. Gerald Oriffin, Esq., whose 
first literary efforts appeared in the 
"Literary Gazette," when he was not 
twenty, under this signature. 

Oscar. Mr». Leman Grimatone. Zayda : 
a Spanish tale in three cantos ; and other 
poems, stanzas, and canzonets. L. 1820. 

Oscotlan, An. William Charles Mark 
Kent. Catholicity in the dark ages, by 
. . . L. 1847. 

O'Squarr. Oscar Charles Flor. La 
guerre dans la Baltlque. Brussels, 1854. 

Ossola. Clement Le Neve Foster. The 
Feast of St Anthony in the Val Anzasca, 
in " Land and Water." L. 1869. 

Other, The. Pfc. Edmund George 
Harvey. — See " One of ourselves." 

Other Gentleman of Lincoln's Inn, 
The. Thomas Edwards. The canons of 
criticism, and glossary, being a supple- 
ment to Mr. Warburton's edition of 
Shakspeare ... By . . . L. 1748. 

Otis, Belle. Caroline H. Woods. 
Diary of a milliner. N.Y. 1867. 

Otia, James. James Otis Kaler, in his 
contributions to "Harper's Young Peo- 
ple" (N.Y.) 

Otter. H. J. Alfred. A complete 
guide to spinning and trolling ... By 
... L. 1869. 

Otway, Sylvester. John Oswald, 
Euphrosyne: an ode to beauty. L. 

Oadenarde, I>ominle Nioholaa 
JBgldlus. James Kirke Paulding. The 
book of Saint Nicholas . . . N.Y. 1836. 

Oulda. MBe. Louise de la Ramf, 
author of "Granville de Vigne" and 
numerous other works of fiction. 

The pMadonym Is said by loine nntboritlefl to 

.... . ^j - . . 

be an infantile corruption of her beptlenial name 
(LooiBc), while others translate it as a slang 
French equivalent of *' Why, certainly,*' Oul4dl 

Ouno. T. M. Ashworth, joint author. 
Tom Chips. P. 187-. 

Our Boy Jack. Albert Charles Wild- 
man, in the " Western Counties Herald" 

Our Member for Parla. Henry Du 
Pr€ LnhoHchere. 

Our Own Correspondent. James 0. 
NoyeSf M.D. 

Our Own Correspondent. Michael 
Burloe Honan. The personal adventures 
of ... in Italy. L. 1852. 

Our Special Correspondent. G. F^ 
Atkinson. Indian spices for English 
tables . . . being the adyentures of . . . 

Outcast, The. C. B, Northrup. South- 
em Odes . . . Charleston, 1801. 

Outls. J. C. Ward. The Jesuits 
[hy William Waterworth]. Reriewed. 
By Outis. L. 1862. 

Outls, U. Donough. Richard Grant 
White. Chronicles of Gotham. K.Y. 

Over Forty. Nathan Green. The 
tall man of Winton and his wife . . . 
Nashville, Tenn., 1872. 

Overtheway, Mrs. Juliana Horatia 
Ewing. Six to sixteen. B. 1876. 

Owanda. Miss Emma Robinson (?). 
Only a tramp. N.Y. 186-. 

Owen. Jesse Appleton, S.T.D., in 
the Boston "Panoplist." 

Owen, Ashford. Annie Ogle. A lost 
love ... L. 1862. 

Owen, Junior. George Hardinge. 
Chalmeriana . . . arranpred and published 
by ... of Paper Buildings, Inner Tem- 
ple; assisted by his friend and clerk,. 
Jasper Hargrrare ... L. 1800. 

Owen, J. P. Samuel Butler, The 
fair haven ... L. 1872. 

Owen, Tom, the Bee-Hunter. 
Thomas Bangs Thorpe. The hive of the 
" Bee-Hunter." N.Y. 1868. 

Owenson, Miss. Ladu Sydney (Owen- 
son) Morgan, The lay oi the Irish harp ; 
or, metrical fragments. By . . . L. 1807. 

Owl, The. Charles Henry Bennett. — 
See " Woodensconce, Papernose, Esq." 

" Notes and Qaeries,*' Oct. 21, 1876, p. 883. 

Orrl, Eugene. Thomas Pilgrim, Old 
Nick's camp-meetin' . . . N.Y. 1880. 

Oxford Graduate, An. Edwin Ar- 
nold. — See " A., E." 



Oxford Man and a Wykehamist, 

An. Bobert BUickford Mansjield. The 
log of the Water Lily ... L. 1862. 

Oxonian, An. Samuel Reynolds Hole. 
A little tour in Irelaud ... L. 1859. 

Oxonian, An. Stephen Weston, A 
trimester in France and Switzerland. 
By . . . L. 1821. 

Oxonian, The. Frederick Metcalfe. 
The Oxonian in Thelemarken, 1850>57. 
L. 1858. 

OxoniensiB. Rev, John Pick/ord, 
M,A. Memoir ol Percy, Bishop of 

Dromore, 1837, contributor to the " Athc- 
nsQum " and " Once a Week," and writer 
of various articles in ''Kotes and 
Queries," as " Oxoniensis." 

OxoniensiB. Henri/ Brooke, An ap- 
peal to the publick from an unappellate 
tribunal ... L. 1740. 

Oxoniensis. Rev, Thomas Monro, 
Philoctetes in Leronos : a drama in three 
acts, to which is prefixed a green-room 
scene . . . inscribed ... to the managers 
of Covent-garden and Drury-laDC 
theatres, by . . . L. 1795. 


n. Rev. Joseph Wasse. Miscellaneous 
observations upon authors, ancient and 
modern. L. 1731-82. 

P. Rev. Richard PolwheUf his signa- 
ture in the " Gent. Mag.," 1793 et seq. 

P. William Frederick Poole, in the 
"Boston Advertiser" in 1806. 

P. Hon, Philip Yorke, Earl of Hard- 
wicke, in his contributions to the " Athe- 
nian letters "... L. 1741-43. 

P., Mr. Rev. Robert Potter^ in Beloe's 
" Sexagenarian," Vol. I., p. 298. 2d ed. 
L. 1818. 

P., Professor. Professor William Pole, 
in an essay upon the game of whist, con- 
tributed to a work on that subject by 
C. B. Coles. — See " A<»*w, Major." 

P., A. Anthony Parkinson. Collecta- 
nea Anglo-Minoritica ; or, a collection 
of the antiquities of the English Francis- 
cans or Friers Minors, commonly call'd 
Gray Friers - . . Collected by . . . L. 

P., A. Arthur Pemher, Mysteries and 
miseries of the Great Metropolis • . • 
N.Y. 1874. 

P., A. A, Pen field. Yet another plan 
for the resumption of specie payments 
easy and early. Wash. 1869. 

P., A., M.D. Dr. Alexander Pennecuik, 
of Newhall. A geographical historical 
description of the Shire of Tweeddale . . . 
Edinb. 1716. 

P., A. E. Ann Eaton Polglase, The 
shipwreck : a tale of Arabia ; and other 
poems. By . . . L. 1827. 

P. A. R. Stephen Weston. A supple- 
ment to the grammar for the use of stu- 
dents in the German language. By . . . 
L. 1808. 

P., A. 8. Ann S, Paschall, The home 
circle. P. 18-. 

P., B. K. Rev, Bradford Kinney 

Peirce. Stories from life, which the 
chaplain told. B. 1866. 

P., B. W. Bryan Waller Procter. 
William Jerdan says: "Mr. Procter's 
first appearance in print was, as far as I 
am aware, in No. 45, Nov. 29th, 1817 [in 
the ' London Literary Gazette ']. It was 
signed with the initials of his real name 
. . . and not Barry Cornwall ... It was 
some time before he adopted the signa- 
ture by which he is so well known, and 
his numerous charming productions 
which appeared in the ' Gazette ' were 
signed ' B.,' or * W.,' or * O.,' or * X. Y. Z.,' 

P., C. H. Charles Henry Parry. Me- 
moir of Peregrine Bertie, llth Lord Wil- 
loughby de Eresby ... L. 1838. — See 
''Descendant in the Fourth Generation, 

P. D. Prof. Thomas C. James, M.D., 
who contributed to the Philadelphia 
"Port-Folio," under this signature, trans- 
lations in verse of the " Idyls " of Gess* 
ner, which were highly commended. 

P., D. Daniel Parsons, Arms in St. 
Winnow church, signed . . . Stuart's, 
lodge, Malvern wells, in "Notes and 
Queries." 1867. 

P., D. Daniel Puseley. Dan's politi- 
cal note book. Session 1871. L. 1871. 

P. D. R. Bentley. A full and true 
account of the dreadful and melancholy 
earthquake ... L. 1750. 

P. B. Samuel Pt^ffe. Explanation of 

the expression, a " White Crow." " Gent. 

Mag.," 1754, p. 305. 

<• P. E." are the Ant And last lettcn of P&ul* 
Gemscge. — Sea '* Gent. Mag.," LXVI., p. 979. 

P.,B. Rev. Edu^ard Pearson. A letter 
to a member of the Senate of the Univer- 
sity of Cambridge. Camb. 1799. 

P., F. E. Rev, Francis Edward Paget. 


Caleb Knircton, the inceDdiary: a tale 
. . . Oxf . 1833. 

P., F. J. F. J. Pahtnham, Life lines ; 
or, God's work in a human being. L. 

P., F. M. Francet Mary Peard, The 
wood-cart ; and other tales of the south 
of France ... L. 1867. 

P., G. ^fr8, Gertrude (Hext) Parsons, 
How I became a hero. By ... in " Once 
a Week." 1852. 

P. O. Samuel Pegge, On Godmer- 

sham church, in Kent, "Gent. Mag./' 

1789, p. 420. 

"P. G.," iDitiali of Pmnl (Temsege. — See 
" Gent. Mag.," LXVI., p. 1068. 

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iof George III.] ... By . . . L. 

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Palemon to Celia from Bath. L. 1718. 

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and Mrs. Brown's visit to tiie Exhibition. 
L. 1851. 

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in 1825. 

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bles. The good fight. B. 186-. 

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Charcoal sketch of . . . N.Y. 18-. 

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enfiihrer-Balkanheiducken. 1878. 

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Reid; or, asleep and awake. Cin. 1870. 

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The basic outline of Universology. N.Y. 

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ence in disputes recommended by . . . 
to an orthodox friend. L. 1705. 

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este Gedichte. 1870. 

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ters of . . . N.Y. 1770. 

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" His essays, poems, and cross- rpadings (a 
species of humour, to which he gave the apt 
signature of ' Papirius Cursor') evince the 
sprightllness of his satire and the novelty of 
his wit." 

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astronomy ... L. 1865. 

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troduction to the Hebrew language on 
the principles of Pestalozzi ... L. 1831. 

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sophical experiences ... L. 1841. 

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plain defence of the Church of Scotland 
. . . Edinb. 1845. 

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... L. 1845. 

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Catholicism ... L. 1852. 

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ham, M.A. The wonders of to-morrow, 
and the croTi-n of life . . . Brighton, 

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Job Orton. Diotrephcs re-ndmonished . . . 
By . . . and author of "Diotrephes ad- 
monished." L. 1770. 

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Edinburgh, A. Rev. James Bryce, A 
letter to the Kev. Eobert S. Candlish. 
Edinb. 1841. 

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Caleb Fleming, A letter to the Revd. 
Dr. Cobden, rector of St. Austin's and 
St. Faith's and of Acton ... L. 1738. 




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ber) Adam. Le sMge de Paris: journal 
d'une Parisicnne. Paiia, 1873. 

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Parlante, Prtscilla. Hon. if art/ Ann 
Cavendish Bradshaw. Ferdinand and Or- 
-della : a Russian story ... L. 1810. 

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Parley, Peter. W. Tegg. 

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Goodrich. Fireside education. 1838. 

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P.'s annual : a Christmas and New Year's 
present for young people. Edited by . . . 
L. 1867. 

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Tales about shipwrecks and disasters at 
sea. L. 1827. 

Parliamentary Secretary, A. Ar- 
thur Symondt. Practical suggestions for 
the internal reform of the House of 
Commons. By . . . L. 1832. 

Parochial Bishop, A. Rev. John 
Willison. A letter . . . concerning the 
government of the Church . . . Edinb. 

Parreaiaates. Bev. C. E. De Coetlo- 
gon. The temple of truth ; or, the best 
system of reason, philosophy, virtue, and 
morals, analytically arranged. L. 1806. 

Parsee Merchant. — See "Curiosi- 
bhoy, Adersey." 

Parsonus Rusticus. Samuel Walton 
McDaniel. His signature, 1866-60, in 
the " Christian Messenger " (N.Y.). 

Partington, Mrs. Benjamin Poore 
Shiliaber, The sayings and doings of . . • 
B. 1854. 

In the Rev. Sydney Bmlth'a upeech at Tann- 
tou, on the Lords' rejection of tne Keform Bill, 
October, 1831, Is this passage: — 

" The attempt of the Lords to stop the pro- 
gress of reform, reminds me verv forcibly of the 
great storm of Sidmouth, and of the conduct of 
excellent Mrs. l*artlngton on that occasion. In 
the winter of 1824, there set in a great flood upon 
that town, the tide rose to an incredible height, 
the waves rnshed upon the houses, and every- 
thing was threatened with destruction. In the 
midst of this sublime and terrible storm, Dame 
Partington, who lived upon the beach, was seen 
at the door of her house with mop and pattens, 
tmndling her mop, squeezing out the sea-water, 
and vigorously pushing away the Atlantic Ocean. 
The Atlantic was roused, Mrs. Partington's spirit 
was up ; but 1 need not tell you that the contest 
was unequal. The Atlantic Ocean beat Mrs. 
Partington. She was excellent at a slop or a 
puddle, but she should not have meddled wlUi a 

Partington, Ruth. Benjamin Poore 
Shillaber. Knitting-work: a web of 
many textures. B. 1859. 

Partridge, Simon. Henry Wood- 
ward. A letter to Henry Woodward, 
comedian, occasioned by his letter to 
the Inspector. By . . . L. 17o3. 

ParvuB. Bev. Frederick Heesom. 
Polperro games. Blame not before 
thou hast examined the truth, consider. 
By . . . 1827. 

Pascal, l'abb6 Stanislas. Uahhe 
Henri Congnet. Mois de Marie . . . 
Paris, 1836. 

Pascal the younger. Pierce Con- 
neUg, Moral theology of Liguori; or, 
cases of conscience ... L. 18^0. 

Pascarel. Bev. B. Ellison Warner, in 
his contributions to the " Springfield Ke- 
publican" (Mass.). 

Pasquin, Anthony. John Williams. 
The life of Alexander Hamilton ... B. 

Pasquin, Paul. Alexander Eraser 

Pasquino. J. Fairfax McLaughlin. 
The American Cyclops, the Hero of 
Kew Orleans, and Spoiler of Silver 
Spoons. Dubbed LL.D . . . Bait. 

Passant, Le. Ernest d 'Hervillg, who, 
in 1872, wrote in the " Rappel," under 
this signature. 

Passenger in the Ship, A. George 
Buchan, of Kelloe, Berwickshire. A 
narrative of the loss of the Winterton 
East Indiaman . . . Edinb. 1820. 

Pastel. George Frederick Pardon. 
Dramatic criticisms. L. 186-. 

Pastor. Abel Stevens, D.D., LL.D. 
Pastor's stories. B. 184-. 

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Gleanings and g^upings from a pastor's 
portfolio. N.Y. 1852. 

Pastor, A. Bev. Alexander Dalhs. 
My church-yard ... L. 1844. 

Pastor, A. John Whitley Stokes. A 
P.'s advice to a young member of his 
flock on going out to serrice. L. 1861. 

Pastor, A. Ichabod Smith Spencer, 
D.D. A pastor's sketches. 1851, 1853. 

Pastor, A. Rev. Thomas Frognall 
Dibdin. A word of caution and com- 
fort to the middle and lower classes of 
society ... L. 1831. 

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Annals of the church in Brimfleld. By 
. . . Springfield, Mass. 1856. 

Pastor, The. Rev. Edtrard Dafydd 
Morris. Five years of ministerial life : 
being a discourse ... at the Second Pres- 
byterian Church, Columbus, Ohio. By 
. . . Columbus, 1861. 

Pastor, The. John Boswell Spotswood, 
D.D. An historical sketch of the Pres- 
byterian church in New Castle, Dela- 
ware, by . . . P. 1859. 

Pastor of St. Paul's, Haggerstone, 
The. Rev. William Stone. Thirty-six 




plain maxims on the way to live and die 
in peace. From ... to his flock. L. 

Pastor, Tony. Harlan HaUey. 201 
Bowery songster. N.Y. 1867. 

Paatorlnl, Slg. Bishop Charles Wal- 
meslet/. The general history of the Chris- 
tian Church . . . Dublin, 1812. 

Pastor's Wife, A. Mrs. Martha Stone 
Hubbell. The shady side; or, life in a 
country parsonage ... B. 18t^. 

Pater. — Evans, of Bradbury & 
Evans. — See " Ponny." 

Paterfamilias. Matthew James Hifj- 
(jins. Papers on public school education 
in England in 1860 ... L. 1865. 

Pathfinder of tbe Rocky Moun- 
tains, The. John Charles Fremont. 

Patrice, Saint. James Uarden-IIickey. 

Patridus. R. Geoghigan. Thoughts 
of . . . Dublin, 1785. 

Patridus, Aberdonensis. Patrick 
Forbes^ Bishop of Aberdeen. 

Patriot, A. S. 0. Townsend. 

Patriot, A. Joseph Priestley. An ad- 
dress to the inhabitants of Birmingham 
... Birmingham. 

Patrioticus. W. P. Pussel. A patri- 
otic letter to the Right lion. Henry Ad- 
dington, exhorting him to firmness . . . 
L. 1804. 

Patrolman, A. George S. Mc Watters 
employed this signature in his letters, 
which ultimately created the "Mutual 
Aid Fund " for the police. 

Pattieson, Peter. Sir Walter Scott. 
Tales of my landlord. Edinb. 1830. 

Patty, Aunt. Mrs. Caroline Lee 
( Whitinfj) Hentz. Aunt Patty's scrap 
bag. 1846. 

Paturot, J^rOme. Marie Roch Louis 
Ret/baud. Le coq du clocher. Paris, 1845. 

Paul. Sir Walter Scott. Paul's let- 
ters to his kinsfolk. L. 1810. 

Paul, John. Charles Henry Webb. 
Parodies, prose and verse . . . N.Y. 1876. 

Paul, Richard. Richard Paul Wurst. 

Paul, Uncle. Samuel Burnham, Jr. 
Uncle Paul's stories for boys and girls. 
B. 186-. 

Pauline. Mme. Kathinka (Halein) 

Paullnus. John Jcbb, M.D., F.R.S. 
Letters on the subject of subscription to 
the liturgy, etc. First printed in the 
" Whitehall Evening Post," under the 
signature of "Paulinus "... L. 1772. 

Paulus Silentiarius. George P. 
Philes, who contributed to literary jour- 
nals under this signature. 

Pavo. Mr. Langley, in his contribu- 
tions to the "Morning Post" (L.). 

Hugh F. McDtrmott, in the 
Boston " Courier." 

Paxton, Philip. Samuel A. Hammett. 
A stray Yankee in Texas . . . N.Y. 1850. 

Paymaster, The. Henry Fox, Ist 
Baron Holland. The Fox unkennelled ; 
or, the paymaster's accounts laid open, 
etc. ]769. 

Peabody, Sirs. Mark. Mrs. Mctta 
Victoria {Fuller) Victor. A woman's 
heart. N.Y. 186-. 

Peace & Justice. Noah Webster. 
Article in the " Hampshire Gazette," 
March 24, 1813, against the war of 

Peacock, Timothy, Esq. Daniel 
Pierce Thompson. The adventures of . . . 
Middlebury, 1835. —See " Member of the 
Vermont Bar, A." 

Peale, Patrick. Gustao Anton von 
Seckendor/j known by this pseudonym, 
the author of dramas and prose essays. 

Pearl, Christie. Ellen M, Perkins. 
Every day lessons. B. 186-. 

Peasant Bard, A. Robert Bums. 

Peasant Bard, The. Josiah D. Can- 
ning. The harp and the plow . . . 6reei\* 
field, Mass., 1852. 

Peasant Poet of Northampton- 
shire, The. John Clare. 

Pecherel, Jules. Jules Chabot de 
Bouin. Le moutard des faubourgs . . . 
Paris, 18.'W. 

Peck, I. X. Thomas Mason. 

Pedasculus, Paulus Purgantius. 
William Warburton, D.D. Distress upon 
distress ; or, tragedy in true taste . . . 
By George Alexander Stevens . . . And 
notes, critical, classical, and historical, 
by . . . Dublin, 1752. See "Humm, Sir 

Pedestrian. Robert Wilson. Travels 
of that well-known ... L. 1807. 

Pedestrian, The. John Aiton, D.D. 
Eight weeks in Germany . . . Edinb. 

Pedestrian, The. Edward Payson 
Weston, Journal of a walk from Boston 
to Washington. 1861. N.Y. 1862. 

Pedestrian Traveller, A. Comte Ar- 
mand Bon Louis Maudet de Penhoue't. Let- 
ters describing a tour through part of 
South Wales. By . . . L. 1707. 

Peebles, Paul. Augustus Maverick, in 
various periodicals. 

Peeping Tom. Rev. Henry Ryder 
Knapp, " author of several fugitive poems 
and essays ; and, particularly, of a short 
series, under the title of ' Peeping Tom,' 
which appeared about 25 years since 
(1792) in the 'Leicester Herald.'" 

Peeping Tom. Samuel Kettell. "Peep- 




iug Tom*8 Letters/' in the ** Boston Cour- 
ier," 184-. 

Peer of Scotland, A. Patrick Mur- 
ray, 6th Lord EUbank. Considerations 
on the present state of the peerage of 
Scotland... By... Edinb. 177L 

Peer of the Realm, A. Patricio 
Murray, 6th Lord Elibank. Eight sets 
of queries . . . upon the subject of wool 
and of the woolen manufacture. £dlnb. 

Peer's Son, A. Charge Douglas Camp- 
bdl, Duke of Argjle. Letter to the peers 
. . . Edinb. 1842. 

Pelham, M. Sir liichard Phillips, 
The parent's and tutor's first catechism 
... lo— . 

Pellegrin. Baron Friedrich Heinrich 
Karl La Motte Fouqu^, who, under this 
pseudonym, published his first literary 

Pelle^lno. Reo. Gaudentius Rossi, 
The Christian trumpet. Compiled by . . . 
B. 1873. 

Pembroke, Mor^n de. Morgan 
Evans. Poems. L. 1860. 

PenciUer, A. Henry C, Wetmore, 
Hermit's Dell, from the diary of . . . 
N.Y. 1854. 

Pendenals, Arthur, Esq. William 
Makepeace Thackeray, as imaginary edi- 
tor of "The Newcomes: memoirs of a 
most respectable family." L. 1863-66. 

Peudennls, Liauncelot. Rev. Duke 
John Yonge. Cornish carelessness. Po- 
ems ... L. 1830. 

Pendragon. Henry Sampson, Mod- 
cm boxing ... L. 1878. 

Pen-Dragon, Anser, Esq. Samuel 
William Henry Ireland. Scribbleomania ; 
or, the printer's devil's polichronicon. 
A sublime poem, edited by . . . L. 1816. 

Pendrea, W. William Noy ("Noy, 
of Cornwall "), in "Notes and Queries," 

Penholder. Rev. Edward Eggleston, 
in his contributions to the "Lidepend- 

Peninsula Officer, A. J. D, Williams. 
The army : its traditions and reminiscen- 
ces. By . . . L. 1857. 

Penman. Charles HaUock. 

Penmarch, Gustave de. Jules Du- 
plessis Kergomard, de Morlaix, Les feux 
follets, vers par . . . Paris, 1861. 

Penn, Arthur. James Brander Mat- 
thews, The home library. N.Y. 1883. 

Penn, Mr. W. Stephen Colwell, A 
letter to the members of the legislature 
of Pennsylvania, on the removal of the 
deposits from the Bank of the United 
States ... P. 1834. 

Penn, WllUani. Jeremiah Ecarts. 
Essays on . . . the American Indians. P. 

Pennec, le R. P. CyriUe. D. L. Mi- 
orcec de Kerdanet, Le ddvot pcHerinag^ de 
Notre Dame de Folgoet. Rennes, 1825. 

Pennlman, M%|or. Charles Wheeler 
Denison. The Tanner Boy : life of U. S. 
Grant. B. 1864. 

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Round, Achsah: a New England life 
study. B. 1876. 

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Dickinson, Letters to the inhabitants of 
the British colonies. B. 1767. 

Pennsylvania Sailor, A. John Mac- 
pherson. A P. S.'s letters, alias the farm- 
er's fall: with extracts from a tragic 
comedy, called " Hodge Podge improved ; 
or, the race fairly run "... P. 177 J. 

Pennsylvanian, A. Benjamin Rush, 
Address upon slave-keeping ... P. 

Pennsylvanian, A. John Kintzing 
Kane. A candid view of the presi- 
dential question. P. 1828. 

Pennsylvanian, A. Mathew Careif. 
Extracts from " The Crisis *' . . . P. 1823. 

Penrose, LleTvellln. Rev. John 
Eagles. Journal of ... a seaman. L. 

Pensilis. Charles Lamb. On the in- 
conveniences resulting from being 
hanged : essay contributed to " The Be- 

Pensioner, The. James Abercrombie. 
Extracts from the . . . progress : showing 
how a patriot may pocket £2000 a year, 
by looking wise and doing nothing. 
Edinb. 1832. 

Pentweazle, Ebenezer of Truro, In 
the county of Cornwall, Esq. Chris- 
topher Smart, The Horatian canons of 
friendship ... L. 1760. 

People's Friend, The. Daniel Drake, 
The people's doctors. A review by . . . 
Cin. 1830. 

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Poems. L. 18-. 

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The trippings of . . . an autobiography. 
N.Y. 1844. 

Pepper-box, Peter. Thomas Green 
Fessenden. Pills. P. 1809. 

Peppercorn, H., M.D. Rev. Richard 
Harris Barham. The dark-looking man. 
Verses first published in the London 
" Globe and Traveller." 

Peppercorn, Peter. Emanuel Price, 
Poems. P. 1884. 

Peppercorn, Peter, M.D. Thomas 
Love Peacock, Rich and poor ; or, saint 




and sinner. Verses first published in the 
" Globe and Traveller." 

Peppergrass, Paul. John Boyce. 
lAtLTy Lee; or, the Yankee in Ireland. 
B. 186-. 

Pequot. Charles March ^ who wrote 
for the New York "Tribune" and 
** Times," and the Boston " Courier," un- 
der this signature. 

Perch, Mr. Philemon. Richard Mal- 
com Johnston. Georgia sketches . . . 
Augusta, Ga., 1864. 

Percy, florence. Mrs. Elizabeth 
Akers Allen. Story of Thomas Fish. 
[Poem.] B. 186-. 

Percy, Reuben. — See " Percy, Sholto 
and Reuben." 

Percy, Sholto and Reuben. Joseph 
Clinton Robertson and Thomas Byerley. 
The Percy anecdotes, by . . . Brothers of 
the Benedictine Monastery, Mont Ber- 
ger. L. 1820-23. 

Perdita, The Fair. Mrs, Mary 
(Darby) Robinson^ who used this signa^ 
ture in her amatory correspondence. 

Peregrina. Gertrudis Gomez de Avel- 
lankda. Poesias liricas. 1841. 

Peregrine. Rev. Grage Earle Freeman, 
a writer on Falconry, etc., in the London 
" Field." 

Peregrine, Brother. John Octauian 
Blewitt, in " Fraser's Magazine." 

P^rigord, A. B. de. Horace Raisson. 
Cuisine naturellc . . . Paris, 18-. 

Period, Pertinaz, & Go. Joseph Tinker 
Buckingham, who wrote the articles under 
this head for the "New England Gal- 
axy," Boston, 1817, et seq. 

Periwinkle, Paul. Percy BayU St. 
John. Adventures of . . . L. 186~. 

Periwinkle, Peter. 7%omas Oreen 
Fessenden. Peter Periwinkle to Tabitha 
Towzer. A most delicate love song, 
printed in the "Farmer^s Museum." 
Walpole, N.H., 179-. 

Periwinkle, Tribulation. Louisa 
May Alcott. 

Perk, Abner. Alexander Stevenson 
Twombly. Merry maple leares; or, a 
summer in the country ... L. 1873. 

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ler, in his contributions to the "Globe" 

Perkins, Eli. Melville D. London. 
Eli Perkins (at large) : his sayings and 
doings. N.Y. 1876. 

Perley. Benjamin Perley Poore, cor- 
respondent of the Boston " Journal " for 
many years, from 1854, under this signa- 

Perriwlg, Sir J. Am€d€e Pichot. 
Litt<^raturc retrospective. I. La semaine 


de Du Bartas, in the " Revue de Paris, 

Persian, A. Lord George Lyttelton. 
Letters from ... in England to his friend 
at Ispahan. L. 1736. 

Persic, Peregrine. James Morier. The 
adventures of Uajji Baba of Ispahan. L. 

Persimmons. M. Dennett, Jr., in his 
contributions to various periodicals, on 
insurance subjects. 

Persimmons. W. L. Russ, in his 
contributions to the " Courier " (Buffalo, 

Person Abroad, A. William Mercer, 
A letter ... to a lady in Scotland. Edinb. 

Person Concem'd, A. Rev. John Col' 
batch. Jus Academicum ... L. 1722. 

Person, late Apprentice to Messrs. 
Negri and Witten, of Berkley Square, 
A. F. Nutt. The complete confectioner 
• • . L. 17ov. 

Person lately about Tow^n, A. Cor- 
nelius Wel}be, The posthumous papers 
. . . of . . . L. 1828. 

Person of IHstlnctlon, A. Patrick 
Murray, 6th Lord Elibank. An inquiry 
into tlic original and consequences of the 
public debt. L. 1764. 

Person of Honor, A. Daniel Leonard, 
Massachusettensis ; or, a series of letters 
containing a faithful state of facts which 
laid the foundation of the present troubles 
in Massachusetts-Bay. By . . . upon the 
spot. L. 1776. 

Person of Honour, A. Charles Howe. 
Devout meditations ... By . . . Edinb. 

Person of Honour, A. Hon. Roger 
North. A discourse of fish and fish 
ponds. Done by . . . L. 1713-14. 

Person of Honour, A. Charles Ancil- 

lon. Eunuchism display 'd ... L. 1718. 

The above Is an UDackDOwledt^ tranalatloQ 
from the French of Charles AncUlon. Tbo 
original waa published in 1707 under the pseud- 
onym of "C. D'Ollincan,*' an anagram of the 
author's name. 

Person of Honour, A. Jonathan 
Swift, D.D. Some advice humbly offered 
to the Members of the October Club. L. 

Person of Honour, A. John Dalrym- 
pie, Ist Earl of Stair. A vindication of 
the divine perfections . . . By . . . 1606. 

Person of Quality, A. John Pomfret. 
The choice: a poem. L. 1700. 

Person of Quality, A. Mrs. Sarah 
Scott. A journey through every stage of 
life . . . By ... L. 1754. 

Person of Quality, A. Jonathan 
Stvijl, D.D. A letter to a young gen- 




tlcman lately eDter'd into holy orders . . . 
writ ... by Dr. S. L. 1721. 

Person of Quality, A. Edward How- 
ardy 8th Earl of Suffolk. Miscellanies in 
prose and verse. L. 1726. 

Person of Quality, a Native of 
France, A. 3/oiis. de SouLign€, A com- 
parison between old Rome' in its glory 
. . . and London as at present. L. 

Person who lived there ten yearn, 
A. Philippe Fermin. An historical and 
political view of the present and ancient 
state of the colony of Surinam, in South 
America ... L. 1781. 

Person who travelled through that 
country at the close of the year 1811. 
Hev. Thomas Jones. The Welsh looking 
glass ; or, thoughts on the state of reli- 
gion in North Wales. By . . . L. 1812. 

Personne. Edward G. P. Wilkins, 
the dramatic critic of the "New York 

Personne. F. G. De Fontaine. Glean- 
ings from a Confederate Army note-book. 
Columbia, S.C, 186-. 

Pertinax, Anobium. William Hand 
Browne. " Convict Indexes," in the N. Y. 
" Nation," February, 1883. 

Pestalozzi. Bernard Peters, in the 
Brooklyn "Times." 

Peter. Peter Ziman, MJ>. — See 
"Friar, The." 

Peter. Geortje Alexander Stevens. The 
birth-day of Folly : an heroi-comical 
poem. By ... L. 1766. 

Peter. John Gibson Lochhart. Peter's 
letters to his kinsfolk. Edinb. 1810. 

Peter, Brother. Jofm Wolcot. Brother 
Peter to Brother Tom [i.e. Thomas Wai^ 
ton]. L. 1789. 

Peter, Pamon. Rev. Samuel Andrew 
Peters, in Trumbull's " McFingal." 

Peter, Lord Bishop of Cork and 
Rosse. Peter Browne. A discourse of 
drinking healths. L. 1716. 

Peter of Pontefract. Richard Graves. 
Lucubrations ... L. 1780. 

Peterson, Charles J. J. Thornton 
Randolph. The cabin and the parlor; 
or, slaves and masters. P. 1852. 

Peterson, Paul. Capt. Hugo Plavfair, 
R.N. Brother Jonathan . . . edited by 
Paul Peterson. L. 1840-41. [Published 
collectively as "The Playfair Papers ; or, 
the Americans in 1841." L. 1841.] 

Petitioner, A. Benjamin Thomas. A 
letter to the Right Rev. Father in God, 
Shute, Lord Bishop of LandafF, from . . . 
Marlborough, 1774. 

Petrus. Pierre Borel d'ffauterive. 
Rhapsodies. Paris, 1831. 

Petschersty, Andrei. Pawel Jwano- 
witsch Melnikow. In den Bergen. 1876. 
Peuchet, J., archivlste de la police. 

jStienne L^on, Baron de Lamothe-Langon. 
M^moires . . . pour servir k Thistoire de 
la morale et de la police, depuis Louis 
XIV. Paris, 1838. 

Peudemots, M. de. William Howison. 
Fragments and Actions. Edinb. 18-. 

Pfaal, Hans. Edgar Allan Foe, Ad- 
ventures of , , . N.Y. 1864. 

Phalarls. One of the pseudonyms 
attributed to Junius (q.v.). 

The letter thus signed is dated Dccb'r 17, 1770, 
and is directed against Lord Mansfield. 

Pliantaates. William Hazlilt, in the 
"New Monthly Magazine," 1822. 

Phazma. Matthew C. Field, who, 
under this signature, contributed many 
poetical and other articles to the South- 
em journals. 

" * Who were the editors? ' [of the « New Or- 
leans Picayune *] asked the outsiders. ' Pbaxma 
and Straws,' replied the Crescenier. 

** ' Not know the Brothers Field? — Jim Field 
[Jos. Field], who bad kept audiences in boxes, 
and pit, on the roar by the hour, and who bad 
turned editor? or Mat. Fields his sedater 
brother, whose heart was like a well, and deep 
enough for any honest human bucket to de- 
scend and take a draught of pure, reviving, 
sparkling friendship.' " 

Phebe. Aliss Joanna Bcntleii, daugh- 
ter of the celebrated Dr. Bentley. See 
" Byrom, John." 

PhUadelphlan, A. W. Williams. A 
handbook for the stranger in Philadelphia 
. . . By . . . P. 1849. 

PhtladelphuB. SamuelWhelpley. Com- 
pend of history . . . N.Y. 1835. 

Phtlagathus. John Haven Dexter. 
Waltzing. B. 1868 (?). 

Phllalethes. Nicholas Amhurst, as 
contributor to the London " Evening 

PhUalethes. William Hazlitt, in the 
" Monthly Repository." 

Phllalethes. Johann Nepomuk Maria 
Joseph, King of Saxony, who, under this 
name, published, in 1849, a German edi- 
tion of the " Divina Commcdia " of Dante. 

Phllalethes. Thomas Morgan, in works 
on moral philosophy, 1708. 

Phllalethes. Samuel Spring, D.D. — 

Phllalethes. Joseph Besse. The Cler- 
gy's plea for a settled and forced main- 
tenance from the Quakers ... L. 1737. 

Also attributed to Joseph Ollive, of Bromley, 

PhUalethes. Rev, John Gough. A dis- 
course concerning the resurrection bodies 
• • . Li. 1 / oo. 

Phllalethes. Rer. Thomas Twining, 
A discourse on baptism . . . 1788. 


Phllalethes. John JoMt, LL,D, The 
epistles of St. Paul ... a new version . . . 
L. 1819. 

PhUalethes. Rev. William Goode, M.A. 
The Established Church. Reply to letters 
on the Voluntary principle, by ** A Quiet 
Looker-on'* [Rev. John Foster], pub- 
lished in the " Morning Chronicle,'' Oct. 
2 and 3, 1834. 

Pmialethes. John Hancock. The 
Examiner; or, Gilbert against Tennent 
... B. 174.3. 

Phllalethes. Matthias Earhery, Ini* 
partial reflections upon Dr. Burnet's 
posthumous history. By ... L. 1724. 

Phllalethes. Henrif Portsmouth. An 
index to William Penn's works. Signed 
. . . About 1730. 

Phllalethes. Rev, John E. Blox, 
Justo Ucundono, Prince of Japan . . . 
Bait. 1854. 

Phllalethes. Cotton Mather. A let- 
ter of advice to the Churches of the 
Non-Conformists ... L. 1700. 

Phllalethes. James Beezley. A let- 
ter to Dr. Formey, F.R.8., l^rofessor of 
Philosophy, etc. By . . . L. 1766. 

Phllalethes. Bev. John Wesley, A 
letter to Dr. Priestley, respecting his late 
publication of Mr. Wesley's letters . . . 
L. 1791. 

Phllalethes. Richard Bentley. A let- 
ter to the Reverend Master oi Trinity 
College in Cambridge ... L. 1721. 

Phllalethes. Hon, Archibald Campbell. 
A letter to the most reverend the Lord 
Archbishop of Canterbury, concerning 
the validity of Lay-Baptism ... L. 

PhUalethes. Sir Richard Hill, A 
letter to the Rev. Dr. Adams of Shrews- 
bury ... L. 1770. 

. Phllalethes. Rev. Nathaniel Lardner, 
A letter writ in the year 1730. Concern- 
ing the question, whether the Logos sup- 
plied the place of a human soul in the 
person of Jesus Christ ... L. 1759. 

Phllalethes. George Turner. Metho- 
dist class leaders not New Testament pas- 
tors or elders ... L. 1858. 

PhUalethes. Sir R. J. W, Horton. 
On colonies. L. 1839. 

PhUalethes. Rev. William Stothert. 
Plain reasons for adhering to the Church 
of England ... L. 185-. 

Phllalethes. Alexander Greaves, 
Reflections on the statements and opin- 
ions published in the " Free Engineer "... 
N.Y. 1820. 

Phllalethes. Charles Leslie, The 
rehearsal ; or, a view of the times, their 
principles and practices : a weekly jour- 

nal, from Aug. 2, 1704, to March 26, 1700. 
By . . . L. 1760. 

PhUalethes. Albertus Samuel Carpen- 
tier Alting, in his reply to J. 1. Doedes' 
*' Modem of apostolisch Christendom ? " 
. . . Leiden, 1861. 

Phllalethes. Rev. Reuben Sherwood. 
The reviewer reviewed; or, Doctor 
Brownlee vs. The Bible . . . Poughkeep- 
sie, N.Y., 1840. 

PhUalethes. Thomas Kingsmill Al>' 
bottf M.A. Revision of the authorized ^ 
version: the English Bible and our 
duty with regard to it . . . Dublin, 

PhUalethes. Col, F. Wel^, Shaks- 
peare's manuscripts in the possession of 
Mr. Ireland examined, etc. By ... L. 

PhUalethes, M.A., Oxon* Rchert 
Fellowes. History of Ceylon . . . L. 1817. 

PhUalethes, Menclus. Peter Annet. 
Tlie history of Joseph consider'd ... L. 

PhUalethes Candallensis. Thomas 
Lancaster, An examination of a discourse 
on baptism with the Holy Ghost ; lately 
published by James Rudd . . . Kendal, 

PhUalethes Cantabiig^lensis. Rev, 
John Jackson, Farther remarks on Dr. 
Waterland's farther vindication of 
Christ's divinity. L. 1724. 

PhUalethes Cantabiiglensis. James 
Jurin, M.D.' Geometry no friend to in- 
fidelity. L. 1734. 

PhUalethes CantabriglenBls. Thom- 
as Turton^ D.D, A letter to Edward 
Copleston, D.D., Provost of Oriel Col- 
lege, Oxford . . . by . . . L. 1822. 

PhUalethes Cantabrlglensls. Zach- 
ary Greyt LL,D, Schismatics delineated 
from authentic vouchers, in reply to Neal, 
with Dowsing's Journal, etc. By . . . L. 

PhUalethes Ix>ndlnien8ls. Caleb 
FieminQy D.D, Civil establishments in 
religion a ground of infidelity . . . By . . . 
L. 1767. 

Phllalethes Rustlcus. Edward As- 
pinwall. The impertinence and impos- 
ture of modem antiquaries displayed . . . 
By . . . L. 1839. 

Alto ascribed to WiUiam Asplin^ Vicar of 

PhUaleutheros. Caleb Fleming, D.D, 
St. Paul's heretic ... L. 1735. 

Phllanar and Mlsostratus, Two 
liOndon-Apprentlees. John Taylor, in 

inn-ANepnnos . . . n.p. 1648. 

PhUanax, Calvin. ASamuel Young, 
who published tracts under this name, 


and that of *' Trepidantium Malleus." 
L. 1098-1700. 

Philander. Ford, Earl Grey, The 
amours of . . « and Silvia [Countess of 
Berkeley] ... By Aphra Behn. L. 

Philander. Rev, James Wright, Cap- 
ital punishment ; is it defensible ? By . . . 
L. 1805. 

Philander. David Williams, Letters 
concerning education ... L. 1785. 

Philanglia. James Scott, D,D., who 
published the essays in the London *' Pub- 
lic Advertiser," under this signature, 1765 
el seq. 

Philanthropist, A. W, P, RUssell, 
British liberty and philanthropy ... L. 

Philanthropist, A. Josiah Harris, 
A voice from the ocean grave . . . 
Truro, 1859. 

Phllanthropos. William Ladd, 
Brief illustration of the principles of 
war and peace. Albany, 1831. 

Phllanthropos. Thomas Mortimer, 
Esq. Every man his own broker . . . 
By . . . L. 1701. 

Phllanthropos. John Fellows. Grace 
triumphant : a sacred poem . . . By . . . 
L. 1770. 

Phllanthropos. John Dove. Bational 
religion, distinguished from that which 
is enthusiastic ... L. 1757 or '58. 

Phllanthropos. Thomas Wakefield 
(?). Reflections on faith ... By . . . 
L. 1790. 

Plillanthropos. John Forster, Re- 
marks, occasioned by a sermon on the 
"Reasonableness of the Established 
Church of England" ... by Johnson 
Grant, M.A. . . . Liverpool, 1807. 

Phllanthropos, Theophilus. David 
Hail. An essay on intemperance, par- 
ticularly hard drinking . . . By . . . 

Phllanthropus. Joseph Besse. An 
enquiry into the validity of a late dis- 
course, intituled, " The nature and duty 
of self-defence." L. 1747. 

Phllanthropus. Thomas Bolt (?). 
Remarks upon Dr. Butler's sixth chapter 
of the " Analogy of Religion," etc. L. 

Philanthropus Oxoniensis. Dr. 
Morgan, A letter to the Rev. Dr. Water- 
land, occasioned by his late writings in 
defence of the Athanasian hypothesis. 
L. 1722. 

Philarchalsmos. Thomas Sharp, 
Esq., in " Gent. Mag." for 1793, p. 690, 
article on St. Michael's Church, Coven- 

Philaret, a Member of Athens. 

John Dunlon, — See " Member of th 
Athenian Society, A." 

Philaretes. John Gilbert Cooper, 
Poems on several subjects. L. 1764. 

Originally eonlributed to "Dodsley's Muse- 
um," under thia signature. 

Philaretes, Phillppus, A.G.C. Thom- 
as Comber, Adultery analyzed . . . 1810. 

Philaretus. Thomas Letchworth, An 
essay on liberty and necessity : in answer 
to Augustus Toplady's tract ... By . . . 
L. about 1776. 

Philars^yrus. Beu. William Rider, 
who was a writer of verses in the " Gent. 
Mag." under this signature. 176-. 

Phileleutheros. Rev, John Fell. The 
justice and utility of penal laws for the 
direction of conscience, examined . . . 
L. 1774. 

Phileleutheros liondinensis. John 
Burton, D.D, Remarks on Dr. King's 
speech before the University of Oxford, 
at the dedication of Dr. Radcliff's library, 
on the 13th of April, 1748. L. 1749. 

Phileleuthems Ajig^llcanus. Rev, 
John William Donaldson. A vindication 
of Protestant principles. L. 1847. 

Phileleuthems Cantabrigiensls. 
Thomas Heme, M.A. Three discourses 
on private judgment . . . by . . . L. 1718. 

Under thia name he was one of the writers In 
the Bangorian controversy, of which ho began, 
in aome measure, the history, by publishing an 
account of all the considerable pamphlets to 
which it gave rise ... to the end of the j'ear 1719, 
by the name of ** Philonagnostes Criticus." See 
Chalmers, Vol. 17. 

Phileleuthems Ghristianus. Rev, 

Thomas Droughton, Christianity distinct 
from the religion of nature . . . L. 1732. 

Phileleuthems Devoniensis. Thom- 
as Northmore (?). Memoirs of Planetes; 
or, a sketch of the laws and manners of 
Makar. By ... L. 1795. 

PhQeleutherus Upsiensis. Richard 
Bentley, D.D, Remarks upon a late dis- 
course of free-thinking, in a letter to 
F. H., D.D. [Francis Hare, D.D.] L. 

Phileleuthems Norfolciensis. Sam- 
uel Parr, DJ), A discourse ... on the 
late fast. L. 1781. 

Phlleluth. Bangor, V.S.B. Thomas 
Foxcrojl. Eusebius ineramatus ... B. 

Philemon. Henry Coventry, Letters 
of ... to Hydaspes. L. 1730-44. 

Phllenia, a Lady of Boston. Mrs, 
Sarah Wentvcorth (Apthorp) Morton, 
OuHbi; or, the virtues of nature. An 
Indian tale. .. B. 1790. 

Philidor, A. D. Francois Andr€ Dan- 


{can. Analyse du jeu des tehees . . . 
Paris, 1740. 

Phillndus. Ihr. Frederick Max Mvl- 
ler. Correspondence relating to the es- 
tablishment of an Oriental college in 
London . . . L. 1858. See " Indophilus." 

PhUip. liev. Philip Pyle, in Beloe's 
"Sexagenarian," Vol. II., p. 140. 2d ed. 
L. 1818. 

Philip, Uncle. Francis Lister Hawks. 
The American forest . . . N.Y. 186-. 

PhUlpe, frdre. Mathieu Braussi, the 
joint author of about 30 elementary 
works for the use of schools. 

Philips, docteur J. P. J. P. Du- 
rand. Cours th<^orique et pratique de 
braidisme, ou hypnotisme nerveuz . . . 
Paris, 1800. 

Phlllatlns. David Storer. 

Phllo. Rev. Joseph Proud. The in- 
cendiary corrected ; or, injured virtue 
and honesty defended. A satyric poem. 
Being an answer to ... " Tlie Bouseliad " 
. . . By . . . Norwich, 1780. 

Phllo. Ellis Ballon (?). The patent 
hat : for the use of mankind in general, 
and the clergy in particular . . . K.Y. 

Phllo-Cato. Matthew L, Davis (?). 
Letters of Marcus and . . . addressed to 
DeWitt Clinton, Esq., mayor of the city 
of New York. A new edition, containing 
one letter of Marcus and several numbers 
of Philo-Cato, never published before. 
N.Y. 1810. 

Said to be " A caustic, and eometiraes comical 
exposS of the political quarrels arisiog out of the 
Burr Union, etc., formed about the year 1806, 
between the Clintonians and Burrites, by Mat- 
thew L. Davis." 

Phllo-Critlcus. Rev, Francis Hare. 
The clergyman's thanks to Phileleuthe- 
rus [i.e. Bentley] ... L. 1713. 

Phtlo^unlus. One of the signatures 

adopted by Junius {q.v.). 

In his preface to Woodfall's edition, Junius 
says: "The auxiliary part of Philo-Junlus \rns 
indiifipensably necessary to defend or explain 
particular passages in Junius, in answer to plau> 
sible objections; but the subordinate character 
is never guilty of the indecorum of praising his 

f>rinclpal. The fraud was innocent, and I always 
ntended to explain it.*' 

The following are the dates of the letters 
signed " Philo^unlus " : — 

June 12, 1760. 
Juno 22, 1760. 
Aug. 1, 1700. 
Aug. 14, 1760. 
Bept. 4, 1700. 
Oct. 10, 1700. 

May 1, 17n. 

May 22. 1771. 

May 26, 1771. 

May 28, 1771. 

Aug. 26, 1771. 

Oct. 15, 1771. 

Oct. 17, 1771. 

Oct. 18, 1771. 

Nov. 14, 1760. 

(See " Moderatus.") 

Feb. 6, 1771. 

Phllo-Malthus. George Hancock. A 
consideration in political economy . . . 
L. 1832. 

PhUo Bfusa. Dr, James Currie, in 
his contributions to the " Weekly Her- 
ald." Liverpool, 1780. 

Phllo-NautlcoB. Henry Nugent Bell, 
whose celebrated research into the Hunt- 
ingdon Peerage made him as high an 
authority in genealogical cases, as Sir 
Harris Nicholas was as his successor in 

Phllo-Nauticiu. Rev, Laurence Hf/nes 
Halloran^ D.D. The female volunteer; 
or, the dawning of peace : a drama . . . 
Ej ., . L. 1801. 

Phllo Paclficus. Noah Worcester, 
The friend of peace : containing a special 
interview between the President of the 
United States and Omar, an officer dis- 
missed for duelling. Six letters . . . 
Camb. 1815. 

The letters are signed " Omar." 

Phllo-Roskelyiisls. Robert Forbes, 
Bishop Caithness and Orkney. An ac- 
count of the Chapel of Roslin. Edinb. 

Phllo Rugg^les. John Adams^ of the 
Middle Temple. A treatise on the prin- 
ciples and practice of the action of eject- 
ment . . . N.Y. 1821. 

Phllo-Scotus. Duncan Fjrbes, Copy 
of a letter from a gentleman in Edin- 
burgh to his friend in the country, upon 
the subject of the malt tax. 1725. 

Philo-Scotus. Philip Barrington Ains- 
lie. Beminiscences of a Scottish gentle- 
man, commencing in 1787 ... L. 1861. 

Philo-Tra^cus. Thady Fitzpatrick. 
— .See*'F., T." 

PhUo-Veritas. Thomas D'Arcy 

M'Gee. " In 1857, Mr. M'Oee got into 
a controversy with the Roman Catholic 
Archbishop Hughes ; his communications 
in the New York * Times/ over the sig- 
nature of * Philo- Veritas,' attracted gen- 
eral attention." 

PhlloblbUoB. Linus Pierpont Brock- 
ett. History and progress of education 
. . . N.Y. 1859. 

Phlloblblos. Alexander Ireland. The 
book-lover's enchiridion . . . By . . . L. 

Phlloblblos. Thomas Rodd. A de- 
fence of the veracity of Moses ... L. 

Phllochelldon. Dr. Thomas Forster. 
Observations on the Brumal retreat of 
the swallow, by . . . L. 1808. 

Phllochrlstus. Rev. Edwin Abbott 
Abbott. Memoirs of a disciple of the 
Lord. L. 1878. 

Phllocrln, SampflUiu. William 
Sampson. Beasts at law ; or, Zoologian 
jurisprudence : a poem [by S. Wood- 



worth], trans, from the Arabic of . . . 
N.Y 1811. 

PhllodemuB. Joseph Clegg. A cor- 
rect translation of the charter of Liver- 
pool . . . Liverpool, 1767. 

Philoglottus. Richard Parker. An 
essay on the usefulness of Oriental learn- 
ing. L. 1730. 

PhiloJuvenlB. C. J. Hambro, Edda ; 
or, tales of a grandmotlier . . . Edited 
by . . . L. 1847. 

Philokallst, A. Felix Paul Wierz- 
bicki. The ideal man ... B. 1842. 

Phllolegrls, Tyro. Gov. William Liv- 
ingston, who, in 1745, published two 
essays under this signature in Parker's 
"New York Weekly Post Boy "on the 
mode of studying law which then pre- 

Philomath, J. J. Joseph Jenkins, A 
lecture on future punishment. Penzance, 

Philomath : OxonlenslB. Richard 
Walker, B.D, A few words in favour of 
Professor Powell . . . Oxf. 1832. 

Philomaurl. James Moore Smith, in 
a communication to the ** Daily Journal" 
(L., Mar. 18, 1728) relative to Alexander 

Phllomlrth, Aaron. J(^n Hamilton 
Parr. My book . . . Liverpool, 1821. 

Phllomneste, Junior. Gusiave Bru- 
net. La bibliomanie en 1878. Paris, 

Philomorus. Bev. John Howard 
Marsden. Philomorns: an examination 
of the Latin poems of Sir Thomas More. 
L. 1842. 

niXcf|AOvov«. Charles Wallington. Is- 
mael: an Oriental tale; with other 
poems. [Of Bulwer-Lytton. With a 
preface signed . . .] L. 1820. 

PhUona^pnostes Crltlciu. Thomas 
Heme, M.A. — See " Phileleutherus Can- 

Phllonomus EUeuthems. Dr. John 
Arbuthnot. — See "Eminent Lawyer of 
the Temple. An." 

Philopatria. Thomas Paine. A dis- 
course shewing that* the real first cause 
of the straits and difficulties of this prov- 
ince of the Massachusetts Bay is its 
extravagancy ... B. 1721. 

Philopatria. Rachel Fanny Antonina 
Lee. An essay on government by . . . 
L. 1808. 

Philopatria. Rev. Thomas Burgess. 
Letters ... to Dr. Phillimore ... L. 1810. 

Reprinted from the '* Morning Post." 

Pliilopatria Varricensis. Samuel 
Parr, D.D. Characters of the late 
Charles James Fox ... L. 1800. 

Philopenes. John Dormer, Usury 
explained ... L. 1818. 

Philopis. Prof. James Marsh, who, 
under this signature, published papers in 
the "Vermont Chronicle," 1820, on 
"Popular Education." 

PhUopolites. William Pettman. A 
letter to W. A. Miles ... L. 1808. 

Philopolities. Rev. Benjamin Pres- 
cott. Free and calm consideration of the 
misunderstandings between the Parlia- 
ment of Great Britain and the American 
colonies. Salem, 1774. 

Philopropos. William Duncombe, 

** In 1728, a letter by Mr. Duncombe, sisDed 

* Philopropoi,' WM printed in the * London «^ur- 
nnl' ol March 30, containing some aniroadver- 
aiona on the 'Beggar's Opem' . . . And the 
■anse popular entertainment havinff been aoon 
after moat aeaaonably condemned In a sermon 
preached at Llncoln's-Inn ohapel by Dr. Herring 
... in a snbscquent letter on the same subject in 
the * Tendon Journal ' of April 20, subscribed 

* Benevolus,' he paid a Just compliment, etc." 

Philopyrphagns AahbumieiisiB. 

Ellis Farneworth, 

** Mr. Farneworth is supposed to have been 
the author of a ludicrous and pleasant account 
of Powell, the fire-eater, in ' Gent. Mag.,' 1755 
[p. fi9], signed * PhilopSTphngus Ashbumien- 
His.' "—See Chalmebs, vol. 14. 

PhU-orthos. George Johnstone, The 
eternal obligation of natural religion . . . 
L. 1732. 

PhUorthos. William Frederick Poole, 
The orthographical hobgoblin . . . 
Springffield, Mass., 1850. 

Pliilos. Rev. James Challen, in his 
contributions to reviews, periodicals, etc. 

Pliilosopher, A. Charles Babbage. 
Passages from the life of . . . L. 1864. 

Philosopher of Wimbledon, Tlie. 
John Home Tooke. 

PhilostratuB. Thomas Foster, 

F.R.S., M.B. Somatopsychonooiogia 
... Xi. 182o. 

Pliilotesis. Daniel Roberts. Reasons 
why the Society of Friends should not 
vote for Members of Parliament, etc. 
L. 1804. 

Philotheorus. Samuel Dexter, Sr. 

PhllotheoruB. Caleb Fleming, Be- 
ligion not the magistrates' province . . . 
L. 1773. 

Philoxenus Secundus. Rev. Stephen 
Weston, Persian recreations . . . L. 1812. 

Phiz. Hablot Knight Browne. Htmt- 
ing bits ... L. 

Pliiz, Francis. Francis Edward 
Smedley, Lewis Arundel. L. 1865. 

Phlogobombus, Terentius. Samuel 
B. H, Judah. The buccaneers: a ro- 
mance of our own country in its ancient 
days ... B. 1827. 



Phoclon. William Loughton Smith, 
LL.D. American arguments for British 
rights. L. 1866. 

Phoclon. Alexander Hamilton. Let- 
ter from ... to the citizens of New York 
on the politics of the times ... P. 

Phoclon. George Ticknor Curtis. "Let- 
ten of . . . First printed in the *' Boston 
Daily Adyertiscr and Courier/' August 
to November, 1853. 

Phoclon. Thomas Hartley. Obserra- 
tions on the propriety of fixing upon a 
central and inland situation for the per- 
manent residence of Congress ... N.Y. 

Phoenix. Sir Henry William Martin. 
Bart. Archbishop Murray's Douay and 
Rhemish Bible ... L. 1860. 

Phoenix, John. Capt. Oeorge Horatio 
Derby. Phcenixiana; or, sketches and 
burlesques. N.Y. 1856. 

Photlua, Junior. W. Sherlock. "Let- 
ters on literature. Brussels, 1836. 

Phrenologist, A. Thomas Tichborne. 
The amendment of the law of lunacy : a 
letter to Lord Brougham. L. 1840. 

Physician, A. Sir Philip Crampton. 
An attempt to explain . . . the cures . . . 
of Miss Lalor and Mrs. Stuart. Dublin, 

Physician, A. J. Hoskyns. A com- 
mentary on "The Revelation of Jesus 
Christ." DubUn, 1863. 

Physician, A. Andrew Wilson, M.D. 
An essay on the autumnal dysentery. 
By . . . L. 1761. 

Physician, A. Dr. James Mackenzie. 
Essays and meditations on various sub- 
jects. Edinb. 1762. 

Physician, A. Joseph Bullar, M.D. 
Evening thoughts ... L. 1860. 

Physician, A. John Rutty, M.D. A 
faithful narrative of a remarkable visita- 
tion. By . . . L. 1776. 

Physician, A. Thomas Foster Bar- 
ham, M.B. Genuine Christianity; or, the 
Unitarian doctrine briefly stated. Pen- 
zance, 1824. 

Physician, A. John Ayrton Paris, 
M.D. A guide to Mount's Bay and the 
Land's End. L. 1824. 

Physician, A. James Warburton Bey- 
bie. Handy book of medical information 
and advice ... L. 1850. 

Physician, A. D. E. Smith. Leaves 
from a physician's journal. N.Y. 1807. 

Physician, A. Samuel Dickson (?). 
London medical practice, its sins and its 
shortcomings. L. 1860. 

Physician, A. Thomas Forster. Me- 
didna simplex . . . Chelmsford, 1829. 

Physician, A. Dr. Wurderman. 
Notes on Cuba, by . . . B. 1844. 

Physician, A. John Darby. Odd 
hours of . . . P. 1871. 

Physician in Hertfordshire, A. 
Francis Bragge. A full confutation of 
witchcraft ... L. 1712. 

Physician In the West Indies, A. 
James Grainger, M.D. An essay on the 
more common West India diseases . . . 
L. 1764. 

Physician In Town, A. Daniel Cox, 
M.D. A letter from ... to a friend in 
the country, on the subject of inocula- 
tion ... L. 1757. 

Physician of Philadelphia, A. Wil- 
liam E. Homer, M.D. Observations on 
the mineral waters in the south-western 
part of Virginia ... P. 1834. 

Physician's Wife, A. Mrs. Madeline 
Leslie. Revelations of . . . B. 1869. 

Physiden voyageur, Un. Thomas 
Forster. Annales d' . . . volume contcn- 
ant les ann<^es 1831-34. Bruges, 1851. 

Physico-Theologus. Bev. Thomas 
Tregenna Biddulph, M.A. Thirteen let- 
ters on Christian philosophy, in the 
"Christian Guardian," 1819-20. 

Physlcus. George J. Romanes. A 
candid examination of Theism. L. 1878. 

Pianist, A. Louis M. Gottschalk, in 
the "Atlantic Monthly." 

Picard, JJbon. Antoine Bayard. Le 
bonheur dans la retraite . . . Paris, 1838. 

Piccadilly. Pierre Girard, European 
correspondent of the N.Y. "World" for 
several years, including the Franco-Ger- 
man war. 

Picdola. Miss Angelina S. Mum ford, 
who published a number of poetical 
pieces under this pen name. 

Pick, Mr. Joseph A. Scorille. 

Pick and Pen. Henry Rosales. Es- 
say on the origin and distribution of g^ld 
in quartz veins . . . Melbourne, 1861. 

PlckaT^ray. Allen 0. Myers, in his 
contributions to the "Enquirer" (Cin., 

Picket* B. W. Tomlinson, in his con- 
tributions to the "News and Courier" 
(Charleston, S.C), and the "World" 


Pickle, Peregrine. George P. Upton. 
Letters of . . . Chic. 1809. 

Tbeie letters flnt appeared In the Chicago 
" Tribaoe," under the above signataro. 

Pickle, Prometheos. William Bush. 

Pictor Ignotus. William Blake. Se- 
lections from poems. L. 1863. 

Pledfort, Athanase. Charles Gille. 
Histoire do M. Louis Bonaparte . . . 
Paris, 1848. 




Fierce, Dod, M.S. Probably Dr, 
Barrowby and Dr, Schomherg, Jr. A let- 
ter to the real and genuine Pierce Dod, 
M.D., Rctoal physician of St. Bartholo- 
mew's Hospital ... L. 1746. 

Pierre et Paul. Paul de Lourdoueir. 
Histoire dc trente hcures . . . Paris, 1848. 

Plg^my, Sir Minimus. John Kent, 
vrho, under this signature, published in a 
Canadian periodical a humorous paper 
entitled "A Defence of Little Men." — 
See "Fairford, Alan." 

Pikestaff. Thomas Baker, Plain 
papers by . . . L, 1806. 

Pikromel, Tlmotheus, Bsq. Thomas 
Clarke, Erotophuseos ; or, the lore of 
nature ... L. 1840. 

Pilgrim, A. Frederick Wright, Lays 
of . . . Brockville, Can., 1864. 

Pilgrim, A. Danid Addison Harsha, 
Wanderings of . . . N.Y. 1854. 

Pilgrim, A. Mrs. Fanny (Parkes) 
Parlby. Wanderings of ... in search of 
the picturesque during four-and-twenty 
years in the East ... L. 1850. 

Pilgrim of 1851, A. Bev. Frederic 
West Holland. Scenes in Palestine, by 
... B. 1852. 

Pilgrim, A. George Barrell Cheever. 
Wanderings of . . . in the shadow of 
Mont Blanc and the Jungfraa Alp. 
N.Y. 1845. 

Pilgrim, Peter. Robert Montgomery 
Bird, MJ). Peter Pilgrim; or, a ram- 
bler's recollections. N.Y. 1838. 

Pilot who has hitherto weathered 
the Storm, A. James Brown, General 
hints for improving the merchant serrice 
of the United Kingdom . . . Glasgow, 

Pimpernel. Rev. W, H. Beaver, in 
London " Live Stock Journal.'' 

Pindar, Jonathan. Saint George 
Tucker, Liberty, Days of my youth, 
and other poems, some of them political 
satires under the title of "Jonathan 

Pindar, Paul, Gent. John Yonge 
Akerman. London legends ... L. 1802. 

Pindar, Peter. C, F. Lawhsr, Selim : 
a tale. L. 1803. 

Pindar, Peter, Esq. John Wolcot, 
The fat knight and the petition; or, cits 
in the dumps. L. 1815. 

Pindar, Peter, Jun. Henry S, Ellen- 
tooodf the writer of a number of poetical 
trifles in the Peter Pindaric style, some 
of them signed as above, and others 
"Cape Cod Bard," for the "New Eng- 
land Galaxy," Boston, 1817 et seq. 

Pine, Cnyler. Ellen Peck, Ecce 
Femina; or, the woman Zoe. N.T. 180-. 

Plnkney, Miles. Thomas Carre. 

Plnneberg, Rentier. Carl Hauser, 
in his contributions to the German edition 
of "Puck" (N.Y.). 

Piomlngo. John Robinson, The sav- 
age. P. 1810. — See "American Hist. 
Record," III., pp. 373, 466. 

Pioneer of the Wildemesfl, A. Bev. 
— Rose. The emigrant churchman. L. 

Pious Jeems. Col. James Gordon. 

Pious Ijawyer (A), late Lieutenant 
in the American Navy. Daniel Mur- 
ray. Extract from a letter written 
by . . . n.p., n.d. 

Pipes, Jeemes, of Plpesvllle. Ste- 
phen C. Massett. Drifting about; or, 
what J. P. of P. saw-and-did: an auto- 
biography . . . N.Y. 1863. 

Pippen, Parley. M, R. Bardett (?). 
The orator's ladder, in three parts . . . 
N.Y. 1843. 

Pips, Mr. Percival Leigh, in "Punch *' 

Piscator. William Elliott, who pub- 
lished essays by " Piscator " and " Vena- 
tor," which were afterwards enlarged and 
embodied in " Carolina Sports." 

Piscator. Thomas Pike Lathy, Esq, 
The angler : a poem in ten cantos . . . 
L. 1810. 

Piscator. Robert Lascelles. Angling 
... L. 1815. 

Piscator. William Hughes. Fish, 
how to choose and how to dress. L. 

Piscator. Alfred Ronalds. Fly fish- 
er's entomology ... L. 1856. 

Piscator. George P, R, Pulman, 
Rustic sketches : being poems on angling 
... By . . . Taunton, 1842. 

Piscator. Walter Henry. Salmon 
fishing in Canada, letters under this sig- 
nature in the New York " Albion." 

Piscator FluTiatulus. Rev. John 

Pisistratus. William Black, 

Piso, Lucius Manlius. Rev, William 
Ware, Letters of . . . N.Y. 18377 

Pitarra, Serafl. Frederick Soler, Lo 
dir de la gent. 1880. 

Pitt, William. Robert Wickliffe, Jr, 
Letters to the Hon. James T. Morchead, 
on Transylvania Unirersity . . . By . . . 
Smithland, Ky., 1837. 

Place, Benjamin. Edward Thring, 
M.A. Thoughts on life science ... L. 

Plain, Timothy. G. W. Blaikie. 
Fire : a poem . . . Edinb. 1828. 

Plain, Timothy. Moncrieff Three- 
pland. Letters respecting the perform- 




ances at the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh 
. . . Edinb. 1800. 

Plain, Honest, Ijay-man, A. Edward 
Kitiff, F.R.S., F.A.8. Honest apprehen- 
sions ; or, the unbiassed and sincere con- 
fession of faith of . . . L. 1803. 

Plain Man, A. William Coombe, Esq. 
Plain Thoughts of . . . L. 1797. 

Plain Woman, A. Catharine Barter. 
Alone among the Zulus ... L. 1866. 

Plantagenet. William Bromet, M.D,, 
F.S.A. His usual signature in the " Gent. 

Planter, A. Edward Long. Candid 
reflections upon the judgment, lately 
awarded by the Cou